The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Pink Chip

By Ius Magister and Blue Collar Girl

Chapter 1

The Nora Company considered themselves a rival to StarX and Egon Stufff in every way. They started an electric car company? So did Nora. They started a space company? So did Nora. They started a neurological implant company designed to link the human mind to the internet? So did Nora.

Granted, NORA was run by one Edison Lysenko, and he was much better connected than Stufff. He had already sucked the oxygen out of a lot of Egon’s companies and he wasn’t going to stop until he succeeded. Egon shouldn’t have insulted Edison’s tie when they both worked together on the board at HowToPay. As it was ...this idea was something that actually had merit. He was extremely curious where it could go since when he looked over what his own scientists had put together, plus what he had stolen from Egon, the implications were ...interesting say the least.

None of that was going to make his day better. His right arm, his regular secretary, had taken parental leave. Despite the number of women in the company he had slept with, remarkably this child wasn’t his. But her replacement couldn’t possibly live up, and was apparently going to be a temp. He looked at his watch impatiently, waiting to start his day.

Kelsie tried her best to push away her annoyance. Really, she did. Getting a foot in the door of a company like Nora was an opportunity even she couldn’t pass up. But the notion of being a temp galled her to no end. If only she hadn’t gotten kicked out of Vassar! She’d be working at a notable publishing house by now. Instead, her need to be the top had gotten her busted in a cheating scandal, leaving her right back at the shitty little local college all the morons from her high school had gotten their equally useless degrees from.

Well, no matter. She was destined for something greater than working retail or, god forbid, waiting tables. And if she had to slum it as a temp for a few months to get a full time job working for Nora, she could do it.

But boy, how she hated it.

Kelsie took a moment to check that her straight, no-nonsense brunette hair wasn’t frizzy anywhere, and that her makeup was on point before getting out of the car. Then she straightened her pale blue pencil skirt, buttoned the matching suit jacket and, after a moment’s hesitation, unbuttoned one more button of the cream blouse under the jacket. She didn’t really like going that route, but she wanted a job here so badly she could taste it. “Whatever it takes, Kels,” she reminded herself as she slung her purse over her shoulder and strode up the building.

Everything about Nora Company screamed classy. Kelsie knew this was where she belonged to the second she stepped inside. Everything was modern and sparse yet extravagant in its expansiveness. She strode up to security and said, “Good morning. Kelsie Garner here for Mr. Lysenko.”

They looked extremely glad to see her but also a touch annoyed. Rather than the usual signing in or checking of ID, they immediately handed her an orange badge that said “Temp” with her face on it, a thick blue folder which seemed to contain copious notes and two security guards motioned for her to follow them through the slick marble corridors. “Right this well Ms Gamer.” They didn’t even stop for her to get her bearings and walked to a special elevator marked “Executive.”

They keyed her badge, to make sure it worked and the elevator rushed to the top of the 30 story building in six seconds flat. The doors opened, and they didn’t so much as SHOVE her out as gently help her and then pressed the down button as fast as they possibly could.

Edison stood there, leaning on the desk that was probably hers, looking extremely annoyed. He was in his early fifties, but fit and extremely tall. He wasn’t quite a linebacker but he was no stick either, and obviously kept in shape. His stomach was washboard and he had piercing blue eyes and brown hair approaching a shade of red. His suit was something that was so expensive that she couldn’t even name the designer but it fit him perfectly. He checked his platinum rolex and said, “I think the first thing we need to establish is the value of my time. And you’ve wasted 15 minutes of it.”

Despite the bravado she’d walked into the building with, Kelsie felt herself shrinking under her new boss’s glare. It wasn’t just his size, which made her feel like a little girl playing dress up. It was the air of total authority with which he held himself. This man made things happen. He got shit done. He didn’t have time for fresh college graduates having a tantrum because life was unfair. His voice was the kind someone might expect a drill sergeant to have, but instead of barking orders it was smooth, almost radio announcer smooth but with a fist of iron behind it.

