The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Phase Zero Clinical Trial: Response To Hypnozamine In The Human Female

by B Pascal

Chapter 9

Friday morning at work we all met for our first group session. We had agreed last night that we didn’t want to get bogged down in endless meetings, so what we decided on was something akin to the Scrum meetings used in software development, where teams had small, well-defined short-term tasks to accomplish. Each team discusses their progress and problems, and the other teams can see how it affects them, and may even have suggestions for fixes and improvements.

Obviously, this wouldn’t translate perfectly to a research environment, but it was a start, and it got us all talking. So we all came out of the meeting energized.

That energy carried through most of the day. At one point Clark poked his head into the lab and was surprised to find us all immersed in an intense discussion of experimental results and where they led us next. He wandered off after listening to us talk for a bit.

I was surprised at the end of the day how satisfied I felt, like we’d accomplished something. It wasn’t a feeling I’d had often at RBP. I hoped it didn’t peter out.

I stopped at a diner for dinner—meatloaf, mashed potatoes—because I wouldn’t really have time to go home, eat and then meet Carol. I paid the check and left with an after-dinner mint and heartburn.

The Starbucks was only a few blocks away, so I was early. I bought an Americano, and sat at a table where I could watch the door. I chose a location that was not close to other occupied tables. The aerosol tube was in my pocket.

Close to the appointed time a woman walked in and looked around. She was close to the description Sara had provided, blonde hair cut in a low-maintenance bob, about 5′ 8″, bright smile. She looked in my direction and I raised my hand in a wave and stood up.


“Yes. Sam?”

“Right first time. Nice to meet you. I recognized you immediately from Sara’s description. She tells me you’re a flight attendant. How long have you been doing that?”

And so on. We traded life details, questions and answers back and forth while we checked each other out. She was quite good looking, with perhaps a little more makeup than I preferred. But I could see that men would think her sexy and speculate about what she’d be like in bed.

I couldn’t see this being a long-time involvement, but as a one-off threesome I agreed it would be fun to try. So, having decided that, I needed to figure out step two, applying the hypnozamine in a public place without her or anyone else noticing.

After a little thought, I palmed the aerosol, stood up and picked up my cup. “I think I’m going to get a refill. Can I bring you something?”

I stood next to her, the empty cup held in my palm supported by a thumb and index finger, the aerosol held in my palm with my middle finger on the pump button. You couldn’t see the aerosol under the cup.

“I’ll have a chai tea, thanks.” I nodded and gave one spray in her direction as I turned toward the counter. The sound of the spray was lost in the noise of the room.

When I returned, she was sitting quietly, her arms on the table, looking out the window at nothing. I set her tea down and sat.

“Carol, are you feeling okay? You look a little lightheaded.”

“I’m fine, thank you. Just daydreaming, I think.”

“Daydreams are nice. What were you daydreaming about?”

“I was thinking about what your tongue would feel like in my pussy.”

Whoa! Sara was right, no boundaries whatsoever. Granted, she was in a kind of trance, but those states are usually a reflection of a person’s normal waking responses.

“Is your pussy wet now?”

“Yes. My pussy’s a little damp now.”

“I’m really happy that you find me attractive, Carol. I think you’re really sexy, too. I’m getting a little hard-on now thinking about it. Don’t you find your skin tingling, the hairs standing up, almost like your skin’s electric? Do you feel that?”

She looked down at her arm. “That’s amazing, I can almost see it.”

“And if I were to reach out and touch your arm, it would be like a shock, but a burst of pleasure rather than electricity.” I reached out and touched her wrist lightly. She gasped and said, “Oh, wow!”

“And as you think about the three of us, making love, you find your nipples getting really hard, and you start breathing a little faster, and your pussy is getting really wet, can you feel it?”

She was squirming on the stool now. “Oh, God, yes.”

“But you can’t do anything about it now, Carol, ’cause we’re here and not alone. It will have to wait for tomorrow, which makes it even hotter. Isn’t that right?”

“I can’t wait that long.”

“Yes, you can. And you’re thinking about all the things that Sara and I will do with you and it almost makes you cum.

“And, Carol? When we do get together you’re going to find that the touch of our bodies will be extremely arousing, it’ll bring you close to cumming, the same as if I were to suck your nipples or lick your asshole or rub your pussy. You know this, don’t you?”

“Yes, yes.”

“When I lick your clit or stick my fingers in your pussy, you’ll cum, a series of delightful, small orgasms that will leave you feeling relaxed and happy. When I stick something into your ass, it will give you a wonderful, warm orgasm that spreads from your ass all through your body, leaving you feeling a little slutty but really satisfied.

“And you’ll want to find all the things that I like having done to me, because it makes you really happy to make me feel good. And you’ll do the same for Sara.

“When I finally fuck you, Carol, my dick in your cunt or in your ass will make you crazy with anticipation, feeling better and better, bringing you right to the edge of cumming, but you won’t cum, Carol.”

At this, her face fell and I thought she was going to burst into tears.

“You won’t cum until I say the words ’cum for me’ to you, and then you’ll cum with a powerful release that will shake you and leave you breathless, feeling wonderful, delighted and happy and complete. You won’t recall me saying the words because all you’ll be able to process is the orgasm you’re having. Remember, you can’t cum until I give you permission, Carol. What are the words you’ll be listening for, Carol?”

