The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Power

Part 10

Professionally, my life proceeded without much effort towards a doctorate in History and a teaching position at the university. My thesis was on the effect of more advanced societies on Neolithic peoples (read Europeans on the Indians, i.e. Native Americans). Professor Blackhawk was my adviser, and there weren’t too many quibbles with it. I took a position as an Assistant Professor in the History department, and did make a bit of a stir with a textbook that I co-wrote with him, expanding on some of my previous work. I ventured into the field of anthropological economics and pointed out that contrary to the belief that the White Man (speaking no doubt with a forked tongue) had not cheated the indigenous peoples with cheap trade goods. Instead I compared the cost, pre-Europeans, in terms of labor and resources to make such items as beads and hand axes, and showed the economic benefit to trading with an advanced society.

Needless to say, there is a definite group of people who were offended by my ‘disrespect’ for the Noble Savage. It all came to a head when I was invited onto a late night talk show (sort of like Nightline) and found myself facing a panel of so-called experts. I simply used The Power to have them all admit, on air, that none of them had actually read our book and that I was politically incorrect. After that, it became the ‘in’ thing to own it, and while I didn’t need the money, Professor Blackhawk was certainly pleased by the royalty checks.

Even though the academic world is publish or perish, I limited my writing as much as I could, primarily writing a review type textbook every few years. I found that my minor in English lit in college stood me in good stead, considering the vast number of academics who can’t string two sentences together. I found that I did enjoy teaching, and not because it was an excellent way to meet nubile young ladies. I simply enjoyed it, and it left me with enough time to enjoy those young ladies, as well as many others.

My life changed one fall day a few years ago, when I was 33. It was a Friday, and the day started out as normal as all hell. Chrissie, the maid, woke me at 7:30 with a blowjob, and once she was finished I got up, showered, shaved, had breakfast, and went in to teach my 9:00 Pre-Colombian History class. After an office hour at 10:00, I left and got home again by 11:30. I figured to relax until my 3:30 graduate seminar.

When I got through my front door, Chrissie greeted me in her usual outfit, a short black skirt, short-sleeved white blouse (unbuttoned to the waist), black stockings, and black high heels. I tossed my briefcase to the side and leaned in to kiss her, fondling her tits with one hand while the other lifted her skirt to slip my middle finger into her bald slit. Chrissie is a small and slim redhead, very trim, with the perkiest little tits I have ever seen. My but she looked good. She was starting to writhe in my arms when she stepped away from me and took a deep breath.

“Oh, my, I really want to, but you shouldn’t.", she panted out.

My eyes opened wide. “I shouldn’t? Honey, the way you look right now, I should! What’s the matter?", I asked.

“Oh, it’s not me, it’s Anna. I really think you should spend some time with Anna, instead.”

“How’s she feeling?", I asked as I handed Chrissie my jacket and she hung it up. Anna was the cook and was almost the complete opposite of Chrissie. She was almost as tall as I was and large-boned to boot. She had very pale blonde hair and Nordic features. Very pretty, striking even, in a Valkyrie-ish sort of way. She had a 40-28-39 figure, and I would have to bet that she outweighed Chrissie by forty pounds. The last few weeks Anna had been receiving Chrissie’s and my attentions regularly, but not for the normal reasons. Chrissie had had the flu a month ago, then she gave it to me and I gave it to Anna—sort of like a venereal cold. But Anna had really been laid low, and had taken over two weeks to be able to do anything more than sleep and groan. There was little that we could do except give her lots of OJ and aspirin.

“She finally kicked the damn thing. She says she’s feeling fine, and I gotta tell you, she looks great!", said Chrissie with a big smile.

“Hmmm. Well, then, maybe I need to have some lunch, and then see what we can come up with for dessert?”

Chrissie nodded and rearranged her disheveled clothing. “I think that’s a good idea, Professor. I really think she’s been missing out on her sex life, especially knowing that you and I are still screwing up a storm even when she’s been too sick to care.”