At least he’s hot as well as scary, she thought as she stepped closer to him. A million different excuses came to mind, each one as vapid and unbelievable as the last. She got the feeling he’d be able to see right through them anyway, so why bother?

She squared her shoulders, took a deep breath, and forced her gray eyes to meet his. “My apologies, Mr. Lysenko. It won’t happen again.” No excuses, just an acknowledgement that she’d fucked up, knew it, and wouldn’t make the same mistake twice.

He grunted. Clearly that had been the right answer. “See that it doesn’t. The folder contains your itinerary. Your badge has been queued to your laptop and your laptop has everything you need access to. You have an hour to get your bearings, after that, if you cost any more any will be fired.”

It was at this point, he noticed her top. He looked down, he made a visible point of looking at it, enjoying it, letting her know he enjoyed it, but skillfully resuming his actions as if it had never happened. She got the distinct impression that had this been thirty years in the past, he would have grabbed her and literally fucked her over his desk, at least that was the brief smoldering look he gave her, before moving on.

“Ask Helga if you have any questions. She’s almost as busy as I am, so try not to have too many questions. Good luck.” He put his hand on her shoulder, as if willing liquid confidence into her and then went into his office and closed the door.

It was very very quiet on the top floor in that very large office. The view was stunning. His own office was opaque but she could see him in it and talking on the phone. There was a large board room down the hall and through large glass doors to the left. Aside from that, there was literally no one else on the floor.

Kelsie did not relish the notion of talking to anyone named Helga. It sounded like her grandfather’s physical therapist or something. Still, she would need a resource and, if she was lucky, an ally in the office if she did everything right.

She sat down at the desk and turned on the laptop. It had a badge reader which logged her in with the necessary access to her boss’s calendar and meetings she was expected to attend. Her email was already set up with her name and a welcome email at the top. It included a link to a welcome video that she’d watch during her lunch break.

She found a directory of people who reported to Mr. Lysenko and scanned it for Helga. There she was, Helga Arden, down one floor and in charge of human resources. She checked her makeup again in the restroom, since women could be much harsher about appearances than men, and headed down to meet her.

The secretary there, called Candace, smiled warmly as she approached. “Good morning, Ms. Garner. Ms. Arden has been expecting you. Please go right in.” It was a little disconcerting to have everyone know who she was without having met her before, but she supposed it had been part of their vetting process. It’s not like just anyone could work here.

To Kelsie’s surprise, Helga was a stunningly handsome woman in her late 40s. There was no doubt in her mind that she might’ve been a pageant queen back in her heyday. As it was, she no doubt that the blonde woman still got her fair share of attention around the office, no matter how many attractive women worked here.

“Ms. Garner,” Helga said as she offered her perfectly manicured hand, a faint trace of an accent lingering on her tongue. Kelsie shook it with more confidence than she felt and hoped the smile she returned looked as collected. The older woman’s eyes also noticed how much cleavage she’d left exposed, but to Kelsie’s surprise didn’t comment. “I understand you were a little late this morning.”

Kelsie blushed, her tanned face turning a faint pink. Word got around fast. “Yes, ma’am. I’ve apologized to Mr. Lysenko already, and I can assure you it won’t happen again.”

With a pleased nod, Helga said, “Good. He despises tardiness. We’ll get you a Nora watch before you leave today to ensure your timelines.”

That made Kelsie clench her teeth in irritation for being treated like a chipped pet, but whatever. She wanted this job so she could put up with a few insults. “Thank you,” she managed in a voice not too sour.

“Excellent. Well, I wanted to meet you. If you need anything, Candace is more than helpful. All you need to do is ask her.” She rose so Kelsie followed suit. “And be absolutely sure to watch your orientation video as soon as possible. Very important for all of our new folk.”

By the time she got back to her desk in the executive office, she found she had just enough time to see the video before her first meeting with Mr. Lysenko. She plugged in the earbuds she found in the desk and hit play.

