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Growing up, I was fascinated by mind control, especially brainwashing, in all forms of media. By the time I was in my early teen years, mind control had become the basis for most, if not all, of my erotic fantasies. As I passed through those years, and into young adulthood, I assumed I was a freak; this was something that only turned me on. That was until I found the EMCSA! Suddenly, I had a community of people surrounding me that understood my fascination and endorsed it. In the past few years, I have gone through a lot of issues with my own sexuality, past sexual & emotional problems, and guilt at even enjoying this type of erotica. I am very grateful to the EMCSA community for existing and Simon for maintaining the archive.

Over the years, my interests have changed in regards to what I enjoy reading. My preferences seem to have settled on male/female (male dominant) and female/female. I love stories about brainwashing conspiracies and organizations. So-called “drone” stories are also very interesting. After reading this archive for over ten years, a bit of creativity and a unique plot is always appreciated and tends to grab my attention. That is not to say the above described styles are not good. A well done story, no matter how formulaic, is still a well done story.

Substance and plot are very important to me. The sex in mind control stories are more often than not irrelevant to me: the use of mind control in the story is what is engaging and erotic. Pages and pages of descriptions of women with 44EEEEEE breasts does nothing for me. It is also rare that I enjoy the wham-bam turn the defiant feminist into a bimbo cock sucking machine style story. The stench of misogyny and a writer’s pent up issues with their girlfriend, or that defiant co-worker, or the wife, turn me off very quickly. The erotic nature of a story is meaningless to me if there is a no plot or exposition. I also prefer stories that are longer in length that show the writer has spent time on spelling, grammar, and revision. No one is perfect, but I consider erotica to be literature that can stand on its own merit. I expect writers to treat it as such. Here are some of my favorite stories:

Absolute Obedience

This is an excellent story. This story has a lot of things going for it: great plot, good inductions and a very sexy slave. This is the type of story I enjoy the most: Maria is taken and reprogrammed to serve always. I’d rank this one as one of the best stories on here.

Adventures of Rania

Rania is a unique and very interesting story. This story has a neat premise: a modern day Arab princess is taken and brainwashed into a mindless sex toy. The plot might seem mundane, but Rania is exceptionally written. There are some great plot points here: Rania’s relationship with her brother, her former suitor, and his lover. That is only the beginning of her journey. In later chapters Rania’s journey has gone from person to person. I love this kind of story telling and being able to observe from afar the journey of an object or person over time. Rania’s disgust and eventual resignation to her fate is very well done in the final chapter.

Assert Yourself

This is a pretty unique, positive story where the protagonist is retrained using subliminals to get out of the rut here life was in. I think, at the end of the day, she might be in the control of someone else (see the last scene) but that is just a footnote. This is further proof you don’t need a ton of sex to write a great story.

Beauty Contest

This was one of the first stories I read on the EMCSA and I still like it. Short, to the point, and pretty hot. This was the kind of thing I would have fantasized about in my younger years. Ideally I would like it to have been a little longer but, years later, that isn’t a big deal for me. Like another reader notes, the vivid attention to detail in this story, while not a huge issue, leaves a lot of good stuff for the imagination.

Bimbo Class

I think this was the first story I ever read on here. Most bimbo/airhead stories turn me off immediately; the gross stench of misogyny and the author’s own issues with women usually shine right through and make me uncomfortable. This one is not long enough to offend too much and gets to the point quick enough to be well done and exciting. Another reader notes that this is “the” bimbo story on here and I really cannot dispute that. While this is not one of my favorites anymore I have to give it props for helping to propel me into the archive.

A Birthday Engagement

This is an excellent story. I love the exposition that sets up her tale. She is your average college girl; pretty, good grades, hard studier. She especially works hard in class, hyper focused by her Master to do well. That is pretty hot. The story goes on and eventually our protagonist is returned to her former self. A frank discussion of sexual abuse and other things follows, which is handled very well. I am very impressed by this story. It does move a little too quickly at times, but that is made up for by an excellent plot and even better exposition. In a perfect world I would like this story to be fifty pages instead of seventeen, but it is so good that this isn’t a problem at all. Great stuff and highly recommended.

