The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Quick Fix

Synopsis: The CEO of a development company hears of an impending dilemma and contracts a young hypnotist to make it go away.

Melanie walked with confidence and purpose through the Mall dressed in a smart business suite carrying her briefcase.

She was a striking young woman with shoulder length auburn hair surrounding a beautiful face, her court shoes with a modest three inch heel punctuated ankles and legs most women would die for.

Her destination was the administrator’s office in the Mall’s management suite where she was to terminate phase two of the development contract.

A series of allegations had come to light indicating that there had been corruption and malpractice in the development company.

The investment bank had conducted an investigation and uncovered enough evidence to withdraw funding.

Melanie as a senior bank employee was carrying copies of the evidence ready for a confrontation.

Her dominant personality and sharp brain made her perfect for this kind of role she gave no quarter and would never compromise the Bank’s position.

The Chief developer had prior knowledge of her intended visit and of her reputation and had set in motion means to intercept her.

He had engaged a Hypnotist who could get into and manipulate the minds of others. This predator was a young college dropout called Paul, who was a very talented telepath.

His psi-abilities were exceptional but his clients thought he was a hypnotist who used a secret rapid induction technique to take his targets into a very deep trance before adjusting their minds.

He was a man with little imagination so normally took a long time to develop a synopsis for change that could be performed in one sitting.

This assignment had not allowed this slow approach because knowledge of the meeting had only been received the day before.

While Paul had walked through the Mall early that morning trying to think of a strategy to divert her attention he passed a sex shop with a window display of Manikins dressed in rubber bondage.

Thinking, although I have never done anything like this before, it might be fun to give her a fetish for latex and bondage. Up until now all his assignments were to alter the memories of witnesses, court officials or jurors at numerous court cases. He had never tried to change someone’s personality so this would be something new.

Paul was laying in wait carrying a picture of Melanie attached to a clip board, posing as a media researcher.

As Melanie approached he asked if she could spare a few minutes, she was about to decline and keep going but then a thought entered her mind saying why not she was early for her meeting an had plenty of time.

Turning to the researcher she said “I can only spare a few minutes, how can I assist you”.

The researcher looked into her eyes and said “I want you to maintain the stance of a happy individual chatting to a friend while I talk directly to your subconscious.

He then pushed his consciousness into hers shutting down her main thought patterns.

She stood there with her eyes open smiling as if there was not a care in the world while he dove deeper into her subconscious.

When he was happy that he had reached the right level he said “When you are at work in the Bank or with your work colleagues you will maintain your dominant smart persona but when you are outside or with strangers you will become completely subservient, you will do whatever you are told to do and be what you are told to be.

He went on to tell her that if anyone gave her a new truth it would become her truth but she would not consciously be aware that any change had taken place. He further told her that in her subservient role she would be a genuine slut enjoying being made to do embarrassing or humiliating acts.

The more embarrassed or humiliated she became the more aroused she would be.

He finished by making his changes to her mind permanent and protecting them from being detected by anyone else other than himself even if a powerful hypnotist were to psychoanalyse her mind they would not get even a hint that she had been corrupted.

He then searched her mind for all references to the allegations, investigation, evidence and the names of those at the bank who were involved. Making a list of the others he needed to adjust he removed all the knowledge from Melanie’s mind.

As he withdrew from her he restated her main consciousness and asked her for her name and occupation.

She responded by saying “My name is Melanie Preston and I work for The Principal Financial Institution as an investment banker.

He replied as he wrote on his clip board “For the rest of the day you are “Preston Melanie who is skiving off work today for some retail therapy”.

He then asked if she was married or in relationship. She replied that she was between boyfriends because her previous partner couldn’t handle her dominant manor in the bedroom.

Paul then said “From now on and forever you are the most compliant subservient lover to anyone who makes sexual advances to you for as long as they want, male or female”. His next question was “where do you buy all your clothes”.

Preston replied that she always used high class stores in Knightsbridge. As he wrote down her answer he said “Your clothes are not suitable for your job in future you will limit yourself to shopping for clothes and shoes in sex shops and you must never wear slacks or shoes with less than five inches or skirts and dresses longer than the middle of your thigh.

I suggest you go along to the sex shop at the back of the Mall and change into something more appropriate.

Preston smiled, turned and started off to find her new clothes outlet but before she had covered more then a few feet he said “Wait, I’ll come with you and help you chose the right outfit”.

He held out his arm so she could link up and they walked together like the old friends they now were.

When they arrived at the sex shop Preston looked at the manikins in the window dressed in leather and rubber bondage and said “I have never worn anything like this and I know I will not like it”.

“Well” he relied “before you makeup your mind you should try it on I’m sure that once you are wearing your new clothes you will never want to wear anything else”.

Taking her into the shop he said “You go into the changing room and remove all your clothes and I will find you something more appropriate that you will love”

As she disappeared into the changing room he approached the sales assistant and asked for a pair of rubber knickers with built in vibrating plugs, a latex corset with built in bra and attached suspenders that would reduce her waist by at least four inches, latex stocking and opera gloves, a tight latex top and a leather mini skirt. While the assistant was picking out the items he had requested, he went to the shoe rack and selected a bondage ankle boot with 6 inch heels.

When the assistant approached with her hands full of clothes he said “please take them into my slut and help her dress and while you are there find out her shoes size so you can see if you have a pair of these in the right size. Looking to her mind he was surprised to find that this pretty young sales assistant was a sadistic bully who was working in this shop as penitence for being caught shop lifting.

The owner, who had been looking for an assistant, when he caught her shop lifting, was now blackmailing her to work in lieu of being referred to the Police.

He noted that the assistant’s name was Tracy; she was eighteen and was from a broken home now living with her alcoholic mother.

She was very bright but undisciplined and had been expelled from school before her final exams.

While Tracy was helping Melanie to dress Paul slipped into her mind and made believe that she would always have to work in this shop. He also made her think that as part of the penitence she had to wear rubber clothes all the time.

Lastly he strengthened her jealousy for this attractive customer.

While he waited for them to return, he looked through some magazines and there were a number that specialised in latex bondage so he selected one of each and placed them on the sales counter, he also looked through the DVD selection and picked out some porn movies that included a latex content and placed them with the magazines.

A short time later, Tracy reappeared in search of the correct size ankle boots. Before she returned to the changing room he asked her if she had any rubbish bags to put her old clothes in.

