The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


by connie k

(mc, ff, mf, fd)

Chapter Two

Rea was an artist. Nothing made her happier than taking a blank, white canvas and filling it … with bright colors and swirling shapes, images formed in her mind’s eye and making them come alive.

Mixing paint, colors. Taking the light and the dark and blending them to create something new. To feel. And every time she finished what could never be finish, she left a part of herself on every thick brushstroke.

She had a timeless longing, even when she was at her most empty, to feel that solitary joy.

Rea was alone, again.

Goddess wasn’t in bed when Rea awoke in the morning. She had allowed Rea to pleasure her breasts when she finally returned home past 3 a.m., and Rea dutifully obeyed and sucked on them needful until Goddess fell asleep. Only then did Rea close her eyes.

The morning and afternoon chores were done, and only once did Goddess emerge from the second bedroom asking Rea if she needed reinforcement. “Yes, Goddess.” The trigger—“Obedience program, Rea”—sent her pet’s mind adrift. It was welcoming to go deep and not think anymore. Yet Rea could already feel that hold slackening again.

Rea knew it had been weeks since Goddess had fully hypnotized her. Either too preoccupied with her other pets or her “business” to notice. Her pet always obeyed, so even her occasional queries to Rea for reinforcement seemed unnecessary. She could see in Rea’s pale, blue eyes that she was completely under her control.

The sound of moaning and the thump-thump of the headboard were all that Rea noticed as she knelt in the living room, her tasks completed. There were four people in the bedroom.

“Five-thirty, Goddess.”

How long had she been kneeling? She didn’t need to move her eyes to know that the young woman spinning in the corner of the room was the same pet she had seen chained to the sink the night before. Rea never had to keep time. She wouldn’t have known what to do with it if she did. The black-haired girl was a new pet with exotic almond eyes and an Asian accent. Was she Korean? Or Vietnamese or …?

Don’t think. Only obey.

She heard Goddess’ voice through the walls. The pigtailed girl with the moles was in there. And one of Goddess’ “clients” had joined them with her own pet. They arrived when Rea was vacuuming. They had been in there for hours. Rea was alone with her thoughts, scattered and incomplete. Not awake and not asleep.

Don’t … think.

* * *

They were eating sub sandwiches in the car, waiting. They had been sitting by the side of the Pacific Coast Highway for three hours and were hungry. Leigh got the joke or the symbolism, whichever it was. All he got was an upturned corner of her mouth when he handed it to her.

They had to park by the side of the road, the gated condominium communities inside barred non-residents. So Helen had to walk to the beach access path—“Wish me luck!”—that led down to where Leigh and her friends had spent that warm February afternoon.

It was July, and the sun was still high enough at 6 to keep the beach active. So they waited. Carnegie kept his eyes out for an unmarked police car or anyone parked and unmoving nearby. Searching for someone who had Helen’s back.

Meanwhile, Helen finished the whole book she read with one eye. She took a couple of dips in the water. Reapplied sunscreen twice, thickly, so her already-tanned body looked wet and slick. She even undid her top and lay on her stomach, revealing the sides of her breasts, casually turning her head left then right. Her eyes were open. Filtering through the crowd.

“Lovely afternoon. Isn’t it?”

Helen spun around, clutching her bikini top to her chest, and saw a woman standing at her feet. She was tall and blonde and beautiful. Her eyes dark behind the lavender, small-framed sunglasses. She wore a straw hat with a sky-blue band which matched her one-piece.

“I didn’t see you there.”

“Excuse me. I saw you … lying there … and I noticed you were alone. Would you like me to put some lotion on your back? It’s starting to get red.”

“That’s okay, I …” Then a smile. “Why not?”

* * *

Goddess kept her six phones in little pockets on the wall, picking out the red one and making a call.

Rea heard the squeal she had heard many times before coming from the bedroom where Goddess’ playthings for that afternoon remained. She had trained herself—no, been trained—to not pay attention to what Goddess said on the phone. It wasn’t important.

