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* * *

Resistance 2


Robert towelled off and then stepped out of the shower, heaving a sigh as he got dressed again, his headache starting to return. This was all totally messed up. His daughter. How could he have done that with his daughter?

He knew what had happened wasn’t his fault—he’d been asleep at the time, hadn’t know that it was her. But what was bothering him was just how aroused his traitorous body had become after he had known. While admonishing Meghan and telling her to get out, all the while he was aware of himself checking her out, in that tight little white crop top and panties, the way the short hemline of her top hung so far away from her toned midsection due to her huge, full tits pushing it out, her erect nipples starkly visible. The sky blue of her eyes, the tousled golden blonde hair, both the exact same shade as his wife’s. When he looked at her full pouty lips, he couldn’t help but think of the way they had felt, wrapped around his member.

In the shower, he had masturbated, guiltily, ashamed, thinking the whole time that that blow job had been different, even better than Christine’s, even though he didn’t know it at the time. That his hot, horny, perfect slutty daughter would do it again, as many times as he liked, and more… much, much more. Anything else he wanted, any way he wanted it. It was all his for the taking.

The temptation… it was so strong, so powerful. Knowing that all he had to do was give in. That everyone else wanted him to. There nothing to stop him except his own resolve. He could just choose to let it all go, even right now at that very moment. It wouldn’t even take a minute to allow himself to become infected, and then it would be done...

Christ, I need to get that cure developed, Robert thought with a shake of his head as he dressed himself, trying to clear the beguiling thoughts away. Before it really is too late.

He left the bedroom with a feeling of grim determination, intending to go straight to the basement and not come out again until his theory was proven out with a real live cure. He’d stay down there until it was solved, food and water be damned.

But when he went down the stairs, he stopped dead in his tracks.

Two blonde sluts were on the floor in front of him by the door. Meghan lay on her back, identifiable only by the scandalous outfit she had been wearing earlier, as she was mostly obscured by the blonde on top of her, in an equally scandalous tiny blue dress, straddling his daughter’s face, her own buried between Meghan’s legs.

“Christine..?” Although Robert couldn’t see her face, he felt a tightening knot of dread in his stomach as he approached the writhing, humping pair.

“...huh?” As she looked up, pulling away from her oral pleasuring of his daughter, Robert saw that the slut in the blue dress was definitely not his wife, her young teenaged face dripping with Meghan’s cum and her own drool.

“Oh, no...” Robert groaned, unsteadily. “Who… who are you..?”

“Mmmmmm, I’m Crystal…. Who are you,” she purred in response. She didn’t stop humping Meghan’s face all the while, who making animalistic, wet sounds of lust as she busied herself between Crystal’s legs. “Unnngh…”

“This… this is bad,” Robert said aloud, backing away. “This is fucking bad…”

Losing interest, Crystal resumed licking Meghan’s pussy, their muffled, urgent moans filling the room.

Robert retreated back upstairs, mind racing, trying to figure out how to contain this newest problem. He approached Meghan’s closed bedroom door and as he heard the frenzied sounds of copulation from within, again, he felt a renewed sense of foreboding.

Derek and Christine and no one else, he willed fervently, uselessly. Derek, Christine and no one else…

When he opened the door, it was indeed Derek and Christine. Derek upright on his knees, Christine on all fours, sucking her son off enthusiastically. But behind her was another teenager, infected, ramming her hard from the rear, slamming her into Derek’s crotch as she slobbered all over, her grunts of pleasure muffled by the cock filling her mouth.

“Oh fuck,” Robert said, lightheaded and the floor swung wildly beneath his feet. “I can’t… I can’t even…”

He stumbled away from the bedroom and then everything went dark.

* * *

“Robert?” A soft whisper in his ear.


His eyes fluttered open, and his wife’s face swam into view. “There you are, honey…”

“What… what happened…?

“Man, I just had the worst nightmare...”

He found himself lying in bed, Christine, sitting just beside him, leaning over, her big, naked jugs hanging enticingly. He tried to sit up, but she put a hand on his chest gently, shushing him. “Just relax for a minute, honey. You’re too stressed out…”

The hand on his chest made its way lower and she began rubbing him through his pants, and in spite of his disorientation, Robert found himself responding yet again. Christ, this was not the time for it, but she was just so damn sexy. Christine, still bent over, watching his face, leaned in lower for a kiss, trying to catch him off guard again.

“No, Christine,” he muttered, turning his head to the side, only to see Meghan on the floor beside him, watching him avidly as well. Derek was beneath her as she rode him and the teen who had been nailing his wife earlier now had his cock buried in his daughter’s ass.

“Ok, Daddy’s fine,” Meghan assessed dismissively, beginning to writhe up and down on her brother’s lap as the teenager behind her began to pump her rear.

“Mmm, he is fine…”

A pair of slim hands encircled his wife as she hovered over him, grabbing her tits, groping them, and then over her shoulder, he saw the other blonde teen, Crystal, snuggled up against Christine, looking down at him as well.

They turned towards each other, making out heavily, while Christine continued stroking him through his pants.

Oh shit, Robert thought miserably, despite his growing erection, unable to prevent his body from responding to the prurient exhibition in front of him. What had his family done? How could he hope to contain them and these newly infected others as well?

“We’re all totally fucked now…” he said aloud.

“Not yet,” Christine replied with a deviant sparkle in her eyes, as her fingers began pulling down his pants zipper.

“No, Christine, not now, I need to think…”

She pulled his erection out, rolling a condom down the length of him. “Fuck first, think later…”

“No, no...”

In spite of his protests, it wasn’t his wife who climbed on top of him, but Crystal, sitting astraddle, her blonde, wet pussy pressed up against his raging hard on, an excited, indecent look on her young, pretty face.