Tracy retrieved a black plastic bin liner from behind the counter and took it with the boots back to Preston.

A short while later, both the sales assistant and Preston, carrying her old clothes in a black plastic bag, came back into the main store.

As they reached the sales desk Paul said to Preston along with your new clothes which you now love I want you to buy these magazines and DVDs these are your new bibles, you will read these magazines from cover to cover when ever you have nothing else to do and at home you will watch these DVDs over and over again imagining that you are the victim in each scene. At home you will always be a slut who does no housework or cleaning except when absolutely necessary and there is nothing left to use. that will give you more time to watch DVDs or read your bibles.

Tracy totted up the sales and Preston paid with her platinum card making Tracy even angrier.

Leaving the sales assistant to her future, Paul led Preston out of the store, on the way to the main shopping area they passed a rubbish bin and he told Preston to empty the contents of her briefcase into the rubbish bin and to replace it with her magazines and DVDs telling her that in future, she could only carry this kind of material in her briefcase. She removed everything else including the evidence and her prized fountain pens and discarded each item in the bin.

They continued together into the main complex and Paul directed her to a Charity Shop.

At the door he instructed her to take her old clothes into the shop and while there transfer all the contents from her very expensive leather handbag into the cheapest plastic one she could find leaving her leather bag with the clothes.

When she returned she was carrying a mush smaller grotesque gaudy bright pink plastic hand bag and carrying the items that wouldn’t fit within it, in a plastic carrier bag.

He took her to a bench seed in the middle of the mall and sitting down asked to see what she had put in her handbag and what was left over.

She opened her handbag and took out her purse, filofax and mobile phone, in the carrier bag were her compact, lipstick a pack of mints, and some assorted pens and pencils and the keys to her car and home.

He took her filofax and asked what was in it; she replied “It holds my business cards, my diary for appointments and anniversaries, business contact details and key project information and passwords, my bank and credit card security info”.

He then instructed her to keep it in her brief case along with her porn mags although from then on she would remember the subject matter of the filofax contents but not the detail and when ever she opened it, she would only see unreadable gibberish, if she wanted information from it she would have to ask someone else to retrieve it for her.

He then took her mobile and said “what purpose do you use this for” She replied saying she had set up two ring tones the first so her secretary and colleagues could stay in touch and the second so she could detect calls from her Mum and Dad or personal friends.

Giving the phone back he told her to keep it in her handbag but whenever it rings with the second tone she would answer “This is Preston Slut your wish is my command” he went on to tell her that she would perform any and all command given by the person on the other end as if they were her deepest wishes and would not attempt to end the call before the caller”

Next he turned to her purse and said what do you keep in there, she replied that she had some loose money in notes and coins and the regular used credit and bank cards. He than asked if she had any credit cards for emergency that were not automatically paid in full at he end of each month. She told him there were two in her purse, one from Visa and one form MasterCard.

He then told her to keep these and give him all the others except her bank card to him.

He then instructed her the from that moment on she could use her bank card at any cash point to get a maximum of £100 cash, the visa card at the sex shop to buy her clothes and magazines, the MasterCard to buy food makeup products, haberdashery or fuel.

He also told her that she would only ever pay the minimum amount off each card every month continuing to use it until it had been maxed out and a transaction had been refused and the card confiscated. . Only after this could she settle the balance and apply for a new card and start the process all over again.

Next he took the assortment of pens and pencils and told her then whenever she held a pen, be it a cheap biro or an expensive fountain pen; she would forget how to write she would not be able to even sign her name. She would only remember how to write when using an old fashioned lead pencil that needed a pencil sharpener to keep it sharp.

He took the pens and gave her back the pencils to be put in her handbag. Lastly he moved to her makeup and said these colours are all wrong you must only use colours that fit a slut.

Go over to that shop over there and buy some bright red lipstick and heavy eye makeup.

Preston when into a nearby pharmacy without thinking anything was odd everything he had said just felt right and she had no desire to refuse him. Moments later she came out with the required items and after gaining approval from her companion, put them in her pink plastic handbag. He has already disposed of the old products in a nearby waste bin along with the pens and the carrier bag.

Picking up her car keys he stood up and said. “I think we are nearly done lets go out to your car and I can send you on your way.

Walking back down the mall the car park exit they went past the charity shop again and he said “All the clothes you currently have in your wardrobes, drawers, pegs and hampers must be disposed of in there and replaced by clothes from the sex shop”.

If you need smart clothes for work you had better buy them soon but they must be bought from the sex shop, until all your clothes have been replaced for each item you buy, two items must have been given to the charity shop.

When they exited the Mall into the car park, he said which is your car and she pointed to and Black BMW X5. This he said to too much car for a slut before the road fund licence runs out get rid of it and to only use public transport.

After unlocking the car with the remote key fob he told her to put her handbag and briefcase on the back seat and get in. As she buckled her seat belt he noticed the hands free equipment in the car and asked if it was blue toothed to her phone.

When she answered in the affirmative he told her never to answer calls with the second ring tone while driving. If she were to get a call while driving she must find somewhere safe to park before returning the call.

Just before he closed the door he said When you leave this car park you will forget you ever met me however all my instruction will remain part of you for the rest of your life, I suggest when you get home you watch your DVDs while drinking copious amounts of alcohol, keep drinking until you pass out. Tomorrow you call into work sick and start changing your clothes hopefully you will be able to choose something suitable for your return to work on Monday.

“One last thing before you leave do you operate a computer at work, and do you have one at home”.

She answered that she had both one on her desk at work and one in her study at home. When he asked if she had a personal email account and broadband internet access she replies that she had both.

He then said from now on you cannot use your fingers on a computer keyboard if you need to type you will only be able to use a pencil held in your mouth to operate the keys and on your personal email you will change your signature to be “For ever yours Slut, your wish is my command”. You must treat all instruction or commands in any emails addressed to you like calls on your mobile from family and personal friends.

He then closed the door and walked back into the mall to report to the Chief Developer, while waiting for him to finish a phone conversation he took the credit cards out of his pocket a fed them through the office shredder.

Preston drove home in frenzied anticipation she couldn’t wait until tomorrow when she could humiliate herself with her old boyfriend. When she arrived at her house she was as horny as she has ever been and putting a DVD in the player, pored herself a very large scotch and sat down to watch it.

