The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Rocket’s Red Glare

by J. Darksong

Crouching atop the roof of the Hilton Hotel, Bethany Van Hoffe peered anxiously through her special goggles, scanning the Braxton Technologies building directly across from her, alert for any sign of an errant heat signature or unexplained motion. Several other hi-tech companies had been hit during the past month, usually at night on the weekend, and since it was late Friday night, and the company owned by Braxton Van Hoffe was one of the few places not hit, it was a safe bet that tonight would be the night.

She sighed deeply, taking a drink of hot chocolate from her thermos, slapping the soles of her boots lightly against the roof to keep the circulation going. That damned burglar had better show up, she snarled inwardly. Second game of the playoffs, and I called in sick to stay behind on stake out. And yeah, the cheer squad can manage without me for one night... but that bitch Cindy is always looking for the slightest chance of taking my place as captain! She scowled, clenching her thermos tight enough to almost buckle the metal. If this clown doesn’t show, I am gonna be, like, so totally pissed!

Not that it was the burglar’s fault she was having a shitty day. She’d slept through her alarm, then, in a rush, had spilled strawberry jam onto her blouse during breakfast. Which meant she had to change it, and of course, had to change her pants as well—proper color coordination was key, after all. Already behind, she’d ran out to her car, and backed into the mailbox leaving the driveway, denting the back fender of her brand new BMW. Things had gone steadily downhill from there.

In fact, truth be told, the only real enjoyment the seventeen year old felt these days was in the unbridled freedom she felt when leaping across rooftops, taking down criminals, and making the city streets a little bit safer. Bethany Van Hoffe’s world may have revolved around fashion, and popularity, and cheerleading, but as Red Rocket, she lived in the real world, the dirty, unpolished, nitty-gritty world that the classmates of her private school never even knew existed. And speaking of which...

“Aha! Gotcha,” Bethany crowed softly, locking in on a human sized heat signature moving slowly down the side of the building. Deactivating thermal imaging mode, she switched her goggles to night vision, and zoomed in on the burglar just as he slipped deftly through a window into the building. Damn. Whoever he is, he’s fast. And no alarms... he must have cut the power to the alarm box on the roof. Guess I’d better get going before he makes it all the way to the main research floor. Taking aim with the pneumatic piton launchers in her gloves, she fired off a shot, hooking into the side of the building. A second shot anchored into the roof on which she stood, creating a zip line. Lifting her goggles, sliding her red domino mask over her face, Red Rocket leapt into action, swinging down after the thief that dared to commit a crime on her watch.

* * *

Tabitha Coleman paused, going completely still, her ears twitching slightly. A small muffled noise, the barest hint of a sound, had come from back behind her. She knew it could be nothing more than the building settling, or the air conditioning kicking on, or any of a hundred different sounds one might hear in an empty building at night. Of course, considering the fact that she was in River City, and considering her line of work—thievery—the chances were also likely that the sound she’d heard signaled the approach of one the city’s many costumed do-gooder types, coming in to crash her party. Sighing inwardly, Manx decided to air on the side of caution, and, leaping up into to the ceiling, she hid, pushing the ceiling tile back down to hide her egress, leaving just enough of a crack to peer down at her would-be opponent.

Sure enough, moments later, a young, short, red-haired, scarlet clad girl stole down the hallway, clutching a long crimson baton in her hands. Manx smiled, barely managing to hold back the laughter, as she recognized the costume almost immediately. Well, well, well! Red Rocket, the little rookie crime fighter trying so hard to make a name for herself. And here I was all worried that I would be facing someone tough! This, however, should be fun.

* * *

Rocket scowled, glancing around the dark empty hallway, wondering where the prowler could have gone. I swear, I was, like, right behind him just a second ago! Where could he have gone? Or, is he hiding somewhere, waiting to try and ambush me? She slid a hand up to her goggles, activating thermal imaging mode again, then grimaced. No good. The heat’s running on this floor, and with all the electronics and shit in the walls and ceiling, I can’t tell if anyone’s in here or not. Shit... I guess at this point I should take a chance and light up the area a bit. If he’s here, I’ll see him for sure. And if he’s not... well, at least I’ll be able to see where the hell I’m going.

