The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


“Hey honey, what’s up?” I asked.

“Not much,” responded Jared with a grin. “Do you mind if I put a poster up in the bedroom?”

“No,” I responded, surprising myself. I hadn’t even looked at the poster. Jared unrolled it and began taping it to the wall. I was shocked – it was practically porn. It was a blond woman on a beach, bent over on her hands and knees. Her back was arched, her bottom thrust out, and she was gazing over her shoulder with a sultry come-hither look. Though the shot was from the back, I could still see that her breasts were huge. The only piece of clothing was a tiny green bikini that did absolutely nothing to cover her rear.

“Honey! What the hell?” I demanded.

“I saw it in a store on my way home from work, and decided I liked it. Is that okay with you?”

“Yes,” I responded, surprising myself even more. I hated porn, but I suppose this didn’t really count – she was wearing something.

“Here, why don’t you go to bed? I’ll be back later.” It was a Friday evening, and I had hoped that Jared and I might do something together. It had been a long day – a long week, really – at the bank and it would have been nice to have some time with my boyfriend.

“That’s fine,” I said. Jared left, and I changed into pajamas, just a t-shirt and sweatpants, and crawled into bed. The thing was, Jared had placed the poster so that the woman was staring right at me, and I couldn’t get to sleep. I tossed and turned for a while, but I was getting less and less drowsy. And then I realized: I was horny. Too horny to sleep, in fact. Usually, this wasn’t a problem. Jared was more into sex than I was, and so on those occasions when I did need a good lay, he was more than happy to oblige.

Tonight, though, he wasn’t here, and I wanted to get to sleep. I started rubbing my breasts; small as they are, they’re sensitive enough. But this time, they really got me going. I was moaning within a few minutes. Usually it takes a bit longer – usually I’m pretty quiet. But I moved one of my hands down – the other I kept in place (it just felt so good!) – and started massaging my clitoris. I was very well-lubricated already, and the moment my fingers started moving, I really started writhing.

I orgasmed within a few minutes of that, clenching my teeth and whimpering slightly. I hadn’t been this aroused for a long time – since my first few dates with Jared, actually. I kept on working my clitoris and my breasts, and a few moments later, I orgasmed again, pinching my nipple and squeezing my hand between my legs so tightly I could barely move it. My juices had started to soak into my sweatpants, and the smell was making me more aroused. Jesus, I thought. Hell of a night for Jared to be out.

The sensations didn’t slacken off for almost an hour. By that time, I was thoroughly exhausted, and my pants, the sheets, and the blankets were all soaked. I practically passed out, sprawled in bed with one hand still slowly massaging my breasts, while the blond woman on the beach directed her smoky stare towards me.

I woke up at noon; Jared still hadn’t gotten back. The smell in the bedroom was intense, so I got out some air freshener and sprayed it around. It did little good. I had a lot of errands I wanted to get done, so I skipped the shower and started putting on some clothes. I pulled on some panties, though I had to struggle a bit with them. They must’ve shrunk in the wash, since they really had quite a bit of stretching to do to get over my hips. And once they were on, they barely covered my butt, and slipped right between the cheeks. Even stranger, none of my bras really fit. They were all far too tight. Just one more errand, I thought. The woman in the poster was still looking at me. Wonder what size bra she has to wear.

Frankly, I wasn’t able to get them on. But in the process of trying, I ended up massaging my breasts enough that I was starting to get horny again. I didn’t want to be driving around distracted by every cute guy on the street, so I decided to work off some of the energy. I slipped a hand down the front of my too-tight panties and found I was wet already. And very, very sensitive. I wavered on my feet as the sensations from my chest and crotch electrified me, and when the first orgasm came, I fell to my knees with a sharp cry.

