The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

A Priest in Her Service


“What the hell?”

Derek awoke, blearily. He was on the couch in the den of his house. Bright morning light streamed in through the windows. And his wife was standing over him, clashing emotions on her face. He tried to sort out his fuzzy brain, but she was continuing.

“Where were you? When did you get home? Why didn’t you tell me? I was so worried about you!”

Where was I? Oh. Right. His initiation into the service of the Goddess came flooding back. He cleared his throat and tried to speak, but realized he had no idea what he would say, so nothing came out but a vague stammer.

He slowly sat up and gathered himself as his wife continued to angrily berate him, but she soon wound down and shifted to tears of relief. “I was so worried,” she said, much more quietly. “I thought something terrible had happened to you. I’m so glad you’re back safe, but … where were you?” She sat on the couch next to him, arms around him.

Something terrible did happen to me. And wonderful. He found himself keenly aware of her body, next to his. She was nearly as tall as he was, with a broad frame but feminine curves in all the right places. Her presence next to him was very distracting, but he needed to give her some answer.

“It’s complicated,” he said. “I promise I will tell you everything, but I need to figure some things out myself first. For now, please don’t be angry, and don’t worry about it.” Well, that was a lame cop-out, he immediately thought. There’s no way she’s going to accept that answer.

But she did. Her face grew calm and her breathing evened out. She sat for a moment, then gave him a little hug and said, “OK. Let me know when you are ready to talk.” She stood up, and took out her cell phone.

“Hello, detective Smith? It’s Melissa Kroger. He’s home safe, I’ve found him. Thanks for your help. No. No, it’s OK. It was nothing. Thank you.” She hung up and left the room.

Derek was baffled. What just happened? Is she still angry, but just not showing it, or did she really calm down? As unreasonable as it seemed, he thought the second was more likely. His wife didn’t often hide her emotions so completely. When she was upset, you knew about it.

He got up to find her and talk more, but when he reached the front hall, she bustled through.

“Gotta go, hon. Do you want me to pick up dinner after my shift, or were you thinking of cooking?”

Right. She was in her veterinary technician’s uniform, and he vaguely remembered that she had a Saturday shift this week. He mumbled a response about not knowing what was in the fridge.

“Takeout it is. I’ll call you when I’m leaving to get your order. Love you.” She leaned in and pecked him on the cheek, then stepped out of the house.

She’s definitely not angry, or upset, or worried, he thought. I told her not to worry, and she stopped worrying. The Mistress said I would have some kind of power. Was that it? It must have been. He didn’t understand how it worked, exactly; she did more than just follow his spoken commands, but he must have used his power to calm her down from her fear and worry.

The implications were staggering. I can make people do what I want them to. I can make women do what I want them to. I can fuck any woman I want. I want to fuck many women, and I can. The low rumble in his loins that started when his wife sat next to him grew more insistent, and he felt himself stir.

But that would be cheating on my wife. Again. Cheating on my wife again. Again, the guilt was more of a placeholder than an actual feeling. Unless she were OK with it. Which she would be, if I asked her to be. And not doing so would be betraying the Goddess. Who would I rather let down, my wife or the Goddess? There was no point in even pondering the question.

Derek went upstairs and showered. He idly stroked himself in the shower, keeping half-erect as he thought about the women he could have. Coworkers, his wife’s friends, his friend’s wives and girlfriends, his exes... Celebrities? That might be going to far. Anyway, Derek knew exactly who he was going to try his power on first.

Ten minutes later he was three houses down, knocking on the door of Ramon and Maria Campos. They were active neighbors in his local community efforts, so he had met them both several times. Ramon was a civil engineer, or an architect, or something, and he didn’t think Maria worked. More importantly, Maria was the sexiest person Derek could think of who he could reach in less than five minutes.

It was only a moment before Maria came to the door, and Derek was amazed yet again at how gorgeous she was. She had long dark wavy hair that came down well past her shoulders, and the most incredible dark eyes he had ever seen. Her makeup was lighter than he usually saw her, but he could still get lost in her eyes.

Her figure, on the other hand, was what drew him down the block. She had beautiful hips and a round ass, a trim but healthy waist, and if her breasts were any larger she would look silly. She was dressed simply, in shorts and a t-shirt, and Derek reminded himself that gorgeous flowing legs were also among her assets. He hoped he wasn’t ogling too obviously, and wondered how much of what he saw was due to cosmetic surgery. Well, I’m about to find out, he thought.

“Oh, hello, Derek. What brings you around?” she said, with just a hint of a Mexican accent.

Oh shit, I don’t have any idea how to do this! For the briefest moment, Derek was in a panic. Then, a wave of confidence rushed through him, and he said, “I’d like to come in and talk to you for a while. Is Ramon here too?”

“No, he’s returning from a business trip later today,” she said, stepping back through the doorway and welcoming him in with a gesture.

“That’s OK,” he replied. They passed through the hall into a comfortable living room. Derek settled on the couch and Maria chose a chair opposite.

“Now, what was it you wanted to talk about?” she asked.

“I thought we could get to know each other better,” he replied, and at the same time his thoughts took on a different tone, echoing outward rather than within his skull. Relax. Everything is fine, just go along with it.

