The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

A Priest in Her Service


“So, let me get this straight,” Melissa said. It was Sunday morning, and she and Derek were at the breakfast table, finishing up their eggs and toast.

“In summary,” she continued, gesturing with her butter knife. “You were enslaved by a superhot witch who gave you mind control powers and sent you out into the world to sleep with as many women as possible. In the 36 hours since this happened, you’ve masturbated in a room full of people and had sex with three women, including Maria Campos.”

“Only two,” I replied.

“Three,” she said. “You told me you ate out Elvira, Mistress of the Dark just after you boned this Sarah chick. Which, incidentally, you don’t even do for me more than a few times a year.”

“That was different. It wasn’t sex, it was a ritual.”

“I’m sure she thought so.”

“Actually, I think she did. I never saw her show arousal the entire time, and she certainly didn’t orgasm.”

“Except for the buckets of pussy-juice you supposedly drank.”

“That was part of the ritual.”

“Whatever. We’re getting side-tracked.” Melissa gestured dismissively. “And you are now a slave to some Goddess.”

“That’s not it at all. I am a worshiper, and I think I ama priest, but not a slave. I do what I do for Her because I want to, not because she forces me to.” Derek had never been religious before, and found his feelings hard to express, but they were very real.

“But she made you love her and worship her, so isn’t it just the same thing in the end?”

“Fair point,” he conceded. “But I’m not actually sure it was the Goddess who did that. It might have been the Mistress.” Derek had a thought, and continued, “Come to think of it, I might actually be her slave.”

“Oh, that’s just wonderful,” Melissa replied.

“Not what you wanted to hear?”

“None of this is what I wanted to hear.”

They sat in silence for a few moments.

“You’re taking this rather well,” said Derek, breaking the pause.

“What were you expecting?”

“I don’t know. Anger? Threats to leave me? Pleas for me to get help for my severe psychotic break?”

“Well, before today I would have said that discovering that you’d cheated on me with three different—or two, fine—women in two days would have been more than enough to have me out the door before you could finish talking. But consider it this way. I’m pretty sure you aren’t lying, so you’re either telling the truth, or you’re crazy. If you’re telling the truth, then you’ve found that one elusive get-out-jail-free card. I forgive you for cheating on me if you only did so because you were brainwashed into a crazy sex cult with actual magic powers. But on the other hand, if you’ve lost your marbles, then you probably hallucinated the whole thing, and didn’t cheat on me at all. So here I remain, trying to figure it out.”

She paused, munching on a piece of toast. “Plus,” she said, quieter and more hesitantly, “I don’t think you’re crazy, either.”

“You believe me, then?”

“I’m not sure. But there is something different about you, and not you’ve-gone-crazy different. It’s hard to describe, but it’s like your personality is bigger. It’s more obvious when you’re in the room, harder to not pay attention to you. Its subtle, but I definitely notice it. And then...” she paused, biting her lip nervously.

“What is it?” Derek asked.

“Last night. I wanted to screw, but you didn’t.”

Derek nodded slowly. Melissa had come home exhausted from work, so he put off the conversation they were now having until this morning. By the end of the evening, however, she had recovered enough to want a little sex before bed. Derek had gently rebuffed her, not wanting to use his powers on her again before she understood everything. Such an occurrence, with her initiating and him rejecting was a little unusual for them, but not massively so, and she didn’t press the issue. Apparently, it was important in some way.

“Well, I went downstairs and jilled off.”

Now that was a surprise, Derek thought. His wife was a sensual woman and enjoyed their intimacy, but she hardly ever masturbated. They had talked about it, and she didn’t see the point of physical release without the emotional connection to another person, and was usually left frustrated and unsatisfied when she tried.

“Oh,” was all he could manage for a reply. The thought of his wife fingering herself on the couch because she was so desperate for him was...appealing.

“I haven’t done that since last summer, when you were at that conference. You know how I feel about it, how it never seems to mean anything to me. Last night was different. Last night was the best it’s ever felt.”

Derek nodded again, his mind aflame with visions of his wife in the throes of passion, with him upstairs, obliviously asleep. Such thoughts were beginning to affect him physically, and shifted in his seat as subtly as possible, trying to make more room in his shorts for his expanding cock.