Buy One, Get One

I liked this one so much I forgot to send feedback for it until a year later! No really, my notes sat on my desk for that long. Uh, anyway, I love the details in this story. The little things count: the cameras and such. The concept of having a “sale” on slaves is a very interesting one. Eventually you might have to have one I guess? As I have said before, my favorite stories are those, like this one, where there is a grand scheme to reprogram and enslave for sale. As noted in my emails with the author, there is a definite “Spy v Spy” theme going on in this one too. Great work.

Command & Control

Command & Control, while on the surface an amusing Star Trek tribute, has a lot of the qualities I look for in a story: a good plot, sexy female slaves, and a little bit of humor. The reader knows that Christine is probably doomed. There is not as much of a cloud of doom as there is in one of Trilby Else’s stories, but the reader can tell what is going to happen. I like a surprise, an unexpected twist here and there, but sometimes it is nice to know what is going to happen. A lot of the fun is that knowledge, and Simon is a pro at writing like that.


This is a cute story. I enjoy stories where there is actual love, compassion, and all that fun stuff. Deprogramming is a fun read filled with characters I not only feel for but I really like. This is probably a bit more important to me than it is to others, but it is nice to be able to say that you like a character and not just have them be a means to the hot and sexy MC end.

A Dollar & A Dream

This is another story with slave trading/selling. The author does a great job with exposition and setting up why the protagonist would want to brainwash the girl. The protagonist’s reaction to winning the lottery is great and his ill feelings towards wanting to woo the girl with his money feel very authentic. This story also has one of the best sex scenes I have ever read in a story on the EMCSA.

Force Of Will

There is a unique premise here: two girls, long time friends, are forced to fight each other for the control of the other. One girl wins, and Simon has left us hanging as to what happens next. I see a lot of potential here; I hope he comes back to it eventually.

Gothic Lure

Gothic Lure is a vivid story with excellent characters. This story also has an excellent plot which reminds me a bit of the movie Cruel Intentions (or, of course, Dangerous Liaisons). After the hypnosis the kissing scene is very hot. I’m glad another author likes lesbian goth girls. I also love the ending. It is very sudden but well done. About three quarters of the way through the story I was highly anticipating what Kyle’s role would be and since it was near the end I knew it would make for a great twist.

The Great Bath, The New Spiceworld

Ah, yes, The Spice Girls. For a brief moment I had quite the affinity for a certain redhead in this group. This is another story I read when I first came here so I have to mention it.

Happy Families

In theory, mom and daughter maids are a very hot idea. Sadly, rarely does a story capture it well. Happy Families, while lacking a bit in length, does a decent job with it. There is good exposition with the daughter and how they got there too. As I said I’d like this one to have been a bit longer, but I’ll settle for what is here.

Ideals of Others

This is perhaps the most erotic story I have ever read. Colleen has a way with words that is unmatched on the site (Trilby Else is a close second). The slow, methodical deconstruction of the protagonist into a slutty, subservient, sex toy is done to perfection. If you are going to do a story like this, Ideals of Others should be the template. This story has such bright, colorful language; I wish all stories on this site described its construction as well as this one does. I would also like to mention my appreciation for Colleen as a writer and mailer; she always gets back to any feedback I have sent with very thoughtful replies.

Lovedoll Series

The best series on this site by far. Vendatrix’s tale of Max and his brainwashing corporation has interested me for years. This series has everything I could ever ask for in a story. The detailed descriptions of technology, the elaborate plots to lure more girls into total enslavement are a few of the things I have always wanted in a story. What brings me back for more the most though is the vivid detail and plot. Vendatrix has created characters that can be related to; you really end up sympathizing with them. Max’s plight and quest for control is something that has always plagued me; I can see much of his experiences in my own life. Much like Colleen, Vendatrix is an avid emailer; as a writer and a reader of my own stories, he has been thoughtful and inspiring.