“It’s ’cum for me’.”

“Carol, when I say the word ’O’Hare’ to you, you will block out all the sensations and stimuli around you, and will hear my voice alone, nothing else. And you will want to do what I tell you because it makes you feel good when you do that. And when I clap my hands, you will awake again and remember nothing of what we said, but you will still do the things I asked, because you want to, as if you thought of them yourself. Can you do that, Carol? What’s the word you’ll be listening for?”

“It’s ’O’Hare’.”

I could see her eyes start moving around now, as the drug started to fade. I had a couple of things left.

“Carol, are you looking forward to getting me and Sara into bed?”

“Oh, yes.”

“Do threesomes turn you on? Tell me the things that get you really hot.”

“I think Sara’s hot. I’ve wanted to do her since she moved in. I like doing stuff in groups where there are all kinds of possibilities, lots of dicks. I like guys cumming on me, that makes me cum sometimes. I like my ass fucked. I like picking up guys and fucking them and then walking out on them when they’re just ready for round two.”

“You are quite the tease, aren’t you, Carol?”

“I like people to want me.”

“Okay, Carol, I think we’ll have fun tomorrow, you and me and Sara. Are you excited?”

“Oh, hell, yeah. I’m going to go home...”

Here she faded off and slowly looked around, trying to remember where she was. She saw me and was surprised.

“I’m sorry, I think I spaced out for a moment. What were we talking about?”

“Well, we were just finding out about each other, and trying to decide whether we wanted the three of us to get together tomorrow. I’m in. How about you?”

“Oh, yeah, I’m in, and really happy that you agreed. Listen, Sam, how would you feel about a little warm-up?”

“I don’t think that would be fair to Sara, so let’s wait till tomorrow.”

I actually think she pouted a little, but she caught herself and said politely, “All right, till tomorrow. And now I think I’d better go. Very nice to meet you, Sam, and I’ll look forward to the next meeting. And I mean that.”

She held my hand just a bit too long, then took her bag and stepped out the door to find a cab.

I finished my lukewarm coffee and chuckled to myself. She really was a little slut, just as Sara said. I think Sara will be bowled over to find that Carol’s had the hots for her, but maybe I’ll let it be a surprise.

I made a mental note to stop by a drugstore and pick up a gross of condoms. If I met any more women like Carol I was going to need them.

At home I took off my coat and my shoes and walked around in my socks. I probably shouldn’t have had the second cup of coffee, but too late now.

The phone rang. It was Sara, as expected.

“So I take it you two got along okay?”

“Yeah, she’s attractive and—what’s the right word?—open-minded. I think a lot of her waking moments are based around sex, thinking about it, planning for it, doing it. It’s nice to have a hobby, but wow. I’ll give her credit, she’s dedicated.”

“Does that turn you off?”

“No, it actually works fine for the purpose we intended, but I’m not sure how you work that kind of... commitment into a relationship if she ever decided to settle down.”

“I guess we can ask her tomorrow.”

“I’ll leave that to you. Sara, I’m a little concerned with how I’m actually going to keep up with the two of you. It may be more than I can handle.”

“Sam, it’s an experiment. We’ll figure it out. So we decided around eight would be good, my place. Feed yourself before you come, I’ll have wine and liquor here if either of you want it, okay?”

“Okay, Sara. I’m nervous and excited and terrified. Other than that, just another weekend.”

“We’ll be fine, Sam. ’night.”

I hoped she was right. We weren’t even together yet and I was already having performance anxiety.

I slept badly and didn’t get up till late morning, and still felt sleep-deprived. This was, I was pretty sure, nerves interfering with my normal body rhythms. I remember feeling the same thing the night before my oral exams were scheduled in grad school.

I ate breakfast and then felt like I didn’t know what to do for the next nine hours. I made myself go out to do errands, get some fresh air.

I forced myself to buy something to make for dinner, just so I’d have something to occupy my hands and my mind. And thus I fumbled my way through the day until it was time to get ready. I showered and shaved. I found a small shoulder bag and put in a change of underwear and a clean shirt. And a bottle of lube and a good-sized handful of condoms. Ready for anything now.

I drove over to Sara’s. I got there a little early and sat outside in the car because I didn’t want to appear too eager. I waited till it was five minutes past the hour before going to the door and ringing the bell.

“We thought you got mugged!” came through the intercom.

“Nope, just running a bit late.” She buzzed me up.

I found her apartment door ajar and walked in, shutting it behind me. The two of them were sitting on the couch laughing like old friends.

Carol was wearing a yellow jumper-type dress with a bib and shoulder straps over a pullover blouse. Sara was dressed more informally in shorts and a dark tee-shirt.

“Uh, oh, looks like you’ve been hitting the wine pretty hard. You could’ve waited for me.”

“We just had one each, we’re fine. But you have to catch up.”

They looked pretty comfortable together, brushing up against one another. Carol’s eyes, I noticed, were pretty intense, like little lasers. I couldn’t tell if that was intoxication or arousal or both, but it looked like it wouldn’t take much to set her off.