“So, I have a plan,” Melissa continued, the confidence in her voice returning. “It should solve all of our problems.”

“What’s that?” Derek replied.

“Use your power on me, right now. Make me want you so bad I can’t keep my hands off of you.”

“Errr, how does that solve anything?”

“Well, it’ll help me figure out if any of this is real or if I’m going crazy too, for one thing. Right now I’m confused, a little scared, and even a little excited, but I don’t want to have sex. If in five minutes, I’m flopping around at the end of your dick, I’ll know it’s because you made me want to.”


“And if I felt as good as I did last night just from you being near me, or changing me without trying to, then I can barely imagine what it’s like when you try. And I want to find out. Or, you’re very crazy and I’m a little crazy, and nothing happens. So, take your best shot.”

“OK,” Derek replied. He liked this plan. It was a good plan. “If you’re sure.”

“I’m sure.”

“How do you want me to do it?”

“I don’t follow.”

“Well, I think I have some control over how it happens, and what it feels like for you. It can be slow and subtle, like a normal idea, or more like an itch where you don’t necessarily want to but you need to. Maybe other ways too, I haven’t had much time to experiment.”

“There should be no ambiguity. If you trick me into thinking it’s my own idea, that defeats the whole purpose of the test. Give it to me as directly as you can.”

“Alright. Here goes.” Derek took a deep breath, looked at his wife, and thought as hard as he could. You. Want. To. Suck. My. Cock.

The effect was immediate. Melissa looked down, touched her lips tentatively, muttered “Oh my,” and laughed a short, sharp laugh. Then she looked back up at Derek and said, “OK, you win. I believe you now,” as she slid out of her chair onto the kitchen floor, and started crawling towards him, her eyes locked on his crotch, hungrily.

“Hang on a moment,” he said, and briefly wondered Can she? Can I even stop her? But she came to a halt next to him, and sat back on her heels. She was tall enough that he was only looking down a little.

“Men,” she snorted. “First, you give me an insatiable urge to blow you, and let me tell you I have something to say about that, but then you won’t even let me do it!” Her tone, however, was more teasing than angry.

“It was just a test,” he said. “You don’t have to go through with it.”

“You don’t get how this feels. I want to go through with it. The only reason I’m not doing it right now is because I want to show you that I still have that much self-control, and anyway, I’m pretty sure you’ll give in before too long.” She licked her lips to make the point.

“OK, let’s talk about how it feels for a bit. What’s it like?” Derek asked.

“I want to suck your cock,” Melissa replied. “It’s kinda that simple. It’s just usually, when you want something, it’s actually really complicated. I want ice cream, but I know too much will make me fat. I want to watch Game of Thrones, but I have to get enough sleep for work tomorrow. I never really noticed before, but all of my desires are like that, in some way. Except this one. I want to suck your cock, and that’s it. There’s no but.”

“Can you tell it’s external?”

“Not really. I mean, in the context of our experiment, it’s pretty obvious, but...well, any girl in her right mind might be suspicious out if she suddenly wanted to suck dick this bad, but then, I’m not in my right mind right now.” She put her hand on his thigh. “Now, is that enough psychoanalysis?”

“If you insist.”

She shot her hand into his waistband and pulled out his cock, nudging his pants just a few inches down his hips. Then, with no preamble, she took his entire length in her mouth, and just sat there, head buried in his crotch, tongue flicking back and forth. He wasn’t even all the way hard yet, but he felt himself stiffening and swelling to fill her mouth.

She gave a contented sigh, the vibrations teasing him, then slowly began to work him in and out, at first just an inch at a time, but slowly building to full strokes up and down his length. It was a very different technique from what she usually used, Derek thought. Melissa had a pretty sensitive gag reflex, so she relied a lot on combined mouth-hand technique or licking. Not that she gave him blowjobs that often, anyway. His lack of comfort with reciprocating the act made him hesitant to ask, and while she didn’t mind that much, it was still a special occasions only activity for them.

This was completely different. With each stroke, he was completely engulfed, and he felt no resistance. In fact, her single-minded efforts were causing him to build towards an explosion in near record time. He didn’t say anything, just let her go until just before the critical moment, when he reached down and held her head in place. Far from the recoil he half expected, she stopped stroking and held in place. He came in a massive torrent, and she swallowed gamely, but he felt the hot jizz flooding her mouth and leaking around her lips as she couldn’t keep up.

