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A couple quick notes on this chapter: first off, if you ever are in danger of dehydrating, do not do anything these girls do. They make just about every mistake in the book.

Second, between me agonizing over giving bad advice and me trying to convince these girls to do what I wanted this chapter took a long time. Sorry.

Pleasure Island—Ch. 6

“It’s gorgeous!”

“I told you it would be, ‘Betta.”

Isabetta turned away from the scene that had incited the exclamation to face her friend. “Yeah, yeah, only the best, Cristy. We heard you. But why should they care about what the pool looks like?”

“They wouldn’t want to disappoint a guest who came out for a swim, now would they? Besides: the pool is visible from the entryway. It has to impress.”

“Well, they managed it.” This was Rachel, the third in the group standing in the lobby exit, overlooking the pool area.

The pool was something to behold. It started as a fairly basic, round-edged, pool. The near side was shallow but sloped quickly down to a deeper area, which was marked with lanes crossways for laps. Beyond that, it started to get exotic...

There was a bar, on a collum, in the center just beyond the marked lanes. To the left were diving boards, in three heights. Then the pool got really wild: splitting into two sections, with the tiled floor giving way to something a little more organic looking. One section went shallow quickly, leaving a sort of inland beach just beyond the edge of the building. The other stayed deeper, winding in and out of different pools (one of which, the girls could see, had a small water slide). The girls couldn’t see the end of that branch.

“So now what? It’s not like we can go swimming.” This was ‘Betta, still slightly miffed that her idea (which involved searching the island for a volcano and building a glider) had been vetoed by the group.

“Why not? We wouldn’t be drinking the water.”

Isabetta rolled her eyes. “Right, and you never accidentally swallow any. Good plan: we need to avoid water and you want to go swimming.”

“Ok, ok, forget I mentioned it. I wasn’t really suggesting we swim anyway.”

“Yah, right, you weren’t.” Rachel punctuated her statement by giving Cristina a slight shove.

“Of course not! I was just saying it could be safe, if you were careful. I’m not interested in being like whoever that girl was back there who volunteered to be a sex toy. We’ll need to be careful no matter what we do.”

Situation under control, Cristina continued: “But I do think we should enjoy ourselves if we can. I say we take over a few lounge chairs and relax while we think up ideas.”

The three friends did just that, taking a set of chairs off to the left, where they could look over the pool as it wandered off into the island.

They had come just out of high school, taking summer jobs before going to college. The recruiter had made the job sound perfect: a tropical island resort, which they could enjoy as much as any of the guests in their off hours. The guests of course would be the exclusively rich, which didn’t hurt. None of the three hid that the point of college was to get their MRS. If they could catch a rich guy this summer, all the better. Particularly if they could string him along for a couple of years while they went to a college he wasn’t enrolled at...

A perfect summer, it had sounded like.

“We’ll come up with a better plan then those girls. They’ll see.” ‘Betta made it sound confident, which was only how she felt. After all, nothing had stopped them yet. Well, there had been that one case...

But her dad had taken care of that. So, no problems.

“That we will. Right now though, I say we relax for a while.” She leaned back to do just that.

Isabetta and Rachel imitated her, but Rachel soon grew bored of just lying there. Seeing her friends in what she called a ‘sun-trance’, and knowing they would be out for another ten minutes at least, she decided to explore.

She started by heading out around the ‘beachhead’ part of the pool, traced the line of the other extension. The artfully designed slide was right next to it, and she stopped to admire the way it looked to be almost natural. Moving further on she saw private whirlpools, a small waterfall, and pool/inlet dominated by a central water fountain, shooting straight up.

She stopped to admire the last for a moment, wondering what it would be like to swim under that.

Well, it wasn’t something she was going to try. Rachel headed back to her friends.

They were still out of it, for a while at least. On impulse, she checked the bar, expecting it to be empty.

It wasn’t.

Rachel stared in awe at the selection she saw there. She had seen some well stocked bars, but this... It had everything. At least, everything you could be expected to actually want. And never the cheap stuff either: she had been to parties where the host had a couple bottles of some of these, but never more than enough for a glass or two for everyone.

And here were cases of it.

“Cristina. Come here.” Rachel’s voice was dead flat.

“What is it?” She had barely moved.

“How much money would you waste, intentionally, on a place like this, if you were setting it up?”

Waste? None. It would be expensive enough, without wasting money. This place must have cost billions to set up.” Now Christina was interested, she was moving to where Rachel stood. ‘Betta followed.

“So, would you open up a five hundred dollar bottle of champagne that you didn’t need to? That you hoped no one would drink for several weeks?”

“One or two, maybe. If I had a good reason.”

“So, would you open a case of ‘Cristal’ just to put something in each bottle and close them back up?”

“No... That would wreck the wine...”

“So at least some of these bottles should be safe to drink, right?” She pointed to the two cases, labeled with the gold label of Louis Roederer’s famous drink, each case easily worth six thousand dollars. The visible tops clearly showed the intact seals.

