The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Phase Zero Clinical Trial: Response To Hypnozamine In The Human Female

by B Pascal

Chapter 26

I felt her get up once in the night, then she was back, curled up next to me, holding one of my hands in hers.

As I slept, I dreamed, rather a series of dreams, no details and rather non-specific, that left me with a feeling of peace and happiness, and in one instance it was joy radiating everywhere. I would like to dream like that every night.

When I woke I couldn’t tell what time it was, as there were no windows in this room and I couldn’t see a clock. I must have turned during the night because I was facing away from her. That won’t do, so I turned over and found her, eyes open, watching me.

I must have jumped, because she grinned at me. “Weren’t expecting that, were you?”

“Nope,” I croaked.

“I’ve been watching you, Halloran. Trying to figure out what you were dreaming. You were mumbling a bit there, but I couldn’t make anything specific out. You looked... what? Maybe happy.”

“That’s a safe bet.”

“Any regrets about last night?”

“Are you seriously asking me that? Regrets? Liz, I am as delighted, as thrilled as it is possible for someone to be. The unattainable woman I’ve been secretly in love with for so long has said that maybe I have a few redeeming qualities after all.”

She laughed. “Yeah, that was it. A few redeeming qualities, I remember now.”

She rolled onto her back and stared at the ceiling, smiling. “While I was watching you sleep, Sam, I was trying to count how many times I came, and I couldn’t remember because they all kind of folded one into the other. At the end, when I was riding you and just before you came, my whole body felt like it was vibrating, and when you did cum it was almost like I shared it and I could let go. And I drifted off into this soft pillow of joy and slept. It was wonderful, glorious. I woke up feeling happy. I wanted to tell you about it, but you were asleep.” She stuck her tongue out at me.

“Yeah, yeah, how many times have I heard this, a succession of glamorous, sexy women telling me, ’Men are never there when you need them’.”

I got up on one elbow so I could see more of her. “Liz, I like how we can joke back and forth, but I don’t want you to get the wrong impression of what this meant to me. Last night was so profound, so memorable, so wonderful, that I will never forget it, and I want you to know that. I don’t know what it is about you, but I feel connected in some deep way, and making love to you was incredible. Could we set up an appointment now and do this again next year?”

She looked at me in surprise, then laughed out loud, a real belly laugh, grabbed her pillow and beat me with it. “Hah! You think you’re getting off that easy? I’ve got news for you, you’re mine now.”

She finally dropped the pillow and stretched. As soon as she did, I had an erection again. Did she do this on purpose, or was she unaware of the effect she had?

“I’m going to put up some coffee, then take a quick shower, okay?”

“Is it dawn already?”

“Day’s a-wasting, Halloran.” And she was up. She had a terrycloth robe on the chair, but for a brief moment I got a view of that glorious ass and some side-boob, then she was off.

I had to think a bit to remember what day it was, and I thought a reasonable guess was Sunday.

The last day or two were kind of a blur. I heard the shower going and closed my eyes while I remembered last night. I wanted to fix the details in my mind, so I’d have them forever.

And as I did, I kept thinking, damn, I didn’t do this with her, or I forgot to do this other thing.

I had to start making a mental list. The shower stopped, and in a couple of minutes I heard the bathroom door open and she poked her head in the bedroom, the robe wrapped around her, and said, “Coffee’s ready, Doctor Halloran, come in the kitchen.”

I liked how she said that. I got up and put on my shorts, because she was partially dressed, too, and I wasn’t sure about the etiquette of drinking coffee naked in someone’s house. I couldn’t recall Emily Post’s guidance on this, so I put on shorts.

In the kitchen she held a cup of coffee, and nodded at an empty cup on the counter. “There’s milk in the fridge, if you use it, and sugar there. Bring your mug in here when you’re ready.”

I poured a cup and suddenly it smelled like exactly the thing I needed. I added some sugar and joined her where she was sitting at the small dining table. The ends of her hair looked a little damp from the shower and I thought to myself that was an incredibly erotic sight. She sat there smiling at me.

“I’m just compiling a checklist here,” I said. “First item, do you always look this good in the morning?”

“No, not always.”

