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My favorite mind control stories are written in the first person, from the victim’s point of view. I like victims coerced to do (and think) things they would normally be horrified by. My favorite inductions are gentle and coaxing, with an element of betrayal. I hate when victims refer to those controlling them as Master. It’s so much better when they never realize they’re being controlled.

Hypnosister by FranZam

This story was my favorite for about a year and I still re-read it from time to time. The things Allie makes her little brother do are so mean, yet there’s really no malevolence. She cares about her brother, but likes fucking with him too. The characters here seem very real, especially in the interaction between Alicia and David’s girlfriend.

Strawberry Blonde by Orestes

This story is evil in its subtlety. It’s a little slow at first, setting you up for when things start getting really diabolical. The story here is that Amber, a med student starts dating a new man who’s still got feelings for his ex. It’s written like a diary and is so wonderful.

The Voice of Magic by Cactus Juggler

I’m normally not into magic stories. I like my mind control to be plausible, but damn, this story packs punch. Tracy and Susanne are friends with a new toy... until the power gets to Tracy’s head. I love what Tracy does to Susanne here.

Oral Exam by Downing Street

This story isn’t in first person, but it sure does get into the victim’s head. I like the slowness of it, as the professor erodes these girls’ will bit by bit.

New U Salon by Zon19

Sharon gets a makeover, body and mind. I like how this character starts out with all these values and how they’re methodically stripped away. It’s a quick, sexy read.

Channel 497 by Big Daddy Five

This story chronicles the corruption of babysitter Melissa by her mother’s boss. As she watches his television, she becomes irresponsible and develops the desire to become a stripper and pleasure married men. I love victims losing their innocence J

Controlling Devon by Chester

I’m not normally into male-male stuff, but the induction here is so sneaky, I find myself coming back to this one again and again. I love the betrayal of trust involved in feeding his fetish for watching men smoke.

Simon Sez by Wiseguy

I really only recommend reading part 2 of this story. It’s easy to understand what you missed in part 1 and after part 2, the story develops an attack of conscience, the cancer of hypnofetish stories. Part 2 is fantastic though.

Prince City by Simon bar Sinister

It’s like 1970’s style sci-fi, but with a hypnofetish twist. I like the gradual immersion of Jayne into the Prince City culture. I also like that so much is taken for granted. It shows how deep the programming is.

Really Deep by URN My Power

I wish this story was longer. It’s way too short, but I love the induction with each article of clothing representing a different aspect of her personality. I also really enjoyed that Jim is someone Tina trusts. It’s the same sneaky manipulation this author used in another of his stories, Happy Little Helper.

Whatever I Want by MC Writer

A guy uses mind-control necklaces to turn his girlfriend into his ideal woman. Then, without him catching on, she does the same to him.

Business Reversal by Downing Street

Kitty Kitty was a bitchy boss until her employees turned her into a submissive secretary. What can I say? I like the ones where the victims turn dumb and are treated like shit.

Beach Babes by JRParz

Two girls fall under the control of a guy at the beach. It’s the power shift between the two girls that I like here.

The Great Mysto by Walter Ego

I like how the Great Mysto makes the main character forget his girlfriend, Jennifer, then makes her believe she’s a hooker.

Dance and Bedeviled by Sleepwriter

Stories where the character’s personality is changed are always very erotic to me. This victim has his beliefs changed to make him desire a fat girl.

Just Desserts by bz

This in one story that is even better the second time. Only then, does the full impact of the hypnotist’s suggestions become clear. He inadvertently turns his girlfriend into a slut, then becomes a slave to her new personality.

Bitch by Tabico

Part 2 of this story is the only part I liked, and even then, only part of it. That part, however, contains some of the hottest erotica I’ve seen on this site. Mostly, the power the victim’s dog has over her...

Uneven Friends by Killerwhale Zeus

This story kicks ass. Jake slowly saps his friend’s strength and will. Chad realizes what’s happening, but is powerless to stop it once it’s begun.

What The Hell Is Rodger’s Problem? Also By Killerwhale Zeus

Rodger is made gay. He’s resists as much as he can, but more and more of his behaviors indicate his shift in gender preference.

