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* * *

Resistance 2


“Oh yes, fuck me, baby, just like that!”

Christine bounced up and down enthusiastically, while Robert gripped her by her tiny, taut waist, gritting his teeth, trying not to climax too soon.

It was very difficult. They had met in their late 20s and while she had been very attractive back then, she was still nothing close to the way she looked now. Although decades older now, Christine looked just as young or even younger than the day they met. And though she’d always had a great figure, she’d never been this well endowed—a tight, fit body to rival that of any fitness model, incongruously huge, bouncing jugs bouncing up and down on her slim frame.

And then, her looks aside, there was the personality. Raw, raunchy, hedonistic. Filthy, scandalous, aggressive. No sign of self consciousness, only pure wanton lust. Robert had known his wife for a long time now, and she’d never come anywhere near to acting as she did now—like a complete and totally depraved, horny slut.

Such was the effect of the Legacy Virus.

It had transformed his wife, body and mind, altering, enhancing, corrupting. His wife and the rest of his family, his son and daughter. Each of them turned into debased, deviant, sex addicts, devoid of restraint, propriety, morals…

Outside of the primitive desire to prolong the pleasure of mating with his altered wife, there was also the equally subconscious defensive motivation to prolong his release, though rationally Robert knew it was useless to try and prevent it. There was no way he could possibly last long enough to satiate his wife, and soon after she’d be going to Derek’s room and fornicate more with their son. Christine was considerate enough not to overtly rub this fact in his face, but on the hand, she wasn’t the slightest bit ashamed of it either.

Derek was probably busy even now, rutting with his sister Meghan, but he would have stamina enough for both of them. And no compunctions either about fucking his sister or his mother as many times as they wanted, however they wanted it.

“Nnnnnngh! Nnnggggh! Yea, Robert, gonna cum…”

His hot, slutty wife grabbed handfuls of her own massive tits as she came, squirting all over messily, and he couldn’t hold back himself, the pressure welling up and then exploding, filling the condom.

Christine pumped her hips, writhing sinuously on top as the last jets of sperm spurted, Robert shuddering in pleasure at the intensity as she expertly milked his cock with her tight pussy squeezing him.

“Mmmmm,” she purred, bending over, her big jugs pressing up against his chest as she sucked on his neck. He turned away as she tried to kiss him on the mouth, letting her lips press up against his scruffy cheek instead. She was very wily like that. Christine would never deliberately infect him, but she wanted him to turn. They all did. Any moment of weakness, if he let his defenses down for even a second…

“That was great, Robert,” she breathed lustily, her blue eyes gleaming. Everything about her was incredibly hot and sexy, the way she spoke, and moved, and looked. All perfectly calibrated to be the ultimate fuck toy. “But you know…

“You could be even better…”

“No, Christine,” Robert said sternly.

“Ok,” she said agreeably, climbing off him, and Robert groaned as his deflating cock slid out of her. “But don’t be upset then… I love you, honey, but you’re not going to be ready for more until at least like another hour, so…”

She tossed her tousled, blond hair, big tits bouncing, as she eyed the door to their bedroom.

“God, Christine, please, can’t you control yourself? This is sick… He’s our son…

“And Meghan, too, the things you do with her…”

His words appeared to have the opposite effect. Christine moaned slightly, a hand going between her legs.

“I’m sorry, Robert,” she said a little breathlessly as she fingered herself brazenly. “I know it’s totally wrong. I’m a sick dirty slut. Letting my son fuck me, in the pussy, in the ass…

“It’s just so wrong when he squirts all of that hot sticky, cum inside of me, when I suck it from his big dick, swallowing all of it…”

“Christine, stop…”

“God, it’s so fucked up, Robert,” she said, her hand pumping faster. “I know how wrong and dirty it is, but it gets me so hot, because I’m a twisted, nasty slut now…

“Like Meghan, she’s just like me… she knows it’s immoral and fucked up, but thinking about it just makes her so hot and horny, and then we all end up fucking, like dirty animals…”

Christine was dripping all over the sheets now.

“Well, anyway,” she panted. “Gotta go…”

She fairly sprinted out of the bedroom, leaving Robert alone in bed. He grabbed a tissue and carefully pulled the condom off, being careful not to touch the outside of it, and then went to the bathroom and flushed it down the toilet. He stood there for a moment, a thoughtful expression on his face before he turned on the shower.

He was showing bad judgement even having protected sex with his wife, risking infection each time. But he was still a red-blooded, living man, after all, and to withstand his wife’s advances altogether was an impossibility. At least, getting his needs met made it easier to ignore Meghan’s advances. Although even that was a getting to be a challenge. Not just because she was getting more aggressively persuasive, but also that he felt his resolve starting to erode as well.

But, Robert wouldn’t let it happen. He couldn’t. It was totally and completely wrong, no matter how different and unlike his daughter she was now, in looks and behavior. No matter how much she and her mother looked alike now, Meghan appearing more like her mother’s even hotter, younger teenage sister rather than her daughter.

It didn’t matter. He’d resist.

He’d resist...

* * *

“Ngggggh! Ngggggh! Nggggggh!


Meghan squealed as Derek pushed his big cock deep in her ass, unloading what felt like a gallon of his burning hot seed in her rear. She twitched in pleasure as he grabbed her by her waist, pulling out slightly and then slamming himself back up to his balls with each spurting pulse erupting deep in her bowels.

Derek pulled out with a groan, semen spilling from Meghan’s tight little ass and still dribbling from his head. Meghan, still on fours, turned around and took his cum covered cock straight into her mouth, sucking noisily, blowing him sloppily.

She was feeling a little restless these days. Dad hadn’t allowed any of them leave the house in over a month and she was getting antsy. Most of the time when she was feeling this way, she would just climb on her brother’s lap and ride out her frustrations, grinding and pumping until she was squirting all over his big dick, but lately, it just didn’t seem to have the same effect.

Not that it was all bad. Meghan moaned as Derek roughly rammed his cock down her throat, fucking her face hard. She loved it when he used her like a filthy little whore—which she was. She felt her nipples tightening as the drool and cum ran down her chin, similar to the way Derek’s jizz was oozing out of her ass, mingling with her dripping pussy.

When she heard her mom enter Derek’s room behind her, she didn’t stop sucking Derek off, only wagged her ass slightly in anticipation, and she was not disappointed when she felt her mother’s warm breath on her ass cheeks, and then her hot, wet tongue first licking her asshole and then wriggling inside, licking and fucking.

Meghan squirmed with pleasure and then moaned around the mouthful of cock when her mother slid two fingers into her wet, sticky snatch, pumping in and out of both of her holes, pleasuring her with her mouth and hand. When Derek erupted in Meghan’s mouth, she felt her ass and pussy twitch and gush as well, her eyes rolling back in her head as she forgot her frustrations for a little while.