“Hello and welcome to NORA, which stands for North-American Organization of Research Ascension. First a word from our CEO.” It was a standard welcome video, though there were subtle subliminals in it which the company hadn’t revealed to anyone. It wasn’t enough to turn her around but she would be much more loyal to the boss, to the company and to her position. This particular terminal included very slight sexual relaxation but that was baked into the screen saver.

After the video there was a series of classes she was supposed to take but it was obvious she would need to take those late at night or hideously early in the morning since she was to take notes in most of her meetings and while overwhelming, it looked like something she could do. But then, the elevator opened and a man came in and said, “This is the new chip. It’s for this desk.” At first it seemed that it was for her boss, but she realized instead that it was for the original secretary. “Sign here.’’ He presented a clipboard.

She signed her name and, unsure of what to do with it, tucked it into the folder she was carrying. It didn’t occur to her to open the envelope. Instead, she quickly gathered her laptop and hurried into the meeting room where the meeting was going to be.

After setting her stuff down, she glanced at the invitation to see five people including her boss would be attending. She set out five bottles of chilled water from the small fridge along the wall just in time for them to filter in. Kelsie smiled professionally at each of them and introduced herself, even more determined than before to be the best at her job that she could be.

Once Mr. Lysenko entered, she opened her laptop and began dictating the pertinent notes he would need later

The material in the envelope contained a small pink chip. It said, “Beta testing.” A little bit of research on the intranet indicated that this was a top of the line neural interface and that with this, Kelsie could interface, with her mind, all of the hardware in the building. But it was not meant for her, but there was an onsite facility that, should she manipulate a few documents...could easily have been installed in her instead. There was a space right there on the calendar where she could do it.

And her ‘replacement’ was not going to be here for three months.

She weighed the odds of how much trouble she might get in by taking the permanent secretary’s place. And honestly, she thought it was minimal. Everything else she had seen here at Nora spoke of a tightly controlled ship, which made her think that maybe this wasn’t an oversight.

With that resolve in her mind, Kelsie arranged for the chip implant for herself. No alarms went off. No denial by email or phone call. She felt sure this was the right thing to do.

So rather than eat lunch when the time came around and instead made her way down to the lab. The chip stayed in its envelope as she approached the check in desk. A nondescript man, probably 35 or so, glanced up at her approach. “Right on time, Ms. Garner. Do you have your device?” She handed over the device, which he scanned and placed on a tray. “Take this back to the open room on the left.”

Kelsie spied the one he meant, thanked him, and to the tray back there. She sat on the exam table and waited for someone to help her.

It was the simplest thing in the world, but alarming. When she sat on the table, restraints came out and totally immobilized her. Then an ominous looking robotic arm came out and, on the screen in front of her eyes, she saw it come behind her, inject local anesthesia INTO HER.BRAIN as three spider like tendrils connected long stems IN HER BRAIN and placed the chip right above her ear.

If the anesthesia didn’t feel so good, it might have been terrifying. The tech gave her a juice and said,“Wait here for two hours and you will be fine.”

Of course, she had a meeting to take notes for Mr Lysenko in an hour….

When 50 minutes had passed and she still felt fine, Kelsie rose and walked around the room. She didn’t seem to have any ill after effects from either the implant or the anesthetic. She shrugged, downed another quick glass of juice, and strode out of the clinic.

The elevator threw her for a loop, though. Before she could reach out to punch the button, the number 30 lit up. She blinked, and then narrowed her eyes in curiosity. As the doors started to slide shut, she thought about hitting the Open Door button. The doors paused and then opened back up. “Holy shit,” she whispered as a grin split her mouth. This was gonna be fascinating!

Kelsie rushed to her desk, grabbed her laptop, and hurried off to the next meeting.

As she moved to the elevator, she felt really good but also really horny. That was odd but nothing that was the end of the world. However, seeing Egon Stufff standing there, smiling at her, arms crossed was something else entirely.