No sooner had the call ended when another phone, the blue one, rang.

“Oh, pet, what a surprise! It’s been nearly a month. I was beginning to think you didn’t love me anymore.”

Goddess cackled as she turned on the phone’s speaker and approached Rea, snapping her fingers. Rea obediently fell forward, on all fours, so Goddess could sit comfortably on her back.

“I know it’s been a while, Goddess. Are you still looking for a brunette? I think I’ve found one for you,” said the woman on the phone. Goddess idly ran her fingers through Rea’s hair, pawing her. “She’s a bit older, but very lovely. And very … receptive.”

The voice on the other end of the phone sounded strikingly familiar. Rea ignored hundreds of other calls, even in the light trance of waning reinforcement. But this voice …

“Excellent. When can I see her?”

“We’ve only just started, but she is single, unattached and from out of town. Could you come over tonight?”

There was a hint of desperation in the voice, and the wiggle on her back was a sign Goddess was pleased by the sound of it.

“Unfortunately, I have a guest, pet.”

“I understand, Goddess. I’ll know more soon. I have her deeply under now and she has been very responsive.”

The bedroom door opened and Goddess’ “guest,” a plump, older woman, emerged with her slave following blindly behind her. Literally blind, it appeared to Rea. The young girl was squinting—not from trance or extensive sex.

“I’ll be going now, Liz. Thank you for the wonderful time. Oh!” The woman turned and handed her slave a pair of glasses from her coat. “Here, dear, we don’t want you driving off the road, do we?”

Goddess stood up off Rea’s back, ignoring the woman on the phone, and the two women kissed deeply. Rea looked at the bespectacled girl. She knew her! She knew her face! Why doesn’t she have a book in her hand?

“We’ll keep in touch, Lucy,” Goddess said. “I love what you’re doing with her. I had difficulty parting with her when she was all mine.”

They both laughed as she led them to the door and out, only then lifting the phone.

“How much longer do you need, pet? I can be there to inspect her tomorrow.”

“Yes! Thank you, Goddess. I hope she’s what you’re looking for.”


Rea recognized the look on Goddess’ face. She’d see it, now and then, before Goddess wanted her to do something unpleasant, and Rea would do it anyway, knowing it was what Goddess needed then.

“I want her mouth on you, pet, when I arrive. If she is worth my time, I may allow you to cum.”

The sound was a strange one. Rea didn’t have the depth of thought to wonder what caused it. It was a deep sigh, like the woman had been holding her breath until her lungs cried for air.

“Yes, Goddess. Thank you, Goddess. She’ll be ready.”

Goddess purred. Even after months of hearing it, there was a chill down Rea’s spine. The woman had no idea what Goddess was planning. Rea didn’t either, but she had been around Goddess and her various playthings long enough to know that it was going to be bad.

“Oh, Venus, you are such a slut.” And hung up.

Rea dropped … deep within herself. She was falling down a well, desperately digging her nails into the seamless stone to remain in that comfortable state she had for so long remained under the control of Goddess. Not awake and not asleep. Not fully aware but not empty.

She tried to hold onto it … not knowing where it came from, but knowing now as she fell what it was. The twilight.

The twilight.

Images spun off her mind—the girl with glasses, the clocks, the paintings on the wall, the pussies and the whippings—each growing smaller and smaller. Father and farther away. The fleeing twilight.

“Don’t …”

Goddess’ face was in front of her, the near-constant sneer replaced by a glare. “What! What are you saying? Did I ever, EVER, give you permission to speak to me?” Rea’s mind landed with a thud at the bottom of the well. She could see light above, but Goddess’ angry face was obscuring it. “Well? Say it!”

“Don’t … leave me again, Goddess.”

She expected pain. That face always led to pain. But Goddess stepped back and laughed. The cold, heartless laugh that wasn’t a laugh at all. Her face was close again.

“Drop for me, pet. All the way down. Now. Drop.”

Rea obeyed.

