The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Phase Zero Clinical Trial: Response To Hypnozamine In The Human Female

by B Pascal

Chapter 7

She was still comatose, so I got up and found the bathroom and had a pee and washed my hands. I drank a little water from the tap, because I was thirsty.

In the bedroom, I paused at the foot of the bed, took out a condom from my wallet and put it on the side table. I lay down, pressed my body in close to hers and put my arm around her. She shifted slightly, and smiled in her sleep, if that’s what it was.

I hadn’t realized she’d opened her eyes, because I had closed mine. It made me jump a bit when she said, “Why is it that I cum so hard with you. And so often. I was thinking about that, this time and the last. With other guys—not that there are a lot of them—but they maybe make me cum once, and sometimes not that. With you, I don’t know, it’s like you know just what to do. And these, by the way, were not your garden-variety orgasm. These were... bigger, somehow. Or longer, anyway.”

“Is that a question? I’m not sure of the question.”

“Oh, it’s not really a question, I don’t think. I’m just babbling, because I’ve still got this buzz on.”

“Well, that’s a nice thing to have, given the alternatives. I’d go with that.”

She gave me a little elbow. I shouldn’t be a wise-ass.

She rolled over so she was hovering over me from the side, and looked me in the eye.

“It’s like you push my boundaries, Sam. I don’t know if that’s exactly it, but something like that. I have a pretty well-established set of boundaries, personal, professional, sexual, and so forth, and I’m comfortable with them and they mostly work for me, and I know not to cross them.

“When other guys have tried—and I’ve gotten some pretty weird requests, I’ll tell you—I can just say no, and that’s the end of it. If they push back, I can get pretty angry and threatening. So why not with you?

“I told you last time that I didn’t like that, with my butt, I mean, and yet this time you did it again and I didn’t snap at you, push you away. What’s more, I found my personal boundaries were breached and I accepted it. In fact, I found that I liked it, in a way. Well, it made me cum, I must have liked it.

“All I can come up with is that I trust you somehow. You’ve been thoughtful and caring and funny and respectful, and maybe I trusted you not to hurt me.”

She was quiet here, having exhausted her thoughts on the subject, or maybe having encountered more questions.

“Sara, I’m really gratified to hear that you trust me, and you’re right, I do respect you and I like you a lot. I’d never do anything to hurt you, and it makes me happy to do things for you that make you feel good. If there’s ever anything I do or suggest that bothers you in any way, just tell me, and I’ll stop, okay?”

“Thanks. I’m pretty sure you won’t, but nice to hear you say it.”

“So. ’Pretty weird requests’. That sounds like a story to share at your next dinner party invitation. You care to give me a sneak peek?”

“Oops. Maybe I shouldn’t have let the cat out of the bag. They’d have to be really close friends to share some of those stories. And even then maybe not all of them.“

“Ah, I see, you’re one of those ’tease but don’t tell’ people.”

“No, I’m not! Sam, it’s embarrassing.”

I looked at her expectantly, saying nothing.

She sighed. “You have to promise me you’ll never say anything to anyone.”

“I promise.”

“I’m surprised how hard a time I’m having with this. It’s just that it’s embarrassing to me that they would have asked me to do these things. They should have known me better.”

“Maybe they didn’t know you as well as they thought. Or maybe they hoped you’d change your mind. I mean, I have no idea how you’ll react when I bring up the fifty-gallon drum of baby oil and the live penguins.”

She gave me a hard swat on my bare ass, which hurt, but maybe I’d ask her to do it again another time because it might lead somewhere. But she smiled, because she recognized the comment as a joke meant to lighten the mood.

“I think there are laws against that. And a good thing. Okay, Sam. Remember, you promised.”

She leaned back and thought for a bit.

“So I had this guy I was seeing briefly in grad school. Nice guy, but a little tightly wound, and it took a while for me to figure out that even when we had sex, it wasn’t—what do I call it?—fulfilling for him. He got off, but it was like there was something missing. It took him way too long to get around to it. His thing, it turns out, was sex in public, someplace you could get caught, maybe even jailed. It was the thought of doing something forbidden that got his engine revving.

