The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Quick Fix

Synopsis: The CEO of a development company hears of an impending dilemma and contracts a young hypnotist to make it go away.

Chapter 4 (Tuesday)

Next morning Tracy and Melanie had their showers and Melanie was dressed in the vibrating knickers and full body latex catsuit covered by a cream blouse and a navy pin stripe trouser suit. Tracy was dressed in the same clothes as she had on yesterday which had been cleaned by Yvonne. When they went down to breakfast they found Slut spoon feeding Penelope whose hands were still secured behind her. Yvonne having made the breakfast was feeding Margaret in a similar manor.

Slut was wearing the same clothes as yesterday having worn them all night and Penelope was still firmly locked into her dolls costume.

When they all prepared to leave Melanie and Yvonne were the first to go and as they walked to the door, Tracy handed a box of batteries to Melanie and turned on her vibrators. Melanie exclaimed “That was sneaky what am I going to be humiliated by today”. Tracy said “You will have to wait and see, maybe nothing will happen, However before you go. How do I open an account for a regular customer”?

Melanie replied “The best way would be for them to sign an agreement and give you their bank details so you can manage their account through your bank with a direct debit process, I’ll draft an agreement at work today that you can use”.

After Yvonne and Melanie had driven away, Tracy gave Slut her instructions for the day and then called to Margaret and Penelope to get into the car.

Slut left in the Jag and after setting the alarm and locking the front door Tracy drove the BMW to the Mall parking in the service area behind unit 102.

Tracy led her two passengers through the stock room and into the shop. Once they were in the shop she prepared the till for the day and told Penelope to stand by the door and pretend to be a manikin. She turned to Margaret and said your 24 hours isn’t over yet but have you had enough. Margaret replied “If it is alright with you I’d like to stay as I am for a little longer”. Tracy continued “When do you need to go to work”? Margaret replied “I start my next shift pattern tomorrow lunch time and have my next long break in another eight days from then”. Tracy said putting the gag and hood back on “You will need to act like a stature when ever we get a customer”. Margaret went a stood out side the changing room and Tracy opened the shop.

With Penelope standing by the door she went into the stock room and replenished all the shelve in the shop on one of these trips into the back, Derek came in through the front and seeing no Tracy told Penelope to stand outside just out of sight of the window. When Tracy came back into the store she didn’t notice straight away her missing Manikin and when she did, panicked thinking someone had walked off with her.

She rushed to the door and saw Derek undoing her wrists. Tracy shouted “you nearly gave me a heart attack when a noticed she had gone”. Derek replied “That should teach you to forget my key”. As they all walked back into the shop Tracy removed a key from the till and handed it to Derek. Derek said to Penelope “Could you find me some underwear that I can wear under my normal jeans while I go into the changing room. Penelope rushed to the shelf with the latex briefs on and picking up several rushed into the changing room closing the door behind her.

As Tracy went back to the sales counter to record the items she had moved onto the shelves, Margaret listened to the sexual encounters that were taking place behind the closed door.

Tracy, aware they were taking a long time picked up a pair of the vibrating knickers and opening the door handed them to Derek.

Several minutes later Penelope emerged without any underwear or chastity belt saying “Before he puts those on I need to use the loo”, while walking to the toilet in the back. When she returned she went straight into the changing room and emerged shortly after with Derek. Her arms were once again manacled and the Chastity belt was once again locked on. He positioned her by the door again and going up to Tracy said “how much do I owe you for these briefs” as he handed Penelope’s keys to Tracy. Tracy replied “For you they are on the house just have them on when you come around”. Derek continued “I have a foot ball match tonight so I will be much later”. Tracy said “Score lots of goals but try not to wear yourself out to much”.

As Derek left he patted Penelope’s bum and tweaked one of her nipples, saying “see you later”. On his way out he met a customer coming in; it was the young women with the surf suit she asked Tracy for the key and if they had a toilet. Tracy gave the key to Penelope and asked her to show her where to loo was.

The next customer to appear was Teapot in her Nuns uniform. When she come it Tracy said “And how did you husband like his little nun”. Teapot replied “we have the first sex for months and it was the best sex I’ve had for years”.