I sat on the remaining space on the couch. “In the spirit of full disclosure I’ll tell you I’m pretty nervous about this, and really turned on, too.”

Carol, who had been sitting in the middle of the couch, slid over and put her hand on my leg. “Sam, you’re going to be fine, this’ll be fun, you’ll see.” She reached up and gave me a wet kiss on the mouth, with some tongue, while she rubbed my leg. Your basic demure ingenue.

“Carol,” said Sara, “you promised that you wouldn’t monopolize Sam. We’re going to share, right?”

She said, “Sure,” but it didn’t sound sincere. I may have to enforce the rules here so that there’s no resentment.

I stood up. “I never got to say hello to Sara. It’s her place, so it would be rude to overlook her.” I leaned down to Sara and tilted her head back and kissed her hard, with my hand on the side of her neck. I could feel her breathing get faster.

“What would you like to do?” I asked the two of them. “Do you want to socialize for awhile, have a drink? Or skip the preliminaries and get right to it? I’m asking, because I’m new at this and I don’t know what the rules are, or what people are comfortable with.”

They looked at each other and shrugged. They’d each had wine and seemed pretty relaxed with one other. That might change when things got more sexual.

Carol spoke first. “I have to admit, I’m pretty curious, about both of you. I’d kinda like to get down to it, maybe spend some time feeling each other up. Sara?”

Sara looked a little unsure, but she nodded. I held out my hand and Sara stood up. I held out my other hand to Carol and she smiled and stood up, too.

It was Carol who took the lead and we followed her into the bedroom. I was surprised to find Sara—or maybe it was Carol, I’d have to ask—had placed a variety of candles all over the bedroom. A lamp on the dresser was lit, but it wasn’t very bright.

Carol said, “Let’s start with him. There are two of us and we can overpower him if he struggles while we undress him. Are you going to struggle, Sam?”

“I’ll struggle a little, for appearance’s sake. I wouldn’t want you to think I’m easy.”

“Heaven forbid,” she said as she started on my shirt buttons. Sara dropped to her knees and unlaced my shoes. They made a good team, I thought.

With the shoes off, Sara undid my belt just as Carol got the last button on the shirt and pulled it off my shoulders. My pants dropped almost immediately afterwards, leaving me only my shorts and my socks.

“Okay, let’s see what we’ve got here,” said Carol, falling to her knees beside Sara. They looked at each other and Carol giggled. The two of them each took a hem in their hands and tugged. The shorts slipped off my hips, over my now-stiff erection, and down to my ankles.

“Oooo, nice,” said Carol. She leaned in and gave it a little lick, then said, “Your turn.” Sara leaned in and did the same. Then they both licked it, and I said, “Oh, fuck.”

They kept that up for a minute while every fiber of my being was telling myself, “Don’t cum, don’t cum yet.” Carol dropped her head lower and twisted to suck one of my balls into her mouth and tongue it. Sara stroked the shaft, staring at me, then wrapped her lips around the head and bobbed up and down.

“Ladies,” I begged, gasping, “I’m about thirty seconds from covering the two of you with jizz. You’ve got to slow down.”

“Geez, you’re no fun,” said Carol. “Okay, but hold on just a bit more, I’ve got to do this.”

She pushed Sara away, somewhat imperiously, I thought, and dropped her lips over my dick, seeing how it felt in her mouth. Apparently she liked it, because she made a little cooing sound and pushed all the way down the shaft until her lips were touching my pubic bone.

“Oh, FUCK, stop, Carol, or I’m going to cum!”

She pulled off, reluctantly, and gave it a final lick.

“Fucking amazing, but you’ve got to wait until I’ve gotten off at least once before you do that. It’s too sensitive right now.”

She sighed, and stood up. I grabbed her around the waist and pulled her in close and stuck my tongue down her throat, while one hand fondled her ass. That and the implanted suggestions got her breathing a little heavier.

I found the zipper on the back of Carol’s dress and started pulling it down, while still sucking her tongue. I detached long enough to say, “Sara, why don’t you come up here and help with this?”

All she needed was the invitation, and she was on her feet. She was running her hands slowly up Carol’s legs, pausing to give the ass a little squeeze. The zipper was as far down as it could go, and I stepped back to pull it off her shoulders. Sara had her hands inside the open back now, running her hands up and down Carol’s bare skin.

I pushed the jumper down and it fell. Sara had to give it a little tug before it fell to her knees. Sara reached up and lifted the pullover up, and Carol raised her arms so Sara could lift it off her.

She had on white panties and no bra. Her tits were a nice size, and firm, a bit more than a handful. I squeezed a boob and said, “Well, that’s a real time saver, Carol, thanks.” I leaned in and took a nipple in my mouth and sucked on it. Carol gasped, and gasped again when Sara licked the other one. I squeezed the tit in my hand while still trying to suck the nipple off. Carol was moaning a little now, and I rubbed my free hand over her skin, dropping lower onto her stomach.

She could feel where it was going, and I could feel her tense with anticipation. But I instead stroked her pussy outside her panties, so I wasn’t actually touching her skin. I rubbed my fingers up and down her slit, making her moan.

