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Quick Fix

Synopsis: The CEO of a development company hears of an impending dilemma and contracts a young hypnotist to make it go away.

Chapter 5 Wednesday

Tracy was awake before the alarm went off and slowly extricated herself from Melanie’s embrace. She showered and was back in the bedroom dressing when the alarm went off. Melanie arose and Tracy unbuttoned her nightdress before she went into the shower. When Melanie came back into the bedroom, Tracy handed her a latex bra and knickers without any attachments. Melanie’s expression was one of question but Tracy said “No embracement today, you have to get your self confidence back”.

Tracy dressed herself in a latex blouse and full skirt and they both went down to breakfast together.

Yvonne was making breakfast in her maid’s uniform and there was no sign of Slut. When Tracy asked were Slut was, Yvonne said she had already left the house, had said she had an appointment in London with her Husband’s solicitor and wanted to go dressed in something suitable so had gone home first to dress in something that hides the latex.

During breakfast Tracy told Melanie and Yvonne not to do anything for Julian but if he asked about tomorrow night they could say it was still on. After breakfast Tracy went over the road to collect Penelope and when she rang the bell, Derek answered and asked her what happened to his mother. Tracy said that his mother was now under her control and would do whatever she wished. Derek said “She is still wearing that latex suite and she should be at work in under an hour. Tracy asked what she did and Derek replied “she is doctor at the city hospital.

Tracy told Derek to get Penelope ready while she saw to his Mother. Finding Ronnie in her bedroom Tracy asked “what do you think of latex now”. Ronnie replied “you know very well the answer to that, you made me love it. Tracy replied “Do you want me to help you out of it or are you going to work dressed like that”.

“I don’t want you to take it off but I know I must” whispered Ronnie. Tracy removed the hood and unzipped the suit saying “you can spend all day looking forward to putting it back on when you get home and you can keep the knickers on all day”. Tracy and Penelope left the house with Derek standing at the door waving while Ronnie was taking a shower.

Melanie and Yvonne got to work early and both got down to their daily tasks straight away.

Tracy and Penelope got to the shop a few minutes late but there were no customers waiting. Tracy showed Penelope how to order a bespoke item and how to record the transaction in the day book.

Half an hour after they opened the shop the first customer came through the door, it was the young woman with two young children in tow, Tracy said “I have seen you around a number of time over the last few days”. The customer replied “I know I’ve been trying to pick up the courage to come in, I saw your doll walk through the Mall on Monday and the anonymity of it caused something to click”.

Tracy said “What about your children where is the Father”? The young lady said “My boy friend ran off with my best friend soon after the twins were born and I just can’t cope although I think I miss my girl friend more that that shit of a boy friend”. Tracy then said “tell me how old your twins are and what did you do before you had them”. “I was training to be a accountant when I become pregnant and I gave birth to these two nearly three years ago” came the reply.

Tray asked Penelope to mind the Twins and sat down with the young lady then said “Perhaps we should find out what you really want. I am learning hypnotism and I need some practice would you mind if I tied on you”. The girl replied “Of cause you can this is another side of my fantasy.

Tracy started applying the induction she had learned the previous night and was pleasantly surprised when it started to work. She began deepening the trance and used the normal tests to ensure she was under.

After half an hour of slowly deepening the trance, Tracy told to girl that she trusted Tracy and loved this relaxation. Then she applied a trigger that would bring her back to this relaxed state.

Tracy then asked what it was she would really like to do. The girl answered in a monotone voice that she wanted to disappear and lose control she didn’t want to be responsible for the children any more.

Tracy started taking her deeper and increasing her desire t be controlled while removing the option to abandon the children. She kept on using the obedience phrases that would make Tracy her master and developed the fantasy for latex and bondage and control.

When Tracy started to bring her out of the trance she instructed her to forget all the suggestion and instructions and to believe she had just been in a relaxing doze. Three, Twoo, One awake.

“Oh I feel so relaxed and much calmer now”. Tracy gave her some latex underwear and told her to go into the changing room and put it on”. When she came out carrying her old underwear Tracy said “I will take that you have no more need for it. Now you have relinquished control of your body to me, you need have now more fears as to what your life will become, I am in change of that now. I want you to go home with your children and concentrate on them, your new purpose is to be the best mother you can be, I want you to always wear the latex underwear to remind yourself that you are mine. And it is I who wants you to be a better mother. You will also return here with your children on Monday morning. By the way what is your name”? The girl said “Elizabeth but every body calls me Liz. “OK Liz of you can go and remember to come back on Monday”.