Tracy continued “I didn’t think Nuns went in for sex, however what is your next preferred action”. Teapot replied “I would like to get out of this habit and return to my old job if I could remember what it was”. Tracy said “Can you remember your name and what did your husband think of it”. Sarah replied “My name is teapot and I didn’t tell my husband, he never calls me by my name anyway so it wasn’t an issue”. Tracy instructed “From now on you will once again be Sarah Bingham and you are Lawyer who wears latex when ever she can and who gives free advice to anyone who sells latex clothing”. Sarah reached forward and hugged Tracy saying “Thank you I didn’t like not knowing what my job was and I now remember I have several appointments today”. Tracy then said “Go into the changing rooms and remove your habit other wise you will become teapot for ever”.

Sarah rushed into the changing room and started to remove the habit while Tracy picked out new clothes for her to wear. When Tracy entered to changing room Sarah was removing the last item of clothing and Tracy handed her a pair of vibrating knickers, a latex corset, latex stockings and a latex slip. Then she handed a bag containing the cloths Sarah wore when she came into the shop the day before. When Sarah came out of the changing room she showed no immediate evidence of latex she had even pulled her nylon tights over the latex stockings.

Tracy handed her an invoice for the clothes she was wearing and when Sarah did not seem to want to pay said “It there a problem Sarah or is it Teapot”. Sarah replied “I do no have any money with me, my husband told me to leave my handbag at home it was not the done thing for Nuns to be walking around with expensive handbags”. Tracy then said “I see you husband has a sense oh humour ok you can pay tomorrow when you come back. Make sure you are here before half past nine”. Sarah agreed to be there at the request time and saying goodbye then left the shop.

Mean while in the Bank Melanie had started working out what was needed in her new role, she could feel the second orgasm coming, the first one happened in the car on the way to work. Just before she reached the crucial moment, two members of her new staff entered, a man and a woman, and asked if she could spare a few minutes. She replied of course just as the orgasm materialized. The woman said “There has been some disharmony between the junior staff regarding the new productivity awards. The girls would like membership to a gym and the boys would like membership to the Pink Garter night club.

Melanie said “I do not see from that what he problem is, or where the disparity is. The Girl replied “It down to the cost the nearest gym is £21 each per month and the Nightclub is £36 each per month. We think the boys should find some thing cheaper”. The Guy said “Or you could find something more expensive”.

Melanie explained “Look this productivity award is for those who meet their targets and is expected to be a standard amount per member of staff you will have to work together and reach an amicable compromise”.

The guy stepped forward and continued “We have tried everything we need you to impose a decision”

Melanie said “You know more of the option how would you decide”? The guy replied “There is a fitness gym and dance studio above the Pink Garter and if the girls join that we get a corporate membership of £26 per member per month”

Melanie smiling said “That seems like a wining proposal I’ll go with that”. The girls objected saying “You can not expect us girls to attend that gym they teach belly dancing a poll dancing in there and strippers use the Gym”. Melanie decreed. “I hear your objections but the decision stands now back to work”.

The two went out arguing and Melanie got down to work just as another orgasm ripped through her. Five minutes after this orgasm her phone rang and it was the Julian the Director who had invited her out “Hi Melanie I was wondering where you would like to go on Thursday”. Melanie knowing her inability to reply was down to Tracy said “I don’t know Julian, what are the choices”?

Julian continued “There is Chinese, Indian, Italian or a new club called the Pink Garter, which has a Michelin chef running the restaurant”. Melanie feeling utterly frustrated said “I don’t know Julian I will leave it up to you”.

Julian replied “Ok then the Pink Garter it is, I’ll pick you up at eight o’clock at your house”.

Melanie said “I’ll go along with your decision, is there a dress code for this club”. Julian said “For the men it’s collar and tie, for the women it’s as little as possible and to show as much skin as possible”. Melanie replied “Ok Julian that’s enough, I’ll se you on Thursday”.

