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Resistance 2


From the shower in Derek’s bathroom, Christine heard what sounded like someone knocking on the front door. She stepped out, grabbing Derek’s bathrobe hanging on a hook, she pulled it on as she exited the bathroom, giving her son an affectionate and lusty glance as he lay on his bed, spent and exhausted, his buff, toned, sweaty body naked, his flaccid, yet still incredibly long, thick member laying on his flat stomach, leaking, sticky and covered with their mingled fluids. His barrel chest heaved up and down as he snored loudly.

In the hallway, Christine glanced at her and Robert’s bedroom door, closed, and gave a small smile as she passed it by.

The knocking came again as she went down the stairs, wrapping the robe shut in front of her, and she unlocked the front door and opened it.


“Oh!” It was a classmate from Derek and Meghan’s school that she vaguely recognized, standing there wide eyed as he looked Christine up and down in unreserved awe. She was rather amused and, appraising him in return, she thought he actually wasn’t too bad looking himself.

“Can I help you?” she asked.

“You… Uh… I didn’t know Meghan had a sister,” the young man said.

“She doesn’t,” Christine answered with some slight amusement. In her old life, that would have pleased her greatly, but these days she had no insecurities, and it meant little to her except knowing that he obviously wanted her, which was starting to get her hot. “I’m Meghan’s mother.”

You’re her mother?!” The incredulity was undisguised.

“That’s right,” she agreed, looking him up and down with growing interest. “And you are..?”

“Oh, uh, I’m Zack.

“Meghan asked me to come over…”

“Did she now?” That little slut, Christine thought. She’d spank her tight little ass hard for this. And then think of some other punishments. She let out a little groan of anticipation, before remembering where she was, and saw Zack raptly staring in continued amazement.

“Well, Zack, Meghan’s a little busy right now,” she said, glancing over her shoulder back up at the closed master bedroom door. “But you can come in and wait…”

She stood to the side of the doorway, permitting entrance, peripherally aware of the way that she automatically arched her own back, thrusting her robe covered tits forward. Zack’s eyes were fixated on them as he stepped inside.

“Um… My other friend is supposed to be coming too,” he said dazedly looking back, as if whomever he was expecting might materialize on the spot.

“Well, just have a seat. I can keep you company in the meanwhile.”

* * *

“Can I get you something to drink?” It felt peculiar to pretend to be so mundane, but Christine still recalled how to do it.

“Uh.. no.

“Err.. No, thank you,” Zack added, correcting himself.

Christine eyed him critically as he sat bolt upright on the living room sofa, clearly nervous. He had frosted blonde tips in his hair, trendy clothes, and manners didn’t come naturally. A decent build that the girls would fawn all over. Probably the cock of the roost in the petty world of high school.

But still, not bad looking, she thought again.

“Ok, well let me know if you change your mind,” she said, sliding into the armchair across from him, her slender legs crossed. She saw Zack’s eyes bulging from his head as they roved over her exposed legs and she was rather sure that he could tell that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath the bathrobe.

Christine wondered if he could see between her legs. He’d know then that she was starting to leak. The idea made her start to drip more.

“So you and Meghan are friends then?” she asked, twirling a blond strand of hair around a finger. “Do you know Derek too?”

“Yea, I know Derek from football. But uh… I’m a senior,” Zack answered slowly, with a pathetically misplaced bravado, starting to get a hold of himself, though still very wide eyed. “And Meghan, uh… well… I was uh… kind of a jerk to her before…”

“Before?” Christine asked. “Before she was smoking hot? Is that what you mean?”

“Uh… well, umm…” Zack, off put by her directness, was unsure of how to answer, his newfound confidence quickly faltering again.

“And now you want to apologize?”

“Well.. uh… yes..?” He didn’t sound like he knew what he meant.

“Men, you’re all the same,” Christine said, shaking her head. “You’re only after one thing, and you’re only nice if you think you can get it from someone you want to get it from…”

Zack said nothing, unable to come up with a response to that sweeping assertion.

“I understand though. Meghan is pretty hot, isn’t she?”

A bit of an easier question, this time Zack hesitated and then slowly nodded, apparently deciding that she was expecting his honest answer.

“As hot as me?” Christine asked, a perfect eyebrow arched high.

“I…” Zack trailed off, gulping, his throat jumping up and down.

