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Quick Fix

Synopsis: The CEO of a development company hears of an impending dilemma and contracts a young hypnotist to make it go away.

Chapter 2 Sunday

When the Taxi dropped Tracy outside the house she intended to make hers, she was feeling the worst for wear. The alcohol was loosing the pleasant edge and she needed to be wide awake tomorrow she had plans that needed all her cunning.

She let herself in with Melanie’s keys and when straight to the kitchen and made her self a pot of coffee. She sat drinking the coffee making a list of the things she was going to do. First was getting Melanie to give her sexual satisfaction then increase her embarrassment and humiliation. Then she would get her to draft some letters to the bank and a solicitor that will pass over ownership of her house and assets to her. Then there was Yvonne. What to do with her??

She was being to feel alive again so went up stairs to the master bedroom. Melanie was asleep wearing the rubberized Mac with its hood still up. She was lying on Tracy’s side of the bed so Tracy decided to wake her up and send her to steep somewhere else.

I know she thought, Waking Melanie up she said “You have probably been sucking that penis long enough, let me take it out”. Tracy dropped the Mac hood removing the bondage hood and gag allowing Melanie to stretch her jaw and speak. But as she opened her mouth Tracy said “When you open your mouth to speak the only sounds that will come out are the sounds of a cat”.

Melanie “meowed and meowed trying to say something until Tracy pulling her hood up again said “You will continue to meow until I tell you otherwise so go and steep with Yvonne and do not disturb me in the morning. I’ve got a headache and I want some sleep.

Melanie went to join Yvonne while Tracy cleaned her teeth and going to bed fell asleep almost straight away. Melanie couldn’t get back to sleep with her arms strapped behind her and large plugs in both her lower orifices. She lay there for about an hour before she finally got back to sleep again.

Yvonne awoke at 7 o’clock and finding Melanie in her bed lay there not moving in case she disturbed her. Melanie woke up a little before 8 o’clock and rolling over to face Yvonne looking into the gas mask and intending to say good morning but just meowed.

Yvonne said “what happened to you, did Tracy come home in a mood”. They both managed to stand up even though neither had the use of their arms. Yvonne said “is the lock open yet”. Melanie looked but shook her head. I’ll go and see if Tracy can sort this” said Yvonne walking towards the door but Melanie ran to block her and shook her head vigorously. Yvonne guessed that Tracy didn’t what to be woken up before she was ready.

They both then went down stairs and into the lounge, to sit and wait for Tracy to appear. There was nothing else they could do; conversation was out as well as everything else.

Tracy came down stairs at quarter past eleven and when she came in opened the lock on Yvonne’s Bondage suit and helped her get it off. Tracy then said “You go get a shower and then put the clothes on you will find on the floor outside the door. When you are dressed you can start making brunch, while I talk to Melanie.

Yvonne left the room and Tracy turned to Melanie and said “for the next hour you can speak like your old self and if you don’t tell me exactly what I what to here between now and then you will never speak again got it. Melanie replied “yes mistress what do you want me to say”.

Tracy told her what she wanted, letters in Melanie’s words for the bank and a solicitor so that Melanie can pass ownership over to Tracy of all her assets. Tracy had thought about this and had considered what Melanie would do when asked but on the while she was having a shower this morning it came to her. She turned to Melanie and said “You want to do this because you love me more that anything and this will be your proof.

Tracy got pen and paper and Melanie dictated all the required letters. Fifty five minutes later all was complete and Tracy said “You can continue to talk properly but you will now forget all that you have done since I came into this room, now come here and I’ll release your arms.

After Tracy had removed the outerwear and bondage apparatus, Melanie removed the catsuit and kickers before going to take a shower.

Yvonne had prepared a salad for lunch laid up in the dinning room and then cleaned up the kitchen and. Tracy prepared a latex school girls uniform for Melanie to wear and took it up to the main bathroom were Melanie was taking her shower. Melanie had not felt it right to use her on-suite, she had given that over to Tracy.