Putting the phone down, she cursed Tracy and got back to her work load. Over the next hour she had four more phone calls and was able to deal with them properly while she was in the fourth one she could feel the orgasm building and fortunately finished the call before she came.

A minute later, Yvonne popped her head in and said “Where would you like to go for lunch”. Melanie replied “You decide I’m easy”. Tracy replied “that doesn’t sound like you is Tracy at work here”. Melanie continued “I think so I’ve made a couple of bum decisions this morning and no matter how hard I try, I can’t change them”. Tracy then said “Ok I decide we go the Mall for lunch in the Deli and you can chat up the other customers”.

Melanie shut down her computer and said “I hope I don’t find myself doing that”. They drove to the Mall and when they got to the Deli Melanie went up to a man with his children “And said would you like to come back to me house my secretary will look after your children”. The Man said “Fuck off whore my wife will be back soon and I don’t want you fornicating close to me children”. Melanie said “Ok if that’s the way you want it”, and walked back to Yvonne.

Sitting with Yvonne there were no more customers in the Deli. They were eating their lunch when Penelope appeared and ordered lunch for Tracy and her. While she was waiting for her order to be made up she sat down by Melanie and Yvonne and Melanie asked how the day had gone. Penelope replied “Sales are very good Margaret caught two shoplifters and Tracy called the Police then she sold a catsuit to the Police Lady. Tracy has had to re-order lots of latex clothing it’s all selling much faster than see remembers and says it’s all down to me in this dolls outfit. Come over to the shop she would love to see you both”

As Penelope’s order was ready and Yvonne and Melanie had finished their lunch they all walked back to the Shop together. Tracy thru her arms around Melanie and said “What brings you here”? Melanie replied “You I think, I have been doing weird things today and I think you are responsible”. Tracy decreed “Melanie you must forget any thoughts that I have been responsible and your susceptibility to not making decisions will increase from 10 minutes to 30 minutes and Yvonne can no longer help you, now I want you to forget we have had this conversation you have just come in the shop”. Melanie greeted Tracy “Hi Tracy, how has your day been, so far”. Tracy replied fine and asked how her day was. Melanie replied “Mine has been fine, trying to work around my orgasms has been challenging but I have got though it. I need an outfit for Thursday night, Julian is taking me to a night club and I the dress code is little clothing and lots of skin”.

Tracy said “I think I have just the thing, wait here and I’ll get it”. Melanie waited and Tracy returned with a very small latex dress short sleeves a plunging neckline and a very mini skirt and said “Go try this on”.

When Melanie had gone into the changing room, Yvonne said “what was that about the 10 to 30 minutes”, Tracy decreed “Yvonne you will forget what was said to Melanie before she said “HI” and you will not notice anything unusual concerning Melanie for the rest of today. Does Melanie have much on this afternoon”? Yvonne replied “She has a board meeting at 2 O’clock and a staff meeting at half past three”. Well we had better not delay you much longer” replied Tracy. Melanie re appeared wearing the tiny outfit saying don’t you think is a little on the small size people will be able to see my knickers and I won’t be able to wear a bra”. Tracy said “It looks lovely on you it’s perfect for Thursday and you wear it without any underwear at all. Go take it off and get ready to go back to work, do your knickers need new batteries”?

“Yes they are beginning to slow down I haven’t cum since before I left the office”. Tracy went into the changing room with Melanie and a box of batteries”. While Tracy was changing the batteries Melanie asked what plans they had for the evening. Tracy asked why and Melanie said “This new job is so demanding I have not had time to keep a watch on our investments I need some time to check where we are”. Tracy replied as Melanie put her knickers back on followed by the catsuit “I can make some time and you can show me how you do it”. Melanie finished dressing and said “That will be fine I am looking forward to showing you already”. As the both emerged from the changing room Tracy used the remote and turned on Melanie’s vibrations. Melanie and Yvonne said their good buys and returned to work.

