The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


by Downing Street



Standing in the mall with her packages in one hand and her purse over her shoulder, Melody wondered where she should go next. There was something she needed to do with the phone. That could wait till later. Right now she was having too much fun with her new look. Every man that passed was turning to admire the foxy blonde in miniskirt and heels. Her golden bodyshirt glistened like her hair. It occurred to her, as she caught a glimpse of her reflection in a window, that some big, bright earrings would be just the thing to finish this look.

Right now though, there was something more immediate to take care off. The tingling in her panties was too insistent to be ignored. God I’m a horny bitch, she thought to herself as she hurried toward the toilets.

The public toilet was busy when Melody arrived. There were a number of girls and women busy by the sinks, fussing and combing and re-applying make-up. Cheerful conversation filled the air. The usual social reserve among strangers seemed to have dissolved. One cute teen in a school girl’s uniform was simply standing in one corner. She held a red cell phone by one ear. She was smiling blankly, eyelids drooping.

A patch of colour caught Melody’s eye as she passed. Someone had thrown a pair of panties in the rubbish bin. The newly made blonde made her way down the length of the room until she found an empty stall at the end. She entered, dropped her bags, closed and locked the door and sat down on the closed toilet. It wasn’t as private as she would have liked, but she needed relief. In a moment her skirt was up around her waist and her underthings were coming down. The new hose proved an obstacle. Once that was lowered a bit she could slip a hand down, through the wetness, and . . . oh sweet heavenly days that felt good!

Melody leaned back against the wall. She closed her eyes and let her fingers dance. She bit her lip, breathing through her mouth. “Mmmmmmmmmm, sooooo horny.” she murmured. This was intolerably lewd behaviour. She had things to do. She resolved to limit her indulgence to ten minutes at most.

Twenty-four minutes and three fast, terrific orgasms later, Melody finally stepped out of the cubicle. She felt much better. Her panties were soaked so she had pulled them off completely. She tossed them in the rubbish bin with the others.

She spent a long time in front of the mirrors, along with several other women of various ages, fussing with her suddenly blonde hair. Why had she gone to work wearing so little make-up? Someone groaned in one of the toilet stalls behind them. The girls at the sinks broke into fits of giggles.

Melody stepped back into the mall. It was getting into the evening. The after-dinner crowd was starting to build. That reminded Melody that she hadn’t had any dinner herself. Her mother would be beside herself. Guiltily, she used the little red cell phone to call home.

Her mother answered on the second ring. “Melody where are on earth are you? You’re dinner’s cold already! You told me you were coming right home!”

“Sorry, Mum, I’m still at the mall. I . . . uhm . . . haven’t taken the phone back yet (giggle).”

“You’ve been there for hours! You haven’t been shopping all this time have you? Remember you promised to try to save your money?”

“No, I haven’t been shopping (giggle). I mean, well, yes, I have been shopping (giggle) but not like, too much (giggle). I got my hair done!”

“Oh . . . you . . . just like that? What happened to your regular trim?”

“Well, I don’t know (giggle, giggle), it was sort of spur of the moment . . . I felt like a change. Hey Mum, I’m blonde now! (giggle!)”

Her mother’s voice grew serious. “Mel, are all right? You haven’t been drinking, have you?”


Though to be perfectly honest, Melody felt like she had been drinking. Or something. She felt euphoric. She felt sexy. She felt relaxed and content from three rounds of finger play in the loo. Her mother’s worry hardly dimmed the lazy grin on her face. Her Mum was saying something about how she should come home right away so she could see what she had done to her hair. A couple of guys went by at that moment and Melody lost interest.

“Bye Mum!“she cried, snapping the phone shut. She tossed it carelessly into her purse. She really did need a bite to eat. Walking slowly for the benefit of her admirers, she headed for the food court.

The telephone only rang once on her way. Melody answered, of course, and listened patiently to the voice that wasn’t there. A moment later she passed Struts, a shoe store that catered to the bold crowd.

