The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Part Two: White Night

By Charles Wallace


Colleen had never thought of herself as an addict. She had her vices. Her Pecannacinos, the cookies she kept in her kitchen counter, colorful sundresses shipped from Rebecca’s, maybe shoes, and pickles. Nothing bad. She’d smoked a cigarette once, and almost died coughing. Drugs had never held much of an appeal for her either. Pot was okay, but again, she coughed her little lungs out. And all the people who smoked the stuff were just...bleh.

However, she was silent the entire drive back to her apartment, zoned out in the thoughts of the delicious milk that Kennedy had provided. Wherever it had come from, Deutschland or Germany or America, it was worth buying. She’d never tasted something so delicious. Her occasional midnight cookie-feast would be that much better.

Colleen lived in one of Haustin’s smaller, “more exclusive” apartment complexes, right on the edge of a nice neighborhood with HOA-approved lawns and expensive houses. After parking, Colleen waited anxiously until Kennedy strolled around from the other side of the building, still smiling. The apartment was a short ride up an indoor elevator, on the top floor.

Inside, Colleen threw her keys on the antique entry table before they entered the large living area just beyond. Kennedy marveled at the place, running her beautiful eyes over every detail. Colleen felt proud. It was worth the price she paid...or her dad paid. It was part of her school, she wasn’t a mooch. Colleen could work. She just couldn’t work AND go to school.

“This is quite big for an apartment,” Kennedy said after her survey. “My family told me to keep a small apartment. I’m disappointed I listened.”

“Well, this is only while I go here,” Colleen justified. “I’ll probably live in a hovel when I transfer...” She paused. Her eyes lit up. “So how about that milk? I’m going to order bunches. Where does it come from? What’s the place?”

“Would you like some?” Kennedy asked, stunning eyes falling back on Colleen. She seemed amused.

Colleen nodded vigorously. Her mouth watered. She practically shoved Kennedy to the kitchen, then pulled a small glass from the cabinet. She sat it down on the counter, and looked to Kennedy, who still looked quite amused. It was getting on Colleen’s nerves. She hated girls like this. It was like they knew some joke she didn’t. She ignored the frustration and just wiggled the glass, smiling politely in tandem.

“No glass for me?” Kennedy asked.

“Oh my...” Colleen said, getting a glass. “Sorry, dear.”

The German pulled another small bottle from her purse and poured its contents into both glasses. Colleen bottomed hers immediately. A warm glow welled up in the middle of her head. She wobbled, and steadied herself with the counter. Kennedy took a slow sip, eyes rolling up again with delight, then set the glass back down. Colleen honestly considered grabbing it and chugging it too. She withheld.

“Where is this from?!” Colleen asked in her most politest, bubbliest grrlfriend voice. She giggled, feeling drunk after the effort.

“Justin’s,” Kennedy said. Oh wow...Colleen didn’t know the Gormans had gone into dairy. Maybe that’s why they were selling the shit out of those milkshakes. Natalie hadn’t even told her anything about it. But then again, Natalie hadn’t told anyone where she was going either.

“If you go to their website, you can setup weekly delivery,” Kennedy continued.

“Really?” Colleen’s eyes widened. She offered her glass again, and Kennedy graciously poured a little more for her.

Kennedy looked around the apartment. “Where is your computer?” she asked. “I will show you the site.”

Colleen pointed. “Here,” she said, swimming in her buzz. She stood and guided Kennedy to her computer. After logging in, Colleen let her friend take the seat and pull up the site. Colleen sat on the foot of her bed and zoned. She was feeling so warm...

Kennedy opened the browser, and easily found Justin’s website. After clicking through a few screens, she reached up under her shirts, from behind, and after a couple seconds of fidgeting, surprised Colleen with her bra. It was a bit bigger than Colleen expected. Clunky too.

Colleen hadn’t noticed Kennedy was so big. She stood to get a peek over Kennedy’s shoulder, wiping a bit milky drool from her lips. They were friends, and both girls. They both had the same parts, even if this hooker was ridiculously flawless. Without a bra, Kennedy’s gross fat nipples pressed at the fabric of her undershirt, and the outline of her bust was more defined. She wasn’t as big as Colleen, but it was impressive for such a trim girl.

