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Resident Evilena

f/m fd ma Muay Thai

A newly elected town councilman learns it’s not wise to try to extort Evilena

Resident Evilena

“Now you understand, Grant , we are sparring and there is a BIG difference between sparring and fighting,” the gorgeous blond dressed in tight boxing shorts, sports bra and leather, Muay Thai, gloves reminded her taller, heavier opponent.

He simply smiled and said, “I’ve done this before, Evilena .”

The two touched gloves and stepped back and immediately the sexy blond started to circle around her slower, taller foe and peppered him with soft jabs and an occasional right cross, which he didn’t seem to be able to stop.

The blows were not delivered with maximum impact because it was a sparring contest but the male seemed to be getting angrier and angrier as Evilena continued to pepper his head, then delivered soft , but accurate kicks to his legs, as the two circled.

Finally he could stand it no more and attempted to deliver hard, roundhouse blows to Evilena’s head, in a real attempt to injure her.

The blond boxer stepped backward, “sparring” she said through her mouthpiece.

“Fuck You,” he responded and swung yet another clubbing right hand, which landed on Evilena’s shoulder. " I don’t take shit from ANYBODY.”

Then he tried to land a high kick to her head which missed badly.

The blond’s face flushed with anger and she landed two, quick, hard shots to his face as he turned his back to avoid further impact. Evilena pushed him toward the ropes and delivered a flurry of rapid punches and a right high kick to his head.

Then the amazingly strong woman grabbed his head and pulled it down to her knee as she delivered a devastatingly hard kick . Grant slumped to his knees, glassy eyed.

Evilena dropped her gloves and slipped behind her dazed opponent and grabbed him in a triangle choke. As he slowly drifted off she kept repeating in his ear, " sparring .... sparring....sparring....” and finally, unable to escape the hold he tapped out, and then slumped ,nearly unconscious, to the canvass.

Evilena got up to her feet and stepped back a few feet to watch the humiliated opponent recover his senses..... slowly.

Evilena HATED that a sparring contest ended like this. She had warned Grant in their first exchange of emails that the great difference in their size could be a problem. But he insisted that he wanted to learn from her, now it was obvious he had no desire to learn, but only to defeat her.

If their sizes had been similar she could have toyed with him as he tried to utilize size to defeat her combat skills. But she wouldn’t let anyone actually hurt her, so her only course of action was to quickly , thoroughly, defeat him. But it was his own stupidity that caused his humiliation.

As he rubbed his head he stared at Evilena angrily, " At least you could you could kiss it and make it well.”

Then he gave her one of those stupid ( male) smiles.

“Look,” she said, “You signed up for a Muay Thai lesson. Nothing More. So don’t expect ANYTHING else.”

“Hey Sweetie,” he responded,” I signed up because you are gorgeous. No other reason, and since you’ve won, at least you could make me feel better with some kind of affection.”

The blond dominatrix frowned. " This is going nowhere Grant. Just gather your clothes and get out. NOW ! I don’t put up with this kind of crap from anybody. Just leave.”

Now the man struggled to his feet and tried to embrace the sexy blond and was rewarded with a strong knee to the groin, and again he slumped to the mat , gasping for breath.

Evilena picked him up and shoved him out the door, " Stay away Grant, before I have to call the cops. I don’t want to EVER see you again.”

Had that only been true.

Before their short contest Grant had called and emailed Evilena over and over, trying to meet her . He had found out about her web site design, Muay Thai training , and hypnosis sessions from her web sites and Yahoo group. And now after his humiliation , he bothered her even more frequently. It was clear that he was obsessed by the sexy blond. He wanted to somehow show that he was superior to her, and the boxing match clearly had been a failure at doing that.

Then, one morning as she was reading the local newspaper she saw Grant’s photo on the front page. The caption read, " Candidates for Town Council in Raucous Debate.” The story talked about his participation in a public debate for office, and from what the paper said , it looked like he had won.

As she read further she found that her hapless opponent was running for municipal office in the town where her dungeon and boxing ring were located. Evilena knew that the elections were only a month away and hoped he would concentrate on THAT contest instead of the one he had lost so badly in her gym.

He did. He won....barely. But he won ! He became a town Councilman.