“Well, I was born in Texas, but I spent most of my youth in Mazatlan, in Mexico. My father—” she was interrupted by Derek’s laugh.

“I didn’t mean that we should share our life stories. Why don’t you take off your shirt.” You want to do this. You want to please me.

“I don’t—why…” Even as she said this, she was reaching for the hem of her shirt, hesitantly.

“It would please me to see you topless. You want to please me, don’t you?” You want to please me. You find pleasure in pleasing me.

Maria pulled her shirt off over her head, exposing a lacy but sturdily built bra. She looked quizzically at Derek for a moment, and he nodded. With much less hesitation, she unhooked and removed the bra as well.

Derek stared. Her tits were even better than he imagined. There was no artificial, stapled-on balloon effect. Freed from the support of the bra, they sagged somewhat, but that took nothing away from their beauty. Her aureole were large and dark, with small brown nipples that were growing even as he watched.

Maria sat in the chair, her shirt on the floor and the bra dangling from one hand. She wasn’t posing, but she made no effort to cover herself. Derek tried to tell if she was enjoying herself, then realized he could make sure. “Are you enjoying this?” he asked, and at the same time, he thought, You are enjoying this. It excites you.


“Are they real?”

She looked down. “No.”

“When did you have them done?”

“I was nineteen. My father, he wanted me to be a model.”

“And are you?”

“Only a little. It didn’t work out.”

“I can’t imagine why. You are beautiful.” His praise visibly affected her. She was sitting forward now, attentive. Her breathing had quickened.

Derek, too, was feeling a growing sense of urgency, but he held himself back. One step at a time. “Off with the rest of it, and stand up,” he ordered.

“Sí, señor,” Maria whispered as she rose to her feet. Derek gave her a look. “Sorry,” she said, “I thought you’d find it sexy if I were a little more exotic.”

“Oh, by all means, go ahead if you want. But no stalling. Off with the clothes.”

“Gracias, señor.” Maria slid her shorts and panties down her legs, and stepped out of them. She was well trimmed but for a short and small patch of pubic hair. She pointed at her earrings, asking another unspoken question.

“No, they can stay. Come to the center of the room.” Derek stood up, and met her there, standing at arms length. “Hold still,” he said.

Slowly, he walked around her, admiring he amazing body. As he stepped out of her line of sight, he tried sending more thoughts at her. Being on display like this turns you on. Following my instructions turns you on. You are really turned on right now.

As he came back into view of her face, Derek saw Maria’s lip quivering slightly. He looked down, and saw glistening wetness between her thighs. He stepped back a few paces, standing directly in front of her, and undressed. Maria’s attention was riveted on his dick, standing proud and erect. You want my cock. You want to feel it, to taste it, to worship it.

“Do you want something, Maria?” he asked.

“Yes,” she replied, in nearly a whisper.

“What do you want, Maria?”

“I want you.”

“Then come have me.”

Maria lunged forward in a combination hug-tackle, driving Derek back on to the couch. She grabbed at his cock, pulling it first towards her crotch, then leaning down towards it, indecisive. Derek helped her make up her mind by pushing her head down further, her welcoming lips parting around his erection.

They coupled for hours, in every position Derek knew of and several he didn’t. She sucked on him, licked him, took his balls in her mouth. He took her from behind, from in front, while standing, as she straddled him, and even in a way he couldn’t quite reconstruct later where she was on the chair with one leg over his shoulder.

He orgasmed three times; once in her mouth, once buried deep in her cunt, and once all over her face and tits. Each time, Maria came loudly and vocally at the same time or just after, but Derek wasn’t sure if that was an effect of his spunk or just her general arousal. After all, she came several other times as well.

The seamless beauty of their intimacy was broken only once. Derek was behind Maria, pounding away in a steady rhythm while leaning forward to fondle her swinging breasts, when she cried out “Ay! Dios mio!”

Derek stopped, suddenly. Maria whimpered with the sudden lack of stimulation and ground her hips back into him, but he pulled out completely.

“Now, Maria,” he said. “You must never give credit to God for the pleasure you are feeling. This is not the blessing of God, but of the Goddess. Do you understand?”


“Do it anyway.”

“I will. Just please—” she ground her hips backwards, pleadingly.

“Of course.”

In moments they were back in their rhythm, his cock driving the incident from Maria’s thoughts, but Derek was surprised at his own vehemence in correcting her. I must remember, this is for my Goddess, and that fact matters, he thought.

It was mid-afternoon by the time they finally wound down. Maria was clearly tired from her exertions, but Derek felt like he could keep going. Nevertheless, he gathered his clothing, cleaned up a little, and made ready to depart.

He could feel a difference in Maria, dozing happily in her bed. She almost glowed, radiating not light but righteousness. He had marked her with his seed, and she was of the Goddess. This was his purpose, and he had fulfilled it.

She was still asleep when he was dressed and on his way out, so they didn’t even say goodbye. He thought about waking her to talk about what happened, make sure she didn’t tell her husband, and so on, but didn’t. He had the strong feeling that all of that would work out without extra effort on his part.

Derek stepped out the door, thinking about how he was going to explain his situation to his wife.