“Sara,” I said, “why don’t you take off Carol’s panties. They seem to be in the way.”

I could see Sara’s eyes jump, her lips still locked onto Carol’s nipple. She wanted this, she thought, but this was a big step between an imaginary fantasy and reality. A little afraid, she dropped her hands to Carol’s panties and slowly pulled them over her hips, and they dropped to the floor.

Carol’s pussy was completely shaved, not a hair to be seen. The labia were small and slightly puffy.

Sara was now level with Carol’s pussy, looking at it closely, and she reached up and tentatively touched it, sliding her fingers over it. Carol had her eyes closed and was repeating “Oh, fuck, oh, fuck” quietly to herself. Sara leaned in and gave the labia a little kiss and Carol moaned.

I thought I should give Carol’s ass a closer inspection, so I dropped to my knees and put my hands on it and squeezed. It was fairly firm, not as memorable and not as rounded as Sara’s, but decidedly attractive. I leaned in and licked it and she cried, “Oh, yes!”

I couldn’t really see Sara, but from what I could see she had extended her chin and was now licking the slit between Carol’s labia. Carol had reached out and was holding Sara’s head in her hands, guiding her. Carol’s legs were still fairly close together, so there wasn’t a lot Sara’s tongue could do, but it was still enough and Carol was talking to herself, I couldn’t hear what.

I wondered what would happen if... I took my two thumbs and pulled her butt cheeks apart and inserted my tongue, flicking it up and down. What happens is that Carol shouts, “Oh, Christ, yes, like that!” Her hips were almost vibrating now.

I kept it up for a minute, then pushed my tongue a little lower until I found her asshole. “God, yes, yes, right there!” Okay, she hadn’t lied, she likes her ass played with, so...

And before I knew it, Carol went off, full-bore orgasm, shouting and grunting. Huh? I had explicitly told her she wouldn’t get off till I said, ’Cum for me’, yet... Oh, wait. There are two of us involved with working on her. Sara must have done something. I didn’t say she couldn’t cum if it was someone else working on her.

I moved my head around Carol’s hip and found Sara looking up at Carol’s ’O’ face. Carol’s hands were still holding Sara’s head, but Sara’s left thumb was rubbing Carol’s clit. Even from where I was I could see the pussy lips glistening, already wet.

Carol was coming down down, her breath slowing. She said, “Wait, I gotta stop for a sec, and sit down. Wait.” She dropped to a sitting position on the bed, squeezing her tits. “That was really nice, Sara.”

Carol closed her eyes, and while she got herself together I took Sara’s hand and guided her to a standing position. “You look really hot tonight. I can’t wait to get my hands on you,” I said while stroking that gorgeous ass. I kissed her hard and got my hands under the tee-shirt and lifted it over her head. Her arms went up automatically to assist, and it dropped to the floor.

I started unbuttoning her shorts, but from behind me Carol said, “Oh, wait, I want to do that. You watch, I’ll do it.”

Again, it sounded like an order rather than a request, but I stepped back and sat on the bed while Carol jumped up and grabbed Sara and began kissing her wherever there was bare skin. Her hands were busy at Sara’s waist, and soon the shorts were loose and she pushed them down to the floor.

Sara had on a black lace bra and panties, perhaps the ones I had seen before, but still sexy. Carol had her lips on Sara’s boob now, kissing and licking, while her hands dropped to her ass, which she fondled through the black panties.

Sara was looking just the tiniest bit shell-shocked, as if this was going way faster than she was comfortable with. But she had signed on to the plan, so she honored her commitment. Carol fell to her knees in front of Sara, and looked up as she tugged the panties down over her hips. Sara closed her eyes, not sure what was coming next.

Next was Carol moving her lips onto Sara’s pussy and kissing it everywhere it was exposed. Sara really couldn’t help herself, it felt good and I could see her breathing pick up. Her thighs were still mostly together, but Carol lifted a finger and inserted it between her legs and stroked. That brought a choked gasp from Sara.

“Honey,” said Carol, “you need to lie back on the bed with your butt near the edge. I need to see this close up. Sara looked terrified, but she did what she was asked. Carol gently pushed her thighs apart, leaned in, and licked, bottom to top.

Sara’s head was turned to one side, looking at me, still sitting on the bed, and she looked desperate. I twisted around and leaned over her and kissed her, slow, gentle. I whispered to her, “You can take a time-out whenever you want, baby, just say the word. No one will do anything you don’t want to do, okay?”

I kissed her again, then moved down and pushed her bra aside, licked her tit and sucked a nipple. I could hear her whimpering now, trying to catch her breath. Down below, Carol had her face buried in Sara’s pussy moving up and down, side to side. She found her clit and I could hear the tongue working on it wetly.

I was still watching Carol, while fondling Sara’s boob, when Carol brought her hand up and put two fingers in her mouth, then hooking them into Sara’s pussy, curved up. I could see her looking for the right spot with her fingers, then she started rubbing them fast, side to side. Sara’s eyes opened wide, and she looked like she was teetering on the edge of a cliff, then she shouted, “Omigod, oh, oh, yes, I’m cumming, fuck!”

