The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Title: The Rise of the Veritas

Part 4

Earth Date: 7th Nov 2238

Log: Agent Amanda Forrester

Location: Planet Verius VI

I have managed to gather more information on the abilities of the Mind-Runners. From what I heard from some of the men in Earth Return, it seems that Mind-Runners have the power to transmit emotions. According to them, they could sense the emotions of the Mind-Runners and the Mind-Runners can understand their emotions as well. If true, this means that the Mind-Runners not only have telepathy, they have empathy as well.

This could be why Agent Smith was unable to prevent them from discovering the fact that he was a Federation agent despite all the mental training we went through. The Mind-Runners may have scanned his emotions as well as his mind during orientation. We knew that the Mind-Runners could scan the mind of male humans but not the fact that they can scan our emotions as well. This new (to the Federation at least) power of the Mind-Runners leave me to wonder if we could ever risk sending another male agent to Verius VI ever again.

Although I do not have first-hand knowledge of their powers, it seems clear that women are immune to their powers. One propaganda video shown during orientation made it clear to all the women that telepathic contact with Mind-Runners result in extreme pain for the woman. As woman can avoid the Mind-Runners’ powers, I would recommend that only female agents be sent to Verius VI in the future.

However the people of Earth Return are not fools. Although all the men were ‘passed clean’ by the Mind-Runners, they realized that they could have missed a few female agents. For security, no women are allowed to be in the Communication Capsule without a male supervisor present and no women are allowed to have a senior position in the communication department. I am sending this message via the separate Comm. Signal Device I bought for this mission and with security at the Communication Capsule being so tight, I recommend that all future agents sent be equipped with a C.S.D as well.

The last thing I wish to mention is that I noticed some of the younger generation in Restart, especially those born on the planet, have taken to imitating some of the Mind-Runners’ culture and beliefs. This group is small but it is another sign that Earth Return has taken up alien culture and is slowly losing their pure human heritage.

I will try my best to stem this tide.