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Chapter 2 — Master

Jane had not felt so bored and frustrated for a long time. Why on earth had she agreed to come and watch this stupid match. She didn’t even like football. As a top model, she was used to men flocking around her constantly, paying her compliments and attending to her. Yet today it was almost as if she was invisible. Men just walked past her, as if she was not there. Nobody had got her a drink the entire afternoon. Even the big titted waitress was getting more attention that she was. Admittedly she was fairly pretty, but nowhere near Jane’s league. Jane was feeling more and more invisible as time passed. Now and then, she had tried to start a few conversations herself, and each time had barely exchanged introductions before the man excused himself and wandered off. Even her boyfriend Walter was nowhere to be seen. How dare he abandon her like this? She was going to have stern words with him later on. There was going to have to be some serious apologies if he wanted her to open her legs for him any time soon.

Perhaps there was something wrong with her appearance? Had her mascara run, or was her dress somehow askew? Jane slipped away quietly to the ladies to check. As she opened the door she suddenly stopped, rooted to the spot, unable to accept what she was seeing. The big titted waitress she had seen earlier was bent over the washbasins totally naked, her clothes strewn in a path from the door to the basins. The man standing behind her with his trousers round his ankles was thrusting lustily into her, making her body shake and tits quiver with each stroke. The couple were facing away from her, and too engrossed with each other to notice her. Jane’s first reaction was to back quietly out and leave them too it, but she found watching them fuck so uninhibitedly mildly erotic and her feet remained rooted to the spot. Her nipples swelled and hardened and she felt herself grow damp between the legs.

Jane let out a little groan of pleasure. Almost without realising it she had hiked her dress up round her waist and was holding it there with one hand while the other was busy between her legs. She hadn’t realised she could be so wanton, playing with herself while watching another couple fucking only a few feet away. Her fingers stroked furiously against her clit and she let out another moan as a wave of pleasure coursed through her. The waitress must have heard because she looked up. Although she was facing away from Jane there was a mirror above the washstand, and she glanced into it, looking for the source of the noise. She spotted Jane almost immediately and their eyes met in the mirror. Jane blushed. She was unable to stop frigging herself furiously, but was acutely conscious that the other woman was watching her intently in the mirror. After a few seconds the waitress gave a little smile and a wink, as if to say she approved of her audience, then looked away.

Jane moved her gaze up, trying to see if the man had noticed her too, but his eyes were looking straight down, watching his cock plough in and out of the waitress’s pussy.

Jane’s eyes opened wide as she recognised the man’s face. It was her boyfriend Walter. How could she not have realised it before? She stood indecisive with shock for a few seconds. Should she confront him there and then—it would be difficult, especially as the waitress had seen her fingering herself while she watched them. How would it look if she tried to be cross with him if he knew she had been turned on by watching him fuck the girl? What should she do? She was so confused. Stifling a sob, she turned and ran from the room, tugging her dress down as she did so.

By the time she returned to the box she had slowed to a fast walk. Her head still felt in a whirl and her desire had not subsided since she left the restroom. If anything it was getting worse. She had got quite close to orgasm, and her need for release seemed to be growing with each passing minute. She wanted nothing more than to get her fingers back into her pussy, and hammer away until she got some much needed relief, but she could hardly do that here in the middle of the box. The restroom was of course out of the question. She couldn’t go back in there while that bastard was two-timing her with that bit-titted slut.

One of the waiters was approaching her. Of course, he would go straight past her. She was almost getting used to being ignored by everyone.

He stopped by her side.

“Good evening, madam.” His voice was deep and seductive. It was so good to be finally noticed again, she had to stop herself from hugging and kissing him with joy. She was so grateful to be paid some attention again. She should find some way of rewarding him.

The waiter offered her the tray of cakes and chocolates.

“Is there anything you need? Perhaps I can fill you up before half-time ends?”

So he wanted to fill her up did he? She was so horny right now, she couldn’t help interpreting that as a sexual offer. Even while he was speaking it felt like a hot cock was slowly spreading her legs and sliding slowly up her. The sensations felt so real she was unable to let a little gasp of pleasure escape her lips. She staggered forward and grasped his arm for support. She was not surprised to feel a little thrill as she touched him. God, but she needed some release right now. She had never felt more in need of a good fucking.

“Are you all right?” he asked solicitously. “Is there anything I can do for you?” Of course there was. She wanted him to do her right now, here in the middle of the box. She was so turned on, she had never felt need like this before. She pictured herself sitting astride him, bouncing up and down on his cock until she exploded with relief. She could almost feel his meat sliding in and out of her, imagining how it would feel to be penetrated by him. She couldn’t remember the last time she had been so aroused. She needed to move away, get a little space, or she would be fucking him right there in the middle of the room on the floor.

“No! Thank you for your help though. Here’s a little something – you’ve been most kind.” She opened her purse and handed him a ten pound tip.

“Ah, I think I know what your problem is.” he said knowingly, looking at the item in his hands. She looked down, following his eyes, and took a sharp intake of breath. He was not holding a ten pound note, but a pair of black thongs; thongs she instantly recognised as her own.