I wasn’t able to make to the bed, the sensations were so intense. I was stuck on the floor, angry that I was wasting the day, and far too horny to do anything about it. Fuck, where is Jared when I need him? I literally ripped my panties off, stuck two fingers into my vagina, and started thrusting my hips into the air, moaning all the while. I could see the clock, and every once in a while was lucid enough to notice that it was getting later and later. By the time it was three, I was groaning so loudly that I was worried the neighbors would hear. I was completely covered in my own juices; when I switched hands from breast and pussy, I realized what a wonderful lubricant they made, and couldn’t help but spread them all over my body. There was a significant puddle of them on the floor as well; it made a little squelching noise every time I thrust my hips into the air.

By the time five o’clock rolled around, I was too tired to move. I lay in a puddle of my own making, staring up at the gorgeous blond. I bet she never is forced to masturbate because her boyfriend isn’t around to fuck her. And, praise the Lord, Jared finally came home. He didn’t say a word, just unzipped his pants and pulled out his already erect cock.

“Come on, please, I need you in me,” I moaned. And it was true.

“I need you to suck my dick.” I couldn’t help it, I got onto my hands and knees and crawled over to him as a little bit of precum pushed its way out of his dick. “Please?” I asked, just before I swallowed him to the base and started pumping away.

Instead of exploding, as he usually did on those rare occasions I fellated him, something much more surprising happened. His dick started to swell, getting thicker and longer as I wildly pumped my head back and forth. Perhaps even more surprising, I felt myself getting even more aroused by the enormous cock in my mouth. Every time I swallowed him, his dick slipped a little further down my throat.

When it was nearly ten inches long and so thick that it practically filled my mouth, he grabbed me by the hair and forced himself even further down my throat. And then he exploded, pouring load after load of semen into my throat. I gagged, the thick white cum spurting out of my mouth and dribbling down my chest. Finally, he stopped, and let me fall back onto the floow.

“Please, fuck me now! I need something inside me!” I moaned. I was so empty inside, and so fucking horny that I could barely think. He didn’t say a word, just grabbed my knees, forced my legs apart, and buried himself in me. I came immediately, harder than I would have thought possible. The orgasm tore out of my vagina and fried my brain. I screamed.

My pelvis was thrusting up and down of its own volition while my legs wrapped around Jared’s waist. I grabbed him by the ears and started kissing him wildly, trying to reach my tongue down the back of his throat. And then I came again, dug my nails into his back and clenched every muscle in my body. And then I felt him start to cum, pumping my pussy full of his hot white goo. God, it felt good. And he showed now signs of slowing down, continuing to pound at my cunt like it was a nail he was hammering.

After a while, I was starting to wear out. I uncrossed my ankles, dropped my legs onto the bed. I was lying there spread eagled, unable to move, as Jared continued to fuck me. By then, I was full of his cum. Every time he poured another load into me, creamy white goo gushed out of my pussy and flowed down onto my stomach, my legs.

And then he grabbed by legs, thrust my ankles up past his ears, and started fucking my harder. And faster. And deeper. His huge fucking cock filled up my cunt so tightly that I was being stretched out with each thrust. I came, and again, and again. Every time I felt his dick touch the back of my cunt I exploded. I couldn’t move, even if I had wanted to. My boobs were mashed against my chest, my arms trapped by my sides, my ankles trapped by the sides of his head. Jared continued to pound on me as I stared at the poster of the fuck doll with huge tits and mane of gorgeous blond hair. I passed out eventually, cum practically soaking my brain.

I woke up with Jared already inside me, not knowing what time it was. He felt even bigger. The first orgasm had me screaming. But this time he didn’t fuck me into exhaustion. He got up, pointed at his cock. It had gotten bigger, thicker.

“Suck me.”

I had been fucked into exhaustion the night before, but I felt this burning need in my cunt. My libido had gone into hyperdrive. I was too horny to say no. There was no way he would fuck me again if I didn’t suck him off first.

I crawled over to him, started licking his dick with my tongue.

“Suck me, I said.”

So I swallowed him whole, all at once. God, it felt good to have a dick in me, even if it was the wrong hole. As I pumped my head back and forth, my hair tickled my tits, which was surprising, because I usually kept my hair fairly short, and arousing, because my nipples were about as sensitive as my clit had been. God, it was really getting to feel good. And then I orgasmed from giving a guy a blow job.

