The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Power

Part 11

The rest of the night was enjoyable but slightly anticlimactic, at least given how things had proceeded downstairs. I used the bathroom first and then slipped into some silk boxers while she cleaned up. Boxers are the perfect pajamas for the fellow who doesn’t want to wear pajamas. They have a bit more sophisticated look than briefs, and are just the thing if your lady likes to do a little night fishing. Lacking any night clothes of her own, Maddy asked for and borrowed one of my dress shirts. She came out of the bathroom looking young and innocent, an impression she laughingly destroyed by unbuttoning it and flashing me before she hopped into my bed. We screwed one more time, with me vigorously topping her as she squirmed beneath me, legs spread wide and ankles wrapped around my back. For a rank amateur, she had some terrific moves.

The next morning we were damn near caught inflagrante delicto by Anna. Actually we slept till almost noon. We woke slowly and were reaching for each other when the door knocked. “Professor, you awake?", asked Anna quietly.

Maddy blurted an obscenity and levitated out of the bed, running into the bathroom. I laughed and rubbed my eyes. “Come!", I yelled.

“Good morning, sir.” Anna came in with a large tray, with a carafe of coffee, two cups and saucers, and a variety of sweet rolls and buns. “We were wondering if you and your lady friend might not be hungry.” She set the tray down on a small table near the French doors to the balcony and deck and looked around the room, smilingly taking in the wreckage of the bedclothes.

“Sounds fine to me. Pour me the usual, Anna.” Anna nodded and poured me mine, black and sweet, as I stood and put on a robe. Tapping the bathroom door, I asked Maddy, “You want coffee?” She didn’t answer. “Maddy, you want some coffee and Danish?", I persisted.

The door cracked open an inch and she looked out in embarrassment. “Yes, please.", then slammed the door shut again when she saw Anna standing there in Uniform B, white slacks, a tank top, and deck shoes. Anna grinned and shook her head in amusement as I shrugged. I retrieved another robe from the closet and opened the bathroom door.

“Here, silly, put this on and come out and have some breakfast.” <Come out!>

Maddy slipped the oversized robe on and stepped out into the bedroom hesitantly. She turned beet red when she saw that Anna was still there. Anna ignored it and said with a smile, “Hi, I’m Anna, the cook. Your coffee, you want it with cream like Chrissie, sugar like the boss, or straight up like me?”

“Black, please.” Maddy began to regain her confidence as she realized that Anna was neither disapproving or jealous. Maddy went over to the table and looked over the sweet rolls, picking a large Honey Dew. Then she noticed that on the side of the tray were her panties from last night, apparently left downstairs. Maddy red-facedly grabbed them and held them behind her back. I grabbed a mini-eclair as Anna left, then sat down in a chair and began my morning routine of stretching and massaging my knee and leg.

“Why did you make me come out here? What is she going to think? Oh my God, what were you thinking of?", Maddy demanded, shaking an index finger at me. The effect was ruined by the fact that the hand she was shaking was also the hand holding the lace thong.

I simply stared at her and she noticed what I was staring at. Thrusting her arm behind her again, she began to giggle, then looked around at the shambles of the bed. “Kind of silly, I guess.”

“Kind of. Listen, honey, you can have servants or you can have secrets, but you sure can’t have both. Let’s face it, when Chrissie saw you come in last night, after midnight, in that dress, you didn’t simply think she figured us for a nice game of backgammon, did you? I don’t think that’s quite realistic, hmm?”

“Maybe not. My dress! I can’t wear that home, not now, in the middle of the day! I’ll never get the straps done up again!”

“So, stay here the weekend. We can stay in here and order up room service.”

“Paul, you are so exasperating at times. As pleasant as that sounds, sooner or later I will have to go home.”

“Okay, back in a second.” I finished my eclair and wandered out of my room. My first thought was to borrow some clothing from one of the girls, but that really wouldn’t work. Anna’s clothing would look like a tent on Maddy, and Chrissie’s would be too small. I settled it simply, by retrieving her trench coat from the closet and bringing it back upstairs. Maddy had begun to shower, so I tossed the coat aside and got some clothes out for myself. When I was done with my shower, I found Maddy in the bedroom, towel wrapped around a figure too lush for a simple towel.

“Well?", she queried me.

I was already dressed. “Ready?", I asked.

“Sure. What’d you find for me?”

