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* * *

Resistance 2


“Goddamit Meghan!” Robert leapt out of the bed, his cock still encased inside of the condom, coated with his own sperm. “What the fuck are you doing?!”

His daughter was unphased. She was wearing a very short, tight white crop top, white panties, and nothing else. The hard nipples of her gigantic bust were poking through, and the crotch of her panties was translucent, soaking. “What’s wrong, Daddy? Didn’t you like it?

“It sure seemed like you liked it…”

“Meghan! For fuck’s sake, stop this—! Don’t you ever do anything like this ever again..!”

Robert was beside himself, wracked with guilt and anger at having been tricked like this. And still, he couldn’t help but be aware of the small, conflicting inner part of himself that was acutely attracted to just how smoking hot his daughter had become. How much she resembled her transformed mother now, only younger… A slutty teenaged whore, trying to get her father to fuck her…

“Daddy, you liked it… I know you did… the way you were slamming your cock down my throat, fucking my face so hard…”

“You know I thought you were your mother..!” Robert shouted, simultaneously wondering why he was even bothering to argue with his infected daughter.

“But still… it felt good, didn’t it,” Meghan asked, her voice high, persuasive. “I didn’t know you fucked Mom like that, that is so hot, Daddy…” She pushed her panties to the side, brazenly sliding two fingers into her dripping slit.

Robert bitterly turned his head away from this immodest, wanton display, wishing he could forget just how good it really had felt. Recalling it, retroactively knowing it had been his daughter, the forbidden pleasure seemed even greater.

“I know you think I’m hot, Daddy,” Meghan said, interrupting his thoughts. She was still touching herself lewdly. “I see you… I know you watch me sometimes when I’m fucking Derek… or Mom…”

“That’s because you all do it all over the house, right in front of me, like animals,” Robert muttered, steadfastly refusing to watch her masturbate, himself turning to the side out of modesty as he gingerly pulled the soiled condom off.

His slutty daughter was unaffronted, moaning her agreement as she continued masturbating in front of him. “Yea, we do,” she breathed heavily. “I see you watching us, Daddy… I know that’s why you let Mom suck your dick in front of us. Because you’re horny, too. You want to join us right? Why don’t you just join us…? It won’t bother you at all once you do…

“And I’ll make you feel… so good, I promise…

“Unngggh…” She moaned lasvaciously, and Robert could hear her lubrication squelching around her fingers as her pussy gushed.

“Go, Meghan,” he said blankly, pointing toward the bedroom door as he turned away, without waiting to see her leave, heading to the master bathroom and getting into the shower. He listened out for a few moments, and then when he felt sure she had gone, he rinsed himself off thoroughly, carefully, and then jacked off as the steaming water poured down.

* * *

So stubborn, Meghan thought as she left her parents’ bedroom. What was the big deal? Why fight against something you really wanted anyway? What was so bad about being a horny slut anyway? It felt good to get fucked hard. To cum and squirt all over, again and again, all day long…

She moaned slightly, rubbing her clit again compulsively through her soaking panties and headed towards her and Derek’s bedrooms in search of her brother and mom. Her dad had left her all frustrated.

What’s going on, she thought as she approached her own bedroom She could hear her mom screaming out like a whore, no doubt getting pounded good and rough, but it sounded like there was more than two people panting and groaning in there. She just put a hand out on the knob when there came a sharp knock on the front door, downstairs.

Zack, she remembered suddenly. She’d forgotten that he was supposed to come over that day! Immediately turning away from her bedroom, she half ran down the stairs, excited, eager. Finally, a change of pace around here, a chance for something new and different. The opportunity to revel further in her new hot sluttiness, holding sway over that arrogant jerk, have him eating out of the palm of her hand again. And then, finally to infect him, make him like the rest of them, and receive all the depraved pleasure that would come with it...

She fairly yanked open the front door.


Crystal standing on the porch, her usual expression of deliberate, disdainful boredom quickly changed to wide-eyed shock.


She watched Crystal looking her up and down from head to toe, standing there in her damp panties, her tits bulging out of her skimpy top, a light sheen of sweat on her exposed skin. Meghan tossed her blonde mane to the side, instantly replacing Zack with Crystal in all of her previous imaginings.

