The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive




The very friendly waitress escorts me to my booth which is inside a tube. It doesn’t look all that great from the outside but, on entering, I’m pleasantly surprised. And it’s so private, despite being in a busy restaurant. I guess they made use of an existing large duct, rather than decorate or remove it and I mentally congratulate the designer on this decision.

A lady enters just a few seconds after my waitress leaves with my order.

“Hello, I’m Heather, the owner of this establishment.”

“Hello,” I answer.

“I know you’re probably in a hurry, but would you please agree to a quick customer survey before your food comes? I promise it won’t take long and it will stop the moment your food arrives.”

This is new. A customer survey before I’ve had the food?


She smiles at me. “Thank you,” she says as she steps out. She has such a pretty smile.

Two people enter. Unlike all the rest of the staff, these two are in pants suits. Smart pants suits. Actually, very smart pants suits, but they are the only staff with their legs covered. They sit either side of me and Heather also sits down nearly opposite me.

As soon as my head turns to answer the first question, the other interviewer pulls my head back by my hair and squirts something into my mouth. I turn immediately to confront the bitch but both my arms are grabbed and I feel my legs trapped by their legs. I see Heather sitting enraptured, watching the whole thing with her chin resting in her left palm. Her eyes are shining.

“I’m so sorry,” she eventually says to me, “but things seem to have gotten away from us this morning and we have to take you as well. I think you’ll do very well indeed, perhaps better than my original choice.” She smiles at me. “And don’t worry about your throat. It’s temporary.” She then nods at the one on my left and quickly and efficiently they both remove my bra and panties. I feel the heat in my face as I watch Heather staring lasciviously at me.

“Oh yes,” she says to me. “You’ll do very well indeed. This is looking like it’s going to be my lucky day.” Her demeanour as well as her voice says she is very happy.

She addresses the other two. “OK. Let’s get this one processed quickly. I’ve a feeling this is going to be a busy morning.”

At that, I am bundled out of the booth, the two gripping my arms so tightly I can’t avoid moving where they want me to move. There is someone else I hadn’t noticed before between me and the rest of the room as I am bundled through a door .

I end up in a tube, nude and still mute, alongside another victim who looked a bit like me.


I enter Heather’s as a treat to myself for my richly deserved promotion. I’ve always wanted to try out this place but it’s a proper restaurant and they take too much time for my normal lunch. Plus I don’t want to travel all the way here to eat in the evening. It might have my name but the attraction isn’t that great. No, the only way I’ll eat here would be like now because I have the afternoon off.

I enter and look around. It’s busy but the noise is subdued. There’s no obvious check-in place, so I stop, confused. A waitress immediately approaches with what looks to be a genuine smile on her face.

“Hello. I’m Amelia Doyle”

I shake her outstretched hand. “Heather Higgins,”

“Table for one?”

“Yes please. But it looks as if you’re too busy?”

“We have a table in one of our booths if you want that?”

I smile. “Yes please,” I answer and am taken to a circular booth at the back. I would never have known it was there if I wasn’t led to it. Once seated I’m handed a menu.

“This booth is more private than most, so there’s a button on the wall,” she points it out, “for you to summon service.”

“Thank you,” I say as I looked over the menu. There isn’t a lot of choice, just seven or eight main meals, so I give her my order. She doesn’t write it down.

“We find some of our customers like it if they can pay now so they can leave as soon as they finish their meal. Do you want to do that?”

I’m treating myself. “No thanks. I think I’ll have a sweet afterwards.”

“You can order that now if you like.”

I know what I want and order it there and then. “I’ll pay the bill now, then, if you add on a cup of coffee at the end.”

“The coffee is free and, if you didn’t seen the notice as you came in, we don’t accept tips of any kind.”

I hand her my card. “How do the wait staff feel about that?”

“Oh we like it a lot. We’re paid an excellent wage, far more than any other place I know of, and we don’t have to accept any abuse at all. Heather’s is very good at protecting its staff.”

“I’ve never heard of any place like this. I’m impressed.”

Amelia smiles and leaves.


My new acquisitions’ voices have returned as promised. I do keep my promises. I’m very particular about that.

I’ve been watching them from my executive chair for a couple of hours now. Their obvious agitation and their alternate pleading and threats are like vibrators deep inside me. Vibrators that hit just the right spot every time. No real vibrators, or anything else for that matter, can do that. I know.

Their voices are stilled right now, but will restart when their brains realise no one is taking any notice of them but me. And I’m just watching them. I swear I’m gaining energy from their plight and their doomed to failure reactions. My staff are wandering around doing all the things that happens on the other side of the wall in a restaurant. Two chefs at either end were dominating the staff, who are focused on their jobs and obeying like the excellent kitchen and wait staff they are.

