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Pledging the Sorority — N.C.U. — Part 3

Key: MC, FD, FF

Description: Rayne sets out to hypnotize Carly, per Trisha’s instructions.

“Hypnotize Carly.”

Rayne sat and stared at the words written on the note in front of her. She felt a swell of nervousness flush through her body as she eyed the dark haired sophomore out of the corner of her eye. She still wasn’t super comfortable with hypnotizing people she had just met…and to make matters worse, here was Trisha, the head of the sorority she was trying to join, knowingly watching the whole thing. Judging her on her abilities. “No pressure” she thought to herself.

Rayne took a moment to gain control of her emotions before giving Carly a smile and asking, “So, what do you think of hypnosis?”

Carly was busy jotting down notes for her report, and didn’t really even look up for more than a second to respond. “Eh, I’ve seen Trisha and Laura demonstrate it several times and I’ve seen a few of the stage shows that they’ve dragged me to, but I really don’t think it’s real. Not the way that they say it is anyway.” Her voice had a certain tone to it, as if she was trying to get a reaction out of Rayne and Trisha, but was trying to pretend to be innocent at the same time.

Rayne looked up, only to see Trisha roll her eyes all the way back into her head, as if she was trying to look at her own brain. The expression was clearly one of exasperation as Trisha turned to grab a drink out of her fridge.

Rayne’s gaze moved to Laura next. She was still face down on Trisha’s bed, a tube sock stuffed under her nose, as the poor girl was…if Trisha’s suggestions were correct, going deeper with every breath. “What about Laura?” she asked, turning back to Carly.

“Oh she believes it’s all real, or at least that’s what she tells everyone.” Carly responded while flipping back and forth from one page to the next to check her notes.

“No, no, no…” started Rayne “That’s not what I mean. I mean…look at her!” she pointed to the blonde who was ‘passed out’ on the bed. “She’s…well she’s really out! You don’t think it’s real, even looking at that?”

Carly finally looked up at Rayne and laughed heartily. “You don’t know Laura as well as you think you do!” She said, smiling “Honey, that girl always wants to be the center of attention. She’s also an actress, so her getting hypnotized here is par for the course. So no, I don’t think she’s hypnotized. I think she’s acting.”

Rayne shot Trisha a confused look, just in time to see the older girl shake her head in disbelief, while rolling her eyes and slamming back her can of soda like it was a glass of whiskey. The young freshman was starting to get nervous. She needed to find an opening to work Carly into a hypnotic trance, but so far she was drawing a blank.

Carly looked up from her notes and smiled at Rayne, who couldn’t help but notice that her posture was more akin to a news journalist than a college coed. “So, what do you think of hypnosis?”

“Opening found!” thought Rayne as she tried to hide a smile. She pretended to think it over for a bit before she finally answered. “Well, I have two sides I can give experience from. I am learning to be a hypnotist, and have successfully hypnotized several people. But I’ve also been hypnotized several times by Laura in the course of her teaching me. Which would you prefer to hear about?”

“Both!” Carly shouted enthusiastically, “I’m curious what it feels like to hypnotize someone else? You know, from your perspective believing that it’s real.”

Rayne hid a shudder of annoyance. “Is she seriously this dense?” she thought to herself before calming down and smiling at Carly. “What’s it like to be a hypnotist?” she asked herself rhetorically as she searched for an answer…and a way into Carly’s mind. “It’s an interesting group of emotions. When you’re first presented with a subject, which is a person you’re going to hypnotize, it’s like you’ve been given a puzzle that you need to solve. So there are feelings of nervousness and tension while you search your mind for how to hypnotize them, and then once you start you have to be constantly watching to make sure it’s working and be ready to adjust on the fly. It’s kind of like trying to solve a puzzle while the pieces constantly change on you.” Rayne watched Carly closely as the older brunette carefully took notes.

“And what’s it like when you get someone, as you guys would say, “under”?” she said, putting the word ‘under’ in air quotes as she did.