The Perversion Of Lady Jane Grey

The Perversion of Lady Jane Grey is a wonderful story. An interesting take on Holmes which, to my small knowledge of Holmes (which mostly comes from Data & Geordi on Star Trek TNG), seems to be pretty authentic. This is a very sexy, and more importantly, well written story. I hope there is a lot more in this universe; I see a lot of potential here!

Pleasure Island

A man uses nanotechnology to create an island filled with fetish slaves of all forms. This is an interesting plot idea and story. There have been a lack of updates on this story for a long time. Hopefully, one day, there will be a conclusion.


Recall is one of the best stories I have read in awhile. There is a certain sense of doom right from the beginning. The moment the doctor is introduced the reader knows that she is going to be captured and brainwashed. However, the way this is written there is a certain sense of calm and peace that knowledge brings on. The reader knows what is going to happen eventually, one way or another, and somehow that is sort of reassuring. The good doctor herself is very sexy and sounds super hot. I was especially impressed by the trances the doctor goes into and the inner monologue that cara has throughout the story. This is very impressive and well done.


Ringtones proves you can create a story where the average female is brainwashed into a girlie, docile, slave without any of the misogyny and other yucky stuff. This is well written and wonderfully detailed. Melody’s demise from average girl to bleached blond girlie girl is, piece by piece, broken down. This story reminds me almost of a mix between The Ideals Of Others & The Pleasure Crews Of The Ultimate Lovedolls. Great work, I can’t even think of anything wrong with it.


This is another really good story from Decker. I love the speedy but excellent change the protagonist makes as the story goes. This reminds me a bit of The Ideals Of Others, but Ideals is definitely better. Still this is a good story from an excellent writer.

Tape Slaves

A classic story that I did not even run into until I went through the site one summer. This one starts out a little slow but picks up quickly once more of the background plot starts to come out. A well-written story with many interesting philosophic questions follows. This is a fine example of what I mean when I talk about a story of substance. A great plot, excellent inductions, and food for thought make this one of the best stories on the site.


Tether is one of my favorite stories. This is a complex and beautifully written story with many twists and turns that keep the reader interested. The plot is not the only good aspect; Tether is an erotic story that is filled with turn ons. There is a dream-like quality to the writing that I really like. By far this is one of the best stories in the archive. My only complaint about Tether coming to its conclusion recently is that there will not be anymore updates to the story.

What Girl Is This?

This is an excellent story! A wonderful love story with very realistic characters who react in real ways. I dig the nerd stuff, especially the “like Data without a tan!” line. I like stories where there is a lot of gray area for the protagonist to decide their role in how much control they take over someone. My only problem with this story is how short it is: I would have liked a little more exposition about why his slave had herself blanked after being a failure at life. A little more info about the man at the end would have been nice too. This does not detract from the story however. What is here is great!

Cotton & Cotton, Auto

Both of these stories take place in the same universe. What works the best in this series is the plot: with all its twists and turns 8-Bit creates a vivid word that keeps me wanting to read more and more. The characters are wonderful as well, the protagonists, with their obvious influence from a certain television lesbian couple of a few years past, are very likeable and given very drawn out backgrounds and lives. The various morality issues brought up are engaging and definitely food for thought. I hope there is more to this series eventually.


Here is another example of a creative plot. Female prostitute goes to visit a shy, somewhat dorky, young woman. They role play at hypnosis. The prostitute does not realize they are not actually playing. This story is very engaging and erotic. Still in progress, hopefully more will be coming soon.


An already brainwashed gymnastics team is methodically reprogrammed by the women who has taken control of their owner. Some are captured easily, some are not. Guess what happens by the conclusion. The end game for this one is not too surprising (although the final scene is) but aladin is very well done.