“I knew that you would steal my chip.” Wait, was he talking to her or someone else. “My back door told me of your employees who did this of course, but I was waiting for someone with unlimited admin corporate access. That’s you Edison. REALLY? You injected stolen BRAIN technology into your brain? Oh this is just too much.”

Kelsie turned around to find Mr. Lysenko right behind her. The blood drained from her face as his stone face somehow turned harder. “And do you really think I was unaware of your plan? You hand delivered me a piece of tech that I hadn’t fully decoded yet. Now not only do I have your tech, I have a test subject to observe.”

The tension between the two was palpable, and Kelsie hurried out of their respective line of fire. But her heart hammered like crazy in her chest. Why had she so impulsively decided to get that damn chip implanted?!? God only knew what sort of weird programming Stufff had put into it. Guilt rippled through her at the notion she might’ve put Nora in jeopardy.

Thankfully the elevator arrived and she slipped inside. Unfortunately, Mr. Lysenko joined her.

The image seemed to falter a moment and looked at her again, “You aren’t Edison. And you aren’t his secretary. I didn’t hand deliver anything, who are you?”

The emotion inducer that was placed in the secretary’s brain for her begins to send high levels of dopamine and hormones increasing her sex drive. Egon smiled and looked her over, “I am going to have to tell myself about you when you enter public wifi. Or you could find a way to stay on NORA company premises indefinitely I guess.”

Lysenko looked at her and looked right into her eyes and whispered, “Are you high?” He sounded furious but her chip told her her pupils were dilated. A list of potential lies popped into her vision like an HUD.

Kelsie didn’t understand a thing going on, but she knew one thing—she had to think and act fast. She tapped her ear where, thank God, her bluetooth for her phone rested. “I’m sorry, sir, what? Oh,” she went on, pulling the device from her ear and turning it off. “I am so sorry. I am so used to being attached to this thing that I barely realize it when I’m talking about it.” She leaned closer to him conspiratorially and whispered, “My mom is kind of a basket case and gets worried anytime she can’t talk to me right away. You know, early onset dementia.”

She had no idea if he believed her or if anything she just did was in the least bit convincing, but she did her best to act as normally as possible, even with Mr. Lysenko’s steely gaze piercing her to the core.

She didn’t know what was going on but the pink chip was happy to tell her, cheerily informing her in little green lettering that Egon had placed a limited version of himself in the chip expecting that Lysenko would steal it. And that if she left the building Egon would have total control of her brain as compared to limited control.

But also Lysenko had meant to fuck his secretary and so he had made her want him sexually. It was difficult to consider this bad or wrong since the chip basically shut down her moral judgment regarding any affection for her boss.

Lysenko looked at her for a moment and opened his mouth as if to call her story bullshit, but then shook his head, muttering and then went into the room where they were showing sales figures.

Blah blah blah blah pretty pretty pretty colors. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

There was a pulsing throb in her brain like the kind you got when you stood up too fast or got really high. She felt really good. She felt really busy. She loved Egon. She loved Edison.


When she finally came down she found herself typing away on the laptop outside of Mr Lysenko’s office. Wait, HOW had she gotten here again? She had memories but there large gaps in them and as she looked at the screen it said “All work and no play makes Kelsie a dull girl!” except that the last 20 lines had the letter ‘r’ randomly dispersed in it.

What. the. serious. hell?!?!?

Chapter 2

Kelsey went to the top of the file and found that she had typed that phrase 170000 times. The file was so large it kept generating errors on the machine just by existing. She checked her watch. 3 and a half hours had passed. Even if she had typed nothing but gibberish there was no way…

The computer kept beeping at her, and she checked it. A new email had opened up entirely on its own and the letter “r” kept appearing randomly in different fields.

Again. What. the. hell?

She tried to scroll through the gibberish she had typed and about 4097 lines in, there was a letter.

To her.

From her.

“Dear me,

Well...not exactly me ...oh This is so complicated. Alright. Let me start at the beginning. If I did this right I managed to keep most of the important memories from when you got the chip installed. You really met Mr Lysenko in the hall He really did think we were drugged. He really did ...kind of buy the lame excuse about our grandmother…

Oh jeez! She was surely fired now!

