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Pleasure Island—Ch. 11


“Good, so you understand.” Brianna said, to end the discussion.

“Of course, Mistress.” Victoria, Pleasure Island’s cook, replied.

Brianna took one more look around Vikki’s domain: The kitchen was spotless, sparkling steel. Vikki herself was standing at attention, white apron barely covering her breasts, her short hair tied back.

She was a beautiful sight, but... “Also, you’ll need to change back into your old clothes until then.”

Vikki looked down at herself, noticing what she wore. “Oh, sorry. I’ll go change immediately.”

“Good. I’ll be back in the morning to see how you do.” Pleasure Island’s on-duty chief of staff nodded and left.

It had been a fun, and relaxing day. The island was quiet, and operating normally: Brianna had even had time to enjoy herself in the lounge with their new dancer. She was quite a catch, that one.

Most of the girls were good catches, in truth. Kristen had just been a better class of entertainer than Brianna had hoped for. Brianna would enjoy being able to enjoy her.

Of course, there needed to be more than one lounge dancer, and Kristen practicing would scare off any other candidates there might be.

Hopefully Vikki could help with that. If nothing else, she should catch a few waitresses.

Brianna smiled; being a mind-controlled sex puppet was more work than she had thought it would be.

Of course, she hadn’t expected to be in charge of the island when she drank. A part of her wondered if that would have affected her decision. She had, after all, been willing to sleep her way to this job...

Maybe that willingness was why she had been put in it.

Brianna was unaccompanied at the moment, which offended her sense of style. Besides, she needed to take notes on her inspection round, especially her first time. She started to put out a mental call for one of her girls, then stopped. Perhaps there was a better choice...

The elevator doors were right in front of her, and opened as Brianna approached. She went down to the basement.

The elevator opened to a view of an immense glass wall. Behind the wall lights blinked on Pleasure Island’s computer system. Brianna knew she was directly linked to that computer, and that it ran part of her thoughts. But she wasn’t interested in it at the moment.

What she was interested in was its guard.

“Step forward.” The silver girl stepped to the center of the room.

“What are your functions?” Brianna knew she could query the computer; in fact she already had, but she enjoyed hearing it. Besides, even on this convert the computer did not run all of the thoughts, and this was the only way to be sure both Brianna and the robot’s understandings were complete.

“I serve the island. My primary functions are to guard the central computer and the manager’s suite. Secondary functions include sexual pleasure for staff and guests, and acting as a remote terminal for the central computer. I am not yet ready for my function as mobile backup in the case of failure of the main computer: estimated time for readiness is seventy three hours.” Her voice was precise, and just modulated enough to resist the term ‘flat’. She had moved nothing but her mouth and jaw to speak.

Brianna was slightly taken aback: the computer had just mentioned current functions. A remote backup? What would that allow her to do?

She shook her head. At the moment she had work to do. “Will you respond to your human name?”

“Either that or ‘Robot’, yes.” Good enough. Brianna preferred the implications of the human name.

“Rhoda, you are to accompany me. I’ll will set two of my girls to take your place as guards.” The latter was unnecessary, but suited Brianna. She sent the mental summons. The girls would only be a moment. Brianna walked back to the still-open elevator, with the robot following.

First stop was the front door. The receptionist activated when Brianna came into range, snapping her attention to her mistress in that minute, perceptible, lock.

That would have to be fixed.

But first, there was a basic checklist Brianna needed to go through. Errors weren’t acceptable.

“How may I help you?” The receptionist asked, as Brianna stopped with her entourage at the front desk.

“What services do you provide?”

“Pleasure Island can provide nearly any desire you may have. Please...”

Good, she had the guest’s answer ready. But that wasn’t what Brianna wanted. Brianna cut in with: “No, what do you provide?”

“I...” She paused a moment. “I can coordinate access to any activity a guest could want or desire, and provide information on any aspect of the island.”

She had obviously not thought about the question before. Still, not bad.

“Come out from behind that desk, so I can look at you.”

She hesitated a moment, and Brianna realized the problem: The girl still thought she was playing a role!

Well, that could be fun to. As long as she preformed her ‘role’ correctly. The pause was only a moment, after all. Brianna circled her, examining the girl.

She would do, and do well.

Brianna ran a finger up the seam of the girl’s stocking, and cupped her ass.

A quick glance at the receptionist’s (slightly) blushing face confirmed that she thought she was doing this voluntarily. Brianna decided not to push it, yet.

Drawing back, she asked: “What is your name?”

“Kelly, ma’am.”

“Keep up the good work, Kelly.” Brianna said, dismissing her.

“Yes ma’am.” Kelly resumed her post.

Brianna pulled back to just out of hearing range, then turned to her metallic shadow. “Decrease thought suppression on the receptionist Kelly. Implant a desire to come up with responses to situations preemptively on her own, to increase her cover.”


