The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Quick Fix

Synopsis: The CEO of a development company hears of an impending dilemma and contracts a young hypnotist to make it go away.

Chapter three: (Monday).

The alarm awoke Tracy at 6:00 and both Tracy and Melanie stirred before it was silenced. Taking Melanie’s nightdress off Tracy sent Melanie to take her shower and then joined her under the hot water. Before Melanie stepped out she gave Tracy a loving hug saying “I love you more than life Mistress what are your humiliating instructions today”. Tracy replied “Every time anyone addressed you by your name while you are in your office, will cause all the rubber that is touching your skin to feel like someone kissing you and any dildos in you, are fucking you. This feeling will continue until you cum and while you in this aroused state you will not be able to say no”.

When they were both back in the bedroom Tracy dressed Melanie in the latex knickers and a latex catsuit before giving her a cream coloured blouse and crisp dark grey trouser suit plus the obligatory high heels. Melanie’s attire gave no hint of latex but Tracy was wearing only latex.

Leaving the bedroom Tracy went in search of Yvonne and found clothes to cover her Maids uniform effectively. Taking the little girls clothes that Melanie had worn the previous day Tracy awoke penny and told Penelope to put them on.

As Tracy, Melanie and Yvonne had breakfast, Tracy sent Penelope upstairs to find slut and to bring her down. When Slut came into the kitchen she asked why was Penelope dressed like that and could she take this suit off. Tracy replied Penelope is wearing that because I told her and no you will have to keep this a while longer. At 07:15 Melanie and Yvonne set off in Yvonne’s car to the bank and at 7:30, Tracy instructed Penelope and Slut to get into the BMW. Setting the alarm and locking the house Tracy drove to the shop where she created a corner in the sore room for penny to sleep and stood Slut by the front door at attention just like a dummy while she opened up.

After two customers had been through the store, Tracy checked the lock on Slut’s, bondage suit and found the lock open, taking slut into the changing rooms she assisted her out of the suit and then instructed her to change into clothes she provided being a corset, stocking opera gloves and a short dress with a flared skirt the length was just enough to cover the stocking tops but each step she took there was a hint of bare skin. She was given no underwear to wear and Tracy decreed that she could not remove or wear anything under or over her clothes until she gave permission to do so.

Tracy then instructed Slut to take a taxi home and if anyone asked where she had been to tell them she stayed the night with her friend Melanie Preston. She was also instructed that she should initiate realising her assets and was to return to Melanie’s before half past six. Before she left Slut asked what had happened to Penelope, she should be at school”. Tracy told her to phone the school and tell them she would not be in this week due to a family bereavement.

Slut made the phone call from the shop and then went to find a taxi to take her home.

Tracy phoned the owner of the shop and asked him if he had ever considered selling the store and if he had what sort of figure he would be looking for. The owner replied that he had often thought about it but couldn’t find anyone interested. Tracy told him she had a friend who was very interested and had asked her to negotiate to reach a deal. The owner said “I would need three quarters of a million to give it up including all the stock. Tracy haggled “How a bout £500,000”. The owner said “I can not take less then £700.000”. Tracy replied saying “make it £600,000 and we have a deal”. Her boss after a pause said “I can deal if the offer was £650.000 but I would need a purchase discount for the rest of my life”. Tracy agreed that he could have 50% off any purchase for the next 10 years and 25% thereafter if the deal was stuck before the end of the week. The owner completed the deal by saying “I will see my solicitor on Wednesday and draw up the bill of sale if you agree to pay in cash in full on Friday”

Tracy agreed and when the call was terminated called Melanie. When Yvonne answered and said that Melanie was in a meeting to discuss the demise of a senior director. Tracy provided Yvonne with the details of the transaction and asked her to get Melanie to arrange for Slut to provide the funds.

Just as Tracy terminated the call a new customer walked in looking very pensive and asked “are you Tracy I was told you could sort me out a new wardrobe”. Tracy said “Does your Husband work in the Bank with Melanie Preston”. The woman replied “Yes how did you know that”. Tracy replied “just a thought, you are not my normal customer and a friend told me to expect someone looking for a new wardrobe”.