I whisked the towel away from her and held her coat out. She stared at me in horror, then shrugged into it, buttoning it from hem to collar and tightening the belt as well. “Paul, one of these days I am simply going to kill you.” She slipped into her high heels and we went downstairs. Mercifully, neither Chrissie nor Anna was around the living room, but I could hear Anna puttering in the kitchen. I went in and retrieved an old shopping bag for Maddy to put her clothes in, and also to tell Anna that she and Chrissie had to get any of their clothing (or any other woman’s, for that matter) out of my room for the weekend. Maddy hadn’t gone searching through my closets, but I don’t think she would have been pleased with what she found. I was planning on working on this problem, but I viewed that more as a long term solution.

Maddy loosened up considerably in the car as we drove, once she realized the Clothing Police weren’t going to arrest her for the immoral wearing of a trench coat. Her roommate was out, which was not unusual since it was early Saturday afternoon. I relaxed on a bean bag chair while she changed clothing in her room. She emerged with a small gym bag which she had tossed in a few things for the rest of the weekend at my place.

She really looked cute and sexy! She had on a light denim blouse, tied loosely at the waist, and a tube top underneath it. A mid-thigh length denim skirt flared out at the hips, and she had on sneakers and white ankle socks. Normally, I hate women in sneakers and ankle socks, but on Maddy, they looked cute and sexy. This reminded that our breakfast had interrupted an interesting interlude this morning, and that the juices were starting to back up since last night.

“Ready?", she asked perkily.

I rose and came over to her. She handed me her bag, which I tossed onto the chair. Turning her to face the mirror over the bureau, I said, “Not quite.", then I pulled her skirt up from behind and pushed her plain cotton panties down past her hips. “We never finished something this morning.", I announced.

Maddy tried to protest, with a weakly murmured, “Oh, Paul, we can’t!", but her heart wasn’t in it, since she backed up against the erection in my pants and began rubbing my cock with her ass cheeks. I unzipped and pushed my own pants low enough so that my manhood waved in the breeze, then bent my knees and pushed into her from behind. This was a new position for Maddy and one that she seemed to enjoy. I made things a bit more visually appealing by pulling her tube top to her waist and pulling the front of her skirt up, so that we could both see my cock thrusting into her pussy from behind. I made this a quickie and came, thrusting hard, just as she began to shiver in orgasm quietly.

Maddy was rather surprised though, when I reached down and picked up the panties that had pooled around her ankles. Rather than hand them to her, I crudely used them to wipe the come from my dick and her cunt, then threw them into her bedroom. She began to protest, but I simply thought, <Come on, let’s go.> She glanced back at her bedroom as we hustled out.

We went mall hopping for the rest of the afternoon, and she very rapidly got over the fact that she wasn’t wearing any panties. We had a light lunch and took in a matinee at the Cineplex, then went back to my home. Maddy was full of surprises. Despite this morning’s shyness, she was much more comfortable being around my staff. She changed into a light and airy halter-topped sundress and high heeled sandals for dinner, and in this dress it was easy for me to tell that there was nothing beneath it but Maddy. She even tried to help out in the kitchen, only to prove that she really had no talents in a kitchen, unless she happened to be stretched out on the counter. Well, not everyone can cook.

After dinner, we curled up on the couch in my den and watched some television. Well, okay, she did slip to the floor and give me head for my post-dessert dessert. Later, once she had slipped onto my lap, I unbuttoned her dress and fingerfucked her for almost an hour. But we didn’t really screw until we went to bed. She gave me a sly smile and took her bag into the bath with her and didn’t come out again for almost a half hour. The wait was worth it. For a virgin, she possessed some startlingly sensual clothes. Now she wore a transparent white peignoir, with a neckline that plunged below her waist, where it met with the slit up the front. Last night the only light in the room was from the Harvest Moon; tonight I left a dim reading lamp on as she climbed onto me and straddled my waist. Impaling herself on my erection, she slowly moved above me, and much too soon, I found myself pulling her hips hard against me, as I thrust upward and maddeningly exploded. Maddy never pulled off, she simply stretched out on my chest and straightened her legs with my semi-flaccid dick still trapped inside that tight and sweaty slot, and we necked and petted until my strength returned, then I lay there happily as she slowly writhed on top of me, coming several more times before I did.