A wave of heat. The disjointed thoughts in her head sizzled and crackled and shrank. Searing and complete. They turned black as they burned away, leaving only ash behind.

But for one …


* * *

“Hi. I’m Dr. Ben Carnegie. I’m a clinical psychologist. I’m here … well, I guess you could say I’m on a stakeout with Det. Helen Wallace? She’s investigating the deaths of those three girls? The drowning victims? I’m parked here on the PCH in Malibu. I was wondering … do you have anyone here? Waiting for her?”

It was the third time he’d said it to three different people in three different police departments. First Malibu, then Los Angeles and now San Diego. The first girl who was discovered was found on the beach in Oceanside nearly three years ago, he was told. San Diego’s police were taking the lead on the investigation.

“Who did you say you were?” The detective on the other end of the line sounded as though he nearly choked on his pastrami sandwich.

“Dr. Ben Carnegie. You’re investigating the drowning deaths of those three girls?”

“Four. Four girls. We fished out a fourth last week.” There was a long pause, the sound of pages turning. “Maya Hendricks. Age 26. Got an ID from one of her friends. The preliminary report says she’d been dead a couple of weeks. Now, why don’t you tell me what the hell you have to do with all this.”

Carnegie told the detective, Peterson, everything he could, everything he felt comfortable disclosing. At one point he had to remove Leigh’s anxious grip from his arm when she heard “Hypnosis?” on the other end of the phone.

“Well, look,” Peterson said with a sigh. “It’s rush hour … so I probably wouldn’t be able to get up there for about three hours. And I’m not exactly sure what the hell I’d be doing there anyway. I’ll tell you what. I’ll make some calls. Maybe get a unit to swing by there.”

“No!” Carnegie startled himself. “I mean, that may not be the best idea. It’s kind of undercover work. Isn’t it? Isn’t this your investigation? I’m surprised Helen … I mean, Det. Wallace hasn’t been keeping you updated.”

“Buddy,’’ the detective replied slowly, “I know every investigator on these cases. I’ve never even heard of a Helen Wallace.”

* * *

“Here you go,” the woman said, handing Helen a glass of red wine. “And here you go.” She draped a white shawl over her shoulders, now that it was getting cool and Helen was still only in her brown bikini.

They took a moment to gaze out at the orange of the sun from the balcony as it began to dip toward the ocean horizon before they sipped.

“Do you live alone here or …?”

The blonde paused. “Yes, I do. I used to have a … partner. But she hasn’t been with me for a few months.”

Helen nodded, casually looking back into the condo and its tasteful interior.

“Tell me, Helen,” she said, “why did you decide to come with me? You acted like you weren’t very interested when we first talked.”

“This is really good wine.” Don’t be anxious, Helen. Make her work. “You offered. I didn’t have anything else to do.”

“Ah!” The blonde smiled knowingly, enjoying the fencing. “Don’t let me keep you from anything.”

“No. I’m only here for a couple of days. Business. But I’ve got some free time on my hands.”

“Good. Then we can have a nice, relaxing evening.” She looked out at the setting sun again. “I love this time of day. You’re lucky. There are just enough clouds tonight to give the sky some color. The pinks and purples. Yellows. Like this.”

She held up the crystal pendant she had on a chain around her neck. She had twirled it, idly, when they talked on the beach, but Helen made sure to keep her eyes off it, instead choosing to look at her perfectly shaped breasts. Now, it caught her.

“See, Helen? The colors almost match the sky. Changing as the sun sets. More red, then more lavender. It feels good on your eyes, doesn’t it?”

“Yes, beautiful.”

Helen blinked hard and turned away, facing the ocean again.

“Uh, you … have a very unusual name. Venus.”

She felt hands run up and down her arms.

“Yes. It’s a stage name, really. I’m a hypnotist.”


Helen turned back to look at Venus, but her eyes dropped without pause to the pendant. Twirling. It wasn’t like the watch, swinging. She enjoyed the swinging of the watch …

“Yes. You enjoy the play of color, don’t you, Helen?”