No you aren’t. I fixed that.

“What? How are you reading my mind?”

I am not. I just know what I will be thinking because I am kind of you. Well, you but more. Look, we have some serious problems. More than this job. We REALLY screwed up putting this chip in our brain but its also an opportunity.

Let’s do this in order, OK?

The projection you saw of Egon? That wasn’t real. That part was a hallucination.

Oh thank god.

No, it’s still bad. The chip is supposed to just be a link between our brain and hardware, and is supposed to take months to learn, like typing. For everyone else it has but the anesthesia had a unique reaction in us. We have transferred a part of our mind into the hardware which has made us really really smart.

Really? She didn’t feel smart… smarter.

That’s because the part of us that is me is dead. We cant exist without the drug. That’s OK, I got all our work done for the next 7 days done including notes for future meetings. Like I said, that’s not what we have to worry about.

This was all just ...way too much…

Wait! Wait don’t go. You need to know the part that was real. Egon isn’t a projection on your head but he will get control of you if you get near public wifi, anywhere. He is not a guy we should trust but you will fall for him if you do but the bit about him making his secretary fall for him is real. It means as long as you have this chip in your head, Lysenko will look better and better….

Well that was just great. She had things to do after work…

There is a corporate suite I reserved for us in a way they won’t trace for a while and I ordered us some clothing. Look, I bought us some time but some higher brain functions are locked to me like this. I have made things as easy for us as I could, but We are running out of time.

Good luck me.

Wait, what?! But the rest was just more of the gibberish.

A few emails down, Kelsie found a confirmation number for the suite reservation. It was thankfully all part of this same giant campus, but she had no idea how to get there. She didnt even remember where she parked her car this morning! But even walking over a few buildings in her heels was a better option than having what was left of her mind taken over.

Thankfully it was already 4:30, because she struggled to get any work done. Everything she tried to type was riddled with Rs. When she tried to think too hard, the spot in her skull where the implant sat throbbed. And if she let herself think about her boss checking up on her, she felt the distinct urge to have sex with him.

Hadn’t the email she sent herself said something about that being implanted too? She tried to reread the email, but she apparently deleted it. “Well, shit,” she grumbled. She was, well and truly, on her own, and only at half capacity if she was lucky.

Right at five o’clock, her laptop shut down without her telling it to do so. Smart Kelsie must’ve set that up for her. Too bad smart her didn’t also get her a map of the campus. But as soon as she thought it, a digital image popped up before her eyes, showing where she was at. She squeaked in surprise, then looked around quickly. Thankfully Mr. Lysenko wasn’t there to see it. He already thought she was on drugs.

The elevator doors opened right up for her again and the interface led her out of the building and down a shady pathway. A piece of her realized that she walked strangely, her hips swaying side to side more than usual. In fact, everything about her seemed to slink as she walked. It seemed like a voice kept trying to speak to her, but there was interference that kept it at a low buzz.

She finally found the right building and walked up to reception. The man behind the service desk, a pretty man about 30 with large emerald eyes, gave her a dazzling smile when she approached. “Ms. Garner? Your rooms are ready, if you’ll follow me.” She did, her eyes lingering over his nice butt in front of her.

“You have the executive package, and unlimited credit so order anything you like and it will be placed in our discretionary account,” he looked at her and just once down at her chest. “It says in the instructions that you are to have anything you need delivered directly to the suite so of course we can do that. Is there anything that we should deliver, later?” There was a hint of almost innuendo in his voice.

As she realized her general sex drive was increased she also realized that there WAS a way she could get access to her other self again. She just needed some more of that special anesthetic they used on the implant patients again, though that was dangerous. But, of course, it would also give her...abilities other people didn’t seem to have.

Kelsie lowered her eyes for a moment before looking up at the clerk from under her lashes. “Maybe you should come by and check on me later?”