It was unusually busy. A bustling knot of shoppers were poring over the racks of shoes and boots, often stopping to pick one up, or try some one. A shapely woman in a black business suit was sitting in one of the seats, being attended by a much younger shop clerk. She was sitting perfectly still. She was looking off into the distance, her head tilted to one side. After a moment Melody saw the red cell phone wedged against one ear. The pretty clerk was kneeling at her feet, lovingly guiding a pair of tall, leopard-print boots up her legs.

The food court wasn’t crowded now that the dinner hour was over. There was a line-up in front of the ice-cream stand, however. The server was a buxom young woman in tight white shorts and a white tube top. The top provided each customer with a spectacular view as she bent low over the tubs of ice cream to carefully fill their cones. Cold air from the freezer kept her nipples stiff. Everyone seemed to want two scoops.

Melody ordered something light from one of the fast-food outlets. She couldn’t help noticing that all three of the tittering teenage girls behind the counter had discarded their uniform pants in favour of short-shorts that essentially disappeared beneath the bright orange smocks they wore on top. In their dark mesh tights and heels, they looked like a trio of chorus girls. The single male server was grinning from ear to ear. All three girls had little red cell phones hanging somewhere.

Melody carried her plastic tray back to the seating area, looking for a place to show off. She noticed a cool-looking guy chatting with a girl her age. The remains of a burger-and-fries meal lay in front of them. The girl’s outfit of yellow tank top and blue denim mini was sexy but unremarkable, save for the tight black boots, slick on her legs to well over the knee. Melody watched as she leaned over, kissed her boyfriend briefly, then got up to go somewhere.

Melody checked her out coolly. She was way sexier than that chick. Sure the boots were nice, but Melody was confident they would look far better on her. She had a better figure too. Bigger tits. People were always telling her how attractive she was. Melody had never taken such compliments very seriously. That was silly. She had a dynamite bod and it was time the world knew it. In fact, maybe it was time she let that fellow know what he was missing.

She made her way to where he was now sitting alone. “Hi,” she said softly. “Mind if I join you for a moment?”

The man turned. He looked twenty-ish, with short brown hair and a trendy goatee. He gaped for a moment. “Well . . . I . . . I mean, I was just . . . oh, ok, sure, why not.” He half-rose and gestured toward the empty chair.

Melody smiled at him. She set her tray on the table. She grabbed the plastic chair and swung it around beside his. She sat down. “My name’s Melody. My friends call me Mel. What’s yours?” She crossed her knees deliberately.

“T-Tyler,” the fellow answered nervously. His eyes had been drinking in Melody’s blonde-haired beauty, especially the full curves of her breasts advertised by her slinky shirt. Now they darted downward to take in the rest of the view. “Uhm, listen, I—”

“Was that your girlfriend?” Melody interrupted. Her foot brushed his leg.

“Uhm . . . yeah . . . she went to get another drink, uhm, but . . . she’ll be right—”

Melody interrupted him gently. “She’s . . . cute,” she allowed. She made it sound as if she were being charitable. “And I think she’s really lucky.”

He flushed, nervous. “Gee, uhm, thank, thank you . . . Melody. But uhm, I’m not sure, uhm, she’d like me, like, talking . . .” He darted a nervous glance in the direction his girlfriend had gone.

She laid a hand on his shoulder. “Oh, is the gf keeping Tyler on a leash then? Doesn’t want you chatting up other girls, right? Especially if they’re pretty. You do think I’m pretty, don’t you? Tyler?” She leaned toward him as she spoke. Her voice became a soft, conspiratory whisper.

“Well, uhm, yes, sure, uhm Melody, but I don’t think—uhm!”

Melody’s right hand landed on his leg. “Do you like my hair? I got it permed today.” She shook her blonde locks for him. The action made her boobs bounce.

“Uhm, yes, very . . . very nice.” He brushed her hand away from his leg. She put it right back.