There were flashes of light … yellow, white, blue. They flashed to one eye, then the other. It felt so calming.

“Y-yes. Yes.”

“Each color, each band of light. Changing and turning. It’s very easy to look at and not need to look anywhere else. So pretty. You need to keep looking at the pendant. Don’t you, Helen?”

She couldn’t answer. She didn’t want Venus to know she knew. She couldn’t be … hypnotized if she didn’t want to be? It was much easier to just look away from her face, to not say anything that would give her away. Less is more. Don’t talk. Less is more. I have safeties …

“It’s very relaxing now … soaking in the colors, the bright bands of light. You don’t need to think about anything else now, Helen. No need to talk. You’re here with me now. Listening to only my voice. A relaxing evening, watching the sun set. Enjoying the pretty colors dance on your eyes …”

The pendant was in Venus’ hand as it moved, extending outward. Helen’s eyes followed—bluegreenyellowred—behind the soft ball of orange.

“It’s a perfect sunset, Helen. Look at it. How the colors match the glass. Becoming one. The twinkles off the prism and the warm … sinking … sun in a bed of clouds.”

Flash-color-flash-color-flash …

No … not hypnotized …

“Watch the sun now, Helen. How it rests … so comfortably on the sea. Bathed in soft light. Relaxing, soothing, calming. You see now, how it … dips … lower, slower … on the horizon. So calm. So peaceful. The edge of red against the blue of the ocean …”

There were thoughts upon thoughts in her mind, stilled and cloudy. Why was she there? Who was she with? What … was her need?

“See it begin to set now, sweet Helen. A sliver dipped beneath the waves, as the sky around it darkens. It is bright, orange … almost on fire … as it slides comfortably beneath the water … and your eyes following it … down … the warmth and brightness turning cool and dim.

“It’s cut in half now … half of what it was … and as you watch you feel that. You see that. You’re following it, Helen. Following it down, down, down. You’re eyes focused and full of color, then less focused and losing color. Smaller and smaller. Less and less. The orange of the sun is … melting … into the deep, tranquil blue.”

She enjoyed this feeling, had enjoyed it … before. Going out of herself, following but not being led. Drifting on her own. Swinging … swaying. The warm light and the cool dark. Wanting, as she was wanting. Willing, as she was willing. Sinking, as she sank.

“A tiny sliver of light, Helen. The bright, yellow ball now allowing itself to be swallowed into the cool emptiness so far away. So … far away. Far from any thoughts … only my voice. It speaks to you, Helen. To sink … drop … fall … off the edge of the world.

“You’re more relaxed now, more empty … gazing at the ocean. Only a thin, glowing red line … between here … and there. Sinking slowly, steadily … under. Until … it is gone.”

The sun had set, brightening the sky above it slightly with hint of soft yellow and pink. Yet Helen’s eyes were fixed on the deep blue. Conscious only of the whisper in her ear, the scent of the woman who held her.

“How do you feel, Helen?”

She couldn’t answer, didn’t know how to answer. She didn’t know how she felt. She didn’t feel anything.

“You are hypnotized now, aren’t you?”


“Yes. And you like this feeling, here with me, don’t you?”


“Yes, Venus. Say ‘Yes Venus.’”

“Yes, Venus.”

“And you want to stay here with me. You don’t have anywhere to go. You want to stay here tonight with me. Don’t you?”

“Yes, Venus.”

Venus whispered to her, calm, stroking words in her ear as she stared blankly out at the ocean which gradually changed from deep blue to purple to gray. Uttering only “Yes, Venus” or “No, Venus.” Not even remembering the questions.

Venus stepped away, leaving Helen frozen and blank on the balcony. She was talking again, but it was distant.

“Hello, Goddess. It’s Venus,” said the voice from miles away. “I know it’s been a while, Goddess. Are you still looking for a brunette? I think I’ve found one for you.”

* * *

“That Liz woman.”

Carnegie said it under his breath, but Leigh turned.


Carnegie looked at Leigh with foreboding. “I don’t think Helen is a detective.”