Liz replied “I will, and thank you I feel as if I can cope now, I have a clear purpose”.

She gathered up her children and left the store. Tracy was very pleased that she had been able to test the hypnosis induction method she had memorised. Tuning to Penelope she said “Let me finish showing you the ordering process and then you can go for a walk around the mall. Jut as they started Sarah came in the store and this time she had her hand bag with her. Tracy said are you here just to settle up or do you want a change of clothes. Sarah replied both I think my husband would like me to wear a French maids uniform tonight in bed. Tracy asked Sarah to go in the changing rooms and collected a collection of outfits for Sarah to try on.

At the bank Melanie was getting on very well with her work load, she was able to concentrate on the important issues and was deep in thought regarding a complicated process for change when Julian stormed in. Before Julian could say anything Melanie shouted at him for bursting in without knocking and that she had nothing to say to him before their date on Thursday. Julian missed his chance to attack and stuttered “Why did you not come to my office at 9 o’clock as I requested”. Melanie replied “I have no desire to repeat any action that was performed in your office yesterday, you are very lucky I have decided to right that off otherwise you would be facing charges of sexual harassment.

Julian replied “Ok there is no need to fly-off-the-handle I just wanted a little corporate team building”. Melanie Shouted “I’ll give you corporate team building, one more word out of you and I’m going straight round to HR.

Julian whispered “Are we still on for out date”. Melanie said “we will have to see, now get out I have work to do”.

After Julian had left, Melanie felt much better, she was once again in control of her life, and she applied her mind to the problem she was tackling with when Julian burst in and now the solutions seem to come much easier.

After Julian had left with he tail firmly between his legs, Yvonne entered the office and asked if everything was ok. Melanie said “everything is fine I was able to hold my position and his trigger didn’t work today. My brain is back to like it used to be I can pull off this job with ease”. Yvonne said “What about lunch yesterday you agreed to let me choose where we go, has that been revoked or is it still set in stone”. Melanie thought and conceded “Perhaps that is still set in stone”. Yvonne replied “Good it will be a nice surprise”. Yvonne left the office and Melanie got back to work.

Tracy and Penelope had been through the ordering process front to back and Penelope was convinced she could do it. When they were finished Penelope went for a walk around the Mall. While she was out Tracy read her books while waiting for customers. She has only read two or three pages when the shop door opened and a large man walked in and asked to see the owner. Tracy told him he never came anywhere near the shop during the week. The man was very angry and demanded that Tracy pay him the protection money owed. Tracy said she did not know anything about protection money. She went on to say she was just about to make a cup of coffee and would he like one while she tried to contact the owner.

The man agreed so Tracy went into the kitchen to make two cups of coffee, she added some of Paul’s drug into the thug’s cup. When she brought them out into the shop she gave the man his and pretended to phone the owner when she didn’t get through she said she would try again in a few minutes. She drank her coffee and then tried again there was no answer again this time which was not surprising at the telephone was ringing in Melanie’s empty house. Tracy said “I don’t understand this he normally answers when I ring perhaps he is in the garden I’ll try again in a minute. Ten minutes from the time she brought out the coffee cups she asked him who was responsible for his visit.

He did not answer straight away. Tracy then Said “You must always answer when I ask a question and your answer must always be absolutely truthful, you must always do what I tell you and if I tell you to forget something you will remove all knowledge of that subject from your mind so that as far as you are concerned it never happened. Now tell me has Frank every paid protection before and who sent you”?

The thug said “No Frank would not pay protection he is the biggest crook around here and he is responsible for sending me to see you”. Tracy asked “what other businesses does Frank operate”. The thug replied “He has two other sex shops, 4 seedy hotels and 2 night clubs. Tracy continued “Which night clubs does Frank own and what scams does he operate from theme”. The thug replied “He has the Golden Hen and the Pink Garter and he uses both of them for dealing drugs and blackmail”.

