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This chapter wrote very quickly. I consider that a good sign, though it is in part because I have had what it needed to say in my head for quite a while at this point. Quite a bit of what is really going on explained here. (Though I’m sure I’ll get complaints about changing the rules partway through. I’m not. These are the rules, they always have been.)

That said, I’m starting to really like the layout of this resort, quite apart from the substance... Anyone want floor plans for a great hotel?

Pleasure Island: Ch. 4

The view was magnificent, Victoria had to admit. The wall was almost pure glass, extending around the room. Only one wall was solid: the wall she had come through. Behind her was a view over the pool in the central courtyard, to her left was the untamed island. But she stood looking out over the sea.

She was in the dinning room, though it was really more of a lounge. The exterior might be glass, but inside there were walls aplenty; and secluded tables nestled into all of them. She had found one spiral staircase into the room, but she was sure there were others. Some tables could be seen from others, some couldn’t, and others only looked like they couldn’t.

Victoria had wandered here after the presentation. The argument over what to do and how to escape hadn’t interested her. None of them knew what was available after all, and she had the feeling that anything they could think of had been thought of by their captors. Thought of and countered.

Watching the one woman drink had been fascinating, and erotic. Vikki understood the strength it took to give in, especially in front of the whole group. In a way she admired that woman, for doing what she herself was too scared to: accept the inevitable and embrace it.

The thought of loosing control itself was exciting to Vikki, it always had been. Though she had never told her few lovers that. The thought scared her too: how could the person in control know what she really needed?

Then again, all her lovers had been men. This was a source of secret shame to Vikki: she didn’t fantasize about men taking control of her. That fantasy always featured women.

Victoria knew she preferred women. But knowing it and admitting it, even to herself, were two different things. She had been raised in a small town, deep in Georgia’s Bible Belt. Even thinking about her own sex that way could get her in trouble if someone noticed. There were no secrets in her home town, for anyone.

Then there was her father. He knew a woman’s place, and it wasn’t between another woman’s legs. Not that he was abusive, to anyone, but he was strict. He was the boss in his house, and everyone knew it.

Getting permission to go to college had been a struggle, but it was finally allowed provided she pay for it herself. Permission to take this job to pay for college had been almost as much a struggle, and that was with Vikki hidding half of what the job had said it would be.

Victoria wasn’t sure in the end which she feared more: staying here and being used as a sex object or escaping and facing her father with what had almost happened to her.

So when she had watched that woman drink she admired the strength it took to admit to failure, and to accept that. If she had been next to the coolers she might have been one of the ones who followed, but she was on the other side of the room. She did not have the courage to fight her way to the coolers just to give up her little bit of self that she had managed to stake out. So she had drifted with the crowd when it started to leave.

Once outside that room, Vikki soon found herself wandering on her own. She didn’t have anywhere in particular she wanted to go, she just wanted to get away from the crowd, and think on her own.

Except she didn’t really want to think. Thinking meant facing the situation she was in, and she wasn’t ready for that. So, here she was, sitting on one of the soft leather benches watching the sun lower itself towards the sea.

“Magnificent view, isn’t it?”

The voice startled Victoria, who hadn’t heard anyone walking up. She turned to face the speaker.

It was her. The woman who had drunk after the presentation.

She was smiling, with that self confident smile that Vikki remembered her walking out with. Despite her words she was not looking out the window: she was looking straight at Victoria. Vikki got the feeling the woman was actually looking through her.

“Do you mind if I join you?”

Vikki’s mind was scrambling to come up with an appropriate response, and failed, falling back on courtesy. “Oh, um, yes, of course. Please.” She scooted away from the other woman, leaving room on the bench.

“Thank you.” She sat, placing herself at the far side of the bench from Vikki. “My name is Brianna.” She extended her hand, her palm facing slightly down.

Vikki fought an urge to kiss it, instead taking it in hers and giving a friendly handshake. The feel of leather made Victoria look away from that face.

Brianna was dressed in the outfit she had found on her bed: black shoulder length gloves and a leather minidress starting at her nipples and ending at her crotch. Vikki’s breath caught as she realized she could see the other’s clit as she sat.

