The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Power Spot

By The Sympathetic Devil

Chapter 1

“Hello Mr. Hickok. I’m Ms. Ledger. The agency sent me to help you with your shower.”

Benjamin looked up to see a dour-looking woman in a grey nurses outfit, her dark hair in a painful looking bun, her unmade-up face looking well past 40, her figure looking like it hadn’t even bothered with puberty. The sight was such a stark contrast from what he had been expecting, Benjamin almost fell out of his wheelchair.

“Where’s Heidi?” he demanded.

“Miss Polanski’s is no longer with the agency,” said Ms. Ledger in a tone that said she didn’t want to say more.

“She didn’t quit, did she?” Benjamin demanded. “She wouldn’t quit. Not without telling me she was going to do it. She’s been my shower girl for over 6 months!”

“First of all, Mr. Hickok, Miss Polanksi was your Personal Care Assistant, not your ‘shower girl’ and second of all, Miss Polanski’s position was terminated once the agency discovered she had additional employment not in keeping with the agency’s standards. But I am not here to talk with you about her. I am here to help you with your shower.”

“They fired her because she was a stripper?” Benjamin said with a feeling like a punch in the gut. “That is bullshit Complete fucking bullshit!”

“I would appreciate it if you would not use coarse language around me, Mr. Hickok. Any concerns you have with staffing will have to be addressed to the agency, but for right now, we either get you bathed or I’ll be going.”

Benjamin seathed. If his limbs could manage it, he’d have leapt out of his chair and throttled the bitch. But cerebral palsy had left him, for the moment, at the mercy of this woman and the fucking bureaucracy of the agency. It was put up with her, try to manage to get clean alone, or live with his own funk until he could get another ‘Personal Care Assistant’.

“Fine!” Benjamin said. “Let’s do this. The shower is this way.”

He moved his chair towards the bathroom. He hated this harridan but he really needed the shower. He would call the agency later and raise hell. He paid them good money! Who did those fucks think they were?

What was wrong with a hot stripper helping him bathe? Did they expect him to be offended because Heidi was a stripper? He went to strip clubs every chance he got! He knew Heidi from the club before he even knew she was a PCA and when she showed up at his apartment, he thought it was a dream. He was a man, damn it! 28-fucking years old! And Heidi had never forgotten that, never treated him like a child or an invalid. She was fucking perfect and Ms. Ledger was NOT an acceptable replacement.

“That’s a good boy,” the bitch said as she followed him. “We’ll get this done and I’ll be on my way. Is there anything particular I should be aware of? Any particularly sensitive spots?”

Benjamin gave a nasty laugh and the woman scowled.

“You’re going to be one of those, aren’t you?” she said. “Look, they don’t pay me enough to put up with vulgarity.”

“I didn’t say a thing,” Benjamin said. “Help me get this shirt off.”

“Please,” Ledger prompted.

“Please,” Benjamin said with murderous tones.

Ledger ignored his tone and helped him undress. She somehow managed to make it both efficient and condescending at the same time. Benjamin was almost positive this was a woman used to working with retards and probably preferred it to working for someone who was as smart as or smarter than she was.

She expected him to act like some grateful little kid while she played mommy. It was more than obvious when she helped him get his pants off and immediately covered his crotch up with a towel. It was stupid! Inevitably, it fell off when he maneuvered himself into the shower seat. Ledger gave a sharp intake of breath when that happened and quickly replaced it at the cost of supporting his weight, nearly letting him fall. He wasn’t even hard, like he usually was with Heidi. Heidi just joked about it, or complimented him on the size and girth of his schlong. He had had it so good!

Now he was here with a towel on his junk and a tittie-less bitch scrubbing him like he was an old potato that might not be worth cooking.

He looked down the woman’s smock as she scrubbed his legs and found that she was wearing a plain white cotton bra. Why? What did she have to support? There was nothing there! At the very least, Benjamin thought he might get a glimpse of nip. 40+ year old nip, true, but he’d managed to find at least something worth looking at with every woman who had bathed him since he hit puberty. This bitch was going to end his streak!

It was the last straw. If he had to suffer the indignity of needing someone to help bathe him, he wanted to see titties! He deserved titties! Titties, titties, titties!

Benjamin felt something in his head snap. The PCA kneeling at his feet jolted, her eyes wide, dropping the sponge she was using on his calves and grabbing her chest with both hands as she shouted “TITTIES!”

She blushed furiously and trembled violently.

“I…I’m sorry I…I need to go,” she stammered. “There’s…there’s something wrong with me…with my br….br….br….TITTIES!”