“Fine. Why don’t you tell her to whomp me up a couple of sandwiches and a beer, and to serve me in the den.", I ordered. I loosened my tie and headed for the den off the living room. Once there I sat down and picked up Newsweek and started reading.

Anna came in about five minutes later with a tray containing some ham and cheese sandwiches, a Heineken, and a glass. She set it on the endtable next to me as she greeted me.

“How are you feeling today, Anna?", I asked. “I think this is the liveliest I’ve seen you in weeks!”

“Oh, I’m just fine, sir. I’m so sorry I haven’t been able to take care of things the way I’m supposed to. I hope you’re not angry with me.", she pleaded.

“Nonsense. Nothing you could have done about it. It’s not like you asked to get this bug.” I pointed at the couch across from me. “Sit down and rest. You really can’t be too careful; you wouldn’t want a relapse. Besides, if I recall, I gave it to you, anyway. Wouldn’t be very sporting of me to blame you, now would it.”

Anna sank, a bit gratefully I thought, onto the couch and stretched out on it. I suspected she was still somewhat weak, and we continued to talk while I ate my lunch. The main harmonic I was picking up was one of horniness. Neither Chrissie nor I had touched her other than to care for her for several weeks, and she was feeling lonely and lusty. A trace of The Power reassured her of my pleasure at seeing her well and the suggestion that she might be able to make dessert more interesting.

Anna was wearing a long-sleeved white cotton blouse and a white denim skirt, mid-thigh length with a brass zipper up the front, along with some white heels. While I ate, she relaxed back into the couch, head propped up on some throw pillows at one end, and began to loosen up. First she began by toying with the buttons on her blouse, popping one loose and spreading the collar open a bit. I began to see some cleavage and she raised one leg slightly, causing her short skirt to climb up her thighs. The zipper began to peel open on its own as the fabric was spread tighter. By the time I was working through my second sandwich, she had her blouse unbuttoned and her skirt was unzipped and bunched around her waist. She had not been wearing underwear. As I wiped my hands on the napkin and finished my beer, she began to massage her nipples and her clitoris gently, eyes half-closed in anticipation.

I rose from my armchair and went over to the couch, sitting next to her, and began to lend some helping hands. I began to gently knead her soft and meaty titflesh between my fingers, and she opened her eyes to stare at me with pure and unadulterated lust. Leaving her stimulation in my hands, she reached up and removed my tie, then began to unbutton my shirt. Once she got down to my belt, she simply kept going, undoing my belt, unsnapping the waistband, and lowering my zipper. I shifted slightly to allow her to tug my slacks down my thighs, and she immediately began to use both hands to stroke and fist my erection. I returned the favor by slipping a hand between her thighs. She spread them as wide as she could and let out a low moan as I slid two fingers inside her drenched cunt.

I could tell she was ready, and Lord knows, I certainly was, so I stood to let my pants fall around my ankles, and climbed over her, to kneel between her outstretched legs. I lowered myself onto her as she guided my cock inside her steamy cunt, trapping her fingers at our joined crotches. Anna likes to play with herself while we fuck; she can finger herself to multiple orgasms before I come. I began to slowly move my hips back and forth in long, slow strokes as I felt her fingertips begin to move between us. I had the time, so I concentrated on Anna’s pleasure as she writhed and moaned beneath me, and was able to last almost a half hour before I exploded into her. Anna is a very wet and juicy lady to begin with. By the time we finished, our groins and the couch were soaked!

Still, I did have a seminar and some paperwork. I reluctantly climbed of the couch and grabbed my clothing. I stunk like a whorehouse when the fleet came in and needed a shower. Anna stayed on the couch in a dreamy post-orgasmic daze, and I left her with a soft and gentle kiss. Still, she had recovered enough so that by the time I was cleaned up and dressed again, she met me at the door as I was leaving. Sinking to her knees, she asked, “I think you need a special ‘thank you’ and sendoff for this afternoon, don’t you?", and then unzipped me to give me a very fast mouthfuck. I walked to my car on very shaky legs.