A wicked grin spread across the hunk’s face as he doffed a nonexistent hat to her. “I get off in a couple of hours if you need dinner company.”

That weird interface popped up for a second, identifying him as Alex Sanders. As a concierge, he had the right level of access to gain the drug she needed. When it disappeared, she slid her hands up the lapels of his jacket. “I have a great way to party, if you’re interested.” Through her chip, where her higher functions sat, she manipulated an order of the drug to be delivered to the front desk within the hour. “I have a package coming soon. Be a dear and deliver it with...dinner.”

He beamed and walked away, curious as to why his phone was creating a text message with just R….

For a moment, she wondered how she did that. If she was just learning to use it and not on the drug...but then, she remembered she had helped herself before and might have anticipated that she needed the drug, that made sense!

Suddenly she was so insanely horny…it was distracting but she vaguely realized that was the point but that didn’t stop the need to diddle her clit.

Chapter 3

Kelsie awoke with a jolt. The moment her eyes popped open, she was greeted with a digital time display that said it was five a.m. That was much earlier than her usual six-thirty, especially since she only had to walk across campus to get to her desk.

Her sleep had been filled with dreams of Mr. Lysenko and that Egon guy. Her thighs felt damp, and at first she thought it was from the nature of the dreams. But when she looked over, she saw Alex sprawled out beside her, and had vague memories of them fucking for hours before finally falling into an exhausted sleep.

Her muscles ached, especially around her hips and lower back. A little smile crept across her face as she remembered some of the positions Alex had gotten her into. She chewed on her bottom lip as her pussy woke up, alive and ready for more action. Before she could climb back into bed with him, a blinking message icon appeared in the top right corner of her vision.

Kelsie, this is you again. I was able to sneak in a timed message for you while you were busy screwing that guy’s dick off. Look, before you do anything else today, you need to take a precisely measured dose of that anesthesia. It’ll allow me to take over enough to get us through at least lunch. Follow these instructions to the letter, and I will talk to you later.

She didn’t like this, but she could also tell that her brain was no longer firing on all cylinders. She reluctantly picked up the bag Alex had brought her with the drug and syringe before padding off to the bathroom.

When she glanced in the mirror, she didn’t quite recognize herself. As she slept, her body had been rearranging itself. Not only did she look more refreshed than someone on barely four hours of sleep had any right in looking, her ass and thighs looked sculpted. Not that either had been bad, but they had been transformed into the perfect rear end, with a sweet biscuit butt and just enough thigh gap to be noticeable.

“No wonder I’m so sore there,” she grumbled. Still, she ran her hands over her ass as best she could, getting more and more turned on. Soon she was fingering her clit with one hand while the other groped her butt.

It took her three climaxes before she could focus enough to remember why she was in here with the bag. Finally, she filled the syringe about a quarter full, took a deep breath, and plunged it into her arm.

Time whooshed by and she saw a montage of a disco club, a rabbit farm, violent passionate sex with Egon. Violent sex with Edison. Breaking into a bank vault. Breaking into another bank vault, rolling around on a mattress full of money, and fucking someone named Juano on top of hit who was delightfully ripped.

Suddenly she found herself in the lounge of a hotel. She didn’t recognize the hotel, and the thing that disturbed her most were the Christmas decorations over the bar. When she had injected herself it had been JULY. What. the. HELL?

Hey dumb me, I might have...taken some liberties when we injected ourselves but see, there are some problems. One problem with being hyper intelligent is that I got bored. Like, really bored, and you have no idea how bored I got so as conditioned as you are to like Egon or Edison, but you’re not anywhere NEAR as conditioned as screwed as I am, so we’re going to work together and then I’ll make you smart like me and we’ll all live happily ever after right?

This time though the message was texted on her phone.

Yeah I’m smarter this time so I just anticipated what you are going to do so I will just text you as you do it. Also, Merry Christmas! Also, we’re rich. Also, don’t trust Juano, he works for Egon.