Her hands went from her chest to her mouth and her blush drained out, leaving her pale. But Benjamin barely noticed her face. His eyes locked on the two lumps in Ledger’s shirt that certainly had not been there before. What the fuck? He concentrated on him, feeling the part of his head where he had felt the snap, and thought “TITTIES! BIG FUCKING TITTIES!”

“BIG FUCKING TITTIES!” yelled the PCA through her hands with a look of utter terror. She shuddered and her titties grew before Benjamin’s eyes, pushing their way out of the unfortified bra, pressing against the gray fabric of her smock. They were more than just big. They were firm and sculpted and scrumptious, with big thick nipples.

“Aagh!” the frightened woman screamed, then staggered to her feet and turned to run.

“Wait!” Benjamin cried. “Stop!”

She continued her frantic flight. Benjamin found the place in his head once more and mentally grabbed hold of it.

“STAY” he thought at her.

“STAY” she repeated, crumpling to the floor and sobbing.

This was crazy! How was he doing this? No! he told himself. Don’t think about how or you might not be able to do it anymore!

He ignored the hysterical Ms. Ledger and concentrated instead on his own CP-ravaged body, grabbing the thing in his head and willing his legs to move the way they had when he was younger.

Nothing. They jerked around impotently as always. Damn. Just a fantasy.

But Ms. Ledger...Clearly he had done something to her. Those new big titties of hers were undeniable. If they weren’t real, then Benjamin must have gone completely insane. Either way, he liked it!

“Come back here, Ms. Ledger,” Benjamin said. “We aren’t done.”

She stayed in her heap on the floor, but she did look up with her tear-smeared face.

“It’s you, isn’t it?” she said in a small voice. “You’re doing this to me. How? How are you doing this?”

“Fuck if I know,” Benjamin admitted. “I’ve never done it before. But I like it! Don’t you?”

“No!” she screamed. “No! It’s…it can’t be real! Theses stupid…TITTIES…can’t be real! Why can’t I stop calling them that?”

“Because that’s what they are!” Benjamin said. “They’re titties! Big, beautiful titties! You should be grateful! You should love them!”

Benjamin grabbed hold of the place in his head and thought “LOVE YOUR TITTIES!”

“LOVE MY TITTIES!” Ms. Ledger yelled out, and she looked like a deer in the headlights, her eyes darting around frantically, until they rested on her rack and her face melted.

“I love my titties,” she said, and squeezed them. “Thank you, Mr. Hickok.”

She looked up at him with earnest.

“But you really mustn’t do any more of that to me,” she said. “I’m very grateful for my big fucking titties, but I can’t abide coarse language and this power you have over me, it frightens me.”

“Oh, but Ms. Ledger!” Benjamin said. “I can’t leave a lovely pair of titties like those in such poor company. Not if I can fix the rest of you! Not if I can’t make you as pretty as your titties! And I won’t know unless I try!”

“But…but you shouldn’t!” she objected, hugging her beloved titties. “We don’t know how you’re doing this! And my head, it feels so strange, like you’re changing things in my head as well. It’s like…like you’re making me into something….something not me…I…I would never say ‘big fucking titties’…”

“But you never had big fucking titties,” Benjamin pointed out. “You don’t want to give them up, do you?”

“NO!” she exclaimed, hugging her titties tighter.


Benjamin broke out in a sweat. It wasn’t easy, by any means. But nothing Benjamin had ever done was easy. And as the PCA’s head rolled around on her shoulders with a big dopey smile as she suddenly relaxed, Benjamin knew it was going to be well worth the effort.

Ms. Ledger got up on her hands and knees, the gap in her neckline now revealing a wealth of cleavage, and she crawled back towards Benjamin languidly as he sat in the shower, still wearing nothing but a towel.

“I want you to make me SEXXXY!” she said. “SEXY like my BIG FUCKING TITTIES!”

“Say please,” Benjamin said with a wicked grin.

“Please!” the PCA begged.

“I don’t even know your first name,” Benjamin pointed out.

“It’s Deanna,” she told him. “Please make me sexy. I want it. I want it really bad. I think I always have, I just never knew it.”

“Well, first take your hair out of that ridiculous bun, Deanna,” he told her.

She complied and her hair swung down to brush the sides of her new titties. It was a bit lackluster. Benjamin focused on the point in his head and imagined how it could be. It filled out and became a rich mahogany color before his eyes with a gentle wave in it and grew out another five inches.