* * *

I was walking down a hallway with a few of my grad students later that afternoon when a group of girls came through the door. Ordinarily I would have given them a routine once over, but my mind really was on my talk with my students. But then this one girl came through the door, and I literally stopped dead in my tracks. Oh, sure, she was certainly attractive enough, but that is not the reason that I came to an absolute dead halt, like I had walked into a wall. No, it was the harmonics I was getting off of her. She must have felt something back from me, perhaps something like a reverse sympathetic vibration, because she came to a dead halt as well.

We both looked around wildly for a few seconds to try and pinpoint the source of our disquiet, and then our eyes settled on each other. Ignoring my students, who had kept walking and had now stopped to turn and stare at me, I slowly walked over towards her. She turned to face me as well, ignoring her own friends, and waited for me to approach.

“Hello, I’m Paul Harron.", I said, not sure what else to do.

“Maddy Rocks.", she replied, and we looked at each other for what felt like an eternity.

Finally our friends came up and tried to get us to continue on our merry ways. This broke us out of our trance. Before we parted, I asked for and got her phone number. Then we split. Every few feet I would turn around to look at her, only to find her looking back at me as well.

“Professor, who was that?, asked one of my assistants.

I looked at him and smiled. “I have no idea, but I think I’m going to marry her.”

He stared, so I used The Power to make him forget.

I called her that evening when I got home, only to get a busy signal. It took two hours of calling to get through the answering machine, the busy signals, and ringing off the hook. Finally, a young and female voice answered. “Hello?”

“Maddy Rocks?”

“That’s me, who wants to talk?", she quipped.

We were off and running. We must have talked two hours, and I didn’t remember a damn thing. Her name was actually Madelaine Rochambeau, shortened to the nickname ‘Maddy Rocks’ when just in kindergarten. She was a senior and just shy of 21, studying for a degree in veterinary nursing. We arranged a date for the next night.

I was very pleasantly surprised the next night when I saw her wearing something other than a white uniform. Granted, with the strength of our harmonics, she could have looked like Attilla the Hun and I would have been happy, but she was drop dead gorgeous. She was maybe five-foot-three and weighed around one-fifteen, with a heart-shaped face and honey-blonde hair that hung in shimmering waves to the middle of her back, sapphire blue eyes, and a figure that simply wouldn’t quit. Later, when I had the chance, I asked her for her vital statistics and she told me she was 36-22-34. I peeked at her bra and found out she was a DD cup! Simply outstanding!

Our first date I took things very slow, not wanting to push. Despite the fact that her harmonics were telling me she was terribly interested in more than a good night kiss, they were also telling me NO! I found this rather ambiguous at best, until it hit me that maybe there was a reason. <Scratch your nose if you are menstruating.>, I thought. About two seconds later Maddy scratched her nose. Ah ha! Mystery solved. I definitely postponed anything more than a good night kiss.

It was funny though, when I walked her back to her apartment. I was a bit unsure of myself and didn’t want to blow it, so I hesitated at the door. She looked up at me and asked, “A penny for your thoughts?”

I shrugged and smiled. “Oh, just wondering if you’d let me kiss you good night.”

Her face broke out into the biggest smile. “I only kiss good night went I want the fellow to ask me out again.” With that she stood on tip toes, wrapped her arms around my neck, and planted a smooch right on my kisser, hard and long, even slipping me a bit of tongue. Quite a kisser!

I have got to admit, I was so horny by the time I got home that I woke both the servants up to take care of me. I found Chrissie in Anna’s bed, both of them asleep. I was a bit surprised, since Anna doesn’t normally swing that way, although Chrissie does, but Chrissie confessed that she had gone in to check on Anna’s condition and had managed to let things get carried away, Anna simply lolling back in pleasure as Chrissie brought her to one oral orgasm after another.