“Nice legs too, huh?” she coached him. She flexed her ankle, rubbing one shoe against his calf.

He swallowed, scanning Melody’s nylon-coated stems. “Mmmm-hmmmm,” he managed.

“Tyler honey, I think you’re hot,” she whispered in his ear. “I know we just met, but sometimes you can like, feel the connection, you know?” She let her hand drift up his leg. He squirmed.

“Please, m-miss,” he blurted


“Mel, please, you have got to get out of here. If my—”

“Yes, I know, you have to be good to your little girlyfriend. She is so lucky. I’d better go before she gets back.” Out of the corner of her eye she saw the booted babe in question approaching from across the food court. Her mouth was open in shock.

Melody giggled. This was too much fun. “But listen, Tyler, honey. If you ever, you know, find yourself free some time—” She drew a pen out of her purse as she spoke. She held his hand in one of hers, palm up. “Give me a ring. OK?” She wrote her cell phone number in big round digits across his hand. He stared, helpless to stop her, even as his girlfriend bore down on them menacingly.

“Gotta run now honey,” Melody purred, getting to her feet. She let her hand slide over his erection on the way by. She smoothed down her miniskirt, pursed her lips into a little kiss for the benefit of the girlfriend, picked up her tray and sauntered away. From the far side of the food court she watched as poor Tyler tried to explain himself to his angry, tearful girlfriend. God I’m a sexy bitch, she decided smugly. She wondered if Struts would have boots like hers.

Melody finished her supper quickly. The telephone rang twice. The first time it was her mother, yet again. Melody didn’t even bother to answer. That woman really needed to get a life. It was pretty obvious Mel wasn’t coming home for supper now, so why didn’t she let it go?

The second time was the unsurprising three-tone sound of the bad connection. Melody picked up the phone moodily. She had been considering another trip to the loo. Flirting with Tyler had her all worked up again. The dumb phone always rang at the wrong moment. Why did she bother answering when there was never anyone there?

She stopped with the phone halfway to her ear. She set it down. Why did she keep answering the telephone when it was always the same bad connection? Why did everyone?

It didn’t seem natural. She kept answering the telephone, hopeful every time, even though she had never had a real conversation result. It was as if the three-tone sound was Pavlov’s bell and she was one of his salivating dogs, conditioned to respond without thinking. What was the reward then? There was no sound on the phone except a little hiss and that far-off voice she could never be sure she was hearing.

The phone rang again. Ding-dong-ding. Melody looked at it, confused. Ding-dong-ding. Pick me up, it seemed to say, like a purring kitten. Melody didn’t move. Why did she want to answer it so badly?

She had an idea. Abruptly she picked up the phone and turned it off. The ringing stopped. She turned it on again and called Meghan.

The phone rang seven times. Then Meghan’s voice came on the line. “H’llo?”

“Meg? It’s Mel. I’m still at the mall. I’m wondering something about these new cell phones.”

“Thought . . . uhm . . . thought you were going to . . . take yours back . . .” She sounded out of breath.

“Well, that’s the thing, you see. I was going to take it back, but it seems like every time I try I—Are you all right?” She could hear Meghan’s heavy breathing on the phone.

“Mmmm? Oh, yes, sure I’m fine Mel, really . . . unh! f-fine, but listen, could we, uhm, could we, talk a little later?”

“If you want to, but—”

“Y’see, it’s just that, oh oh! I’m a little . . . mmmmm . . . busy right now, and like, Don’s coming over and—”

“I thought your date wasn’t until Friday!”

“Yeah, I, I know, but like, I . . . I need . . . ohhhh, I mean I didn’t want to . . . wait, s-so I hmmmmm, called him up and now he’s coming over so we can . . . we can . . . oh! oh yes! oh! TALK!” The last word came out as a breathless gasp.