Rayne smiled as she remembered her first time hypnotizing Laura. “I won’t lie, it’s a rush!. You take a person, like you, who is fully awake and focusing on something, and then in just a few minutes time that person will be completely hypnotized, relaxed and calm.” She chose her words carefully, hoping it wasn’t too overt of a suggestion to Carly. “You also get the thrill of it. The person can end up like Laura over there…” she pointed to the deeply hypnotized blonde, still laying on the bed, “completely limp and helpless in your arms. You are the only thing holding them up, and in that same moment you can feel just how much stronger than them you are. But there is also a massive responsibility. The subject has to look at the hypnotist, Carly…” she said pausing for the suggestion to sink into Carly’s mind “and say to herself…‘I trust this person…this person knows what they are doing. They can, and will, hypnotize me.’ And once you, as a subject, say that to yourself, you give that trust and permission to the hypnotist. And being that hypnotist is a massive responsibility, and a hell of a thrill to know that someone…” she casually pointed to Carly, “trusts me enough to go into hypnosis for me…when I ask them to.”

Carly looked at Rayne and blinked several times, slowly, before snapping out of her tiny little trance. “Wow…that sounds intense.” she said honestly as she took down a few notes. “What’s it feel like to be hypnotized?” she asked, seeming to have forgotten that she didn’t believe hypnosis was real.

Rayne smiled. This was exactly the ‘in’ she was hoping for! “Being hypnotized is actually quite relaxing.” she started. “It’s like you can just sit there, and focus on my words, and allow your body to just start to relax. You don’t have to worry about making it happen, you just let it happen, you just let everything start to relax. Sometimes something will happen and you’ll notice the relaxation, like a muscle spasm, or your hand falling, that’s fine. Other times you won’t really notice how your body just slowly starts to sink down into your chair. How your breathing becomes more relaxed, and slow, shallow. People rarely realize how the muscles in their face just seem to relax. Their mouths opening to bring in more air and to just relax into the words. But for me…personally…the most interesting thing about being hypnotized is the tingling and the buzzing. You may not notice it at first. But as time goes on you start to feel a tingling in your body. Sometimes it starts in your fingers, or your toes. Sometimes

it starts in your ears, or your face. It can start in the big muscle groups too, like your legs, or your arms, or your shoulders. No matter where it starts, you just begin to feel it, moving along your body, slowly and easily as it moves through every muscle that you have, every single muscle. Some will tingle more than others…some might not tingle at all. But you will feel the tingling now. Slowly moving through your body. Which brings me…to the buzzing. That feeling that you’re feeling now, in your head, in your mind. That clouding of your thoughts, as if your very process of thinking was getting slower, and slower. Like your thoughts were moving through jelly, sticking and slow, slowing down more and more with every word. Slowing… Slowing… slowing, right down to a nice… relaxed… Stop.”

The whole time Carly’s body had been slowly relaxing, little by little. Her mouth had fallen open and her eyes had a glazed, almost dilated, look to them. Her notes had been long since forgotten, as the pen she was using teetered between her fingers, slowly swinging back and forth before falling softly to the ground. Carly never noticed.

Rayne leaned in closer and closer to Carly, not wanting to startle or wake the young woman. “You really should try being hypnotized sometime…” Rayne said with a seductive smile. “I think you would like it…a lot.”

Carly barely noticed Rayne’s approach, but she did shift her gaze to look right at Rayne, and responded in a very sleepy voice. “I…can’t be…hypno...tized. It’s...fake. Not real.”

Rayne responded with a soft, almost childlike giggle. “Of course it is, my dear. Now…Sleep!” As she gave the command she moved her hand gently over Carly’s face, physically closing her eyelids as she did. Once her hand had passed over her face she was pleased to see that Carly’s eyes did not bother to reopen, and a few seconds later the young woman’s head bobbed down and fell softly to her chest. Deeply asleep. Deeply hypnotized. Just like Rayne wanted.

Rayne was practically giddy with excitement as she quickly looked over to Trisha and then gasped in surprise. The older grad student was staring off into space with her mouth gently open. Her eyes seemed to not be focusing at all. “Did I…hypnotize Trisha?” Rayne wondered to herself.