She removed the latex knickers and pushed her large vibrator into her pussy. While repeatedly working each DVD four a five time and imagining herself as each victim in the performance, she continued to cum and drink until she passed out with the vibrator on full at about 11:10pm.

Next morning she awoke with a terrible hangover still lying on the settee in front of the TV with a very flat vibrator still hanging out of a very sore pussy.

She called her secretary and told her she was not feeling well and would stay at home. Her secretary wished her well and told her to call if she needs anything. She started to take off all her clothes but found the boots and corset locked on.

Giving up her shower she washed her hair over the bath and washed all her patched of bare skin.

Her actions were not fluid her head ache was pounding and she felt awful when she finished her wash she went into the kitchen and taking a clean glass filled it with water and drank it she then took another clean glass and filled and drank that before she had finished she had used five clean glasses and these were now discarded unwashed in the sink.

She then redressed herself in the clothes she wore yesterday and getting down a large wheeled suitcase she filled it with jeans ands slacks and as many of her longer dresses and skirts that were that would squeeze into the case and shut it.

It was almost lunch time when she pulled the wheeled case into the charity shop and was soon pulling an empty case to the sex shop.

She arrived at the sex shop door just as Tracy was about to close for lunch but she just made it inside and said could you help me I need some clothes for work but would like something that was not latex or leather.

The shop assistant was wearing a latex catsuit with a built in corset and ballet boots and hated it, did not like the feel of the latex but knew she could not wear anything else she also knew it was this lady’s companion that had caused this so she was not inclined to help.

She therefore said “this is a sex shop nearly all our products are made of latex and a few are made of leather so tell me what you want”.

Melanie said “please show what you’ve got so I can choose something appropriate also do you have the keys for these boots and my corset I couldn’t get them off”.

Tracy replied knowing exactly where the keys were “If he didn’t give you the keys perhaps he didn’t want to take them off”.

Melanie replied “I know of no he that would have the keys, I came here yesterday by myself and bought these clothes and you did not give me any keys”.

Tracy thought she could not have imagined him. He must have manipulated this lady the same as me.

She decided to test the ladies conditioning and said “Yesterday you said you were a slut and agreed to do everything I told you to do, is it the same today”? Melanie thought about this and then said “I have no idea, perhaps you had better test it”.

Tracy then said “Come with me outside” and they both went out through the door leaving the suit case inside“. She then said “turn round a face away from the shop”.

As Melanie turned round she locked the door she then said “You will forget that you have been in the shop today you will believe that you met me outside the door and I had already locked up. You pleaded with me but I would not open up again.

Although I did agree to take your case and fill it with my choice of attire after lunch and you agreed to return at 3 O’clock. When you return you will think that all the clothes I have selected are perfect and you will pay without issue giving me a huge tip.

Until I tell you otherwise, I want you to forget all phrases that signify a “no” answer to a question and whenever you intension is to decline, you will say “Yes please” now you will forget what I have just said although it will be your new truth” she then patted Melanie on her shoulder and said “See you at 3”.

Melanie Just said “Ok” and started walking away before she got more than a few yards away Tracy shouted “have you ever eaten out a pussy” Melanie “turned and said “Yes please I am totally heterosexual “ before walking towards the exit.

Smiling, Tracy then went to get her sandwich and coffee at the Mall deli thinking what fun she could have at 3.

As she sat down to enjoy her lunch the man from yesterday came and sat down at her table He asked if his slut had been in to buy her new clothes and she replied”not quite“.

This spiked his interest so he looked into her mind and replayed what had happened then said “You little minx I think you need a little adjustment”.

She tried to get up and run but he already had control and she just sat there. He turned down her hatred of latex and turned it into a growing desire. He then removed her knowledge of the earlier meeting making her memory just like she had programmed Melanie.

Meanwhile Melanie had reached her house and was just sitting down with one of her magazines when her mobile rang using the second ring tone. She answered the phone saying “Preston slut here your wish is my command” and the person on the other end said “Melanie did I hear you correctly”.

“Hi Mum, how is Dad and did you both have a nice holiday”. “Our Holiday was fine dear but I am somewhat startled by your opening remarks, do you really want me give you a command that you must follow”?

Melanie replied “Mum of course yes please”. Her Mum then said “Well dear when you were a little girl, before you became a domineering bitch you were a pleasure to be near so I command you to forget all your numbers and think like a pleasant little girl”.

Melanie exclaimed “Mum yes please”. Melanie’s Mum then said “You were always such a polite little girl so say “thank you” dear”.

Mel replied “Thank you mummy”. “Ok dear have a nice day” said Melanie’s Mum before she ended to call.

Mel sat there wondering what had just happened her mind felt very strange and fluffy so she just continued to look at he pictures in her magazine, she wanted to turn on the TV and watch the children’s programmes but couldn’t understand how to work the remote with all the buttons on that had no meaning,

She remembered that she had to be at the Mall that afternoon but couldn’t remember the time. So she decided to start making her way there. At the front door she couldn’t remember the alarm code so left it in normal.

Walking out side she looked at her car and thought “why didn’t I learn to drive”.

Just then it started to drizzle so she went back inside to get her coat. Looking through all the closets she couldn’t find a suitable coat they were all for old ladies then she remembered a box in the garage that contain clothes from her school and collage days.

Searching through this she found a short pink plastic mac she had worn on holiday in Scotland when she was fifteen.

Pulling this tight garment on over her clothes was a struggle but she managed to fasten all the press studs except the very top one.

This will do nicely she thought and it nearly matches my handbag. Pulling the hood up over her hair she left the house once again and started to walk to the nearest bus stop.

It was quite a walk in the very high heels but she just giggled.

Luckily she didn’t meet any of her neighbours but at the bus stop there were three people waiting she walked up to an elderly woman holding a walking stick and Said in a girly voice “Please could you tell me which bus I need to catch to get to the Mall”.

The woman replied you need to catch the number xxxxx but don’t worry that is the one I am taking.

Two school aged girls looked at her and one said “what on earth is she wearing she must be a retard or something”, the other one turned to face Mel and said “Are you going to a fancy dress party or are you just a whore”.

Mel replied “Yes please a fancy dress party, I work in a bank”. Before the girls could say any more the bus came and they all got on.

They each paid the driver on entry and Mel just opened her purse holding it out for him to extract the right fare.