She never did show him her badge or tell him what department she was from. How could he be so stupid! But she knew everything about the women. What the police knew. What even he had told the investigators in L.A. about having had Leigh under hypnosis. He never mentioned “that Liz woman.”

“Leigh, how much do you remember about Liz? Right now.”

“Not much. She came and took us from Venus. I wasn’t with her long, I don’t think. I was … taken away. She still had Clara.”

Clara. Leigh felt a pain in her stomach. They were separated. Has anyone seen her?

“I think we have trouble. Helen was right about one thing. If we call in the police and have them question Venus … we may never find Rea or Clara again.”

Carnegie reached out and clutched Leigh’s hand.

“Leigh, I need you to agree to this. I’m going to put you under. I’m going to try to keep you deep enough so that no one else can get inside your mind. I need you under for this to work. But you have to agree.”

Leigh looked at him oddly. She had a good idea about what he wanted to do, but exactly what? She didn’t want to know. Not because she didn’t really want to, but because she knew she didn’t want that in her head if she was hypnotized by someone else.

She didn’t know Helen well. Hardly at all. Yet there were moments when she could see the look on her face and knew, just knew, that she was as desperate as Leigh was to end this. To find them. Find them all.

“Okay,” she said quietly.

* * *

They had returned to the living room, but Helen didn’t remember walking. Or moving at all. It was warmer inside though. She felt the warm, comfortable buzz on her skin, between her ears. Venus had changed into a light robe … her swimsuit off.

“How are you feeling, Helen?” The sultry voice dripped into Helen’s mind like thick syrup. How … ? “You feel very relaxed and open now, don’t you?”

“Yes, Venus.”

“You need to take that bikini off and you will tell me that now.”

“I need to take my bikini off.”

“And the sandals and the shawl, too, Helen.”

She took everything off, slowly, yet her eyes remained fixed forward and glassy. She wasn’t even aware of the growing leer on Venus’ face.

“You feel even better like this, standing naked for me. And you will tell me this now.”

“I feel even better like this.”

Venus ran her fingers across Helen’s shoulders, feeling the smooth, tanned skin and admiring the tiny rose tattoo on her blade. She inhaled the scent of her hair.

“Perfect, just perfect. Fondle your breasts for me, Helen. I want you to enjoy the sensation.”

Cupping a breast in each hand, Helen massaged herself, gently rolling her thumbs across the stiffening nipples. Squeezing and kneading them in her hands. It felt good. There were no other thoughts in her head but how nice it felt.

“Now, you will answer some questions for me, Helen. You will answer them as fully as your mind will allow. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Venus.”

“You said you were from out of town. Where?”


“And when are you expected back?”

“Two weeks. I took two weeks’ vacation from work.”

Venus circled her slowly, touching her here and there, enjoying the slight smile on Helen’s lips as she played with her breasts more forcefully.

“So … if you didn’t return after your two weeks, will anyone but your employer find that unusual?”

“No, Venus.”

“Your parents, friends?”

“My friends will notice. My mother is dead. My father is remarried and lives in Houston.”

“No boyfriend?”

“No, Venus.”

“Any siblings?”

Helen jerked slightly, but Venus had turned her back.

“I have … a sister.”

“Will she miss you if you don’t return?”

“No, Venus.”

Venus smiled as she turned back, giving Helen’s ass a firm squeeze.

“I see. Lovely. I think I can take care of those worries for you, Helen. You’re doing so well. Rub your pussy for me now, and feel the sensations ten times stronger than at any other time you have touched yourself.”

Helen’s right hand dropped and ran slowly up and down between her legs. Then faster.

“Ohh …”

She began shaking from her own touch, her fingers moistening. She squeezed her left nipple hard and moaned. Venus nodded approvingly at the show.

“Doing so well, Helen. In a moment, I will take you to the spare bedroom where I have a very special crystal for you to stare at while you listen to my words … teaching you, stroking your mind. Making you feel even more wonderful before Goddess arrives.