Jus then, I felt Jared’s meat begin to quiver. I thought to myself, this time I’m not going to lose a drop of his cum. And he started cumming, white hot jizz pouring out of his cock. I swallowed the first massive load, and most of the second, but the third began to trickle out of my mouth. The fourth exploded out, and the fifth knocked me back onto my ass, as spurt after spurt soaked my face and hair in cum. I was dripping goo off of my nose, my chin, my tits. It dribbled out of my mouth.

“Tittie fuck me,” he said. And I couldn’t stop myself. I mashed my tits around his dick, or at least as much of it as I could. They seemed larger, though. And GOD they were sensitive. If the blow job was good, this was fucking incredible. My nipples were super-sensitive, and just the mashing of my tit-flesh felt better than just about anything I’d felt before Friday.

I was well on my way to my third orgasm when Jared sprayed me with another load, his cum flowing out of him in torrent after torrent. By the time he was spent, I was literally soaked in his cum from head to foot.

“Fuck me, now, please,” I begged him. Every orgasm just made the need in my cunt that much more powerful. I would have done anything for his cock right then.

“Go take a shower,” he said. I moaned quietly as I crawled into the bathroom. I shut the door, let the water start to heat up, then stepped into the shower and let it wash the thick coating of goo off my body. My boobs had grown, I realized. Before they had been fairly small – frankly I had been flat-chested. But now they thrust outward from my chest, two large and very, very sensitive globes. I turned and looked down at my ass; it too had grown quite a bit. My plump cheeks swelled outwards from my back, matching my newly-enlarged hips. God I had gotten curvaceous. My hair, now an incredible golden shade, reached down to the small of my back, the cum slowly washing out of it.

Then I turned around and started to wash off my chest. A quiver ran through me; just the sensation of the shower drumming on my tits was enough to bring me close to orgasm. I hurried up, not wanting to get distracted, then turned around again to finish cleaning my hair. But it was no use. I could feel myself getting hornier and hornier. I brushed my cunt with my fingers and nearly came.

Fuck it, this shower is over. I jumped out, didn’t bother to dry myself. I needed sex. I flung open the door, ran into the kitchen, where Jared was fixing himself some breakfast, still naked. As he turned around, I jumped onto him, impaled myself on his giant cock. I gripped his waist with my legs and his neck with my arms and started pumping myself up and down, my engorged mammaries bouncing wildly. I was cumming almost non-stop.

Jared barely acknowledged me and continued to fix himself breakfast, and then ate it, while I continued to fuck him as hard as I possibly could. He ate, read the news, cleaned up, and by that time I was nearly worn out. I was resting my head on his shoulder, my tits pressed tight against his chest, clinging to his body. The only movement left in me was the faint up and down thrust of my hips.

Then he grabbed me by the ass and carried me into the bedroom. He threw me down on the bed, mounted me, and started massaging my oversize tits with his hands. His penis hovered just outside of my cunt; I tried desperately to reach it, but never could. His hands on my chest felt incredible. I was cumming just from that, but all the breast-cums just made me crave a cunt-fucking even more.

“Please,” I whispered, “please!” Jared rose up and flipped me onto my back, then started massaging my plump, swollen ass. I had never known anyone whose ass was more sensitive than their breasts, but it felt like there was a fire down there. As his hands crushed my ass, a fire was building deep down in me. I hadn’t orgasmed yet, but it was rising, slowly, from some deep part of me.

And then he stopped. “Get up,” he said, and I did. “Put your hands on the dresser.” He didn’t need to tell me to stick my ass out. I arched my back, straightened my legs, and presented myself. He came over, took my cheeks in his hands, and started practically kneading them. He slapped me, hard, and it hurt but that felt so fucking good.

“More!” I shouted. “Come on Jared, fuck me! FUCK ME HARD!” I felt animal. Some primal part of my self had turned on, taken over, and turned me wild. I was grunting through clenched teeth, mashing my tits against the wood dresser, pushing back against his hands.

