The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


by connie k

(mc, ff, mf, fd)

Chapter Three

“Good girl, Rea.”

Goddess pulled on her pierced nipples hard. She liked creating pain—whipping, spanking, fucking—but Rea couldn’t recall a time when it wasn’t followed by a reward.

Goddess moaned as Rea came, forcing her face deeper between Goddess’ thick, sticky folds. When Goddess hypnotized her or reinforced or just said the few words that would make Rea sink into oblivion, the last images she was fully aware of was seeing Goddess mouthing the words for herself.

“All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, pet,” she once said in a moment of post-orgasmic weakness. Goddess loved using her pets, but no matter how much she used them she could never orgasm on her own. She needed to cue the suggestions she had planted in her pet’s and slave’s minds—and within her own—in order to obey the commands herself. And cum.

“Good boy, Michael.”

Goddess flooded Rea’s mouth again, hearing the grunt from inside the animal cage Goddess had set up for her slave.

He had been jerking himself from inside it following the paddling and whipping he gratefully received minutes before. He didn’t live here like the pets. He came voluntarily, at first, craving the dominance Goddess could provide. Yet he could no longer be certain, over time, if she had manipulated his mind so he couldn’t tell if it was his thoughts or hers which brought him back at Goddess’ command.

The welts on his ass were always there.

Rea wondered why she wondered about that. Now. While she busily lapped up the milky juices Goddess produced. “Good girl, Rea.” “Good girl, Lynn.” “Good boy, Michael.” “Good girl, Yuki.”

Rea’s mind had been allowed to wander on its own more and more lately. She still yearned for submission. The need to obey Goddess surpassed all other feelings. But she was comfortably nestled in the twilight again. And she wondered.

* * *

“Are you going to let me in?”

None of them moved. The hypnotized girl standing stiffly between them least of all.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

His young face turned old suddenly. “Look, I’m not a lost-and-found. You are Venus, aren’t you?”

Venus spied the glazed look on the young woman’s face and frowned. She knew this girl. She wrestled with conflicting impulses, but she had been doing this too long to let her guard down. “I think you’re mistaken.”

“Fine. I’ll just give Liz a call and we can straighten this all out.”

“No!” Her hands went out, then dropped slowly. She was never going to cross Liz. Goddess. He knew that. “I mean … come in if you insist.”

Carnegie made a quick scan of the condo. The bedroom doors were closed, no clothes lying around. Two glasses of wine were on a small table on the balcony.

“Do you have company?” he asked.

“No.” She waved him toward the couch as she approached Leigh, dead-eyed. She brushed a lock of hair off her face. “Hello, Leigh.”

“Hello. Venus.”

“I read about a girl found on the beach a couple of months ago in the newspaper. I assumed it was her,” Venus said to Carnegie over her shoulder as she slowly unbuttoned Leigh’s blouse.

She left the bottom two done and pulled the blouse off Leigh’s shoulders. She undid her bra and slid it down. Carnegie tried not to wince. Venus looked sadly at the scars, the damaged left nipple.

“Who did this?”

“Yamamoto,” he said, trying to act nonplussed. “He’s gone back to Japan. Evidently why he tried to have her … disposed of.”

Venus looked pained as she stroked Leigh’s cheek tenderly. It surprised him.

“I’m sorry, Leigh,” she said in a whisper. Then turning, “She’ll have to be purged, of course. Godd—… Liz will expect that.”

She turned back and gently massaged Leigh’s bare shoulders, kissed her cheek. Despite the abuse, Leigh still had a beautiful body—the flat stomach, the open, inviting hips.

“You can stay and watch if you wish. I’m sorry I can’t offer you entertainment, however. Liz doesn’t allow me to fuck.”

The casualness of the comment—and the comment itself—struck Carnegie like a bullet to the brain. Venus was just as controlled as the countless others had been. All serving Liz. The game plan changed. Yet he was committed, had committed Leigh to this.

Venus continued to undress Leigh in front of him, pulling down her jeans, running her hands along her body. She noticed the burn scars on her wrists, the cuts. But Leigh was still lovely and blank … and hers now.

Carnegie tried to appear disinterested. “No, I have more important things to attend to.” He stared hard at Leigh as if she were a piece of meat. He wanted Venus to notice. She abruptly left for one of the bedrooms. Carnegie stood and lightly brushed Leigh’s auburn hair behind her ear.

