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Rebirth of William Kent


Thanks for the great reviews everyone, and I am so excited to finally have a story up on this site. I am starting a little part of the end of the last chapter you will see why in a few minutes. Again look for more craziness to ensue in this chapter as William Kent shows his former adult counterparts there new life in servitude.

Part 1 -

He tells them to roll on his back as he rubs there stomach one after the other, and treat them like the subhuman beings they are. He continues to roll them back on there backs as they try to get up, and continues to rub them as there subconscious is retrained all over again. They smile as they glow in hypnotic happiness, and bliss from there Masters touch, smile as well as his kiss. They stand up obediently with the snap of his fingers, they immediately signed away there remain rights, and pledge to there undying obedience to him. They went into the living room knowing that next week they will start a new life, live with new dreams, and living for Master the man of there dreams. The man of there dreams who they obey blindly, without question, without worry, without thoughts, and no desires of there own. It felt so good to admit, feel it, listen, serve, obey, to live for, and worship. The one they will present to, live totally completely for, and not fight or disobey ever again.

William Kent smiled as he ordered his bois to clean up the house, get ready to go to bed, and find him when they are done like the good little pets they are. They quickly cleaned the house, jumped in the shower, and got dressed in there pajamas to obey Master. William smiled at all of the work he accomplished today, his amazing slaves obediently listening to him, and kneeled before him again. He laughed at how weak, pathetic, and useless his bois were without him before as well as now. He sent them off to bed as he began to make plans for the next day, he thought of endless ways they will serve him, and fully reprogram him forever. William Kent fell a sleep as he drifted away into a deeper level of happiness as he planned the reformatting of his family. Starting with making Mike his faithfully obedient lawyer slave boyfriend, and he was so happy about that. Drifting away into his ideal life in his dreams where he would share himself with his slaves in every way possible, and how he would continue to manipulate them in every way he could completely into his ideal bitch. Mike Johnson was a very lucky boi indeed.

Kent woke up the next morning to a strange sight surrounding his bed, and what a sight it was. His four slaves surrounding his bed, one on each side of the bed with idiotic grins on there faces, and in there mind there fantasies took flight. William smiled as he decided to put his next plan into action as he ordered his brothers, and his fathers to get ready for work as today he was spending it with his personal lawyer.

The other bois quickly got up to take a shower, got dressed, and rushed out of the house to work. Mike Johnson smiled as he was ordered by his new master to stand up and present himself for final inspection. William ordered his slave to strip till he was naked, smacked his butt, and felt him as Mikes body screamed for attention finally cumming. He continued to wrap his arms around him as he guided his hands all over his body, and kissing it so intensely making Mikes skin crawl. He looks into his eyes again pulling him into another a kiss this time his tongue penetrating his mouth, and forcing him to mentally be broken even more. Mike felt his pysche break as he imagined being in a romantic relationship with his Master how he craved it.

He pushed his slave to knees to slowly guide him in the way of worshipping his body, and subconsciously forcing him to fall in love.He ordered Mike to stand up facing him, he grabbed Mike pulling him into his body, and Kissing him deeply. Looking into Mike’s eyes he whispered " Phase Two” quietly into is ears causing his body to fall into William’s. His eye closed as his mind opens deeply all the way to the deepest subconscious level, and he awaits the final reprogramming of his life, and when he awakes he will be a new man. “From now on Mike Johnson is only a name, a personality that exist for work, and for social events.” William says as he holds on to Mike even tighter as the programming goes deeper into his being then it ever could happen. William smiled as he realized Mike Johnson was now his first robotic mindless slave bitch, his first loyal slave boyfriend, and more. He pulled him into another passionate kiss to his surprise Mike quickly responded, and was enjoying so much he kept pulling William back in.

“Repeat after me I am not a man, I am a gay slave, I am madly in love with my master, and I worship, serve, and pleasure him” William programmed into his mind. Mike stared into his eyes losing himself more and more till he could not contain again. Mike smiled...“I-I-I-I ...I am not a man, I am a gay slave, I am madly in love with my master, and I worship, serve, and pleasure him..I am not a man, I am a gay slave, I am madly in love with my master, and I worship, serve, and pleasure him.” Mike smiled as he kept repeating the statement over, over, over, over and over again till his eyes went lifeless.