“Hey, no,” Robert balked, leaning up on his elbows now. “Errr… Crystal… I’m sorry, but I can’t…”

“What’s the problem, Robert?” And now Christine was reaching around, grabbing handfuls of Crystal’s tits from behind, sucking slowly on the teen’s neck, before turning back to face Robert. “She’s not your daughter…

“She’s just a horny, blonde teenage slut who wants to cream all over your cock…”

“I, like, totally am,” Crystal agreed as she flipped her hair, her ice blue eyes wide, hungry. She ground himself against him, working her taut, fit body sinuously, her huge tits jiggling invitingly.

“I… She… she’s Meghan’s age…” Robert fought to keep his wits about him. “For Christ’s sake, I’m… I’m married... married to you...”

“Oh Robert, you are so stubborn…” He had heard his wife say it a thousand times, but never in a situation like this, and never in that voice, that debased, lewd convincing tone. “You should just let go… let it all go…”

“No, Christine, no…”

“Go ahead, sexy,” his wife whispered in Crystal’s ear, her tongue slipping out to lap at her ear lobe. “Maybe after you fuck his brains out, he’ll change his mind…”

“No,” Robert groaned through clenched teeth as Crystal rose off him for a moment, taking his latex covered cock in hand and guiding it into her as she slowly lowered herself back down.

“Ohhhhhhh,” she moaned softly, shuddering in pleasure as she took him inside, filling herself up. “Your cock feels soooooooo good…”

Robert was burning with guilt and shame, but he could not deny how incredibly hot it was, to have this nubile, young, sex kitten riding on top of him, his own hot horny wife feeling her up, helping her to fuck her own husband.

It was just all so twisted and perverse and fucked up and unbelievably hot. A wet dream come to life…

He groaned again as Crystal began to gyrate up and down in earnest, her big tits bouncing in time, her moans periodically muffled as she alternated between flinging her head back and making out with his wife.

“Unnngh, yea… fuck me, Mister,” Crystal keened, her slim thighs flexing as she bucked up and down, her tight little cunt squeezing Robert’s cock.

“Yea, fuck her, Robert,” Christine encouraged, fingering herself in excited, carnal lust.

“Fuck her, Daddy,” Meghan hissed, getting pounded in both holes on the floor beside him, her own young face contorted in the throes of ecstasy. “Nggggh, yea… fuck that bitch, Daddy... fuck that stupid fucking whore...”

Robert grabbed Crystal by her waist, so slim that his hands nearly encircled it, breath coming in ragged, panting gasps as the nympo teenager rode him hard, thrashing on top, grabbing her own tits, herself lost in the moment, concerned only with her own sexual gratification.

“Unnnngh fuuuuuuuck”, Crystal whimpered as she began to orgasm, squirting all over, and Robert couldn’t stop himself either then, pumping upward with hard, compulsive thrusts as the pressure built in his swollen cockhead, higher and higher, and then came spewing forth, exploding into the condom.

Even in his mindless, frenzied mating, he was aware of an unseemly, deep rooted, instinctive desire, wishing that he hadn’t been wearing any protection, so that he could shoot his seed right into this hot young slut’s dripping pussy.

He cried out with Crystal as they climaxed together, twitching, shaking, lost in animal pleasure.

“Oh shit… shit…” Robert gasped for breath as the sweat poured down his face, coming back down, his cock still giving weak, convulsing spurts. That had been the most intense orgasm of his life, like nothing he had ever experienced before. And again, he felt that calling urge to give it all up, to embrace this.

As Crystal collapsed to lay onto his chest, panting, his cock still buried inside, Robert turned his head to the side, to see his daughter also laying on her brother’s chest, looking up at him through her sweat soaked blonde hair with those blue, blue eyes, half closed with sated pleasure, a small smile playing on her full lips and she breathed in heaves through her open mouth. Thick semen running out from between her widespread legs, dripping onto the carpeted floor. Dripping from her ass. From her pussy…

She wanted him. They all did. Mating, rutting, screwing, fucking. All day. Every day. Wet, squirting orgasms. Raw, carnal pleasure. Complete and total debauchery. Nothing too extreme, too nasty, too debased, too forbidden.

All he had to do was just give up.

All he had to do was just stop resisting…

Stop resisting...


Robert said it quietly under his breath. “No.”

“NO!!!” he bellowed.

And then suddenly he bolted upright in the bed, shoving Crystal off of him. He stood up, shucking the spent condom off of himself, flinging it against the wall and zipped himself up roughly.


Heaving, Robert wildly looked about at all of them, toned, glistening, fit, staring back at him with mild alarm and curiosity, as though he were a dangerous, exotic animal, caged safely behind thick glass. Interesting, unusual, but ultimately unimportant.

And then he turned away, slamming the door behind him. He would fix this. He’d fix it or die trying, he thought, practically marching down the stairs in his determination.

There came a pounding at the front door just as he passed it by.

“What now..?!” Robert fumed in exasperated anger. Who could that possibly be now?

He yanked the front door open.

“I thought that was you I saw the other day.” The young soldier with the pimply, smarmy face, his nose slightly askew, spoke with enormous, smug satisfaction, his pistol drawn, levelled directly at Robert’s chest.

“I knew I’d get to kill you, sooner or later,” Riggs said. He pulled the trigger.

There was a bright flash and a deafening bang, and then Robert stumbled backwards a few steps before hitting the floor, his hand weakly going to his chest, feeling the warm, pulsing wetness spread across his torso before spilling over his sides to puddle on the floor.

He could not even lift his head, but he saw the soldier’s boots turn and then begin walking away. “That’s for breaking my nose,” he heard Riggs say, though it sounded as though his voice were coming from a far, far distance. “I’ll be right back. Right after I personally let the General know I found you, you son of a bitch.

“Try not to die before then.”