As Melanie walked from the car to her office she had the first orgasm of the afternoon. She met two girls outside her office who berated her about the Pink Garter decision. Melanie said “The decision has been made and I am not prepared to change it however what can I do to appease you”. The pushy girl said “You could decide to come with us on our first visit and you could also decide to join the belly dancing class”. Melanie replied “Yes I would be prepared to do that when are you planning to go”. The second girl said “HR have told us membership cards should be thru by next Wednesday so we are planning to go on Friday after work”. Melanie capitulated “Ok you arrange membership for me and I will join you on Friday next”.

After the two girls had left she got down to some real work but had to wait quite a while before the appropriate decisions were made. At 2.o’clock she stood up and walked to the lift. Walking together with the vibrations raised her arousal and she came again as she entered the lift. Julian was already in the lift so he said “have you picked out your dress for Thursday”. Melanie replied “Yes I picked it out at lunch time in accordance with your dress code, not much fabric and a lot of exposed skin”. “Good have you got it with you” continued Julian. “No” Melanie replied “I left it with my girl friend”.

Julian said “Girl friend, I thought you were into men”. Melanie replied “I am definitely Bi I was fucked last night by both a man and a women and was brought to ten orgasms, could you give me that many before your little pencil loses its lead”. Julian “Replied “If you want to test it come to my office at half past three”. Melanie replied as the elevator reached the desired floor, “I can’t make a decision like that you know I have a rule not to fraternise with staff or colleagues”. Come down at half past three and I’ll help you make that decision”.

As the doors opened there were many more people waiting so the conversation stopped it that point.

They both entered the Board room together and took their seats at the table. By two O’clock all the seats were taken and Mr Reginald Bingham stood up. He began “Each of you has a copy of the agenda yada yada yada. He continued talking for nearly forty minutes and then said “aright we need to vote on that all those in favour raise you hand. Melanie thought I can not make this decision, and then she remembered Julian saying he could make her decisions and noticed that his hand was not raised. Mr Bingham counted nine in favour and then asked for those against this time Julian raised his hand so Melanie did also. Mr Bingham counted ten. He then declared that the motion was not approved.

He closed the meeting and as they all filled out Julian stopped Melanie and said “I felt sure you would have voted the other way you have successfully halted anymore females holding high office in this bank”. “Melanie replied “I thought it was the best option for the bank in today’s economic climate”. Julian said “Well I’ll see you at three thirty then” and walked off.

Melanie made her way back to the office and avoided another orgasm before the staff meeting.

The staff meeting was very successful some good decisions made and went on until three twenty-five. As all her subordinates filled out Melanie called out to Yvonne that she was going to meet with Julian Lumley about some important matters and asked her to wait if she became delayed. Melanie thought her inability to make decisions might be something to do with the elevator so decided to use the stairs. However the action of walking down four flights mage the vibrations muck more affective and she came on the third landing. She had to wait for a few moments until her legs stopped being like jelly before she continued. She arrives at Julian’s office door at precisely half past three and knocked on the door.

Julian shouted enter and Melanie opened the door and walked in. Julian looked up as said “I thought you said you had a rule about fraternising with staff and colleagues”. “Melanie said “It’s been a good rule up until now”. Julian said “You will need to make a decision if your are going to keep this rules or whether you are going allow this relationship to develop”. Melanie tried to decide on the former but was unable and replied softly “I can not make a decision like that, I will defer that for now unless you would like to make it for me.

Julian was surprised by such a response but continued “If you wish me to decide I will, the rules is revoked and replaced by a rule that mandates that you offer submissive sex to your dominant masters”. Melanie replied “That was a big rule change and do you consider you as a dominant master”. Julian decreed “Of cause all the male members of the board are you dominant masters and you are their submissive little pet. Whenever one of the board members says the term, “Corporate team building” you will get down on your knees and offer to give them a blowjob”. Melanie retorted “I can’t do that, I got his job on merit and that would undermine my contributions to the firm”. Julian continued “Not at all you can continue to perform all your duties with your usual commitment I’m just increasing those responsibilities”. Melanie pleaded “Julian please this is silly and would amount to sexual harassment in a staff tribunal. Julian continued “It can not be sexual harassment when it’s one of your rules. Perhaps we should test out these new responsibilities”

Leaning back in his chair he looked Melanie directly in her eyes and said “How about some, corporate team building”. Melanie’s humiliation and the vibrating knickers had her once again on the verge of an orgasm so she slowly dropped to her knees and asked meekly “Master could I please offer my lips for a blowjob”.