The Happily & Viva La Resistance

Two scientists try to steal another scientist’s secrets but accidentally turn her into a nymphomaniac, lesbian, super villain. The story is as good as it sounds. The protagonist’s struggle with her fate is very well written and so is her eventual mercy towards some of her slaves. I am looking forward to more stories in this universe.

Mirrored In Your Eyes

A very sweet story about a world where young women are allowed to spend time as both a drone and a Mistress before deciding what they wish to be for the rest of their lives. Mistress meets drone, roles reverse, and drone has to save her Mistress from desiring slavery. This is so well written and very romantic.

The Romban Guest

After a slow start, the scene is set extremely well for this story. A female soldier is captured by an alien race who seems vaguely familiar. Methodically, she is brainwashed to be more useful to her captors. The obvious Star Trek influence is there, so the imagery is well defined and very interesting. The first scene after the protagonist is captured reminds me a lot of the cell scenes in Vendatrix’s There Are No Bad Girls (see below). This story is well written and pretty hot.

Neon Pink

This is a well written story with a great plot. The slow and methodical transformation of the protagonist from crime fighting teen sleuth to pink wearing bimbo slave is exceptionally done and a fascinating read. Add in a complex plot that keeps the reader guessing its destination throughout and you have a solid story. The best part of Neon Pink, for me, is that plot. This story is a great story in general; any kink could’ve been used and it would have been excellent. If you are going to do a story like this, this is the way to go.


A slave named Bambi is an eager, peppy, and obedient slave on some sort of recreational/pleasure island. She is enthusiastic and deeply devoted to service. However, all is not what it appears to be in one of Trilby Else’s best works from the first few years of the archive.

True Colors

Another story where all is not what it appears to be. A therapist named Michelle gets brainwashed by a man running a Diabolical Brainwashing Conspiracy to take battered women and turn them into sex slaves. Yuck. Double yuck for him turning her and her girlfriend straight. However, as I said, all is not as it appears in this story filled with many interesting twists and turns. Well worth staying with until the end.

The Collar

The best, by far, story of the past few years. This is a deep and extremely detailed 24/7 D/s manifesto involving some seriously deranged and twisted debasement and reprogramming of an individual. The ideas presented in this story will resonate with many people who have tried to take these kinds of relationships to their furthest extremes whether sexual or non-sexual. The Collar is, obviously, a work of fiction, but is written in a way that will provoke many emotions in readers. A lot of the issues brought up in this story inspired me to resume work on my own story Anal Princesses.

The Noble Lie

Inspired by Plato’s Republic, this is an interesting philisophic experiment. A small group of space explorers end up a little off course. There are no Acting Ensign’s to save the day, so they remain stuck in a loop for about 1,500 years. Upon coming out, they find a very brave new world where men have been bred out and redheads are the ruling class, the Platonic philosopher-kings, and blondes, of course, are sex slaves. This is an engaging and well written story that takes a philisophic idea and applies it to this fetish. Neat. Also, I love that the redheads all wear suits. Nothing is sexier than a woman in a nice suit with high heels, or, depending on their level of gender performance, not.

There Are No Bad Girls

The most recent story from Vendatrix, part of the Hotter Than Hell Anthology from the summer of 2006, does not take place in his Ultimate Lovedoll universe, but has a lot in common with those stories. Similiar to Return of the Ultimate Lovedolls, this story involves an investigation into a Diabolical Brainwashing Conspiracy to reform priosoners, conviently only women, into more model citizens. As the main protagonist’s story is told, the story of the transformation of an unruly prisoner serves as an interesting supplement to the primary story and really accenuates the narrative, almost becoming more interesting than the protagonist. As always, Vendatrix’s stories are well written and vividly detailed. There are interesting characters and a developted plot. The attention to process is something that is important to my enjoyment of a story and Vendatrix always comes through in this regard as well.