His communications had slowed, then stopped during the election, but when it was over , she received a registered letter in the mail. In part it said, that Grant was introducing an ordinance that would change to zoning of the area of Evilena’s dungeon but that for “certain considerations” he would consider NOT introducing the bill. The letter went on to indicate that he would be at her “offices” to discuss those “considerations” that evening at 7 pm.

Promptly at 7 the bell on her office entrance rang and Evilena opened it to allow Grant to enter.

He was dressed in a dark, three piece suit and held a sheaf of papers.

She was dressed in a very professional looking dark suit and white blouse.

“Miss,” he said I’d like to discuss this legislation, if you have time.” Even though there was a barely hidden smirk on his face he acted as if they had never even met.

As they sat down at a table , all full of manners and courtesy, he spread the copy of the legislation across the flat surface in front of Evilena, with a flourish.

“You see , beautiful lady , my new ordinance would forbid martial arts training , hypnosis, computer repair and er... any other types of physical contact in this neighborhood, and I have garnered support from a majority of my fellow council members to pass it next week. Unless. Of Course.... you could see your way clear to .... um ... er..... figure out SOME way to shall we say ....make me happy ?”

Typical male, thought Evilena, " Are you trying to intimidate me into sex with you ? Do you feel some sort of need for revenge since I beat you in Muay Thai ? Is THAT it ? Do you have a need to dominate any woman who defeats you ? ”

“No,” he responded , a cruel smile crossing his face, " I hardly remember that little incident, but you DO seem to know how you can make me withdraw the bill,” He reached across the table and touched Evilena’s cheek.

“ You need a psychiatrist have REAL problems. " the gorgeous blond answered as she pushed his hand away.

“I don’t need a shrink, I need sex. " he snapped. besides. " I’m a governmental official now. I’m in charge, not you....”

“You know, Councilman , I can sense anger and resentment in you, focused toward me, but perhaps you should look inward... to your own mind, to learn where this anger is coming from,” Evilena spoke, her voice seductive and melodic.

“Me ? Inward ?.... YOU are my problem, I need to conquer YOU....” he said , finally admitting to his intentions.

“You are so tense and angry... just relax...relax.....I’ll help you ....” Evilena’s voice droned on.

“I’m not ... I’m ....” he stuttered, confused as to what to do next. He had expected her to comply more quickly. After all , he did hold her livelihood under his control.

Evilena reached out and started to trace tiny circles on the man’s temples and continued speaking to him in her mesmerizing cadence. " You are so tense.... we can work this all out ... just relax ... and we can make this all work out ... relax ... let all the tension go ... relax....”

She focused her deep green eyes on his and continued to speak to him.

“ Relax ... let the anger flow away .. relax... close your eyes and relax.....”

“ I’m NOT going to close my eyes... I know better. You can’t hypnotize me. I’m too smart for that. I’m not going to let you put me into your trance .....”

“ Of course not Grant . Your will is too strong to let THAT happen. Just let all this anger and tension flow out through my fingertips. Relax ... relax.... let the tension leave your eyelids ... let it drift away .... feel them become heavy ....heavy and tired ...but you don’t have to close them ... because you are too strong willed for that ... you have a will of your own don’t you ... relax ...relax ....relax....”

Her soft , warm fingertips continued to trace circles on his temples........

“My goodness Grant... you seem to be looking at my pendant. The red crystal , hanging around my neck... it’s nestled here in my cleavage and you are staring at it... Do you like it ... does it fascinate you ?”

“I’m .... not ... looking at your .... necklace...” he responded, voice slowing and becoming quieter.

“But you are staring, aren’t you ...... are you staring at my breasts ? That IS where the pendant is hanging. Is it my breasts or the crystal that fascinates you so ? You keep looking at my breasts.... then the crystal .. and listening to my voice ... which do you like better dear boy .... the beautiful hypnotic crystal... or my full ... tempting breasts.....look.....relax...”

“I... I .....I " It was so hard for him to focus on her words now, all he could think about was that red crystal .... and Evilena’s full, firm , breasts.

The blond hypnotist took her fingers away from Grant’s temples and lifted the pendant from it’s resting place between her breasts and raised it to his eye level so he would be forced to totally focus his gaze on the crystal with out the distraction that her luscious tits afforded.

