The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Pleasure Chronicles: The Final Bacchic Call

The Orgasmic Spore Bearer

Jim, the Orgasmic Spore Bearer, was in the mood to have fun with two women. He found it best to seduce multiple women, as he watched the pleasure he emitted transform the initiates. It also reminded him of his creation, Pleasure Twins, for which he could never truly surpass. He knew the Twins were too powerful to be surpassed anyway.

He found himself waiting penitently in a night club. He waited for hours. The majority of women who walked in were Pleasure’s Disciples, at first. Eventually two women walked in, a brunet and a redhead, that had yet to have been converted. They were wearing sexy short dresses. He exhaled spores toward them, so that they would walk over. The spores implanted the idea in the redhead’s mind that she was interested into getting into the porn industry, but never had the guts for an audition. The brunet “knew” of this desire, while she supported her as a friend in all of her endeavors. He saw them act disoriented briefly as their minds were reprogrammed. What Jim did not no nor program, was that the Brunet was a virgin, and the very reason they were there was that the redhead secretly wanted to “find” someone for her friend. This aspect was never changed.

“Hi! I’m Jim would you two ladies like to sit down?”

“All right.” the redhead said happily, while the other just smiled.

“What’s your names?”

“I’m Suzy.” said the redhead.

“I’m Mary,” said the quiet brunette

“You know, I’ve been looking for a couple of women like you. I’ve been looking into starting a new porn site, and I think you two would fit well. I hope I’m not being too blunt.”

“No, definitely not … I … well, why not. I’m up for an audition, I guess. What d’ya think Mary?” Suzy said somewhat reserved.

“I don’t know, Suzy. I know you’ve wanted this …”

“Come on. He likes us both. I don’t think he’ll make us do anything we don’t want right?” she said looking over to Jim.

“Of course not,” he said assuredly.

“Oh all right, but you owe me,” Mary said quietly.

Jim led the two out to his car, “Lean up against the car. I want to get a good look at you two in this light.” He then said while exhaling the spores, “You are now lesbian lovers. You are both nymphos. You met out of lust, and you indulge in each other’s bodies as often as you can. Your lust for sex knows no bounds!” The “lovers” then looked into each other’s eyes, and breathed heavily with their mouths wide open. They pressed their lips and bodies together as hard as they could, while shoving their tongues down their throats. Suzy pulled away and lustfully said, “I’m so FUCKING in love with you. Lets fuck hard in the back of this car you hot bitch!” Mary replied with equal lust, “I’m gonna make you scream in orgasm harder than you’ve ever had in your mother fuckin’ life!”

They opened the door and threw themselves in, while continuing their epic make out session. Drool dripped down their cheeks. They pulled their clothes off and Mary said, “I’m gonna fuck your whole sexy body, and you’d better scream in ecstasy!” She started with her sexy redhair, and moved to her face, licking and sucking as she went, while rubbing each part briefly on her wet pussy. She fucked her hair, face, mouth, her arms, her hands, her back, her succulent tits, and her tight ass. When she got to her inviting pussy, she first licked, and then positioned herself to a scissoring position. They rubbed their pussies together hard, while moaning in delight as their pussy juices mixed, and when they were close to cumming, Mary pulled away to finish her tour of her lover’s quivering body. Suzy’s legs soon sexily shined from Mary’s spit and pussy juices. Mary then licked and sucked off Suzy’s size nine feet (the same size as Mary’s), and then rubbed them on her pussy like she did with the rest of her lover’s body. After, Mary made out with her lover’s pussy lips, and Suzy came very hard. Mary lovingly slurped up the juices.

Jim commanded them to return to their state before they were converted into lesbian nyphos, and to have no memory of what just occurred after they put their clothes back on. When he was driving them to his house, Mary said, “I got a funny taste in my mouth.” Suzy replied, “That’s funny. Its Probably nothing.” Jim chuckled.

When they got to his house, he told them that their feet must be bare in his house, and they obliged. He led them to a bedroom, which had a video camera set up in it. He offered the bed to them while he set up the camera. Jim had already programmed them enough, because exposure to his spores meant that they were now bi, at least, weather they knew it or not. All he had to do was have them go through the “audition.”

“So have either of you done this kind of audition before?” Jim asked.

“Nope, but I really wanna give this a try!” Suzy said letting go of her preprogrammed inhibition.

“I haven’t either. I have to admit, I don’ really wanna get into pornos like Suzy, but I’ll support her as a friend.”

“OK. Ready to get started, Suzy?” Jim sincerely asked.


Jim, after putting on some fast passed dance music, instructed her to give Mary a strip tease and lap dance. He instructed that Suzy will tell her friend what to do after Mary got started. This was to be the plot of the short online film. Mary looked shocked when her friend started, but dealt with it from how she supported her friend. Suzy did a very sexy dance by feeling herself, wildly moving her hips, and letting her red hair fly like fire. She teased by coming very close to touching her, but she only touched Suzy, at this point, by spreading her legs.

“You really seem to love this, Suzy!” Mary said with an awkward smile. “I fucking love this! I can’t wait till you tell me what to do next!” Mary, still in disbelief, told her to suck her finger, and have her red hair fly like fire again. She did both in perfect tune with the music. Mary then wanted to see just how far her friend was willing to go. She told Suzy to feel down her leg to the arch of her foot, then to take that foot and rub her pussy with it from heel to toe. ‘She won’t possibly go that far,’ she thought to herself.