The girls went to sit at the back and Mel and the old woman sat together in the third row, there were people already occupying most of the other seats. Mel started to unfasten the Mac but as she pulled the fasteners apart, water splashed onto the old woman.

The said “now look what you have done don’t try and unfasten any more, just sit there quietly until we get there”. Mel stopped unfastening her coat and relaxed into the chair.

The bus continued on its journey stopping every few minutes to let people on or off and eventually arrived at the Mal.

The old woman waited for most of the other passengers wishing to alight to get out of the way before she stood up allowing Mel to also stand up. Mel got off the bus first and then helped the old woman to step off.

The old woman said “Thank you young lady you had better fasten up your coat again before you go, it is still raining”,

Mel fastened her coat this time including the top fastener and pulled her hood up and was about to walk to the Mall when the old lady said “I noticed you didn’t give the driver your fare you allowed him to take it and I also noticed a lot of cash in your purse, do you have a problem with money and do you know how much you have got”.

Mel replied “I was told to forget numbers so I have yes please idea how much I have”.

The old woman then said “Do you always do as you are told and if I tell you to do something will you do it”?

Mel replied “Yes it would appear that I do as I am told and would probably follow your commands”.

The old woman then took a pad out of her bag and wrote down an address, giving it to Mel she said “Come to this address on Sunday morning and you are not allowed to remove your plastic Mac or drop your hood until then, also give my all your loose change and then forget you every met me”.

Mel opened her purse and emptying it into the old ladies hands and then putting the piece of paper into the empty purse, closed her bag and walked away.

She walked across the road from the bus stop into the front entrance of the Mall and started her walk all the way to the sex shop at the back

Being a Friday the Mall was very busy and many people watched her in her strange attire as she made her way through the many shoppers. She reached the sex shop without issue but had been followed by a group of youths.

She entered the shop and was surprised to find a man waiting for her. He said “what time do you call this, you are late”.

Smiling she replied “I am very sorry I seem to have forgotten how to read the time”.

“Well, now that you are here do you want to remove that coat and we can get down to business” “I have been instructed yes please to remove this coat”. “What on earth are you trying to say and who told you to keep the coat on”?

“I can’t remember”, replied Mel.

The man looked into her mind to see what had happened and learned about the phone conversation with her mother, the search for a coat, the bus ride and the old woman taking her cash.

He then said “from now until you leave this shop, you can remember your numbers and how old you are and also will be free to remove that Mac, although you will dress exactly as you are, before your Sunday assignment”’

Melanie then said “Thank you, but what Sunday assignment are you talking about”? The man thought to him self this is getting too complicated this will be the last time I help this little tramp and then said “Melanie, you can not see me and will have no conscious knowledge of my presence however you will not try to walk through me or invade my space, you will forget our conversation and believe that your memories came back as you entered this store and when you leave here and until you reach work on Monday, you will once again have no memory of numbers except time, your pin numbers and your alarm code, you will no longer act like a little girl except when talking to your Mother.

Then you will have the language comprehension of a ten year old with no knowledge of numbers at all.

Lastly your inability to give negative answers will resume for the rest of this weekend when you leave this store. No one else will be able to revoke or alter these instructions.

Further more all commands given by your work colleagues during the working week without time constraints will last for seven days but all commands given outside work or during the weekend will expire at 00:01am on Monday morning”.

Melanie shook her head, walked over to the young sale assistant and said “Sorry I am late I was held up on the way here, I came by public transport because I couldn’t use my car.

Did you manage to sort any clothes out for me”?

Tracy replied holding out some keys “Yes I have filled up your suitcase and I did find the keys to your corset and boots, would you like to take the case into the changing room and try on each item to check the fit”?

Melanie took the keys, extended the pulling handle from the case and wheeled it into the changing facility.

Unlocking her boots and corset she removed all her clothes and opening the case started trying each item on.

Most of the clothes were made out of latex there was underwear tops, skits and a couple of rubberised satin mackintoshes. In leather there were dresses, skirts and a few tops.

When she got to the bottom the case she found a large one piece suite with no visible sleeves, built in boots and gasmask and a thick collar with a lockable clasp.

“What is this” Melanie exclaimed “I said no trousers or slacks”. The man standing by the curtain looking in said “You are allowed to wear any clothes when instructed to do so by Tracy here”.

Tracy popped her head round the corner and said “I thought you would like this; here let me help you try it on.

This is a bondage suite you put your feet in first then your arms in these internal sleeves, then we pull it up over your shoulders fit your head into the mask like so. Now we can do the back zip up.

See the zip on the hood and the back zip slot into this locking mechanism and the person helping you can set a time delay before it can be opened. What should I set it for?

There are four settings 1 hour, 4 hours 12 hours and 24 hours I’ll set it for 12, there done. You will not be able to remove this until tomorrow morning so let’s pack up this suitcase”.

Melanie stood there unable to move her arms or fingers and breathing the strong smell of rubber thorough the gas mask while Tracy folded all the clothes and repacked the suitcase.

Melanie said “How do I get home dresses like this if I cannot remove it until tomorrow. Tracy said I have thought of that.

After wheeling the case out of the changing room she returned with a floor length rubber cape with a large hood; there was a concealed 18 inch zip in the front ending at the collar.

She pulled it over Melanie’s head pulled the hood up over the mask and pulled up the zip.

All that could be seen was a tall shapely person in a rubber cape wearing what appeared to be a mask on her face.

She led her out of the changing room to the sales counter where she said “That, including the cape comes to £2,628 how would you like to pay”?

Melanie said “There is a visa card in my purse, please use that”. As the girl searched for the visa card the man whispered into Melanie’s ear “ask her for some toys and get her to put a large one in”

Before Tracy could inset the card into the credit card payment device Melanie asked for a selection of toys to be included and the girl went to find them coming back with four butt plugs and four large vibrators.

Tracy then took the largest butt plug and vibrator, opened the packaging, then a hidden zip in the catsuit crutch she inserted them in Melanie’s lower orifices before closing the zip locking them in.

Melanie moaned softly and the girl recalculated to total adding a large tip and entered it into the PDQ then said “What is your PIN number”?

Melanie gave her Pin number which Tracy keyed in and the transaction was authorised and a receipt printed.

Tracy wrote the PIN number on a piece of paper a placed in the Till then placed the card and receipt back into her purse.