Raising a gloved hand aloft, she channeled her power, creating a softly glowing red ember of light, which grew slowly brighter and brighter, until the entire room was illuminated in a deep red hue. Her one and only power—to produce her little red fireworks of light—harmless, of course, but very effective if used properly. Able to control the intensity at will, she regularly employed them as ‘flashbangs’, using them to stun her adversaries, then beat them into submission with her baton. And in the rare cases where the criminals proved more resilient, all her exercise and training on the cheer squad certainly came in handy.

Glancing around the room, and the hallway, she sighed, shaking her head. “Damn. I lost him,” she said aloud. “I don’t get it. Where the hell did he go?”

“’He’ didn’t go anywhere, my dear,” Manx said lighting, dropping down from the ceiling, startling her. “I, on the other hand, have been here the entire time, just watching you. I have to say, Ms. Rocket, your reputation precedes you, but you haven’t exactly impressed me with your detective skills so far.”

“Shit! You’re a woman?” Bethany gasped in shock, gaping at the costumed cat burglar. Manx sighed dramatically, shaking her head.

“I take it all back,” she stated in deadpan humor. “You figured out that I’m a woman, and in record time, too. You MUST be the world’s greatest detective!”

Red Rocket blinked, then scowled. “I didn’t mean... I meant... SHADDUP! Who the hell are you, and what do you think you’re doing in here?” she asked, trying to regain a sense of authority.

“Me? Why, I was just taking a little stroll, getting a little night air, but started to get a chill, and thought I’d come warm myself inside the nice comfy office building,” she replied with a grin. “As for the name... you can call me Manx.”

“Manx?” Rocket gasped, holding her baton out in front of her like a sword. “The infamous cat burglar. Huh... should have known from that crazy getup you’re wearing. But, like... what are you doing here? You’re supposed to be locked up!” The cat girl shrugged.

“I got out on good behavior,” she said easily, raising both hands high, stretching, then slid them down the length of her body. “That dank dreary little cell was soooo small and cramped! No place for a wildcat like myself to be kept. I prefer the wide open spaces, to come and go as I please.”

“Yeah? Then you should choose another profession,” Rocket said grimly. “I’m going to have to take you in. Manx. I’ve caught you red handed.”

“Oh? Doing what, exactly?” Manx said idly, toying with her prey, her left hand lightly tapping the small pouch on the side of her belt. “Loitering? Puh-leese. The best you could get would be breaking and entering, and, if you notice, I didn’t break anything. I simply slid in through a crack in the partially opened window. The same window you came through, I might add.” She smirked, wiggling her hips slightly. “Maybe I should arrest you for breaking and entering, Rocketgirl? After all, maybe it was YOU who entered first, and I followed behind to see what you were up to!“

“Th... that’s ridiculous!” Bethany protested, angrily. “I wouldn’t rob my own fa... ah, um... I mean,” she backpedaled rapidly, barely managing to keep from outing herself. “I’m the heroine here, and you’re the criminal! Five major technology companies have been robbed in as many weeks, despite their high tech security, and now, suddenly, you show up here, at one of the only places not hit yet! Coincidence? I think not!”

Unable to help herself any longer, Manx broke out into laughter. “Hahahahaa... oh my, oh my... I’m sorry... hehehe... I can’t believe you said all that... hehehe. with a straight face! ‘Coincidence? I think not!’ " she mimicked, giggling again. “Oh, sweetie, you are just too precious. I’d love to stick around and ‘banter’” she said, making quotes with her fingers, “but I do have a job to do.” She moved to walk around the heroine, only to jerk back as Bethany extended her baton, barring her way. Manx scowled. “Oh, honey... do you really want to do this? I’m an old hand at this sort of thing, and you’re just a rookie. First time we met, I took down Luminaire, kid... and trust me, you’re no Luminaire!”

Bethany bristled. Being compared to the girl that was, secretly, her idol and inspiration, was always a sore spot for her. The blonde buxom heroine was about her age, maybe a year or so older, and had similar light powers, although hers were quite a bit more powerful... and unlike Bethany, SHE could fly, which was, like, the best power ever! Still, she’d taken out lots of criminals in the past year as Red Rocket, using only the meager talents at her disposal. She’d earned some respect and appreciation. And yet, she still always seemed to end up being compared to Luminaire!