The chefs don’t allow audible phones in their domain and I follow suit. After all, why use talented people if you don’t conform to what makes them talented? When my business phone vibrates I’m surprised. Everything is proceeding smoothly and I know we’ll make a profit this day, so, what can be so urgent? And it is urgent. I know because someone on my staff is phoning me.

All that goes through my head in the time I take to read ‘There’s another Heather in the restaurant’. I can’t believe what’s happening today. Everything’s going so well it’s as if I’m a goddess controlling the world subconsciously in order that my conscious mind will orgasm just at what was happening. I go out to the restaurant.

Amelia is waiting by the door and tells me immediately. This Heather, she reports, looks to be a superior specimen. That, actually, doesn’t matter as she was a Heather, but I let that pass. Amelia is excited as well and can’t contain herself in front of me. She reports the Heather will soon be served her main meal and she has a dessert ordered as well. Good. That gives me more time. I go to the cashier and double check the card. Yes, Heather Higgins is the name. Definitely a Heather. I see her main meal being delivered. I’m aroused. This is the best day of my life so far. I look forward to the rest of the day and the night. I won’t be sleeping tonight and that will be a beautiful thing.

I go back to my office and take my first sight of my new Heather through the camera. I swear I begin to lubricate just at the sight of her. She’s so happy for some reason. Yes the food helps. It is of the highest quality, after all, but that’s not the reason. Something good has happened to this Heather, that’s obvious. I’m good at reading expressions and I’ve had a lot of experience, which helps. A Heather on top of the world is the best Heather of all.


“Hello,” The voice startled me just as I picked up my coffee cup. I nearly spilt it.

”My name is Heather and I own this restaurant. Can I talk to you?”

“Yes, of course. Please sit down.”

She smiles. “First of all, I want to give you this.” She hands me a voucher. “It’s a voucher for a free meal here, valid for the next three months. You’re a new customer and I want you to be a repeat customer.”

“Thank you,” I reply. “It isn’t needed, that meal was delicious and the service was impeccable, so I will be returning, voucher or no voucher, but hey, I’ll still take it”

“You’re welcome. Now, I have a request. Would you take a quick verbal customer survey for me? It’s been timed at just over four minutes and would be of the greatest help to me. I’m proud of what I’ve achieved here and most of that’s because I really and truly listen to my customers.”

She’s so sweet and I’m in such a good mood that I automatically agree.

She smiles and says, “Thank you.” Stepping outside the booth she calls in a couple of her staff. Unlike all the other women I see here, these two are wearing trouser suits. They squirm around the table to sit on either side of me. Heather resumes her seat nearly opposite.

As I answer the first question my head’s pulled back and something is sprayed into my throat. Before I can react my arms are held and they have wrapped their legs around mine. They’re strong. I can’t move and I panic. I try to shake them off and scream but nothing happens. I see that Heather avidly watching me struggle. That scares me the most. I start to shake and don’t stop struggling. Suddenly my legs are pulled much further apart and one of them picks up the cloth left over my legs and positions it away.

“That’s better,” says Heather now watching her phone. I look down and see the under side of the table is now well lit. I struggle more.

One of the wait staff enters and says something to Heather. I’m struggling and shaking so much I don’t hear what she says. Heather instructs the two holding me and my blouse is removed, then my bra and my panties. The blouse is replaced and the bra and panties handed to Heather. This gives me hope. She is obviously some sort of pervert who wants or collects these things and will soon leave with her spoils. I won’t complain or say anything if that happens. I’ll be glad to get out of this alive. I’m breathing heavily and can’t stop shaking.

Suddenly there’s something placed on my head and a hand is holding it down. Then my brain stops and I stop all my resistance immediately.

“You are now hypnotised. You will do whatever I say.” This is true. I stare at Heather while she tells me this. She repeats it twice more and I just stare at her.

“Tell me, are you hypnotised?”

I can’t speak so I nod my head.

“Good. I’m sorry for the rush but we have more customers coming soon and we’ll need the booth. I try not to turn customers away. After all, this restaurant provides me with my income.”

She nods to the two then leaves the booth. I’m pushed and pulled around the table to where they can pull me to my feet and escort me through a door in the back wall. Each of them has to support me as I’m very unsteady on my feet.


As soon as I walk back into the restaurant, an elderly lady approaches.

“Excuse me. I saw what just happened. Can I help? I’m a doctor.”

I look passed her and see the table she came from. There were three people on it now, all looking at us, their meal half eaten. I have to think quickly.