“Method Two, Leigh. Obey.”

Leigh blinked, the command slowly filtering into her hypnotized mind and the instructions it contained drifting forward in her stagnant thoughts.

Venus returned, a glass pendant in her hand. Carnegie ran his hand down Leigh’s exposed back before heading for the door.

“You’ve done very well, Venus. Liz will be pleased.”

“Thank you, Vincent. And thank you for returning her. Good-bye.”

Carnegie walked outside, the closing of the door allowing him to finally relax. He knew where this was leading. He wasn’t sure Helen was in there, wasn’t sure if his safeties had even worked. Probably. Probably not. And he had left Leigh behind and subjected her to the same fate. The situation could explode in a thousand different ways, and he left them alone with Venus.

He took out his phone and dialed.

* * *

Venus appraised Leigh’s lovely, blank face again. She lifted her chin on her finger—ocean blue locking with vacant blue.

“I’m sorry for what happened to you, Leigh. I’m glad you’re safe now. You are safe. Now. With Venus. Do you remember our time together?”

Leigh answered softly, “Yes, Venus.”

“You did so well for me. You and little Clara. Do you remember Clara? Do you remember making love for me, with me, with Clara?”

Leigh shuddered. Venus noticed the slight squint as Leigh’s shoulders opened, her lips parted.

“Yes … Venus.”

“Yes. Such wonderful memories. I’m going to bring you up slightly now, Leigh. Then I will drop you down again, deeper this time. There is someone waiting for you in the bedroom.”

Venus raised the crystal pendant and held it up before Leigh’s eyes.

“You remember this? Remember how it made you feel staring at it? Listening to my words and obeying them? And sinking deeper. So deep that my reminders to you of being with me—and Clara—shall become your own thoughts again. Your desires.”

Leigh focused on it, but it was a thousand shards of broken glass. “Yes … Yes, Venus.”

“Good. And my voice. My strong, seductive voice guiding you … down.”

She lowered the pendant, and Leigh’s eyes followed it down until it was out of view. Leigh looked back up at Venus and seeing the smile of approval.

“Good, Leigh. Now. I want you to rise, slowly, taking the mental steps up. You are climbing a flight of stairs. There are 20 steps, but we’re only going to go halfway up.”

Venus held Leigh’s hand and squeezed it.

“I’m here with you now, Leigh. Venus is here to guide you. Up. One … two … three … four …

“Rising gently, easily … no longer in the deep trance of Vincent. No longer controlled by … Yamamoto … or anyone else. Just Venus …

“Five … six … seven …

“Becoming more aware, but still only half aware … not awake … but no longer so deep that you can’t listen to my words above all others and obey them. Only my voice now in your head. You are safe with Venus again.

“Rising … eight … nine … ten.”

Leigh’s body stiffened, then relaxed. She bathed in Venus’ calm, soothing words. Clara was there, as clearly as ever, in her wavering memory. Leigh knew where she was. She remembered her suggestions, instructions. Most of all, she remembered the enticing pendant that rose again in front of her eyes.

“Listen carefully now, Leigh. Follow the bright sparkles of the pendant. Follow … listen to my words carefully. You need to do this, Leigh. Follow … and obey. Come. Follow me into the bedroom.”

As if pulled by an invisible tether, Leigh turned to her right and stepped forward, keeping the twinkling pendant the same distance from her eyes as Venus led her.

“Doing so well, Leigh. Follow the colors. Following my words as we drift together. Following, obeying. Not fully awake but no longer asleep. Floating comfortably with my words surrounding you. Filling you. Your eyes drawn to the bright sparkles of color. Twisting, changing, following.”

Leigh flowed into the bedroom. There was someone there, she could sense it, but her eyes never left the crystal—spinning and flashing emptiness into her mind.

“I’m going to take you deeply again, Leigh,” Venus said in a whisper, the warm breath on her ear, the unforgotten, comforting sound of Venus filtering into her half-mind. “You always enjoyed going deeply for me. Submitting. And you remember my trigger now, Leigh. My special words. My programming returning to your subconscious mind. And the arousal, Leigh. Yes.

“Watch the colors, Leigh. Dancing and drawing you in … enveloping you.

“Dustcrop, program one, Leigh.”