“The sun and the sea. Fire and water, seeming to meet. No wonder it fascinates us so.” Brianna, ignoring Vikki, was looking out the window as she spoke.

“Opposite powers, tied together. They should cancel each other out, but they don’t. They complement each other. The sun gives the sea something to reflect, and the sea gives the sun a greater presence by the reflection.”

“Or it will, anyway, when the sun gets a little lower. For now the ball of fire just waits, trying to decide how to hit the water without being quenched. Threatening to boil it away.”

She turned to face Vikki. “You know, if you were to go outside you wouldn’t be able to look at it. The sun is still much too bright. The windows in here are filtering it, keeping the dimness in the room and allowing us to look directly at the sun. It takes quite a bit of work, if there is more than one person in the room, making sure no one notices.”

Vikki hadn’t looked out the window since Brianna had arrived. She felt like a trapped mouse, staring at the snake’s eyes.

The silence continued. Victoria felt she needed to say something, but did not know what to say.

“Why are you here?” The words seemed to say themselves.

“To convert you, of course. Also, eventually I’ll be getting something to eat. It has been a long time since breakfast.”

She should run. Vikki knew this. But run where? “What are you going to do to me?”

“Do to you? Nothing. I’ll let you do it yourself. When the time comes.”

“But... How are you going to infect me? I’ll refuse to drink!” For a moment, she had courage. Enough to make a promise she wasn’t sure she could carry through.

Brianna chuckled. “You’re already infected. Everyone is. The water is a ruse: we were infected back on the plane.”

“Think girl! Do you think our erstwhile employer would allow there to be a way around being captured? No, he made sure we were all infected before we set one foot on this island. Before we had any idea of what was going to happen. Every inch of that plane was crawling with the little guys. He needed to be sure there would be no escapes. None.”

“But... Why lie to us? He had us in his power. Why bother? Why not just activate them then?”

“Several reasons. First is the fact that then he would have to decide who did what. There are a lot of jobs on this island, and each needs to be filled with the best person. How is he to decide who is best? This way the women separate themselves out: everyone will use what they are best at to find a way out. And that way out will be their trap.”

“Secondly, there is some fun in watching all of us run around trying to outsmart him. He is even recording it all so he can sell it, both on video and VR. Even your brainwaves are being recorded, so others can feel what it was like for you.”

“How did you learn all this?”

Brianna slid closer. “Simple: I run this island. I need to know it. The nanobots can control thoughts, they can also send information. I know everything that happens on this island, if I want to. I can see what you see, read what you think. Change it, if I need to. There have been three suicide attempts already: two would have failed without me, the other I manipulated so it would fail, and the girl never knew it. Pleasure Island will catch every one of its girls, I am making sure of that.”

Despite the soothing tones Vikki was terrified. “Oh, don’t worry Victoria. I enjoy watching now, as much as our owner, but if I tried to control everything it would fall apart. The computer alerts me if it has a situation it can’t handle and I deal with it. The rest of the time everyone has their own mind. Like you do at the moment.”

“But not you. You are under the island’s control.” Vikki tried to distance herself from the other woman, slowly moving to the edge of the bench.

Brianna sat back, opening the space between them. “No. I have my own mind, in a fashion.”

“The island’s control isn’t absolute. It can’t afford to be: we still have to react as humans, with our own intelligence. There are to many situations that could come up that a computer couldn’t deal with.”

“All the computer can afford to do is guide. Strengthen some thoughts, weaken others. Insert a thought here or there. If it really needs to it can take over a person’s body, control their actions, but there would always be a danger then of it not recognizing a danger. Or an opportunity.”

“For me, it has increased my sexuality, and my desire to dominate any situation. It also makes me want to see the island succeed, as a matter of personal pride, and loosens a few inhibitions.” She shrugged. “Nothing too major. There are probably others, that it isn’t telling me about.”

“I could have left you alone. But I didn’t want to. That ‘I’ includes the pushes and shoves the island has put in my mind, but it does not make the decision for me. The human does that.”