Tracy went into the Bathroom as Melanie was drying her self with a big fluffy towel. As Melanie saw Tracy she stopped and looking at her saying “Tracy I love you very much why are you so cruel to me”. Tracy replied “My cruelty towards you is two fold, the first is because I’m an angry young woman and I can, the second is because you are such a slut you love it so much”.

Melanie answered “Yes I am a slut and I do love this but I have only been a slut for a few days and these feelings are new to me.

Tracy, feeling a little guilty, said “when you are all dry come into our bedroom I’ve got your costume for today.

Melanie finished drying and walked into the bedroom naked, Tracy’s use of the word “our” meant so much to her. When she entered Tracy was sitting on the bed with a bundle of latex. Melanie said “I have been thinking about the investment portfolio, if you are going to run it you will need a laptop at work connected to the internet, and then when a change is needed I can phone you and talk you through it.

Tracy replied saying “What a good idea but it may take a day or two, I will need to see if that crooked boss will let me have an internet connection it might be a problem”.

Melanie replied “How much is the shop worth, perhaps you could persuade him to sell it”

Tracy said “We will talk about this tomorrow. Right now I want you to get dressed, but first I need to arrange your hair so sit down here”. Tracy proceeded to put Melanie’s hair in to two girly plats and tied them with two pink latex tapped bows.

She continued to dress her in the latex school uniform made up out of a pink blouse with a red flared mini skirt white knee stocks, a pink and red striped tie and white high heeled shoes”.

When she was happy with the getup she looked Melanie in the eyes and decreed “while you are wearing this outfit you will speak and act like my twelve year old little sister and you will not take it off until I tell you now come on it lunch time”.

They went down stairs together and met Yvonne in the kitchen who said “And who is this little girl”. Melanie answered “My name is Melanie and I am Tracy’s sister”. Tracy said “You can only give your name as Melslut until I tell you otherwise”, turning to Yvonne saying “It lunch ready Maid”.

Yvonne Replied “It’s in the Dinning room Mistress, I was not sure how many to lay for so I laid for three”.

Tracy called out “Come all dinner is served”. As they all sat at the table Yvonne said “Thank you mistress I am not sure of my true position here perhaps you could explain”.

Tracy “Commanded “Yvonne you are our live-in Maid and your responsibilities are to keep the house spick and span, cooking and to clean all the latex clothes that gets used each day. I’ll get you another uniform tomorrow so you can clean the one you are wearing today. Tomorrow you must commence the proceedings associated with selling your apartment. You will need to go there and pack up your clothes this afternoon”.

Yvonne replied “Another of my questions is do you still want me to go to work at the bank”.

Tracy decreed “Yvonne you need to continue to work at the bank, you will have to protect this slut from making a fool of herself and to keep her office tidy”.

Melslut said “Can I go out and play now there are some dishy boys next door”. Tracy replied “No dear I would like you to go with Maid and help her pack this afternoon while I write some letters”

Yvonne tided up and cleaned away the lunch dishes then putting the pink PVC Mac on Melslut and one of Melanie’s leather coats over her Maids uniform bundles Melslut into the car and set off to her apartment.

Tracy went into the study and looked for copies of letters previously sent my Melanie, the idea being that she could copy the format and hopefully forge her signature. She found three and spent the best part of an hour practicing the format of the signature. When she felt good enough she started typing the letters dictated by Melanie.

Meanwhile Yvonne and Melslut had started packing all Yvonne’s work clothes into her two suitcases and the overflow into bin liners.

Melslut was helping but kept on moaning that she should be out playing. When there was a knock on the door Yvonne sent Melslut to hide in the bedroom and putting on her leather coat answered the door. She was surprised to see Paul standing there and he said “I was in the area and saw your car, can I please have a word”. Yvonne invited him in and Melslut came out of the bedroom saying “Hello who are you”.

He told them both to sit down and instructed Melslut to go to sleep. He then asked Yvonne about two of the people on her list. He had adjusted these two but found discrepancies between what he had learned from Yvonne and what he had extracted from their minds.