“Well I don’t know what happened I was at home on Saturday when I had a sudden urge to come here” said the woman. Tracy continued “Tell me about yourself and what you are looking for and I and will try and help you”. The woman said “my name is Sarah Bingham and I am married to Sir Reginald Bingham Managing Director at the bank Melanie works for, I am 43 year old and am a qualified Barrister”. Tracy replied “Thank you Sarah if you would like to go into the changing room and remove all your clothes, I will find you something for you to try”. Tracy then had a thought, if Paul had told her to ask for Tracy; perhaps he had made her subservient. So to test this she put her head around the changing room door and said “for the next ten minutes you can not remember any words that contain the letter S and you will forget I said that”.

She had a rough idea of Sarah’s size so pulled a latex nuns habit with all the accompaniments form the stock. Returning to the changing room she found Sarah standing completely nude and asked “What did you say your name was”? Sarah replied “my name is Bingham”. Tracy continued “here let me help you on with this”. Dressing Sarah in the corset, stockings knickers and habit, Tracy said “Do you know what you are wearing”? Sarah replied “a uniform for a Nun”. Tracy continued “are you a nun”? Sarah replied “No I am a lawyer “. Tracy decreed that “Until I tell you different you are not a lawyer you are a nun, and your name is Teapot”.

Tracy went to the accessories counter and picked up a large crucifix on a long chain, placing this around Teapot’s neck Tracy said “There you look the part now”. Ten minutes had passed since Tracy’s first instruction so “Tracy said “And how would you like to pay sister teapot”? Teapot replied “When I came in here I was not sister teapot and I was nor wearing this smelly attire, what have you done to me”. Tracy feeling really evil said “For the rest of today you can forget all the legalese you have learnt on your way to be a barrister, you can also forget that your name was anything other than teapot, lastly you have been a Nun since you were eighteen and you love the feel and smell of latex”. Teapot shook gently and picking up the charity box from the counter said “I was wondering Miss if you would consider contributing to this worthy cause”. Tracy opened up Sarah’s handbag and removing ten pounds from her purse pushed it in the charity box. Teapot continued “That was very generous thank you. Do have a pleasant day”, then carrying the charity box turned to leave the store. Tracy shouted before you go “you can remember who you are, you are no longer a Nun but you do love the feel and smell of latex”.

Sarah stopped by the door turned and said “I nearly left with your charity box I don’t know what got into me”.

Tracy taking the box from her said “you must wear these clothes for the next twenty-four hours come back here tomorrow morning and I will find you something else. If any one asks why you are dressed like this, give them a plausible answer indicating that it’s due to your choice. Now before you go how would you like to settle your account”. Sarah replied “How much is it and go you take cards”. Tracy replied “If you are going to be a regular Customer why do you not open an account”? Sarah continued “That would be good, how do I go about it”. I’ll prepare the paper work for your return tomorrow and until then you can have these on account”. Sarah thanked Tracy then left the shop on her way home.

Tracy was feeling very aroused after Sarah had left and decided to use Penelope for some much needed relief. Going into the store room she called for Penelope and when she stirred from her dog bed said “why is it I always seem to wake up on the floor”. Tracy explained that whenever she was called penny she became a dog. Penelope said “All my school friends call me that, how will I survive at school”?

Tracy said “Perhaps by the end of the week we can get your Master to change your trigger, in the meantime come into the store and crouch down behind the sales counter, I want you to use your tongue to give my pussy some service”.

Penelope was eating Tracy’s pussy when the next customer came in. It was a young man who started looking around and then asked Tracy if she had any sheath pants with a built in butt plug”. Tracy trying to keep her voice steady said “On the bottom shelf of the third rack they are in boxes”.

The young man found his size and said “could I try these on”. Tracy said “You can only put them on after you pay for them. Once they have been worn these can not be returned”.

The young man paid then went into the changing room”. When he came out he had a pleasant smile on his face and then left the shop saying “Thank you”.

Tracy noted a bulge in his pocket and thought it may be his old knickers and after he was out of sight she remembered Sarah’s clothes were still in the changing room.

Waiting for Penelope to finish which only took another four minutes, Telling Penelope to stay there, Tracy went into the changing room and collected all Sarah’s clothes noticing that her bra and panties were now missing. She moved the remaining clothes into the store room. Returning to the main shop she found another customer had just entered. As he came closer she noticed it was Derek.

When he spotted Tracy he visibly relaxed and said “I am glad it’s you I didn’t know what to expect or what to buy”. Tracy smiled and said “Give me your sizes and I’ll find you something suitable. If your cock has not been used for the last ten minutes your pet is under the counter”. Derek answered “I’m an XL on top and a large for trousers”. He looked under the desk and seeing Penelope asked Tracy where they could go.