The freshman redhead slowly moved over to where Trisha was standing, or more accurately...leaning against the counter. The drink she held in her hand was resting on the counter and her hand was hanging limp at her side. “How do you feel?” Rayne asked Trisha cautiously.

“Relaxed…fuzz...fuzzy.” Trisha replied, almost sounding like she was struggling to form words.

Rayne smiled and seductively slid a finger under Trisha’s chin. “Why don’t we help you out with that then…” she used the finger to pull her head slightly down to Rayne’s level and kissed her. The kiss was tender and soft, as she didn’t want to wake Trisha, and as Rayne pulled back she looked into the glazed eyes of the older girl and whispered “Sleep.”

A soft sigh escaped Trisha’s lips as her eyes rolled up into her head. Rayne just giggled. “Good girl.” she said, as she gently led Trisha over to the bed. “How do you feel now, my dear?” Rayne asked as the rush of adrenaline filled her mind.

Trisha stirred for a moment and mumbled a response, barely audible, and definitely incoherent. “What was that?” Rayne asked almost teasingly, but the response was no more audible then the first. “You’re going to have to speak up, sleepy head.” Rayne said. But again, the response was far too garbled to be understood.

Rayne sighed and tilted Trisha’s head up so she could look the older woman in the face, and hopefully hear her response better. “One more time Trisha…clearly and loudly!” Rayne commanded. She wasn’t ready for what happened next.

As if on cue, Trisha’s eyes opened and she smirked deviously at Rayne. “I said…time to sleep!”

Rayne heard the response from Trisha, but before she had a chance to comprehend or process what was happening, Trisha’s fingers snapped directly in front of her eyes. The snap startled Rayne and all thoughts dumped out of her mind instantly. All thoughts but one…the sound of Trisha saying “Time to sleep.” And for some reason that seemed like a great idea to Rayne’s subconscious mind. The young redhead gasped in surprise, her shoulders dropping as her body started to lean forward, slouching and sagging as she fell closer and closer to Trisha. She was trying to focus on the older blonde, the girl she was supposed to hypnotize…the girl she had hypnotized. Now, Rayne was hypnotized. But that thought never registered. Instead her eyes fell closed, and her face fell gently into the space between Trisha’s breasts.

Trisha laughed playfully at the location that her younger protege had managed to land on. “Eager aren’t we…we’ll get to that.” she said, gently pushing Rayne back up into a standing position and then letting her drop to a seated position on the bed, letting her fall back on the bed next to Laura, who was still sound asleep. With a devious smile Trisha looked around her dorm room. An old friend, Carly, hypnotized for the first time. A colleague, Laura, hypnotized for about the millionth time. And an aspiring apprentice, Rayne, hypnotized for what felt like more than the first time…but Trisha couldn’t quite figure out why. As she glanced around the room she said to her three hypnotized guests, “I think it’s time we have a little fun…”

* * *

A short while later, Trisha lay naked on her bed, moaning softly. Between her legs was Carly, slowly using her tongue to pleasure the older student. To Trisha’s right, on the bed, was Laura, struggling as if she was tied up, although she was clearly not. At least not by any kind of ropes, but instead by a hypnotic suggestion given to her by Trisha. Laura was going on and on about how she would never talk, still thinking she was a captured spy. This made Trisha smile, between moans anyway.

To Trisha’s left was Rayne, gently sucking on Trisha’s exposed breast, sliding her tongue along her nipple in a lazy, slow circle. Rayne was so deep that her eyes weren’t even open. They didn’t need to be, after all.

Between the pleasure that Rayne and Carly were both giving her, and the sadistic pleasure she was taking in Laura’s situation, Trisha was in the middle of her third climax, moaning and panting as her entire body shivered with pleasure, then slowly came down. She looked down at Rayne, completely unphased by everything else in the room and only going about her suggested task. Trisha couldn’t help but smile at the redhead. “Looks like you’re sorority material after all!”

The End…For now.