Melody stared at the tiny red phone in shock. There was no doubt in her mind that Meghan was in her bedroom, frigging herself silly while she talked on the telephone. She brushed back a lock of blonde hair. She could imagine pretty Meghan, supine on her rumpled bed, wearing nothing but a few scraps of underwear, one hand holding the tiny phone to her ear, the other . . . . She closed her eyes for a moment. She had seen Meghan in her underwear, in the change room at the gym. She favoured pink.

Melody squirmed. Another trip to the loo was becoming urgent. “I’ll talk to you later, Meg,” she said into the phone. She pushed the button to break the connection.

Immediately the phone rang. Melody listened to the three soft tones. She almost answered it on reflex. Instead she put it down on the table and looked at it. The tones played again, like a patient suitor ringing the doorbell, waiting for his sweetheart to emerge. Melody wavered, undecided.

The ring was insistent. Ding-dong-ding. She should have taken the cell phone back right away, Melody scolded herself. She should have demanded her money back. She would do that, right now, no more delays. She would take it right back to the kiosk where she got it and tell that hunky guy she didn’t want his weird little phone.

A woman walking by caught her attention. She was wearing soft, fur-topped boots. Melody recognized her as the woman she had seen before, sitting on a bench outside the hairstylist’s shop. She looked different. Her crop-top and jeans were gone. Instead she was wearing what looked like a black leotard and shiny black leggings, covered only by a short red jacket. Her legs looked slick and long and curvy from the top of the flamboyant boots to the edge of her jacket, about an inch below the bottom of her asscheeks. The woman was ambling along, big shopping bag over one shoulder, looking as if she hadn’t a care in the world.

Melody’s phone warbled gently: three little notes. She looked down at it, then at the provocatively dressed babe strutting away down the mall. Her hand twitched. What was going on here? Why did the phone keep ringing like this? It didn’t seem right to not answer it.

It kept ringing. Ding-dong-ding. Melody twitched in her seat. A man at another table looked at her curiously. She shouldn’t answer it. There was something going on here. Something wasn’t right.


Melody picked up the phone and flipped it open fiercely. “Look,” she cried, “What is going on? What are you doing? Hello? Is anyone there?”

She listened for a moment. Nothing but the soft hiss of static, like the sound of a river in the distance. “Hey!” she said, louder this time. “I’m talking to you! Can’t you hear me? What . . .”

Again no response. The phone hissed softly in her ear. There was a voice? No. Yes. There, right there . . . no, that was . . . . “Is anyone there?” she asked again. “Can you hear me?”

Soft static in her ear.

“Talk to me! I’ve go to . . .”

No answer. She listened long enough to be sure.

She closed the phone. She tossed it back in her purse. She decided to get rid of it once and forever, right now. She got up, picked up her packages and headed off for the kiosk. No more delays! She might look at some earrings on the way there, but that was all.

Melody did find some earrings she liked on her way to return the phone. They were long, silvery things that dangled like glittering garlands almost to her shoulders. It took her quite a while to choose the right ones.

She also found a few moments to refresh her wardrobe. She replaced her denim mini with a red cotton one, with big, baby-blue buttons down the front. The new skirt was an inch or two shorter. The buttons on her miniskirt matched her baby blue mesh top and her baby blue platform slides with the exaggerated acrylic heels, courtesy of Struts.

Melody picked up a number of other outfits while she was about it. Her charge cards were practically smoking. Fortunately, many of the stores had suddenly decided to offer deep discounts on all their sexiest stuff. She also found one that offered a delivery service: very handy, that.

She shuffled carefully down the mall. Walking in these shoes was a kind of erotic art. Her new heels were higher than anything she had worn before. Every step had to be slow and deliberate.

Melody didn’t care. She was on top of the world. She had never felt so hot, so womanly. She was a blonde, bitchin’ babe ready to take on the world. She glanced at her watch as she made her lazy way down the corridor. Her blue acrylic heels clicked musically with each step.