Without pausing, he moved onto her face and smoothed out wrinkles, sculpted doughy parts, brightened her muddy green eyes to a vibrant glow, puffed out her lips, giving them a pale pink tint, gave her a dimple in her left cheek and a cute little cleft in her chin. When he was done, he was panting with the exertion of focusing on such small details, but Deanna’s face was drop dead gorgeous.

“Take a look at yourself,” Benjamin said, pointing to the mirror with a jerk of his head. Deanna got to her feet and went to the mirror then gasped.

“I’m…I’m beautiful!” she said. “Thank you!”

Her voice wasn’t nearly so grating since he helped her relax, but it still didn’t seem right coming out of that face. Benjamin took a deep breath, grabbed hold of what he was starting to call his power spot, and focused on Deanna’s throat, making the skin as smooth and tight as a 20-year-old’s, then trying to do the same with the inside, though he wasn’t sure what to focus on.

“Do you still love your big fucking titties?” Benjamin asked.

“Of course I love my big fucking titties!” Deanna exclaimed, then her cute little mouth made an O of surprise at the young, sexy voice that had come out of it. Benjamin smiled, pleased with his work.

“Well, let’s have a look at ’em!” he exclaimed. “Take your clothes off! That bra must be killing you!”

“Oh, I can take it off without getting naked,” she told him, reaching up under her smock to undo the back clasp. “Thanks for reminding me, though. The bottoms of my big fucking titties are getting rubbed horribly! I guess I need to buy a new bra now!”

Benjamin rolled his eyes as the abused brassiere was discarded.

“I made those titties and, god damn it, I get to see them!” he exclaimed. “Show me those titties!”

Deanna blushed. It looked adorable on her renovated face.

“I…I can’t do that!” she said. “I’m not the kind of girl who can just get naked in front of a man she just met. It’s embarrassing and shameful. I…I just wasn’t raised that way! I’m grateful for my big fucking titties, really I am, but I’m just not…”

“YOU LOVE TO SHOW YOUR BIG FUCKING TITTIES!” he said. It felt a little easier this time.

Deanna ripped off her smock with zeal, tossed it across the room, threw up her hands and jiggled her titties with all her might with a look of utter delight on her new face.


Benjamin was hard as a rock. He couldn’t stop grinning as Deanna continued to jiggle and bounce the glorious rack he had given her. He knew she needed more work, but it was hard to focus on her doughy middle-aged belly with those spectacular tits going seismic.

Still, if whatever he was doing wasn’t going to last, he wanted to finish making Deanna into his ideal woman before it wore off. So after several minutes of her joyously jiggling, he grabbed his power spot and gave her a sleek, smooth belly, back and arms and replaced her ham hands with long, nimble fingers that he would be delighted to have wash him.

Her induced exhibitionist streak didn’t seem to be localized to her titties. Either that or the weight of it had crushed her former shame, because she didn’t take much convincing to lose her pants and panties.

Benjamin flared out her hips, rounded her ass, tightened up her pussy, and made all of her pubes fall out save a well-trimmed landing strip of dark hair. He swelled up her clitoris and made it very sensitive. He lengthened her legs just a bit, sculpting them like those of a dedicated exotic dancer, ending them in dainty little feet.

When he was done, he was dripping with sweat, but the grateful goddess before him was just the sort he would like to have shower him.

But a shower was by no means his first priority.

“Oh thank you thank you thank you!” Deanna exclaimed, bouncing up and down while throwing her shoulders back on the up bounce for maximum jiggle. “How can I ever thank you enough?”

Benjamin shifted his hips so that towel fell to the floor revealing his massively engorged member.

“You can suck my dick, Deanna!” he informed her.

Deanna gasped, then looked away.

“I…I can’t do that,” she objected, stammering. “I… I never…I’m not that kind of….”

“You were just saving yourself for the right cock, Deanna,” Benjamin said, rolling his head on his shoulders and preparing himself for one last effort before a well-deserved break. “You’re going to LOVE my cock. It’s going to be your best friend!”

“I really don’t think…” Deanna said, blushing harder.

“You don’t have to think, Deanna,” Benjamin told her. “You just have to relax and let it happen.”

He grabbed his power spot and focused.


Deanna shuddered and her jaw went slack. She didn’t repeat anything Benjamin had thought at her. She just stared at his cock with her intense green eyes, tears of joy moistening them.

She made a cooing sound, then fell to her knees, took his prick in her hands and began kissing it passionately. Soon she had his glans between her soft pink lips, her tongue circling it, her fingers playing gently with his balls. Benjamin groaned and gripped the bathtub handrail with his left hand. He managed to flip his right arm over so his other hand rested on Deanna’s dark hair.