He once again looked into Yvonne’s mind and “Checked what she knew about the affair and who had told her.

He discovered that one of the senior bank directors and his secretary had initiated the investigation by fabricating most of the evidence and had lied to Melanie and Yvonne as to where the information had come from. It would appear the Melanie had been an unwitting player in this deception and he was wondering if he had been a little harsh on her. He looked into Yvonne’s recent memory and learnt what Tracy had done to Melanie. He then looked into Melanie’s mind and discovered all that had happened since Tracy left the night club.

He decided to make it just a little easier on Melanie. He adjusted her programming to think that she had always been a slut and had been waiting to meet someone like Tracy to take charge of everything in her life; he also removed the permanency of his programming changing everything to be under Tracy’s control.

After Paul had left to revisit the senior director and his secretary, Yvonne said to Melslut “We are finished here help me get all this to the car.

Back at Melanie’s house Tracy had finished the letters accurately forged Melanie’s signature, addressed and stamped the envelopes. She decided to dress herself in Melanie’s rubber clothes and nip out to the post office at the Mall to post the letters and pick up Melanie’s BMW from the club. She booked a cab to take her back to the club which picked her up after only 15 minutes.

Yvonne and Melslut returned before Tracy got back so they found themselves locked out. Melslut said “There is a spare key with Mrs Johnson across the road, I will go and get it”.

Leaving Yvonne in her car Melslut walked to the front door of Mrs Johnson’s house and rang the bell. The door was opened by Mrs Johnson’s son Derek and eighteen your old football jock. Melslut asked if she could have her spare key as she had locked herself out. Derek had lusted after Miss Preston across the street since he was thirteen and as he was home on his own said “You had better come in while I look for it.

He asked if he could take her coat and when she gave it up he was almost overwhelmed by the latex school girl outfit. He asked why she was dressed like that and she told him she had just come back from a work fancy dress party”. Derek asked if she liked wearing latex and she replied “Yes especially at weekends”. Derek said “How old are you supposed to be”? Melslut answered “I am twelve and I need to go home, do you have my key”. Derek then said “As a twelve year old what do you know about sex”? Melslut said “I know how to eat pussy”. Derek said “You need to learn how to do it properly would you like me to show you”. Melslut replied “Yes please that would be very nice”

He told her to take her knickers off and get down on all fours, and then mounted her doggy style. He pushed his engorged prick in to her pussy and started to fuck her. While he was banging her vigorously he said “What is your Christian name Mrs. Preston”? Melslut replied “You can call me Melslut”. “Melslut, that’s a fitting name I’ll bet you let all the boys do this don’t you”. Melslut said “Yessss as she came for the first time” Derek continued to fuck Melslut and brought her to two more before he filed her with is man juice”

Just as Derek had withdrawn from Melslut leaving cum dripping down her legs, the door bell rang. Derek told Melslut to put her knickers back on while he redressed. When all was presentable he went to answer the door and was astonished to see another eighteen year old dressed in tight latex standing there. Before Tracy could say a word he said “Oh look you must be desert please do come in”. As Tracy came into the house Derek said “Two women in tight latex in one day in my neighbourhood, I must have died and gone to heaven”, Tracy said “This may be your heaven but what have you done to Melslut, this may be her hell”. “No” shouted Melslut “You should try him he is fantastic”. “Well we should invite him over next weekend for a party, but right now you must come with me”. Melslut picked her self up and ran to Tracy saying “Derek you must come over next Saturday”. Tracy said “Saturday is a work day, make it Sunday come about 10:30 and wear latex it’s the only clothing allowed at weekends”. Melslut Shouted “missing you already” As they went out of the door. Derek stood there speechless thinking to himself, did that just happen and instantly looking forward to next week.

Tracy and Melslut went back to the house and Tracy sternly said “Since when does a twelve year old girl go around fucking the neighbours”. Melslut replied “I was only doing as I was told and he did all the fucking”. Tracy then said “I think it’s time you took off your school uniform and go and have a lazy bath. I’ll send Yvonne up to help you in a little while”.