Once they were awake, I had Anna open up her night stand and pull out an elaborate double dildo I had bought her one time. It was rather substantial and had a very powerful vibrator built in, to boot. I slammed it into them and turned it on, then stripped down while they cried out in pleasure. I left them plugged together while they gave me joint head, then after they had resuscitated me, slid down behind Anna and slipped into her asshole while Chrissie double-donged her from the front. Anna is a woman who really likes to assfuck, and she was simply in seventh heaven, her ass spasming around me as I plowed her from the rear. Even after I had spewed my seed into her guts, she whimpered over her shoulder to keep it in and do it again!

The next week was rather hectic for the girls. Maddy had me so worked up that after talking to her on the phone I would have to take one or both of them on the spot. It was almost as if I was obsessed with sleeping with her. I would fuck Chrissie or Anna and fantasize that I was doing Maddy that way. Why I simply didn’t use The Power to command Maddy to screw me I don’t know; maybe I knew she was going to screw me on our next date anyway.

What with classes and schedules, Maddy’s and my next date wasn’t until the following Friday. She had told me that was her 21st birthday and I wanted to do something real nice for her. She dropped by my office on Tuesday to say hello and practice kissing me again, and I told her my idea about dinner, dancing, and her first legal drinks. She seemed very taken with the plan, but frowned, saying she didn’t have anything nice to wear, and maybe we should plan something else. I had already learned that Maddy, while not living in poverty, had to keep very close attention to the dollars. She was on almost a full scholarship and working besides, so party dresses were definitely a no-no.

“Not a problem.", I said, reaching for my wallet. I pulled out a few hundreds. “Go out and buy yourself a dress.”

She looked shocked and protested, “Paul, I can’t!”

<Do it!>, I commanded. “Go ahead, splurge. Think of this as my birthday present to you. Buy yourself something nice.”

This time her protests were much weaker, and I simply used The Power to reinforce her desire to give in and agree. In no time at all she nodded. “Okay, I will! Want do you want me to get?", she asked.

“Huh? Whatever you want.”

She put her hands on her hips. “No, really! You’re paying, you get to decide.”

Well, now, wasn’t that an interesting thought. <Go along with me.> “You say so.” I shrugged my shoulders and leaned back to contemplate the idea. A picture formed in my mind. “All right, here goes. Something in red, a dress, maybe calf length with a nice slit up the front, a bit low cut and as backless as possible. Stockings, not pantyhose. High heels.” She looked shocked, but I simply shrugged. “Hey, you asked.”

“Wow, I guess I did. Are you serious?”

I simply shrugged and nodded, “Sure, why not?”

She gulped and looked at the money. “Look, are you serious? Cause if you are, I don’t have any of that stuff.”

In response, I simply peeled off a few more bills, then added them to the others and stuffed them in one of her pockets. “There, go shopping.”

She shook her head in amazement and stood up from where she was sitting on the corner of my desk. “Good Lord, I’m going to have to start looking now! Tonight!” She kissed me good-bye and took off.

I didn’t see or hear from her the rest of the week, and was wondering what kind of a monster I had created. That Friday I picked her up around seven and still didn’t know—she was wearing a trench coat (well, it was a chilly evening)—although I could tell she was wearing red high heels. Finally, we got to the restaurant and she took off the coat, at which point my heart almost stopped. Her dress was a bright red, backless and almost sideless, rather tight up top and cut so low her very large breasts were almost spilling out the front, and held up by some very thin straps crisscrossing in the back from side to side and tying at her waist in the back. It was longer than I had expected but had any number of slits front, back, and sides, with the satiny material overlapping in a sort of ‘car wash’ effect. An awful lot of very shapely leg could be seen when she walked, as it swished musically around her. I couldn’t tell if she was wearing stockings or pantyhose, but if they were stockings I suspected that they were pretty darn long! Worse, the material was just heavy enough that I couldn’t see panty lines, so I was stuck wondering. Her overall harmonics were that I was going to get very lucky that night!

She stood in front of me, nervously and expectantly, so I said the first thing that came to mind, “Hubba, hubba!”

“Well, do you like it?” I twirled my fingers to indicate that she should turn around and she twisted back and forth slowly. The skirt swished around her legs and her tits jiggled pleasantly but stayed in place.