It took her a long time to wind down, because Carol kept licking or finger-fucking, Sara’s pleas to stop notwithstanding. Eventually Carol moved up, kissing her hips and stomach. She looked up, a smile on her face, and said, “Feel okay, honey?”

Sara was still helpless and unable to respond, trying to get her breathing under control. She looked at me, apparently waiting for a comment. I said, “Impressive. Nice technique.”

“We do our best. What about you, Sam? You ready for some action?”

“Yeah, but let’s let Sara recover first. Help me get her up on the bed.”

Between the two of us, we moved her fully onto the bed, and I lay down beside her and stroked her arm and leg. Carol moved in on the other side and played with Sara’s tits. Eventually Sara opened her eyes and I leaned down and kissed her.

“How do you feel?” I asked.

“Drained. Good. This was a lot to... get used to.”

“You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. You can go sit in the chair and watch, or make a sandwich, or play solitaire, whatever you’re comfortable with. You can tell us both to leave, if you want.”

She nodded, while Carol seemed to be really intent on playing with Sara’s boobs. I felt almost like an afterthought.

After a couple of minutes, I said, “Carol? Why don’t you come over here for awhile. I never got a chance to explore your body fully, and I think I missed some interesting parts. C’mon, front and center.”

There was an interesting dynamic here. Carol, I think, had always been the wielder of sexual power, dictating who would do what to whom and for how long. I think she wanted to control this encounter, and that she was really interested in Sara. I was just a way to get there.

Carol pulled off, somewhat reluctantly like a child being told it’s time to put away their favorite toy, and climbed over Sara and onto me. Sara rolled a little further to the other side so she could stretch out.

“What’s on your mind, guy?” said Carol.

“I thought we might survey and inspect and see what’s to be found. We might strike gold, you never know.”

She smiled at that, and leaned in and licked my neck. I got her into a tongue-lock and let my hands wander over her body. Her ass was nice, not as good as Sara’s, but still fun, and Carol seemed to like my hands and fingers there. A mental note to follow up.

I got my hand between her legs and started rubbing her pussy, which was still a little wet, and that got a response, a couple of grunts that said ’keep doing that’. I rolled her onto her back and her thighs fell open, probably from practice, and I pressed my hand into her pussy. When I rubbed it up and down, her damp labia opened up and my fingers rubbed her slit. That got her moaning.

I was just the least bit ticked at her, because I thought she had manipulated Sara, who wanted to experiment with a threesome, and Carol was using it as a stepping stone to having Sara available for sex whenever Carol was in the mood. That was my read on the situation. So I responded just a little aggressively.

“You like that, Carol? You like having your pussy rubbed until it’s dripping wet, huh, tell me? You like that?” I looked at her like she was a piece of meat.

And she suddenly looked like a puppy who’s been yelled at for peeing on the floor. “Oh, yeah, do that, more, please.”

Damn, she wanted me to control her! I didn’t see that coming. She’d said in her trance that she liked being in control, telling her partners what they could and couldn’t do. This was unexpected.

“You want more of this, Carol? Then ask nicely.”

“Please, play with my pussy, I’m so close, please don’t stop.”

Sara, who had been half asleep, raised her head as the tone of the voices changed, trying to understand what had evolved.

I looked Carol in the eye and slapped her wet pussy, which made a little splat sound. Carol gasped. “Feel good, Carol? You like getting your pussy slapped like that?”

“Yes, yes. It feels good, I’m close, please, more.”

I alternated slaps with rubbing while Carol gasped, trying to hurry her orgasm along. It wouldn’t arrive until I told it to arrive. After a few minutes, I took three fingers, now quite wet, and slid them into her cunt. She shouted, “Yes! Yes!”

“Say it, Carol, tell me what you want or I’ll stop. Do it! Beg me for it.”

I could see her torn. She was used to being in control, and this felt strange, uncomfortable, being told what to do.

“Please, Sam, I’m so close. Fuck me with your fingers, Sam, make me cum, please!”

I continued to fuck her hard with my fingers, which were making a sloppy, wet sound in her cunt, while Carol urged herself closer. Sara was looking at Carol, I think surprised to see her so docile and controlled, which was not the persona she projected in real life.

I leaned in close to Carol’s head, and her eyes were wild, desperate now. “Are you ready to cum, Carol, I mean really?”

“God, yes, please, don’t make me wait, make me cum.”

I leaned close to her ear and whispered, “Cum for me, Carol.”

She went rigid, her body arching as she held it, then shouted, “Oh, fuck, yes, there it is, I’m cumming, oh, fuck, yeah!”

She held the arch for several seconds, then collapsed onto the bed, whispering, “Oh, God, oh, God.”

I continued to rub the outside of her wet pussy with a damp sound, while she put her hand over mine to make sure I didn’t hit anyplace too sensitive.

I looked at Sara and smiled at her. She gave me a smile back, but still looked a little puzzled at what had happened with Carol.

“I think we have to give her a minute. Can I hold you for awhile, Sara?”

She smiled and nodded. “I’d like that,” she said.

I moved over the Sara’s side. it was a bit cramped because Carole was sprawled out, taking up most of the bed while she recovered. I lay next to Sara and got my arms around her and she snaked an arm under me.

“That was fun, watching her get off. Is that what I look like when I cum?”