Leigh hardly reacted, but Venus could see her nipples stiffening as if a cool breeze had brushed against them.

“Drop down now. We’ll take each step back down the stairs now, Leigh. Remembering the way you felt when I gave you your trigger. The arousal. Dustcrop, program one. Down … deep.

“Ten … nine … eight … Your mind emptying out again. Seven … six … five … four … Ready to submit and obey … growing more and more aroused now as you fall … deeper into trance. Under my control … three … two … one …


Leigh couldn’t feel her feet as she descended the stairs, the winding steps … falling and forgetting. And remembering the words. Venus’ words from so long ago back in her mind and reawakening to them—even as she began to sleep. She was returning to that time when she was controlled by this woman, her voice, her touch. Her programming.

“Very good, Leigh. You are back to that wonderful place. Here, with me. With Clara. How aroused you are, how horny. Thinking only of my words as they direct you back toward Clara again. My singsong voice … and your need to satisfy that arousal in your empty head.

“Now, I want you to obey, Leigh. I will be here, but talking to someone very special. You don’t need to listen. All you need to do for me, now, is think about one thing—Clara. Of making love with Clara again. Of your desperate need. It’s making you so wet, just thinking that singular thought. Your mind is empty and wet. Slick with arousal. So needy for Clara.”

Venus stroked Leigh’s cheek and felt the heat. She could smell her sex, hear the stilted murmurs through her panting breaths.

“Your only thought, your only need, your only desire is to be with Clara again. Do you understand, Leigh?”

The image of Clara was in her mind, and Leigh embraced it. Her nipples ached, and it was matched by the sudden surge of blood to her clit, moistening her lips.

“Yes. Venus.”

“Very good. Thinking of Clara. Only of Clara until I tell you to stop. Submit and obey now, Leigh.”

Leigh no longer was aware of the pendant or of where she was or with whom. There was only Clara in her mind. Has anyone … seen her? I see her …

Venus looked down at Helen, eyes wide and asleep, as she lay naked on the bed with her own crystal twirling subtly above her head and Venus’ voice whispering to her through the earphones.

Venus gently pulled them from her ears and turned the stand by the bed away from her, causing the crystal to swing. Helen’s eyes followed. Venus turned Helen’s head back to face her.

“How are you feeling, Helen?”

Helen’s mouth moved, but there was no sound. She was a puddle on the bed. She hadn’t fought it. The the millions of droplets which made her who she was spread out between open legs. This is how it feels. It feels …

“You may answer me. Now. Helen.”

“I … I feel … good.” Her reply was more of a sigh, an understatement.

“Yes. Tell me, Helen, have you ever made love to a woman?”

“No, Venus.”

“But you want to very much. And you will tell me this now.”

Venus could see Helen trying to think, trying to answer the unanswerable.

“Do you want to make love to a woman, Helen?”

“I … I don’t know. I have thought …”

Venus began slowly stroking the dewy wetness between Helen’s thighs. She petted her trimmed fur, ticked her clit. “And what have you thought about?”

“My sister.”

“And what about your sister?”

“She’s … a lesbian.”

“Ahh. I see.” Venus couldn’t contain a faint laugh. “And that made you wonder? It made you wonder what it was like to make love with another woman. How she feels? How a woman tastes on her lips?”

“Yes, Venus.”

“That’s delightful. You want to make love to a woman, Helen, and you will tell me this now.”

“I … I want to make love to a woman.”

Venus leaned closer. “But not just any woman, Helen. You want to make love with your sister. And you will tell me this now.”

“I want … no … I want …”

“Yes. Say it. Say it now, Helen. Obey.”

Helen took in a deep breath. “I want … to make love … with my sister.”

“Very good. Yes, you do. And I have someone very special here with me, Helen. Your sister is here. Now. And she wants to make love with you.”

The deep breath freed a pained exhale.

“My … sister?”


Venus took Leigh’s hand and drew her toward the top of the bed. She whispered, “Leigh, Clara is here. She wants you. She wants you so very much. Straddle her head and let her … lick you.”

Leigh was suddenly awash in lust. She swung her leg over Helen’s head—Clara’s head!—and slowly pressed down.

“Helen,” Venus whispered with that cool, seductive voice, “lick your sister’s pussy. It’s what she needs. She needs you to pleasure her pussy. Lick her as you like to be licked. Make her happy. She wants you.”