Cristina snapped out of her trance. ”Maybe. Most likely they’ve tampered with a few, hoping we’d drink them. If they can build this place they can reseal a champagne bottle.”

A few. So the only problem is trying to figure out which ones have been tampered with, right?” Rachel turned to her friends. “They would want to mark them, wouldn’t they? To make sure they didn’t serve substandard wine to their guests? All we have to do is figure out how they were marked.”

“That should work, don’t you think Crista?” ‘Betta, looking with greedy eyes at the champagne.

Cristina paused a moment, then made a decision. “Ok, we’ll see if we can spot which bottles have been tampered with. If we figure that out, then we decide what we do next.”

The cases were promptly opened, and the bottles spread around. It was Rachel who spotted it: on the bottom of some of the bottles was a small dot, barely visible. It was easier to feel then see actually, being the same color as the glass itself. There were a total of eight bottles marked, most from the top case.

“Well, that’s clear enough. The marked bottles are the ones they’ve tampered with, and the rest should be safe.” ‘Betta started to open her bottle.

“Wait. Are you sure of that? Maybe they marked the ones they didn’t tamper with.”

“Come on Crista, would they really wreck over half of this wine? It would be just throwing money away. The unmarked bottles are safe. We have something to drink, and we’ll be able to live to get off this island. As ourselves.”

“Ok, you try it Rachel. We’ll watch, and if you turn into a nymphomaniac we’ll know it’s not safe.”

Rachel swallowed, her mouth dry. Suddenly she was nervous about this whole thing: it could be some elaborate trap. But she couldn’t back out now.

She took the bottle ‘Betta peeled the seal off of, and carefully felt the bottom, making sure there was no tell-tale dot. Then she pulled the cork out, managing not to pop it. Wary that there might be something on the outside of the bottle she poured the champagne directly into her mouth.

It was good champagne, though she didn’t really taste it. The bubbles tickled the back of her throat going down.

She put the bottle down, and checked herself for a moment. “She? It’s safe.”

“Are you sure?” Crista tone was accusing, suspicious.

“Of course I’m sure! Do I look like I’ve been taken over by that stuff? I’m not racing to get out of my clothes or anything. It’s safe. Trust me.”

“Not yet. Sorry, Rachel, but if it works as we saw you could be lying to us, under its control already. We’ll have to wait to be sure.”

Rachel admitted she had a point. She was sure she wasn’t lying, but how could they tell?

In the meantime though, she wanted to actually taste some of that champagne.

Her two friends watched as she took another gulp, this time holding it in her mouth for a moment so she could savor the taste.

Then they just sat there.

Finally Isabetta asked: “So what are we watching for anyway?”

“For Rachel to prove she’s still Rachel.” Was Cristina’s answer.

“Well, she’s not acting like that girl in the meeting did. I think it’s safe.” She took the bottle from Rachel.

“Oh, ok.” Cristina bowed to the inevitable, as Isabetta took her drink. “You haven’t acted like it took you over Rachel. I guess it’s safe.” She took the bottle after ‘Betta.

They went through two bottles, savoring the taste. ‘Betta was feeling a little tipsy when Cristina asked: “So now what?”

“Now we explore.” Rachel was sure of herself. “We have no reason to wait around here, so we should see what the island has to offer. After all, we’re only staying a week. Might as well enjoy ourselves.” Rachel got up, slightly unsteady on her feet, and headed out.

“I thought I saw a building back here... Yes, here it is. I was wondering what it is.” Her friends were following her now.

She opened the door, to be greeted by racks and racks of swimsuits.

“Wow.” No one was sure who said it.

“I think a few won’t be missed...” Rachel was looking through the racks.

“Definitely not.”

The swimsuits were extreme, but only slightly more so then some of the ones in the girls’ own closets. They had to try them on.

“So, how do I look?” Cristina asked.

Rachel had picked out one for herself, and had just got it on. She turned and looked.

“Gorgeous.” Rachel was stunned actually; her friend looked better than she ever had.

“How do I look, Crista?” Rachel asked, unable to take her eyes off her friend...

“Amazing...” Crista wasn’t really looking at the suit...

Rachel moved closer to her friend, feeling a pull she couldn’t stop.

And a heat in her crotch...

“Um, Crista?” She was within arm’s length now...


“I don’t think that champagne was safe...”

“I think you’re right...”

Then they were to close to talk; their bodies trying to push inside each other.

“Um, girls?” Isabetta stopped them.

They looked up at their friend, who was staring at them, supplication in her eyes, and her hand on her pussy.

“Do you mind if I join in?”

Crista and Rachel looked at ‘Betta, then at each other, and broke up in laughter.

Rachel managed to answer. “Nope, though...”

“What?” Both her friends demanded.

A devil’s light played in Rachel’s eyes. “I’ll race you to the pool first...”

She sprinted out the door, heading for one of the side pools she’d seen. One with a curved bench half out of the water, perfect for all of them to lie on...

Her friends followed, eager to see what delights Rachel had for them.