“I am so sick,” she yelled, lashing out with her baton, forcing the cat girl back, “of being compared,” swinging wildly now, forcing the thief to dodge and duck quickly, “to Luminaire!” Manx leapt high, diving over Rocket, before sprinting down the hallway, heading towards the stairwell. “Oh no you don’t!” Bethany yelled, running after her, grabbing onto the railing, leaping forward, showing her own agility my swinging nimbly from rail to rail, dropping down on the landing just a few steps behind the quick footed cat.

Hmmm... not bad, Manx assessed with a grin. Her alterego’s either a gymnast or a cheerleader. Either way, this kid is just too much fun to pass up. I let that blonde brat go because my employers insisted... but since I’m pulling this job on my own time, there’s no one to complain if I bring home an extra ‘prize’ for myself Deciding then and there, she turned sharply to the left, and entered an empty office.

“Ah, gotcha!” Red Rocket said with glee, following right on her heels. Slipping inside the darkened room, she pulled the door tight behind her, locking it. “Give it up, Manx! You’re trapped. This room has only one entrance and one exit... and I’m standing right in front of it.” No response. “Manx? I know you’re in here somewhere!” Still no response. Growling, her anger getting the better of her, she raised both hands, pointing into the room. “Fine, you wanna play that way,” she said with an edge, “let’s see how you like this’! FLASHBANG!”

A blinding red flash exploded from her hands, lighting up the room brighter than daylight. At the same time, Manx, her eyes tightly closed, moved, tossing the object clutched tightly in her hand directly at her adversary. Bethany, expecting the cat burglar to be stunned and disoriented, gasped, caught completely off guard as the small pellet struck her in the chest, exploding into a cloud of dark sparkling grey powder. She coughed slightly, waving a hand to disperse the cloud. Shit... what the hell was that? Did she try and drug me or something? Shaking her head to clear it, she opened her eyes, rubbing the grit from her lashes, only to blink.. and blink again. Her eyes widened, and she stared in rapture at the spinning, sparkling red flare hovering in the air in the middle of the room.

Ohhhh... wow... that’s really... pretty, she thought fuzzily, staring at the sparkly entrancing light. I never really... thought about... how... pretty... my lights... are...

Manx chuckled softly, sliding off her plastic kitty kat mask. Her eyes still stung and watered a bit from the flash effect, even with her eyes closed, but her slit pupiled eyes had adapted nicely. “Tsk, tsk, tsk,” she cooed softly, sauntering up to the spellbound heroine. “It’s amazing what a little careful planning and preparedness can do! A little Icarus powder, and your own power becomes your greatest weakness.” She shook her head in mock sympathy. “Hypnotized by your own lights. So sad... but don’t feel too bad. In a way you were right—you ARE just like Luminaire. After all, she fell into the same trap herself at our first meeting.”

“Hyp... notized? By my... own... lights?” Bethany groaned softly, her eyes fluttering. Something was wrong. She was supposed to be doing... something. Fighting... someone. Someone bad. Hypnotized... that was bad, right? She needed to... needed to... She didn’t know WHAT she needed to do, exactly, it was so hard to remember when that sparkling sparkling light kept pulling her attention, and her thoughts away. She struggled to think... it was important... very important... that she do... something! She just couldn’t quite make the thought form...

“Ah, poor dear,” a soft melodic voice whispered in her ear. “I can see you shuddering. You’re trying to think... trying so very hard to think... to remember something... a very important something.” Tabitha licked her lips; she remembered the feeling all too well, having experienced it herself firsthand. “It’s like trying to hold sand... your thoughts just keep drifting away... out of reach.. before you can latch onto them. And the harder you try... the harder it gets... so hard, so tiring... trying to think. It would be so much easier... just to stop trying... to let someone else think for you... so you can just relax and look at the light.”

She was right. Bethany realized dimly. It was so hard to try and think and remember... whatever the hell it was. And she was tired... so very tired... and it so much easier to just let go... and focus on the shiny sparkling light. A soft sigh escaped her lips as she gave in, letting her mind and body relax.

“Good girl,” Manx cooed softly in her ear, running her hands along the unresisting girl’s soft pliant body. “So much better not to think... to just relax, and listen to my wonderful, soft soothing voice... let my voice think for you... let it do all the hard work while you just relax and stare deep into those pretty pretty lights.” A soft smile crept along the entrance heroine’s lips, and a slight blush crept into her cheeks as Manx’ hands slid over her breasts. Manx noticed, and increased her ministrations.