“I’ll mark that as a ’yes’. Second item, do you always get up this early, and what time is it anyway?”

“Mostly early, and it’s a little after seven.”

“Crap. I’ll get to the rest of it later, I’m too tired now. Why so early?”

“It’s my normal time. I like to get in some yoga before work, and I got in the habit of getting up early. I do the yoga on the weekends, too.”

“Is this a treatable condition?”

She laughed. “C’mon, Halloran, you don’t like starting your day early?”

“I like getting up a little later. I got in the habit of studying at night in college and grad school, so early mornings are a challenge for me.”

“Okay, you can laze about for awhile, I’m going to get my yoga outfit on and do my workout.”

I sat there and finished my coffee, thinking that another half hour of sleep wouldn’t be a bad idea. I started to get up and bring my empty cup into the kitchen, when she passed by the open door to the hallway, and my jaw dropped.

She had on a one-piece body stocking that molded to her body. I was pretty sure there were panties and a sports bra under there, but her ass twitching under that skin-tight covering gave me an immediate boner. I was tempted to go watch, but I thought that might be rude, so I swallowed to ease my suddenly dry mouth and went and lay on her bed.

I tried to sleep, but I could hear her moving around in the other room and that set my imagination to work on what she looked like in Downward Facing Dog or Crow pose. And my boner was back all of a sudden. I must have closed my eyes because when I opened them again, she was standing at the foot of the bed, smirking at me.

“No stamina, Halloran. You’re the one who needs yoga.”

“No stamina? Who was the one doing all the work last night, making you pass out from all those orgasms?”

“Well, I suppose you have a point. Still, a little yoga wouldn’t hurt, and you might have more energy, too.”

“I know how this works. First it’s yoga, c’mon, a little bit won’t hurt you. Than it’s yogurt and tofu, it’s really much better than it tastes. And before you know it, I’m growing a man bun and drinking beet smoothies.”

She had a delightful laugh, especially when she did that adorable thing with her hands covering her mouth.

“Oh, wow, Sam, now I can’t get that image out of my head. I think it might look good on you, too. I can lend you some of my scrunchies.”

“I swear I’ll kill myself if you force me.”

“You’re no fun. Well, sometimes you’re fun. What’s this here, hiding under the sheets?”

She grabbed a fistful of sheet and pulled slowly, exposing the hard-on that was making a tent in my shorts.

“Now, how did this happen? Were you browsing porn sites on your phone?”

“There was no need. All I had to do was remember you in your yoga outfit.”

It was a left-handed compliment, but she smiled all the same. “I was going to make some breakfast, now that I’ve done my exercises, but I suddenly remembered you haven’t had your exercise yet. What’ll it be, Sam? Jumping jacks? Pushups?”

“A good idea, but not really in the mood for those today. Why don’t you join me here, now that you’re all limbered up, and we’ll help each other exercise.”

While I watched her turn that over in her mind, I had a flashback to a time just after I’d first met her and didn’t know her well, when we were still talking everyday office talk to one another, nothing that bordered on personal at all, and I idly wondered what kind of lover she’d be (not that I or anyone else at RBP had a snowball’s chance in hell of reaching that point), and I thought, she’d be a little reserved, hesitant, maybe missionary sex once a week, I was sure of it.

How wrong I had been. She was adventurous and she reveled in her body She had just established a distinct line between her office persona and her real life, for defensive reasons. Now she was leering at me.

“Is that all you can think about? Sex?”

Inside, I was nodding and saying, “Yup, uh-huh, absolutely, for sure, yes, that’s right, affirmative, most assuredly, amen.”

The real me said, “No, not always. Only when I see you naked or almost naked. Or in a skirt or a dress. Or with bare arms. Or open-toed sandals. Or un-gloved hands. Other than that, no, almost never.”

She jumped on the bed on her knees and put her arms around me. “Halloran, you are such a liar!”

“It got you into bed, didn’t it?”

“One day I’ll learn all your devious ways, then I’ll be able to cope. Didn’t you have enough last night?”