Julian pulled down his zip and Melanie helped his penis out it was quite hard but Melanie suckled it and licked it until it was ready to burst then started to bob up an down biting the tip gently and licking around his ball sack. She put everything she had into making it the best blowjob ever and when he came she didn’t spill a drop. As she knelt back up Julian Said “That was not bad, a little practice and we can add this new expertise to your entry on the companies skill register. Melanie replied “You can’t possible do then it would make me a laughing stock”. Julian capitulated “Ok that might be going too far.

When you get back to your office I want you to book a slot in your diary for a 9 o’clock meeting with me every day, then you can practice until you are perfect”.

Melanie cam again as she stood and it didn’t go unnoticed. She straightened her suit and saying “good bye” left the office, this time she took the elevator up to the 12th floor where her office was. As she exited the elevator and walked to her office Yvonne met her and said “You were along time are you ready now”. Melanie said “Give me two minutes and then I’ll be ready to go”. When Melanie got back, Tracy said “This arrived for you this afternoon a membership card for the Pink Garter and an enrolment acknowledgment for dance lessens. Have you gone mad”? Melanie replied “I just let a few other people make my decisions”. “You didn’t let me make any for you” stated Yvonne. “I did, you decided where went for lunch”. Melanie’s body orgasmed again just as Yvonne said “You should let me decide every day”. Melanie said “Good idea, before we go could you pencil in a meeting at 9 o’clock each morning he is giving me some corporate training at 9 each morning”. Yvonne Said “OK done, let’s go.

Tracy’s day had been very productive she had spent the morning teaching Penelope how to operate the cash register and the PDQ machine. After lunch when she was confident that Penelope could work on her own and Margaret had gone home. Promising to come back on her next long break, Tracy paid a visit to the library. All the power she had felt from being in absolute control of so many people had given her such a lift in her confidence and had become such an arousal that she wanted to take control of some one herself. She had decided the hypnosis would be a possibility and had gone to see what books she could find on the subject. She had found three a beginner’s guide and two advanced books. During the afternoon while Penelope dealt with all the customers Tracy started reading the beginner’s guide and had found something she was really interested in.

At the end of the day she instructed Penelope how to close up and record the day’s takings and how to record and order stock replenishment. They locked up and left the Mall a little after 6 o’clock.

When they got back to Melanie’s they found Slut and Yvonne in the kitchen but no sign of Melanie. Tracy asked them when dinner would be ready and where Melanie was. Yvonne said “Dinner will be in about half an hour and Melanie has been upstairs crying since we got home. Tract left her three slaves in the Kitchen and climbed the stairs to find out what was wrong with her fourth.

When she entered the bedroom she found a very distressed Melanie. Tracy sat down beside her and giving Melanie a hug said “what’s wrong sweet-lips”.

Melanie retuned the caress and replied “I think I’ve thrown my job down the toilet today”. Tracy feeling just a little guilty said “tell me every little detail and I will try and sort it”.

Melanie started to tell her tail starting with the first Pink Garter episode and finishing with her humiliating blowjob with Julian and his imposed trigger”.

Tracy said “the Pink Garter don’t seem too bad in fact when you go to the gym and dance classes I will come with you. With regard to Julian his trigger no longer works and you can stop being submissive with him. If you don’t want to wear the dress for your date on Thursday you can choose something else”.

Melanie whispered “Thank you Tracy I didn’t really mind the actual blowjob, the humiliation and the vibrating knickers brought out three orgasms in his office. It’s what that will cause that gives me my biggest problem. Tracy said “Ok Melanie, forget that anything happened in Julian’s office and you are no longer required to attend his 9 o’clock meetings”.

Having forgotten the reason for her anguish Melanie cheered up instantly and said we need to check our investments, I’ll show you what to do. Tracy said “You can do it on your own I trust you explicitly, I have some reading to do after tea”. They went down together and joined everyone else in the dinning room where Penelope was telling everyone how she had learnt to mind the shop, the shoplifters and everything else she had done during the day.