Helen moaned. She could smell her sister’s scent in her nose, the warmth between spread legs, the glistening stickiness against her mouth. She couldn’t. She can’t! But her sister was here. She was alive. She was wanting. She grabbed Leigh’s hips and pulled her all the way down. Helen’s tongue snaked out, searching, obeying. She was here. She was alive. She … wants this.

Leigh felt the tongue, felt the stiff pinkness and wiggled against it. The familiar tongue of Clara against her pussy. The heart-bursting longing … the emptiness being filled as Clara’s tongue lapped and kissed then slid hungrily inside her.

Helen felt fingers spreading her lips. Venus was stroking her deeply, coaxing out her growing wetness. She spread her legs wider and licked deeper into the spasming pussy on her face.

“Yes. Eat your sisssssterrrrrr.”

There was a time when Venus would never have planted the idea she had sowed in Helen’s mind. All there was left of her own judgment was the rule of Goddess. They will be pets. Yet she allowed herself this vicarious desire. He own need, her want, her longing was but for one. And that one was permanently out of reach. All that was left was the will of Goddess. She felt herself trembling.

Venus opened her robe and let it slip to the floor as she watched. Venus missed this control. It was like a drug. She had obtained only two pets for Goddess in her sexless few months of service, never allowed their pleasures—Goddess forbid them. She hadn’t been interested in them anyway. Goddess paid her enough—the price of their souls—to keep her condo for another year.

Yet Venus was relishing the control again. She could feel herself responding to the sight—two lovely subjects connected and not connected. Believing in their muddled minds an untruth. Sister with sister. Friend with friend. The perversity of the illusion driving Venus’ hand into her soaking, bare slit.

Leigh’s writhing body made Venus moan.

“Enjoy this feeling …”

Venus smiled lustfully, hearing her own words recited by the young woman riding a stranger’s face. She held up the pendant with one hand, keeping the other busily stroking against her own swollen clit. Leigh’s eyes darted away, then returned to the pendant. Then up … into Venus’ eyes.

“Watch the pendant, Leigh.”

“Watch the pendant.”

“So relaxing, so emptying.”

“So relaxing. So emptying.”

“Yes, Leigh. Go deeper now.”

“Go … deeper now.”

Venus could see the bands of color reflected on Leigh’s face. There were candles all around the room and each one infused the crystal with light—twinking, flashing. A rainbow of color. The more it made Leigh’s face glow, the more turned on Venus became. It has been months since she had orgasmed. She could feel her body’s need.

“Gaze into the pendant, Leigh. Lose yourself in the colors. And become more and more aroused.”

“Gaze into the pendant.”

Venus’ eyes dropped.

“Lose yourself in the colors. Become more and more aroused.”

Venus was desperate for the sensation that has been denied her. It was building gradually, like a liquid fire. It spread through her loins, across her belly and lit her nipples aflame. She was in control. She could permit herself this moment … to slip … ever so slightly and satisfy her craving.

“Sink ...” She struggled to find the words. “… down now. Leigh. Into the warm wetness.”

Leigh’s eyes were fixed on Venus’ watching the crystal spinnnnnnn. “Sink down now. Sink down now.” Hypnotize … “Venus.”

The blonde hypnotist was attuned to the responses. Not even hearing her name spoken aloud. Leigh was obeying. The words called back to her gently tugging at her desire. She wanted Leigh so much deeper. So very lost. So very controlled.

“Here my voice, my words,” Venus said. Her concentration was muffled behind the sound of slurps and moans and the thump-thump in her head. She was taking Leigh down … and following, while her own eyes fixed on the twisting bands of color.

“Here my voice, my words.”

It was an echo ringing in her ears. Her own voice fueling her arousal, her need to escape the hold Goddess had on her lust. “Follow them down now, Leigh.”

“Follow the down now. Venus.” Helen pulled on Leigh’s clit and her breath caught. But the sound only made Venus moan again in response.

“Hear my words … follow me … down.”

“Yes …”

Venus bit her lip. It was glorious. She had control. The sensations. Leigh’s body shuddered from the mounting orgasm as the pendant danced. Venus leaned closer, kneeling on the bed. Her eyes held firm on the hypnotic pendant.

“Follow them down now. Follow them down. Now. Venus.”