“But it’s OK to look at the crystal and THINK about my breasts Grant ... LOOK at the crystal ... LISTEN to my voice ... RELAX....RELAX’s OK to RELAX ...”

“Would you like to have a closer look ? A deeper look at the compelling red crystal , my dear boy? Would you like that ?”

He nodded his head in compliance, finding it harder and harder to oppose her suggestions .

She slowly removed the necklace from around her neck and held the chain between her thumb and index finger, letting the crystal move in front of his eyes, slowly ... regularly ...swinging back and forth . He stared , fascinated as it moved back and forth. Back and forth.

“ Look closely , my pet, very .... very ... closely. This necklace has magical powers...concentrate on the stone .... watch it move.... it has the power to mesmerize you ... to hypnotize you ... to enthrall you... keep looking ....deeper ... deeper..into the magical stone .. it’s so hard to resist the spell it is casting over you ... look ... relax ...listen...”

The stone moved slowly , in an arc, back in forth , level with the councilman’s eyes, and he found he could not look away. He followed it’s slow, rhythmic movement’s with his eyes, as they slowly .... slowly lost focus.

All the time Evilena continued to speak to him in her hypnotic cadence, " You can see nothing but the deep, red crystal ... you hear only my voice ... your eyes follow the movement of the pendant ...your eyes MUST follow the stone .... just as your mind must follow my voice .... deeper and deeper under my spell ... deeper and deeper under my power ...... even though your eyes remain open and fixed on the crystal you KNOW you are asleep ... asleep in a deep ... deep ... hypnotic trance .... an obedient ... hypnotic trance ....hearing only my voice .... seeing only the crystal..... falling deeper and deeper under my spell......”

“But ... but ...but....” Grant stuttered.

“My voice is so erotic ... so compelling ... so hypnotic .... so mesmerizing ... all you can hear is my voice....all you can think about is my voice ... and you KNOW you MUST listen and must obey my every command.... my voice .... my words .... my words are BECOMING your thoughts ... you NEED to obey ... obey ....obey....every word ... every command must be obeyed because they are YOUR thoughts .. deep in your mind ... my words are your thoughts ...and you must obey ....obey ....”

Grant’s lips moved soundlessly, but Evilena could see he was repeating her words....” obey .... obey ....obey ....”

“That’s it... repeat the word...say the words Grant... say them...”

“obey ....obey .... obey....” he muttered....” obey .... obey .... obey....”

“Good boy.” she smiled. " Who must you obey ?”

“Evilena...” he responded.

“Good boy, " she said as she dropped the crystal back into it’s resting place in her exquisite cleavage.

She got up from her chair and gracefully walked around the table , then stood next to the slack jawed councilman. " Stand and face me,” she commanded .

He rose, silently, and turned to face the blond hypno-goddess.

She pushed Her finger into his mouth and he sucked on it as if it were a cock.

“Good boy, it’s time to go deeper.... look into my eyes... deep into my eyes.”

His eyes focused on hers and he felt himself falling helplessly into their depths.

Her voice and the crystal could hypnotize anyone , but her eyes.... her eyes were totally irresistible and she wanted to totally subjugate this arrogant fool. He had tried to extort sex from Evilena and she would punish him for it. She focused the full hypnotic power of her deep green eyes on her immobile victim.

“Keep looking into my eyes, Grant.... just keep looking into my eyes .... you can’t look away from my eyes ... you don’t WANT to look away ... deeper my pet .... deeper ... you CAN’T look away ... my eyes pull you in and the longer you look into them , the deeper you fall under my power .... so deeply under Evilena’s spell.... keep looking into my eyes .....and as you look deeply into my eyes you find YOUR eyelids are growing heavier and heavier ...but you are unable to look away from my gorgeous ... deep ... powerful eyes... they continue to pull you deeper and deeper....deeper and deeper want to close your eyes ... they are so heavy .. you need to close your eyes ... but you can’t you must continue to gaze into my eyes and go deeper under my spell.....relax .. relax ... heavier ... heavier.... more and more relaxed ...more and more submissive ...deeper and deeeeper under my power .....I can see you surrendering your will to me as you continue to stare helplessly into my beautiful green eyes.... you need to keep looking into my eyes ... you want to keep looking ... forever ... forever into my eyes ... you are losing yourself in my eyes ... getting lost in my eyes .... and it’s so wonderful just gazing ... letting all confusion melt away as you gaze deeper and deeper into my hypnotic green eyes .... all your thoughts ....becoming mine .....letting my eyes enlarge to become your whole universe .... letting my words become your thoughts ....letting go and relaxing as you stare helplessly into my controlling ... beautiful eyes.... becoming mine ....”