The Server (Orestes) by Orestes

Orestes is wonderful. I haven’t read a story by him I haven’t loved. In this one, Heather investigates an airline’s questionable policies. Over the course of the story, she becomes simple-minded and slutty. I love her betrayal by her friend, Thumper.

Sweet Oil by Tabico

I’d buy this product... and probably OD on it.

Who’s In Charge? by Master Rob

The person being degraded thinks he’s in charge. This is the selling point for me. I love his rationalizations for all the horrible stuff he’s made to do.

Pheromone Buzz By Pause88

Not as good as some of my other picks, but I wrote it, so figured I’d list in on here. If you like my taste in these other picks, you’ll probably like this one too.

Brain Wash Rinse Repeat by J. Darksong

Ever a sucker for betrayal, I like how the guy gets his payback. I would have liked the humiliation part to have been longer, but it was good all the same.

Bimbo Class by Riteguy

Though she fights it, Sharon soon realizes the value of Home Ec and her true place in life.

Controlled by Shade139

Lucy controls Fred and Claire. It takes a while to get to the good stuff, then ends. Part 2, if there is one, and if it picks up where this leaves off, will rock.

VW Love Bus by Dou7gx

Not very sexual, but the theme is good. Paul is dominated by Celia, who he will never get because she’s in love with someone else.

Race Queen by TOXIS

I’m a sucker for intelligent girls being turned dumb. Great story.

Losing Catherine by Nick Vegas

Talk about humiliation! I loved this story. Nick is in love with Catherine, but Catherine is under the complete control of an asshole.

Need by Resistor

Bethany is made addicted to sucking cock.

Stepford’s Wife by Stormbringer

Stepford puts his wife under control, but then she goes out of control. Very hot story!

Personal Ad by Kah2523

Cathy thinks she’s just playing along when she agrees to be Bob’s slave. Yet, we are what we do. I like this story for demonstrating howmind controlis a cooperation between the dominant and sub.

Ever Hear the One About the Blonde by MichelleLovesTo

Brynne’s boyfriend Ryan uses his mind control powers to turn Christina into a slut. This is a hot story for the insidiousness of how they prepare Christina. Read it for the blonde jokes alone...

Compliance by Aporia

Aporia writes great stories. This one’s my favorite by him. It’s a sci-fi-ish whorehouse where the girls don’t realize they’re the whores.

Suziesmesmerizedfantasticsexytrancehypnosis by Hypknot Eyes

Suzie’s been given a suggestion that’s driving her crazy. It’s sexy watching the poor girl fall apart.

Character Flaw by Orestes

Orestes is my favorite writer on this site. I’m impressed by everything I read of his, and this one’s no exception. In Character Flaw, a writer manipulates reality unintentionally as he makes up stories about the people around him. This is an awesome piece.

Poor Steve by Pause88

This is an MC novel I wrote. If you like the other stories in my Readers Picks, you’ll love this one. Steve is a handsome massage therapist who just wants to be faithful to his wife. Alas, his sexy co-workers have other plans for him. Unfortunately, they’re incompetent, leading to the degradation of... everyone?Very perverted. Semi-autobiographical...

Loving Country Music by TimLovesCountry

Using associations and mind control, Tim’s wife decides to switch his musical tastes to the kind of music she prefers. I thought this story was hot as hell, primarily because of it’s real life roleplaying potential with my girlfriend. Unlike a lot of the stories on this site, you could do this in real life without any damaging consequences.

Dating Lisa by StryWrter7

Interesting twist. A guy wants his ex-girlfriend back, but instead of hypnotizing her, hypnotizes her new boyfriend. Pretty evil. Lots of humiliation.

Panties on His Mind by Pinky

I really enjoyed part 1, though part 2 was a little farfetched. A wife conditions her husband to become submissive to the scent of her panties.

Maid, to Order by Daphne

Daphne is one of those authorsI check out when there’s nothing fit tomy tastes underRecent Additions. She always has something for me. In this story, a maid is brainwashed using subliminal messages to become the sex slave to three roommates. The hot part of this story is the content of the subliminal messages. If Daphne and I were having sex, I have no doubt she could make me cum just be whispering in my ear. Um, no offense Daphne....