“Also, implant the thought that she could blow her cover by not being aware of her duties, therefore she needs to watch and respond to what goes on around her.”


Good. That should be enough. Brianna would have to check up on Kelly again, but at least the receptionist wouldn’t be quite so stiff anymore.

Brianna lead the way out the doors, into the night air, and around the pool.

The carton of champagne was still out. She would have to talk to someone about that.

Brianna found her three pool girls cuddled in one of the hidden hot tubs, sleepily caressing each other’s bodies. They still had on their swimsuits, but the cloth was obviously the worse for wear.

“Up!” Brianna barked the command; the three jumped, then struggled to get on their feet. One was smart, and got out of the pool first. Her friends soon followed her.

“What do you think you are doing?” It took a moment, but after they all looked at each other blankly one of the girls spoke up.

“We were just enjoying ourselves. Doing what we were made to.” This was Rachel, Brianna knew. The ‘smart’ one.

Brianna sighed. “What do you think you were ‘made’ to do?”

Having taken the lead, Rachel found she couldn’t relinquish it. “Well, we are here for the guests of the island to have sex with. Since there are no guests, we were, um, practicing on each other.”

Decent, really. Not that Brianna could say that to them right now. “You are here to do more than just have sex with the guests. You are to serve the island, and keep it ready at all times for the guest’s enjoyment. You are ornamentation, entertainment, and wait staff all in one.”

Brianna relented. They were just doing what she had done first, after all. “At the moment, yes, there are no guests, and won’t be for a couple of weeks. In that time, and when the guests have no demands on you, you are welcome to enjoy yourselves. But you are not to hamper the island’s readiness in doing so.”

“Someone needs to pick up the champagne bottles you spread around, and the storage shed should be kept locked. Also,” And here she ran her finger along a tear in Cristina’s bikini, “you are not to damage the island’s equipment or furnishings. Understood?”

The ‘yes’ was unison.

“Good.” Brianna started to dismiss them back to their play, then had a thought. “Did anyone see the three of you playing?”

The girls looked at each other a moment, the Rachel answered: “No, not that I can remember. Though we weren’t really watching...”

Brianna grinned. “Good. In the morning, I want you in the most conservative swimsuits you can find. See if you can get any of the remaining girls to swim with you...”

The grin the girls shared was feral. “Oh, I think we can manage that.”

“Fine. Now, clean up the messes you’ve made. Then you can play.”

“Right. Thank you.” The girls scampered off on their errands, arguing as soon as they were out of direct earshot.

They would be good at their position. They might even catch a few more tomorrow. No real adjustments needed to be done here. Brianna narrated her notes on the way to her next stop.

Next up was the stable.

Brianna walked up, seeing Shanee in the corral. The pony-girl stood at the fence, resting and shivering slightly. The stable doors had blown closed.

“Rhoda, guide Shanee into her stall for the night, and make sure she is settled.” The robot jumped the fence and started guiding the pony to her place.

This would not do. A pony needed care, and Brianna wasn’t going to be the one to give it every day. After all, she had other duties.

She wandered into the stable, watching the silver Rhoda put the pony away. Shanee wasn’t ready to be ridden yet: her back needed to strengthen first. Maybe tomorrow Brianna could go for a ride.

But how was she going to fill the position of horse keeper? And the other stalls? Brianna pondered as she watched.

An idea came to her and she laughed. Yes, that would work. It could work well, in fact...

Brianna went over to the pony and stroked her to make sure she was settled, chuckling all the time at her idea. This could be fun. Rhoda was busy filling the grain trough, so Brianna set up the new trigger mentally.

Satisfied with the new trigger, she checked to see if the robot had forgotten anything. No, there was nothing else to be done here.

Shanee whickered as they left. Brianna made a mental note to bring a treat next time she came.

At the door, Brianna stopped, considering. There were a couple stops she could make in the island’s interior, but none that were really ready for her, and she wasn’t really looking forward to exploring them in the dark. Or in heels, for that matter.

After a moment’s thought, she decided she’d check on them later. For now, it was back to the hotel. She had two more stops to make.

The first was in the hidden fifth floor. The elevator didn’t stop here, so she took the stairs down from the sixth floor.

The stairs opened into a large room extending the whole level. The floor was padded, and one side of the room had machinery for the staff: washing machines, dryers, a few pieces of exercise equipment (not that nanobot enhanced bodies needed exercise, but the equipment could be used to lessen the load on the nanos). Also on that side was storage for various uniforms, and the usual and unusual equipment that was needed to keep this island hotel running.

The other half was mostly empty, but held the ‘normal’ staff of the island: the maids and cleaning girls. All were still in uniform. There was no sign of them ‘enjoying’ themselves the way the pool girls had.

As was to be expected, given the circumstances of their conversions.

Time for inspection. “Form up!”