“I wouldn’t have sex like that, because, well, it’s not really my thing, and he got angry when I wouldn’t take to it as enthusiastically as he did. I finally broke down and gave him a blow job in a dressing room at the mall. But he still kept pushing to go further and I finally broke up with him.”

“Okay. Public sex. Not my thing, either, Sara, but it’s a big world, plenty of room for kinks of all kinds. What else?”

“That’s not enough? Are you writing a book?”

“There’s a thought. Could be a best-seller, ya never know. But go on.”

“Okay, one more. A guy I met in a bar with some girlfriends during my post-doc. Seemed like a nice fellow, good looking, intelligent, seemed to be gainfully employed, was making all the right moves, about to ask me to go somewhere for a quiet drink, but he had a special request.”

“Wait. Penguins?”

She swatted me again. I was beginning to like it.

“No. It turns out that he could only get off if he has sex with his ex-girlfriend. He wanted me to have sex with him while his ex-girlfriend watched and did running commentary.”

I laughed out loud at that one. “Oh, this is too good. There needs to be a web site—maybe there already is, I haven’t looked—where people list the strangest sex requests that they’ve gotten, and the strangest things they’ve done.”

“You’ve got more free time than I do, Sam, you create it. I just thought of one more. Professor in grad school, had a thing for the female grad students, enough that each group of first-years got the warning from those ahead of them. But it wasn’t fucking or blow jobs. No, his kink was he liked to sit in an easy chair, like a throne, wearing a fur coat and nothing else. You weren’t allowed to touch him anywhere but on his feet. And the nominee would kneel before him and suck his bare toes until he ejaculated. He never touched himself either, it was just the toe licking that got him off. Guaranteed A in the course if you agreed to do it. I declined and got my A the usual way. I was terrified that he was going to be on my examining committee, but he wasn’t.”

“I’m afraid I can’t even come close with weird sex stories. You must attract a better class of weirdos. Although, now that I think about it, there was one girl I met at a party in college, both of us a bit drunk, and when I got back to her place, it was unicorn city. They were everywhere, even hanging from the ceiling! And we had to do it on her bed surrounded by horses with horns. It was more than a bit weird and I actually had trouble getting off. Though it may have been the alcohol.“

“I’m sure that was it. Nothing weird about an abundance of stuffed unicorns, nothing at all.”

“You told me some of the things that weirded you out. What are some of the things that turn you on? Tell me a secret fantasy you’ve always had that’s never been fulfilled.”

Now she looked a bit guilty and afraid. Her mouth was set in a straight line. I had convinced her that she trusted me completely, or thought I had. Apparently the internal defenses weren’t so easily breached.

She swallowed, hard. “There’s a reason we call them secret, Sam. Because they’re supposed to be kept inside, because we think people won’t respect us anymore if they find out.”

“There’s some truth to that, Sara. I wouldn’t confess one of my secret fantasies to a stranger on a bus, ’cause I don’t know them, don’t know if I can trust them. But I might confess it to my wife, or to a brother or sister, or a girlfriend. Because I know, to a pretty high degree of confidence, that I can trust them.”

She nodded. Everything I’d said was obvious, but she was still having trouble making that leap of faith.

“Promise me again, Sam. Please.”

“I promise, Sara. No one will hear it from me.”

It took her a minute. “Sometimes I think I might like to be tied up and blindfolded, strapped to a table, so I don’t know who is going to do what to me, and there’s nothing I can do to stop them, even if I don’t like it. They could whip me or spank me, do anything, and I’d be helpless.”

I nodded. “I’ve heard of that before. It’s a pretty common fantasy, of no longer being in control, very powerful. And very scary, too. I take it you haven’t done that, but that you sometimes think about it and how erotic it is.”

“Yes,” she said very quietly

“Do you think less of me?” she asked after a moment.

“No, of course not. It’s just a fantasy, why would I? Sara, everyone has fantasies and on whatever weirdness level you choose, that’s pretty low on the scale. If it turns you on to think about it, it doesn’t bother me at all.”

She leaned in towards me a little, relieved.

“Sometimes...” she started, and paused. “Sometimes I wonder what it would feel like to be in bed with two other people and have them both making love to me. It seems a little kinky but sort of arousing, too.”

