The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

A Priest in Her Service


The following day was Monday, so after a brief morning tryst in the shower, Derek and Melissa went off to their respective jobs. Melissa told Derek she had a plan, but wouldn’t tell him what.

Derek sat at his desk, idly wondering what his wife had in mind. He was a web developer at a small consulting firm, but as low man on the seniority ladder, he was also the server admin, tech support, QA, and a whole host of roles that meant he spent only a few hours a week actually developing. Today was a particularly boring testing project which meant he had a lot of downtime at his desk to think.

The way the office was laid out, he faced the entrance, and therefore Carol, the receptionist and office manager. He decided that she would be a candidate to test the non-sexual applications of his new powers. She wasn’t ugly, but she was in her late 40s and had three children, so her figure had thickened with age and she made no attempt to show it off. Derek simply had little sexual interest in her.

But he could watch her without it seeming odd, so he began to test what kinds of things he could make her do with his powers. Neither of them got a lot of work done, as Derek made her drop her pen, put it behind her ear and forget where it was, lose the ability to type, sneeze, and so on. Everything was going well, and every test he tried worked.

Then, after seeing if he could get her to forget that she put away the file she was working on, Derek noticed that Carol was shifting uncomfortably in her chair. After a moment or two of her searching fruitlessly for the missing file, he quite distinctly saw her biting her lip. Is she turned on right now? I didn’t try to make her horny. He watched more carefully. Yes, she’s definitely been aroused by something.

Logic said it had to be a side-effect of his power. Then, another realization. I’m kinda turned on too. But not by her, really. I mean, if I wanted to fuck a coworker, I’d totally fuck Nikki first. She’s pretty hot. I’d even go for Yifan before Carol. She’s cute. Carol only has an edge on Sandy. Nikki was a brunette and one of their sales people, and dressed to distract her male clients, and Yifan was a college intern programmer from China, thin as a rail but with a pretty face. Sandy, on the other hand, was a manager and co-owner, and an overweight woman in her late 50s. They were the four women, out of the dozen or so people in the office.

But the growing tightness in his slacks as he looked at Carol’s discomfort seemed to be telling him something entirely different. He considered his options. He could ignore it, stop playing with his powers, and wait until he was home with Melissa. Not an option. My purpose in life now, literally, is to fuck. It is irresponsible of me to ignore that. He could find Nikki and put the whammy on her, or Yifan, or go to another suite in the office building and find someone there. Or, he could finish what he started, and take care of Carol’s problem for her. The choice is obvious. Nikki and the rest of the world can wait.

Derek concentrated briefly. Carol suddenly flushed, and reached down to pat at her skirt, as if to make sure it was still in place. She then rose to her feet a little unsteadily and stepped out the door. Giving it a brief moment to not seem too obvious, Derek followed.

Carol was down the corridor, heading for the ladies room. Derek blasted her with a wave of lust and she actually staggered against one wall, losing her balance momentarily. By the time she made it to the bathroom door, Derek was right behind her, but she was totally oblivious to his presence.

Derek followed Carol into the ladies room, amused at his own brief reticence in entering the wrong bathroom. Carol flung open the door to the oversized handicap stall and lurched inside. Derek followed, closing it behind him.

Don’t turn around, he thought at Carol. Grab the railing with both hands. She did so. When he hiked her skirt up around her waist, she started, realizing his presence for the first time, but she immediately ground her hips backwards, seeking out his attentions. He tugged her pantyhose and underwear down, spread her legs a little with his knee, and reached in to run his finger along her hairy slit. She hissed in response, and her back arched, but she kept her hands on the handicap-accessibility railing.

Derek kept working his hand, darting forward to her clit, as he thought Keep quiet. No need to complicate things by being interrupted. Carol’s moan died in her throat with a gurgle. His hand was wet now, showing that she was more than ready to receive him, so he undid his belt with his other hand and dropped his slacks and boxers.

He kept working Carol’s clit with his hand as he lined up, then thrust in all the way in a single motion, without warning. Her whole body tensed, then shuddered as she came.

I wasn’t expecting that, Derek thought. Though I suppose I did lay on her arousal a little thick. Getting someone off just by sticking it in is a cool trick, though. I need to remember that one. He was just standing there, his cock deeply buried in Carol’s pussy, waiting for her orgasm to subside.

Then, just as she was coming off the peak and regaining a sliver of control, he grabbed her hips, withdrew until just his cockhead was within her entrance, and thrust forward again with a determined slap. Then he paused for more than a second, and repeated.

Derek built up a slow, staccato rhythm of forceful thrusts and short pauses. He was enjoying the feelings, and particularly the raw control of the situation, but he was nowhere near release. Carol, on the other hand, had increased her thrashing around, though whether from arousal or frustration, he wasn’t sure.

Derek decided he had had enough, and suddenly switched to a short burst of three or four regular strokes, willing himself to climax. His seed had its usual effect, driving Carol to her second orgasm. Her knees buckled and she fell to the floor as he withdrew, but she held herself up with her grip on the rails. Derek retreated from the stall silently, leaving her to recover.

He made a short stop in the men’s room to clean up, and made it back to the office before Carol did. As he returned, one of his office mates said “Hey, your wife called.” He acknowledged and, intrigued, stepped into his office and collected his cell phone. Reception in their building was terrible, so he stepped outside to call her back.

“Hi, hon. What’s up?” he said.

“Where were you when I called earlier?” Melissa sounded curious, not accusatory, but Derek still wasn’t sure how to phrase ‘I was fulfilling my religious duty by fucking a coworker’ smoothly.

“Um...” he stalled.

“Were you off in a supply closet banging Nikki?” Now she was downright playful.

“Well, it was Carol, actually.”

“Carol? Really? Good for her. Can you do me a favor, though?”

“You know I can’t—”

“When you do Nikki, I want a crack at her at the same time. She’s a hottie.”

“Oh. I thought you… Yes, sure. You’ll be there, I promise.”

“Good. I’m calling because I’ve made special plans for us tomorrow. See if you can make it home from work around 3 PM.”


“Bye.” She hung up.

That was weird, he thought. Who replaced my wife with a sex maniac? Then, more somberly. Right. I did.

He pocketed his phone and returned to the office. As he approached the door, he realized Carol was back at her desk. Nothing for it but to just walk right by her. She looked up as he entered, made eye contact, looked away, then looked back. There was a hint of confusion on her face.

She doesn’t know if it was me or not, he realized. Since I made her not turn around, she never even saw me. Wow, that’s hot. He smiled noncommittally and went back to his office.