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The Pleasure Bunnies

Chapter Four

Jumping up out of bed, Jessica Kanko looked at her surroundings. Somehow, some sort of organization that was trying to brainwash her to be a compliant sex slave had kidnapped her. She got up to look around the room and found it empty. The room was silent, not a single noise to be heard. Jessica headed towards the door, finding it unlocked.

A guard stood at the end of the hall looking in the opposite direction, Jessica crept down the hall towards him, pausing as she hid behind a corner for a moment.

The guard had continued to look towards the other direction. Jessica picked up a hammer she found on the ground, probably left by a maintenance crew. She crept up behind him and hit him in the head with it, knocking the guard out cold.

“I can’t believe that worked” Jessica thought as she crept down the hallway. At the end, she turned the corner, nearly running right into Arianna; who gave her a very sadistic looking grin.

* * *

Arianna sighed in the direction of the girl sitting on the floor looking up at her. Taking a few steps forward she rolled her eyes and stood in front of Jess, the front of her boots coming to a stop about one inch in front of the girls knee. “Well, what do we have here? Daddies’ little princess tried to escape I see.” She looked up towards the sky and smiled, closing one eye for a moment before directing herself back towards the girl below her. “I can’t believe you are that fucking stupid. Did you really think you would escape?”

Arianna kicked the girl in the kneecap, smiling at the girlish moan coming out of Jess’s mouth. When the girl stopped whimpering she kicked her again, pleased by the pain this teen cum-dumpster was feeling. “Answer me you fucking bimbo! Did you really think you would escape us?”

Jess looked up at her, frightened out of her wits at what was happening to her. Before she could process it, anymore she took a fist to her face, knocking her backwards. Arianna waited a moment before walking forward and sitting down next to the girl. She admired her, putting her hand on the girls chin before leaning her face in slowly. “Now Jessica, dear, did you really think you could escape us? Did you think you could escape your destiny?”

As soon as this was out of her mouth, she sat up and walked away about twenty feet to where she had put down her bag, pulling out the same remote from earlier. She turned back towards Jessica, who was now breathing heavily on the ground before her and started to walk closer, the heels of her boots echoing through the hall “now dear there are two possible answers here. ‘Yes Madam, being the semi-illiterate cum-dumpster I am, who would have tortured you in school and made your life a living hell only to turn out to be the trophy airhead to some asshole rich white male who would ruin me by making me pop out a bunch of babies no one gives a flying fuck about, I thought I could escape.’”

Arianna smiled as the girl started sobbing uncontrollably. “That answer gets your itty bitty little brain basically turned off by the flick of a switch here. The nanites in your system can turn you into a drone; a living doll.”

She walked closer and gave the girl another kick to the side “Of course, there is a correct answer.” Sighing, she turned away and walked a few steps; looking back at the girl over her shoulder, she continued. “The correct answer is ‘no Madam, I am a Pleasure Bunnie, I merely have malfunctioned and need to be further programmed to please.’”

Before Jessica could answer, Arianna pushed a button on the remote, sending a powerful orgasm through her body. She then adjusted the nanites in the Bunnies body to bring her to the utmost compliance. Jessica thrashed around on the floor, her hair going all over. Arianna let her settle down and then walked a few steps forward “now, I want an answer, and ‘there are four lights’ isn’t acceptable”.

After about thirty seconds, Jessica’s eyes opened up again. The defiance seen before was gone, replaced by two beautiful oceans of blue. The Bunnie got to her knees and crawled forward until she was knelt in front of Arianna. Pausing for a moment, Jessica then spoke. “No Madam, I am a Pleasure Bunnie; I merely have malfunctioned and need to be further programmed to please.”

“Good girl” Arianna knelt down in front of the Bunnie and hugged her tightly, pulling away to kiss her on the lips gently. “You are going to be fine Jessica.”

She held the Bunnie in her arms for a few minutes, quietly stroking her hair until the intercom broke through. A heavy sigh came through the intercom before Kimberly’s voice came though.

“Are you done with her?”

Arianna got up and walked over to push the button below the intercom to answer. “Yes Ma’am, thank You for letting me play with the new toy.”

* * *

Waking up at the snap of a finger, Jessica stared up at Kimberly with a confused, glazed look on her face. She knew she did not like this bitch; but at the same time, she felt so relieved to be in the same room as her.

Kimberly walked over to her and smiled down at the girl. “Hello there child, I want you to try to get up and lay down over on that couch.” She pointed to the left side of the room where a couch similar to one seen in a shrink’s office.

Jessica slowly got up off the gurney, walked over to the couch, and laid back on it. For the first time she noticed that she was naked; but she had no problem with this at all. In fact when she laid back and spread her legs out a little to get comfortable the smile Kimberly gave her sent a chill down her spine and back up to her brain, making her forget what she was thinking and clouding her focus back to Kimberly.

A black chair sat across the room from her and Kimberly walked to it and sat down, leaning her right arm downwards to pull up the leg rest so she could lean back as well. Putting her papers on her lap and a pen in her hand, she looked up at her protégé.

“Thank you for doing as I said Jessica. I rather enjoy agreeable girls like you; they go very far in our little world.”