“Yeah, sorta like that, though I think I see different emotions on your face, not just physical responses. I like watching you.”

“Thanks, Sam. I like watching you, too. Is this what you expected?”

“Might be a little early to have an opinion, but so far it’s been interesting.”

I reached down and found her butt with both hands and squeezed it, running my finger down the crack.

“Sam, it feels funny when you’re playing with my ass. It feels a little dirty, sort of.”

“Sara, you have a gorgeous butt. It’s really beautiful, you should be proud of it. Especially because it’s sensitive. It gives you a little rush when I do that, doesn’t it?”

“Yeah, and it feels wrong, somehow, even though it feels good.”

“Maybe you’re confusing arbitrary statements of morality with your own standards. If it’s not putting you in danger and it’s not hurting you, then you should decide if you like the feeling or not.”


“Sara, I won’t do anything you don’t want, now or ever. But I’ll confess it gives me a thrill to play with your butt because it’s wonderful.”

From the side, Carol piped in with, “What he said, honey. Amazing butt.”

“Oh, she’s back. Have you recovered, Carol?”

“Almost. Be with you soon.”

“Maybe there’s enough time to do this,” I said. I slid down Sara’s body, pausing every few inches to leave a kiss or a lick, until I got to her hips. “Spread your legs, baby.”

She moved her left leg so the ankle hung over the edge of the bed, leaving her pussy open for me. I moved my lips down and licked her slit. She put a hand on the back of my head. I knew where she wanted me to go, but not yet.

I pulled the labia apart with my thumbs, and kissed and licked up and down, burying my face in it. She had her hand entwined in my hair now, whispering to herself. I hovered over her clit and moved in to grab it with my lips, no tongue.

“Oh, Jesus, baby, what are you doing, ah.”

My right hand was rubbing her pussy, which was getting really wet. My fingers were slick with her pussy juice. Again with my lips I grabbed her clit and pulled on it till it snapped back from my lips.

“Sam, omigod, oh.” I did that several more times, each time getting a stronger response from her. The last time, she begged me, “Oh, please, Sam, no more teasing, I’ve gotta cum now, make me cum.”

“I want to see you cum, too, baby, and I’ll get you there. Do you trust me?”

“Yes, Sam, I do, please, make me cum.”

“All right, Sara, I’m going to count you down like a rocket at Cape Canaveral, From ten to zero, and when we reach zero you’re going to cum for me, taking off like a rocket, okay?”

“Yes, yes, oh, hurry, please.”

I continued grabbing her clit with my lips, pulling it and letting it snap back with a little ’pop’, and each time I decreased the count by one. My right index finger, slippery with her pussy juice, poised over her asshole, just barely rubbing around it, poking at it.

<pop> “Ten.” <pop> “Nine.” <pop> “Eight.” <pop> “Seven.” <pop> “Six.” <pop> “Five.” <pop> “Four.” <pop> “Three.” <pop> “Two.” <pop> “One.“

At the count of zero, I went at her clit with my tongue as hard and fast as I could, and at the same time I pushed my index finger slowly into her ass.

The suggestions I left last time, I found, were still embedded there. This surprised me because it had been a week, but off she went like a rocket, and almost as loud. It wasn’t English, something more primal, but it was just as expressive.

Her body was twisting and shaking, her fists pounding the bed. It took her a minute to wind down, and she was absolutely clear when she had had enough, grabbing my hair and physically pulling me away from her pussy.

She lay there, muttering, “Oh, shit. Ohmigod. Oh, shit.”

From the side, Carol said, “Holy crap, Sam, what’d you do to her? Wow, that was impressive.” She reached over and got an arm around Sara and pulled her close, talking quietly to her.

Suddenly really thirsty, I got up and walked naked into the kitchen and got a glass of water and drained it. On the way back, I found the bag I had forgotten and carried it into the bedroom.

Carol was snuggled up to a comatose Sara as if I had never been there. We knew Carol had had an agenda. Even if she hadn’t told me in a trance last night, I probably would have figured it out by now. I was a means to an end.

I lay down next to Carol and looked for some hidden reserves of energy. I felt like I could use a nap now, but I was afraid of what might happen if I left the two of them alone for too long.

As long as I was there, I examined Carol’s ass, which, while not as good as Sara’s, had its own attractions. Just for the hell of it, or maybe it was because I wanted to distract Carol from ingratiating herself with Sara, I moved down on the bed and started licking her ass, squeezing the butt cheeks, pulling them apart and letting them snap back together.

Carol lifted a leg and bent her knee so she could place it over Sara’s leg, exposing more of her butt. Now I could pull the cheeks apart and get a tongue in there. The effect was immediate. “Oh, yeah, do that, that’s it.”

And when I actually dropped further down to tongue her asshole... “Yes! Right there, fuck me with your tongue, Sam, do it!” So her preferences were clear. Good to know.

“Y’know what, Carol? I think it’s time to get fucked, don’t you? You wanna get some dick?”

She twisted her head around from where she was still wrapped around Sara. “Yeah, that’s what I need.”

“Y’know what I’d like first, Carol? I want a little more of that great head you showed me at the beginning. Do that first.”