I put a hand over my heart. “Uh, nurse, I’ve got a problem. My heart just went into palpitations and my temperature is rising. Can you do something for me?”

Maddy giggled and took my arm as we headed into the restaurant. “Sorry, I’m a veterinary nurse. I only treat dogs and cats.”

“Woof. Woof, woof.”

“Paul, you’re awful!”


You could hear eyeballs click as they slammed around in sockets; distracted men and jealous wives and girlfriends tracking her movement through the dining room. After the waiter seated us, she leaned over towards me and asked in a low voice, “Are you sure? I was worried it was a bit, um, extreme. I’ve never, ever worn a dress like this before.”

“I like extreme. Extreme looks good on you. Very good. Besides,", I said with a glance sideways at another couple coming into the room. The woman must have weighed 300 pounds if she weighed an ounce. “better that you look extreme than some other people we could point out.”

Maddy followed my glance and her eyes widened. “Yikes. I hope so, I can never tell with you.”

“Trust me, extreme is good. Why, did you know that the first colonies in this country were nudist colonies!” Maddy’s eyes opened wide and silence issued from her moving lips. “God’s honest truth. They used to play nude volleyball with the Indians. Of course, then the Puritans showed up and screwed it all up.”

Maddy snorted in derision. “You see, I can never tell with you.”

The comic relief of the evening occurred when I ordered a bottle of champagne. When the waiter brought it he asked Maddy for some identification. To be truthful, Maddy had her hair done up and was made up so that she didn’t look at all like a teenager, but I had set things up ahead of time. She fumbled out her driver’s license and then the fun started. The waiter made a big to do of it, examining it closely, comparing the photo to her face, and turning it over to look at the back side. Then, to Maddy’s consternation, he summoned the maitre‘d over with a hand signal.

“Any problems?", he asked, ignoring Maddy’s protestations that it was real and it was her birthday. This guy made an even bigger to do, holding the license up to the light and checking for watermarks. By now, most of the nearby tables were staring at the show, and I was lamely shrugging my shoulders as Maddy demanded I ‘Do something!’.

Finally, the manager was summoned, and Maddy stewed as the three of them verbally debated her license’s validity. Finally when I could tell she was at the boiling point, and half the restaurant was watching, I thought, <Now!>. They promptly handed her back her license and began singing ‘Happy Birthday’, as the waiter popped the cork off the champagne.

Maddy turned beet red, especially when the rest of the place joined in by mid-song. But I could sense that she was secretly very pleased, even if she would never tell me. When they had finished and bowed to the cheering audience, she glared at me and pointed a finger at me. “You set me up, you bastard!", she whispered. I gave my best innocent and injured look, but she wasn’t buying. “I know you did, and I will get even! I swear it!”

“You loved every moment of it, and you know it.”

“Hah!” Still, she smiled as she said this, and I knew my final birthday present had been well received. I used The Power to cancel the birthday cake, as overkill.

After dinner, we went to a club for a couple of drinks and some dancing. As usual, I eschewed the faster numbers and was perfectly content to take her into my arms for the slower dances. Maddy was a very pleasant armful, and if she was unhappy about missing two-thirds of the dances, I couldn’t detect it. And short of some sort of direct probe, I still couldn’t tell whether she had panties on!

It was after midnight when I squired her to my Caddy (love that big Detroit iron!) and suggested, “Perhaps a nightcap back at my place?". Maddy simply nodded agreement with a smile, and we drove the twenty minutes or so back to my house.

My single mistake to the whole evening was to have not warned Anna and Chrissie that I was probably going to bring a guest home. Maddy was very surprised to see a beautiful young redhead wander sleepily into the foyer as we entered, wearing a long black silk robe and barefoot, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. Fortunately the robe was opaque, if sheer, and Maddy didn’t notice that Chrissie wasn’t wearing anything beneath it. Maddy’s eyes opened wide as she said, “Hello.”

“Good evening, miss. Or is it good morning? Good morning, Professor. Can I get you anything?”