The girls quickly got themselves lined up into order. Walking down the row, Brianna realized there had been more suicide attempts then she had thought. There were just over half a dozen girls here.

“Maid Denise, come forward.”

A brunette at the end stepped out from the line.

“Please come all the way forward Denise, next to me.” The girl obeyed.

Brianna looked her over, enjoying the way her uniform pretended to hide her body, then turned her to face her fellows. “Denise here is Pleasure Island’s senior maid. That puts her in charge.” Brianna turned back to Denise. “Denise, what is your role here on the island?”

“I clean the rooms and hotel, and also provide whatever services the guests require of me.”

Brianna looked at her subject a long moment, deciding what Denise’s thought processes were.

Satisfied, she turned back to the rest of the group. “Do you all understand your duties as Denise has stated them?” Heads nodded in agreement.

“Denise, I will expect to see a duty roster of who is cleaning what when, with the entire hotel cleaned every day, by the end of the week. I will endeavor to procure more staff for you, but you need to work out how many girls you need. Understood?”

Denise nodded. “Understood.”

“Good. You are dismissed for the night.” Brianna left, closing the soundproof door behind her.

She stopped in the stairway though, to make further use of her remote terminal: “Implant the thought in a random selection of maids that their situation, in a room with other girls provocatively dressed, implies a sexual component. From that they should wonder what it would be like to have lesbian sex, and the knowledge that it will be part of their job sooner or later. Make sure Denise is included in the maids that the thought occurs to.”


There, that should spice things up in there a little.

Time to turn over the island to the night watch.

Two short elevator rides (with a walk across the building) later Brianna arrived at the clinic.

The waiting room was normal, but Brianna walked directly up to Dulcie’s office and opened the door.

Lucy had tied Thera over her desk, and was making little nibbles with her fangs. Each bite welled with a touch of blood. Dulcie was flopped on the couch, unconscious.

“Evening Lucy.” Brianna said, coming through the door.

The vampire turned, eyes flashing red, fangs bared at the unexpected intrusion. Then she caught sight of who it was and stopped. Her eyes faded back to dark brown, and the fangs retracted.

“Evening...” She cocked her head askance. “Should I know your name? I recognize you from the briefing.”

“My name is Brianna. It is nice to meet you.” She extended her hand.

The vampire took it. “As it is to meet you. I, uh...”

Brianna smiled. “I understand. I’m just doing my evening rounds. How is she?”

Lucy teeth extended a minute amount as she smiled, “She’s delicious. Would you care to join me?”

“No, thank you. I trust you haven’t done any permanent harm? You will need these two around for a while.”

“Of course not. They are fine. My meals need to come from someplace, after all.” Lucy paused, then asked: “Do you know why I am so calm? I mean, all this,” She waved her hand over the naked, bound, and bloody body of her current toy, “and you just walk in, say ‘hi,’ and I discuss this as if it were an everyday occurrence. What are you? I’m a vampire, I get that, but...”

Brianna laughed, “I’m sorry. I forget, you weren’t ‘told’ everything like I am. I’m the manager of the island: anything that happens here I can control, to some extent. As for discussing this like an everyday occurrence... Well, it is, on this island at least. I’m here to see how you are doing, to visit for a moment with a near-equal.”

“I’m in charge of the day-to-day running of the island, but I need sleep too. You will find you need some as well, but usually during the day. So, I’m appointing you the night manager. As for why you are so calm; well you are because I want you to be.” Brianna finished, waiting to see how Lucy handled the information.

“You’re telepathic too? What can’t these nanobots do?” Lucy asked.

Brianna answered: “No, I’m not telepathic. Neither are you, really. You can implant thoughts in peoples’ heads if they are under nanobot control, or have the setup for nanobot control. You’ll have some influence over guests, but you’ll have to watch yourself. As for me... I have direct access to the central computer. I can implant thoughts or compulsions, suppress or induce emotions, or monitor all of the above. I don’t actually have the fine control you are allowed, but I have enough. It is part of my duties as caretaker of the island.”

“So,” Brianna ran a finger down Thera’s body, then brought the tip to her mouth for a taste, “Do you accept the position of night manager?”

Lucy didn’t know what she thought, besides that the idea of being in control of the night appealed to her. “Yes.”

“Good. What are your duties on this island?”

Lucy thought a moment. “I am head of the medical facilities, and night manager. I am in charge of the health needs of both the guests and staff, and I aid in the smooth running of the island.” She grinned, then added: “If the opportunity presents itself to aid in the pleasure of the guests I am to take it, if they desire it. I am to provide anything within my power to aid the guests.”

Brianna smiled. “Good. Now, I must bid you goodnight.” She yawned. “The day has been enjoyable, but it has also been long. I look forward to working with you in the future.”

“And I with you.” Lucy said, then, shutting the door on her superior, she went back to enjoying her nurse.