Tracy asked “How does he organise his blackmail”.. The thug replied “He spots young executive types and spikes their drinks with a drug that strips them of there inhibitions, then the staff lure them to performing more outrageously acts. While the club photographer takes many photographs. It usually gets to a highly charges sexual orgy that most people would prefer that it should not be made public.

Tracy then said “You have recently become incontinent and this had made you very embarrassed you have therefore come here to buy some latex underwear and jeans. Also from now an for the rest of your life you no longer find females attractive, you only like boys and you can only cum when there is a cock in your arse. When you leave here you will tell your boss that you have scared me and I have agreed to pay up on Saturday”

The Thug bought his latex trousers and left. Tracy phoned Paul to see if he was aware of this situation and was on the phone when Penelope came back into the shop with three potential customers.

When Tracy spoke to Paul he asked what she was going to do and Tray replied that she didn’t have enough of the drug to clean everything up.

Paul said “It would not be advisable to clean everything; if you create a vacuum someone else would come and fill it. The best approach would be to let Frank continue but to limit his disruption to Tracy’s group of interests and friends.

While they continued to discuss their options Tracy said “Why do you not take over the club or become a silent partner so we can protect the cities finest. Paul replied “Tracy I am surprised, you are maturing into a pillar of the community”.

Paul eventually agreed to meet them at the Pink Garter tomorrow night and take it from there. Tracy confirmed that she was going to use the mind control drug on Frank before Friday.

Penelope’s customers were stimulated by her walk about and bought head masks and underwear”.

Tracy told Penelope about the thug and asked her to be very careful when she was on her walk about and to stay away from the various exits.

Tracy thought it best to play dumb so she phoned Franck and told him about the Thug and asked what she should do. Frank seemed sympathetic but indicated that she would probably have to pay up; she was now entering the real world of business. Tracy said “she had some questions regarding the shop’s operation and asked If Frank had time to show her. Frank said “He could be there shortly after five and would sort everything out then”.

Tracy felt much better and put her mind firmly on making the business successful and spent the remainder of the day being extremely supportive and helpful to her customers.

Back at the bank Melanie was on a charge. She had accomplished more in one day than she had since before meeting Paul for the first time.

The only small upset was when Yvonne took her to a sushi restaurant for lunch she had never been fond of raw fish but Yvonne ordered and she felt obliged to eat everything.

Tracy and Penelope shut the shop just after 5 0’clock and Tracy instructed Penelope to be ready to provide coffees for her expected guests and instructed her to put 5 drops of the drug in the cups of all visitors.

Frank arrived at twenty five minutes past and Tracy let him and another man in. Frank introduced this other made as his lawyer and said they could go through the contract while he was here.

Tracy asked Penelope to make some coffee while Tracy asked about the business rates, rent for the unit and how suppliers were paid. While Frank was explaining Penelope came out with the coffee and Frank commented on her Doll costume and said “I have not agreed for any increase in staff, I hope you are not paying this girl out of my money”. Tracy explained that it was her cousin who was taking a few days off school but would be returning to school on Monday.

The so called lawyer started discussing the contract but Tracy had major concerns regarding what he was and the contract he was describing. At the ten minute instant after they had finished their coffee, Tracy said “Frank is there anything in this contract that benefits you and disadvantages me. Frank started to explain that the entire contract disadvantaged Tracy, It was intentionally written so Frank would get the shop back at a song when it failed. Tracy asked why it would to fail and Frank said he intended to make sure it failed.

Tracy then asked the lawyer where and when he qualified as a lawyer and he could not answer. Tracy was now very angry and decided to reap some revenge.

She asked to lawyer what his real job was and found that he was the manager of the Pink Garter. She made him, her complete slave and then turned to Frank.

She grilled Frank for his life story and found he started as a petty crook and progressed to the city’s Mr Big. Tracy instructed him that he would do exactly as he she instructed and that he would never do anything to harm or embarrass Tracy or any of her friends. He would also rewrite the contract in Tracy’s favour and would protect Tracy’s interests as if she were his kin.

Lastly she asked them both if they had any fetishes and why Frank ran sex shops.

Frank said he had a secret fetish to dress as a latex woman but he only ever did it in secret. The Manager told her that his Fetish was turning naive young girls in to outrageous whores. Tracy instructed him that his fetish was now wanking off to pictures of young boys and she instructed Frank to only order his latex clothes though Tracy and that on the first of next month his fetish would become so powerful he would have to come out and dress up as a latex woman all the time.