Venus had control. She was losing control. She had control. She was losing the grip of Goddess’ control. She let out a long, agonized moan. The words that never left her ears were whispering to her again. Goddess’ words.

“Most of all, sweet Rea. You’ll never see her again, but I’ll let you remember her. Oh, yes, I will. All the while, she’ll be with me. And there won’t be anything you can do about it except ... feel the emptiness.”

“Go deeper now.”

Venus wasn’t sure if she had spoken the words, but she obeyed them. She heard her own name in her head, but thought of another. Leigh’s face began to blur. The empty ache she had felt for so long being filled by lust and desire. Hearing the words. And obeying them.

The pendant slipped through her fingers.

“No …” Venus desperately tried to cling to the control. “No thoughts in your head but my words … Rea.”

Rea? Her friend. Leigh let the name drift to the side of her mind and spoke again.

“No thoughts but my words …”

Five hundred times had Venus used the powerful hypnotic draw of her voice to reel in unsuspecting minds. She knew its power. It’s all-consuming effect. And she was basking in it herself. She … had control. Goddess wasn’t here. She could fill the void on her own. Rea … her slave. She had control. And she willing was surrendering it.

Leigh barely felt the lips and teeth nipping her pussy. She was a blank. Hear the words, repeat the words. There was no Clara now. No Rea. There was only the voice. Her own voice.

Venus was desperate to finish. To plunge down or fly away. So close.

“Sinking down now, Venus,” Leigh repeated. “Lose yourself in the color.”

Fingers were deep inside her, her thumb rolling in frantic circles around the engorged nub. Venus heard the echoes again, her own words, bouncing back into her mind as if she were in an empty canyon filled with colored lights. Alone. And needy.

“Rea.” Venus gasped out the words she could barely recall, “Cum and …drop.”

Leigh sat down hard on the face beneath her, but her eyes remained fixed on Venus. Method two, Leigh. Obey.

“Cum and drop.”

Leigh felt the heat of a climactic exhale on her pussy. She felt the wave of sensations across her hips as she tumbled deeply into trance again. Method two … obey.

The powerful orgasm that ripped through Venus’ body made her fall forward, her face pressed against a slick, spasming thigh. A wellspring of pleasure had gripped her mind. Rea …

Everything else was distant.

* * *

Goddess grabbed the ringing phone with a huff.

Rea was painting her toenails, carefully, with black polish. Blowing gently to dry each toe. Of all her duties, Rea preferred this one. She could focus and still remain devoid of any other thoughts.

She barely felt the vibrator buzzing insistently in her pussy. It hummed inside her just enough to feel good and still keep her mind from wandering. She kept her hand steady and the foot secure on her thigh as she knelt.

“Hello? … What do you want?”

Rea was more attuned to Goddess’ phone calls. She wanted to ignore them, as always, but now she couldn’t prevent her head from lifting. Was the voice on the other end that voice? She instinctively reached up and stroked her bare neck in search of the collar that may have once been there.

Goddess snapped her fingers. The sneer was there, and Rea dropped her head and continued with her task.

“I see. I should have expected something like this. At least we know where she is … No. Are you going to be able to keep a lid on this? … Good. Attention-seekers. Crackpots. You get a lot of those anyway. This will have to be contained … No, I’ll handle this. Meet me there in two hours …

“No … I’ll take care of Venus.”

The brush slipped, painting the top of Goddess’ big toe with a glob of black.

“Goddammit, pet!” Goddess growled as she hung up and kicked Rea’s shoulder with her foot. “Clean that up! Careless girl.”

Rea had been shocked awake. I’ll take care of Venus.

There was a command, a suggestion. It had been deeply planted in Rea’s mind … somewhere back in time. She wore a collar. She had no collar. She was Goddess’ pet. But Rea was aware. A thousand images flashed through her mind. Of Venus and Goddess. In the bedroom where Rea had once lived. Lived in the twilight. Her refuge.

She obediently cleaned the chubby foot before it was yanked away and Goddess hurried to her bedroom. Rea remained kneeling. And alone.

“Eight o’clock, Goddess.”

The spinning girl. The pets. The pain and crying. The emptiness. The total, absolute loneliness. Yet within that cavernous dearth of awareness was a suggestion. A command. The deep lie. The lie she obeyed then. The lie she believed was the truth then.