The next morning, I taught her the doggy style. I also tried to teach her sixty-nine, but she excitedly told me, as we moved into position, that she knew this one, then went on to prove it most delightfully. She gave me the first deep throat of our relationship that morning. Then we had breakfast in bed, screwed around some more, and I took her home around noon.

Was I worried that someone might complain about a teacher sleeping with an undergraduate? Not in the least. She wasn’t one of my students, wasn’t in my department, and was no longer a minor. Besides, I really didn’t care—I was entranced with her. Even without the simply stupendous sex, I would have been perfectly happy simply being in her presence. Our harmonics were simply incredibly strong, so much so that I began almost immediately to contemplate the M word. Besides, I could always use The Power on any nay-sayers.

* * *

Maddy moved in shortly after Christmas and my staff switched to Uniform B for the time being. It was Maddy’s last semester and she didn’t have classes, only an internship in a veterinary clinic. Why they do this last and not first, I’ll never know; what if someone decides they don’t like veterinary work? We promptly gained a new house guest, when I came home to find a kitten scampering around the kitchen. Stray animals soon became a way of life, tempered by the ease with which I convinced my staff to adopt one and take it with them when I switched maids and cooks.

I had never had any plans to turn to a monogamous relationship. Anna had left after Thanksgiving to get married, and my new cook, if not quite as good as Anna, was heartily bisexual. Shortly after Maddy moved in she complained of a backache, and this was my opportunity.

“Um, Janet says she knows massage. Why don’t you let her give you a backrub?” <Agree.>

Maddy looked over at Janet. “Well, okay, I guess. Do you mind?”

<Agree. Spread some towels out on the living room carpet. Do it there.>

“Sure, I’d love to. Why don’t you go upstairs and take off your clothes and come back down. I’ll lay out some beach towels and get my stuff.” Janet and Maddy both went to their rooms.

Chrissie had been watching the exchange curiously, so I decided to invite her in. <Help Janet.> Chrissie gathered up a few large towels and began to spread them on the floor of the living room. I grabbed a beer and sat down to be a voyeur.

By the time Maddy came back downstairs, Janet and Chrissie had things organized, with several large towels spread out and a bottle of massage oil warmed up in the microwave. Maddy returned barefoot and wearing a short bathrobe; Janet ordered her to remove it, and Maddy took it off to reveal a somewhat conservative set of cotton bra and panties. She knelt on the towels and lay face down.

<Go slowly. Start with a back rub.> Janet poured some oil in her hands and began to massage Maddy’s back. <Close your eyes and relax.>, I thought to my sweetheart, and Maddy closed her eyes and let out a contented sigh. After about five minutes, it was time for Phase Two.

<Tell Chrissie to remove Maddy’s bra.>, I ordered.

“Chrissie, this is getting in the way.", said Janet, touching Maddy’s brassiere. “Lose it.” Chrissie simply nodded and undid the clasp, then pulled the offensive item off Maddy’s arms and pulled it out from under her. Maddy kept her eyes clothes and Janet began full length strokes up and down the muscles of Maddy’s back.

<Janet, have Chrissie help on Maddy’s legs.> <Chrissie, get undressed.> Both Chrissie and Janet were wearing tights and oversized sweaters. Chrissie pulled her sweater off to reveal she was braless, then silently skinned off her tights and panties.

“Now, Chrissie, pour some oil on your hands and start on her legs.” Chrissie looked startled but complied, with Janet coaching her. “Not too much...that’s right...start at the feet and work your way up...alternate...”

Maddy was definitely relaxed, so I moved to Phase Three. <Chrissie, pull down Maddy’s panties and take them off her.> I continued to sip at my beer as my throat began to dry.

“These have got to go.", announced Chrissie. Slipping her hands up to Maddy’s hips she gently began to tug her panties off, and without assistance from me, Maddy lifted slightly to accommodate her. Both Janet and Chrissie were now working on Maddy’s more sensual spots, including the sides of her breasts where they flattened out beneath her, and Maddy’s deliciously voluptuous ass. Her entire backside glistened from the oil, right down to the cleft between her asscheeks.

Finally, I thought to Maddy, <Keep your eyes closed.> To Janet, <Strip naked, then it’s time for the other side.> Janet took off her sweater and tights (no panties), then murmured, “Roll over.", and gently tugged Maddy onto her back. I think Maddy had completely forgotten I was watching as she was flipped onto her back. Janet and Chrissie began to work more oil into her pliant flesh, and I began to develop a serious hardon from watching the three naked women. Maddy must have liked it, too, because I noticed that those huge nipples were distended and stiff.