She lastly told them that when they got back to their car they would forget where they had been or what they had been doing and would spend the night rewriting Tracy’s contract.

Tracy and Penelope left the shop at half past six.

When they got home Melanie rushed up to Tracy giving her a huge hug saying “I have had a fabulous day we should go out and celebrate. Tracy called all her salves into the lounge and asked Yvonne if she had started to prepare dinner. Yvonne said she was waiting for instructions knowing Melanie wanted to go out.

Tracy asked Slut what had happened and why she left so early. Slut told her she was very sorry but need to see her husbands solicitor properly dressed, so had gone home and dressed in designer clothes to obliterate her latex. Tracy asked “and what did the solicitor say “. Slut replied “It would appear that my husband had been more crooked then even I thought. There are eleven properties in the City of Westminster and the rent from these is in excess of £5m per year, there are also commercial properties in this town that are all let. You will be interested to learn that the Mall where your shop is form part of that portfolio.

Tracy said “does he have a management company running all these properties”? Slut replied “it would appear not it was just him and his crooked lawyer. The lawyer would like a bigger stake to ensure that we don’t loose anything to inheritance tax.

Tracy turned to Melanie “do you have the telephone number for you MD”. Melanie replied “of course, why”. Tracy continued “never mind why, just call that number and put Sarah on so I can speak to her”.

Melanie made the phone call and when it was answered asked her MD if she could speak to her wife. When Sarah came to the phone Melanie passed the phone to Tracy who said “Sarah, how are you this evening and have you made love to your husband yet”? Sarah answered “No he has not seen the latex yet”. Tracy continued “What do you know about probate and inheritance tax”? Sarah replied “that was my area of expertise so I should say I know all there is to know”. Tracy then instructed Sarah to come to Melanie’s house as soon as was practically possible. Sarah said she could be there in a little while but might have to bring her husband. Tracy indicated that it would be alright for him to come providing he brought his wallet; they were planning on going out for a meal.

Twenty minutes later the door bell rang and Tracy sent Penelope to answer it. Penelope returned with Mr and Mrs Bingham and introduced them to everyone in the lounge. Mr Bingham said “Are these the friends the got you into latex Sarah and Melanie I would never have guessed you were into Latex and Heather what on earth are you doing here. Tracy said “it’s about Heather we would like to speak to your wife. While we do that would you like a drink? Reginald said “He would like a Scotch with ice and Tracy said she would get it. She returned a few moments later with a large measure of a very good single malt lased with the mind control drug.

She then instructed Melanie, Heather and Sarah to go into the Study to discuss the property issue and for Yvonne to take Penelope upstairs and dress her in something suitable for a restaurant. Reginald sat drinking his Scotch and commented that he though it odd that such a young girl should be directing affairs.

Tracy continued to talk about general issues until the ten minutes interval had passed and then asked Reginald what he thought of his wife. Reginald said that he had not considered his wife sexy for a very long time until the night before when she came to bed dress in a latex Nun’s costume. Tracy then instructed that from that moment on he would do what ever Sarah, Melanie or Tracy told him to do and he would always carry out their instructions as if they were his own ideas. He would never consider that he was being controlled and would never do anything to harm or humiliate any of his controllers and would always protect and promote their interests and ambitions. She finished by telling him to forget the conversation after the question about his wife and he would invite every one out for a meal at his favourite restaurant.

She offered to get him another whisky and went to get one without waiting for his reply. When she handed it over she said you wait here while I see how your wife is getting on you can use the phone if you want to try and book a table for 9.

As Tracy went into the study she saw Penelope coming down the stairs and asked her to pop over and bring Derek and his Mother back with her. Penelope skipped out of the door wearing a green latex dress and Tracy joined those in the study.

Sarah was explaining that while a spouse was still alive there was no need for probate but actions need to be taken to avoid tax liabilities in the future. Tracy asked Sarah to ensure Heather’s interests be maintained and undertake all legal means to protect them and get the crooked London solicitor out of the way.

Reginald entered with a glass in his hand saying the table has been booked for half past seven so we will need to leave in five or ten minutes. Just then Penelope returned with Derek and Ronnie who was once again wearing the bondage suit. Reginald ogled and said I will need to get one of those for Sarah.