Neon Pink by Fret Pearson

This story is written really well. It’s a mystery with the slow bimboization of the main character and her best friend.Who’s sending them the pink notes and what will the next one say? I’m at the edge of my seat.

The Babysitter by Liar

Sometimes it’s nice brainwashing your babysitter. It certainly makes going out more affordable. Hehe. This story is short, but fun.

Wendy and the Witchdoctor by Stormbringer

A witchdoctor becomes infatuated with Stan’s wife and uses voodoo to make her his bitch.

Barbara’s Job Retraining by Julien Sorel

The coolest thing about this story is how real the characters are. Hot story.

His Scent by Dreamer Dreamz

Deborah is a shy, wholesome type who suddenly has this eager desire to please Calvin, even as she feels he’s moving too fast. I like this story, as the author really seems to understand how girls think.

Speak Softly While My Master Sleeps by AMOWAT

A nurse becomes fixated on a comatose patient. This was a cool one. The nurse’s behavior becomes gradually more attentive, and at first, she tries to justify it. As her desire to worship his unconscious body consumes her, she realizes that she is his slave.

The Experiment (Mountain Man) by Mountain Man

Nice and gradual. Naive college girl gets repeatedly hypnotized by her professor, then exploited, never realizing the enormity of what’s happening to her. Pacing reminds me a lot of Orestes. This story just keeps getting hotter.

I Wish You Well by MrGrey

These best friends prove to be each other’s undoing as they wish each other into sluty bimbos. The story moves quickly, taking place entirely during a “meaning well” wishing session with a witch. It’s silly, and could be longer, but is perfect for when it’s getting late and you still want one more story before you go to bed and wake your girlfriend.

Identity Theft: How Kara Learned to Dance by impersonateU

Great idea for a story. I’d have liked to see it taken further. Perhaps some future writer will explore the notion of identity theft a little further.

The Addicted Natural by Blacknight99

Nice display of Brenda’s vulnerability. Story: Hypnotist recycles discarded victim by giving her to her secret admirer.

Cassandra’s Late Lunch by Downing Street

Cassandra gets drugged during lunch and made into a slut.

Black Pastures by wettstarr

Poor Mandy. She’s got a nice life, house, husband... and a brand new job. New jobs sure do bring out the slutty sides of girls, eh?

Sandra Falls into Lustful Nakedness, The Beginning by MrHymie

Sandra buy a magical bracelet to loosen her inhibitions, but can’t take it off. This is an excellent story. I can’t wait for part 2.

Rebecca’s Revenge by Hypknot Eyes and MissTryst

Silly boy breaks up with a girl who knows how to put him in a hypnotic state. This story would definitely be better if it was longer, but it’s a good teaser.

Happy Girls by CactusJuggler

Shannon’s discovered a hypnosis program which seems to be helping with her depression, and Gwen, her conniving roommate, alters it to enslave her.

Cynthia and the Stone by MrGrey

I can actually narrow this story down to the paragraph that made it happen for me, and within that paragraph, the very line. The rest is good enough, sure. Without it, that line would be impotent. What a line it is though...

Tell Me by V. Neon

Some guys are just too shy to come out and tell a girl what they want. They hint and flirt without making moves, which can be very frustrating to a girl who loves to suck dick but is just as shy. Fortunately, Sara has a trick for getting a man to tell her what he wants.

The General’s Last Crusade by The Merovingian

This story has just the right length, just the right pacing and an excellent everything else. One of the best stories I’ve read in a while.

Consumer by Influencing Machine

Could definitely stand to be a bit longer, but only because I liked it. An artist builds an interactive mind control machine, then gets hypnotized by it. It keeps you reading to the end, then stops abruptly as power of control is established.

Megan Gets Embarassed by Chase the Wind

This is a plot I find myself enjoying again and again. The victim gets hypnotized at a party and fucked with by everyone. Is it possible to use this plot and hve a bad story? I doubt it. Megan Gets Embasassed is a worthy representative of this tribe.

Bikini Hypnotists From Beyond the Heavens by A Sinister Bent

Movie actresses hypnotize movie actors as love slaves.

Free Samples by CompassRose90

A door-to-door perfume salesman gives away free samples that—oh, you can guess.

