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* * *

Resistance 2


“The school year will be starting up again soon…

“People will notice if Meghan and Derek don’t show.”

Robert spoke as his wife toweled off languidly in front him, her taut body dripping from the shower, covered in a wet sheen that emphasized all of her considerable assets. He felt his loins stirring as she bent over to dry her legs, lank, sopping hair hanging to the side of her face, her perfect, round ass on full display.

When Christine had come into the bedroom earlier, it wasn’t water that she’d been covered with, but rather a combination of mingled perspiration and generous amounts of semen coating her in various places, dripping off of her… and out of her…

“So what,” Christine said, unconcernedly, toweling her hair dry, her ample tits bouncing in front of her. Robert knew this was deliberate, his erection tenting his pants. Nonetheless, he persisted.

“What do you mean, ‘so what’? They can’t go out there.”

“What do you expect them to do? Stay in this house forever?” Christine dropped the towel to the floor, now applying lotion to herself, her hands sliding all over her toned, supple body, slowly, tantalizingly.

“Christine, can you please just stop?!”

“Hmmm?” In the process of rubbing lotion into her mammoth tits, her hands froze, pushing them up, practically overflowing. Her blue eyes were wide with mock innocence and bemusement.

“Oh forget it,” Robert grumbled, trying to ignore his throbbing member. The ultimate irony: his super hot wife was too horny, and he had to figure out how to fix it. “If I could just cure you, all of you, before the end of summer, then everything will be ok…”

“Everything’s fine now, darling,” Christine said, getting down on her knees in front of him, reaching for his zipper.

“Christine…” Robert protested but made no further effort to stop his wife, as she rolled a condom down the length of him, and then took him into her mouth. He’d just have to get a late start on the day and continue his research into a cure. The clock was ticking.

He felt sure that by now the General and her troops had figured out they didn’t know Robert and his family’s whereabouts after all, and were most likely searching for them even now. They didn’t have much time before people in general began to notice their absence around the QZ and at any rate, he wasn’t sure how much longer he could keep his family from leaving the house.

* * *

“Hi, Zack!”

“Meghan… Uh, hi…”

She derived some amusement out of hearing the uncertainty in his voice. Zack, one of the most popular boys in school, one of the hottest. Meghan thought he might be even as hot as her brother, or at least compared to what Derek had been before. But such an arrogant jerk. Always so confident, so sure of himself…

How surprised he was to hear her voice on the other end of the phone line, after the way he’d humiliated her the other month, on the last day of the school year. People like him, when they did things like that, were untroubled by the aftermath of their misdeeds. They were accustomed to their victims slinking off to go snivel in a corner, too trod upon to ever respond in any consequential way. If they were ever to happen to cross paths again, the shame and embarrassment still lived on, an invisible yet indelible mark that would cause them to shrink away, too mortified to even look their tormentors in the eye again.

Meghan remembered those agonizing, demoralizing emotions in a vague, detached manner, though it was difficult to recall how she ever could have felt that way herself. The memories were more like something she’d read in someone else’s diary than her own past experiences. Still, there was that certain amount of bemused pleasure to hear the unnerved tone in Zack’s voice.

“Hey I gotta to run an errand over by you,” Meghan said, which wasn’t true at all. “I just wanted to pop over and say hello. Are you doing anything?”

“Um, no…” Zack responded, still wrong footed before recovering, “But uh.. yea, I’m going to busy later, I’m going out soon...”

“Oh, no big deal—I’m just stopping in for a minute since I’ll be so close by. See you soon!”


Meghan hung up.

* * *

Derek got out of the shower and dried off, running the towel over his muscle-slabbed back, his biceps flexing. What a morning. Well, it was a pretty regular morning by their standards as of late, but still it was nothing to complain about.

He’d woken up with a massive erection, naturally, and automatically reached into his shorts, stroking himself. He didn’t need to tend to himself long however; shortly thereafter, Meghan had padded into the room. Their father didn’t want them sleeping in the same bed at night, for whatever reason.

It hardly mattered. If Meghan hadn’t come in, he would’ve gotten up pretty soon to go and see her. As it was, he didn’t need to do anything except lay back as she took his massive, erect cock in her mouth, sucking him slowly, her tongue sensuously running up and down the length of him.

This morning, as sometimes happened, although with what seemed like less frequency and duration each time, he had some brief glimpse of clarity, a stark remembrance of his old life. He thought about the fact that it was his younger sister that was sucking him off, and how they weren’t really supposed to be doing that together.

But it was hard to reconcile that alien idea with Meghan’s plump, wet lips wrapped around his shaft, her tousled, blond mane tossed to the side so she could blow him properly. When she climbed onto his lap, straddling him, he automatically sucked on the hard nipple of one of her giant tits and thrust his hips upwards, burying himself inside of her tight, dripping pussy.

“Oh Derek,” she had moaned lewdly, like a slut. And he stopped thinking about it. Later their mother had joined them, and the morning had passed in a blur of panting, sweating, squirting excitement.

What a morning.

The recollection caused his member to engorge, and by the time he finished drying himself off, he was totally erect again. He dropped the towel to the ground and stalked off into the hallway, totally naked. He pushed into Meghan’s room without knocking—why bother, after all—but the room was empty.

Maybe she was downstairs, he thought, automatically stroking himself, precum dribbling from his cockhead.

“Where’s Meghan?”

He turned to see his mother in the doorway, toweling her own long, golden hair dry, and his cock stiffened even more at the sight of her in nothing but a black lace bra and panty set, his eyes greedily taking in the sight of her slender build, flat, taut stomach, huge, yet high set tits practically spilling out as they bounced and jiggled.

“Don’t know,” he said, and they stepped toward each other automatically, his mother falling to her knees in front of him.

“Your dad is busy in the lab. He’ll probably be down there all day,” she husked decadently as she grasped his tool, lapping at him all over before taking him into her mouth completely. Derek grabbed fistfuls of his mother’s blonde hair, his hips thrusting forward to fuck her mouth.

There was something very hot in knowing that she was such a debased, twisted whore, that she was willing to fuck her own son to get some cock. More than willing. Eager. It was why she came in her, looking for him. Or his sister.

He thought again how he shouldn’t be doing this with his own mother, but then, he was aware that she too knew that they shouldn’t be doing this either and was doing it anyway, so he didn’t think about it as much. She was such a nasty horny slut and she wanted to do this with him, and she was the adult too, so who was he to disagree with things? He liked that she was older. She was more experienced than Meghan, knew how to be filthier, raunchier, hotter. Although Meghan was getting there…

His mother stood up then, wrapping her arms around Derek’s neck and they made out heavily, her tongue swirling in his mouth, his wet cock pressed up against her toned abs, her tits shoved up against his strong chest. When Derek couldn’t wait any longer, he broke their kiss, and bent his horny mother over Meghan’s bed. Her perfect ass thrust out on full display, she reached between her legs and pulled her wet, black lace panties to the side, exposing her dripping slit for him.

Derek grabbed her by her trim waist and slid himself inside, both of them groaning loudly. Immediately, he began pumping his hips, slamming himself into her.

Downstairs, the front door opened and shut with a slight slam.

“Did Dad leave,” he asked as he rammed himself in his mother’s sopping cunt.

“Nnnnggh… Ngggggh… Nggggggh…. No…

“I told you he’s down in the lab… Unnggggh…”

“Oh,” Derek said.

“Unngggh… Unggggh…

“Harder, baby… fuck your mom harder…”

He didn’t think about it anymore.