She took the hint and slid his cock deeper into her mouth, her tongue worshiping the bottom of its shaft. Her titties bounced gently against his balls and ass. Benjamin’s eyes crossed. For someone who wasn’t that kind of girl a few minutes before, she sure could suck cock!

She gagged a bit as he got into the back of her throat. Benjamin wondered if he could do something about that, but quickly realized that he was in no state to grab his power spot. He felt too damned good!

Deanna was a trooper, though, and kept trying to get more of him inside her mouth. Eventually, the gagging got distracting.

“Deanna!” he called out.

Deanna stopped mid-head bob and looked up at him with a mouth full of cock, eyes full of hope and wonder.

“My cock wants to meet your titties,” he informed her. “I want a tittie fuck.”

Deanna’s eyes went wide and the head of his cock came out from between her lips with a pop.

“The yummy Cock likes my big fucking titties?” she asked in awe.

Benjamin nodded.

“OH! OH!” she exclaimed “That makes me so happy! Oh god! Oh my fucking god, this is perfect!”

She leaned back and pulled her massive titties from where they had hung between his thighs while she blew him. She rested their heavy masses on his pelvis, her cleavage straddling his spit-moist prick.

She put her hands on the sides of her titties and pressed them together, enfolding Benjamin’s dick in her firm, warm mounds. She slid them up and down, up and down the length of him, her titties rolling slightly along his shaft, the head of his cock disappearing within her cavernous cleavage, only to emerge again as happy as a cock head could be.

“Oh Benjamin,” Deanna exclaimed on the dozenth cycle. “It’s so perfect! I love your cock! I so love your cock! And I love my big fucking titties so much! And this! This, together! I…I feel so…so…oh god! I think I’m going to orgasm!”

Benjamin could hardly let his PCA go on such a journey alone. He groaned and erupted all over her, spurting warm, white jism all over her newly lush hair, her newly lovely face, and her new, beloved and well-named big fucking titties.

He sighed. It was incredible. Absa-fucking-credible! It couldn’t be real. He must have gone crazy. He was past due, really. But if this was a fantasy, why was he still unable to control his legs? It didn’t make sense! Was it real? Would he wake up and have it all be a fucked-up dream?

God, what if he woke up tomorrow and didn’t know if it had been real or not? He needed proof!

“Deanna!” he called to the frosted beauty sprawling naked at his feet. “I want pictures! Pictures of you with my spooge all over you!”

Deanna giggled.

“I’m a bimboslut!” she said. “A cock-loving bimboslut with big fucking titties!”

“Yeah, and you like to show them off, right?” he reminded her.

“Yes!” she agreed, leaned back and shook her big fucking titties back and forth as his semen oozed along their firm curves.

“So go sit at my computer,” he instructed. “There’s a camera mounted on top of the monitor. We can take some pictures of your big fucking titties so my cock can get hard for you when you’re not here.”

“I LOVE your cock!” Deanna reminded him, then giggled and did as she was told. Benjamin pulled himself bare-assed back into his chair. The shower could wait.

He maneuvered the chair over to his computer where Deanna waited patiently, naked, stacked and decorated, looking nothing like the bitch whom he had met earlier and with no apparent trace of her former personality. She had taken his insistence that she was a bimboslut to heart. Once she had accepted that, everything else seemed to fall away.

“Did you have any appointments after me, Deanna?” he asked as he opened his camera software with his more functional hand.

“Nope!” the PCA announced happily. “You’re my last one! giggle And my BEST one! God, I love your cock so much!”

“And my cock is VERY fond of you, Deanna!” Benjamin said, eliciting a school-girl squeal. “Anyone waiting for you at home? Any plans for tonight?”

“I was just going to go home and play with my pus-pus,” Deanna confessed. “Boooooriiiiing!”

“Um, you were going to play with your pus-pus?” he asked.

Deanna giggled.

“My kitty-cat, you naughty!” she exclaimed. “I live with my kitty Mrs. Pepper! She’s my only friend!”

“Except for my cock, of course,” Benjamin reminded her.

“OH!” She exclaimed. “Your COCK is so much MORE than my friend! It’s the BEST! IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL! Even when it’s all floppy like that it’s…it’s…can I suck it again?”

“In a little bit, slut!” Benjamin told her.

She pouted but complied. A million ideas were rushing through Benjamin’s head. Her only friend was a cat. Would no one notice he had turned her into this cock-crazed porn star? His ‘floppy’ dick started to feel less floppy at the possibilities.

But then he shuddered and focused on the task at hand. He wanted to document this. He opened a window, turned on the camera and rolled his chair out of the way.