“Two men? Or is it another man and woman? Or two other women, for that matter?”

“It varies. Sometimes in my dream it’s two men. But just as often it’s a man and another woman.”

“That’s kinda hot. I confess that I sometimes think about being with two women and the possibilities that could present. But not something you run into frequently in the scientific world. Except possibly with mathematicians, though. They’re a pretty strange group.”

She laughed at that.

She said, “Maybe we could put an ad in Western Journal Of Mathematics, Wanted, mathematicians, male or female, 25-40, non-smokers, open-minded, to investigate intimate topological permutations. Reply with photo to...“

Now I laughed. “Ooo, you’re a little kinkier than I expected. I like it.“

“Speaking of kinky, you haven’t gotten off once, you’ve been spending all your time on me. Is this some weird abstinence fetish you’ve been keeping from me?

“No, it’s just that I love watching you get off. It makes me happy. And guys can usually only do the one, followed by a long period of recovery, so it makes sense for me to play with you first.”

“Thank you, that’s sweet, and those last orgasms were really nice, by the way. But I think I’d kinda like to feel you inside me now. However, we do have what appears to be a temporary equipment malfunction there.”

She looked down at my semi-limp dick. Well, we’d spent ten minutes or so talking, so you can’t blame it, it got bored.

“Not to worry,” she said, “I’m a trained repair technician. I’ve got this.”

She squirmed down in the bed till she was positioned by my hips and started fondling my dick, then leaned in and licked around the tip. Ooo, that was seriously tantalizing and I must have made a sound because she looked up at me and smiled. She ran her tongue up and down the shaft, pausing sometimes to move her tongue in little circles.

My hips were starting to move involuntarily in response to her mouth. She slipped one hand under my balls and began tickling gently behind my scrotum. She opened her mouth and sucked the dick in, moving her tongue back and forth.

My cock seemed to be fully hard now, but she kept working on it so it wouldn’t suffer a relapse. She started bobbing up and down, and it felt spectacular. I wondered what it would feel like to cum in her mouth.

I was squirming and moaning now, and she was looking up at me, enjoying making me jump. She pulled off and looked at me, still holding the base of my dick in her right hand. She smiled again, then opened her mouth and dropped almost all the way down the shaft and clamped her lips around it, making the tongue dance around the shaft.

“Oh, Christ, Sara, yes, like that, oh, yes!” She pulled the dick out of her mouth slowly, keeping her lips wrapped around it tightly until they popped off with a little smack at the top. I moaned, unable to speak, but she knew what to do. She opened her mouth again and dropped most of the way down the shaft, then closed her lips and sucked in her cheeks. I thought I’d die.

It felt incredible, but I noticed there was a point where she wouldn’t go farther, I think where it was about to push into her throat. Something to look into and work on another time.

When she finally popped off the tip, I put my hand on her head and said, “Un-fucking-believable. That was amazing. But I’m so close that you need to stop now so I can fuck you.”

She gave the tip a final kiss and wormed her way back up the bed. I got my lips on hers and tried to find out how much of her tongue I could swallow, while I pinched a nipple. That got her squirming.

I moved my right hand down her body until I reached her pussy and started stroking it. It was damp and felt wonderful and slick. I reached over to the end table and found the condom I had left there, and put it on.

She was lying there with her mouth half open, her breathing quick. I knelt between her legs and pushed them a little further apart. I duck-walked up the bed until I was kneeling right in front of her pussy, and rubbed my dick over her clit. She said, “Oh, damn. More.”

I spent a few seconds teasing her with my cock, then moved it slowly lower until it was poised at the entrance to her cunt, and pushed forward.

It slipped in, just an inch, and Sara sucked in her breath and closed her eyes. I moved in a bit closer to her, and shifted my torso forward and my cock slipped into her pussy. I moved my hips forward and backward, fucking her slowly. She was making little grunts of effort when my dick reached its apex, looking for a bit more penetration, but not yet.

I took one hand and rested it on her hip, then extended my thumb over her clit. When I dropped it and started rubbing it slowly in a circle she cried, “Oh, fuck, yeah, like that. A little faster, baby.”