As Colleen became entranced with the petite girl’s bosom, Kennedy’s hand moved up then slowly slid back down softly over her breasts, dragging her fingers teasingly over the soft flesh and thick nipples. She looked up over her shoulder at Colleen, catching her watching.

“Making yourself at home?” Colleen asked with a lopsided smile. She giggled and tried to be offended. “What are you doing?“

“I apologize if youuu are uncomfortable,” Kennedy said calmly. “My breasts are killing me. You know how it is.”

Colleen blushed, and pressed her hand to her own cleavage. She felt hot.

“I don’t mind,” Colleen said. She did, didn’t she? It was getting really hard to think about that.

“If youuu would like tooo make an order, I have everything entered in. I used the address youuu gave me at Terr...Terri’s...” Kennedy said, eyes glazing a little. Nonetheless, she stood, and motioned for Colleen to sit. “Your chair.”

Colleen flopped into the chair. She stared at the screen, not sure what to do for the moment. She turned around to Kennedy, who was taking a seat on the bed now. As Colleen watched, Kennedy reached into each eye, one by one, and pulled out the blue. With her contacts gone, her eyes were big, dumb, and brown. Fake! That was how she did it! Though the eyes underneath looked faker than the contacts...

Kennedy held up a bottle of the milk from her purse. Colleen forgot about the freaky pupils her friend had revealed, and locked onto the bottle. She had the strange idea it’d be good to lick it off Kennedy’s body...

“You look good,” Colleen said out loud, offering her glass to get some more milk.

“Thank you,” Kennedy replied sheepishly. She poured the milk into the glass. “Enjoy while you put in the information. Just remember, it needs to be exactly what’s asked for.”

Colleen slowly turned back towards the computer. There was a lot to fill in.

“This is a lot...Why do they need all this?” Colleen asked drunkenly as she started to type. Her eyes rolled up in her head for a moment, and she almost moaned. She shivered and focused.

“Mr. Gorman doesn’t like credit cards,” Kennedy replied. “Just type it in slowly.”

Colleen zoned and obeyed. She typed slowly, carefully. Her bank info. Tons of financial questions that she was completely unsure of. Their financial advisor, Kevin, usually took care of that. So she entered Kevin’s info in those blanks, along with what she did know. Her own account could probably handle several months of the milk, if she got that addicted to it. When she was done, she looked up at Kennedy, who had since removed her necklace, her jeans, her panties, and both shirts. She stood there naked and bare, lovingly gazing at Colleen.

Colleen almost lost herself in the woman’s big, dumb eyes. A familiar, seductive scent floated right into Colleen’s brain. Her eyes moved down to the Kennedy’s pink nipples.

“Do you have any more milk?” Colleen asked with a milky burp, snapping her head back up to look into Kennedy’s pretty eyes. The German nodded. She left the bedroom, then returned with her unfinished glass from earlier, which she then handed to Colleen.

“Isn’t it wonderful?” Kennedy asked as she slid gracefully onto the bed before pulling herself up against the headboard. Her fingers returned to their hypnotic up and down teasing of the soft, creamy flesh of her tits.

Colleen buzzed in the glow of the milk as she enjoyed the view. She giggled, and spun in her chair, swimming in the feeling.

“I asked a question,” Kennedy said warmly. Her ever-present smile was as creamy white as the milk.

“What did you shay?” Colleen asked after her mental cogs finished their labor.

“What dooo youuu think of the milk?” Kennedy asked. She moaned herself, long and distinctively. A long “oo” sound like she was apparently fond of doing. “Isn’t it amazing?”

“Why do you stretch your ‘oo’s so much? Is that a German thing?” Colleen asked. She couldn’t remember where Germany was. Australia? Or was that the South Pole? She was in college, and she couldn’t remember geography. That was silly. “You do silly things in Germany...”