She looked, I dunno, maybe frustrated, like she knew just want she wanted next and she didn’t want anything to get in the way of it. But she gritted her teeth and pulled herself to a seated position, legs hanging off the edge, as I moved to the floor and stood up.

“That was really impressive throating before. I loved how it felt. I won’t be able to take much of this without cumming, but I’d kick myself if I let the chance pass me by.”

I think she took that as a compliment, so she settled in to show her stuff. She grabbed it in one hand and licked up and down, and all around the head. I started trying to remember the names of all the U.S. Presidents in order of inauguration to keep from thinking about what she was doing to my dick.

When she thought she had it wet enough, she took a breath, opened her mouth, and just slid the whole thing in. She paused ever so briefly as it hit the back of her throat, but pushed right past it, all the way to the bottom, then closed her lips around it and pulled slowly off while sucking and moving her tongue around the shaft.

It was all I could do to keep from shooting my load. Just as I got my breath back, she opened her mouth and did it again. “Oh, fuck, Carol, I don’t know if I can do this.” She popped of the end and looked up at me. She had a point to make now and she wasn’t going to let me off so easy.

This time, at the bottom, with her lips pressed against my pubis, she stuck out her tongue out from between her lips and flicked at my balls. “Jesus, STOP, Carol, or it’s over.”

She pulled off, saliva dripping down her chin. “Can’t take it, huh?”

“No, I can’t, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. If there’s an Olympic event of that kind, my money’s on you.”

She had the grace to smile, at least. I reached down for my bag and pulled out a condom and a bottle of lube. Sara was coming around, I saw, and had moved her head so she could watch. With the condom in place I placed a hand on Carol’s chest and gently pushed her back on the bed.

“Pull your knees back, Carol, show it to me.”

With her knees pulled back, her hips rolled up a bit, exposing her pussy and her tight pink asshole. I moved forward on my knees until I was right in front of her, my dick pointing at her twat. She was ready, but I wanted to tease her a bit more, so I slapped her clit with my dick and made her catch her breath. After four or five times she was making little grunts at each slap.

I took the dick and rubbed it up and down her slit, making sure it slid over her clit with some pressure behind it. I knew when it did because she’d moan a bit. She was starting to talk now. “C’mon, do it, give it to me.”

“You want it, Carol. Ask nicely. What’s the magic word?”

If there were objects close at hand I think she would have thrown them at me, but I was having some fun toying with her, just so she knows she can’t do whatever she wants.

“Please, Sam, I need you to fuck me. Please.”

I eventually take pity on her—ah, screw it, the truth is I was horny and way overdue to get my rocks off—and placed my dick right in front of her cunt, and slid slowly in.

It felt great, no surprise, and I got into a slow rhythm, in and out, trying to make this last as long as I could. But after that great head I was already pretty close. The good news was that the ’suggestions’ I had given her last night already had her pretty wound up, feeling like she was getting very close.

I leaned forward and got my hands under her legs, straightening mine so I was leaning over her, resting on my arms, with her knees back almost to her shoulders. Although my dick had only been in her a short time, she could feel her release rising, almost at the edge, the anticipation driving her crazy with wanting it.

I was pounding almost straight down now and getting too close. I pulled out and rubbed my dick on her clit again. She was crying, “No, don’t stop, keep going, almost there.” When I thought I had recovered I slipped it back into her pussy, all the way, and she said, “Yes! Yes!”

I got the rhythm going again and was fucking her pretty hard, her grunting with the effort, but I could feel my own limit approaching fast. I leaned forward, my head close to her ear, away from where Sara was lying, and whispered, “Carol, cum for me.”

I continued to be amazed by how quickly the women responded when told to cum. It was like it was pent up inside, just waiting for someone to pull the drain plug and let it out. Carol wailed, “Ah, FUCK, there it is, don’t stop, fuck me like that, yes, yes, keep going!”

And while she was shouting to the heavens, I’m talking to myself. “Don’t cum. You’ve got this. Think of the periodic table of elements, baseball stats, don’t cum.”

Thank God, she finally wound down, her pussy no longer stroking my dick, and I was able to pull out, dick still erect.

I lay back on my heels, trying to catch my breath, and realized I was sweating a little. I looked over to the side, and Sara was wide awake, looking like she was thirteen years old and had just seen her first porn movie and didn’t know how to process it. She placed a comforting hand on Carol’s arm.

I reached out and rubbed my hand over Carol’s pussy, dripping wet. She was still a little sensitive and jerked a little. “Would we be wrong if we said you liked that, Carol?”

She opened her eyes and looked at me. “That was... adequate.”

I looked at Sara and we both laughed. Sara said, “Oh, I should have recorded you so I could play it back for you. Adequate.”

“Well, I didn’t want you to get a swelled head. It was actually pretty good.”

“Ah. Much better. A step up from adequate. Carol?”


“You see this here?” I held up my stiffy. “I need you to do something about it. You got off so quick you left me hanging. I thought it was guys who were supposed to do that to women.”

She stared at it. “Um, I’m still pretty sensitive. We may have to wait, Sam.”

“No, I don’t think I can. If you start a job, you should finish it. It’s almost un-American to do otherwise. Get up on your hands and knees, Carol.”

