The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Rebecca’s Revenge

Rebecca and Leon had the perfect relationship. They shared the same hobbies, they shared the same friends, they even shared the same zodiac sign. They communicated well, they had a wonderful and active sex life, and they were so compatible that it seemed to Rebecca that at times they thought with one mind. Leon was also the first guy Rebecca had found to enjoy a fetish for hypnosis without being weird about it (like her last beau who’d repeatedly wished to be turned into a woman but didn’t want her transformed into a man; she still felt icky whenever she thought of it). And he did this amazing thing with his tongue that put her vibrator to shame...

Leon had stolen her heart, and Rebecca was positive at times that they shared one soul. Leon was everything that she wanted, tall, dark haired and fair skinned, handsome in an offbeat way that wouldn’t make girls fall over themselves but that would have them confessing that he was a catch. She herself was pretty hot, tanned and tone, just busty enough to turn heads and fit enough that she looked hot naked as well, with eyes and hair of solid brown, and a perfect two inches shorter than Leon when she wore heels. Standing together, he with his light white skin and dark locks, her with her deep tan and matching mane, they looked even hotter than they did separately.

Yes, Rebecca was quite happy, and sure in a nonchalant and occasionally considered way that Leon was sure to be The One. They were great together. Truly, they had the perfect relationship.

Until Rebecca learned through one or two sources that Leon was having an affair with his coworker Elizabeth.

There was a great row, followed by a great dramatic exit, followed by a great gusher of tears, followed by the consumption of a quart and a half of Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey ice cream.

Rebecca went through all the stages of separation: depression, fear, bargaining, anxiety. And finally acceptance. And one she’d finally gotten a handle on being cheated on and dumped by the one man she’d ever loved and through that she might spend her life with, finally she settled on revenge.

Here’s the thing: if you’ve got a girlfriend that shares a hypnofetish, and you cheat on her, and you decide to dump her, you’d better be damned sure that any lingering suggestions have been taken off before you do...

Leon was at work moving numbers from one side of the computer to the other as quickly as he could so that he could get back to play The Sims when Elizabeth popped her head in.

“Did you do it yet?” she asked expectantly.

Leon nodded. “Broke the news to Becca yesterday, ma cherie. She took it hard, but she got the message. I’m all yours.”

“Damn straight,” Liz smiled, touching the seam of her blouse in a calculated manner that looked like she was either absently scratching an itch or toying with her right breast. “Come by tonight and I’ll give you your reward. Show you the advantages in choosing to be with me.”

She left, swinging her ass just enough for Leon to know that she was doing so.

He shook his head happily and chuckled. The girl was a skilled manipulator of men, and even though he knew what she was doing it didn’t stop him from getting turned on.

His thoughts were pulled away as the telephone rang.

“Leon Scorcese, accounting and development,” he answered automatically.

“Sleep, little sleepy boy,” a familiar voice spoke over the phone. Leon felt all the energy drain out of him, as his eyes snapped shut and his body fell limp. Only his hand held any tension, and that to hold the phone to his ear. His mind shut off, just fell asleep, and the last thing that he remembered as his post-hypnotic entrancement suggestion took hold was whispering automatically, “I hear and obey, my Mistress.”

“Go down, and let yourself become open to my suggestions...”

On the other line, Rebecca smiled wickedly and got to work.

Leon’s eyes snapped open as he put down the receiver. Must’ve been a wrong number, he thought, and got back to work.

The screen, he noticed, looked strange. The figures were all wrong. After a moment, he realized the problem: he’d typed everything in backwards! What had he been thinking?! It was a good thing he’d caught that, or it could have screwed with the entire accounting division’s payroll. He was on thin enough ice with his boss that such a mistake would easily lead to her firing him.

He immediately got to work repairing his mistake. “$51092.41 in taxes? Stupid. $14290.15 in taxes. Wow. IRS nearly ripped us off!”

As he typed, he started feeling warm. He removed his tie and rolled up his sleeves. After about five minutes (actually, exactly five minutes after he’d set the telephone down), it occurred to him that an obvious solution presented itself. If he was so warm, why not just take off his shirt?

He unbuttoned, and immediately began to feel much better. That was so nice, and being in a cubicle, it wasn’t as if anybody would mind. Heck, by that logic, they wouldn’t mind if he took off his wifebeater either. Maybe even his pants.