Melanie was very quiet thru lunch and when it was finished Tracy gave the keys to Penelope’s Doll costume to Yvonne telling her to strip her and clean the costume for her to wear again tomorrow. She instructed Slut to clean the dinner things and then to help Yvonne clean all the latex that needed cleaning.

Taking Melanie into the study and instructed her that she could use the computer properly and check the entire investment portfolio but not to access the bank or credit accounts.

Leaving Melanie checking share values and trader websites, Tracy retired to the Lounge with her books. She finished the beginner’s guide and started in the first advanced book; she soon got into the various inductions and got to the part in the book that called for practice. She didn’t want to use any of the slaves, she could just tell them to go into a trance and they would. Thinking how best to precede she decided to contact Paul for his advice. Using Melanie’s mobile, she called Paul’s Mobile number and when he answered, She told him what she had become interested in and if he was able to help. Paul was in the arrivals hall in the airport and agreed to pop around when he got back to town in an hour or so. Tracy felt much happier and thought she would also ask him how to deal with Melanie’s Julian.

She gave up reading and went to find Slut, she hadn’t checked if all the money was ready for Friday. She found Slut in the utility room with Yvonne and a naked Penelope and asked Slut if she had done everything she had been commanded. Slut answered “Yes mistress there is a suitcase upstairs with £1M in it. She went on to say that in addition to the purchase price Tracy would need some working capital and she should open an account in the name of her new business and credit it with the excess. The four of them then had a discussion to decide on an appropriate name, they eventually came up with the name “Tracy and Penny’s Pleasure Emporium.

Tracy went into see Melanie to see how she was doing and ask her about a bank account. Melanie had found some stock in her portfolio that was not doing very well so had sold that in favour of some stock that was on the raise. When Tracy asked about an account, Melanie said “if I had access to me business accounts I could open one now that you would be able to use on Friday”. Tracy opened the online banking system and told Melanie she would be able to use them when Tracy was in the room with her. Tracy sat on the small settee in the office to read her book while Melanie paid her credit card bills and opened a business account in Tracy’s chosen Name. She was required to give it an open balance and set an overdraft limit so asked Tracy if £100,000 would be enough for and opening balance and £10,000 for the overdraft. Tracy asked where the £100k would come from and Melanie said she could move it from her savings account. Tracy agreed that it would be ok but promised to pay it back as soon as the business was on a steady footing. Melanie said take as long as you want, it’s our money anyway.

Penelope joined them in the study once again in her dolls costume and asked if she could have a proper job at the shop. Tracy said “Next week you will have to go back to school but you can definitely work every Saturday and during the Holidays. When you finish school we may open another store somewhere else for you to manage. When your mum has finished liquidizing her assets she will be working there too”. Penelope replied “If she works there when I am there she will have to be dressed as a doll as well.

Tracy agreed saying “You can order one in her size tomorrow morning. I can show you how to do that”.

While Penelope was in with Tracy and Melanie, the door bell rang and Penelope said “I will get that it will probably be Derek”, she ran to the door and found both Derek and Paul standing there. She jumped into Derek’s arms and invited them both in. Paul asked to see Tracy and Penelope shouted “She is in the study with Melanie”, while Derek was carrying her up the stairs.

When Paul entered the study, Tracy thanked him for coming and told him what she wanted to do blaming him for this new control fetish. He laughed and said “Hypnosis can be very powerful but you can not become an expert overnight. However when I was in Edinburgh I discovered a drug that when used properly could be just what Tracy wanted.

Tracy explained that there were two people that needed to be adjusted the first being Derek’s Mother and the second being Julian at Melanie’s work who had exploited a lucky break due to Melanie’s humiliation as programmed by Tracy.

Paul was happy the Tracy was maturing nicely and agreed to deal with Derek’s Mother and let Tracy deal with Julian using the drug. Melanie picked up the phone and dialled then said “Ronnie would it be possible to pop over for a moment I need to discuss in issue concerning Derek ………… OK, see you in a few minutes”. Tracy explained that Derek wanted to take Penelope home but was frightened that his mother would not allow it.