“Why didn’t you leave me alone?”

“As I said: I wanted to convert you. Personally. I like to watch, but I prefer to act. It is more fun.” There was a feral smile on her face.

Vikki was at the edge of the bench. She tried to slide a bit further, off the edge, but felt something stop her. Looking up she saw another girl, one who had drunk after Brianna in the presentation room.

She was nude, except for her shoes. She stood motionless.

“Now, as for her,” Brianna gestured to the nude statue next to Victoria, “she is almost completely under the control of the island. And me. Most of her higher level thought has been completely suppressed. If I want her to think something I tell her what it is. Her most self aware thought is that she wants to obey.”

“But she choose that. It was what she thought she would get when she drank, and she drank of her own free will. The idea of not having to worry about the consequences was appealing to her, so now she doesn’t worry about them.”

“A few of those are useful. I can use them for things here and there that others would not do, and they stay focused better than anyone else. She will do what she is told until she is told to do something else, but there is no imagination or initiative. She can follow a recipe, but she can’t correct it when nessisary.”

“Why are you telling me this?”

“So you will trust me.”

The next question was inevitable in Victoria’s mind: “Why do you want me to trust you?”

“I need you to trust me so I can seduce you.”

Brianna moved closer, into Vikki’s personal space, trapping Vikki between herself and the nude woman standing guard. “I know who you are Victoria. I know you better then you know yourself.”

“I know what you dream about at night, even when you’ve forgotten the dreams. I’ve read those dreams out of your mind. I know the secrets you keep, even from yourself. What gets you really wet down below.”

“Think about it Victoria: I know everything about you. I know exactly what you need, exactly what you want. I will make sure you have it, because it is for the good of the island. You will never be asked to do something you don’t want to, because I can control what you want. You will have a purpose, and a place of your own, where you are distinct from those around you.”

“You will be able to do anything you want, be exactly what you want to be. No one will ever ask for you for something you can’t give willingly, if you wish. The island will make sure of that.”

Vikki could feel Brianna’s breath on her neck, feel the fingers between her legs. Her breath was coming in shallow gasps as she listened to this woman describe her inmost fantasies.

“All you have to do is kiss me.” Victoria felt lips brush hers as she sat with her eyes closed, trying to sort through the thoughts and emotions wirling through her head.

“Kiss me.”

Vikki obeyed the command.

Her lips parted, and met those waiting for her. Her tongue slipped into the other mouth, as its counterpart did the same.

The feeling was electric.

Giving in to the heat, she pressed herself closer to the other woman. The fingers that had been rubbing her jeans had moved inside, and were now pressed between the cloth and her own sex. Another set of hands was drawing her shirt up, towards her head.

Brianna fell back, breaking the kiss, just as the shirt got to her head. Victoria felt her shirt leave her body as she reached for mouth she needed to taste.

The kiss continued, with the participants now lying on the bench, which easily accommodated them. Vikki felt her pants being drawn off her.

:Lower.: Vikki heard the command in her head, and moved down to taste the nips pressing into her bare chest. For a moment she missed the fingers in her snatch, but they were soon replaced with a tongue, coming from behind.

:Lower.: Vikki moved to where she was commanded, her mouth now buried between Brianna’s legs. The juice here tasted better than anything Vikki had ever tasted before, and she felt it run through her body.

She had forgotten how thirsty she was. Now she lapped at the liquid, drinking deep. She barely noticed when the tongue on her own clit stopped, and withdrew.

There was enough pleasure in serving Brianna’s pussy.

The taste was all she wanted to think about, that and getting more of that wonderful fluid in her mouth.

Soon enough she got what she wanted: Brianna gushed out as Vikki drank. Victoria savored every drop, washing the area clean.

She stood, fulfilled in a way she didn’t understand just yet. Her clothes were nowhere to be seen, as was the nude woman.

“Now, about my supper...” Brianna said, sitting up and straightening her dress.

“Yes Mistress. I’ll get working on it right away.” Victoria turned and left, heading for her kitchen, her area.

Pleasure Island’s cook had her first customer.