It was getting late; the mall would be closing soon. Melody had hoped to find time for another fling in the ladies room; shopping for sexy clothes had turned her on something ferocious. As she wiggled past an appliance store, she suddenly had a better idea.

The store sold stereos and televisions and such. Unlike the bustling clothing stores, it was nearly empty. Perfect. The instant she walked through the door a salesman came rushing over. “May I help you?” he asked. His eyes swept hungrily up and down Melody’s sensational figure.

Melody looked him over. He was handsome, in a dark suit. “I’m looking for something,” she told him. “It’s a special kind of . . .. gadget. Will you help me find it?”

“Of course, of course. What exactly were you looking for?”

“It’s in the back,” the blonde honey explained. “Let’s go find it.” She wrapped both of her arms around one of his. She led him firmly toward the back of the store. She wore elbow-length red mesh armlets that matched her thigh-riding miniskirt. Another clerk stared at them as they went by.

Melody could hear her own heartbeat as she guided her willing host to the back of the store. She found a little alcove created by stacked boxes of DVD players. It would do nicely. “Over here,” she urged.

“Uh, but miss, what—”

“Oops, (giggle) I forgot. My name’s Melody. Call me Mel. I like your tie.” She was still holding his arm.

“Uhm, well, thank you, uh, Mel, but what exactly were you . . .”

She turned to face him, very close. She made sure he could smell the new perfume wafting up from her cleavage. “I’m looking for a remote control,” she said softly. “A good size one that fits right in my hand.” She lifted one knee and stroked her leg up and down his.

“But, but those are . . . on the other . . . what . . .” She kissed him then, mostly to shut him up. Couldn’t he see what she was here for? He protested weakly as her full lips slid over his. Melody knew he didn’t mean it. No man could turn her down. She was too hot to resist, even if they were semi-public in a large suburban shopping mall. She slipped one hand around his neck and held him while her tongue and lips danced with his, slowly and sensuously.

“I think I’ve found what I need right here,” she whispered, when they separated a moment. She had one hand on his crotch.

The salesman made a little squeaking sound. Melody was already sliding down his zipper. She slipped a hand inside as she gracefully lowered herself to her knees in front of him. Halfway down she fell off her preposterous platform slides and tumbled onto the carpet, giggling. She kept her hand on the treasure though.

A moment later her deft fingers brought his cock out into the light. He was already stiffening just from being near her. She stroked him lovingly, while she gazed at his twitching member like it was a kitten she wanted to take home. She leaned forward and licked him teasingly with her tongue.

The man jumped. “Oh god oh god oh god,” he babbled, doing nothing to stop her. “Baby you are so friggin’ gorgeous, I can’t believe you—ah!” He became instantly inarticulate as Melody’s red-glossed lips kissed his cock gingerly. Then she pressed forward to swallow him inch by rigid inch.

Mmmmmmm, now this is what I needed, Melody thought dreamily as she began to bob up and down on the warm, hard shaft in her mouth. There was nothing like a good stiffie to make a girl feel alive. She worked her lips artfully up and down his shaft. One hand stroked him in unison below her lips, while the other slipped downward to knead her own breasts through the sexy mesh top. The incoherent grunts and cries of encouragement from above became louder and faster as she gradually increased the tempo of her sucking.

Suddenly he gasped. “Oh fuck there’s a customer!” His head and shoulders were exposed above the stacks of equipment.

Melody slipped off his pecker for a moment. Her hand was still busy. “Come on down here then,” she whispered. “Your partner can take care of the customer. Hurry, baby!”

The man more or less collapsed onto the floor beside her, until he was flopped against a stack of DVD players with his legs out in front of him and his spit-slick staff standing up like a joystick. Immediately Melody crawled between his outstretched legs. She lowered her head onto his cock again. The man groaned. Bright blonde hair bounced around his crotch as Melody thrust up and down. Her aerobicized ass lifted in the air and her six-inch, baby-blue heels extended outward behind her. He flopped a hand limply onto the top of her head, urging her deeper with every downstroke. His eyes rolled back in his head as Melody worked him expertly toward his peak.