“Nooo, that is not from Germany,” Kennedy said. She laughed. “It’s sooo hard tooo keep Deutsch uuund Englisch straight already, but tooooo...excuse me. But...the...excuuuuse me...additional concentration helps. I suppose you will see.”

“Huh?” Colleen asked. Her eyes drifted back into the rhythm of Kennedy’s stroking fingers. As one hand continued, her other moved down into her crotch and pressed into the fold beneath her small patch of pubic hair. Colleen giggled. “That’s naughty.”

“Sorry,” the German girl replied coyly, quickly bringing her fingers up to her lips to suck at the tips before bringing them back down to her breast again. Her hand fell right back into rhythm. “I do taste very good. Would you...?” Kennedy spread her legs further and motioned with her eyes towards her gleaming slit.

“Uhhh...” It was a surprisingly tough call. Colleen wasn’t sure she knew how...she’d never done something like that before. Colleen stammered, trying to produce an answer, but her eyes kept dancing up over Kennedy’s increasingly captivating body. “I...”

It was getting stuffy in here. Colleen set her glasses on the desk, rubbed her eyes, and sighed. She lifted her butt to pull the edge of her sundress up. The air felt good on the inside of her thighs, especially on her crotch. She was burning up. Colleen’s head lazily drifted back onto the headrest as her own fingers drug along the outside of her panties. She shivered, and pushed the moist fabric aside. Her vaginal lips were practically steaming. She sighed. The sensation between her legs went perfectly with the buzz in her head.

“Apparently, I am more potent than I thought,” Kennedy said. Colleen rolled her head to look at the other girl, and to return her cute, lacteal smile with a drunk, mischievous grin. Colleen didn’t stop touching herself. She couldn’t. It felt too good. Kennedy turned her head, facing the ceiling, closed her eyes, and moaned. A trickle of white cut through each dark areola of her chest. Colleen’s eyes immediately locked on. Her mouth watered.

“Perhaps this would be more to youuur taste,” Kennedy said, breath quickening. She moaned again, sounding just like a cow this time. Her amused expression melted just enough to reveal a hint of desperation. “I would really appreciate youuur mouth.”

The will to move came. Colleen floated up out of the chair to fall forward onto the bed. The blonde’s lips locked around one of Kennedy’s fat nipples, her jaw slackened, and she sucked. She was rewarded with the familiar creamy, electric sweetness of milk. Just like out of the bottles. Kennedy’s flesh flooded Colleen’s nostrils with a strong flowery perfume. It reminded her of Rebecca’s. The pretty flowers again...Colleen was adrift in colors.

“I am going to touch myself while we doooooooo this,” Kennedy said, stroking Colleen’s hair with one hand as she reached down to resume fingering her own slick slit. It slurped when she pushed her fingers in.

Colleen didn’t care this time. She was already knuckle-deep in her own.


On the way to drop Karen off, Rachel’s eyes were itching so badly she could barely keep her eyes open to watch the road. Unable to bear it further, she pulled off into a supermarket parking lot, which was eerily empty for this early in the evening.

The store wasn’t any more populated. They made their way to the “Sinus & Allergy” aisle without encountering an employee. Only the muzak brought familiarity. Rachel didn’t care too much right now. She scanned the shelves for Nyquil, found it, then found the generic brand. Karen grabbed one of the cold medicines that melted in water.

“If you’ve got that flu, this stuff rocks. Just saying...” Karen said.

“Nyquil...or whatever this is...this stuff is cheaper,” Rachel pointed out in response. Karen nodded, shrugged, and put it back. They made their way to the front to check out.

The only open lane was taken up by one of the curviest women Rachel had ever seen. She had light brown hair, and couldn’t have been older than 21 or 22. She was wearing a taut pair of exercise shorts over a plump pair of butt cheeks with her enormous tits bouncing bra-less in her shirt, which had obviously been made for a smaller girl. The woman’s small, soft tummy peaked out the bottom of it. Rachel met eyes with her, but there was no recognition. No polite smile. Just a blank stare and a runny nose. Her mouth hung agape dumbly as she breathed. The woman’s basket was half-filled with bags. The dorky cashier was bouncing back and forth between loading more grocery bags into the cart, and working the register. He scanned the last of her items, and hit a key on the register.