He quickly undressed, feeling so very much better and happier.

As he got back to work, he felt something tugging at the back of his mind, as though something were off, something he’d forgotten. For a second he thought that perhaps it was about his state of undress, but no, he remembered that he always sat around undressed while working. Thinking that, he decided to go for the whole kit and cabootle and took off his socks and skivvies. Normally he didn’t undress so before lunch, but hey, it was hot.

Finally, though, he remembered the thing he was trying to remember: Rebecca wanted to talk to Elizabeth. He didn’t know why and didn’t think to wonder. She probably just wanted to make her peace, Rebecca was great like that. She was so kind and beautiful and wonderful, he’d been stupid to dump her.

But he was with Elizabeth now. And Elizabeth had to talk to Rebecca. He also realized that Liz probably wouldn’t like such a thing. Fortunately, she’d already let him indulge in his little hypnofetish, and was quite suggestible and open to his orders.

He used the telephone to page her. “Hey, Liz, could you come here for a minute?”

“Can it wait?” she asked. God, she’s a bitch, Leon thought. Rebecca was so much better. And so much sexier, too, now that he thought about it.

Ah, well. “Not really. It’s real important.”

“Okay, I’ll be there in just a second.” Her voice really got on his nerves, he realized.

While he was waiting he continued fixing the backward numbers on his computer. He noticed that if he hadn’t caught this, the company would have spent $741 on electricity instead of $147. He wished someone else had made this boneheaded mistake, not only would that moron have gotten fired, but he’d probably get a bonus for finding and fixing it! Well, why not, he found himself thinking, and gave himself a bonus anyway. He deserved it.

Elizabeth came by his cubicle, and found herself startled by the state of her boyfriend. “Leon?! What are you doing?” She looked around, a wicked glint in her eye. “You want to do it here? I guess I’m up for it, but you’re going to owe me big tonight—”

“Activate sleep mode,” he stated, and Liz promptly fell into his arms. He dragged her into his cubicle, setting her on the visitor’s chair. Fortunately, his cubicle was at the far end of the hall in the center, so nobody ever passed by. It wasn’t his nudity that he worried about so much (in fact, it felt so nice that he might go out this way for a walk in the park at lunch), but Liz’s hypnotic slumber might raise eyes. But this was the only way he could manage to think of to get Liz to talk to Rebecca, and Liz had to talk to Rebecca.

He telephoned Becca, and greeted her. “Hi, Becca.”

“Sleep, little sleepy boy,” she whispered, and commanded him to give some suggestions and to pass the phone to Liz.

Leon turned to Elizabeth. “Listen to Rebecca and obey her completely. Obey her as you would me.” Liz nodded, and Leon handed her the phone.

Then he tuned out to work. Only once did he look at Elizabeth, and then only at her reflection in the computer screen, and saw that she had already undressed. He found himself slightly repulsed by the look of her. Becca had a much nicer body. And such firmer breasts. He found himself missing his Mistress and wondering what on earth he had been thinking leaving her. First thing tonight he had better go back and apologize.

Elizabeth passed him the telephone, a glazed look in her eye. “Mistress is done with me,” she informed him. “She wishes to speak with you.”

Leon took the phone, felt himself float away while words were spoken in the distance, and opened his eyes as he hung up the telephone.

Elizabeth still stood there, looking glazed. “My Mistress commands that I never see you again. She commands that I go sleep with everybody in the office as penance, and that I become stupider and sluttier each time I do. I go now to obey my Mistress.” She left his cubicle, went to the one next to his, and tossed her shirt off.

Stravinsky, Leon’s cubicle neighbor, found himself the surprised but quite enjoyably first seduction of Elizabeth.

Leon turned back to his work. It was just as well, really. With Liz dumping him, he could go back to his Mistress with a clear conscience. He would truly have to debase himself to her before he would be worthy of her again, but he was more than willing to pay that price. Anything, to be with the wonderful, perfect Rebecca, his love, his Mistress.

He finished typing and sent in the figures. They were as good as official; the people on the other end never checked his work; he’d complained about it occasionally to Mistress Rebecca.

That done, he decided that he deserved a good jerk off-session. He stood up to go to the bathroom. He thought about getting dressed, but it was so hot that he just couldn’t seem to bring himself to do it.