At the moment that perfectly matched the music, Suzy sexily felt down her leg toward her foot. Still not fully believing that Suzy would go through with it, she jokingly pulled off her white panties, pulled up her dress, and opened her legs. Suzy’s hand then cupped the arch of her pretty foot, and brought it to Mary’s uninitiated pussy. When she started to rub her friends pussy in perfect tune, Mary eyes and mouth opened wide in total shock. Before even realizing how good it felt, she brought her hands to the passionate foot. Her hands opened wide next to her friends ankles, as she looked at the foot and up at her friend in shock, disbelief, and eventually lust. Her eyes rolled back into her head, and started to become lightheaded from breathing heavily. As Mary came close to orgasm, she wanted her friend to stop. No one has popped her cherry yet after all, and had no memory of what happened in the car. “Oh fuck, Suzy! That … that’s enough. Go back to the lap dance,” she barely uttered, and Suzy obliged.

Mary lied back tying to catch her breath. She looked at her dancing friend, who she barely recognized now. She looked wild, especially when she touched herself. Mary was turned on by the site, and thought to herself, ‘She is SO sexy. I can’t believe it … Oh fuck it all! I give in!’ She then said to Suzy, “Undress us both, and then do whatever you want.” Suzy then slowly unzipped her dress, and then wildly peeled it off of her, revealing her sensual breasts. Then she pushed off her tight dark blue panties. She did the same for Mary. While wildly moving her legs and ass in dance, she gently caressed her friends cheek. She moved in, and when her lips were about to touch the now willing Mary’s, she pulled back while feeling Mary’s soft legs with her finger tips.

After briefly rubbing her ass on Mary’s pussy, Suzy then put her foot on Mary’s knee, and starting with her hips, felt down toward Mary’s leg. She felt down past her foot, up Mary’s thigh, waist, breasts and face. Suzy, pulling back, passionately began to feel her own body from head to toe. Dancing wildly with the music, she felt down her face, her breasts, her ass, her legs, and the arches of her feet. She then straddled Mary’s leg, while both thrusting her hips and swaying to the music.

She leaned over, licked Mary’s nose, and pushed her down onto the bed. “Stay there!” she commanded. Mary nodded her head. She stood up, and passionately felt her wet pussy. She then danced over to the now willing Mary, and kissed her on the lips. Mary kissed back, while thrusting her tongue down Suzy’s throat. Suzy then rubbed her sexy body on her friends in tune with the music. They both moaned wildly.

“The dance is over. Now Suzy, show both me and Mary how much you want this; By showing me showing me how much your willing to fuck each other.” Jim said while excreting his spores. “Suzy, I’m willing to go all the way for you … whatever you want … but I’m a virgin. I never even screwed a guy let alone a women,” she said not remembering what they did in the car. “What do you think, Jim? How should we pop her cherry?” Suzy asked with lust in her eyes. “First have her lube your foot up with lots of her own spit, and then foot fuck her!” he said powerfully.

Suzy lied back, and yielded one foot to Mary, who looked it over inches from her face. “Huh, not what I expected to first pop my pussy … kinda larger that I expected to, but I’ll make this happen, I guess,” she said while feeling the arch. “Its soft. Your feet are as pretty at you are. Wow, I never expected to say another women was beautiful and mean it, but you are SO FUCKING hot from head to toe.” Suzy loved this attention, while Mary lightly licked her big toe. “They don’t taste half-bad either.” With that, Mary licked the foot from heal to toe. “They really do taste good! I had no idea!” She began to drool and slobber all over the foot, while Suzy purred. With drool dripping off her lower lip, she shoved every toe in her mouth. She shoved the foot deep into her mouth, and began to deepthroat it. “Oh fuck ya!” Suzy screamed.

After Suzy’s toes began to prune from Mary’s spit, Mary slowly removed it from her drooling mouth. She brought the foot, still dripping, to her pussy. She lightly brushed the toes on it, and then slowly started to push the foot in. “Oh FUCK!” she screamed as the Suzy took over with a devilish smile, and pushed it in herself. The foot went in several inches, and Suzy pushed it in and out as if it were a cock. They both enjoyed it too much to make any noise other than ones out of their ecstasy. After an eternity of extreme pleasure, Mary came. The foot was slowly removed, and they sat up and passionately kissed.

Jim jumped in and kissed them both, and pored spores into their mouths. He did the same with their pussies. All the while, Suzy and Mary screamed with passion. “GIVE ME YOUR FEET, LOVERS.” Jim said with the spores, and they instantly obliged. He excreted spores over all four feet at once, and they both kept screaming in orgasm. A new shine emerged separate from the spit and pussy juices on their feet. Their eyes rolled back into their heads, as their feet transformed before their feet came with massive amounts of footcum. He continued to exhale, and the cum consumed their bodies inside and out. They were soon in a shiny shell of footcum, and transformed into Pleasure Disciples within it. The shell dissolved soon after, they sucked off their feet, consumed the footcum, and knew all that they needed. Then Jim said, “Welcome.”