I took her face in my hands. “I don’t think I’ll ever have enough, Conway. You own me, you made me your slave, and now you owe me. I’ve been making a list in my head of all the ways I want to make love to you, and all the places where it will happen. I especially like my idea about the Eiffel Tower.”

“Oh, do tell!”

“Nope, ’cause then it won’t be a surprise. You’ll have to wait till we get there.”

“There’s a long weekend coming up next month.”

“My passport’s expired, so it’ll have to be another time. Now I want you to remove everything so I can see you again.”

I could see in her eyes the exact moment she made the decision. She slid off the bed and stood up, hands by her sides, and looked at me. She reached up and rolled the upper part of the body stocking off one shoulder, then the other. She pulled her arms out of the sleeves and got her thumbs inside it and pushed it down over her hips and down her legs, and stepped out of it. She never took her eyes off me.

She put her arms behind her and unhooked the sports bra and let it drop to the floor and I felt my breath catch in my throat. With her eyes still on me, she slipped her panties over her hips and let them fall.

“Dear God, Liz, every time I see that, it’s like a punch in the stomach. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it, not that I’d want to. You are so gorgeous it should be illegal.”

“Might I suggest jotting down a few of these compliments and sending them to me in an email or a letter periodically? You never know what might happen as a result. Do you intend making a fashion statement with those boxers? They’ll go nicely with your man bun.”

I had been so busy watching her strip that I’d forgotten I’d had them on. They were gone in an instant. I jumped off the bed and I stalked her, my eyes never leaving her. I grabbed her tight, so our bodies were pressed together, and pulled her hair back. I kissed her hard while my hands found her ass. It was just as memorable as last night.

She was slightly out of breath when our mouths separated. “What do you want to do, Sam?”

“We don’t have time for all the things I want to do. We have the rest of our lives for that. But today I’ve been thinking about your ass—and that’s only because you deliberately wore that tight yoga outfit to show it off—and now I want to have you doggy style, so I can play with that amazing butt.

“And, Liz? Just so you know and can think about it, I was remembering what happened to you last night when I stuck a finger in there, and I wondered what would happen if it was a dick instead. How much harder would you get off?”

There was a touch of something in her eyes, I didn’t know her well enough to say with any certainty what it was, but she was thinking about it. My right hand had moved from her butt cheek around front and was stroking her slit, and I could feel her respond. She did like her pussy played with. I pushed my fingers back a bit further until they found the entrance to her pussy and probed it with the tips. It made her catch her breath again.

I turned her around so her legs were against the edge of the bed and laid her down on her back.

I put my arms underneath her legs behind her knees and pulled her forward till her ass was at the edge of the bed.

“That is so beautiful, Liz. It really is perfect. I love your pussy, and I love how it’s shaved.”

I leaned in and kissed it all over, pushing her legs apart. I got my thumbs in and pulled the labia apart slightly so my tongue would fit in and licked, up and down. At the bottom, I tongue-fucked her the best I could, but truth be told, I wasn’t very good at it and my tongue wasn’t that long, but it seemed to be doing the job, and her hands were pushing at the back of my head, trying to get it further in.

I dropped one thumb a little lower so it could brush back and forth on her perineum, while I licked her slit side to side, moving slowly higher. I could hear her gasping, breathing hard, and talking quietly to herself. I made a fist on my right hand so that my thumb could continue teasing the perineum, while I was able to push the second knuckle of my index finger against her asshole.

It wouldn’t fit in, of course, but the sensation of something poking at her anus should get her crazy.

And that’s what happened. She got louder, and now she was grabbing at my hair, pulling me higher. “You bastard, Sam, why are you teasing me? Do it now, I need it!”

She wanted my tongue on her clit, but I always thought that longer anticipation led to increased pleasure. So instead of tongue on clit, I used my lips, brushing her clit, pulling it, tugging at it, until she was slapping the back of my head, and it was starting to hurt a bit. Okay, she made her point.

I attacked it with my tongue, pushing it in every direction, and I took two fingers of my right hand, that had been rubbing her perineum, and slipped them into her cunt. She went rigid and silent for the briefest moment, and then wailed, “Yesssss, baby, oh, yes, yes!” Her pelvis was thrashing and I couldn’t keep my tongue in place, but it didn’t seem to matter, the orgasm kept going of its own momentum.