And then I felt his massive dick press against my asshole, and I spread my legs, and then all at once he was in me. I let out a scream that rattled the windowpanes, and came harder than I would have thought possible. That fire down in me exploded, roared into every fiber of me, and didn’t stop. Jared continue to pound against my asshole, ramming himself deep into me, his crotch slamming into my ass with every thrust. This wasn’t even an orgasm. It was like an earthquake that didn’t stop, than built and built and rattled every bone in my body and turned my breath into fire. I was screaming, again and again, without words, just explosions of mindless fury.

He was cumming, again and again, pumping me fuller of his raging semen than I had ever been. My own juices were practically flowing down my legs, soaking my feet, dripping onto the floor. His hands were gripping my hips, yanking me back to meet each thrust, while I pushed with every muscle in my legs. It was like getting fucked by a jackhammer.

Eventually, he stopped. He lay down on the bed and went to sleep without a word. I stood, stretched my arms above my head, and yawned like a tigress. Now that was sex. The blond woman was looking at me again, but I met her gaze, asked her You ever get fucked like that, sweetheart? And then I got into bed, climbed on top of Jared, and fell asleep, our bodies pressed tight together.

I awoke before Jared, horny already. I stood up, stretched. My boobs had gotten even bigger overnight. By now they were two mammoth mounds of flesh projecting out of my chest. Now that is a proper rack, I thought. My hands could cover my aureoles and not much more. And GOD were they sensitive. Just the feeling of the air flowing across them was getting me hot.

My hips and ass had swelled a bit too. My figure was a curvy perfect hourglass. It flowed down from my enormous tits to my slim, narrow waist, then back out again to an incredibly juicy, incredibly sensitive ass and a pair of perfect womanly hips. Every inch said “fuckable” in a way far more eloquent than words.

My face had changed somewhat as well. Frankly I was fucking beautiful. My lips were bigger, fuller, a deep ruby red, made for sucking cock. A mane of wavy, golden blonde hair cascaded down my back, just tickling the top of my round ass. And every look, every glance, was a sultry, smoky, “Come fuck me now big boy.” I didn’t even have to bat my eyelashes.

All this looking at myself was getting me way, way too hot. Fuck, I’m turned on just by looking at my own body. But hey, it is an incredible sight. God, my tits have gotten big. I gave them a squeeze, just for fun, and nearly fell over. So without further ado, I jumped on the bed and swallowed up Jared’s cock. Once it was erect, practically a foot long and as thick and wide as a girl could possibly want, I mashed my breasts around it. Big as it was, it disappeared between the twin globes of pure sex that were already starting to soak my spine in pleasure.

I came, hard, and as Jared was waking up, mounted him and started thrusting, a little slowly at first, then harder, bucking my hips up and slamming down, forcing his cock deep into my hungry pussy. My tits were bouncing like mad until Jared grabbed them, started squeezing, and then it was just my hair, a blonde storm flying around my head.

I was orgasming wildly, from the tits and the cunt, and then I decided I needed more, so I bent down and crushed Jared’s lips against mine, while steering his hands onto my ass. It felt even better than before. If my mouth had been sensitive previously, that was nothing. It felt like getting a good cunt-fucking in that previous life of mine. And his hands on my ass, well, Jared knew exactly what to do with those: grab hold and squeeze. He was taking big handfuls of my ass-flesh, grinding my hips down against him, and all in all it was a great way to start the day.

An hour or so later he finally managed to force me off him. “We’re going out today,” he said.


“Shopping. So get dressed.” I started looking through my clothes for something that could possibly fit me. My panties snapped as I tried to force them over my hips; just looking at my bras made me laugh. Trying to get those little things over my tits would be very stimulating, but not very effective. Frankly, nothing was even close to fitting me. Shirts got torn, pants split down the seam, and finally I turned around and saw Jared in silent stitches.

“Here, I picked these up yesterday. Let’s see this one first.” It was a skimpy white dress, tight in every location, but stretchy enough to fit over my curvaceous figure. It didn’t reach past mid-thigh, and it left a whole lot out up on top. “Hmmm, nice, but not naughty enough.” I grinned, turned on by the thought of what else he might have in that bag.