“Good girl,” she commented again, finally finding the hidden catch to the girl’s uniform, slowly unzipping it, revealing soft lightly freckled skin. Newly freed breasts virtually exploded from their confinement, her hard raised nipples a true testament to her arousal. And Manx intended to utilize it to the fullest.

“There,” she whispered softly, moving around in front of Bethany, careful not to block her view. Kneeling slightly, she began lightly sucking and nibbling on the entranced girl’s breasts. “That’s much better, isn’t it?,” she said extending her tongue, licking peaking nipples, feeling them grow even harder. “Yes...lick listening to my voice... lick letting it guide you, lick lead you... lick makes you feel lick soooo very good!“

Bethany was panting heavily now, her eyelids fluttering as her brain’s pleasure centers neared overload. Between the euphoric effects of the Icarus dust, and her adversary’s talented tongue lashing, it was all she could do to stay standing—without Manx’ strong arms around her waist, she would have collapsed to the floor. The few sexual encounters she had with boyfriends she’d dated in school had been rough, rushed, fumbling affairs, nothing at all like the focused attention she was receiving now. Had she been capable of conscious thought, she might have protested the fact that that pleasure came from another woman, and a wanted criminal at that. As it was, she was heading for the orgasm of her life, and if the voice whispering in her ear and inside her head made it happen, then she could care less about the details.

Tabby herself was nearly breathless with arousal, having experienced this from both sides. It was getting harder to restrain herself, to keep her mind focused on the task at hand and off her own purring little ‘kitty’. Red Rocket was nearly gone, nearly hers for the taking... but she still needed to move carefully. She didn’t want to accidentally jar the girl out of her trance. Costumed vigilantes of this sort had a nasty habit of pulling off a last second upset and snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. And the last thing she wanted was to let her prey escape... or worse, end up back in a damp, dark, tiny cramped jail cell again.

“You’re doing so well, sweetie,” she purred, sliding the girl’s costume down even more, revealing a pair of lacy red silk panties, noticeably stained with wetness. She ran a gloved finger lightly across the fabric, and felt the girl in her arms shudder again. “Mmmm... you’re so very relaxed now... your mind so full of pleasure... and so completely empty of thoughts... any thoughts... but the ones my wonderful soothing voice gives you. You are soooo wet, sweetie... so fucking wet... so needy... so ready to cum... and so close, so very very close...” She paused, withdrawing her questing fingers away, enjoying the pleading whining moan that escaped Rocket’s lips in protest. “Now, now, sweetie,” she chided gently, leaning forward to kiss and lick nipple, keeping her prey on edge, “i know what you want. I know what you need. And... I can give it to you. Remember—my voice makes you feel good. And my voice can give you the release you desire as well... it can make you cum like you’ve never cum before.” Her expression turned wicked. “And all you need to do is agree to obey my voice... to do exactly what I say... without thought, without will, without resistance... will you do that for me, sweetie? Tell me now, dear.“

It took a moment for Bethany to comprehend that she was being asked a question, let alone what she was being asked. Her Words... my thoughts... need to cum... need to cum... her Voice can make me cum... just need to obey... obey the voice... without thought... let me cum... please... god let me cuuummm...

Aloud, she managed a strangled “Yeess... pleeaaseee...” before slipping back into incoherent moaning and groaning once more. Manx merely smiled. This was just the answer she’d been waiting for. Her fingers returned to Bethany’s desperately needy pussy, pushing aside her thoroughly soaked panties and delving deep into her core. At the same time, she whispered a single word, an irresistible command that she was helpless to resist obeying.


Cum she did. Bethany’s eyes went wide and sightless, rolling back up into her head, and her toes curled up tight inside her boots. A ragged, breathy scream tore from her lungs as her body went rigid, shuddering wildly in the depths of her pleasure, the small spinning flare pulsing rapidly in time with her body. The sight, smell, and sound of her prey and soon-to-be plaything was too much for her, and Tabitha came right along with her, yowling softly, grinding against the younger girl, clutching her tightly to her bosom as the waves of joy ran through them.

Finally, sighing in contentment, Manx collapsed, laying the mostly insensate girl down gently in her lap, still stroking and teasing her wet, slick, little cunt. “Good... girl,” Manx panted softly in Bethany’s ear. “Such a good obedient girl. Obeying my voice... without thought, without will, without resistance.”