He had passed through any stage of resistance and stood perfectly still, breathing regularly , held captive by the mesmerizing power of Evilena’s eyes. His mouth hung open and a tiny dribble of saliva dripped from the corner of his mouth as his eye lids drooped, each slow blink lasting a bit longer than the one before.

“Let yourself go Grant .... let yourself relax and become more and more submissive to my will....wanting to obey my commands .... needing to obey my commands.... all you want to do is obey Evilena.... her words are your thoughts .... relaxing more and more as you stare helplessly into my eyes ... helpless ... powerless.... unable to resist my slightest command....your eyes are so heavy now... even though you want to keep staring into my deep green eyes you can’t stay awake now ..... surrendering so totally to me ... surrendering completely to me ... and when I count three those sleepy ... sleepy eyes will close and you will be deep in a profound hypnotic trance ... totally under my spell.... one ..... deeper and deeper under my control... two ... totally under my power ... unable to resist ... submitting to me ... surrendering to me....... three...asleep and totally under my control.”

She snapped her fingers, and as she did his eyes slammed shut.

“Your thoughts belong to me now ... your body belongs to me ... your mind belongs to me.......tell me who owns you Grant ... who is your Mistress ?”

“ E .... Evilena....” he stammered.

“Good boy. Now listen carefully to my words. And remember my commands. You must obey my every command. When you are awake you will have no conscious memory of being hypnotized. You will still believe that you CAN’T be hypnotized. And in fact , if I ever ask you if are you hypnotized , you will immediately respond no, that you can not be hypnotized. Then you will once again look into my eyes and fall deeply under my power, deep in a hypnotic trance, and each time you say the words the trance will be deeper..... deeper than before. You will be deeply hypnotized by me ... hypnotized .... hypnotized and owned by you understand ?

Eyes still closed he responded in a dull, lifeless voice, " hyp .. no ... tized ...and ... owned ... by ... Evil .... ena ...”

The blond hypnotist took a step away from her entranced prey and sighed. The mental exertion WAS hard, but another had fallen victim to her hypnotic skills.

“Now I’m going to count back from three again, and this time you will wake up. Refreshed... awake...alert ... but you know what will happen if I ask you if you are hypnotized don’t you?”

“I will look into your eyes...”

“And?” Evilena smiled .

“And I will say no....I can’t be hypnotized..... and then fall under your spell again ....hyp ... no ... tized ...hyp ... no ... tized . " the councilman answered.

“Good boy,” Evilena whispered, " Three ... two .... one ...awake...awake...”

Grant blinked his eyes and continued speaking as though nothing had happened.

“So if you will do as I suggest, Sweetie, I will withdraw the legislation.... What do you think ? Good trade ?”

Now the sexy blond smiled broadly, " I don’t think so. In fact , I think you’ll withdraw the bill from the council and in addition to that you will do EVERYTHING I tell you to do. You will be my own personal legislator. My pet councilman. Mine to command just like a little puppy dog . THAT’s what I think ! ”

“You bitch ! You may have beaten me boxing, but the tide has turned and I’m in charge now. I’ll throw you out of MY city if you don’t give me what I want . And I want pussy. PUSSY do you hear. I’m in charge. You might have hypnotized all those other weak willed assholes, or beaten them boxing, or dominated them ,but I’m in charge here now, " he said in a slightly Alexander Haigish rant.

Evilena stepped uncomfortably close to him and said softly,” Maybe you are right. Maybe I did hypnotize all those others. Are YOU hypnotized ?”

His countenance glazed over as he immediately looked deep into her hypnotic, green eyes. " No. I can’t be hypnotized, " he weakly responded.

Softly she moved her fingertips across his cheek, " What are you, my pet ?”

“ I’m hyp ...tized ... under ...Evilena’s spell.... hypnotized.... hypnotized....”

“Shh” she said, as she pressed her finger against his lips. " You may kneel before me now, my slave boy.”

