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The Ring — Endgame

Toby Carmichael was eighteen. Nothing particularly unattractive about him, but all the girls ignored him. He was ‘awkward’ around women.

Summer break found him ensconced in his bedroom, rather than getting out and about like he should be. “Enjoy the summer” his brother Timothy had said “You’ll regret not making the most of it when you’re in college”

Toby looked up to Timothy. He admired his elder brother. Timothy had the same kind of physique and looks as Toby, but his self-confidence got him the girls.

Now his big brother was off at college he had the bedroom that they’d shared all their lives all to himself. But now he missed that feeling of company… of a friend, not just a brother. Timothy had always looked out for his younger brother.

In fact the only time Toby had ever been laid it was because of his brother… Debbie Felcher was so into Timothy that she would suck him off in their bedroom. She had a thing for Timothy. And then, after she’d done this over a number of nights he’d suggested that she do Toby.

She’d looked at the younger brother. And, what the hell? She got up and went over to his bed and lay back on it, pulling her jeans and panties down she spread her legs.

Toby saw cunt for the first time up-close. He’d once caught a glimpse of his mom’s but this one was shaven. And there was a tattoo near it. “Well?” Debbie had asked, “Aren’t you going to fuck me?”

“Go on!” Timothy had urged encouragingly

Toby got up and stood there nervously for a moment. Debbie was impatient and she sat up and pulled his pants down. “Wow” she said when she saw Toby’s cock

“I told you!” Timothy smiled

Toby’s was bigger than his older brother’s.

“Come on baby” Debbie said as she drew Toby down onto her

“Oooo” she sighed as he pushed up into her. She kicked her jeans off of her left leg and hooked it around behind his thighs.

“Oh…fuck” she gasped as she took all of him in.

Toby rode her a couple of times “Ohhhh” he sighed and suddenly came in her

“What the fuck!” Debbie howled in disappointment as Toby lay on her emptying his ball-juice into her.

“Get off” she said, pushing Toby. Toby pulled up off her and took another look at that beautiful place he’d been in. It looked ugly, red, open, wet—oozing white cream but it had felt so good.

He hastily did his pants back up and sat back at his desk.

Debbie sat up and ran her hand down over her snatch. She took some come in her hand and ate it. “Mmmm” she purred as she did.

“Well?” Timothy asked his brother

“That was amazing” he turned to Debbie “You… you were amazing”

She laughed as she scooped some more of his semen up and licked it, “And you were a major disappointment” she said, and began stroking her clit with her other hand.

She looked at Timothy “Do you want to do sloppy?”

“No way!” he laughed, “I’m not putting it then when you’re all juiced up from my brother!”

“Ohhh” she said disappointed.

Instead she scooted back so she had herself against the wall and she masturbated.

Toby never took his eyes off her.

“Ohhhh! Ohhhh!” she sighed as she teased her clit. Timothy had returned to his assignment on his desk.

Toby watched. He wished he was able to get hard again. He wanted to be in that soft slit so much.

But, she never invited him into her again. She continued to come over and fuck Timothy. She’d even taken it in the asshole in front of him.

Toby felt some revulsion when he saw the brown on his brother’s dick… and of course the smell.

At school he dreamed of fucking Lorna McMillan. She wasn’t as wanton as Debbie Felcher, but she was more attractive. But… there was her older brother Sam “Spike” McMillan.

Spike was the same age as Timothy. They were good pals. Both on the football team. Spike was an animal. He once leered at Toby like he was going to pound his head in. Timothy had told him that Spike was really quite nice… once you got to know him. Toby didn’t want to

He was scary.

And, he was protective of his sister. So much so that she was a virgin all through high school. No guy had the balls to go near her. Not to face the possibility of Spike’s fists.

When Timothy had gone off to college there was no need for Debbie to come around and he never got to see that wonderful snatch ever again.

He masturbated. Quite a lot. He thought of Debbie. Or, he thought of Lorna. Once he thought of doing Lorna and Debbie together. He masturbated his way through to summer break. And now, in summer break… more masturbation.

It came as a surprise when his mom called out to him

“Honey, there’s someone here to see you…”

Toby pulled his pants up. He had a hard-on, and so as he came down the stairs he walked awkwardly, to try and hid it. His mom was there smiling at the front door.

She then opened the door wider.

Spike stood there.

“Spike!” Toby gasped in a high pitch voice of panic. He immediately wondered what he’d done wrong.

He’d not seen Spike since the bully left school. He’d only heard about him through his brother—who still kept in contact with him. Spike’s grades weren’t enough to get him into college so instead he joined the police.

“Hi, pal” Spike smiled, friendly. This made Toby even more nervous.