“Without... thought... will... resistance...” Red Rocket breathed, hips rolling sensuously in time with her adversary’s touches. Manx’ smile widened.

Caressing the redhead’s face, she slid a gloved hand along the edge of her mask, intending to pull it away, but paused, considering. Hmmm... nah, I’ll let her hold onto her secret identity for now. It helps her maintain an air of mystery. Staring into the girl’s slack blank face, she felt her own libido begin to rev up once more. Whoa. Down girl, she told herself. Finish working on the girl, then finish the job you came here for. You can play with her at your leisure once you get her back home. Taking a deep cleansing breath, she leaned forward to whisper in the girl’s ear once more.

“Such a sweet obedient little girl you are for your Mistress,” she continued after a moment. “A real firecracker too... though right now, as sweet, and relaxed, and sleepy as you are, you seem to have lost a lot of your fire. You’re just a little sparkler now, aren’t you?” Getting an idea, she continued on without pause. “In fact, that will be your new name now. Sparkle. Red Rocket was a strong, fiery, hot tempered little firecracker... but you, my dear, Sparkle, are a meek, horny, submissive, obedient, little thrall. From now on, whenever you hear my voice call you by that name, you will return to this wonderful sleepy, obedient state, when you will instantly obey my every word... without though, will or resistance. Do you understand the words of your Mistress?“

“Mmm... yes, Mistress... I understand,” Bethany obediently replied.

“Good girl,” Manx said with a slight moan as she placed the small plastic cat mask back over her face. Few things got her kitty purring like a completely mindfucked little slut calling her ‘Mistress’. “Now listen and obey. In a moment, when I kiss you, you will cum for me once more, then drift off into a peaceful restful sleep. You will forget all of the very important instructions I have given you—in fact, you’ll forget everything that happened to you since you stepped into this room.” Her smile turned wicked. “Nevertheless, you will obey all of those instructions to the letter... without thought, without will, and without resistance.”

“Obey... without thought,” Bethany agreed wholeheartedly,. “Without will. Without resistance.”

“Good girl,” Manx husked, leaning down to press her lips gently against her prey’s. Instantly, her tamed little Sparkler responded with a passion that surprised even her, thrusting herself up against her, strong arms hugging, nearly crushing, her Mistress against her. Her breath caught as an explosion of pleasure detonated inside her, blasting her with another crippling orgasm, nearly setting off her Mistress as well. Several errant fireworks exploded within the room, flashing and pulsing wildly as Bethany lost control over her powers, until finally, sated, she slipped into sweet healing unconsciousness.

“Wow...” Manx said aloud, panting, shaking her head, as the fireworks finally faded and the room went dark again. “Talk about seeing stars. You’re one hell of a kisser, kid. Ah well... guess I’d better get on with it. I’ve got a date with a hard drive full of industrial patents and technological secrets downstairs.”

“Sorry, my dear,” a masculine voice rang out suddenly from above, causing her ears to twitch up in surprise, “but I’m afraid your date has just been cancelled.” Glancing up in alarm, she saw what appeared to be a tiny blue and red clad man hanging from the heating vent. As he dropped down, growing larger all the while, she had just enough time to mutter a soft ‘ah shit’ before he landed on top of her...

* * *

“Rocket? Hey, Rocket! Are you okay?”

Bethany blinked, struggling to open bleary eyes. Another light slap connected to her face, causing her to wince, and push herself up. “Hey! Cut it out, dammit! I’m awake, I’m awake!” Shaking her head a bit to clear the cobwebs, she glanced around. “Huh? Tiny Tim? What’s going on? Where am I?” She blinked again, eyes widening as she realized her state of undress. “AND WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENEND TO MY CLOTHES?!?” Leaping to her feet, nearly stumbling, she quickly pulled her costume back up over herself, then turned, glaring at the costumed hero sheepishly trying to avoid her eyes.

“Hey! It wasn’t me!” Tiny Tim protested. “You were like that when I got here! Whatever happened to you, she was the one responsible,” he said, gesturing off to the side. Bethany followed his gaze, then gasped, as memory of earlier events returned.