<Chrissie, switch and work on Maddy’s tits. Janet, massage Maddy’s inner thighs, then her pussy.> The girls never missed a beat, and were soon giving Maddy the most sensual massage of her life, in effect, jacking her off. Maddy began to respond with a few low moans, her eyelids still clenched shut, and hr backside began to squirm on the towels protecting the carpet from the oils and sweat. Finally, it was time.

<Janet, move between Maddy’s legs and gently spread them apart, then begin to lick her pussy. Chrissie, when Janet begins eating Maddy, you begin to lick her tits.>

The masseuses repositioned themselves and their ‘client’. As soon as Janet’s lips hit Maddy’s clit, Maddy’s low-level orgasm when into the big leagues. “Oh, God, oh, God!", she cried out, as her hands entwined themselves in Janet’s and Chrissie’s hair. Her eyes were still closed as she thrashed beneath their mouths.

I finished my beer and let the two ease off a bit. Once her come had diminished, I stood. <Again!>, I commanded, and Maddy began screaming in pleasure a second time. This time I wanted Janet and Chrissie to be much more forceful in forcing her to orgasm. I kept silent as I undressed. My cock was as stiff as I could ever remember it as I moved to Maddy’s head and knelt.

<Now, Maddy, open your eyes.> Maddy opened her eyes in the depths of her orgasm to see my erection dangling before her face.

“Yes, oh, yes!", she gasped, and opened her mouth wide. Lifting her face to my crotch, I fed her my cock. She was a woman possessed, voraciously devouring my woody. Taking her hands away from Janet and Chrissie, she began to furiously jack on my cockshaft and rubbing my nuts.

“Oh, that’s good, Maddy.” Janet and Chrissie stopped their dining to look at Maddy chowing down. “Don’t stop, girls, keep going. Get her off again.", I said. Maddy had now remembered we weren’t alone, and a worried look came into her eyes as she stared up at me, to be replaced with a look of utter bliss, as the pair resumed cunt and tit sucking. She began to suck heavily and I couldn’t last. “Sweet Jesus, that’s it...oh it comes, here it comes...take it, take it...", I gasped as my cock twitched and spasmed a load into her throat.

We all collapsed together onto the carpet, with me holding Maddy in my arms. She was wide-eyed at the realization that she had just participated in a bisexual orgy. I thought she simply looked glorious, laying in my arms, naked and covered with massage oil. I wanted some more.

Laying her gently down on the carpet, I placed a pillow under her head, then knelt between her legs. My dick was slowly building its strength back, but I decided not to wait. Grabbing the bottle of massage oil, I poured some into both Chrissie’s and Janet’s hands. “Chrissie, rub Maddy’s pussy and get her nice and slick and wet. Janet, get me stiff again. I want to fuck the living shit out of Maddy.” If Maddy had concerns, she didn’t voice them. She simply watched with half-shut eyes as Janet began to work the oil into my semi-soft cock, then jack it back to hardness. By the time I was at full strength, she was humping back at Chrissie’s hands and whimpering in anticipation.

I crawled forward. Lifting her legs over my forearms, I positioned my cock at the entrance to Maddy’s cunt and Chrissie pushed my head into the entrance. A single firm thrust had my sword sheathed to the hilt, with a loud moan from Maddy. A simple, “Now, get her off, girls.", put Janet and Chrissie to work. They knelt on opposite sides and immediately began to work their hands over Maddy’s breasts and between our joined groins, to rub and play with her clit. She came twice more, in moaning and thrashing comes, before I collapsed on top of her, her knees pressing into her tits, her legs still over my arms and twitching joyously in the air, as I filled her slit with my boiling jism.

Afterwards, Maddy was too fucked out to do much more than lay there, so I picked her up and carried her upstairs, where we took a shower together. I reassured her of my love for her, no matter what happened with the other girls, and reinforced it strongly with The Power. Then we dressed (I had her wear a halter top, micro-skirt, and high heels, saying I wanted to screw her after dinner) and went down to dinner. Janet and Chrissie had switched into Uniform A, and did so from then on.