Hyp, Hyp, Hooray Again! or, Monkeying Around and Hyp, Hyp, Hooray! III

Nerd Science Run Amok by A Sinister Bent—A nerd hypnotizes a cheerleader who hypnotizes him.

White Slaves of Madame Cong: Elevator Humpers By Jackpot

Barbara is bimbofied and degraded.

Killer Eyes: The Making of a Hypnotiste by Arel Gaze

Miki wants to learn hypnosis, practices on her brother and ends up under his control.

Chemistry of a Good Idea by Pause88

Joanna hangs out with a group of boys who are inept at attracting girls. They give her a drug that makes her recognize every suggestion as a good idea. This is probably the best mc story I’ve written.

Samantha Sucks by Pause88

Samantha can’t seem to stop sucking, even though the entire school’s watching.

Does She, Or Doesn’t She? by CSC Monkey Girl

This story has a neat induction which is very easy to recall when you’re away from your computer getting head from a loved one and need a fantasy to carry you the rest of the way.

Doll’s Play—Voodoo by White, Colleen and Adam Cassidy

The twist in part one was very sexy. I enjoyed the protagonist ruining her co-worker’s life, then accidently sabotaging herself.

My Husband’s Ex-Girlfriend by Alisha Chen

I have really been enjoying this story. It’s mean-spirited and you can easily imagine how Janet feels as Debi systematically steals and destroy’s her life. Go Alisha!!!

Mind Control of the Master by StryWrter7

Tony, a master hypnotist, upright and not the kind of guy who’s easily tricked, falls prey to a conspiracy of unethical hypnotists eager to put self-righteous, do-gooder Tony in his place—on his knees.

MC Horror Story by Ms_Myrrh

Ms_Myrrh provides a rational explanation for vulnerable authors abandoning EMCSA. While reading this, you’ll question your own susceptiblity. Submissive authors potentially falling into the wrong hands is relevent. The clear prophylactic measure is for Masters and Mistresses who value these authors belonging to the site rather than to some selfish miscreant to claim one they’d be willing to adopt. Get yours while supplies last.

The Effect of DNA Matched Pheromones on Female Sociosexual Behaviors by Moliere

This story is excellent in so many ways, from the writing style to the character setup to the meager attempts of the victims at resistence. It’s also very hot.

Flatmate From Hell by Tatty Oldbitt

Mandy gets hypnotized by her new roommate.

Flicker by lost

A flicker on Christina’s computer screen isn’t just a problem with the video driver...

My Destruction, So Soft and Bouncy by CactusJuggler

A woman loses her husband to her friend’s hypnotic boobies.

Apollyon by AbsMan420

A bodybuilder’s new gym turns him gay.

Projections by Hypnowheel

A story to make you desire fat people.

Nipple Slave by Mesmer Eyezed

This story spoke to me. When I first read it, I was sure it must have been written by one of my ex-girlfriends.

Integrating the Shadow by Jenni Fuckbunny

Jennifer gets in touch with her Shadow Self, that side of ourselves we repress because we’re too ashamed of.

Sibling Rivalry by Dreamer Dreamz

Two sisters begin listening to some great new CDs broguth to them by their mother’s boyfriend.

Best Friends Forever by Sweetlori

The relationship between three people changes when one of them gets a new necklace. I particularly like this one because the subjects think the changes are completely natural.

Focus Group by The Flying Pen

Jane is slowly brainwashed.

An Encounter at the Ticket Counter by Villainy

When a blonde bimbo customer comes to Katrina’s ticket window, Katrina is haughty at first, but soon sees things a little differently

Cotton by 8-bit

Great story, particularly for how 8-bit slips an induction in to hypnotize readers. It’s worked too. Now I want to have a hot girl hypnotize me :)

Talk by Decker

Nikki’s roommate is keeping her up at all hours with her loud sex. Also, he behavior has changed. Nikki decides to have a talk with him, but doesn’t count on how persuasive he can be.

Are They Blind? by Mesmer Eyezed

All the guys at work are obsessed with this ugly chick. Ron figures out she’s using hypnotic perfume, but that doesn’t mean he’s not at risk.

Getting her Number by TexTrance

Erica listens to a slut training file she downloaded off the Internet—on purpose, but never expected it would work so well.