God, she’s fucking hot, Meghan thought instantly. Crystal, skinny, fit, with platinum straight hair and blue eyes, just like her mom. And Meghan herself now for that matter. Only Crystal’s eyes were an icier shade of blue, a perfect complement to match her cold demeanor and bitchy expression. She was wearing a skanky, super tight, super short, spaghetti strap dark blue dress, which was far more appropriate for nighttime attire, but then with a body like that, no one was likely to complain except for other jealous girls. Her bust was nowhere near the size of Meghan’s but still, again, nothing any sane male would ever turn down. Or female for that matter...

“Uh… so…” Crystal, not completely over her shock, feigned it nonetheless, eyes looking off to the side and then back again. Meghan realized then that it had already been a few moments of silence, with her just standing there blatantly checking Crystal out.

“Where’s Zack,” Meghan asked, although suddenly she thought she might already know.

“Ugh,” Crystal scoffed, with a roll of her eyes. “Like, sorry to disappoint. I should have figured that’s who you were expecting, coming to answer the door like… that…” Her eyes flicked down and up again.

I’m sooooo going to enjoy this, Meghan thought, glad that her panties were already damp, so Crystal wouldn’t know they were getting wetter still.

“I mean like… what the fuck are you wearing?” Crystal was dealing with Meghan’s transformation rather well, playing off her surprise with reflexive scorn.

“Why don’t you come in,” Meghan asked sweetly, disregarding her altogether.

“Yea, uh, no,” Crystal answered promptly with biting acid. “If Zack’s not here, then like, what the hell am I doing here?”

“Oh, well, I thought maybe you would want to say hi to Derek. I don’t know if you knew, but he’s all better now…”

“Is he?” Crystal’s demeanor changed quickly upon hearing that, and Meghan wondered if she was even aware of it, as she suddenly passed a hand through her long, straight hair, her eyes darting over Meghan’s shoulder for a moment.

Derek had always had that effect on girls. Not that Meghan could blame them—he was a total stud, and hotter now that ever before. When Crystal saw him, her panties would probably be as soaking wet as Meghan’s…

“Come in,” Meghan breathed, barely able to contain the involuntary moan that threatened to escape.

Crystal sat down on the sofa where Zack had been sitting barely half an hour before, legs crossed, her foot bouncing with annoyance and impatience. “Let me go see what he’s doing.” Meghan lightly trod up the stairs, thrumming with anticipation. Crystal would be all over Derek and she’d be transformed quickly and then Meghan would happily join in…

She opened her bedroom door. Derek was upright on his knees with his back to her, fucking their mother in the ass. She was upright as well, and his arms were around her midsection, grabbing handfuls of her massive, bouncing tits. Confirming Meghan’s earlier suspicions, Zack, infected and transformed, lay on the floor, getting ridden hard by her mother, his hands gripping her by her taut waist.

All of them grunting, panting, moaning, as they writhed together on the floor in frenzied ecstasy.

Meghan was instantly consumed by both an overpowering wave of arousal as well as an unreasonably intense jealousy, letting out a small groan as she she began compulsively rubbing herself through her panties again. Her lucky mom, getting nailed by her brother and her crush at the same time, and she had been the one to infect Zack, too, robbing Meghan of that illicit, perverted desire…

Well, Meghan wouldn’t let that happen twice. “Greedy fucking whore,” she said, turning away, shutting her own bedroom again. None of them noticed.

“You know, Derek’s busy right now,” Meghan announced casually as she returned, coming back down the stairs.

Crystal was already on her feet, looking wary as Meghan approached. “Like… what the fuck is going on here?”

She had obviously heard at least some of what was happening upstairs.

“Well, Derek is upstairs in my room, fucking my mom,” Meghan replied candidly, drawing nearer. “So is Zack. He’s here, too,” she added.

Crystal’s eyes grew wide with disbelief. “Did… did you just say… your brother’s fucking your mom..?”

“And so is Zack,” Meghan repeated loudly, nodding her head slowly as though talking to a moron.

“What..? Wait, what..?” Crystal, always so ready with an instant cutting put-down, some catty, backhanded remark, now rendered speechless.

Oh, this is just so sweet, Meghan thought, her clit burning with need as she stalked forward, only a step away from her hot, bitchy classmate now. Crystal was unconsciously backing away toward the front door, and jumped with a start when she bumped up against it.

“This… this is fucking crazy…

“You’re crazy…” Crystal’s hand was reaching behind herself, fumbling for the doorknob before finding it and grabbing hold.

“I’m leaving!”

Meghan leaned forward, crushing her lips up against Crystal’s, pressing her up against the door.

“Mmmmph!” Crystal protested wordlessly in surprise, and Meghan used the opportunity to slide her tongue into Crystal’s mouth, her pussy pulsing with excitement as she probed inside, licking, before she slowly withdrew.