It took her close to a minute to wind down, while I kissed her pussy. I took my fingers out of her and just rubbed them over her labia. Above me, she was whispering, “Oh. Oh. Oh.”

I got off the floor and up onto the bed, kneeling beside her, brushing her hair out of her face. I leaned down and gave her a slow kiss. She cracked an eye open and saw me looming above her.

Her voice was a little raspy, but she said, “Not bad, Sam.”

I had to smile at that. “It just kills you to give a compliment, doesn’t it, Liz? That’s okay, I’ll take what I can get. I love watching you cum, it makes my heart do backflips. Baby, I think I need to be inside you now, I can’t wait any longer. Get up on your hands and knees.”

I think she was still a little enervated from the last orgasm, but she got up on her knees and positioned her butt on the bed. I thought I would have a heart attack, it was so perfect, sitting there waiting for me. I couldn’t help myself, I got my tongue in there and tongue-fucked her some more, then worked my way up to her perineum—“Sam, oh, it’s too sensitive!"—and onto her asshole.

Here she went, “Oh, Jesus, Sam, that feels so good, baby, keep doing that!” If she were following her instructions, she’d be really close now, but wouldn’t cum yet, just hanging on the edge.

“Liz, I’m going to get up and find a condom. While I do, I want you to rub your pussy. Get yourself ready for me, baby.” She didn’t say anything, so I got up and found the remaining condom on the night table. I opened it and rolled it on. As I did, I looked up at the bed. She had her head turned away from me, but her left hand was underneath her, stroking her pussy, touching her clit. I could hear her grunting as she worked at it.

I went to the end of the bed and just watched the show for a few seconds. She was so fucking hot that I thought I could get myself off just watching her, not even touching myself. An experiment for another time, perhaps. I got on my knees behind her and moved in close. She was already wet and as soon as I pressed my dick at the opening, it slid in.

Oh, Jesus, that feels good! I slid in and out a couple of times to be sure and, yep, it still feels great and it’s getting better. I put my two hands on the cheeks of her ass, and thought, this could not be more perfect.

I set up a rhythm and started talking to her, because I had to tell her how good this felt and how beautiful she was, and how happy I was to be here with her. Her pussy was really wet now, dripping, and she was grinding with me. I wouldn’t be able to last long at this rate.

I placed a thumb on the top of my dick as it slid in and out and soon it, too, was wet. I put my hand back on her ass cheek, and when I relaxed the hand the thumb dropped straight onto her asshole. I watched her while I fucked her pussy, and thought: Wet thumb, asshole, hmmm. I pushed the thumb, and it slid right into her ass, up to the first knuckle.

“Ohmigod! Ohmigod, Sam, I’m cumming!” I had forgotten about the ’finger in asshole’ rule. It set off an orgasm that would spread outward from her butt throughout her body. I slid the thumb in and out slowly, while she cried out under me, “Oh, shit, baby, yes!”

I pulled it out because I didn’t want to wear her out. She continued gasping, trying to catch her breath, while my dick slid in and out. I was getting pretty close now, even though I wanted this to go on for longer.


“Yes, Liz, what do you need?”

She didn’t say anything, but she was still moving her butt under me, which felt astounding.

“Sam, I want you... Sam,... would you fuck my ass? I think I’d like that.”

Wow. That was the first time she’d told me one of her preferences, at least while she wasn’t under the influence of hypnozamine.

“Baby, you have the most perfect ass in this solar system, if not beyond. I think it would be a joy to fuck your ass, but I also don’t want to hurt you. I don’t have any lube with me, and I’m afraid of doing that without it.”

“Top drawer, night table, near the wall.”

I pulled out of her slowly, with a little wet pop at the end, and got off the bed. In the night table, when I opened the drawer, I found—oh, we’re going to have to have a long talk later—

several dildos of various shapes and sizes, a butt plug, and a bottle of lube.

I brought it back to the bed and got back in position. While I was working with the lube I stuck my dick back in her pussy because, well, it had to be somewhere, and poured some lube into the crack of her butt. With two fingers I rubbed it all around, and stuck the tips of my fingers in her butt to make sure there was lube there, too. When I did, she said, “Oh, God.” Oops, ’finger in asshole’

rule again, I’m going to have to rethink the instructions.