* * *

Maddy took whole-heartedly to cuntlicking. A few days later, I came home from work to find the house empty, or at least so I thought. Dropping my briefcase on the couch I looked around, only to find the three girls out on the porch in the sunroom. This was a room off the deck on the main floor, which opened out onto a deck around the swimming pool. It was too cold to have the pool open, but the sunroom had a large whirlpool tub, along with an exercise mat that the three of them were lying on. They were arranged in a circle, each of them munching on a cunt. I wasn’t terribly interested in joining them just then, so I retrieved my briefcase and retired to my den to grade some papers.

About half an hour later, I heard the patio door slide open and looked up as Maddy walked into the den, wrapped in a long terry robe. She slid around to the side of my leather armchair and slid into it sideways, kissing me. I could taste warm pussy on her lips.

“You’ve been busy.", I commented.


“Not at all, just commenting, is all.”

Maddy twisted around to wrap her arms around my neck. “Janet and Chrissie are fun, but I’m still so horny! I need some cock!", she demanded. So saying, she twisted further around in my lap, lifting a leg to throw it up and over my head, to end up facing me, her legs straddling me and thrown over the arms of the chair. Her pink and newly shaved pussy gaped open in my lap.

“That’s new.", I said.

Maddy put both hands into her crotch and spread her cunt lips wide. Sighing gently, she said, “I was shaving my legs when Chrissie came in to clean. She helped. Did you know she has the most immense double dildo! I do so love servants. This is a whole different world for me, darling. Now come on, fuck me, I need some cock!” She begin to unbutton my shirt.

“Hmmph. So that’s all I am to you, a cock? Just what kind of man do you think I am, Maddy Rocks? I’m no pushover, you know!", I teased.

Maddy continued to undo my shirt and didn’t stop at my pants, unzipping them and pulling my boner loose. Untying the sash at her waist she hurriedly stripped off her robe. “I know just what kind of man you are, Professor, the kind who wants to fuck young coeds!” She grabbed my cock and held it upright, then leaned back against the desk and arched her back. As her butt lifted off my lap, she pointed my erection at the lips of her cunt and dropped down onto it. She gasped as she slid onto me.

“Ummm, maybe so.", I gasped. “But I’m an old man. You’re going to have to do the work, young lady.” Forcing her hands into her cunt, I reached forward and lifted and massaged her tits. I stared at our crotches as she began to pleasure herself. “Show me where you like to be touched.", I said. <Show me and tell me!>

Maddy began describing how she masturbated, the pleasure points and erogenous zones of her body. I filed away these facts for later use, concentrating on touching her tits and nipples where she wanted me to. I was intensely aroused when she reached down and began to stuff her fingers up inside her pussy alongside my cock, twiddling them around up there so much that I came from the sensations. Maddy sagged back against the desk as my dick softly slithered loose, along with a heavy stream of come and pussy juice.

She climbed off my lap. “Later, darling.” She grabbed her robe and went upstairs to change for dinner.

* * *

From my joining in on Maddy’s lesbian pleasures, it was only a short line to Maddy inviting the girls into our pleasures. This took only the least prompting with The Power, along with continued assurances of how much I cared for her. I didn’t even know it at first. Maddy and I were in bed in a sixty-nine position, with her sitting on my face, when I felt her pull her head off my cock. However, almost immediately after that she began to suck me again, and in short order I popped my rocks into her mouth. Or so I thought; when she climbed off my face I was astonished to see Janet with us, licking come off her chin. After that, it was not at all unusual for one or both of the girls to join us.

It was Chrissie, for example who shaved Maddy’s remaining tuft of cunt hair off. Also, Chrissie was with us when I introduced Maddy to anal sex.

The three of us were in bed one night having fun. Both girls had combined to give me a joint hand job and blow job and I had already sprayed theirs tits with my jism, which they had licked off each other. Then, after getting me hard again, Maddy crawled on top and straddled my thighs while lowering herself onto the erection that Chrissie aimed at her open cunt lips. I had simply reached around her ass and began to cup and massage her ass cheeks, and letting my middle fingers stray to her asshole. At this new sensation, Maddy began to buck against me, whimpering and moaning.

<Probe her ass.>, I thought to Chrissie, who promptly began to kiss and lick Maddy’s bunghole. Maddy went into overdrive once our maid inserted her middle finger gently and began to twirl it around up inside there. She was in the midst of a powerful multiple orgasm by the time Chrissie inserted a finger into my ass, driving me over the edge. Grabbing her hips, I spewed upwards, my balls draining in ecstasy as Maddy collapsed onto my chest.