Before putting all the toys into a carrier bag she picked up a magnetic fob and held it close to the toys in Melanie’s crutch starting each one vibrating.

Melanie shuddered and moaned then the Girl told her to sit over there and to wait until five o’clock when she would be able to close up and take her home.

Shortly after Melanie sat down, the man walked over to the Tracy and talked to her for several minutes, and then he sat next to Melanie and told her “You are now madly in love with Tracy will always do, be or think as she commands you.

You are no longer required to contact any of your old boyfriends or complete your assignment with the old lady on Sunday, your new relationship with Tracy will be one of absolute trust, and you will be the subservient partner.

Any instruction or new truth specified by your partner during the weekend without a time constraint will last for ever and even she will not be able to revoke it or alter it”

Paul then left the shop leaving the two girls to wait the forty minutes or so until closing. Melanie was in an orgasmic haze as the two vibrating devices took her from one orgasm to the next.

By the time five o’clock came around she had lost count on how many had rushed through her body. Tracy asked Melanie “do you have enough cash for a taxi” and Melanie relied “Look in my purse”. Tracy looked in the purse and finding no cash said “If you let me your PIN for your bank card I will go to the hole-in-the-wall”. Melanie provided her pin and Tracy locked in the shop while she went to the cash machine in the Mall.

When Tracy returned with a cash and the card still in her pocket, she called for a Taxi to meet her in the Mall’s service area behind unit 102 and after checking the daily sales and emptying the till she told Melanie to wait while she took the heavy suitcase and other bags through the store to the back door.

Then she guided Melanie carefully to stand by the suitcase and wait for the taxi. When it arrived she loaded Melanie and the luggage into the Taxi and after ensuring the shop was alarmed and secure, they drove out of the car park and Melanie navigated them back to her house.

Upon reaching Melanie’s house Tracy dragged the luggage to the front door and after paying the taxi driver escorted Melanie into the house. Leaving Melanie standing in the hall Tracy brought in the luggage leaving it in the hall and then led Melanie upstairs to the master bedroom where she was laid on the bed.

Tracy then said “My name is Tracy and I am going to take a shower if that is alright I have been in these rubber clothes all day”. Melanie said “What a nice name, of course you can have a shower please use my on-suite.

Tracy started to undress and as soon as she was completely naked Melanie looked at her and knew she would have to persuade Tracy to move in so she could keep her forever.

Another organism erupted as she watched Tracy enter the on-suite thinking what a lovely end to a horrible day.

When Tracy came out of the on-suite Melanie asked if she could turn off the vibrators but Tracy told her she would have to wait for the batteries to run down as she had left the magnetic fob on the counter in the shop.

Wearing a towelling bath robe and Melanie’s slippers Tracy went to explore Melanie’s house. While she was downstairs the mobile phone in Melanie’s handbag started to ring.

Tracy fished it out and answered it saying “Melanie’s phone Tracy speaking” the person on the end said “This a Melanie’s Mum I did something nasty to Melanie this morning and I wanted to say sorry and put it right, can I please speak to her “.

Tracy replied “Unfortunately she can not take any phone calls now she’s a little indisposed”. The caller replied “Why what have you done to her”? Tracy replied “I have done nothing except lock her in her bondage bag until tomorrow morning”.

“Ok” said Melanie’s Mum, she really must be a slut, when she is free, please tell her I called and that I hope she is enjoying herself”.

Tracy said “I am sure she is, I will take care of her and pass on your massage as soon as I can good bye”. .

Although Tracy had told Melanie the suit was locked on for 12 hours, she had only set it for 4 hours and intended to have a meal prepared and ready to eat by half past eight”.

Opening the suitcase, Tracy took out a rubberised mackintosh to replace the bath robe and then went into the kitchen to clean up and start preparing a meal.

She found and opened a bottle of red wine and laid the dinning room table complete with glasses and Melanie’s best cutlery.

At a little before 8:30pm Tracy extracted the other rubberised satin mackintosh from the case and took it up to Melanie’s bedroom.

Melanie had passed out form the pleasure overload so was not aware of Tracy unzipping the suit and removing the mask.

Tracy very carefully removed the suit and dressed her in the mackintosh.

As she was fastening the last button Melanie stirred Tracy said in a firm voice “stand up and come with me to the dinning room”.

Melanie said “Is it Saturday already these batteries are lasting a long time”.

Tracy replied “No I lied when I told you I’d set it for twelve hours, I had only set it for four It is only 8:30pm Friday, are you happy for me to leave the toys in”.

Melanie said “Yes please” so Tracy fetched a pair of tight latex knickers to hold both of them in and then they both went down wearing their rubber robes for the meal Tracy had prepared.

While they were eating Melanie asked Tracy to move in. Tracy said “Of course I will move in, this is a lovely house, you must have lots of money”.

Melanie reached over and hugged Tracy and saying “leave the dishes I want you upstairs so I can show you how much I want you”.

Tracy whispered “Sluts might leave dirty dishes in the sink, but I will clean up before we go to bed. You go and watch some TV while I clean up here”

Melanie went into the sitting room picked up the remote but couldn’t understand the numbers so pushed play on the DVD player.

She was halfway through the second performance when she noted that the vibrations had stopped and just starting the third when Tracy came in saying she was ready for bed.

Melanie turned off the TV and DVD player and taking Tracy by the arm accompanied her upstairs. In the bedroom Melanie removed her knickers and toys before going into the on-suite to use the toilet and clean her teeth.

She was about to remove the mackintosh and take a shower but after undoing only two buttons Tracy came in and said “What are you doing”?

I was going to remove this mackintosh and have a shower” replied Melanie.

Tracy reaching over to refasten the buttons, decreed that this garment was not a mackintosh it was a magical nightdress and although she could do the buttons up only Tracy could undo them and further more she was ordered to wear it every night and have it on before 10:00pm and she must never try to unbutton it every again.

Melanie said “I am very sorry and will never attempt it again” and after a short pause continued “I will have my shower in the morning then” Tracy looked at Melanie and said “Put your hood up for a minute, you are very beautiful but that hood frames you in a delightful way”.

When Melanie had erected her hood and fastened the chin strap that held it in place Tracy commanded “Melanie from now on whenever you wear your nightdress you must wear it with the hood up, even when you are asleep your subconscious must maintain it in the up position. In addition there are some pink bloomers in the suitcase go get them and put them on, these are also to be worn as part of your nightdress”.