Tracy asked Yvonne to see if there was anything more appropriate for the doctor to wear. When Derek said “I’m sorry I didn’t know we were going out when she ark for help putting it on I locked it four 4 hours. Tracy then said “that is ok she can go as she is. Yvonne you can be responsible for feeding her. If we are all ready let’s go”. Sarah said to Reginald “How many of those have you had perhaps I should drive I can take four and Heather you can take five. Tracy and Melanie got in Reginald’s car and Ronnie, Yvonne, Derek gone in the back of Slut’s jaguar and Penelope got in the front beside her mother.

Yvonne unscrewed the filter on the front of Ronnie’s mask and removed the piece the covered her mouth and said I should be able to feed you food through there. Penelope asked her mother if everything was alright concerning her dad. Slut replied the coroner has agreed to release the body so the funeral has been set for the following Wednesday. She continued I think it would be best if you stay away from school for next week as well. I have spoken to the school and they have agreed. Penelope replied “Thank you mummy that means I can work at Tracy’s a bit longer, By the time I go back to school I will be so used to wearing latex I will not want to put my uniform on. Her mother agreed and said “I know what you mean I am beginning to like my new life”.

Slut followed Sarah and they arrived at the restaurant at twenty five minutes past seven. It was of the most expensive restaurants in town and Reginald had secured a private function suite.

Apart from the serving staff no one was aware of the party of latex dressed people and they all had a very good meal. While Reginald was visiting the toilet Sarah asked Tracy how she had convinced him to come he usually avoids eating with her and her friends. Tracy told her he might be more appreciative to her wishes from now on.

Yvonne and Melanie shared the duties to feed Ronnie and when Ronnie refused any drink, Tracy asked why and Ronnie said her bladder was already in need of relieving and she didn’t want to drink any more. Tracy whispered into her ear “your suit is completely waterproof so nothing can leak out just let you bladder go, then you will have room for more. Ronnie sighed as the pressure eased and asked Melanie for some wine.

At the end of the meal Reginald was quite inebriated and he included a very large tip when he paid the bill.

AS Ronnie walked back to the car holding on to Reginald she sloshed a bit and Reginald giggled.

When they all arrived home Tracy asked Sarah if she would like to change and when she declined “Tracy told her never to refuse an opportunity to wear latex and to go up stairs with Yvonne and choose something.

When she came down she was wearing clothed similar to those worn by Slut and Reginald said “I thank you all for a pleasant evening but we must go now, I have an appointment inside my wife’s knickers” Tracy asked Derek what time he locked his mothers suite and he said it was about half past five. Tracy asked Yvonne to take up to the bathroom and clean Ronnie out and as she has a shower wash and dry the suite so she can put it back on.

While they were up stairs Slut thanked Tracy for getting the services of Sarah and Melanie asked what had been done to Reginald, she had never known him to be so affable. Tracy whispered that he should be a lot nicer to her now. While he was in charge she was now bullet proof.

Derek and Penelope said their thanks and good byes and went across the road.

Tracy opened another bottle of wine and the three remaining ladies toasted each other on a very enjoyable evening. When Yvonne came down stairs with Ronnie Tracy pored two more glasses and handed them out.

Ronnie asked when she could be freed from her need to wear this suite Derek would never do any housework and her house was very messy.

Tracy said “not for a while yet and if you ask again you will be made to wear it at work, perhaps you could persuade Penelope to do some tidying”. Slut said “that will be the day hell freezes over”. Ronnie apologised for her remark and said she would never presume to ask again. Tracy said “Not to worry but your love of latex will carry on growing until you can not bear to be without it”.

Yvonne said “if anyone wants their clothes cleaned before I go to bed please give them up now. Tracy and Melanie went up stairs to change into their night clothes and Tracy brought down their day wear.

Ronnie said “I’ll go home now then”. Tracy said “You can sleep in Yvonne’s bed tonight” When Yvonne looked shocked Tracy went on to say “Yvonne you can sleep with slut and if you need any action between your legs Slut will provide it”. Yvonne replied “Ohh! Thank you, mistress”. Before Tracy went up to bed she said to slut “You can help Yvonne clean the clothes and then do what ever she wants until mid night”.

Come Ronnie “I’ll put you to bed”

To be continued.