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Resistance 2



The voice came from deep beyond the infinity, distant and echoing.


It came from… somewhere. Somewhere outside of this eternal darkness. A voice he knew. Had known, once upon a time, long ago.

“Robert…” This disembodied voice came across the void, distorted, choppy, broken.

“...doing this… cause… love you…”

A tiny, tiny pinpoint of white appeared far off in the deep, all-consuming black, a speck in the otherwise flawless, uninterrupted night.

It grew larger with a startling suddenness, larger, then larger still. Robert realized it wasn’t expanding, but rather that the white speck was approaching at some insane rate of acceleration, and it wasn’t a tiny particle, it was something far, far off, but massive, and as it came hurtling toward him, he heard a quiet rustling, which quickly rose up to a deafening, rushing din, as the whiteness spread, overtaking the darkness, and then there was nothing but an all encompassing blinding whiteness, and a roaring cacophony of noise—


Robert sat up abruptly, clutching at his blood soaked shirt. Christine was on his lap, sitting astraddle, his huge erection buried within her.

“You’re fine. You’re fine, honey,” she whispered, holding his face in her hands. She kissed him softly on the lips once, and then again gently.

Robert was confused, disoriented, struggling to recall what had happened, how he had gotten to this moment. But then just as immediately, he found these thoughts irritating as they swirled around in his mind like distracting, buzzing insects, diverting him from his true purpose and intent.

He tossed his head with an annoyed grunt, as though he could physically clear this trivial clutter from his mind, and then grabbed his wife by the back of the head, kissing her roughly, thrusting his tongue into her mouth.

“Mmmm!” Christine squealed in muffled delight as she kissed him back, her hips pumping up and down all the while.

He flopped back down on his back, letting out a growl of lust, grabbing his wife by the waist, slamming her up and down on his cock. It felt so unbelievably good. His cock was absolutely gigantic, long and thick and Christine’s blonde little pussy felt that much tighter. That besides, the pleasure seemed amplified a thousand times over. Every thrust, the sensation of rubbing his cock inside of his wife, sliding in and out of her dripping wetness, was like a small climax of its own.

He grabbed her huge, bouncing jugs, and her hands joined his, helping him to grope her and excitedly paw at herself, as she furiously rode his cock, moaning loudly like a slut.

“Gonna cum, Robert. Gonna cum soon…”

Robert felt his own orgasm coming and slammed his hips upward, pushing himself to the limit.

“Yea, Robert, yea, like that, baby…”


Robert felt Christine’s pussy gush, could hear the lubrication squelching around, and then he too was cumming, letting go with a loud groan, and felt the hot seed erupt out with an incredible force, squirting again and again, in deep, throbbing pulses of pleasure. Christine screamed out as he filled her womb, frantically humping him as the thick, sticky semen began to overflow and drip out of her.

“Fuck,” Robert grunted, as they both came down from their peak, although he was still resolutely hard. This was totally different than what he was used to—rather than riding that ebbing glow down into sated exhaustion, instead he felt the need burning anew, the urge to continue mating, to screw and fuck and cum again…

He began thrusting upward again, less frantically than before, with long, steady strokes.

“Unnnnggh,” Christine moaned, falling forward, leaning on her hands on either side of Robert’s head, her tits thrust in his face. “Isn’t this better, baby? Isn’t this so much better?”

“Fucking whore,” Robert grunted, pumping himself in and out. He didn’t know what he meant by that. He didn’t care.

She groaned pleasurably as he buried himself in her tits, sucking on her hard nipples, grinding herself against him immodestly. “Yes, Robert, keep fucking me…”

When someone stepped into the bedroom, Robert barely noticed, uninterested in anything else but screwing his wife’s brains out, until he felt the bed shift and then Christine let out a sudden loud grunt of pleasure.

“Oh Derek!”

This time she wasn’t mistaken in calling out the wrong name; rather Derek had climbed onto the bed and stuck his cock in his mother’s ass.

“Yea, yea, fuck,” Christine panted raggedly, suddenly, immediately more energetic, pumping her body like a piston as she got both of her holes crammed with cock.

Robert knew this should bother him, logically recognized how sick it was for him and his son to be fucking his wife at the same time, but all he could really focus on was how horny it made Christine, what a completely twisted whore she was, getting off on it, knowing how perverted and debased it was.

“Yea,” she spit out viciously through clenched teeth. “Yea, Derek, fuck your mother’s ass… That’s good, baby, make Mommy cum like the filthy slut she is…

“Awww shit…”

Robert’s cock was a soaking, sticky mess, his wife’s snatch copiously wet, causing his earlier ejaculation to leak out in greater quantities as it oozed around his thick shaft.

“Like it, Robert?” she breathed, moaning lewdly in his ear. “Do you like knowing I’m going to cream all over your dick again while our son fucks my ass?

“Sick, fucking whore,” Robert groaned, still involuntarily pumping his hips.

“Yesssss,” Christine husked, luxurating in being recognized as the raunchy, horny bitch she was. “Your fucked up wife is a slutty whore… I can’t wait until our son pumps my ass full of cum…

“C’mon Derek, give me that hot cum and then Daddy will squirt in my cunt too…”

They were both humping Christine in unison, their pants and moans dissolving into nothing but wordless, animal grunts.