Melanie went down stairs to retrieve the knickers while Tracy finished up in the on-suite.

When Melanie re-entered the bedroom she found, Tracy sitting on the edge of the bed and said “What happens if I need a pee in the night do I have to wake you up or can I take these knickers off.

Tracy replied decreeing “While wearing your nightdress you may remove your knickers only when your need is urgent and you must compete your business and redress without delay”.

They each got into bed and after a short session of kissing went to sleep in each other arms.

Next morning being Saturday Tracy woke up early and carefully extracted herself from her sleeping partner.

She noted with pleasure that Melanie’s hood was in place and she was sleeping soundly. After a quick shower, she had breakfast and dressed in the catsuit and clothes she wore on Friday and left for work in Melanie’s car arriving at five to eight just before her boss.

He always worked on Saturdays and usually stayed in the back but today he was in an angry mood.

“Last weeks delivery” he shouted “there were major discrepancies between the manifest and what was in the boxes, this week we are going to have to check every little item before I sign the dispatch note.

I will mind the store while you check the assignments we are expecting three deliveries today”.

The first delivery arrived at quarter to nine so Tracy was soon very busy and didn’t get time to even think of Melanie, she had intended to phone and apologise for having to leave early but it just slipped her mind.

When Melanie awoke at nine forty-five she was surprised to find the bed empty, she searched for Tracy all over the house but when she looked outside and noticed her car missing realised she had left for work. She thought about her need for a shower but would have to wait until Tracy returned.

While in the Kitchen making breakfast and an un-cleared mess her mobile phone rang she answered it saying “This is Preston Slut your wish is my command” it was her mother who replied “Look dear you must stop saying that people could take advantage”.

Mel continued in a very girly voice “Mummy it’s so nice of you to call are you coming over to take me out to play there are some new swings in the park”. “No dear I live on the other side of the Country.

Look I feel very bad about what I did yesterday and would like to undo it. You can now act your age and remember your numbers.

Recite for me your two times table”.

Confused Mel responded “Mummy I have no memory of the N word that you talked and what is a time table”.

Melanie’s mother sounding agitated exclaimed “Melanie yesterday I told you to forget numbers now I am telling you to remember”!!

Mel replied “I told you mummy I have no knowing of the N word”.

“Melanie you must try to remember, your job depends on it look I can’t cope with this now I’ll call you again tonight, bye dear”.

“Bye mummy it was nice speaking to you even thought I don’t know what you are talking about”.

As Melanie put her mobile down the front door chime sounded.

Thinking it might be Tracy; she ran to open the door only to find her Secretary Yvonne standing there exclaiming “Yvonne how nice to see you, but why are you here”.

Yvonne said “You sounded so bad yesterday I thought I would come around to see if you needed anything, Is it raining in there, why are you wearing a raincoat with it’s hood up inside”.

Melanie said “Perhaps you had better come in and I’ll try and explain”. Melanie ushered Yvonne into the sitting room and the both sat down.

She started to explain “On Thursday while she was on her way to a meeting at the Mall, she met a man and since then she has not been in total control of her actions, Thursday evening I drank far to much while watching porn movies and yesterday I met his wonderful woman who I love dearly but when she tells my to do things I seem compelled to do it”

Listening to this, Yvonne was becoming aroused, she has lusted after her dominant boss for ever and now she found her in this submissive condition wondered if she could exploit it saying “Is it only your love that controls you or are you compelled to follow the instructions of others”?

Melanie replied “I think it applies to others I have had some very strange conversations with my Mother over the phone”’. Yvonne continued “First tell me about this raincoat and those high heels”?

“It’s not a raincoat it’s a nightdress and although I can put in on, only Tracy can take it off; also I am not allowed to wear anything on my feet except high heels”.

“OK” said Yvonne “this is getting very bazaar, what happens when I undo your buttons”.

As soon as Yvonne undid one of the buttons, Melanie’s hand rushed to do it up again and she shouted “I cannot control my hands”.

“Let’s try something else, I want you to close your eyes and when you open them you see, hear and smell me as if I were Tracy until either the real Tracy appears or I leave this house”.

“Melanie, open your eyes”. Melanie did as commanded and exclaimed “Tracy where have you been and when did you get back, can I take this nightdress off now I really need to use the shower”.

Yvonne as Tracy reached forward and started undoing buttons but once again Melanie’s hands did them up again”

“Yvonne shrugged saying “That didn’t work, look Melanie I am going to step outside and when I return I want you to have forgotten this doppelganger experiment”.

Yvonne soon returned saying “Melanie, at work have you ever considered me as a woman you could befriend”.

Melanie replied “It is not correct office protocol to fraternise with colleagues or staff, although I have, on occasions, thought your loyalty needed rewarding and you are a lovely woman”.

“Good” responded Yvonne “from now on you will think it right to reward your secretary appropriately by eating her out and I am here for my reward”.

Within seconds Melanie had Yvonne’s knickers off and was busy eating her snatch.

After the first organism Melanie slowed and Yvonne said “Rewards for a good Secretary should be at least three organisms”.

Melanie continued until Yvonne had cum four times then sat back smiling,

As Yvonne recovered Melanie said “I think I’ve wanted to do that since I met you or perhaps it was the other way round. Anyway that was very enjoyable”.

Yvonne said “You must reward your loyal secretary like that every day except Sunday.

For the next hour I command you to think of this house as mine, that you are my live-in maid and that nightdress is your maid’s uniform”.

Melanie stood up with bowed head and said “Mistress what can I get you”? Yvonne replied “What is that suitcase doing in the hall”?

“It is full of your new clothes mistress they are yet to be put away would you like me to do it now”?

“Yes” said Yvonne “bring it up stairs and remind me what it contains”. Melanie pulled the heavy suitcase up stairs and wheeled into the bedroom.

Walking into the bedroom Yvonne exclaimed “What a mess tidy this up immediately” seeing the heavy bondage suit in the corner continued “what is this. I must try it on”.

Melanie found the dildos and a pair of latex knickers; she inserted new batteries in the dildos and presented them to Yvonne who quickly pushed them in and trapping them in with the latex knickers.