Agent With Immunity

A detective in a future where mind control is abused by evildoers spends his time righting wrongs and saving women from the grips of enslavement. Along the way, he also abuses his own powers quite a bit, but still rights the wrongs, and ends up ensnared in an ongoing plot against some villains. A well written story that is both erotic and intellectual, I find myself particularly drawn into this narrative world. I hope there is some kind of continuation soon.

Joker’s Club

A young women moves away for college and ends up enslaved, but then released, by an elite, secret society at the university. This story is beautifully written and has opened up a vast world that hopefully the writer will explore soon.


A series of unrelated narrative arcs show ordinary women who are secretly brainwashed to be triggerable slaves and assassins. This stories are very erotic and well done. What I like the most is how each story takes on a different style of woman and technique. This is very good on many levels.

The Rise of the Cyber Queen

I enjoy all of Queen Cordelia’s stories, which grind along the lines of brainwashing conspiracy and “drone” story, but the opening scene, where a knee high booted drone interrupts a young couple’s engagement moment, is one of the best scenes in any story in the archive. Equal parts menacing and erotic, The Rise of the Cyber Queen also gives a lot of background to the “Cyber Queen” story world, with references to the two heights of human thought: Greek Tragedy and Doctor Who.


An unfinished tale, but Paladin shows a lot of promise. A superhero story, which seem to be quite popular the past few years, previously drone stories were very prominent, brainwashes unrepentant criminals to be “good” citizens of their city. What a cool idea. As you can see, I am a big fan of 8-Bit’s writing and this is one of his best.

The Drone of the Cyber Queen

By far Queen Cordelia’s finest hour so far, this story is erotic, thoughtful, and extremely disturbing all at once. The normalcy of slavery in this story may turn off, or on, some readers as well the casual nature of incest. There are many ideas about what identity means and how we mourn expressed in this brief story. Also, there is a sad note in the air, as the plot revolves around the grief of a woman who is mourning the death of her daughter, and how to replace her. What happens is equally moving, disturbing, and erotic.

Finding Master

In the near future, a harem of women are saved from their incompetent Master and deprogrammed. A group of dogooders try to deprogram the saved slaves from the horrible existence they had been held captive in. But what happens when the deprogramming doesn’t work? What happens when the trigger isn’t specific to a single Master, but to the idea of slavery itself? Finding Master is an erotic and very interesting story that the depths a woman will go to continue to be a slave.

Recruiting Coordinator

A story about the corruption of college athletics that rings rather true. A studious young lady is brought in to tutor a star athlete and is subsequently brainwashed into his devoted sex slave. This story is erotically told and very well done with a believable premise.

Special Number Three

Special Number Three is a comic book heroine story that takes on this genre in a pretty unique manner. I do not want to spoil the story for readers, but this “origin” story is a bit different from the usual cliches. I wish there was more to this story, but this is it.


This is a typical trilby else story, but it is very untypical in many ways. Readers of his work will know what I mean surely. A group of friends go off for vacation and are slowly reprogrammed into devoted servants of this odd tribal system (that seems like a mockery of various reality television shows in some aspects). One of them attempts to escape, falls in love, and some rather surprising, for a trilby else story at least, things happen as the story heads toward its climax. This is a great read.

The Invasion

In a futuristic, although there are some magical aspects, lesbian society, their future Queen is kidnapped and brainwashed by the male society they had left behind many years before. This story plays out nicely with some interesting character development and great interplay between those characters. What is especially cool about this story is the numerous references to various science fiction franchises like Star Trek, Futurama, and a certain battle from Transformers: The Movie.

Probability Zero

A lovely drone and hive infiltration story that hits on the usual kinks. The best aspect of this story is the fetish aspect of the clothing. The mind control is very hot and the story moves quickly into the action and normal order of operations in this sort of story.

I Was Made For Loving You

A quick story about a mind controlled domestic robot and her domestic life. I love stories about brainwashed, domesticated, women. An encounter with a friend from her previous life sets up a sequel quite nicely.