Tracy said “there is no one in the store, Penelope you can show him and while your there, ask him about your trigger”. Penelope eagerly led Derek into the store room leaving Tracy alone in the shop.

Tracy searched for some cloths for Derek and decided on a shirt in light blue latex and a pair of jeans in black heavy weight latex that had a heavy leather belt that could be locked on, she added a pair of white latex briefs and a pair of short black latex socks.

Many minutes later Derek and Penelope returned to the shop and Tracy asked Derek to try on the clothes she had chosen. When Derek went into the changing room Tracy asked Penelope “How was he today”. Penelope replied “He is absolutely brilliant, I came 7 times and he changed my dog trigger to only work for you, Melanie and him although I would prefer if you could use it sparingly”.

When Derek returned wearing the clothes Tracy has provided. Penelope said “Doesn’t he look dashing that shirt is a lovely blue”. Tracy said “turn around and let’s see your bum”. As he did a spin they both looked in awe at the sight of his bottom in tight shinny latex.

Derek completing his spin said “This stuff has a very pleasant effect on my cock I can see why you and Melanie like it so much. Penelope would you mind, minding the shop while I show Tracy how this works”. Penelope said “Certainly but don’t be too long, I don’t know how to work the cash register”.

Derek and Tracy went into the store room and Tracy said “see if you can do it while your jeans are still belted up. Derek dropped his flies and pulled out his large solid cock and dropping Tracy’s knickers slid it into her. He laid her on penny’s bed and fucked her for nearly 45 minutes. Tracy lost count how many times she had cum before he came in a final flourish.

As he put his softened cock back in his trousers and pulled up the zip Tracy locked the belt saying “that only comes off when you do that again this evening to the three of us or may be even four”.

“I can’t go home like this, what will mother say” exclaimed Derek. Tracy said you can wear the clothes you came in with over the top” replied Tracy. As they returned to the shop Penelope was helping two young girls find some skirts to go clubbing in. Tracy called out “Top shelf on the rack by the window”. The girls found what they wanted and giggled towards the changing room”. Penelope said “I had two other customers who bought magazines and a pair of arm braces but they paid in cash which I have left by the till. If you teach me how to use the till properly I’m sure I will be able to learn where the stock is and I would love to help out”.

Derek waited for the girls to purchase their skirts before taking his clothed back into the changing room returning a few moments later wearing his cotton and bomber jacket over the latex, walking to the till he asked Tracy “how much do I owe you” Tracy replied “That would be £224 but you can have family discount of 50% so I make £112. Derek paid with his visa card and said “When I pay that off, I will be back for some more, I am beginning to like this a lot”.

After giving both Tracy and Penelope a big kiss he walked for the door saying “I’ll see you both tonight”.

When he had gone Penelope said “can I try the doll costume on I like the look of that and the mask should make me unrecognisable. What if those girls had been from my school”?

Tracy said “Ok go into the changing room and take everything off”, then going to find all the pieced for the doll costume, she didn’t want to take the one off the manikin although it was probably the right size. Not finding all the items she needed in the right size she lifted the manikin off the stand and took the whole costume into the changing room. You will have to take the clothes off this dummy I can not find all the bits needed from the stock.

Penelope started undressing the dummy and was shocked to find a catsuit under the dress which had built in dildos and a chastity belt.

She dressed in reverse order starting with the catsuit; it was made from transparent latex but gave the skin a very shinny appearance. Next she tried to put the hood on but failed, she called out for Tracy to help. Tracy fitted the hood and locked the chastity belt on then helped her with the dress, transparent opera gloves with real looking hands and whites knee length stockings, lastly she fitted the blond wig.

Penelope stood in front of the mirror and couldn’t believe her eyes she looked beautiful and very sexy her dolls face was shinny and smiling and although she could talk it always returned to the same happy expression.

They both re-entered the shop and Tracy picked up a remote pointed it a Penelope and pressed a button. Penelope shrieked as the two dildos started to vibrate.

Tracy then said “You will have to play the Manikin wherever you are when a customer comes in you must stand completely still, they mustn’t distinguish that there is a live person in there”. In the meantime sort out these magazines into the right piles and stack these DVDs.

Penelope was revelling in the feel of the dildos and had just finished the DVDs when two customers entered the store. She relaxed into a standing position close to the magazine rack as a young guy came over to choose a magazine. The girl with him stood close to Penelope and said “This dolls outfit looks so real if you buy me this I would wear it for you when ever you liked”. The Guy asked Tracy if she had one in his friend’s size and when Tracy said she could order one in for Saturday, the guy said how about the one on the manikin it looks the right size.