So I did that, and she got more vocal. “Oh, jeez, that feels so good, fuck me like that, just a little harder.”

I was getting a bit of lower back pain from trying to move like that, and also getting a bit close to the point of no return, so I shifted positions and extended my legs backwards so I was leaning over her. “Pull your knees back, Sara, so I can get closer.”

She did, and I got my hands under her thighs, and her hips rolled back so her pussy was pointing up and I could fuck her almost straight down. She was looking a bit wild-eyed, overcome by the sensations, right at the edge. I had told her she couldn’t cum until I said so, but of course she wouldn’t remember that and was trying to jump-start her orgasm.

Now I was hammering my dick in hard, which was bringing me perilously close to cumming myself. I didn’t have much time left. She was moaning, talking to herself. “Oh, fuck, almost there, so close, oh, I want it, make me cum, baby.”

I could see my limit on the horizon and I wanted to see her cum a couple of times first, so I looked her right in the eyes and said, “Sara, it’s time, cum for me.”

She drew in her breath, wild-eyed, motionless for a moment, then wailed, “Yesyesyes, there it is, I’m cumming, oh, fuck, yeah.” She was thrashing and I was honestly having a bit of trouble staying attached and also keeping from cumming myself.

She eventually slowed down, gasping for breath, and I was able to pull out before I shot my load. Her hands were grasping at my back, looking for something to hold on to. She was talking quietly to herself. I couldn’t hear her until I leaned in close, but it was “Oh, shit, oh, shit.”

I massaged the outside of her pussy, which by now was really wet. I had to be careful not to touch her clit or get my fingers inside her, she was so sensitive. I put my arms around her and pulled her tight, kissing the skin on her arm. She jumped a little.

I could hear her respiration start to slow, and she tucked her head into my shoulder. Eventually she said, “Sam, I am breathless, my whole body is electric, like it’s vibrating. My body feels perfect. I can’t remember the last time I got off like that. Why? Why do I have this response to you?”

“I don’t know, Sara. Maybe it’s something as simple as body chemistry. Is it a bad thing?”

“God, no. It’s wonderful. I just don’t know where it came from.”

“That’s kind of like questioning where your intelligence came from. It’s a gift, don’t analyze it.”

“Yeah, but... Oh, never mind. I feel too good to think about this now. Wait! You’ve still got an erection! You didn’t cum?”

“No, I pulled out just before I was about to cum, ’cause I wanted to watch you cum again. It was so worth it.”

“God, Sam, you’ve just about worn me out. I’m not sure what I’ve got left in me.”

“You can’t fool me, Keane. You’re a swimmer. You have hidden reserves of stamina. I’ll bet you’re good for another two hours, at least.”

“You’re a sadist, Sam. I’ve got ten minutes left, tops.”

“All right, then, we’ll make do with ten minutes.”

“What do you want to do, Sam?”

“I dunno. Part of me wants to fuck you from behind so I can see that fucking beautiful ass and play with it, but I’m not sure I’ve got the strength left. Wait, I know! I want you to get on top so I can see you when I cum. That’s what I want.”

She leaned in and kissed me, then pushed me onto my back. She threw a leg over me, found my dick and held it until she had positioned herself over me, then lowered herself slowly onto it. She let out a sigh as it filled her.

She wiggled a bit to get comfortable, then began to move her hips up and down, sliding my dick in and out. It felt glorious. She closed her eyes as she concentrated on the pleasure building in her pussy. After a minute, she leaned forward and put her hands on my chest to better control her motion, and moved a bit faster.

“Jesus. Sara, that is wonderful, it’s like it’s massaging my dick everywhere.” With her eyes still closed, she acknowledged me with a smile, then returned to her work. Her face had gotten intent, and her lips were moving, saying something only she could hear. She added something to her movement, a circular motion on top of the up-and-down that felt amazing.

I reached up and pinched a nipple on the breast swaying above me and she caught her breath and said, “Oh, yeah, like that.” So I alternated pinching one nipple, then the other, just to be democratic. Now I could hear her talking to herself. “Ah, fuck, c’mon, I need this, I wanna cum.”

