The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

A Priest in Her Service


Derek sat in an easy chair in the master bedroom, trying not to think about what was about to happen. The Mistress had led him up through the house, told him to make himself comfortable, and gone back downstairs.

The room was furnished, but not lived in. There was a bed, a desk and chair, a bedside table, a dresser, a TV mounted to the wall, and the easy chair he sat in. But there was no clutter, no sign of a real inhabitant. It seemed for all the world like a hotel room, except for the lack of little signs and informational cards about how the phone worked or where the fire exits were.

After a few moments, Derek discovered that he could move around the room freely, though he had no motivation to leave it. He confirmed his suspicions by checking in a few drawers (empty) and peeking in the closet (linens only). His body still ached, and his nuts felt positively raw, from the experience in the garage. Lacking anything better to do, he sat down again, and waited.

Shortly the Mistress returned. Derek confronted her with a barrage of questions.

“What is going on? Who are you? What did you mean by ‘role’? Why...” he trailed off as he realized that he was finally able to speak aloud.

“Oh, my dear boy,” the Mistress replied, “You have no idea what you have been chosen for. Well, to meet your duties, you must know some, though much will and must remain a mystery to you.”

“My … duties? What duties? Please tell me what is happening.” Derek was near tears. Nothing he had seen made sense, and he couldn’t get angry about it, and he couldn’t be scared of it, and that itself was scary but it wasn’t, and the stress of the situation threatened to overwhelm the supernatural calm that had been keeping his strong emotions at bay.

“Now now, come here” said the Mistress, sitting on the bed, and Derek had no will but to comply. She cradled him in her arms, pillowing his head against her ample chest. Despite the low-cut dress and the events of the last hour, it was comforting, not sexual. She rocked him back and forth for a moment and he felt himself calming.

“Now,” she said, sitting him back upright, “you do deserve an explanation. I am first among mortal servants of the Goddess, who has been driven from the hearts and minds of the people of the world. She seeks to return, and so I act to make that happen. Most of the people here tonight are simple drones, who will gather energy for the Goddess by expressing their passion. You, however, are different. While they will give the Goddess power for her miracles, you will spread her message.”

“How am I supposed to do that?” Derek asked.

“How do you think? By fucking. Lots and lots of fucking,” replied the Mistress.

“How does that work?” It wasn’t a very smart question, but Derek’s brain was lagging far behind the conversation.

“Well, when a man and a woman love each other very much, or in your case, when a man uses the power gifted to him by the Goddess to make a woman so horny she can’t walk straight—” The Mistress smirked at her little joke, but Derek fixated on the last part of her statement.

“Wait, I can do that?” he said.

“Not yet, my dear, but soon.”

“But I’m married,” Derek protested. “I love my wife.”

“Oh, don’t worry, it works on her too.”

“But I don’t...” Derek stopped. He wasn’t actually sure that he didn’t want to do this. He was sure that he wouldn’t have wanted this yesterday, but things were different now. There was the Goddess to consider.

The Mistress seemed to understand his dilemma. “Derek. You love your wife, I know, but you also love the Goddess, yes?”

He nodded.

She continued, “The Goddess needs you to do this for her. She needs you to obey her wishes. You are going on a journey. You won’t have to stop loving your wife, you’ll just have to convince her to come along. And you’ll be very convincing.”

She stopped, and a quirky expression crossed her face, “Besides, you’ll have fun. You’ll get to fuck practically anyone you want whenever you want.”

This did not reassure Derek. The experience in the garage was intense and passionate, but it was not, by any reasonable definition, fun. But again, the Mistress might as well have been reading his thoughts. She said “It’s not usually like the ritual earlier. You were suffused with power, channeled directly from the Goddess through me. Normal sex, well, it will probably be better than you were used to, but it will still be normal. Here, I’ll show you.”

He looked into her eyes, anticipating her to lean in, but she instead said, “No, not with me, silly. I am infused with the essence of the Goddess, it would be like before. I meant with her.” And then, raising her voice. “Sarah, honey? Could you come in here?”

The Mistress withdrew to the chair as Sarah, the woman who was next to Derek in the garage, came in. Like him, she had dressed again, but her shorts and sports bra left few questions about her figure. He remembered what she looked like naked, and felt himself stir.

They exchanged a look, and without words, she swept down onto the bed, on top of him. Their mouths locked and their hands probed as she pushed him back, straddling his body. After a few moments of kissing and groping, she sat up to remove her top, giving Derek another unhindered view of her beautiful body.

Sarah shimmied down and started digging around in his shorts, and he lay back. She got him hard again with her mouth, then climbed back up and mounted him, guiding his cock inside. She rocked gently back and forth for a bit, but then, his lethargy and soreness gone, he rolled her over and drove into her with firm, even thrusts.

In just a short while, their copulation grew more frantic, and they climaxed together, both crying out in the same moment. Derek lay back again as Sarah gathered her clothing again and slipped back out the door. They hadn’t said a word to each other.

That was nice, Derek thought. Is it weird that I liked that better than the thing in the garage, even though the feelings were so much less intense? After a moment, he decided it wasn’t. The feelings with Sarah seemed normal, and in the garage, there was no question that they were artificial.

Anyway, Sarah was a skilled lover. It had been five years since Derek had had sex with anyone but his wife, and it was clear that Sarah knew some tricks that she didn’t.

My wife. I just cheated on my wife. Why did I do that? When did I decide to do that? He didn’t remember deciding to fuck Sarah. From the moment she came into the room, he hadn’t considered any alternatives. But after the brief stab of guilt, the feeling faded to the edges of his mind, like the fear had earlier. It just didn’t seem to matter much.

“See what I mean?” The Mistress spoke from the chair she had been sitting in the whole time. Derek started, having completely forgotten about her presence.

“So, you just made us do that?” Derek asked.

“No one made you. The Goddess helped you decide what to do, because I asked. In a moment, you’ll be able to ask Her in your own way.”


“To spread the blessings of the Goddess, you need to be infused with them.”


“Like this.” And then she was naked again, her hips forward and legs spread in the chair. The tattoo raced up her arm, spreading rapidly. Derek’s eyes were drawn to her pussy, and he found himself sliding off of the bed and crawling towards her.

Derek had never found eating a girl out to be a pleasant activity, though he was willing to try for his partner’s sake. But this was totally different. Without the slightest possibility of hesitation, he buried his face in his Mistresses crotch and began to lick. The taste of her flowing juices was ambrosia, and he quickly abandoned all thoughts of arousing her and just lapped up as much of the fluid as possible.

As he drank, the flow increased, and Derek’s awareness of his surroundings grew dim. He faded into oblivion, whispered commands from the Mistress, or maybe the Goddess, echoing in his head, heard but unremembered. Then there was simply darkness.