Tracy said “That one is already sold”. The guy pushed as hard as he could to get Tracy to capitulate until Tracy said “Penelope would you please go into the store and fetch my order book from the desk”. Both the Guy and his girl were both shocked when the Doll walked into the store room to fetch the book. Tracy turned to the Guy and said “I told you it was sold she would not like you removing it from her. Do you want me to order you one”? The guy said “yes please we will pick it up on Saturday, will she be here” pointing to Penelope as she re-entered the shop. Tracy replied “I expect so she is learning to be my assistant, that will be £1.70 for the magazine and I will need a £50 deposit for the order”. The guy handed over his debit card and Tracy keyed in £51.70 into the PDQ. As the young man entered his PIN Tracy said Penelope would you please take this young lady into the changing room and measure her there is a tape hanging in a peg outside the door.

While Penelope was in the changing room with the girl Tracy said “Is there nothing you would like for your self”. The guy replied “Yes there is a lot I would like but it will have to wait until after payday it’s Julie’s turn today”

There were soft moans coming from the changing room so Tracy looked in and saw three of Penelope’s latex covered fingers moving in and out of the girl’s pussy. When Tracy returned to the Guy she said “Dolly is warming her up for you. Perhaps you should take her home as soon as you can”. As Julie shouted “Yessss” the guy rushed to the changing room as he opened the door Penelope pulled him in and then said “I think she needs you right away” before leaving and closing the door behind her”.

Penelope went back to Tracy and said “I think we have a regular customer there”. Tracy replied “you are too highly sexed for this shop”. Penelope continued “You can talk; it was you who turned these vibrators on”. Tracy said “True but I am not turning them off, so you can get behind the counter and perform that trick with your fingers on me”.

Tracy was just reaching her second orgasm when the two young people emerged from the changing room. They were both highly charged and left the shop without looking over to Tracy, which was just as well for in a few seconds she came again very loudly. “That’s enough for now, I am happy to say that you have got the job, it’s almost lunch time would you like to go over to the Deli and bring back a couple of sandwiches and two mugs of coffee”. There is money in my purse in the locker by the desk in the store.

Penelope collected £20 from Tracy’s purse and walked out of the shop towards the deli in the middle of the Mall. She caused quite a stir as she walked across the Mall though all the shops. One old man asked her is she was for sale telling her he could give her a lovely home. She didn’t reply just kept on walking. A mother with two young children both at pre school ages looked at her for a very long time and as she passed let out a big sigh.

At the deli she ordered the lunch from a very surprised waitress and waited for it to be made up. Paying for the food she started her return journey to the sex shop. When she made the whole journey back she had quite a following group of both men and women including the young mother and her kids.

Penelope entered the shop and Tracy looked at the group of people following. As Tracy approached to shop door with the intention of closing the shop for lunch, three women from those who followed Penelope, entered the shop. Tracy stood back to let them in and they each walked passed her and over to Penelope standing by the sales counter. The first one a young woman of about twenty said “what is it like wearing that it looks so sexy I couldn’t believe what I was seeing”. Penelope answered “The feel of the latex is sublime and the two dildos in my arse and pussy are vibrating I came four times making my way to the deli and back, there is no other clothing that can give you the feelings this does, and the fact that no one can see my face or recognise me is an even bigger turn on.

The woman then said “Can I try some on”. The other two said in unison “can I try some too”.

Tracy asked the first one to go into the changing room and undress. She then asked Penelope to take in one of the bondage suits but not to lock the collar. She asked the other two to wait and look around the shop to see if anything caught their eye.

Penelope was in the changing room with the first woman for more than ten minutes but when they came out the other two looked at the first one in the bondage suit exclaimed. The second one said could I try one of those does it have built in dildos. Penelope said they are not built into the suite but this one had a pair well entrenched into her two lower orifices. Tracy pointed the remote and pressed the button as the first woman screamed in delight.

Penelope picked up a second suite and vibrating knickers and let the second one into the changing rooms. The last woman asked the one in the bondage suite what it was like and the only reply she could get were the sounds of someone having glorious sex.

Tracy said I don’t think there is another suit like that one in stock but I can find you something as good. “Yes please said the third woman in her early thirties”. Tracy found a catsuit with built-in corset a pair of vibrating knickers and a hood with gag, an arm binder, a short cape and a pair of high heeled bondage boots.