While Melslut was being fucked in the Neighbours house Yvonne had emptied the car and moved the entire luggage up to the front door so that when Tracy came back and opened up she could move it inside. She was now unpacking in the spare room she had used the previous night.

Melslut went to the main bathroom and after removing the latex school girls outfit luxuriated in the bath. Yvonne came into the bathroom and assisted Melslut to wash herself all over. Melslut asked if there was anything to eat. When she was dried using a big fluffy towel Tracy entered with her nightdress ensemble.

Melslut said “Its not bed time already is it, we haven’t had dinner yet”. Tracy decreed “It will save you getting something else dirty today, put this on and then come down stairs”. Melslut put on her latex bloomers and then the rubberised satin raincoat fastening all the buttons and the belt as well as fixing the hood in the upright position. After putting on her high heeled slippers, she went down stairs to find both Tracy and Yvonne in the lounge.

On entering Tracy said “Come and sit down, we need to plan what we are all doing tomorrow”. Yvonne asked what she would be allowed to wear and Tracy gave permission to wear normal work cloths over the top of her maid’s uniform. Melslut was about to ask the same but the front door bell sounded. Tracy sent Yvonne to see who it was. She returned a few minutes later accompanied by Paul.

Paul said “I wanted a quick word with you all before I leave this part of the country. I have another case in Edinburgh and I am leaving on the evening shuttle. This afternoon I had to visit one of your directors Melanie and was forced into some dire actions. Mr Hutchinson Smyth is no longer and his wife and daughter are outside in their car. I haven’t got time to make everything right so I have made them totally subservient to Tracy here. Before I bring them in I would just like to apologise to Melanie she was an innocent player in this case”’. Turning to Melanie he said “Would you like your old self back”?

Melanie replied “If it means loosing Tracy and the wonderful feelings I am having, not being in control, no I would like to remain as I am, although I am not sure Tracy feels the same bout me as I feel about her”. Paul said “I can fix that, but before I do would you like to say anything Tracy”. Pushing his psi into Melanie, he gave her back her will power except where Tracy was concerned.

Tracy replied “I think I am beginning to love Melslut but I still want to manage her finances”. Put pushed his psychic into Tracy and changed her feelings for Melanie to be adoration and love. He also pushed her desire to embarrass and humiliate from Melanie to the two females he was about to bring in.

Yvonne asked “What about me do I have a say”? Paul replied “No you will remain as you are”. “Wait here while I bring in two new sluts for Tracy to play with”.

Paul returned a few moments later with two subdued women in tow. One was mid thirties and the other was only fifteen or sixteen, they were both attractive and their dress shouted money. Paul said to Tracy “I Will leave these two in your charge they are both significantly wealthier than Melanie and you can take it all if you want to. I suggest you make them into your shop customers or even shop workers. Mrs Hutchinson Smyth here has been nothing but arm candy for Mr Hutchinson Smyth since she married him, he has spoilt her rotten and this caused him to step outside the box”. Turning to the two new entries he said “This is Tracy she is now your mistress, do what ever she tells you to do, be or think you will follow her instructions to the letter. You have no recourse and you will not mention any of this to anyone by any communications’ media at all”.

Tracy turned to Mrs Hutchinson Smyth and said “From now on you will only answer to Slut unless I say otherwise. How old are you slut”? Slut replied “I am 37 and my daughter Penelope is fifteen. What are you going to do with us; I do not understand what is happening here or what has happened to my husband”. Paul said “Your husband died tonight he drove his car into an oncoming articulated lorry at over ninety miles per hour”. Then turning to Yvonne he said “Come Yvonne you can drive me to the airport”.

After Paul and Yvonne left “Tracy said to Penelope “Get down on your hands and knees until I say otherwise you are now a dog bitch called penny. You can only act like a dog and you must do your toilet outside in the garden”. As penny went down on all fours, her mother said “Penelope what are you doing, get up”. Tracy said “Slut close your eyes”. When her eyes were closed, Tracy continued “when you open your eyes you will only see penny as a bitch Border collie for which you are responsible. You will feed it and take it for walks around the garden and make sure it is house trained. You will forget that it was once your daughter. Now open your eyes. Slut opened her eyes and said “what have you done with my daughter she was standing there a few minutes ago”.