“Two hundred and ninety seven dollars,” said the nasally cashier. His nose was running as hard as the woman’s. Rachel sniffled herself. Her sinuses were getting worse. She smiled empathetically at him when he looked her way, but he didn’t seem to care. The nameless woman swiped at the card terminal. The cashier held up his hand. “Hold on. Credit or debit?”

The woman swiped the card again, obviously annoying the cashier.

“Ma’am, credit or debit?” he asked. She looked at him, smiling. She didn’t answer. “Ma’am?”

She swiped the card again.

“Are you deaf?” he asked, not withholding the annoyance in his voice. He looked her over, and then sneezed. He rubbed his eyes, groaning. The sick woman stared at the terminal as she continued to swipe. After a couple more tries, she looked at the cashier, then at Rachel, who suddenly felt like she should do something.

“He’s asking if you’re using a credit or debit card,” Rachel said, trying to mouth the words. The woman still didn’t seem to understand. Rachel frowned, and looked to Karen, who was thumbing through a magazine. Rachel’s girlfriend looked up, shook her head, and expressed her lack of an idea with a shrug.

Rachel walked over to the girl, and offered to look at the card in Meredith Davidson’s hand, as the card read. There was intense heat coming off her body this close, along with the intoxicating smell of warm cream and vanilla.

“It’s credit,” she said to the cashier, then she looked back to Meredith. “I like your body spray.”

Meredith just stared at Rachel blankly as the cashier finished her transaction. Rachel felt really awkward.

“ I’m going to go back over there with my friend that’s a girl,” Rachel said, backing away slowly as Meredith continued to stare at her. The cashier finished the transaction and offered Meredith her receipt. That caught her attention. She turned her head, took the receipt, then waited for the cashier to finish putting in the last few bags.

Meanwhile, Meredith resumed her stare at Rachel, who was trying her best not to notice. She had even turned her back, facing Karen, who was back to thumbing through the magazine.

“Psst...” Rachel tried. She almost sneezed, then stopped. The feeling annoyingly dissipated. She blew at Karen’s face instead, making the Asian girl’s bangs move. Karen looked up. Rachel smiled and rolled her bloodshot eyes in the direction of their hot friend. “I think she’s high.”

Karen looked at Meredith, and then back over at Rachel.

“What’s the stare about?” Karen whispered, amused. “And that stupid look.”

“I know!” Rachel said quietly, stifling a laugh. “Her eyes are as red as mine.”

“She looks pretty cute,” Karen said, studying Meredith for a moment. The raven-haired girl then turned her attention to Rachel. “So do you.”

“Aw, thanks,” Rachel whispered. She put her finger to her own lips. “Keep that quiet though.”

“Just saying...” said Karen with a mischievous smile. Rachel felt like kissing her. For that matter, she felt like fingering her. Maybe if Karen would look past the unsexy sinuses and scratchy voice. Sex always felt better when sick.

The cashier greeted them, drawing Rachel’s attention. Meredith was sauntering off, pushing her overloaded basket of groceries out the automatic front doors. He silently rang up the medicine and Karen’s magazine, and Rachel paid. They left him leaning over his register, rubbing his eyes. It was incredibly rude.

In the parking lot, Meredith was standing near her basket a few cars over, just staring at a yellow Mustang. Rachel and Karen looked at each other. Karen shook her head, and got in the passenger side of the truck. Rachel thought, then decided to see what might be wrong.

Meredith only turned her head to look at Rachel when she walked up right next to her. Both of her nipples were rock hard, more prominent than they’d been inside.

“ don’t know if this is voluntary or if some ass slipped you something, but...” Rachel said, looking down at her feet. She sniffled. “I can tell you’re messed up. You’re like...”

Rachel looked Meredith in the eyes. Still blank. A small smile on her pretty face.

“You’re completely out of it,” she said. “Look, I party pretty hard too...if you don’t live too far, I can give you a ride home. You can call somebody to come get your car tomorrow?”