When Penelope came out with the second one Tracy handed her the remote and took the third one into the changing room. Once inside she had her undress and then gave her the vibrating panties. When these were on she handed over the catsuit and helped her to put it on. Once on Tracy tightened the corset as far as she could go and tied off the laces. Next she helped her into the bondage boots which were lock on with Tracy putting the key on a chain, then came the hood and mask with the build in gag this also had laces to tighten it onto the head. With the mask was tightly in place Tracy brought up the arm binder and securely encased the woman’s arms getting her elbowed to almost touch. The arm binder had a strap that connected to the collar of the catsuit and Tracy passed a pad lock through them both.

When everything was on and locked, Tracy pulled the short cape over the woman’s head which reached down to her bum hiding the arm binder and corset.

Directing the woman out of the changing room Penelope pointed the remote and activated the vibrators in the knickers.

All three women were standing next to each other when Tracy said “To get the maximum out of these clothes you will need to go out among the public why don’t you all walk down to the other end of the Mall and back. I’ll hold on to your purses so you don’t run away with my stock, you can discuss any purchases when you return.

Showing all three out of the shop she put the closed sign on the door and locked it. Turning to Penelope she said the coffee will be cold but the sandwiches should be fine.

The sat eating their lunch and Tracy said “you can have commission from any sales from these three, they wouldn’t be here is you hadn’t gone for lunch dressed like that”. If I get commission do you want me to get fresh cups of coffee? Walking about dressed like this is an absolute buzz” replied Penelope.

“Ok don’t be too long they should be back soon” said Tracy as she unlocked the door to let Penelope out. Penelope walked back to the deli, bought two mugs of coffee and as she walked back into the Mall joined the three women as they made their way back up the Mall to the shop, there were now seven more women in tow and four young guys. Penelope walked between them and all four walked slowly back to the Shop. Tracy opened the door as they approached, allowing them to enter before she could shut it five more women pushed in.

Tracy shouted to get their attention and when they all were looking in her direction, she said “Ladies this interest in our little shop, although very welcome and much needed is little overwhelming we agreed that these three could have a little tryout of rubber bondage and I need to deal with their conclusions if the remainder would like to browse Penny here will try to answer any questions I thank you for your patience. Then to one of the women in a bondage suit could I deal with you first”. She went to the sales counter followed by the woman. Tracy then asked “Did you like the feeling of the latex and the attention you received through the Mall. The woman replied saying though the gas mask “I thought it was the most erotic thing I have ever done, how much is this suit and do you know anyone who would help me out of it when I am ready”. Tracy said “Are you ready now”?

“No” came the reply “I would like to keep it on for a few hours more”. Tracy said “Ok sit down over there and I’ll see you again before we close”. As the woman walked to a chair at the back of the shop Tracy called for the other woman in a similar suit saying “can I deal with you next and what did you think of the experience”? The woman looked at the one sitting down and asked “What has she decided”? Tracy replied “She is not ready for it to end so has decided to wait until closing time”. The woman said “I would like to do the same, I have no one at home who could help me on and off with something like this but I don’t want it to end yet either”. “Ok” replied Tracy “Go and sit by your new friend; perhaps you could help each other”.

As the woman walked over to the other chair, Tracy called forward the lady in the cape saying “How did you like the experience tap your foot once for a positive answer and twice for a negative reply, do you understand”?

One tap.

Tracy continued “The other two ladies do not want it to end just yet and are waiting until five o’clock before making a decision, are you ready to make a decision”?

One tap.

“Do you wish for it to be removed”? Two taps. “Ok you would like to say how long you would like stay dressed like this, tap your foot for the number of hours you would like to keep it on”?

The lady started tapping her foot and kept going for twenty-four taps.

“Tracy said “I have no more chairs out here so come with me”. She led the woman into the store room collecting some leg irons on the way. She sat her down in the chair at the desk and connected her ankles together with the irons. She returned to the shop and shouted in a loud voice can I help anyone. A young woman about twenty approached her and asked “what has been decided by the three in bondage”? Tracy answered “They all decided independently that they wish to remain in their bondage for a while longer, they are each finding this an overwhelming experience that they do not want it to end”. She asked “What is it that is affecting then so”? Tracy said “As well as the latex which is covering every inch of their skin they have vibrating dildos in both their arse and pussy. The combination often causes a stimulation overload which becomes almost addictive”. The lady replied I would like to try the vibrating dildos and a little bit of latex if that is possible”. Tracy told her to go into the changing room and remove all her clothes and she would join her in a few minutes”. She picked up a pair of the vibrating knickers and bondage surf suite it had short sleeves and cut off legs but the collar was reinforced and had a rings on each side of the zip that could be locked together. Taking all this to the lady in the changing room she helped her into everything and placed a small brass padlock into the rings on the collar. When she was dressed in the latex Tracy said “Get dressed in your own clothes again and meet me at the till”.