As she wound down from that orgasm, I slipped my dick out of her cunt and poured some more lube on it, then used my hand to spread it around evenly. I closed the bottle and tossed it on the bed, and placed the tip of my cock at her butthole, savoring the image for just a moment.

Then I pushed it with my thumb, her asshole opened a little wider, and it slipped in. “Oh, Christ, Liz, oh, fuck, that’s perfect!” Just the tip of it was in, and it felt unbelievable, it was so tight and I could feel her ass squeezing it rhythmically.

Part of me wanted to luxuriate in the feeling, making it last, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer because this felt so good. So I pushed in a little, and she moaned, “Yes, like that.” In and out, not very far, as she got more desperate under me.

I could feel my balls twitching now, getting ready. “Oh, baby, your ass feels so good I won’t be able to hold out for long.” I pushed in a little farther, and picked up the pace, and now it wasn’t even English coming out of my mouth, I didn’t think, I wasn’t in control anymore, my dick was controlling me.

Under me she was shouting, “Sam, I’m so close, yes, yes, more!” It was coming up from my balls now, another second or two and it would be on me, and I pulled in whatever fragments of control I had and formed a crude English sentence. “Cumming, Liz, fuck, yes, cum for me, baby!”

I pushed my dick into her as far as it would go because I no longer had any fine motor control, this was the atavistic brain controlling the body. So I pounded her ass while I exploded inside her, and I could feel her ass contracting around my dick which sent my soul flying up somewhere above me, swooping and soaring, until we wound slowly down.

I could hear myself gasping, trying to get air, and under me Liz was moaning, “Ohmigod, oh, Jesus.” Her ass was still convulsing around my softening dick and it was exquisite. We stayed like that for a minute. “Jesus, Liz, that was astounding, I came so hard, I think I wasn’t conscious for a few seconds. Oh, that was glorious.”

My dick was pretty limp now. Liz had her head on her arms, and her ass was still in the air. I thought that was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. I grasped the end of the condom and slid my dick out of her slowly, and even though I was almost flaccid, it still felt wonderful as it slipped out.

I had to sit there on my knees for a few seconds while I tried to make sure everything still worked. I was finally able to get up and stagger to the bathroom where I could flush the condom and wash my hands.

On the bed, Liz had fallen to her side, her knees pulled up as they had been when she was kneeling on the bed. I got in beside her and as close as I could, given her knees, and placed one hand over hers. I looked at her, trying to understand what she was feeling, but the look was enigmatic.

She was quiet for five minutes or so. When she opened her eyes, she looked at me for some time.

“Am I weird, Sam?”

“What do you mean, ’weird’? Weird about what?”

She couldn’t look at me. “I mean someone who’s not quite normal, someone who likes guys sticking their things in my butt. That’s what I mean.”

I was astounded. Eventually, I said, “Conway? Conway, look at me, up here, look at me.” I waited till she’d raised her eyes. She looked like a puppy who’s snatched something off the counter and eaten it and knows they shouldn’t have.

“Liz, do you really believe that liking that is abnormal?”

She nodded, barely visible. “Why?” I asked.

“I got talked into it in college by a guy and found I really liked it, got off on it, but a lot of guys won’t do it. Some guys think it’s dirty, sick. When I got married, the first time I asked Frank to do that, he got as angry as I’d ever seen him, calling me a cheap whore and unnatural. It took almost a week for him to calm down, and I never asked him again. So I assumed there was something

wrong with me to like doing that so much.”

“Liz, come up here, let me hold you. Look at me. I want to say something to you and I want you to hear it. There is nothing wrong with you. There never has been. For sure, there’s something wrong with Frank on, oh, so many levels. But there’s nothing wrong with you.

“We’ve all got little kinks and preferences and secret turn-ons, and lovers learn to accommodate their partners, to help them find pleasure. I would do that for you. And it’s possible that there’s something I like that you would find offensive or degrading, and you’d say no. Or vice versa.