When everything was secure Yvonne stepped into the bondage suite, Melanie struggled a little getting it on but finally closed and locked the collar without being able to check the time setting unfortunately the lever had moved from 4 to 24.

Yvonne sat on the bed while Melanie tided and cleaned the room then opening the suitcase showing each item to Yvonne before putting it away.

While emptying the plastic bag containing the toys she found other dildos like the ones in Yvonne and noticed another magnetic fob in one of the packages.

She un-wrapped this new one and extracting the fob, stroked it across Yvonne’s arse and pussy.

Yvonne squealed with glee as the vibrations started, this plus the bondage and mask had her in a state of arousal overload, she flopped back to lie out on the bed.

Melanie finished storing the clothes and toys remaking the room spotless.

Leaving her Mistress moaning softy on the bed she went down to clean the kitchen, she was almost finished when the house phone rang.

Melanie answered saying “Preston residence how may I help you”.

Tracy on the other end said “Melanie I am sorry to leave you this morning, I had to come to work and you looked so peaceful I has intended to phone earlier but I have been working my butt off checking consignments, what have you been doing since you go up”?

Melanie told her all about Yvonne’s visit and everything they had done together that she could remember.

Tracy responded to this by commanding “While Yvonne is wearing the bondage suite you can not hear her when she gives commands, you will understand her general statements but not her suggestions or instructions.

Ok, I will be home as soon as I can, then you can reward my pussy”. After she put the phone down Melanie realised that the hour was over and she was no longer a maid.

Looking around she liked her clean house and for a moment she was saddened that she was back to being a slut.

Returning to the hall she met Yvonne coming down the stairs, before she could say anything Yvonne commanded “stop these vibrators and get me out of this”.

Melanie not hearing the commands said “I am no longer your maid and am instructed to ignore your commands you are free to roam the house but you will need to wait for Tracy before she can help you”.

Just then another organism punctuated through Yvonne and she slumped back to sit on the stairs.

As she recovered slightly she said “we are a right pair you stuck in a satin raincoat and me in this pleasure suite.

However I need to get home, I was only expecting to be here for a short while and I have left a casserole in my oven”.

Melanie replied “Did you not put it on the automatic timer”. “No, that stopped working months ago” stated Yvonne.

Melanie went to the house phone and although she knew it could be done, couldn’t think of how to contact Tracy.

In desperation she retrieved the floor length cape from the wardrobe where the maid had stored it and pulled it over Yvonne’s head zipping it up.

She couldn’t think of anything she could use to cover her nightdress so donned a leather jacket.

Leaving a pencilled note for Tracy she picking up both handbags and ushered Yvonne out to Yvonne’s car.

Driving the 15 miles or so to Yvonne’s house the two hooded figures sparked a lot of attention but they were not stopped on the route there.

Upon arriving Melanie led Yvonne up to her apartment luckily they met no one in the lift or on the various hallways.

Safe in Yvonne’s apartment Melanie turned off the oven and took out the casserole. Melanie asked “Do you want to come back to my house or would you like to stay here”.

Yvonne replied “I would feel safer here but you shouldn’t go home alone. Dressed like that you will attract the wrong type of attention. I think it would be best if you waiting here for Tracy to phone your mobile”.

Melanie, not comprehending the suggestion to wait said, “If you are sure you will be ok I’ll come back later with Tracy”.

Yvonne moved to block the exit and said “what did you comprehend me to say”.

Melanie said “what did you just say”.

Exasperated Yvonne said “Melanie please I am not trying to command you, if I were you I would wait for Tracy to contact me before I went anywhere”.

Melanie replied “I see what you are trying to say buy why”?

Yvonne said “Your current lack of will power could put you in grave jeopardy what would happen is some kid were to instruct you to get lost”

Melanie replied “You think that man in the Mall, stole my will power” Yvonne responded “Not only that I believe he also turned you into a slut with a rampant rubber bondage fetish”.

“You may be right” said Melanie “what can I do about it”. “We need to discuss this with Tracy I can not give you any suggestions right now”. They both retired to the living room to wait.

I little while after 16:30 Melanie’s mobile rang and the caller ID showed it was Melanie’s house.

Melanie answered and said “Tracy Help, can you please come to this address and rescue me”.

Tracy asked “I’ve had a very tiring day, why do you need rescuing are you not with Yvonne”. “Please Tracy, Yvonne will explain when you get here” pleaded Melanie.

“Ok let me have a shower to freshen up and I will be along shortly” explained Tracy. Shortly after 6 o’clock, Tracy knocked on the door and after being let in by Melanie, joined them in the living room.

Yvonne explained her reservations and asked if Tracy had anything to do with the man from the Mall.

Tracy explained that she had also been changed by the Man and that she been given instructions that if a situation like this arose, she was to protect the situation and ring a certain number she then went on to instructed Melanie to sit on Yvonne and not to make a noise or move until she told her she could.

She then made a phone call using Yvonne’s landline, when the caller answered she give a detailed description of what had led up to the current situation and what Yvonne had deduced, She then asked what she should do.

After listening to the answer she hung up the phone turning to Melanie she commanded “When the door bell rings 3 long followed by 3 short tones you are to answer it until then remain exactly as you are, Tracy the slumped back into the chair and went to sleep.

Yvonne shouted and screamed at Melanie to let her up, but Melanie did not respond keeping her pinned down.

This situation remained unchanged for over an hour and then the door bell sounded with the coded sequence. Melanie jumped up to answer the door and although Yvonne had planned to block Melanie her stiff muscles, bondage suite and cape prevented her.

Melanie returned with a man a few seconds later meeting Yvonne on her feet striding toward them.

Paul put his hands on either side of Yvonne’s head and she crumpled to the floor, while he was in her mind he realised that this was someone from his list of targets.

He manipulated her mind to remove all knowledge of the forbidden subject matter and inserted instructions for her to destroy all the office files that contained it, when she got into work on Monday morning.

He then turned to Melanie and said “you are far too much maintenance”.

He told Melanie to sit down and listen and when she did, he sat down beside her. Looking into her mind he discovered two conflicts that if remained unchecked could lead to a nervous breakdown.

The first was the untidiness of her sluttish behaviour and the fastidiously tidy person she had been.

He resolved this by adjusting her memories to a person that had always needed someone else to tidy up behind her.