“You’re just what she has been looking for, Helen. And you will submit to her, obey her, serve her.

“As I do.”

* * *

Carnegie held Leigh’s hand as they walked along the beach toward Venus’ condo. He had taken her deep, deeper than he ever had before. But he wanted Venus to see her tranced. And also … he wanted her protected.

He stopped, halfway there, and almost turned back. What am I thinking? Call the police! Get Helen out of there!

Get her out of there. But what about Rea and Clara? This was a big gamble. What he planned to do to Leigh was a gamble, maybe one that would cost him his career. He continue on, tugging Leigh’s hand, watchful of her emotionless, hypnotized face unaware of what dangers may be just ahead.

They reached the building. Carnegie leaned Leigh up against the wall.

“You are deeply hypnotized, Leigh. And you can only be hypnotized by me. You will never be hypnotized by anyone but me. No one can give you a suggestion you do not wish to obey. Only my suggestions, only my words will affect you. Do you understand, Leigh?”

“Yes, Master.”

Master. Yamamoto. Shit!

“I am not your master, Leigh. You have no master. You are a free woman. But when you are hypnotized, you only hear Dr. Carnegie’s voice, you only accept my suggestions. Is that clear?”

“Yes ...”

“Great. Now listen carefully, Leigh.” Then, fully realizing the significance of what he was about to do: “And obey.”

* * *

Rea was riding the train. The Asian girl was at the end, the squealing breaths on Rea’s pussy evidence that she was doing a good job. The blonde, pigtailed girl lapped up and down between both of Rea’s holes, speeding up and slowing down between squeaks.

Rea’s face was buried in Goddess’ pussy like so many times before. But while the three pets kneeled and licked, Goddess lay back on the sofa, her head raised, occasionally yanking at Rea’s hair.

Rea was content to pleasure Goddess … anything was better than being left alone and empty. And even if Goddess’ bitter taste didn’t drive her, the obedience did. The submission. Goddess had dropped her deeply this time, perhaps sensing Rea’s need, perhaps merely wanting her pet to obey blindly and not fully enjoy the tongue in her ass.

Yet Rea’s brainwashed mind wasn’t completely empty. Those long hours of solitude had gradually weakened the hold Goddess had on her thoughts. Directionless, Rea’s meager sense of awareness connected with images and colors, emotions and dreams. They ebbed and flowed behind the desperate need to be given purpose as Goddess’ pet. But now … obeying and fulfilling that need pushed Rea’s mind back to the comfortable state she had clung to since before the time when there even was a Goddess.

The twilight.


The vision was there, growing ever sharper.

“You like this feeling, Rea? The twilight? Not awake and not asleep?”

“Yes, Venus.”

“Good. Because that is how will want you. Half-aware and half-empty. Never always one or the other. I’ve been waiting a long time for someone like you, Rea. Someone I can share my mind and body with completely.”

* * *

Venus stood at the end of the bed and watched Helen finger herself as she stared at the crystal above her. The headphones whispering in her ears the programming Venus whispered.

Venus allowed herself quick, deliberate stroke along her labia as she observed her latest catch sinking deeper and deeper beneath the solid ground of reality. An easy catch. One Goddess will enjoy.

There was a firm knock on the door.

Venus was startled. It couldn’t be Goddess now, could it? Helen wasn’t ready, wasn’t between her legs as ordered. She straightened her robe, checking the timer. Helen had another 45 minutes on her session.

She walked as casually as she could toward the front door, barely able to contain the mixed emotions she felt about seeing Goddess again after so long.

She looked through the peephole. A good-looking man was there. She opened the door.

“Hello. Venus?” the man asked.

“Should I know you?”

He stepped closer, and she backed up a step. “Not exactly. My name is Vincent. I’m a friend of Liz’s.”

“How … how do you know me?”

He reached back and pulled a young woman from around the corner. Venus knew her. Knew her very well.

“I thought this might interest you,” he said flatly. “I have one of your strays.”

To be continued …