“Uh… uh… uh… uh…”

Robert could feel Derek behind his wife, fucking her hard, pushing himself to the edge, and he matched pace automatically, slamming himself in and out of her sopping, drooling pussy, knowing Christine was close herself, on the brink, and he could feel the pressure welling up anew in his own cock.

There were a few moments of silence as they all concentrated, reaching, straining, only the sounds of excited panting, flesh against flesh, the wet noises of sex organs engaged, hot, sweaty, dirty rutting, and then they all climaxed together, both Robert and Derek going rigid, squirting, burying themselves up to the balls inside of his wife as they unloaded.

Christine let out a loud, shuddering gasp, shaking and convulsing as her husband and her son filled her ass and her pussy with great, exploding spurts of semen.





“God damn,” Robert groaned as he gave his blonde nympho wife a final, cum squirting thrust.

Christine moaned as Derek withdrew himself from her rear, and then Robert, breathing hard, sat up again, gently moving his wife off of his lap, generous amounts of ejaculation pouring out of her slit as he pulled himself out.

His pants had been bunched down around his ankles, and he pulled them up as he stood from the bed. He was taller than before, and he worked his limbs, testing them, the boundless energy of long forgotten youth coursing through his body, with more strength than he had ever known.

“We don’t have much time,” Robert said grimly. He headed back down to the basement.

* * *


Looking through the microscope, Robert couldn’t believe his eyes. His vaccine had completely cleared the Legacy Virus. There was no trace of it to be seen. He looked up for a moment, and then allowed his eyes to slide shut as Crystal, underneath the table, continued servicing him, the moans of her appreciation sending pleasant vibrations up his shaft.

Even now though, infected and horny as he was, Robert was able to summon up the will to feel the urgency of their precarious situation, and he stood up then, interrupting her, pulling open a drawer and getting a glass syringe, still in its sterile wrapper; a rarity in this day and age inside of the QZ.

“Awww c’mon, Robert...” Crystal still on her knees, crawled over on all fours, grasping at his cock, resolutely hard, poking through his pants, covered in saliva.

“We don’t have time for this. The soldiers will be back here anytime now,” Robert said, but despite the urgent circumstances, this proved to be more than his resolve could tolerate, and he let the horny, blonde teen finish sucking him off, setting the packaged syringe down so he could grab her hair with both hands and fuck her face hard.




Crystal moaned loudly, drool running down her chin, dripping onto her huge tits, a hand between her legs, fingering herself as she sucked Robert’s dick, her tongue swirling up and down the length of him as it slid in and out of her plump lips.

Robert grunted as he came, squirting in her mouth and Crystal gave a series of choked moans as she climaxed herself, triggered by getting used like a filthy slut. She gasped as he pulled out, absently jerking himself off, coaxing out the last jets of cum, each the size of a normal man’s load in itself, and Crystal groaned like a whore, blue eyes open, her tongue out, as the warm splashes hit her face, her hair, her tits.

“God, that was like so fucking hot, Robert,” she husked, sucking on her fingers as the jizz dripped down her face.

“Go upstairs and get ready now,” he said absently, disregarding her. As Crystal departed, licking her full lips, he unwrapped the syringe and plunged it into the glass vial holding his synthesized cure, which held a very small amount of liquid. Its contents were barely enough to fill the needle even a third of the way.

Robert held it upright, pressing the plunger to expel the air inside until a tiny bead of the precious liquid welled up from the tip, and then he simply stood there, contemplating. They would need to stop the soldiers either way, but this changed everything.

Didn’t it?

Robert felt both confused and contrarily clear-headed for the first time. He could undo it all now. Cure them. Save his family. Exactly what he’d been trying to do all along.

Except… save them from what..? If it weren’t for the Legacy Virus, he’d be dead himself right now. What was so bad? They were strong, healthy. Virile. What was wrong with that?

Intellectually, he knew. It was more than that. They were debased now, corrupted. Illicit. Immoral. Even now, his family was up there probably rutting like animals when they were supposed to be getting ready to take on the eminently arriving soldiers. His whore wife. Fucking their horny son and nympho daughter. Their slutty teenage classmates.

His cock twitched, wanting to join them.

But still, he knew the virus was making him think this way. He could stop that now; think the way, feel the way he used to. He could take this needle and plunge it into his own arm right at this very moment. It wasn’t too late, he hadn’t gone too far yet. He hadn’t even fucked Meghan yet. Hadn’t bent his blonde slut daughter over and stuck his big cock in her tight little pussy. Hadn’t shot a big load of cum in her mouth or all over her raunchy, pretty little face, like he’d done to Crystal. Hadn’t fucked her up the ass as she squirmed and writhed around in pleasure.

The syringe in one hand, he began stroking himself with the other, long strands of precum already dribbling from his head again.


He looked at the needle thoughtfully, filled with indecision, his other hand unceasingly working back and forth.

Robert would never find out what choice he would have made, because at that moment, there came a huge crashing sound from above as the front door was smashed open and then overhead there came the loud thumping clomping of soldiers’ boots on the main floor.