“Why aren’t you in bed, Chrissie? What are you doing up at this hour?” <Cover for me.>, I thought. Actually, it wasn’t too terribly unusual to have a beautiful woman greet me at the door when I got home late, and as often as not, be wearing even less.

“Oh, I was just getting a drink of water when I saw your headlights enter the driveway. I’m fine. Can I get you anything?”

“Uh, we were just going to open a bottle of wine. I can get it.”

“Please, sir, I can get it.” Chrissie moved towards the kitchen, although I followed along protesting that I would take care of it. <Stay!>, I thought to Maddy.

Once we were alone in the kitchen, I told Chrissie, “For the next few days, you and Anna switch to Uniform B, okay.", then took a bottle of Chianti from the wine rack. “I’ll take care of this.", I said as I grabbed a corkscrew and a pair of glasses. Chrissie nodded her understanding and went back to the living room, then up the stairs and to her room.

The different uniforms came about when I began having guests over. Uniform A is the standard ‘bend me over and fuck me now’ look the girls normally wear around the house. Short skirts, undone blouses and tops, stockings, and high heels. Uniform B is more casual clothing, shorts, slacks, underwear, lower heels. Cute, pretty, not overtly sexy. Uniform C is the most extreme, like something out of a bad ‘40s gothic movie. Anna in particular tended to look like a dyspeptic lunch lady when in Uniform C.

I found Maddy still in the living room, standing before the open patio door. “Who was that?", she asked.

“That was Chrissie, the maid.” I handed Maddy the glasses and peeled the foil off the cork.

“You have a maid?! And she lives here?!", she asked in disbelief.

I began to screw the corkscrew into the cork. “Um, hmm. Also a live-in cook. Her name is Anna.”

“And just where do they live-in?”

“Servant’s quarters are on the second floor. I live on the third. Problem?", I quizzed, as I used The Power to lower her alarm reaction.

Maddy shrugged in perplexion. “I guess not. I’ve just never known anybody who had a personal maid and a cook, let alone live-in servants.”

“I’ve always thought I would have made a fine ‘Lord of the Manor’ in the old days.”

“But, Paul, that must cost a fortune!”

By now, I had opened the wine and had poured two glasses. I handed one to her, then sat down on the couch opposite. I waved off the cost issue. “Maddy, you should probably understand that I don’t simply live off my income as an assistant college professor. Just how many professors do you know who drive a brand new Cadillac and can afford to take a girl nightclubbing in a brand new outfit that they had purchased?”

She sipped her wine and blinked in surprise. “Well, I don’t know. I’ve never gone out with a professor before. I guess you really wouldn’t get paid enough to do that.”

I let a wry smile cross my face. “Maddy, what I make couldn’t even pay the mortgage on this place, if I had a mortgage on it. The simple fact is that I have made a number of very good investments over the years, and now I no longer need to survive by my paycheck. I can simply afford to do something that I enjoy, which is teaching history. The paycheck is simply spending cash.”

She stared at me and shivered slightly.

“Chilly?", I asked.

Now it was her time for a wry smile. “That, too, but I was simply thinking about having that kind of money. I guess it’s a lot.”

I simply shrugged and left the question unanswered. “If you’re chilly, come over here, and sit down.” Maddy smiled and sipped her Chianti, then walked over to the couch to sit down next to me. I simply patted my thigh and silently invited her onto my lap. She carefully settled into me and I wrapped an arm around her. “Now isn’t that warmer?”

She kissed me lightly and leaned into my chest. “Much nicer.”

We drank about half the bottle like that, with Maddy on my lap, stealing kisses when not sipping our wine. Finally, when I sensed she was about wined out, I slipped the cork back into the bottle and set our wine glasses aside, and took her into my arms. She eagerly changed pace and we began some serious necking. After a bit we found that our hands were wandering all over each other, and that I had to reposition myself. To be blunt, I was suffering some serious wood and it was down one leg of my pants, and with Maddy in my lap, it was damn near painful.