“Kyle, what the—what are you doing“ another voice whispered. The other clerk must have disposed of the customer because he was standing behind them now, staring in awe.

Kyle replied like a man on strong drugs. “I, I couldn’t stop—I mean, she’s so, oh god, what was I supposed—Melody you’re an angel!”

“Sweet heaven,” breathed the other man.

Melody interrupted again long enough to look over her shoulder. “Hey handsome,” she cooed. “Why don’t you get some too?” She wiggled her ass at him. She knew her tight red miniskirt was riding up over her ass. She had ditched her new pantyhose in favour of a pair of ass-baring scanty-hose with red seams down the back. She had replaced her discarded panties with delicate French-cut ones of baby-blue lace. The view before the salesman was a slice of heaven.

Melody returned to her business of sucking Kyle’s brains out through his cock. She heard rustling sounds behind her. A moment later a pair of gentle hand landed on her asscheeks. “I’m going to get sacked for this,” the man moaned. He apparently had slid up behind her on his knees. “I’m going to—oh fuck it’s worth it!”

Melody felt him fumble with her lacy panties. They were as wet as the old ones. A moment later she felt his cock pressing against her pussy lips, softly at first, then more firmly as he leaned forward and pressed himself against her. Melody pushed her haunches back and her wet pussy almost sucked him into her. She heard him groan with ardour.

Melody was overjoyed. What could possibly be better than being fucked by a nice hard cock, except taking two at the same time? She bounced back and forth between them, sliding her lips off Kyle while her cunny bore down on his partner (she didn’t even know his name!), then rolling forward to bury her nose in Kyle’s crotch again. Her body thrilled with sensation. She was hot and panting through her nose. Sexual release was building deep within her like magma roiling below a steaming volcano.

Kyle came first. He stiffened, crying out. His back arched, threatening to topple a pile of boxes. His eyes closed as he spat his load into Melody’s receptive cheeks. Melody swallowed and kept sucking, draining him completely, prolonging his pleasure and her own. A few moments later his nameless partner ejaculated in her pussy with a cry of release that must have turned heads in the mall. Somewhere in the midst of this communal coming, Melody’s own orgasm swept her away like a whirlwind.

When they were done, they lay on the floor in a tangle, gasping for breath. Melody pulled off her wet panties completely. “Let me, let me clean you up a little, ‘K?” she said to her rear lover, whose name turned out to be Patrick. She used the panties to clean him off. Unexpectedly, this action produced a renewed stiffness, especially after Melody impulsively began using her lips in place of her panties. That act in turn led quickly to a second go-round on the floor, this time with Melody riding Kyle backwards while she sucked off Patrick. Melody came twice before the boys even finished.

When they were all done, Melody was the proud owner of a rather pricey DVD player.

The bodacious blonde stumbled out into the hall, feeling relaxed and happy. She was pantyless again. She found her way quickly to a lavatory—as quickly as her super-heeled platforms would permit, anyway—and fixed her hair and make-up. She carefully adjusted her new hose. Good thing the floor of the stereo shop was carpeted. The washroom was full of women fussing and primping and admiring themselves. From the groans and sighs around her it was obvious that at least three other women were frigging themselves in the toilet stalls. Two of them were in the same stall. A pair of new-looking sport shoes lay discarded in one corner, atop a shoe box from Struts. A bra was hanging out of the waste bin.

Melody hurried back to the mall. She passed a young couple making out in the back corridor. The girl, a slender, long-haired looker, was leaning against the wall, one knee bent to rest her boot-heel against the bricks, and her arms around his neck. He was leaning over her with both hands on the back of her ripped-hem denim miniskirt. They had been there when she went into the lavatory too.

“Hey,” Melody heard the fellow whisper as she wobbled by, “thought you wanted to go see a flick.”