I had never asked her how she felt about slaps and spanks or other kinds of punishments, but I thought I would try one to see if she liked it. She could always tell me to go to hell. So I spanked her butt cheek, and she gasped and her mouth flew open. She hadn’t said no, so I spanked the other one. “Oh, fuck, that hurts but it feels good.”

I could feel myself approaching some sort of boundary. I wasn’t sure if that was a sign I was going to cum, but it felt like I could see the end of the journey. She was looking so hot right now, a woman enjoying her body, giving herself over to self-indulgence, as she talked her way to the end.

This was definitely a precipice approaching, no mistaking it, and I was getting close. I reached up and squeezed her tits in my two hands, rolling the nipples, and heard her mantra get more urgent. I wanted to see how she’d react to a little more aggressive behavior, since she’d told me about that bondage fantasy where someone could do anything to her.

Her eyes were closed, and I reached up and slapped her left tit, hard. Her eyes flew open and she gasped. Before she could say anything, I slapped the right one, then pinched her nipples again. “Oh, you bastard, Sam, I’d hit you if I wasn’t so close to cumming.”

Okay, then, something to talk about later. I was really close, too, so I started pounding my dick into her fast, and I could almost see my orgasm rising to the surface, like lava.

“Sara, I’m almost there, baby. Squeeze my dick, help me get off, please.”

I don’t know if this is just a swimmer thing, where they develop certain sets of muscles in her core, in the pelvis, but whatever it was it was astounding. Her pussy grabbed my dick and massaged it until I was over the edge and shouting, “Omigod, Sara, I’m cumming, oh, yes, cum with me, please! Cum for me.”

And having released her, she came with her whole being, calling out to the world how wonderful it was, while her face showed joy and pleasure and happiness. She rode the wave until it broke on the shore and left her lying there as it receded. She lay on my chest, completely spent, and I thought I heard her talking quietly to herself. “Oh, yes, so good.”

Her cunt was still moving somehow, perhaps spasms from her orgasm, but it felt great. I could feel myself shrinking, but it’ll keep for a few minutes, I want to enjoy this feeling. I rubbed her back slowly and kissed her shoulder, but she was almost comatose.

It was maybe five minutes before she stirred and raised her head and looked at me. My dick was pretty limp now, and I should probably get rid of the condom, but that would take energy I didn’t have.

“I’m not sure,” she said, “but I maybe passed out for awhile, or maybe it was just falling asleep. Anyway, I wasn’t here. I was so drained by that... tidal wave that I collapsed. Wait, I gotta climb off.”

She slipped my dick out of her, and rolled onto her side. Miraculously, the condom was still on my dick. Barely. It was leaking out the bottom, for sure.

“Hold that thought. I’ve got to go to the bathroom and deal with this. Assuming I can still move my legs.”

I sat on the edge of the bed and tested them. A little shaky, but perhaps if I was careful and moved slowly.

I got up without falling down and made my way to the bathroom. I peed and flushed the condom, and washed my hands and face. In the bedroom, she had pulled the sheet up so it covered most of her.

I crawled in beside her and got in close, one arm around her. I could feel myself drifting off into dreamland, but I thought she still had something to say, so I fought it.

“Guys don’t get to see that very often,” I said. “That extraordinary glimpse of... something rare, maybe bliss, joy, euphoria, that passes over a woman’s face when she cums. I don’t always see it in other women, they somehow hide their feelings and I only see their pleasure, their release. But you, it’s really a privilege to watch, all those fragile and ephemeral emotions are written right there, if only briefly. So thank you for letting me watch.”

“For a scientist, Sam, you’re quite a poet. I wish I could describe what I was feeling. It just took over, consumed me, it was so powerful, a little scary, in fact, because that was the first time it happened to me.

“And I don’t know if it was some specific thing you were doing that got me so wound up, like that slapping. I didn’t expect that. I’m not sure I liked it. But I reacted to it.”

“Ah, yeah, that. I took a chance. I wasn’t sure if you’d like it or not, but since you had talked about that fantasy where you’re tied up and at someone’s mercy, I took a shot. I’m sorry if I hurt you, I was really trying to work with your fantasy.”