Chrissie crawled up alongside us and began to kiss us both. “I think you liked that.", she said to Maddy.

Maddy groaned. “I think I loved that!”

“Maybe tomorrow night we’ll get a cock in there. You’ll fucking go nuts, then!”

Maddy exhaustedly agreed and fell asleep. The next night, however, Chrissie reminded her of the plan, and Maddy agreed, although she later admitted to some trepidation. After dinner that night, Maddy, Janet, and Chrissie came into the living room, all dressed in short robes and high heels, which they stripped off once in front of me. Then, while Janet gave me a slow and low key blow job, more to whet my appetite than to make me come, Chrissie had Maddy kneel on the floor in front of me. She lubed up a medium-sized vibrator with some KY jelly, then slowly inserted it into Maddy while I watched with fascination. Maddy simply moaned in joy as Chrissie turned it on, moving it around and forcing Maddy through two orgasms.

Finally, Chrissie ordered me to my knees behind Maddy, then, while Janet aimed my cock at Maddy’s rectum, pulled the dildo loose. Maddy’s asshole gaped open long enough for me to stuff the head of my cock into the opening. After that, I took it slowly, working my cock deeper into Maddy’s bowels as she spasmed in orgasm around me. In no time at all I was making long and deep strokes into her ass, and Maddy was crying out how good it felt, and to go faster!

It wasn’t long before my cock twitched out my vital juices into her rectum and we sank together to the floor. Chrissie and Janet, however, wouldn’t let us part, so with me still with a half-hard cock up her ass, Maddy and I rolled onto our sides. Janet and Chrissie then began to work on both Maddy and I, licking and rubbing, until I was rigid enough to begin fucking her again. This time we stayed on our sides and the girls continued to work us over. It was a longer fuck, since I had already come once, and by the end, Maddy was starting to get sore, even as she orgasmed. It was a few days before we could try again, but she really enjoyed that full feeling. She really got into it once they taught her about enemas!

Maddy had a real exhibitionist streak, too, which really showed through on the night I proposed. By Valentine’s Day I was committed, I wanted to marry the girl. Our harmonics meshed perfectly. So I made reservations at a restaurant and got a ring, a nice two carat solitaire in a plain gold band. When I went ring shopping, I use The Power to obtain a set of sizing rings from the salesman. It was a little tougher getting Maddy to forget that I had used them on her, but I had practiced over the years.

I had originally planned on asking her at the restaurant but changed my mind when she came downstairs. She had on a matching cream colored skirt and jacket outfit, with a mid-thigh length skirt and a fairly open front jacket, under which she wore a severely low cut red bustier top. “Sit down.", I asked, leading her to the couch.

“What is it, Paul?", she asked as I sank down onto my left knee and cocked my right leg to the side. It had been bothering me for a few days and I couldn’t bend it. “Paul, what are you doing?”

At my new eye level, I got an excellent view up the front of her short skirt, past the tops of her long and sheer stockings, to the lacy red panties guarding her privacy. I looked up at her face and grinned. “Well, actually, right now, I’m enjoying the view.”

Maddy crossed her legs primly and snorted. “Seriously, Paul...”

“Seriously, Maddy.” I pulled the jewel box from my jacket pocket. “Seriously, Maddy Rocks, would you marry me?” I opened the case and let the light shine on the ring.

Maddy gasped as she saw her engagement ring. Then she began to cry as I took it from the case and held it to her ring finger. She could only nod as the tears flowed, and I slipped it on, then kissed her.

Janet and Chrissie both came in at the commotion Maddy was making, and they started crying too, which was not at all in my plans. Still, certain things should be left unattended, and I levered myself up and sat down as the two servants oohed and ahhed with Maddy at the rock. When I commented that we had to be going, the three of them ran from the room to fix her makeup. When they came back, Maddy looked more beautiful then ever, positively glowing. Just before we left, however, she slipped her hands underneath her skirt and pulled down her panties. She handed them to Janet with the comment that she didn’t want to ‘obstruct the view’.

Once at the restaurant, we sat next to each other, at a ninety degree angle at the square table, rather than across from each other. About midway through dinner, I commented to her, “That guy at the next table keeps staring at you.” Almost as if he sensed me talking, a middle-aged man glanced away to talk to his wife, an overly large and brassy blonde.