Placing my hands on her hips I gently moved her down towards my knees. She looked at me curiously, then simply gave an “Ohhhh.” of understanding as I tried to discretely adjust myself. I gave an embarrassed look, but she didn’t seem offended and promptly flowed back into my arms. This time, however, she became a bit more aggressive, and reached a hand up to remove my tie. Once this was off, she began to unbutton my shirt. I don’t have to me smacked with a sledgehammer; I began kissing her neck and under her chin, and then down to the tops of her breasts and into her cleavage. Maddy let out a low moan of desire and continued unbuttoning my shirt down to my waist band, where her hand lingered briefly, then began to fumble with my belt.

“Hold on a second.", I said. Maddy sat upright and I actually had her stand briefly as I took off my jacket and tossed it aside. Then I took off my belt and pulled her back into my lap. “Now, where were we?”

Where we were was the beginnings of foreplay. Maddy promptly unzipped my pants and put a hand inside, fishing my erection out of the opening. She gasped when she saw the bright red head filling her small hands. Staring at my manhood, she twisted around in my lap and stretched out beside me on the couch. I lifted my hips to help her as she tugged my pants and shorts to my knees, and she gasped again as she saw my cock in all its glory. If she thought it was too big, she kept it to herself, and then she lowered her face to my crotch and opened her mouth.

I damn near came the moment her lips wrapped around my cockhead, it was that good. While I could sense that she was relatively unpracticed in pleasuring a man orally, she certainly had the basics down pat. Simply put, she simply began sucking the first few inches, while her tongue swirled around me and her hands jacked on my shaft. In an effort to try and distract me as much as anything else, I reached down and untied the straps holding her dress together at the small of her back. This didn’t prove very distracting, since as the dress peeled away I could see more and more of her flawless skin. How she avoided tan lines I had no idea. It really wasn’t very long before I stopped her and said, “If you don’t stop that, I am going to come like all get out.”

I was very surprised by what happened next. Maddy pulled off my cock but continued to jack me. Looking up into my eyes, she said, “Good. I want you to come. Come in my mouth. Please. I want to taste you.” Then she took me back inside and began to Hoover my cockhead. Oh, sweet Jesus, but did that feel good. Moments later I could feel my cock swell in her mouth as it began to spasm and pump out shot after shot of jism. I think Maddy was surprised by the volume and vehemence of my ejaculation, but she gamely soldiered on, swallowing what she could and letting the balance run down my cock and onto her hands. Even after I had begun to deflate, she continued to lick the come from my cock and her fingers.

Afterwards, she rose to her knees next to me, smiling as I panted, spent. She wiped a strand of come off her chin and licked that off her hand as well. “I guess that went fairly well.", she quipped.

“Wow, I guess so.” I poured us another small glass of wine and I watched her breasts jiggle at me as she swallowed. Her dress had now fallen to her waists, and her tits were simply sensational. Very large and proud, they sagged slightly without drooping, and she simply had the largest nipples I had ever seen. They thrust out from those jugs at least an inch, and were stiff with desire.

“Stand up.", I commanded, and Maddy curiously did so. As she stood in front of me, I pulled her dress down past her hips and let it fall to the floor. The answer to the night long question was stockings and panties, very long and sheer stockings, and a tiny, almost nonexistent, lace thong panty. Reaching up, I tugged the thong down to the floor as well, and Maddy stepped out of them to stand before me in almost all her glory. She had a very deep ‘innie’ for a bellybutton, and her pubic hair was trimmed almost completely bare. A small tuft of short blonde curls was atop her cleft, but the sides were shaven quite cleanly. I stared at her briefly, willing my flaccid dick to life again, and could feel it coming alive even as I pulled her by the hips closer to me. Bending forward, I pushed my face into her crotch and stuck my tongue into her slit.