“You are my Master, my best friend, and my lover.” Mike said as he stared blissfully happy into his eyes for long time it seemed everything went lifeless. Mike Johnson begged his Master to hug him, kiss him, and then fuck him to no end completely no way out.

PART 2 -

William smiled as he patted his new boyfriend slave Mike on the head, and stripped naked as he headed to the shower his father had secretly built for himself. Mike smiled as he quickly stripped, and followed his Master quietly into the bathroom closing the door behind him. He pulled the curtain back entering behind his Master instantly pulling him into a hug, two naked bodies intertwined, and the water purifying there naked vessels. William turned around smiling a wicked smile at his new bitch, instantly causing Mike to get hard, and of course William grabbed on to it, and began to play with his new toy. Mike swooned his body back and forth from pleasure like a hypnotic pendant, every touch reprogramming his mind, and every moan he makes creating erotic pleasure. He turned off the shower, smacked Mikes butt, ordered him to dry them off, iron the clothes, and get them dressed. After the pleasurable shower the slave got on his knees approaching his Master.“Master...Master can we please skip work please. I just want to spend all day with you at home...besides all of my employees can handle the work. I hate being charged, I hate working, and I want to spend time only with you.” Mike said.

William Kent smiled as he knew he was about to strip his boi of anymore worries in that vain ever again thanks to him his loving God. “Don’t worry my boi that is none of your concern anymore my pet. As of now I am the sole owner of your law firm practice, your employees work for me from now on, and all the money earned goes into my bank account. I will be screening your clients, making all decisions concerning the practice, giving out orders/instructions, and taking over your office. All you have to do is be that exceptionally wonderful lawyer you are, keeping adding to law case record of winning streaks, and be a good boi. Is that understood?” They jumped into Mikes car .

Heading into his office as Mike realized how good his life is now and he cant ever imagine a life different then this. He truly, absolutely, completely, fully, and totally loved his Master in every way. “Master we are

here at my office again, I just wanted to tell you I

truly absolutely love you in every way possible, and we are going to be so successful.” Mike Johnson smiled as

he turned off the engine off, and walked his Master to

his office. William pats his new slave on his head as all the employees of the firm turn to look at them. He snaps his fingers instantly sending Mike to look the door, and turn back to his Master as he turned off the lights. The whole crowed started asking questions, yelling for Mike to respond, and he handed his car keys to his Master.

William pressed it caused all the employees to freak out as they were forced back into there chairs, and locked in. There computers popped on, and Mike plugged in earphones which he promptly placed in everyone’s ear. Mike then pushed his Master’s knees aside, and kneeled between them.

As he looked up at his Master who was sitting in his chair in the main office awaiting for the ten minutes before his new slaves to awake. Ten minutes passed as his new slaves stared mindless into the screen, the slaves pull the earplugs out, and kneels before there new king. “Yes I

am the king bitches, yes your king, bow down before me.”

William said before he decided to share his ideas with

new slaves.

Three hours later William Kent sorted out everything, and everyone in the office so perfectly he was relaxing in his new swinging chair. “Mike how many clients is this office expecting today?” Mike smiled as he watched his master utter the words that formed the question. “Sir four client on retainer, and three new ones Sir.” He screamed with excitement as he saw his Master smile, and applaud at his plan coming to life. I am totally in control William thought as he patted Mike on the put, and looked outside into the busy office he now owned.

Williams cell phone began to vibrate as he picked it up, and answered it. “Hello Master Son...your loyal father has some great news for you my king.” His father said. “What is it slave don’t waste my time.“William said to his

slave father. “Yes Master son...everything has been set accordingly to your firm is now yours my king.”

His dad said waiting for him to praise him as he hoped for it so. “Good job dad, my pet, and my bitch...Go Back To Work.” William said.

William smiled as he so both his brothers enter the room, closed the door, and began to strip with Mike at the same time. The sexiest strip tease William has ever seen was being done before him in his newly acquired office, and his new firm. Both his brothers got on there knees grabbing on his legs each kissing, sucking, and licking

them. Mike smiled as he also knelt before William grabbing his cock kissing, licking and sucking it like a lollypop.

William patted each one of them on the head, rubbing there

backs, and began to share his cock with all three. They quickly got dressed to go back to work as William began to form another plan to implant the second half of building his new kingdom. He sends Mike out to check on his new bitches, and begins to send out text to all of his slaves for there next orders to make his plans.