Enjoying herself immensely, Christine leaned forward, knowing he could see right down the front of her robe, and she was unsurprised to see his gaze furtively dip down for a moment to her bust before settling back on her blue eyes. Her eyes in turn slipped down to observe the erection tenting Zack’s pants.

“Yes? No..?” She let the robe slide over a shoulder, exposing one of her huge tits. “Oops!”

“Holy shit,” Zack whispered for a second time in as many days.

“Mmmm,” she replied casually, rising from the seat, approaching. She allowed the robe to fall off her other shoulder as well, hanging off of her arms, then let it drop to the floor behind her, fully exposing herself to him, her perfect, taut body on display.

Zack simply sat there with eyes the size of dinner plates, totally beside himself, his boner poking up inside of his pants like a tent pole.

“I’m sure you came here thinking about how much you’d like to fuck my daughter, didn’t you,” Christine asked, stopping directly in front of him. “But I’ll bet you never thought you’d get as lucky as you’re about to…”

She climbed onto his lap, straddling him, stroking his head, her massive tits inches from his face. She could feel the inexperienced teenager trembling beneath her, and she was exalted in the pure sexual power she held over him, excited by the prospect of taking him, using him.

Zack’s bulging eyes flicked to the front door momentarily and then instantly back to the blonde sex bomb astride him, as she casually began unbuttoning his shirt. “Crystal... Uh… my friend… she’ll be here any minute…”

“Let’s go upstairs then,” Christine said, getting off of his lap, stroking his cheek with a lingering hand. “That way we won’t be interrupted. I’m sure you wouldn’t want for us to be interrupted… Right?”

She held out one of her elegant, long fingered hands and Zack unquestioningly took it in his clammy one. She led the way upstairs, knowing that he was mesmerized behind her by her shapely, undulating ass as he practically hyperventilated, his breathing loud and shallow and rapid.

She led Zack into Meghan’s bedroom, knowing it was the only unoccupied one at the moment, and pulling him inside, she shut the door behind them.

“Now we have a little privacy…”

Zack simply stood there rooted to the floor.

“Hmmm, are you always this suave with the girls,” Christine asked sardonically. She resumed unbuttoning his shirt. “Take that off.”

Zack immediately complied, fumbling to pull it off. She undid his belt next, leisurely pulling the leather through the buckle, and then undoing his pants, the zipper of his fly slowly lowering, and then his pants falling around his ankles. She felt his rock hard erection through his briefs, and it twitched as her fingers brushed against it. Then she pulled it out through the front opening of his shorts, as Zack stood there in a continued daze, his face still that of someone who didn’t quite accept that this was really happening.

“Not bad,” Christine said, appraising it. “But I think we can improve on things…”

She got down to her knees, savoring the moment. Some remnant of her old identity deep inside of herself knew how sick and immoral what she was about to do was. Deliberately infecting him. He was barely older than her own son. And she was ready to corrupt him, use him, remake him into something else, just for her own sexual pleasure...

She began stroking Zack’s cock up and down, gently, slowly, her mouth watering in anticipation and he stood there, shaking, precum already welling from the tip.

It was so fucked up, twisted. Christine knew only a debased, depraved whore would do such a thing. And as she felt the guilt and shame creeping in, knowing how far she had fallen, she felt her nipples tighten painfully, her lubrication dripping down her thighs. She was such a filthy slut… a mindless, dirty animal… a filthy bitch in heat…

Her hand was moving harder and faster up the length of him now as she grew more and more excited, automatically alternating between feather touching the sensitive part just underneath his head before gripping him lower with hard pressure, her expert, experienced hand pumping up and down.


Zack cried out, ejaculating prematurely without warning, a huge spurt of semen jetting out, hitting Christine in the face. She continued jacking him off, arching her back in a detached, calculated way, so that he could jizz all over her huge tits as well; it did absolutely nothing for her, apart from the mild jolt of pleasure at being treated like a dirty whore, but she knew how hot it was for him, to be shooting his load all over her incredible body.

Zack nearly doubled over in pleasure, half clutching Christine’s head, grasping handfuls of her blonde hair as she continued roughly jerking him, knowing that it was too intense after his orgasm, deliberately over stimulating him.

For a few moments he said nothing, gasping, as Christine licked the salty, sticky fluid dripping down her face, letting go of his already softening erection. Zack straightened up slowly, releasing her tousled blond hair, clearly mortified, both at having lasted for an embarrassingly short duration as well as having crossed some significant boundary with a parental figure.