Betty’s Lesson by Good Boy

A teacher intends to reprimand his student, but becomes obsessed with her instead.

All Dolled Up by Covert Hypnotist

Hot story about a girl with an exhibitionist fantasy and her landlord who uses it to fixate her on him.

Adoption by Chrissy Cravesit

Here’s the beginnings of a hot cuckold story, made real with believeable characters and tight writing. A woman is hypnotized by a man who wants her to cheat on her husband.

Daddy Wants by Bad Penny

This story is twisted. I read it the whole time hoping it was a bad dream, or someone deep in trance to believe they are their Daddy’s sex slave, not a girl really being brainwashed by her predator father. Thank you, Bad Penny, for pushing my boundaries but not leaving me with nightmares.

Addiction by Darkmind

I loved this story about a sex addict who has her ability to pleasure herself taken away through bondage and becomes more and more dependent on her friends help.

A Dog’s Life by Darkmind

Deirdre is hypnotized to enjoy being a dog. Like this author’s story, Addiction, the pacing is slow, becoming increasingly hotter as it develops.

Careers in Science by Limerick

While at Science Camp, a group of girls are introduced to a bubble gum that slowly transforms them into bimbos. Their attempts to resist make this story hot.

A Girl’s Best Friend by A Sinister Bent

Financial domination is one of my favorite fantasies and naturally one of the more popular themes among the online hypnodommes. Funny then, how infrequently the theme appears among our mc stories. Sinister Bent wrote this with believable characters and setting. Excellent tale...

Bible Belt by Pan

Anne is a good girl, religious, head of the chastity club in her little town. Brodie is her little brother. When Anne is hypnotized by a bad kid kicked out of his old school for hypnotizing girls, she develops a fixation on the first cock she sees. It just happens to be Brodie’s. I love the stories where a good girl goes bad, especially when, like Anne, it doesn’t happen all at once and the victim has no idea. Very seductive story...

Helpless Addiction by Evey E

Evey and her friend Monica begin watching hypnosis videos posted online. One in particular gets under their skin. Monica’s boyfriend Scott is more than willing to exploit his girlfriend’s weakness, then decides to go after Evey next. This is a great beginning. I sure hope the author decides to continue it.

Christine Tarasov by Liriel

Christine’s anti-depressants have interesting side effects, increasing her libido, her breast size and maybe affecting her good judgement. She tells the story through a blog complete with links to pictures, as she and her female co-workers are increasingly bimbofied.

Don’t Be Stupid! by Robotbrainhumanheart

Scott can’t understand what’s happening to him. He seems more forgetful lately and is making mistakes at work. Good thing he has Amy to console him. She knows just how to make him feel better. This is a great story with a morale that you should trust no one. I love how she teases and taunts!

My Car, My Rules by Pan

Ooh, mind control gone horribly wrong! My favorite! In this story, a man decides to try helping a co-worker he carpools with by playing subliminal recordings to improve her mood. He doesn’t think where it may lead and how it will effect other listeners. I really enjoyed this one, especially how he rationalized his own shifting narrative to resolve the cognitive dissonance and how he seemed unable to stop himself once he’d started, regardless of the ramifications.

Blank Space by Jukebox

I loved this story because it’s the kind of thing that might happen to me one day and say what you will—a boy can dream.

Playing with Fire by Softi

Probably, any of us can relate to the girl in this story being hypnotized by her professor. Maybe not to every detail, but definitely to her desire to be hypnotized, even by a potential predator. She wants to keep being hypnotized so badly she doesn’t care she’s being exploited. When Amy finds out what her friend Caroline is doing, she’s horrified. She thinks what any of our friends would think if they discovered we were willingly allowing someone to exploit us. But maybe if they tried to understand, they could find out for themselves what all the fuss is about...

Saving My Marriage by Jess Incognito

A couple with different sex drives are having trouble keeping their marriage alive and decide to try a new therapy. This story feels a lot more realistic than many of the stories on this site. I really liked the pacing and how the characters are developed, especially the protagonist. Her initial mindset is reflexively sabotaging, but over the course of therapy she gets better at understanding how her husband feels. Her orgasms become addictive to her and she becomes the one feeling neglected. She has a plan for this, but just might be too smart for her own good.