“Sam, I don’t think...”

“Now, please, Carol. I don’t need you to do anything, just stay there. You can do that.”

She was used to being the sex director, telling people what to do and for how long. she could choose when she wanted sex or when she didn’t. She didn’t like this loss of control. Reluctantly, she moved to her hands and knees.

“Spread your legs just a little more, yeah, that’s it.” I positioned myself behind her and slid my dick into her, slowly. She gasped, perhaps a little too much feeling a little too soon, but she had to see it through now. I slid in and out, trying to make this last a bit longer, because some part of me wanted to wrest control from Carol.

I was pushing in hard now, and Carol was grunting, almost like a whimper. The instructions, regardless of her sensitivity, were still working and she was aroused and again close to the edge, perhaps a little surprised to feel it approaching again.

Under me, Carol was moaning, “Oh, Jesus, Sam, how can I be so close again? It’s like your dick is electric, oh, fuck.”

Sara was staring, fascinated. She reached out and pinched one of Carol’s nipples where it swayed underneath her. I looked down and saw the bottle of lube.

“Sara, come up here with me.”

She pulled herself up to her knees and made her way over next to me.

“You see that bottle of lube there by my knee?” She nodded.

“Pour a little on Carol’s asshole.”

She looked surprised. “C’mon, Sara, it’s fine.”

She picked it up and squeezed a small amount onto Carol’s puckered anus.

“Now spread it around a little, work it in.”

She did. Underneath me, Carol couldn’t see what was coming, but she could feel it, and her ass was responding.

“Now, Sara, stick a couple of fingers in it, in and out, like you’re fucking it.”

She looked like she was going to be caught and punished, but she did it and Carol yelled, “Oh, fuck, oh, fuck, yes.”

Fingers in and out, while I fucked Carol’s pussy, and Carol begging to cum, right at the edge once more.

“You like that, Carol, things in your ass? I think you do. Say it!”

“Yes, you bastard, I like it, don’t stop!”

“Fun, isn’t it?” I asked Sara. She could only stare, mouth half open. She could see how crazy it was making Carol, and was a little afraid of the power.

“Carol, I think I’d like to fuck your ass. Would you like a dick in your butt?”

“Oh, yes, do it, fuck my little ass, I need it.”

I slipped out of her pussy and found the bottle of lube, pouring a little on the tip of my dick and rubbing it it, and a little more on her asshole.

“Sara, when I start fucking her ass, reach underneath and rub her clit. She needs it to be abused. Don’t be gentle, work it, okay?”

I placed the tip of my dick at her asshole, which was gaping just a little, and pressed forward. It fought me a little, then it slipped in with some resistance. Carol screamed, “Yes! Yes!” Sara watched, fascinated. I don’t think she’d ever seen this close up.

I wouldn’t last long because her ass was so tight this would be over in seconds, I thought. In and out, slowly, because going any faster would make me cum.

I was actually fighting my orgasm now, getting very close, but I wanted to make Carol beg for her release again. Sara was still intently watching my dick sliding in and out of Carol’s ass, fascinated by it. I had to remind her. “Sara, work on her clit, make her cum, rub it hard.”

She pulled away reluctantly and took a deep breath, then reached under and found Carol’s pussy and began rolling and rubbing her clit. Carol was gasping, “Yes, do that, you little bitch, harder, I want it!”

I could feel myself approaching the point of no return. I pulled Carol up to an erect position, still on her knees and my cock still deep in her butt, so my head was close to the back of hers. Sara, with a better angle to work from, was abusing Carol’s clit and occasionally sticking her fingers in her pussy. I got my lips close to Carol’s ear and just before my orgasm overtook me, whispered to her, “Now, Carol, cum for me.”

I felt the wave wash over me, sweeping me away, unable to breathe. My arm still wrapped around her, Carol was shouting, “Yesyesyes, I’m cumming, oh, fuck, yes, don’t stop, fuck my ass!”

Truth is, I was barely able to move because I no longer had full control of my muscles, but Sara was still hard at work on Carol’s clit, rubbing it, pressing it roughly.

At some point, Carol collapsed, falling face down onto the bed, my dick being pulled rather abruptly out of her ass, followed by a bit of flatulence. Miraculously, the condom was still attached.

I felt like if I moved just an inch one way or the other, I would fall over onto the floor and hurt myself. Sara saved the day, got her arms around me and lowered me to the bed, and snuggled in behind me.

Carol appeared to be asleep, deeply, and I felt like I wasn’t far behind. I knew I had to deal with the condom, so I fought the approaching darkness and pushed myself and crawled off the bed. To Sara I said, “Be right back.” My knee gave way as I started, but I caught myself and stumbled to the bathroom.

I leaned on the sink and looked in the mirror. I looked exhausted, pretty much the way I felt. I ran the water in the tub while I dumped the condom, then with the hand shower I washed my dick and balls and my ass with soap and warm water. I toweled them dry, and with what energy remained found my way back to the bedroom.

I crawled up the bed into the space between them, and lay down facing Sara. She looked at me and said, “I think you need some rest.” I opened an eye and told her, “I love the way you think.” Then I fell asleep.