This again sent a shiver through Jessica’s body. Her brain kept telling her that keeping Kimberly happy was the most important thing she could do. She focused everything on making sure she was very agreeable.

Kimberly smiled again. “Jessica I am going to ask you some questions now ok? I want you to answer them all faithfully and honestly. Some of these will be information we have already gathered, some not. I want to make sure it is all accurate, which is why I am asking you personally. So please, do answer honestly and completely.”

Before Jessica could think to say anything, a flutter ran through her mind and she automatically replied. “Yes Ma’am”

Kimberly was pleased the initial conditioning had taken hold properly. “Good girl, thank you for addressing me properly; I love a girl with manners. Now, let’s get on with it.” She took a few breaths and then asked the first question. “What is your full name Jessica?”

Asked a direct question, the nanites in Jessica’s body transferred information to her brain, which caused her focus only to be on answering the question honestly and thoroughly as commanded to. She wiggled in her position on the couch and replied in a voice only slightly above a whisper. “Jessica Anne Kanko.”

Kimberly looked down at the chart, saw everything matched, and smiled at her patient. “Good girl, correct.” Most of these questions were total bullshit, but the reasoning behind this was the nanites in her body would reinforce obedience in her the more the more were in use. Therefore, the more often she asked to perform a task the quicker she becomes completely compliant. She saw Jessica smiling back at her; obviously, she was pleased that she had performed well. Kimberly wrote a short note on the paper and then asked the next question.

“What is your address pet?”

After asking this Kimberly leaned forward to move the small joystick on the side of the chair forward, pushing up the influence of the nanites in Jessica’s body. Jessica stiffened slightly and closed her eyes for a few seconds before replying. “Forty Six Casper Lane...” she continued to tell the rest of the address, Kimberly realizing she lived near her friend Kristine.

Next Kimberly asked for her date of birth, which Jessica gave obediently. At this point, she pushed a button next to the joystick and Jessica quietly had an orgasm. Jessica let out a soft moan, her mouth forming an O, and looked over towards Kimberly confused by what had just happened. Kimberly leaned forward in the chair and got up, walking across the room towards the couch. Her heels clicked as she walked slowly over to her patient. She leaned down in front of her, a bit of cleavage showing out of her dress. “Jessica so far you have been such a good girl for me. After a certain amount of questions, I will let you orgasm like that. Just like Arianna did for you. You enjoyed that didn’t you?”

Jessica sighed loudly it had felt so good. Little did she realize the nanites were addicting her to the strong fluffy feeling obeying gave her. “Yes Ma’am, I did.” She did not quite understand why she kept calling Kimberly “Ma’am,” but something in her head kept telling her it was the appropriate response. Besides, if she was a good girl she could orgasm again.

* * *

They went through a battery of questions; some very personal, some the answer already known, some just random ones Kimberly thought of. Finally, Jessica slouched over and passed out, unable to handle the pleasure and obedience pounding into her. Kimberly pushed a buzzer on her disk and a few moments later in walked two blonde-haired girls in French maid uniforms. Kimberly smiled at both Bunnies, who curtsied for her. Both stood at attention and waited for her command, eyes glazed over in obedience. “Take her back to be bathed and then back to Paris for clothing. I expect her back here in forty-five minutes; she has a special date tonight.”

Both girls curtsied quickly again and moved to obey. Kimberly walked back to her computer to continue writing up her report on Jessica. This Bunnie was going to go far for the company. As much as Kimberly despised the little bimbo, she was drop-dead gorgeous and seemed to be responding very well to her training. She thought about this more as she typed out her recommendation that Jessica stay on site as a maid and toy, but she had some much more potential than that. Of course, she would also recommend Chris, if he approves of their organization, to get first dibs on her.

* * *

Soon after, the buzzer on her office door rang. Kimberly called out “come,” looking back down at the clock. There was just enough time to complete this and get the Bunnie off on her mission. She looked back up as two pairs of heels clicked across the office floor in her direction. One was those of one of the maids from earlier, a girl Kimberly had gone to high school with named Karen.

Falling in line next to her at attention was Jessica. Any hint of defiance had been replaced by submission and sexuality. Of course, at this point it was not permanent but good enough to keep her under complete control for now. Paris had dressed her in a great outfit as well. Kimberly found the look boring, but could appreciate the allure of it. She got up and walked around the at-attention Bunnie, looking over every part of her. Paris had dressed her in a tight “baby doll” shirt, a purple bra showing through the white fabric. A short tennis skirt hugged her curves and was short enough to show off her beautiful legs. Topping it off was a pair of platform tennis sneakers.

Looking over at Karen, she quietly dismissed her, not before patting her on her bottom as she walked away. Kimberly paused for a moment lost in an old memory and then sat down behind her desk. She put her hand to her chin for a moment and then pushed a button on Jessica’s remote, bringing her out of what they called “stasis trance,” which was used to transfer a Bunnie.

Slowly the girl woke up, blinking a few times and becoming accustomed to her surroundings. She looked up at Kimberly suddenly and then down again, putting her hands in her lap, awaiting instruction. “How might this Bunnie serve, Mistress?”

Kimberly smiled and let her know just how she could.