Walking bare through the office felt wonderful. Every time someone pointed at him or stared at him in shock, it somehow gave him a rush of pleasure. He found himself growing hard with each step. As he turned into the bathroom he realized that it wasn’t the bathroom but his boss’s office. But that was just as good, wasn’t it. Besides, he really had to jerk off, and she wasn’t even in the office, wasn’t due back for hours, it seemed.

So when she walked in a moment later, it seemed like he should be surprised. But then he remembered how much he needed to masturbate, and just closed his eyes so that he could envision his Mistress.

As security hauled him out, he passed by Elizabeth, wiping some smeared lipstick and milky white cum from her chin, and they shared a knowing glance, both knowing in some unthinking part of themselves that they had served their Mistress well.

Leon decided to dress for the walk home; as uncomfortably hot as it was, he’d had to outrun two police officers, and the cement was hurting his bare feet.

When he reached his apartment, he decided that he want it or anything in it. He quickly made arrangements with his barrister to sell off all of his possessions and his lease. Once assured that such arrangements would be made and that nothing would make his lawyer change his mind, not even a later retraction, he took a few of his best designer clothes, and left.

Outside, he found that his feet moved him to walk to Rebecca’s apartment. It seemed so natural that he didn’t even question it. He went to her floor and knocked on her door. It opened, and Rebecca invited him in. Only when he was inside and the door closed, did he suddenly realize everything that he had done over the course of the day.

He tried to move, but found himself frozen, as Rebecca smiled at him. He tried to run, or attack her, but couldn’t move. Desperate, he even tried to use her induction suggestion, but his larynx closed tight the moment he tried.

“I made sure that you couldn’t ever induce me again, Leon, unless I allow it,” she said, as though she could read his mind. Suddenly he found himself wondering if she’d told him to try in the first place; how much of his mind was still his own, after this afternoon?!

“Why are you doing this, Becca?”

“You know, I always hated it when you called me Becca. From now on call me Rebecca only, or if we’re in private Mistress.”

“Yes, Mistress,” he replied automatically, the words having leaped from his mouth before he realized he’d spoken them. “Why are you doing this, Mistress?”

“Because you hurt me, Leon,” she said seriously. Her face wrinkled in sorrow. “You hurt me badly. Why did you leave me for that slut?”

Leon found himself searching for an answer, and found none easy. “She just made me happier than I was being with you.”

“I loved you.”

“And I loved you. But...I don’t know, Rebecca, Mistress. Sometimes people just drift apart. They find new people. It’s nobody’s fault.”

“Yes, Leon, it is. It is if one of them drifts apart without even trying to bring himself back. It is if he won’t even tell his lover what’s going on, or why. It is if drifting apart will hurt someone. And you hurt me.” For a second it looked as though she would cry. But she didn’t; she’d used up all her tears last night. “But you won’t ever hurt me again.”

She was interrupted by a knock on the door. At her beckoning, Elizabeth entered, still moving awkwardly under hypnotic control. “Leon, you remember Liz,” Rebecca spat.

“Slave has come as Mistress commanded. She has slept with every man at the office now.”

“Did I say every ‘man,’ slave? No. I said ‘everybody.’ You will fuck everybody on that floor, in fact, everybody in that building and then on that block, because you are just a fucking slut whore and all you do is fuck.”

Liz struggled at the suggestion, “But, slave does not want—”

“Slave obeys her Mistress. Mistress commands Slave. And right now Mistress commands Slave to fuck everybody there, man or woman. Slave wants to please her Mistress, doesn’t she?!”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Very well, then. Go.” Elizabeth turned and left, and Rebecca turned her attention back to her former boyfriend. “You see, Leon, that girl is just a slut.”

“You made her a slut.”

“She was already a slut. I just made her more of one. Don’t worry about her.” And suddenly, he didn’t. “Instead, just look into my eyes and sleep. Sleep, little sleepy boy.”

Leon’s consciousness sank, and he mechanically repeated, “I hear and obey, my Mistress.”

“Silly sleepy boy,” she smiled. “If you’re going to dump somebody you had hypnotize you once, Leon, you really ought to make sure they’ve taken the suggestions off first.”

The last think Leon remembered hearing was Becca gloating command, “But we’re going to fix it so that you never leave your Mistress again. Isn’t that right, Slave. And now, sleep, little sleepy boy. Sleep...”