“I know. I suppose it’s my fault anyway.", she said with a wicked grin.

“How so?”

“Well, I have been showing him my pussy all evening”

I looked at her in shock, then glanced at her lap. Her skirt was pulled up to her waist and her legs were spread wide, showing the world just how slutty and horny she really was. “Well, I suppose everybody likes the view.", I quipped, at which she laughed and rearranged her clothing more decorously. She continued to flash men more discreetly the rest of the night. Later on, in the car, she stripped off the bustier and skirt, and I was simply forced to pull off the road to screw her in the back seat of the Caddy.

* * *

The following weekend Maddy took me home to meet her folks. They really weren’t her parents, but her aunt and uncle. Her real mom had died in childbirth and her father had died of cancer when she was two, leaving her in the care of her mother’s older sister and husband. It was rather surprising to them, as well, since they were several years older than her parents, and had already raised four boys. The youngest of them was a few years older than me, and her aunt and uncle were in their sixties.

Her uncle was a cold and distant man, a clerk in the post office, and her aunt was a rather plain and tired woman, worn down by the presence of her dour husband. He was one of the few people whom The Power had no effect on, and was mightily displeased by the realization that his niece wanted to marry a man half again her age. He grumpily sat through dinner, but afterwards he shuffled his sons and their families out, then wanted to know just who the hell I thought I was. Maddy was mortified and his wife grimaced, but I held my ground.

“I am the man your niece is in love with, and I’m the man who loves her, as well.", I said with a smile. This only set him further off, and he began a long diatribe on teachers and professors and our lack of money. I began to get heartily sick of the asshole.

Fishing in my jacket pocket, I pulled out a brokerage statement I had stuffed in there after lunch. Slapping it down in front of him, I said, “Here. I don’t make enough? Read this.”

He glanced at it, then demanded, “What’s this?”

“That, sir, is my latest brokerage statement.” I tapped the bottom line figure, a number in excess of ten million dollars. “That is only a partial value on my net worth. Now why don’t you get off it. I will take care of Maddy.”

By now, Maddy was in tears, which was really pissing me off. “Uncle Jack, I am going to marry Paul. Now, you can go along with it and walk me down the aisle or not, but I am going to marry him whether you like it or not. So get over it or you will never see me again!”

Her uncle was unprepared for this onslaught and looked at his wife, but I could control her. She kept her mouth shut and looked away from him. Stymied, he stood and stomped out of the dining room. Maddy’s aunt consoled her and said quietly, as if in explanation, that her husband was worried about the cost of a wedding; they really didn’t have the money.

When Maddy went to clean her face, I took her aunt aside. Pulling out my checkbook, I quickly wrote out a check for $20,000 and handed it to her. She looked aghast as she held it, as I told her, “Here, take this. Tell him you’ve been saving five bucks a week since she came to live with you.”

“He’ll never believe me.", she said slowly.

<Take it!>, I commanded.

* * *

And so we were married, in August, in a very pleasant ceremony and a definite bash, one that I had paid for and the Maddy never knew about. We took a two week Caribbean cruise just before classes started up again, and I had a first lesson in why the cabin was priced cheaply—it was the start of hurricane season. While Maddy doesn’t get seasick, I do. I spent most of the trip with a scopolamine patch under my arm!

Otherwise the trip was marvelous. Maddy took immediately to my suggestion of a no undie trip. The only bra and panties she took were an amazingly skimpy bikini. She managed to take even this off whenever we were alone, and her only other non-clothing clothing was her trousseau, a pair of nightgowns, one long and transparent, the other short and transparent. I didn’t mind a bit!

She loved shocking some of the older passengers with her attire. Once at the pool, where she was sunning herself with her top undone, she overheard a pair of old biddies remarking on her scandalous behavior. Retying her top, she stood and slipped on her high heeled sandals. Taking my hand, she turned to them, and in the sweetest voice, said, “We need to go back to our room now. Paul hasn’t fucked me since before lunch!” She tugged me by the hand and said, “Come along, dear!” Then she turned back to the biddies, now shocked into silence, and finished off. “He’s got a nine inch cock, you know.” I think I was as astonished as they were, and could only manage a shrugging smile. As soon as we got back to the cabin, Maddy stripped herself and me, and we sixty-nined right until dinner.

* * *

So that’s the story of me and The Power. Who knows what will happen in the future?