“Aren’t you going to invite your friend in?” his mom smiled innocently.


“Thanks Mrs. Carmichael” Spike said as he pushed in through the door.

“What is it you want?”

“I’d like to talk to you…” Spike said, “If I can…”

“Er… sure… come into the lounge room”

“In private” he added


“You two go upstairs” Mrs. Carmichael smiled, not realising her son was sending her signals that he wanted Spike to be anywhere else, but in the house. He didn’t want Spike in the same zip code!

“Come this way” Toby said as he lead Spike up. Spike was close behind him, so close Toby could feel him breathing on his back.

Toby held the bedroom door open

Then realised he had porn on his computer. He raced over and turned the monitor off “You never saw that” he smiled weakly

“Of course” Spike said as he closed the bedroom door “No one wants to look at those filthy hoes”

“What?” Toby gasped

“Women… disgusting creatures” Spike said


“Ah… look” Spike said, “A pal of mine sent me this…” he said, producing a CD from his jacket pocket


“It doesn’t matter…” Spike said, “What matters is that you have a look at it”



“Why does it matter?”

“Are you kidding” Spike smiled, “This will change your life…”


“Just put it on…” Spike said, now displaying a little of the Spike that Toby knew.

“I’ve got to get out my old CD reader”

“I knew you’d have one…” Spike smiled, “My dad had one too.. so I was able to watch it…”

“What’s on it…” Toby asked as he shuffled through a cupboard

“Something that will change your life…”

“Ah” he said as he found it.

He plugged it in.

And then, there was the embarrassment to have to turn the computer monitor on

“Disgusting” Spike said and turned away from the monitor showing two women, one old and one younger licking each other’s pussies.

Firing it up, it took a moment to load. Toby picked up his headphones as the disc loaded.

There was a single file… a movie called “The Ring”

“This isn’t the horror movie?” he said loudly to Spike before he realised he had his headphones on.

“No…much better” Spike said

The video…A caption came on “The Ring” it said. Then, a warning.

“A warning?!”! Toby said to himself, feeling a little uneasy. He looked over his shoulder at Spike who’s eyes were wide and alert. He almost looked like he was salivating

“The contents of this film…” Toby began to read aloud as the text rolled up the screen “…will change your life. Do not proceed further. You have been warned…”

The screen went black and suddenly fuzzy/snowy, like a tv turned in to no channel at all.

Then it began to take shape; that of a man. He was naked

“What the fuck is Spike into” Toby said to himself. He’d never known Spike to be gay—in fact, like his brother he was always hot with the ladies.

The man in the video spoke “Welcome to my movie. You will have been warned. You have decided to proceed.” he continued as he moved up to the camera till only his limp cock could be seen “You must watch now” he said as he turned around.

He suddenly bent over, displaying his asshole “Look at my ring” he said “You must look at my ring”

Toby watched transfixed. He couldn’t take his eyes off the screen.

“You want my ring” the voice said, only now his anus seemed to mouth he words. It was smooth, and hairless, as if he’d shaved his asshole

“You want my ring” he said again. And again the asshole opened and closed as if mouthing the words itself

Then the video ended.

Toby was in a trance.

Spike leaned over and turned it off. He took Toby’s headphones from him and put them on the desk gently.

Toby noticed that Spike’s pants and undies were off.

He looked at Spike’s cock. Something about it… it was beautiful.

“Open your mouth” Spike whispered.

Toby did so. Spike took his cock and pushed it into Toby’s mouth.

“Suck it” Spike said

Toby felt it was wrong… but he did and then it felt good. He loved the texture of the hot hard flesh in his mouth.

He sucked it and licked it.

Spike took hold of Toby’s head and pulled him down harder onto his shaft.

Toby almost gagged

And then Spike erupted in his mouth. Toby tasted come. He loved it. He swallowed. More and more filled his mouth. And he drank it down

“Ahhhh” Spike sighed. Spike bent down and kissed him. Toby felt a thrill at the pressure of Spike’s mouth on his.

“Come” Spike said, guiding him up off of the chair. “You’ll want to do this now…” he said

Spike went over to the bed and lay down, on his stomach, with his legs hanging over the edge.

“Come” he urged

Toby gazed at the hairy ass and was rock hard.

“Fuck me” Spike said. “Fuck me in the ass”

Toby pulled his pants down and waddled over with them around his ankles. He leaned against Spike and pushed his cock between those firm buttocks.

He found Spike’s anus and he pushed into it.

It felt firm, but it opened reluctantly against his shaft as he pushed in deeper

“Oooo” Spike gasped as Toby pushed all the way into him

And this was not like Debbie. Toby didn’t come at once. He savoured the feeling of Spike’s rectum hugging his cock.