Grant fell to his knees, in front of the smiling Goddess.

She pointed at her high heeled feet and he began to kiss, lick and worship them. First the tops, then her gently lifted her boots so he could lick and kiss the soles and heels. He was possessed by her feet.

The the gorgeous hypnotist stepped back and said softly, " Now , my little foot slave , place your head to the floor , close your eyes , and listen. Do you hear the sounds of cloth moving on skin? In a moment you will look up and see me in my leather dominatrix outfit. A long, slinky black dress, sexy black high heel shoes, but I still am wearing my hypnotic necklace and the magical crystal is nestled between my breasts. And I’m holding a video camera. Do you understand ?”

“Yes ma’am,” came the muffled reply as his face lay close to the floor.

“Are you hypnotized?”

“No. I can’t be hypnotized . " he said once more as he lifted his head to gaze once again helplessly into Evilena’s eyes.

But this time he saw her dressed a sensuous, long leather dress that clung to her ample curves, and in Her hand was a video camera, focused on him. He looked at the lens.

“You know you cannot resist me Grant. Crawl to me and kiss my ass. Worship it. You LOVE my ass and NEED to kiss it. Take off your clothes and kiss my ass.”

Deep in his mind there was a tiny portion of his brain that KNEW he should resist. That videos of him kissing Evilena’s sexy rear would be perfect blackmail tools. That his attempt at extortion would be subverted if he did as she commanded. HE would become the victim ... the slave .. and she the ruler if her were to comply with her instructions.

But in spite of that he crawled closer and closer, shedding clothing as he crawled , tears streaming from his eyes. Closer and closer, and as he looked up into the camera the words escaped his lips, " I NEED to kiss Evilena’s ass. I need to worship Evilena’s ass.” And he opened his mouth and planted an open mouthed kiss on her leather clad rump. He licked. He sucked. He worshiped as he moaned and cried. He was lost to the erotic feel and taste and smell of her glorious body.

“Now my feet, my helpless slave boy.”

He lowered his face to her feet and again began his worship ritual, lips against leather, then bare toes, heels and soles as he removed her shoes and tongued her sensuous feet. All the time seeing the camera out of the corner of his eye.

“Now on your knees slave boy. Who is your queen ?”

“You Evilena,” he whimpered as he rose to his knees. His fully engorged cock stood fully erect.“You my Goddess.”

“Jerk off for me you worthless fucktoy. Jerk your pitiful cock for your Goddess.”

In spite of the all seeing camera, Grant grabbed his turgid prick and began to move his hand up and down the swollen shaft.

“I want you to cum on my feet , my pitiful pervert. But only IF and when when I tell you. Now , slave keep jerking your cock for the camera.”

Helpless to resist ANY command from Evilena’s lips he masturbated, for what seemed like forever. Until he was in pain, until he was constantly on the edge of a huge orgasm , but he still could not reach climax to his worship because his goddess had not allowed him to do so.

Finally she spoke, as she placed her hand behind his neck and guided him toward her, " Cum slave...cum on my feet . NOW !”

And he did as instructed . Streams and streams of white fluid ejaculated and pooled on her toes.

Evilena wiggled her toes, mockingly and commanded her slave. " Lick my feet clean Grant, while I film your debasement.”

Powerless before this hypnotic goddess the humiliated councilman licked, cleaning his own jism from her warm toes.

Evilena moved her hand and entwined her fingers in his hair then pulled him up so they were face to face, eye to eye, " Now get your ass dressed and get out of here. I don’t want you EVER to come back again. And remember I can put you in a trance any time I want with just a single command AND I have these embarrassing tapes that I would not hesitate to show to the whole city, your family included.”

Blinking back to consciousness Grant realized what had just happened and scrambled to his feet to put his cloths back on, then stuttered his reply as he headed for the door.

“Yes ma’am. Yes Evilena. I’ll withdraw the regulations,I’ll never bother you again.. I’m sorry ...I’m sorry.....” Tears were streaming down his face as the door closed behind him.

Evilena stood there,still dressed in her business suit, and thought to herself, it’s amazing what hypnotic suggestion can make you THINK you see. I have to get my camera out of the shop this week so I can REALLY takes some vids.”

The she looked down at her bare feet and saw shiny , wet moisture. “Well,” she thought " Some things are SO real.”