Tracy went to the till and prepared the invoice and had the remote in her hand when the woman came out. She had no visible sign of latex but jumped when the vibrations started.

Tracy handed her the invoice and she said “you haven’t included the padlock”. Tracy replied “I’ll throw that in and if you settle up without challenge then I will even give you the key”. The lady said “you can hold on to the key until tomorrow but here put the amount on this card” handing over a bank debit card.

Tracy put the key in the till and wished the lady a pleasant evening and. When she left the store Tracy asked for the next customer. This one was a young girl about the same age as Penelope and Tracy asked what she would like “The girl said “I would like a doll outfit like that one” pointing to Penelope. Tracy told her that there were no more in stock but one could be ordered with a £50 Deposit” the girl said she could pay the £50 so Tracy took her into the changing room to measure her. When they came out the girls handed over two twenties and a ten and Tracy handed gave her a receipt and told her to come back next week. After the girl had left Tracy asked if anyone any one else would like serving.

Penelope came across with a woman in her forties and said “this lady would like a catsuit with corset like the woman in the stock room is wearing but I couldn’t find one”. “Wait here” said Tracy “there are some in the store that came in on Saturday”. Tracy went into the store and found the box with the right cat suits in it, picking up the box she returned to the shop. Penelope opened the box and started taking out all the contents and grouping them into sizes when she found the right size she passed it to Tracy. Tracy sold another three of these to the awaiting customers. After everyone had left the shop, both Tracy and Penelope sat on the floor behind the sales desk to rest a bit. Tracy had never seen the shop as busy as that since starting work there. She was pleased that she could see improving sales from Penelope’s involvement.

The afternoon from then on was fairly slow and when five o’clock came around she asked both ladies sitting at the back of the store if they were ready to come out. Both ladies shook their heads and Tracy said “You will have to buy these and take them home to continue”.

Sadly both ladies stood up and Penelope helped one and Tracy helped the other out of their Bondage suits. Neither would remove the knickers so they dressed over them and both paid in full. Tracy asked if they lived near each other and she found that they both lived on the same side of town so they could help each other out but just in case she gave them Melanie’s mobile number.

Tracy recorded all the daily sales phoned through the orders and lastly removed the leg irons from the lady in the store room. After checking every was secure Penelope still in her doll Costume the un-named lady and Tracy got into the BMW and drove to Melanie’s.

When they got there Yvonne’s car was in the drive and there was a very posh Jaguar XJR was along side it. Tracy parked behind the Jag and the three of them entered the house. As Tracy entered Melanie ran to her and hugged her saying you will never guess what happened today “Because of the loss of Hutchinson Smyth I have been promoted to the board and a lot more money”.

Tracy asked if Yvonne passed on her message and Melanie replied saying that Slut had been to the bank and had withdrawn £500,000 in cash and that Tracy could draw the remainder from Melanie’s account. Tracy gave her news of the day and told Melanie what she knew about the stranger.

When Penelope walked into the lounge where Slut and Yvonne were sitting Slut said “and who do we have here”. Penelope said “It’s me; I have had the most fantastic day you would never believe what happened this afternoon.

Slut said “I am not interested in your afternoon; you no longer have a home to live in I put it on the market today. Soon we will have nothing” Penelope replied “Well I am going to live with Derek as soon as he gets me past his mother. Yvonne piped up “Paul is due back on Wednesday I’m sure he could help there”. Slut said “I never want to see that man again”.

Just then Tracy walked and said “Now children no more bickering Yvonne how is dinner coming on and where is your Maid uniform”. Yvonne replied “Sorry mistress I have my uniform under this and dinner has been ready for half an hour”.

Tracy asked Penelope to remove the hood form the guest and all 6 sat down to eat a lovely cold meat and cheese salad.

Conversation was all about the various days activities and they learnt that the guest lady was called “Margaret Connors a 30 year old children’s nurse, she was a newly discovered submissive latex lover.