The second was due to the imposed credit regime and her previously exceptional financial wizardry. He resolved this by removing his imposed credit regime but giving her the desire to hand over the running of her personal finances to Tracy.

He then made her forget everything Yvonne had said since leaving Melanie’s house and changed her programming to never again consider or acknowledge that her will power was anything different than it had always been.

He continued to command her, that she must never consider her vulnerability or avoid travelling or changing her proposed route because of her susceptibility or possible exposure.

She must never reveal to anyone that her actions were anything but her own. Lastly he decreed that she would be dominant over Yvonne never to accept her truths, suggestions or instructions as her own and to treat Yvonne as a slave.

He next sat next to Lucy and decreed that in the privacy of the home she would continue to subjugate, humiliate and embarrass her partner and outside she must never protect Melanie from the whims or perversions of others and only intervene if the situation arose where Melanie’s survival was in jeopardy. He gave her the desire to take over the running of Melanie’s financial affairs and went on to command her to forget that she had been programmed and to never question her programmed actions.

Lastly he sat on the floor with Yvonne and adjusted her to forget any control she had exerted over Melanie and the consequential deliberations plus she was wearing the bondage suit and cape because of Tracy’s whim and that from then on she would be completely subservient and submissive to either Melanie or Tracy.

Lastly he instructed that if there were any overlap and disparity between the commands from either Melanie or Tracy, Tracy’s direction would always prevail.

When he had finished his maintenance endeavours he told Melanie and Tracy that Melanie’s BMW was for the sole use of Tracy and Yvonne’s Nissan Micra could be used by either Melanie or Yvonne.

Tracy took Yvonne back in the BMW and Melanie drove the Micra back to her House.

While at work today Tracy had purchased a lot more latex and bondage items and had charges them to Melanie’s credit card. These were in several bags waiting in the hall when they all returned.

Melanie entered the house first follows quickly followed by the other two. When Tracy came through the door Melanie asked what these are, pointing to the shopping bags.

Tracy replied “surprises, you will have to wait and see, in the meantime take Yvonne up stairs and put her to bed in one of the spare rooms and then meet me in the study.

When Melanie returned Tracy was sitting at the computer and she said “I want you to tell me all the account details for you on-line accounts and your investment portfolios.

Melanie said all the account details and passwords are in that file; those files there contain copies of my share certificates.

Tracy asked “how much are we worth”? Melanie replied “I have a little over £4M”

Tracy went on to decree that Melanie would continue to analyse the markets and when changes were needed to the investment portfolio she would instruct Tracy what to so. With regard to her bank and credit card accounts, Tracy would manage them on her behalf.

She instructed Melanie to start up the computer and log on, then advise Tracy on how to access the various on-line accounts. After Melanie had advised how each account could be entered and Tracy had confirmed that she could gain access to them all, Tracy turned to Melanie and Said “From this moment on and until I instruct you otherwise you will be very happy to let me manage your financial affairs and when ever you come into this study in the future you will forget how to read and write. Also if any file from this study should be left outside you will not be able to understand its content.

Lucy then said “Please take those bags in the hall into the lounge and I will join you there in a minute”. After Melanie left the room she changed Melanie’s user account password then switched off the computer.

Joining Melanie in the lounge she said “If you ever leave this house again in your nightdress you will be severely punished, now empty the bags on the floor and we will have a little fun”.

Melanie emptied the six bags on to the floor there were a variety of latex uniforms, bondage wear, chains and hand cuffs. Tracy removed the rubberised raincoat and Melanie’s shoes and told her to put on a very tight corset which Tracy laced up as tight as she could.

She then gave a pair of latex knickers with built-in dildos and told her to put them on. Next she gave her a latex bra with stimulation fingers on the inside and instructed her to put that on.

Next came a heavy duty catsuit that had attached socks and gloves and Melanie was instructed to put it on.

An arm binder came next and Tracy made Melanie put her hands behind her while she put it on. Melanie was about to ask why when Tracy pushed a penis gag into her mouth and pulled on a hood over her head. The hood was very tight fitting and had two little breathing holes near to the nose and two darkened lenses in front of her eyes.

Melanie moaned as Tracy put her bloomers back on and her high heeled boots then she fastened the rubberised raincoat around her without any arms in the sleeves. Pulling up the hood and securing it Tracy said “You will now go to-bed and stay there until I come and get you.

As Melanie went up stairs Tracy picked up Melanie’s handbag and removed the bank card from her purse. Tracy had already made a note of her PIN number sp picking up the BMW keys she headed for the front door.

She had planned on going to her mother’s house to get her stuff and to tell her mother she was moving out. Then she was going to a night club were she went most Saturday nights to meet her small group of friends.

Paul had had a very successful day he had been to see everyone on Yvonne’s list and had removed all knowledge of the conspiracy to defraud the bank. He had only one small problem when the wife of one of the senior directors walked in on him while he was spring cleaning her husband’s mind, so he created another customer for the sex shop.

During the session at Yvonne’s Paul had seen where Tracy planned to be that evening so had decided to see what it was like. He was already there waiting, as Tracy entered the club so he made it so she would not see him then he looked into her mind to check what had happened after they left Yvonne’s.

He was please what had occurred regarding the financial matters and the Latex French Maids consume she intended on dressing Yvonne. He was not pleased at seeing Tracy’s intend to rob Melanie of everything, so he changed her to further subjugate Melanie but not to steel more the she needed to live and would get Melanie to teach her how to become an investment wizard so she could grow the assets. He instructed her that if she were able to double the size of the portfolio before she was twenty five she could take two thirds and cast Melanie adrift. He also made it so Tracy could dress Melanie in normal clothes over latex underwear for work and inserted a time bomb in her mind that would make her fall deeply in love with Melanie by the time Tracy was twenty.

While he was there one of Tracy’s friends got into a fight with a young man who had asked her for some hot sex. He changed Tracy’s friend to be completely submissive to this young man then told him to ask again. This time there was no fight and they soon left the club arm in arm.

There was another girl in a hot little pussy cat costume so he decided to have her for himself and was soon walking out with her meowing on his arm.

Tracy left the club at about one o’clock and due to her inebriated state, got a taxi back to Melanie’s house. As she sat in the cab she thought, how do I get the house and bank accounts into my name. I know, she thought, I’ll get Melanie to show me then make her forget. Life from now on will be fantastic it’s a pity both she and I still have to go to work.

To be continued.