She shrugged. (Kiss) “We’ll catch (kiss, kiss) late showing (kiss),” she replied, before burying her lips on his again. She was wearing a little red cell phone around her left wrist like a bracelet.

Melody looked at her watch. The mall would be closing soon. She still had to do something. What was it? Something to do with her cell phone. She had to go to the cell phone place, that was it. She turned toward the escalators. She fluffed her hair as she walked.

The temporary kiosk was where she remembered it. There were a couple of guys manning the booth. A big sign above them red “MC Cellular Service—Free Trials.” Melody was happy to see that the Total Hottie who had given her the cell phone was still there.

He was finishing up with another customer. A pretty, thirtysomething woman in a stretchy pink microdress and high-heeled, pink suede boots was leaning lazily against the counter, letting the fabric of her short dress strain over her ass. “If there’s anything I can do in return, give me a call. You have the number.” She traced one finger teasingly over the back of his hand. “Evenings are best. My husband works shifts.”

Melody watched the woman saunter away. She had a contented, vapid look on her face. That was more or less how Melody felt. She wondered where she got those pretty boots. “May I help you?” said the man in the booth.

She turned to him. He was even better looking than she remembered, almost gracefully slender. The thick glasses gave him an intellectual look. He was looking her over brazenly. She liked that.

“It’s like, about this phone,” she said. “Oh, where is it now?” She giggled, then dove into her purse again for her little cell phone. The purse was crowded with store receipts. “This one.” She smiled at him, dangling the cellular phone by its cord.

He smiled back. “I see. And when did you get this phone?”

“Oh, I don’t know (giggle). It was like, maybe three days ago?” Melody realized she was sounding kind of ditsy. She couldn’t help it. The guy was cute! “You gave it to me, too. Don’t you remember me?” She pouted at him, sliding one foot forward.

He grinned. “What’s your name?”

She gave him her full name. “What’s yours?” she asked, still flirting.

“Zackery,” he replied. “Now let me look you up.” He typed efficiently on a computer. “Oh yes, here you are. Three days, yup. Should be about right.” He looked over at her, clearly approving of her outfit. “What seems to be the trouble?”

Trouble? Trouble with her phone? Melody frowned for a moment. There was something . . . funny about the phone. . . wasn’t there? “Uhm,” she said after a pause. “It’s nice, really (giggle). Convenient like. Good, like, reception (giggle). There’s just . . ..”

Darn it, what was it she wanted to say? There was something about the phone . . . if Mr. Hot Dude would stop looking at her like that, making her get all fluttery in the stomach, maybe she could think.

“Perhaps you wanted to sign up for one of our plans?” he suggested.

That had to be it! “Oh, OK!” she blurted. “It’s a nice phone.” She giggled again, making her titties bounce.

“Great. Listen, Melody,” he continued, his eyes drifting down her provocative outfit again, “why don’t you come around to the back and we can discuss which plan is best for you. Privately”.

Melody really liked where this conversation was going. She tossed back her long blonde hair. “Sure thing, hon. I’d love to see all your . . . options.” She shifted her weight slowly from one side to the other, letting her hips sway back and forth.

She was getting to him, she could tell. God this was going to be fun. What was he saying now?

“ . . . with every sign up, we’ll provide a free phone to a friend or relative for three months. Great legs—I mean, great deal, huh? Why don’t you step through here?” He opened a door in the side of the booth. There was a comfortably appointed room in the back, complete with a rather large sofa.

Melody stepped into the back room. “Can I give the phone to like, anybody?” she asked. She was standing very close to him. She toyed with his tie.

“Of c-course.”

“Well, I think my mommy would really like one of your gorgeous little phones. She is soooo uptight.” She pressed her body against his.

He put an arm around her. “Come on, I’ll show you where to sign.”

Melody sat down on the big sofa and crossed her knees. She leaned back comfortably, letting her skirt slide even higher up her thighs. She smiled as the man from the phone company closed the door behind her.