Tracy said “your daughter has gone with Paul to Edinburgh. You are here alone and must do as you are told. Take off all your clothes and get down on your knees”. When she was naked and on her knees Tracy said “This is the love of my life and I want you to put your mouth up against her pussy and give her at least four organisms”. I will put your dog out in the garden while you are doing that.

Penny, come here”? Tracy took penny out into the kitchen and before taking her outside instructed her to remove all her clothes. Picking up all the discarded clothes Tracy opened the back door sending penny outside instructing her not to leave the garden and placed all Penelope’s clothed into the rubbish bin.

Tracy found a stick and spent ten minutes throwing it for penny to retrieve and return. After ten minutes Tracy told penny to do her toilet and then brought her back inside.

Tracy looked into penny’s eyes as she came in and noticed deep anguish so she whispered into penny ear. “Until I say otherwise you can no longer think like a human, you can only think as a very happy and contented dog which has a lovely home”.

Tracy filled two bowls with water and some food and put them on the floor. She then found an old rug in the scullery and putting that in the corner of the kitchen told penny to go to bed.

Returning to the Lounge she found Slut still attacking Melanie’s pussy. Seeing Tracy return Melanie said “We are almost up to number four and she is getting better although she still needs practice perhaps when I’m finished you should sit here”. As soon as Melanie reached her fourth organism, Slut knelt upright and said “Why are you wearing rubber it smells horrible and I can even taste it in your cum”. Tracy said “Before Paul left he said you had money how much do you have and where is it”? Slut replied “My Husband looked after all the money, I believe we are worth about £36M but there is only £2.6M in the bank the remainder will be in investments”. Tracy continued “From now on your love of latex will grow and by the end of the night you will not wish to wear anything else. Now move over my love it’s my turn”. Melanie moved out of the way and Tracy sat in her place. Looking Slut in the eyes she says “Ok Slut round two and don’t stop until I have four”.

While Slut was working on Tracy she said “Melanie would you please go and get the bondage suite from the bedroom together with the toys, make sure they have fresh batteries, after this Slut might want some stimulation”

Melanie walked up to the master bedroom and retrieved the bondage suit from the wardrobe she gathered the toys from the dressing table drawer and inserted new batteries.

Taking her time she slowly returned to the lounge and as she entered Tracy held up two fingers. Melanie laid what she brought into the room on a spare chair and sat down next to Tracy leaning over to kiss her. Tracy returned her kiss and putting her arm around Melanie pulled her in close.

They continued to kiss and cuddle while Slut brought another two organisms out of Tracy. After the fourth one Slut stopped and lifted her head whilst remaining on her knees. Tracy said “You are improving that last one was almost good. Now stand up and remove all your clothes. As you take each item off you will realise how much you hated wearing it and knowing that you never want to wear it again”. Before you start getting dressed have you eaten or do you need the toilet”.

Slut replied “No I have not eaten, that man came as we were about to go out to a restaurant and yes I do need the toilet”. “You may use the toilet in the hall, Melanie would you please see how far Yvonne got preparing Dinner”.

Melanie went into the kitchen and noticed penny asleep on the floor, she checked to see what Yvonne was preparing and found a salad partially prepared, she opened the fridge and taking out a large piece of salmon prepared a poaching packet with while wine and put it the oven, she then finished making the salad.

She laid up the dinning room with four places just in case Yvonne returned in time and waited for the salmon to poach.

When slut returned to the lounge Tracy said “I assume your house is in your husband’s name”. Slut replied “No the house and cars are all in my name, Reginald had all the investments, some properties in the city and a villa in France”. Tomorrow when you go home there will be things to do concerning your husband and while you are there you can set in motion all actions necessary to realise all the assets in your name. Melanie will open an account where you must move the realised assets as they occur”.