After Dinner Yvonne and Penelope went to clean up, while Melanie and Slut discussed the liquidation of Slut’s assets. Tracy put Margaret’s gag and hood back on and then went into the study to check all Melanie’s accounts.

At 19:30 the front door bell rang and Melanie went to answer it and was surprised to find Derek dressed in Latex carrying a bunch of flowers. He said “These are for you, am I in the appropriate attire to be allowed in”. Melanie replied “of cause you look lovely enough to eat”. They both went through to the Kitchen and when Derek looked at Penelope in the Dolls costume he just stopped with his mouth open. Seeing him enter Penelope jumped into his arms saying “Oh look Master has come to play with his doll”

Derek carried Penelope up the stairs and into the bedroom he used the day before with Slut. Laying Penelope down on the bed he said “You look so good in the outfit I would like you to wear it for me every night”. Penelope replied “for you I could wear it always”. As Derek reached under the short skirt for the knickers; Tracy came around the door holding a key. She said “You will need this to unlock the chastity belt. Derek took the key and Tracy disappeared down stairs again.

As Tracy entered the lounge Melanie and slut were talking about the purchase of the sex shop and Tracy asked “why is slut only paying £500.000 when I asked for her to pay all of it “...Slut replied “That was all I could get in cash in one transaction the bank has protocols that have to be met and all my other accounts have a thirty day notice period, which I have just given today”. Tracy shouted “I don’t care if you have to sell something or borrow it. You will provide the remainder of the money tomorrow. If you are not careful I’ll turn you into a cheap street whore. Slut dropped to her knees in front of Tracy and said meekly “I am deeply sorry mistress I will do as you ask and will not cause you any further anguish”.

Tracy pulled her knickers off and said “Ok just remember my control is absolute and I could make you anything. Right now my pussy needs some attention so you know what to do”.

Slut leaned in putting her lips to Tracy’s snatch bringing her tongue into play. Melanie said “While she’s doing that, I’ll go and take a shower. Oh by the way that trick with my name was glorious I was sitting in my office first thing when Mr Bingham walked in and said “Melanie I would like you attend the board meeting at 10:00 can you be there”? All I gave was a simple yes as I tried to look casual before he left. Then, just as I was coming back down from my orgasmic high, there was another knock on my door. It turned out to be another of the younger Directors who asked my to dinner on Thursday as he used my name I said yes again and he left smiling as my body took off again on another cosmic journey. Apart from having to go out with a bore on Thursday I had a wonderful day”.

Tracy replied as Melanie headed for the door “We will have to find something suitable for you to wear for your date, come to the shop after work tomorrow and we will find something”.

Melanie left the room while Slut serviced Tracy. As Melanie reached the top of the Stairs Derek met her and asked where she kept any restraints. Melanie told him to look in the top drawer of the dressing table in the master bedroom. Derek retrieved a pair of wrist cuffs and a padlock and returned to his doll. She was still lying on the bed in a state of pleasure overload. Derek had played her body like a musical instrument and she had come eight times before passing out. As she lay there Derek repositioned the chastity belt and relocked it then rolling her over secured her wrists together behind her back with the wrist cuffs and the padlock.

Putting the keys in his pocket of his rubber jeans, he left the bedroom and returned to Melanie’s room where he found her undressing for her shower. He stood watching and when she had finished, picked her up and laid her on the bed. He then lay down on top of her and continued his sexual marathon for the night.

When Penelope came too, she found herself bound and in urgent need of a pea. Going to the main bathroom she sat on the porcelain and let go, the chastity belt caused the liquid to splash everywhere, some of it missed the toilet completely. When she was completely relieved she mopped up and cleaned around the toilet as best she could in her bound condition. It took her quite a while before it was clean enough to leave and as she left the room she heard Melanie scream with delight.

Leaving Melanie and Derek to their endeavours Penelope returned to the down stairs and joined Tracy and Slut saying “This room smells like it does up stairs, how many tonight Tracy”. Tracy had her wyes closed and replied softly “I am just up to seven my new record, how many did you get”. Penelope said “I passed out after eight and from the sound Melanie’s making she could be in double figures”. Tracy said to Slut “If your mouth isn’t too tired keep going for another three”. Closing her eyes again she laid back in the chair with a smile right across her face.