Either way, we’d talk it out, find some way of accommodating each other.

“For example, the thought of hurting you, causing you pain, would be so upsetting to me that I wouldn’t be able to do it. Yet there are some people who truly find arousal and release by being abused, whipped, humiliated. I could not do that to you, even if you were to confess to me that it got you off. But I could see working together to find some middle path where I don’t have to really hurt you and you could still get some satisfaction from it.

“And for the record, doing your ass had me cumming so hard I felt like my spirit had left my body and was doing loop-the-loops above the bed. Call me anytime you’re in the mood to do that again.”

She took my hand in hers and kissed it. “Thank you. For understanding, Sam. Can we lay here a little longer and rest, then I’ll make something to eat?”

“That sounds like something to look forward to.”

So we lay there, arms around each other, and talked and joked, and I had perhaps the best time of my life just being here right now with this particular person.

We spent maybe thirty or forty minutes laying there with each other, talking, then she said, “Hungry?”


She said she’d make omelets, toast. Did I want more coffee? I did. She got up again and found the robe, and once again I got the flash of spectacular butt and a little side boob. She went off to the kitchen and I spent some time idly thinking about scenarios where we lived together or were married, trying to find reasons why this would not be a good idea. So far the only negative I could isolate was this unfortunate ’morning person’ side to her. I suppose I could live with that, provided she let me sleep later.

“Sam? It’s ready,” she called.

I got up and found my shorts and slipped them on, then decided I ought to wear a shirt, too, so I found it on the floor, mostly unwrinkled, and put it on.

She’s put everything on the small table in the little dining area, and it looked amazing. I looked at her. “I didn’t know Le Château delivered.”

She threw a potholder at me, but said, “Sit, eat before it’s cold.”

I wasn’t half wrong about Le Château, at least it tasted that good. I couldn’t figure out what she’d added to the omelets, but they were exceptional. There was whole wheat toast, and she had some kind of cut-up fruit in a bowl, and coffee.

“You are spoiling me, food-wise, Liz. What am I going to say to the folks at McDonald’s now, when I tell them their breakfast sandwich just isn’t cutting it anymore?”

She took it as a compliment and told me she’d teach me how to do it so I wouldn’t starve.

I studied her awhile, until she got a little uncomfortable at the scrutiny. She raised an eyebrow.

“I know I’m going to have to leave soon, Liz, and part of me hates the idea. The past day has been beyond anything I could have imagined. And as soon as I step out of that door, I’m going to be missing you. I don’t want to intrude on your life, your routine, and I know you have work, important work, to do. But I don’t think I can go cold turkey with you. Could we start maybe by talking to each other after work, on the phone? I think I’d like that.”

She nodded. “You’re right. We both have routines, and this is all kind of new, the two of us, so that would be a good way to start. We’ve got weekends, maybe the occasional week night, if we want to go out, see a movie or a concert, like that. But I do have to finish this book, I can’t stop. So phone for starters.”

We discovered that neither of us had the other’s cell phone or home phone numbers, so we did the exchange, and promised to try to talk every day. I finished my coffee and helped her bring the dishes into the kitchen. She would not let me help with them this time, saying she needed the routine it offered to help her think. So I went back to the bedroom and got dressed, tied my shoes, and dreaded going out to say goodbye.

But I did, and she looked so happy that I couldn’t feel sad. “Sam, I think Jane was right. She was talking about the story about how I hooked up with Deb Morrow, but I think it’s really more about putting something of myself, of the people I meet, into my stories. Not the one I’m finishing now, but the things I do in the future. That’s what makes it real to the reader.

“Sam, I’m happy. Really. You’re a good person, and smart and funny, and aside from your tofu aversion you need almost no fixing. I’m glad this happened. I’ll be able to think about this better once the buzz leaves my body.”

I wasn’t sure what she meant, so I raised an eyebrow.

“Buzz? Orgasm reverberations. Sex high,” she said.

“Oh,” I replied.

“Go get some sleep. Buy a book on yoga. Get some yogurt. You’ll be fine.”

She gave me a kiss, opened the door and shooed me out. I’d been right. I hated leaving. But I went down, found my car, and drove home.