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Resistance 2


“Spread out! Search the place!” Upstairs, someone barked out the orders.

Robert put the syringe down and tucked himself back into his pants, zipping himself up as he waited calmly.

It wasn’t long before a pair of footsteps could be heard coming down the steps, and then a beam of blinding light was shone in his face. Robert knew that it came from a flashlight attached to the end of a high-powered assault rifle.

“Here! He’s down here!” one of the soldiers shouted up.

“How in the fuck…?” The light trained on Robert’s face lowered slightly, and then he could see now that Riggs was on the other side of it. “You… you’re supposed to be…”

“Dead.” A voice spoke calmly from above, and then another set of heavy boots slowly clumped down the stairs.

The General descended from above and entered the basement, silver haired, serene and composed as always, although now her pistol too was drawn, aimed right between Robert’s eyes.

“You’re supposed to be dead,” she repeated. “Only now, here you are, alive and well, because of my poor judgement.”

“Perhaps not ‘well’,” she amended herself, her eyes dropping down to Robert’s blood soaked shirt, the gun in her hand trained, steady. “You are infected, aren’t you?”

He didn’t answer but his silence was all the confirmation the General needed. She thumbed the hammer of her pistol back with a sharp, crisp click.

“Well, the Legacy Virus isn’t going to save you from a bullet through the head.”

“You spared me for a reason—” Robert said, holding a hand up, gesturing to his equipment.

“I spared you because I thought you were useful,” the General snarled, losing a touch of her collectedness. “Instead, I allowed a danger to this entire community—all that is left of humanity.”

“I’ve been working, I’ve actually made—”

“Robert,” the General interrupted softly, dangerously. Her finger tightened around the trigger. “There’s simply nothing left to say. I never make the same mistakes twice.

“It’s how I survived the the turmoil of Erika’s Vengeance, even as I lost every single person I have ever cared about to the virus.

“It’s how I led the remnants of mankind to this place, and rebuilt it, organized it, made it safe.

“It’s how I’ve endured all the way up until today, at my ripe old age.

“It’s why I’m the General.

“Goodbye, Robert.”

But she never got the chance to pull the trigger. In that moment, there was a huge commotion, as Derek and Zack, having crept down the stairs, launched themselves at Riggs and the other soldier.

The instant that the General’s attention was diverted, Robert sprang forward, grabbing her by the wrists, the pistol going off with a ear-rattling bang, the bullet uselessly lodging into the ceiling above. The virus enhanced teenagers easily overpowered the soldiers, striking them into unconsciousness.

The General struggled against Robert, her frail, aged wrists twisting uselessly. “Let me go, Robert,” she said commadingly, and yet there was still the hint of a plea. She let out a yelp of pain as he crushed her forearms in his strong grip, causing the pistol to clatter to the ground.

Behind them, Derek and Zack hauled the knocked out soldiers up the stairs, none too gently, leaving the pair of them behind, alone.

“You were going to kill me,” Robert said grimly. “Shoot me down like a rabid dog.”

“If only I had,” the General answered, her voice trembling, indignant. “A rabid dog is exactly what you are.” Then she screwed her wrinkled face up with resolve and spit in Robert’s.

“Fuck you, Robert.”

He was impassive as the saliva trickled down his cheek, their faces inches from each other, his young, rugged, placid; her own, wizened, defiant and fearful, her watery eyes wide, a nearly colorless shade of green.

And then he spit back in her face fiercely, making sure to hit her in the eye.

“Fuck you too, General.”

He released her then as she fell to a heap on the ground, a hand automatically going up to wipe her face. Robert saw the horror and realization in her eyes, the knowledge of what he had done to her, and he was not alarmed as she reached out for her dropped pistol, simultaneously almost rising to her feet before suddenly giving a strangled cry and collapsing again.

The General was hunched over with her back to Robert, clutching herself, breathing hard, giving a series of panicky gasps. She groaned loudly and then clamped down, trying not to allow another noise to escape her throat, instead letting out a series of choked grunts.




Robert waited and watched as the General remained curled up, her back jumping and twitching as the virus overtook her, heard her clothes shifting and tearing as various parts of her receded and expanded.

At last, she seemed to grow still, and then let out a slow, deep, shuddery breath. She reached over and picked up her pistol successfully this time, rising to her feet and turning.