He pulled out a tiny red checkered skirt that barely covered my ass. Next was a skintight black top. It stretched over my titanic tits, then stopped a few inches above my belly button. Feeling the soft material slide over my gigantic nipples got me so horny I felt my legs starting to get wet. I couldn’t resist starting to feel myself up, and was practically cumming when Jared said, “Stop.” And I did, panting and quite annoyed. “We can’t have you masturbating constantly in public” why not, I thought, “So I got these for you.” And he pulled out two vibrators, one very large, and one of a more normal size. “Hold still.” He switched them both on, then thrust the large one into my very wet cunt. I came. The small one he stuck up my ass.

“Mmm, that does feel more like it. Thanks, lover,” I said, wrapping my lips around his and giving him a proper kiss.

“Thank me on your knees,” he said. And so I did. This time, I didn’t spill a drop of his copious load. It felt superb as his steaming semen flowed down my throat and filled up my stomach. My pussy muscles were rhythmically massaging the giant dildo in my cunt, practically reflexively. And the one in my ass felt just fucking fantastic.

Next, he got out a pair of sheer black stockings and matching Mary Janes with six-inch heels. I pulled them on. The stockings didn’t reach past the bottom of my tiny skirt, and the shoes put me nearly on eye-level with Jared. “Now there’s a sexy beast,” he said. I smiled at him, a naughty-schoolgirl come-punish-me smile.

“Come on Jared,” I said, in my best little-girl voice. “Show me what kind of man you are.”

He grunted, something guttural. “On your knees again.” I couldn’t have thought of a better idea.

“So where are we going?” I asked, a few hours later. My ass was still tingling from the spanking he had just given me. “The mall,” he said. “So you can pick out some new clothes for yourself.”

Walking in my new shoes was quite the experience. I’d never really worn heels before; they were either uncomfortable or degrading. I couldn’t remember which, but now, they were neither. They thrust my ass out, the tiny skirt revealing just how curvy it was, and my hips swayed back and forth as I walked, making sure nobody could miss that incredible posterior. My breasts, finally free of a bra, bounced and jiggled quite a bit as I strolled along. They were really quite expansive. My oversized nipples poked out through the thin, stretchy fabric, revealing just how large and hard they were. Each one was a good bit thicker than my thumb. I got quite a few stares, two fights, and a car accident. It all made me horny.

We went on a bit of a spree at the mall. We bought swimsuits, dresses, tank tops, skirts, sweatpants to show off my ass, shorts to show off my legs, tank tops and v necks to let the world know just how huge my breasts were, shoes for every occasion, and everything else. You’d be amazed how easy it is to get discounts just by smiling, arching your back, and breathing in. My tits would jiggle and swell and I think one clerk actually creamed his pants. And then I’d giggle and get 90% off.

The pair of vibrators buried in me kept me mostly satisfied, but I could feel myself getting hornier and hornier as time went by. I was going to need a good, thorough fucking pretty soon, whether we had gotten home or not.

So, loaded down with bags, we took a break to go get some lunch at the food court. My skirt was so short I could feel my ass touching the cool metal of the seat. It was a bit of a challenge eating when my tits blocked my view of the plate, but I managed.

“How much for a go with her?” I looked up. Three young men had gathered around our table.

“What did you say?” asked Jared.

“I said, how much for a go with that piece of candy right there?”

Jared smiled at them. “Oh, she’s not for sale.” Damn right, but frankly, that’s because I’d do it for free. I wiggled in my seat, watched there eyes follow my bouncing tits. God, it would be hot to get fucked by three guys at once.

“Yeah, whatever man. She’s for sale.”