“What the fuck?!” Crystal cried, jerking her head away, a hand going up to her mouth, wiping it involuntarily. Meghan saw the startled surprise and anger in her cold, blue eyes, and then the slight confusion start to well up in them like a spring.

Meghan felt her nipples tightening in anticipation and leaned in and kissed Crystal again, hard, open mouthed, deliberate, even as the infection took hold, invading, spreading throughout her, body and mind, before Crystal broke away again, breathing shallowly.

“No… stop it…” she gasped dazedly, pushing back against Meghan with no real conviction. Her other hand fell away from the doorknob. “What…

“What’s…. what’s happening… to me…?”

As the virus raced through Crystal’s body, altering, transforming, corrupting, she barely changed at all. God, she’s already so fucking hot, Meghan thought. The only thing about her that really significantly changed was her bust, already generously sized, now swelling to obscene proportions, straining the front of her skimpy dress.

Crystal grabbed her own tits, supporting them as they expanded in her hands while she looked down with confused, distant amazement.

Meghan, too horny and driven with need to simply keep watching, leaned in for a third kiss, grabbing Crystal by her blonde hair, and this time she returned it, kissing back hard, her own tongue thrusting into Meghan’s mouth, moaning.

For a few moments, the two blonde teens made out heavily, Crystal smashed up against the the door, eagerly pressing her hot body back up against Meghan’s. Meghan’s hands were roving all over, excitedly pawing at her, running them through Crystal’s long, straight golden hair, grabbing her tight, firm ass, feeling up her newly grown, massive tits.

Crystal half moaned, half growled, desperately crushing her mouth against Meghan’s as the lust overtook her, uncontrollable in its previously unexperienced intensity. She pulled Meghan to the side, flipping them so she was up against the door now, and Crystal began hungrily sucking against Meghan’s neck, panting and moaning as she trailed down to her shoulder, then lower, her hands going up underneath Meghan’s crop top.

Meghan groaned loudly, pulling the top up over her bust, back arched, letting Crystal feel her up, pinching her turgid nipples, and then she was mauling Meghan’s exposed tits, kissing, licking, biting, sucking, as Meghan’s head flung back, staring up at the ceiling with wide, unseeing eyes, mouth hanging open, breathing hard.

“Why don’t you really put that whore mouth of yours to use,” Meghan snarled, horny and aggressive, simultaneously shoving Crystal by her blonde head down to her knees and pulling her panties to the side, exposing her sopping cunt.

Crystal complied immediately, eagerly lapping at Meghan’s slit with animalistic energy.

“Oh yeaaaaa,” Meghan groaned, loud and low, her eyes rolling back into her head.

“Fuck… oh fuck, yea…”

Meghan grabbed Crystal by her golden mane, thrusting her hips out, unabashedly humping her pretty face, grinding her clit up against Crystal’s tongue.

“Nnnngh, fuck, Crystal… yea…

“Eat my pussy, you fucking skank…”

Meghan felt so unbelievably turned on, finally getting to fuck someone new, someone different and it got her even hornier knowing that it was Crystal, the hottest girl in school, the snotty little bitch, between her legs, looking back up at her with prurient need, her beautiful, stuck-up face covered in Meghan’s dripping wetness.

* * *

She felt her clit twitching, convulsing, nearing her climax as Crystal thrust her tongue hungrily in and out of her snatch, trying to lick as deep inside as she could.

“Oh yea…

“Gonna cum…

“Gonna cum, you fucking whore…

“Gonna cum, all over your bitchy face…”

Crystal only panted and moaned in indecent excitement, doubling her effort, tonguing her harder and faster.

“Ohhhh fuck!!!”

Meghan shrieked out in ecstasy, pussy gushing, and she clenched down, trying to squirt as hard as she could all over Crystal’s slutty face, her hips thrashing wildly, bucking, as she shook all over.

“Ahhhhh! Ahhhhhh! Ahhhhhh!


Meghan moaned obscenely, gyrating her hips in Crystal’s face as she rode out her orgasm, slowing down, jolting involuntarily as smaller waves of pleasure flared up, before, her back pressed still up against the front door, she slid down to the floor, collapsing into a panting heap beside Crystal.

Crystal, her face dripping with Meghan’s cum, mouth open, still panting, kissed her hungrily again. Meghan, exhausted, opened her own mouth automatically, making out, tasting her own lubrication as Crystal’s tongue slid between her plump lips.