His pants still around his ankles, still exposed, dribbling from his flaccid penis, he shifted uncomfortably. “I.. I’m sorry…”, he mumbled.

Christine laughed aloud, still on her knees, looking up at him. “Sorry? Why? Because you came all over your classmate’s mom?

“Or because you busted your load before I got to have any fun?”

“Um… yea… both,” he said hoarsely. He wouldn’t make eye contact.

Christine was thrumming with the power she held, knowing that she could have what she wanted at any moment and couldn’t deny herself any longer.

“Don’t worry, Zack,” she breathed, her voice quivering with excitement and unconstrained indecent need. “I’ll have you ready again in no time…”

Reaching around and grabbing his ass, Christine leaned forward and took his soft cock in her mouth, stretching him as she sucked, and immediately the blood began to rush back in. “Mmmmmm,” she moaned decadently, swirling her tongue over the tip of him, visualizing the virus flooding in at that very moment.

Zack gasped, first at the intensity of the pleasure, and then grabbed her by the hair again, hands clenched into fists, painfully pulling, realizing that something else was happening. “Wait!” he choked out, before going rigid.

The cock in Christine mouth went instantly rock hard, engorged.

“Ngggh!” Zack’s head snapped back, jaw clenched, cords standing out on his neck as the Legacy Virus invaded his system. His hips thrust out, spasming, then pulled back and then thrust again.

“Mmmph!” Christine nearly gagged as Zack’s cock slammed roughly down her throat. With each thrust, she felt it growing longer, thicker in her mouth. The buttocks in her hands were flexing, expanding as she gripped them, her head bobbing back and forth, yanked forcefully by her hair.

“Mmmm! Mmmmmm! Mmmmm!” Christine’s eyes rolled back into her head as she was face fucked, getting used roughly the way she liked.

“Nnngggh!” Zack grunted, slamming himself wildly into Christine’s slutty, slobbering mouth, his body rippling with increasing muscle mass all the while.

He came nearly as quickly as he had the previous time, but this time the force of his ejaculation blasted into Christine’s mouth, nearly choking her, before he buried his cock deep down her throat. He held her face pinned down against his crotch as his hips twitched, unloading directly into her belly, his climax lasting impossibly long, spurting enormous amounts of semen.

His cock was still pulsing and squirting even as he withdrew, filling Christine’s mouth again, then overflowing it and splashing her face anew. Gasping, cum dripping down her face, Christine looked up at the newly altered Zack, his massive cock still erect, his new body slabbed with muscle.

“That’s more like it,” she purred, wiping some of the sticky seed coating her chin and sucking her fingertips. Zack’s face was completely blank, as his mouth hung open, panting, his eyes clouded with mindless lust.

“What the… what the fuck…” he muttered, confused, yet agitated.

Then he looked down at her with naked, angry need, and without another word, he shoved her hard, causing to her to fall back onto the floor.

Zack immediately clambered on top, slamming his cock into her dripping pussy, and Christine grunted in pleasure at being taken so forcefully, moaning, her hands clawing his back as he inartfully humped her at a frantic pace.

“Uh, uh, uhhh!”

She got off on what she had done, the stark contrast of the stammering, nervous, high school teenager, now a muscle bound stud, fucking her brains out with his massive dick. When she felt him erupting again, filling her pussy, she keened loudy, gushing all over him, bucking hard.


Zack groaned loudly, sliding himself in and out with less urgency now, the huge volume of semen squeezing out of her overfilled pussy in thick, running rivulets, but Christine wasn’t ready to slow down yet. She rolled over to get on top, resting her hands on his newly enhanced pecs as she bounced up and down.

The door behind them opened.

“What’s going on?”

Christine was mildly alarmed to think for a moment that it was Robert, but when she turned, it was Derek standing in the doorway, awake, naked, his own cock standing upright, his face filled with some surprise, but mostly greedy lust. Her perverted mind basked in knowing how it must look to him; his hot, blonde, big-titted slutty mother, cum dripping down her face, fucking on his sister’s bedroom floor, riding one of his classmates.

Her infected brain immediately envisioned all of the lurid, perverse possibilities now that she had more than one cock at her disposal. And even despite her current arousal, she found herself growing even hotter, completely soaking Zack beneath her.

“Come over here, Derek.

“Come fuck Mommy’s ass…”