Spike’s flesh was sweet and warm to the touch.

Toby got into a rhythm

“Oh, yes” Spike purred, “Fuck my ass Toby!” he whimpered

Toby rode him and then, just as he began to climax he bent forward. Spike turned his head to the side and they kissed as Toby’s cock spewed hot sperm into Spike’s firm asshole

Toby pulled out, slowly, wanting to savour the feeling

“What did you think?” Spike asked as he rolled onto his side

“Fuck” Toby sighed.

Spike sat up and they kissed again. Spike took Toby’s cock in his hands and caressed it.

“You’re huge” he laughed. “But, over the next few days you’ll get bigger… AND…” Spike smiled, “You’ll be able to come more… much more..”

“What’s happened to us?”

“We’ve been changed” Spike said, “You, and I, and a lot of other guys in this town…”


“Yes…” Spike smiled, “You and I are part of a larger group now… of men who adore other men”

“Boys?” came the call of Toby’s mom

“We’re busy!” Toby snapped

“Fuck she’s annoying” Spike said

“There’s something about her… I …”

“She has a pussy”

“Yes, that’s it” Toby said, shivering, “I hate her…”

“Me and my dad…” Spike said, “We kicked my mom out”

“You and your dad?”

“Yes” Spike said… “When I ‘changed’ I showed my dad this and he is one of us now…”

“Did you fuck?”

“Yes” Spike smiled

Toby sighed. He knew Spike’s dad. The thought to the two men going at it made him smile. He only wished his dad was still alive.

“What happens now?” Toby asked

“We have to convert more” Spike said, “I want you to come with me now”

“Can’t we fuck again?” Toby sighed

“This is more important”

Mrs Carmichael heard the front door slam. She looked out the window to see Toby hug Spike as they rode down the road.

She thought it was odd… but perhaps it was just a ‘safety hold’?

They rode across town to the old Sampson Mill. There were cars parked there, and some bikes. Toby knew the place had closed and was surprised to see all the vehicles around.

Inside the large open space there were some mattresses and rugs. A number of guys were on these fucking each other. Toby stood transfixed. He recognised Connor, from his school, fucking the ass of an older gentleman. Connor looked up at him and smiled before driving his cock back into older anus. None of the guys cared that Toby was watching them.

“Come” Spike said.

He lead Toby up the stairs to the old manager’s office. Inside Todd sat at the manager’s desk. A younger man was sucking his cock.

“I’ve got a new recruit” Spike said as he held Toby’s hand

“Welcome, brother” Todd said as he was sucked off.

“This is Marc…” Spike said, introducing him to a young man who stood near-by, naked, masturbating as he watched Todd get fellatio

“Hi” Marc said. He drew up to Toby and they kissed. Toby enjoyed this, the passionate kiss of a total stranger.

Spike pulled his pants off and then looked at Toby as if to ask “What are you waiting for?”

Toby eagerly took his clothes off. Marc fell to his knees and began sucking the two cocks at once. Spike and Toby kissed as their cocks touched

Todd’s brother Jim came into the room already naked and immediately went over to Toby and slid up behind him.

Toby willingly allowed the stranger to caress him. He knew was was going to happen and it felt wonderful. Jim’s cock circled Toby’s anus and then plunged in

“Fuck!” Toby gasped and came in Marc’s hungry mouth. He grunted with joy as Jim rode him. It felt so good… Especially when he felt come pumping up into his rectum.

Later Todd had his growing army collect more discs. They spread out like missionaries to recruit more cock.

* * *

Timothy lay upon his girlfriend Helen in his dorm. Helen was a beautiful sophomore. She was appreciative of his ministrations. She bit his ear.

Suddenly there was a pounding on the door

Timothy was furious. He’d left a signal on the door handle to not be disturbed

“Go way” he yelled

More pounding

“Just ignore it” Helen said as she hooked her legs around him, wanting to hold him within her

“I’ll kill that fucker!” he said as he pulled out of his girlfriend

“This better be good” he said as he grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his body

“Toby?!?!” he gasped as he opened the door to see his younger brother

“Hi” Toby smiled

“Who is it?” Helen called

“It’s my brother”

Helen grabbed a sheet and pulled it up over her naked body

“Can I come in?”

“Er… yeah, sure”

Toby stopped when he saw Helen there

“Hi” she smiled

But, his eyes were filled with hate. He hated pussy. It made him ill. He looked at his brother… as if really annoyed. How could his brother dip his wick into ….that!

“What’s happening?” Timothy said “Why are you here?”

“I’ve something to show you…” he said, pulling a CD out from under his arm…

The End