Maddy’s cunt was definitely moist with arousal, although her juices weren’t running down her legs like some of the women I have fucked. She had a light and musky taste and scent, very pleasant and arousing. Her trim job made the task of finding her clitoris easy. Disdaining any fancy tricks, I simply extended my tongue and began to flick her clit with the tip. It was necessary to keep a tight grip on her hips with my hands, because she began to immediately gasp in pleasure, shaking and shivering from something other than the night chill on her naked flesh. Now it was her turn to pant, gasping out, “I’m coming, I’m coming!", over and over. Her hands twisted through my hair pulling my face deeper into her cunt, shuddering at my tongue’s touch. I kept licking until she had come massively twice, and when I pulled away, she looked down at me with an awed look of satiation and anticipation. And also worry; I could sense a certain degree of fear through the harmonics.

“What’s wrong?", I asked.

“Hmm? Oh, nothing really, it’s just that...", her eyes looked at my newly rampant organ with a sense of worry. I figured that she was scared because of my above average size, but that wasn’t it at all! “Well, I’ve just never, I mean...”

Now it was my turn to stare. “You’re a virgin?", I blurted out.

Tears welled up in her eyes as she slowly nodded.

I chuckled and pulled her onto my lap, facing me and straddling my thighs. My erect cock stood at attention between us as I lifted her face to mine. “It’s all right. I’m just surprised, is all. You just gave me the blowjob of a lifetime, only to tell me that you’ve never made love.”

She nodded in embarrassment. “I was planning on saving it for marriage, you know, but somehow, tonight seems right. I want to make love to you tonight, here, now. Please?", she asked quietly.

I bit back any smartass remarks and kissed her gently. “I want to as well. This will probably go easier if you simply crawl forward and raise up. That way you can control things, so to speak.” Maddy immediately moved closer to me and raised herself up, so that my cock was pointing straight at her pussy. I reached between her legs to spread her cuntlips as she slowly lowered herself onto me. “Now, this may sting at first, but I promise it will pass.” I tried to remember how I had initiated the only other virgin I have ever had, my sister those many years ago.

Maddy understood what I meant and continued to lower herself onto me. She next surprised me by blurting out, “Oh, I don’t have a hymen, this won’t hurt, I’m sure of it.”

I was getting about all the surprise I could handle, as Maddy began to rock back and forth on the organ securely lodged up her slit. “Let me get this straight.", I asked. “You don’t have a maidenhead, you give terrific BJs, and you know it won’t hurt to take a larger than average cock, but you’re a virgin?”

Maddy began to slowly bounce on my lap, as my hands guided her hips. “I said I was a virgin, not a complete sexual novice. You’re not my first date, you know. I mean, I am twenty-one! I even have a vibrator!” She gave a slight shudder as my cock rubbed against her clitty. “Although, if I had known just what I was missing, I would have done this years ago! Oh, Paul, this feels so good!", she cried out. “I must have been an idiot!”

I didn’t comment, but it really did feel good. Her cunt was impossibly tight on my prick, sliding slickly up and down on it. I was quite thankful that this was my second coming, since the edge had been taken off and I could relax as she did all the work. I brought my hands up to lift and cups her mammoth tits and she leaned forward to allow me to suckle them. They turned out to be extremely sensitive, as Maddy began to buck and shiver around the cock clenched tightly by her cunt.

Maddy was responding more than I had ever hoped for. “Oh, God! Oh, God!", kept pouring from her lips as she thrashed in my lap. As I continued to lick and nip at her nipples, she was running her hands through my hair and pulling me tighter into her ample chest. While I had been wondering about her plentiful chest since our first date, the first time I had seen her without a coat on (a very nice and tight sweater!), now that I was really up close and personal I was more impressed than ever. While it was impossible to inhale them whole, I opened wide and tried, and Maddy responded enthusiastically. When I first began to suck her tits she had her first fucking orgasm. When I brought them together and managed to bring both nipples into my mouth at once she went nuts. Hopping heatedly in full length strokes up and down on my cock, she screamed out her passion and I joined her, spewing northward as her pussy eagerly swallowed my sperm. Panting we collapsed backwards onto the couch.

After a brief breather, I helped my love off my lap and stood up. We retrieved her clothing and went upstairs to my suite.