Paul asked Melanie to introduce Tracy as her Mistress and to say she would be happy to share her with Ronnie”.

Paul sat on the little settee with Tracy and when the door bell rang Melanie went to answer it. She returned with Veronica and said “Ronnie I would like to introduce you to Tracy my Mistress and I would like Tracy to be your mistress too”. Ronnie relied “I thought I was here to discuss Derek what is this about mistresses and why are you both wearing latex. It this something to do with the pair of latex jeans I found in Derek’s room today.

Melanie replied “Derek is up stairs helping Penelope break her orgasmic record and we have to give all the encouragement he needs. He was concerned that you were not willing to cooperate” Ronnie replied “Your are dam right I will not cooperate I don’t want my son screwing some whore in your kinky accommodation”.

Paul pushed his psi in to Ronnie’s mind and made her totally subservient to Tracy, and then he winked at Tracy”. Tracy said “How dare you malign our happy home like that, have you ever tried wearing latex”? Ronnie relied “No I have not and I do not intend to”. Tracy continued “If I am your Mistress, what you do or don’t want to do has no relevance at all, Melanie would you please go and get a pair of vibrating knickers and the bondage suit and Ronnie while she is doing that please remove all your clothes”. Melanie stood up and left the room and Ronnie’s arms started removing the blouse she was wearing. Ronnie exclaimed “what is happening I am not in control of my arms”. Tracy replied “you no longer have control of your body or your mind, you are now mine”.

Ronnie continues to undress whist pleading with Tracy to stop doing what ever she was doing to her. By the time Ronnie was completely naked, Melanie appeared with the latex.

Ronnie was standing with one hand covering her pussy and the other arm across her breasts to provide a modicum of decency. Melanie handed her the Knickers and Tracy said “put these on ensuring that the protrusions are firmly in the place they are supposed to be”. Ronnie put them on forcing both dildos in there respective holes complaining bitterly.

When it was on Tracy said “Enough complaining that now feels more comfortable than anything you have ever worn and you don’t ever want to be with out it.

She then handed the bondage suite and Tracy told her to put it on giving verbal instructions on how it should be done. When the arms were in their internal sleeves Tracy pull the top above her shoulders and pulled up the zip. Tracy continued to pull the hood and combined gas mask over Ronnie’s head and locked the two zips together, she set it for only four hours because Ronnie would have to go to work in the morning. Tracy then commanded Ronnie “that her love of latex would grow and the longer she wore this suite the stronger she love it. Ronnie said “please take it off before I become addicted”.

Tracy told her that she couldn’t take it off until the morning and only then if she was good to her son as it would be him taking it off.

Melanie handed Tracy the remote for the vibrators and Tracy said “Come Ronnie I will take you home. Picking up all the clothes Ronnie discarded she led Ronnie out of the house and using Ronnie’s keys let them into Ronnie’s house. She escorted Ronnie to the lounge sat her down in an armchair and turned on the TV. She then said “You must remain here in front of this TV until Derek and his love come back. You must treat Penelope as your own daughter and you will never berate Derek from spending time or money on her.

Tracy turn to leave and as she went through the door she triggered the vibrators to start.

Tracy closed the door as Ronnie screamed. Back at the house Paul gave Tracy the drug and instructed her in its use, and that he would contact her again in a week or so about the other matter then he said his good byes and left.

Derek and Penelope come down stairs a little later and Tracy told Derek he could take Penelope home his mother wouldn’t mind. Derek queried this and Tracy told him to put her to bed when he got back and that she would come across in the morning for Penelope.

Derek walked arm in arm with his doll across the street and was shocked to find his mother watching TV wearing latex. It was some time before he realised she had no arms and could not remove it herself so he led her to her bedroom and put her to bed.

Dolly and he went to Derek’s bedroom and they made love for nearly half an hour before going to steep in each others arms.

Melanie, Tracy, Yvonne and Slut watched the 10 o’clock news and then went to bed as well.

To be continued.