After his third or fourth spurt, however, something changed. She pulled back, a strange expression on her face, and he came free. She barely seemed to notice his next blast straight into her face at point blank range, but she continued withdrawing, fell back on her butt, and clutched at her still clothed crotch.

Moments later she was writhing on the kitchen floor, pawing inside her pants and letting out a continuous half-moan, half-howl of pure bliss. Derek sat in the chair, his dick still hard, and thought, Well, that answers my question about whether or not my cum actually triggers orgasms, I suppose.

“Well,” Melissa said a few moments later, now upright but still on the floor, “That was something.” She touched her face, discovered the jizz still there, and her tongue slid out to taste it. As Derek looked at her, he could feel the same radiance from her that he had felt from Maria. She was now chosen as well.

Derek stood up and handed her a kitchen towel. “You should clean up, then we should go somewhere more comfortable. And try some … further testing?”

“You’re on.”

Enthusiastic, if unscientific, testing followed for the rest of the morning and well into the afternoon. In that time, Derek and Melissa made several discoveries.

  1. Derek’s stamina and ability to get and maintain a boner was apparently unlimited. But, he eventually suffered from chafing and soreness like anyone else. On this, his second straight day of extended sex, he eventually became a little raw and uncomfortable.
  2. He had control over Melissa’s arousal and orgasms as well, but not to the extent of his own. In a somewhat amusing reversal, after the first couple, she needed longer to recover from an orgasm than he did.
  3. His semen was pretty clearly magic. He came in significant volume, and he seemed to have some control over this. Despite shooting off seven or eight times in two days the amount did not decrease at all. Derek wondered if he could collect it and see if the volume gathered was actually larger than his balls, but he decided that was a test for another day. When he was alone. And very bored. He had some control over its orgasm-inducing properties, but Melissa reported that, even if he concentrated on minimizing that effect, it still felt unusually good.
  4. Sex with these powers was really, really fun.

Eventually, Derek and Melissa lay side by side on their bed, naked and pleasantly exhausted.

“Now for the hard part,” said Derek.

“Mmmmmm?” inquired Melissa, and reached between his legs.

“No, not like that. Today was incredible—”

“You got that right.”

“—but we can’t forget that it was possible for a reason. I have been given gifts by the Goddess, but along with those gifts come responsibilities.” He paused, gathering his courage to continue. “I love you, but I can’t be yours. I have a duty to the Goddess to spread her blessings as widely as possible.”

“So, you’re saying you want to see other people?” Melissa asked.

“Stop it, this isn’t funny.”


“Listen,” he began again, “I’m going to have sex with lots and lots of people, because the Goddess wants me to and I want to please Her. If you want to accept that, I still want something with you, too. But if you don’t want to, I need to know, now.”

“Couldn’t you just make me want to?”

“Yes, Goddess-damnit, I could! That’s the point. If you have any chance of remaining free of me, I have to leave now. There’s a part of me that wants to change you already. There’s another part that thinks I may have taken this choice from you already, and it’s too late.” He stopped, took a deep breath. In their experimentation, he had avoided any changes to Melissa’s mind other than arousal and sexual desire for just this reason. He continued, “The scariest thing of all is, if I did, part of me is OK with it.”

She came up on one elbow, and looked at him. “I’m scared too,” she said. “I know that you would never have been willing to change me like that before, but maybe the Mistress, or the Goddess, changed you so much that you would do it now without a second thought. I’m scared that I will agree, thinking it’s my own idea, and I’ll never know that both of our decisions were made by someone else. But,” she sighed, “I can’t live my life guided by fears I can’t do anything about. So, let’s talk practical. You’ll be screwing hot chicks left and right. Do I get to screw other guys?”

“Of course. It wouldn’t be fair any other way.” Derek was mildly surprised to find this was the absolute truth.

“Do I get to join you in screwing the hot chicks?”

“I...didn’t think you were interested in that, other than your wilder college years.”

“That’s true, but things are about to get wild again. When we got serious, I adapted my interests to match my available options. And you’re telling me that my options have widened. Plus, I really want to be there when you put the whammy on another girl like you did on me.”

“Alright then. Yes, you can join me when I screw hot chicks.”

“Then I accept.”