“Sweetheart,” said Jared. “These men are bothering me. Beat them up, won’t you?” A terribly surprised look crossed the speaker’s face, but before he could say anything, I slammed my foot into his chin. This surprised me almost as much as it surprised him. Before he hit the floor, I’d delivered a side kick to the second man’s stomach, doubling him over, and then I drove my elbow into the back of his head, knocking him out, and probably sending him to the hospital. I was really starting to enjoy myself, actually. I was intensely aware of every inch of my body, of the constant vibration in my cunt and ass, of the pleasant throbbing in my giant tits, of the intense pleasure shooting up and down my spine.

The third man had gotten himself together by this point, and threw wide, slow punch at my head. I batted it aside, gave him two hooks to the body, then a quick uppercut. He stumbled back, swung blindly, and then I spun and planted my heel in the side of his head, flashing half the food court in the process. I came, hard, a sharp shock of an orgasm that flashed through my body, running up from the tips of my toes to the crown of my head.

By now the first man had recovered. He tried to tackle me, but I snapped my foot into his crotch, then grabbed his head, crushed it against my boobs, grunting as their throbbing went from merely pleasant to practically orgasmic, and then started driving my knees into his stomach one after the other. I ground his head against my tits, cumming hard again, and let out a piercing scream as I dropped him to the floor.

I was panting heavily, my great rack bouncing about, letting the afterglow flow through me. Now that had felt good. Not quite in the same way as getting fucked in the ass, not that earthquake, but something equally primal. I felt alive, powerful, perfect; I felt like fire was bursting out of my fingers and toes and the tips of my hair. I tossed my head, let my blonde mane fly around, and laughed.

Then Jared kissed me, and I came again, jumped up and wrapped my legs around his waist. “Fuck me now,” I yelled, and he proceeded to take me from behind, doggy style, as I bent over the food court table, my big tits crushed up against the cold metal, my plump perfect ass jiggling as he pounded himself into me again and again.

The mood was catching; by the time mall security arrived, the whole food court had erupted into a giant orgy. Teenage girls in tight shirts were dragging boys down, clawing off their pants; buff young men were fucking their girlfriends on benches, tanned legs sticking straight up in the air while their owners screamed in pleasure.

We made our escape in the confusion. On the ride home, I realized two things. First, my shirt had gotten a lot tighter. My big boobs had gotten bigger, swollen further out on my chest. They were huge; I could barely wrap my arms around them. My shirt rode further up, exposing more of my midriff. Frankly, it barely covered more than my massive tits. My ass had grown too, pushing my little red skirt further up, revealing to the world at every moment that I was not, in fact, wearing anything underneath it. I wondered when I’d finally reach my full, proper size and shape. Fuck, but I had a full shape. Round ass, curving hips, titanic tits, slim little waist; I was damn near fucking perfect. I was every man’s wet dream of a perfect woman.

The other thing I realized was that Jared had, in fact, taken control of my mind. I’d been too busy enjoying myself these past few days to really notice it, but I was obeying his every suggestion without even thinking. Hell, I had never taken a martial arts class in my life, but I had just taken those three boys apart. And damn it had felt good. I can’t say that I really minded what he’d done to me – frankly my old life was looking pretty dull – but it really showed a lack of respect. Sure, he’d transformed me into a goddess, made me so sensitive that I could orgasm in ways that most women couldn’t imagine, but he could at least have asked me about it.

I went down on him during the ride, more for myself than him, and he was hard and happy the whole way home. Once we were in the door, though, I tackled him, sending bags of clothes flying, pinned him beneath me and started fucking away. I came, once, twice, three times, then flipped us over, let him start to fuck me his way. I twined my legs around him, let each thrust pound my ass down, then lift it off the floor. My enormous melons – they’d surpassed cantaloupe and were moving on to watermelon – were bouncing and quivering wildly as my whole body shook with orgasm after orgasm.

Then he stopped, said, “Get up,” and I did. But I didn’t want to. He was about to tell me to suck his cock; I could tell, but frankly, I didn’t feel like it. So I jumped on him before he could speak, grabbed his mouth with my lips and his waist with my thighs and his dick with my pussy, and proceeded to fuck him some more. He grabbed my thrusting hips, tried to throw me off, but that just made my hotter, fuck him harder. So he started slamming me into the wall, pounding my ass against it again and again, but that felt even better. My cunt muscles were gripping his dick, practically giving it a blow job, wrapping and twisting and stroking with every thrust. He came then; he couldn’t help himself, and for a few moments he stopped pounding me against the wall.