When the salmon was ready Melanie made up four dishes and placed them on the table, she then went into the lounge to tell the others it was ready. Tracy and the naked Slut followed Melanie back into the Dinning room. Slut asked why four places and Melanie explained that she thought Yvonne might return in time.

As they started to eat Slut asked if they knew what Paul intended to do with Penelope. Tracy replied “Perhaps we might find out when Yvonne returns”. Melanie refilled the glasses with the white wine before getting up saying “I’ll put Yvonne’s meal in the fridge”.

When they had all finished Tracy said “Come Slut we will get you dressed” taking her back to the lounge she picked up the toys telling her to put them in. when they were both securely in place she gave her the tight latex knickers telling her to put them on. Slut said “I told you I do not like rubber”. Tracy said “when you put these on you will realise that you now love the feel”. When Slut had pulled them on Tracy picked up the bondage suit and instructed Slut the same as she had Melanie in the shop.

When the Mask was on and the zips closed and locked Tracy said “That smell you can now sense is your fresh air, whenever you are not breathing the strong smell of rubber you will always smell something nasty like stinky manure. It will be as if your top lip has been painted with the stuff. I have set the lock for twelve hours so you can not take it off until after breakfast. You can sit down and watch the television while I help Melanie clean up”

Tracy went into the kitchen and found Melanie staring at the dirty dishes and said “What is wrong”. Melanie replied “I want to clean up but I can’t seem able to do it. Its like someone is telling me to leave it”. Tracy said “Melanie you are no longer a slut you are just a woman who enjoys being humiliated and who loves wearing latex”. Melanie said “that’s better I can start to clean up now”. They worked together to clean the Kitchen and they stopped occasionally for hugs and kisses. When the kitchen was clean, they both retuned to Slut. Seeing that the toys were having the correct effect, Tracy said “You need to walk around the garden, why don’t you take your dog out for a walk. On the way through the kitchen Slut called to penny to come and Tracy opened the back door for them both.

Melanie said “I hope the side gate is closed we don’t want them wandering off down the road”. “Tracy replied perhaps you had better check”. Melanie went outside and found slut striding around the garden with penny following close behind. She went around to the side gate which she found open, as she tried to close it Derek pushed his way through.

“Hello Melslut” he said, I thought I could see someone walking about in your garden from my bedroom window so I thought I would come over and check, did I see someone with no clothes on”. “If you want to find out you had better take your clothes off, you are not wearing rubber and Tracy will get upset” replied Melanie.

Derek Thought about it for a few seconds then said “no I’ll wait until Sunday when I am correctly attired” then he left closing the gate behind him. Melanie went back inside a told Tracy what had happened. Tracy hinted “we don’t want him talking to anyone else, do you have his phone number, get him back and I will get out two playmates in from the garden for a little fun. Melanie not being allowed in the study went up stairs and using the phone in the bedroom called Mrs Johnson. When she answered Melanie Said “Good evening Ronnie is Derek in, I have a small job he could help me with if he’s free”. Veronica said “Yes he is upstairs I’ll send him across in a few minutes”. Melanie replied “Thanks I won’t keep him to long”.

When Melanie returned down stairs Slut and penny were in the lounge and Tracy was doing something to the hidden zip in Slut’s pleasure suite. “I’ve had to cut a hole in the knickers but I’ve removed the toy from Slut’s pussy. But I don’t think it will be empty for long” said Tracy.

Just then the door bell rang and Tracy said “I’ll go”. While Tracy was answering the door Melanie took penny out to the kitchen and told her to go to sleep.

Tracy came back in with Derek in tow and introduced him to Slut and said “Slut this young man is your ideal man, you will give him any sexual act her asks for and love it”. Then she said to Derek “why don’t you take her upstairs, there is a zip in her crutch which you and open for your nightly delights.