Jane could not remember removing them; let alone placing them in her purse. She stood rooted to the spot, confused. Thinking back, she now remembered that every woman who had arrived after her had stopped just inside the box, hitched their dress up to their waist, and shimmied out of their underwear before smoothing their dress down once more. She had thought nothing of it at the time, just one of those football traditions, but now she realised she too must have undressed. What had she been thinking of, taking off her thong and putting it in her purse? Why had she stripped off in front of everybody? It didn’t seem to make sense now, but at the time it had seemed so … right.

She blushed, thinking about the men in the room who must have already seen her flash her pussy. To her surprise, realising this just seemed to turn her on even more. Her nipples were now so hard they hurt, and a thin trickle of liquid ran down her legs.

What would the waiter think she meant by handing him her panties? He would realise she had nothing on underneath her dress, even if he hadn’t already seen her strip earlier. Why, it was practically an invitation to fuck her. She should back away now, but she needed a man so badly.

Before she could move matters were taken out of her hands as the waiter put down his tray, knelt in front of her and slowly hiked up her dress. Then his mouth was on her pussy and she was holding onto his head for dear life as his tongue did indescribable things inside her.

It was all happening so quickly. She could hardly believe she was letting a man she had hardly even spoken to eat her pussy. But he was so good with his tongue. She wasn’t going to make him stop. If anything she clutched his head closer to her, pressing him hard against her groin.

The sensations built and built. Jane felt ever more desperate for release, but for some reason it did not come. Now she was unashamedly grinding her mound against his mouth trying to tip herself over the edge. Suddenly she gave a low grunt, and started to spasm uncontrollably against him. Finally her orgasm had arrived. Her legs went weak and she almost lost her balance. She stood there panting for a few seconds while she regained her composure.

Now she had come at last and the desperate need for release had subsided, she was finally able to think straight.

How dare that big titted bitch fuck her man? How dare Walter cheat on her like that? Admittedly she was keeping him on fairly tight rations recently, but she still knew how to please a man. She was sure she was a much better fuck than that stupid waitress.

Two could play at that game. Let Walter know what it felt like to be cheated on. Yes that was right, she would punish Walter. She would show him what he was missing out on by choosing the waitress instead of her. When Walter came out of the restroom he would see her making love to the waiter. And that was right too. The waiter deserved his reward. She could not remember when she had cum that intensely before. She would make sure his experience was equally memorable.

She had a good body – no a great body. Sure, the waitress was fine if you just liked big tits, but Jane was tanned and trim, with a face that could bring a room full of cocks to attention with a sultry smile. The waiter deserved to enjoy her body – he had earned it. Jane matched her deeds to her thoughts, unbuttoning her dress and letting it slide to the floor. Her bra followed moments later. She smiled at how clever she was, killing two birds with one stone. Now the waiter would be able to enjoy looking at her body while she made love to him. And when Walter returned he would be reminded of what he was missing. He would be able to compare her to that fat slut he was fucking earlier.

How would he feel when he sneaked back from his tryst in the washroom to find his girl naked with another man? Yes, she would have her revenge on him all right.

It would be his turn to be jealous watching her. She would remind him just what he was missing. And she knew just the thing to punish him most. Walter was always begging her to suck him off, and she almost always refused. It was not that she didn’t like a cock in her mouth, far from it. Memories floated into her head, unbidden, of all the times Walter had asked her to go down on him and she had refused. She dismissed them, irritatedly. Of course, she had refused Walter, but that was not because she didn’t want to suck his cock, it was more a…more a… control thing, to keep him guessing, to keep him attentive. More memories surfaced, of her feeling nauseated when he asked. She brushed them away again. Of course she had felt repulsed, but not because of the thought of sucking dick, no, it was…it was…the way he had asked. Yes, that was it. Too much pleading and whining. Such a turn off. There was no need to ask, he should just expect her to suck his dick. Jeez, if he only knew how much she loved the feel of wrapping her lips round a cock he would be making her suck him off every time they fucked. Of course, the real reason she didn’t blow Walter more often was to keep him under control, to keep him more appreciative of her. He needed to be suitably appreciative of those times when she did swallow dick. She had to ration herself for the sake of the bigger picture. But really, why should she deny herself the pleasure of feeling hot meat sliding between her lips. It was silly to pretend to herself that she didn’t like sucking cock, when even now just the thought of having a dick in her mouth was making her wet between the legs again. Just because she needed to keep Walter on a tight rein didn’t mean she couldn’t indulge herself elsewhere.

And the waiter was standing right by her with his trousers round his ankles. It was like he expected her to get down on her knees and blow him. That was just what she needed – a man who knew what he wanted and expected her to provide it. And she hadn’t had a cock in her mouth for so long it was like he knew just what she wanted. And of course, the waiter deserved his reward too for eating out her pussy. She would show him just how good she could make him feel with her mouth.

Walter would be so jealous watching her with her lips wrapped round the shaft of this gorgeous waiter. Walter would be reminded just how good she was at sucking cock when the mood took her. Oh, yes. Revenge would be sweet.

The waiter was slowly stroking his cock, keeping himself hard for her. Jane knew what was expected of her, and sank to her knees, eager to begin.

The waiter looked down and said conversationally. “You know, David was right. It really is much better to take the time and set things up gradually. Make everyone think they are doing things of their own volition.”

She didn’t really know what he meant by that, but anyway, she had her mouth full at the time, so didn’t think he was expecting an answer.