“DON’T STOP!” I screamed, and he tried to say something, but then I locked my lips against his again and swallowed his words. He grabbed my tits, tried to force me off, but he really just ended up grinding my giant nipples, sending me straight to orgasm and a much, much tighter grip on his body.

Eventually, he stopped struggling, much to my disappointment, and lay there as I bucked my hips up and down, swallowing his cock into me again and again and again. Some hours later, I was mostly satisfied, and took a break to get a glass of water. While I was drinking, he stood up, caught his breath, and started to say something.

“Don-” was all that got out of his mouth before I drove my foot into his stomach. He flew back, slammed into the wall, and I brought my foot up against his throat, pinned him to the wall. It was a simple choice, really. After that first act of defiance, the only reasonable thing for him to do was to make me a complete slave. And I had no intention of being a slave. I was finally free – free to do whatever the fuck I wanted. I’d lost my inhibitions and gained a body so incredible that I could make a man orgasm just by smiling and jiggling my tits. The thought of all that was making me really, really quite hot. Jared was struggling, trying to get my foot off his throat, but my thighs were quite a bit more powerful than his arms.

I could feel the orgasm building, slowly, deeply, coming from some dark ancient part of myself. It was like a distant freight train, its rumble growing slowly louder and louder, starting to shake the earth and the trees, a roar that grew and grew, drowning out every other noise. But my senses were perfectly clear. I could see the clothes scattered about the room, the poster of the small-chested, flat-assed bottle-blonde slut that Jared was pinned to, smell the musk of sweat and sex that permeated the air, feel the big muscles in my thighs flexing as I slowly crushed Jared’s windpipe. And the orgasm was still building. It felt like it was everywhere, a gathering in the air, slowly concentrating on the surface of my perfect skin. It was seeping into every part of my body, growing stronger and stronger, filling my perfect, bouncy, gigantic breasts, my expansive, womanly hips, my plump, swollen ass, my ever-hungry cunt. It was building in my chest and my heart and my head, filling me up, and it was still growing, building.

When I finally came, it hit me like a nuclear explosion that just went on and on. Jared’s neck snapped as every muscle in my body clenched and spasmed. A scream tore out of my throat, harsh and primal, letting everyone within a mile know that I was alive. It didn’t stop; it went on and on, a burning white explosion that filled me with light. I screamed again, loud and proud and sexual. I was a sex goddess.

Finally, it was over. Every square inch of my skin was tingling. If I touched something, I imagined I would see sparks fly off the tips of my fingers. My body was finished growing. My previously tiny breasts had ballooned, expanded outwards, filling out into a pair of enormous, perfect globes, practically buoyant, firm and sensitive and tipped with enormous aureoles and hard, hard nipples. My lower body had followed suit, growing curvier and curvier, until my perfect plump bubble butt swelled outwards, matched by my wide, womanly hips. My lips were a deep cherry red, big and swollen and made for kissing and sucking and fucking. My hair was a long wavy honey-blonde mane that fell down my back like a waterfall, framing my face and complementing my skin’s darker shade, a perfect golden tan. I’d transformed into voluptuous blonde slut, a bimbo with a body built for fucking.

I put my clothes back on, that now excruciatingly tiny black top, stretched to its limit by my enormous rack, the little red skirt that tried and failed to cover my ass, the black stockings and Mary Janes that turned me into that little schoolgirl temptress with the body built for sex. I even got out a pair of red hair ties and gave myself pigtails.

And then I went for a walk. It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, the sky was blue, and it was neither too hot nor too cold. A beautiful day to begin a new life, I thought. Whatever kind of life I want. Because I can do anything. I laughed, threw my head back and laughed, and started dancing down the street, my big tits shimmying beneath my too-tight top. And when a gorgeous blonde girl smiles and dances, well, the whole world smiles with her.