“Hmm,” Robert said with mild surprise. “A redhead. I’d have never guessed…”

Under the askew cap, the General’s hair was indeed a vibrant red, long and straight, and her green eyes now shone brightly from her youthful, restored face, her plump crimson lips pressed together. The military overcoat had lost both of its buttons, hanging open and the button down shirt beneath it had burst and torn at the top, exposing generous cleavage from her massive bust.

“You… you did this…”

She held the pistol up shakily, her eyes locked with Robert’s, angry yet confused. He felt his cock stiffen as he let her stand there for a few moments, taking in her smoking hot new features, her ripe, enticingly dishevelled appearance, before he couldn’t hold his lust in any longer and he closed the gap between them in one stride, effortlessly shoving the gun in her outstretched hand away from himself, taking her in his arms, kissing her deeply.

The General let out a moan, letting the pistol clatter again to the floor, as she wrapped her arms around him kissing back furiously. Robert yanked the jacket off of her, then pulled her shirt open with a loud tear, her large, heavy tits springing free as she fumbled at his pants, undoing them as they made out heavily all the while.

Robert grabbed her by the back of her neck, hauling her around and shoved her up against his work table, shucking her pants around her ankles with his free hand.


The General cried out as Robert took her roughly from behind.

“Fucking whore,” Robert spat as he slammed up against her shapely firm ass.

“Try to kill me… You fucking bitch…”

“Unnh! Unnh!”

The General keened in ecstasy, shoving her rear back as she was pounded, matching Robert’s angry, energetic fucking.


“Trying to kill my whole fucking family!”

Robert gave her a few more powerful, compulsive thrusts before he grabbed her by the shoulder and roughly spun her around to face him, and then he slammed the General on top of the table on her back, the microscope and all of his equipment crashing onto the floor.

He clambered up on top of her, bumping into the overhead light, the beam swinging wildly about the dilapidated basement. She spread her legs, horny, eager, ready for more, and Robert immediately buried himself back inside.

It felt amazing. The end of all of his cares and concerns. All of his frustrations. All of his stress. He let it all bubble to the surface, and it felt good to fuck this hot, horny bitch unsuppressed, with all of his pent up rage. He groped her huge tits roughly as he pumped in and out of her dripping cunt, and then grabbed her by her young, flawless face, cupping her jaw.

“Take it… take this cock, you fucking bitch…”

She reached out and grabbed him by the hair, pulling him in close. “Fuck you, Robert,” she said again, and again she spit in his face, but now there was no fear in her voice, high and sexy, only angry, indecent excitement.

“Stupid fucking whore…” Robert wrapped his fingers around the General’s throat, and slammed himself into her as hard as he could. Her mouth was hanging open, letting out choked gasps, while her green eyes sparked with depravity, her hips pumping up to meet each of his thrusts.

The General’s eyes rolled back into her head as she went rigid, twitching, spasming, letting out strangled, choked cries, and Robert knew she was cumming hard, getting off on being handled this way, dominated, taken. He fucked her hard, grunting with each thrust as she squirted and gushed all over his big, hard dick, and then he redoubled his effort as he felt his own orgasm approaching. He slid in and out of the hot redhead’s tight snatch until he was a split second away from bursting and then he pulled out and grabbed her by the hair, sitting her up as he jacked himself off.

His orgasm was made even more powerful by the eager way she opened up her gasping mouth, sticking her tongue out as he painted her face with his seed, and then she leaned over, sucking him hard, prolonging his climax even further with her vacuum mouth and perfect cock sucking lips.

“Oh fuck yea, swallow my cum, you whore…”

Robert groaned, hips bucking as he emptied himself down her throat, feeling his cock twitching and pulsing pleasurably as each tapering spurt squirted out, and then he groaned again as he drew himself out of her mouth and climbed down from the table. The General lay there dazed, immodestly exposed in the tattered remains of her uniform. Her green eyes were blank as they stared unseeing, stray red hair hanging unnoticed in her cum covered face. A small, happy smile played on her lips as her mouth hung open, drool and semen leaking out.

Robert kicked his pants off and peeled the blood soaked shirt off of himself, and then headed up the stairs, naked, muscular and powerful, his huge cock still resolutely erect.

Amongst the fallen equipment and broken glass, the unused syringe lay on the floor, shattered and empty.