“Okay, now it makes a little sense. It was unexpected, and I think it was the surprise that made me a little uncomfortable. It wasn’t really painful, not really. I’ll have to think about it some, see if it’s something I want to do again.

“But, Sam, this is what I wanted to say. I’ve never had an orgasm take me over quite so much. It was intense, powerful, it shook me. And when it subsided, my body was buzzing and I felt, well, peaceful, happy, safe, complete. Probably some other adjectives, too, but my brain is fading. Sam, it was beautiful. Thank you. And now I think I’ll pass out. You’re staying, right?”

“I can’t move, so yes, I’ll stay. Just roll me into the elevator in the morning.”

She had a hidden switch on the headboard that turned off the end table lamps. She reached up and clicked it, and I was asleep moments later.

When I awoke, I couldn’t remember where I was for a moment, then I turned over and saw her sleeping there and it all flashed back to me. Some women just look beautiful in the morning, even with messy hair. I admired her for awhile, then noticed the curve of the sheet over her hip and I remembered what her ass looked like and suddenly I noticed I had morning wood.

Her ass led me to a contemplation about various other parts of her body and I realized I was unlikely to be able to get back to sleep. I wondered what time it was. I looked around and finally spotted an alarm clock on top of her dresser. A little after eight.

Without going into too much detail, I’ll say that I discovered that the suggestions remain in effect for at least ten hours. Sucking on a nipple woke her out of a sound sleep. She put up a token defense, but it didn’t take much to get her wound up. By the time I got a tongue on her clit she was ready to go and her first orgasm made her shout.

I had started carrying two condoms so I’d have a backup. I put it on in record time. I knew I wanted to see that ass again, so I had her kneel on the edge of the bed while I stood on the floor, one foot on the bed. My dick was right at pussy level, and I admired her ass for a moment, until she muttered, “C’mon, c’mon, do it.”

There was no finesse about this. This was just fucking to get off, while I played with that beautiful butt. I fucked her hard because I wanted to cum once more with her. She was talking to herself again, urging herself along. I spanked her butt cheek once and she gasped, but didn’t say stop.

I could feel it rising up in my balls, slowly, and told her. “Oh, Jesus, baby, I’m so close now, when I cum the whole neighborhood will know what we’re doing.”

“I’m nearly there, Sam, almost there, keep doing that.”

And then I was off, shooting my load into her. Almost too late I called out, “Cum for me, Sara.” And it rolled over her like a tsunami, with her shouting, “Yes, yes, yes!” Her pussy did that remarkable thing where it grabbed my dick and squeezed it and twisted it—at least it felt like that—until I was gasping, begging her to stop.

I had to pull out because her cunt was still vibrating and it was too much for me. I sank to the floor and leaned against the bed. “Oh, crap, Sara, I’m done. I can’t move. Just vacuum around me, I won’t take up much space.”

She was still panting from her orgasm, but she said, “You should take up swimming, Sam, so you wouldn’t be so out of shape. But in lieu of a pool, how ’bout a shower, then coffee? C’mon, I know you can do it. C’mere, boy, up, there’s a good boy.”

Very witty, Sara. Cruel, but not bad.

I did manage to get myself to my feet and stay upright in the shower. It was aided by the thought of helping her wash that body, and soap under my hands which were on her boobs. I couldn’t follow up on it because I had just cum. But a thought for another time. I will make a list, as soon as I get home.

And coffee helped, and she made eggs and toast, too. It was good, and an exceptionally pleasant way to spend a Sunday morning. She had a bit of a bounce in her step this morning. I didn’t ask her about it, but I thought I knew its source.

Around ten, I suggested that I give her some alone time. In fact, I needed to recuperate, too.

“Sara, I’m really glad we got to spend some time together. Last night was fun, the dinner and the comedy club, and if nothing else had happened I would have considered myself a lucky man. But stuff did happen and it was amazing, and thank you for that. And as soon as they release me from the rest home, I’ll be in touch again.”

She smiled at that. “You may need a month or two there, judging by how you look now. But it was fun. I’ve got some stuff to think about, Sam. Let’s talk soon.”

I got a quick goodbye kiss and went off to see if my car was still there. It was, and I was home in minutes, and napping shortly afterwards.