“Manx! That’s right! I remember now,” she said, snarling at the defeated and handcuffed villainess. “I tracked her sneaking into this place, and followed her in here. She...” She paused, frowning. Everything after entering the room was a haze. “She... got the drop on me, somehow,” she finished, sounding more confident than she felt. “And if the rumors are true, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at waking up half naked...” Scowling, she glanced back at Tim. “But what about you? When did you get here? And what are you even doing here anyway?”

“I was just flying by in my Tiny Glider, when I saw the light show,” he explained. “I watch the news, and read the papers. I knew about all the other major technology companies being burgled in the last month, so I decided to check out the disturbance. When I got to the room where the lights were coming from, I found the door locked, so I had to find another way in. Luckily, the main feed for this rooms air conditioning is just outside the door. I just shrank down and made my way through the vents, and surprised her from dropping down from above.”

“Uh uh,” Bethany said after a moment. “I see. Well... I, uh... guess I owe you my thanks. If you hadn’t come by when you did, who knows what would have happened?”

“Y-yeah,” Tiny Tim said with a shrug, glancing away, blushing slightly. “Who knows?”

Kneeling down to retrieve the bound and helpless villainess, he briefly considered, then rejected, the idea of informing Red Rocket on just how much he’d witnessed: the fact that he’d come in just before the devious catgirl had stripped her of her costume, or that he’d watched, spellbound, as she’d teased the helpless heroine to not one but two massive orgasms that left her dazed and confused and ripe for plunder. It was only after the naughty sex show had culminated in his own titanic climax that he’d swooped in to take down Manx and rescue his fellow hero.

“So, do you need any help bringing her in to the police?” Red Rocket asked, once he straightened back up with the catgirl in his arms. “She’s notoriously tricky. Even bound and gagged, she could give you a lot of trouble.”

“No need to worry about that,” Tiny Tim said with a grin. Focusing his power, he compressed the spaces between molecules comprising Manx’ body, shrinking her down to the size of a Barbie doll. Chuckling, he placed her inside a clear plastic case with a handle, and locked the lid. “See? Now she’s travel sized.”

Wow! Bethany thought appreciatively. Now THAT’S a handy power to have! “I didn’t know you could shrink other people as well as yourself!“

“Yeah, not a lot of people know about it,. And I try not to advertize it either, so I’d appreciate it if you didn’t spread it around, okay?”

“Hey, if you keep your mouth closed about what happened here tonight, so will I,” she replied with a smirk.

Sealing the deal by shaking hands, the two costumed crime fighters departed. Swinging down her repelling line to the street below, Rocket finally let out a sigh. Well, I wanted a little action tonight, and it appears I certainly got it, she thought ruefully. Still, Daddy’s technology is safe, and the criminal is being locked up. Even if I didn’t make the actual collar, I still played a part in taking her down. A win is a win, right? She sighed again, making her way to the empty alleyway where she’d stashed her civilian clothes. She’d just finished changing clothes when the cell phone in her pocket buzzed.

“Shit!” she murmured softly, recognizing the number instantly. “Like, hi, Daddy!” she said in the high pitched little-girl voice so different from her Red Rocket persona. “What? Um, ye-ah, I know it’s, like, two-thirty in the morning. It’s Game Day, Daddykins! Yanno? The playoffs?” She glanced down quickly at the web browser on her Iphone, reading off the scores. “Well, duh, considering how close a game it was, and how we just barely won, of course we’d, like, go out and celebrate!” She gasped, then groaned softly, as a strange feeling swept through her, leaving her slightly disoriented. “Um... huh? Oh, sorry Daddy... but you KNOW I hate the nickname ‘Sparky’.” She sighed softly, sliding an idle hand down along her inner thigh. “No, Dad, not that kind of partying. You know I’m a good girl! We just stopped by at a late night burger joint on the way back into town, that’s all. Uh huh. Uh huh. Okay, I promise, I’ll be home soon. Love you! By-ee!“

Huh. Weird. For a moment there, it felt like a hot flash or something... like feathers teasing me ‘down there’. She shook it off. Damn... I guess that little run in with Manx has gotten me more hot and bothered that I realized. I guess I’ll be taking ‘Mr. Johnson’ out of mom’s toy box tonight when I get back home. Sighing, zipping up her travel bag, and straightening her cheerleader uniform, Bethany Van Hoffe strode confidently out of the alleyway, heading across the street to her car. Time to head back to the ‘real world’ again. she thought ruefully, as she peeled out of the parking lot, and drove off into the night.