“Show your big fucking titties to the camera, Deanna!” he told her.

“Ooooh!” she exclaimed, excited at the prospect of showing them off, wiggling up to the screen and giggling as she recognized her tits in the window, she bent forward so her cum-laced face was visible too, and said: “Hi! I’m Deanna and I have BIG FUCKING TITTIES!”

Then she grabbed her new jugs and held them up to the camera for a close up, giggling her head off and rubbing them together.

“Pull up a chair,” Benjamin encouraged after a while.

Deanna did as she was told and sat in front of his computer so that she fit, tits and face together, in the shot at the same time. She brushed her mahogany hair out of her face and giggled and preened. Benjamin wondered if he had gone too far in telling her she was a bimbo. What was done was done, though. He needed to rest before he tried changing her any more.

“You look all gooey, Deanna,” Benjamin said. “Tell the camera what all that white stuff is on your face and hair and big fucking titties.”

Deanna giggled.

“Mr. Hickok’s big cock squirted man-stuff all over me!” she declared proudly. “It likes me! It really likes me!”

“And what do you like, Deanna?” he asked.

“I LOVE Mr. Hickok’s COCK!” she declared. “I’d do ANYTHING for that COCK! Oh God, it’s so nice, it’s so nice, it’s so nice! EEEEEEEEE!”

She wiggled in her seat and her spunk-laced titties bounced for the camera. Benjamin leaned forward into camera shot and got his most functional hand to her right tit, squeezing its nipple appreciatively. Deanna giggled in response.

“You should masturbate, Deanna,” Benjamin prompted. “Think about my cock while you stroke your pussy and play with your big fucking titties!”

Deanna giggled and looked at him.

“Really?” she asked. “Do you think I should?”

“Definitely,” Benjamin assured her. “It’s the best way to show off your big fucking titties and it’ll make my cock VERY happy with you.”

“I’ll do it!” she declared.

“Look at the camera, bimbo,” he encouraged and she did, beginning to stroke herself without preamble and toy with her left nipple while Benjamin continued diddling her right.

She giggled at first, but soon she was cooing, then moaning, gasping as she squirmed in her seat and mauled her tit and cunt with her hands. When her eyes rolled back and she let out a series of hiccup-like squeaks, Benjamin assumed she had arrived at her destination. She let out one loud squeal as her back arched, then she slid slowly out of the chair to the floor, out of view of the camera. It seemed like a suitable ending for the film. He would edit it later.

“Move out of the way, bimbo,” he prompted, bringing his chair forward and pushing her chair away. She clumsily scrambled a few feet to the left.

“I’ve never done that before,” she admitted once she was out of the way. “It’s nice!”

Benjamin looked down at her, astonished. Had she really lived that long without getting off? And they called HIM disabled! He went back to the computer, finding a shot where he was squeezing her nip and she had a big stupid grin on her face. He sent it to his printer.

“Be a good little slutty PCA and put that picture by my bed,” he instructed. “I want it to be the first thing I see in the morning so I know this wasn’t a dream.”

“Huh?” Deanna asked, looking up, then giggled. “Oh my god! I forgot I was working! I LIKE this job!”

She did as she was told and took the paper, looking at it and giggling.

“God I have big fucking titties!” she observed, then took the picture to his bedroom.

When she returned, Benjamin had made a decision.

“It is about time you did your job, isn’t it bimbo?” he commented. “I mean, you did come here to give me a shower and you’ve just succeeded in making me more sweaty.”

Deanna gave a naughty giggled, then gasped.

“Do I get to clean your COCK?” she asked.

“That’s a BIG part of the job, isn’t it?” Benjamin asked.

“So BIG!” Deanna cooed. “The BIGGEST!”

The transformed Deanna wasn’t nearly as efficient at getting him into the shower as she had been the first time, but given that the inefficiency sprang mostly from her crushing her big fucking titties into him, Benjamin wasn’t about to regret his incredible actions.

He reached back into his head. He could still feel his ‘power spot’. It comforted him, though he still didn’t feel up to using it again. Not that he could think of anything else he wanted to use it for. If he couldn’t get control of his body, that was. He scowled at that thought.

“There we go!” Deanna said once she had wrestled him into the seat. “Time to get clean! And then maybe get dirty again?”

Benjamin looked up at her big fucking titties. Well, he had been trying to control his own body for years. Learning to control Deanna’s body was certainly a nice consolation prize.

“Maybe,” he said. “If you do a good job.”

“Oh, I will! I will!” she assured him, nodding vigorously.