Derek ushered Slut up the stairs and into one of the unused bedrooms, laying her down on the bed he unzipped the crutch zip and felt inside to find a very moist pussy. He spread her legs and mounted her, sliding his engorges cock though the zip and into her garden of pleasure. He rode her for nearly twenty minutes stopping each time he was about to come in order to prolong the enjoyment before finally cumming. Slut had cum twice and they were much better then the ones generated by the toys and significantly better than those created by her husband. She lay back on the bed and fell unto very relaxing steep.

Leaving Slut on the bed Derek went down stairs to talk to Melslut. He walked into the lounge and Tracy asked “Did you enjoy that and have you every fucked a dog”. “What do you mean dog, if you are talking about the young naked girl I saw on all fours, I would very much like to fuck her” replied Derek. Melanie said “It might be illegal she is underage and she might be a virgin”.

Tracy said “Letts ask her, come Derek” taking Derek into the kitchen Tracy went on to say “Penelope are you a virgin”. Penelope sat up on the rug and said “What am I doing down here and no I am not a virgin”. Derek asked “how is she turned into her other self and can I keep her” Tracy explained that a friend had hypnotised Slut and Penelope and had left them in Tracy’s care.

Tracy then said Penny you are a bitch in heat and this is Derek your dog Master you will always do exactly as he directs you, whether you are penny or your other self. Turning to Derek you had better remove your clothes before mounting her. Derek quickly undressed and got down on all fours he crawled up behind penny and mounted her doggy style. He was once again a very good lover and brought her to three organisms before he let himself come. Tracy had stayed to watch him and asked him if he wanted to keep penny. Derek replied that he would love to but couldn’t get her past his mum. Tract said he could keep her at Melanie’s until he was able to sort his mum out.

Derek asked if he could fuck her as a girl and Tracy replied “She is yours you can do as you like just call her by her proper name”. Leaving Derek with penny, Tracy returned to Melanie and said “he is a very good lover he brought penny to al least three organisms before he came himself”. Melanie replied “I know that’s what he did to me, you should try him yourself”.

“I will, but he is in with Penelope now, I’ve given her to him”. “Oh you might spoil him for us” replied Melanie. I don’t think so; he is man enough for all of us”.

In the kitchen Derek was fucking Penelope and enjoying it very much he had never had some much fun in one night. Penelope had come four times and was screaming with each forward push of Derek’s cock. As Derek came Penelope came again and fainted moaning softly.

Derek got dressed and leaving Penelope on the floor when to find Tracy and Melanie to tell them he had to go. When he entered the room where they were and told them, Melanie said “next time you come you have to do everybody”. Derek said “I have school tomorrow, but I will come over after tea so I can exercise penny and I will try to fit you all in, I’m a little sore right now.

As Derek went out the front door, Penelope came in asking “Who was that he was fantastic he brought me off five times, nobody has ever done that before”. Tracy asked “And how many boys have you had then”? Penelope replied “Nearly all the senior football team at school and some of the rugby team”. “Heavens you little tramp, what on earth made you do that” exclaimed Melanie. “I was rebelling against my Father; he made mums and my life, a living hell”.

“Well” said Tracy “He has done it again you and your mum are here because of your dad”. Penelope purred “If I can have that boy back I won’t complain, by the way, where is Mother” Tracy asked “Who is Mother”. Penelope said “That man brought both of us here together, what have you done with her”. Tracy said “The lady you came with is called Slut, you will change all the names you have ever called her to Slut and you my little princess are called penny”. As penny became a dog again Tracy told her to go to bed.

It was getting late and Tracy have to go to work in the morning turing to Melanie and said “We need to sort your clothes out for work and I need to decide what to do with Slut and penny; I have got to be at work for 8:30, what time are you normally there”. Melanie replied that she liked to be in work before 9:00 but Yvonne is always in before me”. Let’s go to bed and set the alarm for 6:00 so we’ve got time to sort this out.

They went upstairs to the bedroom Tracy took a pair of leg cuffs from the toys drawer and tied slut’s ankles together.

They were just getting into bed when Yvonne arrived back. Tracy met her on the stairs and told her to go straight to bed and that they would catch up on each others encounters at breakfast.

To be continued.