Penelope went to find Yvonne and found her cleaning the dinning room in her maid’s uniform and talking to Margaret about work. Penelope said “the rest of the house has become a sexual fiesta what is wrong with this room. Margaret replied “I am still being stimulated by my vibrators although they are slowing down and Yvonne has been too busy”. Penelope continued “well this will have to change Yvonne take your knickers off and sit down here and I’ll try to squeeze in between you legs.

Margaret gasped as Penelope started tongue lashing Yvonne’s pussy saying, “I never thought I could have done that”. Yvonne said “you can continue when Penelope has had enough”. Margaret replied “I am looking forward to it”.

After taking Melanie to an orgasmic overload, he rose off the bed and slowly made his way down stairs; he found Tracy and Slut asleep in the Lounge, Margaret eating out Yvonne and Penelope asleep on the dog’s bed in the kitchen.

He filled the kettle with water and turned it on then prepared seven cups of coffee using the jar of instant he found in the cupboard. As the kettle was warming up he knelt down beside Penelope and kissed her. She awake and returned the kiss saying “I think I have died and gone to heaven, you get better each time”

When the kettle finally boiled he said “Go and arouse everybody and bring them to the dinning room”. He poured the boiling water into the awaiting cups and added a little milk. Finding a tray and a tin of biscuits he took everything into the dinning room placing the tray on the table.

Margaret stopped what she was doing and Yvonne put her knickers back on just as Tracy and Slut joined them. A few minutes latter Melanie and Penelope arrived Melanie was wearing a latex robe tied with a latex belt in a big bow.

They all sat around the table and Derek passed out the coffee, asking if anyone took sugar. No one responded so he sat back with his own cup and asked “Who had the most orgasms tonight. Yvonne said “I had six, three from Margaret and three from Penelope. Melanie said “I had eight before I passed out”. Derek interjected “I think you had nine”. Penelope said “I had eight before I passed out”. Derek said “I think you also had nine before I stopped”. Tracy said “I had “eleven before I fell asleep, Slut has learnt some mean moves with her tongue. Margaret softly said “I have had fourteen since this afternoon but since arriving here in this wonderful community and before my batteries died, I came five times”. Derek continued “Can we give Margaret some new batteries” looking at Tracy. Tracy replied not a problem but she needs to undress completely while I do it. Melanie said “I still haven’t had my shower so lets get Margaret undressed and we can have one together while Yvonne cleans her clothes and Tracy changes the batteries. Tracy produced the key and they all helped Margaret out of her bondage.

Melanie and Margaret went upstairs together and into the main bathroom they both got into the shower under the hot water and Melanie knelt down so her mouth was at the right height before tongue lashing Margaret. As soon as Margaret had cum she pulled Melanie up and returned the action. When they were both clean they turned off the water Melanie produced two large fluffy bath sheets as Tracy came in carrying two pairs of the vibrating knickers. She instructed them both to put them on as soon as they were dry.

When they walked out of the bathroom wearing the knickers, Yvonne called form Melanie’s bedroom. On entering Yvonne gave the catsuit back to Margaret and handed Melanie her nightdress. Yvonne fastened Margaret’s corset and fitted the arm binder she then refitted to gag and hood together with the cape

As Yvonne was just finishing dressing Margaret and Melanie was sitting on the bed watching. Tracy entered holding the remote for the vibrators activated all four.

Derek entered and asked Tracy for the key to his jeans. She apologised saying she had left it in the shop and he would have to come back in the morning.

He begrudgingly said goodnight before leaving. Yvonne invited Margaret to sleep with her and Slut asked Penelope to sleep in her room. They all left leaving Tracy and Melanie alone in their room. Melanie asked how Margaret was acquired and Tracy replied that she was a natural submissive who had just discovered latex.

Tracy went on to instruct Melanie that tomorrow she would wear the vibrating knickers all day only removing them when she needed to use the toilet or change the batteries and each time she came she would not be able to make any decisions for ten minutes. If Yvonne was not available to help her decide she must ask whoever was nearest and would accept their decision and follow it though. Finally Tracy said “you are not allowed to hide or move away from anyone while your orgasm is building”. Melanie replied “You are very naughty that could get me into real trouble”...Tracy then said “In the morning you will forget what I have just said, you will know I have given you a humiliating instruction but you will not remember what it was” before turning Melanie’s vibrators off and instructing her to go to sleep.

Tracy also fell asleep quickly and dreamed of Melanie and her on a far-a-way beach wearing latex bathing costumes drinking from tall glasses with little umbrellas sticking out of the top.

To be continued.