The immoveable truth uttered by Goddess’ own lips … “If you begin to think, your strongest thought, your compulsion will be this: Help Mistress Venus.”

* * *

Carnegie was nervously leaning on the garage door of the condominium when Leigh appeared. Naked.

He hurried to her and felt a sense of relief mixed with caution. He gently turned her around and led her back into the condo. He stopped at the open door and looked her in the eyes. They were lifeless.

“How did it go?”

Leigh looked away. “Go?”

“Are you still hypnotized, Leigh?”


He took her hand and moved warily, following Leigh’s sluggish steps inside and toward the bedroom. His eyes widened as he saw them lying on the bed side by side and naked. Helen and Venus.

“You hypnotized Venus?”

“I … yes.”

Carnegie had to catch himself. He was standing before three, beautiful, entranced women. The seduction of it was obvious. Why someone like “that Liz woman” would do it, could do it, enjoyed doing it. Reaping what was sown in their minds for her own pleasure and the pleasure of those she did business with.

Yet the seduction was fleeting. He felt his stomach turn. The scars on Leigh’s breasts were no fantasy.

He gathered up her clothes and stood in front of her.

“I’m going to wake you up now, Leigh. This is Dr. Carnegie. You’ll remember everything. You’ll remember everything that Helen and Venus have said to you. It will all be clear in your mind. Do you hear me?”


The snapped his fingers and said, “Wake up now, Leigh.”

She blinked rapidly, taking in a quick breath as she tried to focus on his face. Her own face turned red behind the freckles. Her eyes filled with tears.

He hugged her tightly, feeling her body tremble. She fought back the tears as her body gradually relaxed.

“I’m awake. I’m okay,” she said, breathing warm air against his chest. She looked up at him again, stricken. “I … we … I couldn’t help myself.”

“It’s okay. It’s over now.” He draped her blouse over her shoulders. “Why don’t you go into the other room and get dressed. Sit down. Maybe get a glass of water. Okay?”

He tried to give her a reassuring smile, but she didn’t see it. She nodded, almost sleepily. She rubbed her face hard, running her hand deeply through her hair. She nodded again, taking the clothes and walked out silently.

He moved to the far side of the bed and sat. Helen’s eyes were open and unblinking. A million miles away. But he could smell sex in the air, Helen’s face and hair covered in it.

“Helen? It’s Dr. Carnegie. Do you remember me?”

A blink. She turned her head toward the voice. “Yes, I remember you.”

“How do you feel?”

“I feel …” She blinked her eyes again as if the answer, any thought, freed them to respond. “Empty.”

“Helen. I hypnotized you with my watch. Do you remember?”


“I gave you safeties to protect you from being hypnotized. Do you remember me doing that?”

“Yes. I have my safeties.”

“Great. I want you to answer me completely and clearly. Why didn’t the safeties work?”

Her head turned away and she blinked again. A new thought.

“They did work.”

“Then why are you hypnotized? How did Venus hypnotize you?”

Helen squinted. “I didn’t want to … in the beginning. Then … I wanted to. I wanted to feel ...”

“What? What did you want to feel?”

“I wanted to feel what she feels.”

Carnegie was suddenly self-conscious, and he covered her body with the blanket off the floor.

“You mean Leigh? You wanted to know how Leigh felt?”

“No …” The memory and the fear turned Helen’s face crooked. Her surfacing desperation exposed. “My sister … Maya.”

* * *

Rea was alone, again.

She pulled the thumb from her mouth—the childhood addiction she had reacquired in her endless solitude.

Goddess had left abruptly, not even bothering to remind Rea to do her evening chores, which she did anyway. The blonde, sans pigtails, was spinning in the corner. It seemed to Rea that she was less enthusiastic and more burdened by the repetition. Rea watched her. Going round and round. The clock girl with no true sense of time.

Two men had come and taken the Asian girl away earlier that night, possibly on loan from Goddess. Rea had seen her as she came out of the shower and noticed that the usual glazed smile was forced on her face. Yuki was her name. Her hands were shaking. Maybe she had been sold. Rea doubted she would ever see her again.

Rea noticed and wondered and thought her own thoughts. She was still compelled to obey. She was a submissive. But there was nothing, now, to obey. There was no one, now, to obey.

There was an awakening in Rea. She stood up. She no longer wanted to obey Goddess.

There was only one person, then and now, she wanted to obey.


To be continued …