Meredith didn’t show any sign of recognition. Her eyes slowly drifted between her groceries and the car. It was really weird. Rachel wasn’t going to stand out here with a fever either.

“You don’t need to drive, honey. Come on,” said Rachel, taking Meredith by the arm and pulling. The girl followed without any resistance. She dimly looked at Rachel’s grip, but just floated along calmly with Rachel’s guidance. Karen slid out of the passenger side of the truck, looking annoyed.

“She’s too messed up. We’re going to give her a ride. Will you help me get her groceries?” Rachel asked.

“Yeah,” Karen said, setting her magazine in the truck. When Rachel brought Meredith to the passenger side, she climbed in, giving Rachel a good glimpse of her generous butt cheeks in the process.

Rachel then had to buckle her in, bending over the front seat and into the back. She accidentally brushed one of Meredith’s nipples, causing the woman to tense up.

“Sorry, did I hurt you?” Rachel asked, looking up into the woman’s wild eyes. Meredith moaned, and her hand shot up to Rachel’s face. Rachel jumped back, surprised.“Whoa! Watch out!” Meredith’s hand retracted back to one of her breasts. Her eyes dropped to stare at the nipple between her fingers. She pulled through the cloth.

Meredith moaned again, even more guttural this time. She writhed and tensed in the seat, and groaned, thrusting her chest out. A small, wet dark spot formed right where she pulled. She squeezed again at the end of her breasts, both hands this time, and fluid seeped into the cloth. Rachel was frozen with confusion, watching the woman moan and...milk herself?

Karen returned with two armfuls of groceries. She saw Rachel’s distress and came around to the passenger side. Her eyebrows almost touched the top of her head when she saw what was going on. Rachel shook her head, and...fingers grabbed her hair, and she felt them pull her. She fell forward before she realized what was happening.

Meredith’s hand guided Rachel’s head right into a drenched shirt. The taut fabric gave loose around the neck after a hard tug from the brunette. Soon after there was a RRRIIIPPP, and a beautiful, fat-nippled breast sprung out. Droplets of white, musky fluid flew into Rachel’s face.

Rachel tried to fight her way back, but she had lost her grip. Musky, hot fluid coursed over her face, and into her mouth. She was finally able to reset her hands, then wildly flailed away from the tit, bouncing off her dash before falling out of the truck into Karen’s arms. Rachel continued to flail, still trying to fight her way away from Meredith. Karen let go. Rachel found her feet, then spit and wiped at her face. The smell of dairy and vanilla clung to her nostrils. Electricity danced over her lips. After wiping most of the liquid into her shirt sleeve, Rachel glared at the truck.

“Hey! Stop! I don’t know what the fuck you’re on, but I’m not going to...put up with that in my truck,” she fumed as she returned. Rachel slapped the side of the truck. Meredith jumped, and for a moment it looked like she was going to give it up. She didn’t. The brunette’s eyes rolled up in her head as her hand closed around a nipple and pulled. She moaned, and reached another hand between her legs. Drool dripped off her chin.

Rachel rubbed her head where the girl had clawed her scalp. Karen’s eyes were wide, her hand covered her mouth. Rachel looked around the lot. She definitely didn’t want to get busted with her girlfriend on account of some drugged-out tart. Rachel licked her tingling lips, finding a bit of Meredith’s sweetness. That was some damned good...tit-milk? Not that she’d tasted other rubbed her forehead in frustration and exhaustion. She couldn’t handle this right now.

“This is so weird,” Karen said finally. She was laughing too. “I’m totally freaked out right now, but seriously, this is ridiculous.”

“I’m glad you’re enjoying it...” Rachel said as she came back into the moment. “Look! She’s getting it all over the dash, the upholstery...fucking stop it, lady!”

Meredith moaned, long and loud, in response. She even sounded like a cow.

“How are we going to handle this?” Karen asked. She watched Rachel stumble. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, just dizzy,” Rachel replied. She kissed Karen.

“Gross! You taste like milk,” Karen said, smacking her lips as Rachel broke away. “Not bad...I guess? Still gross.”

Rachel laughed, and stumbled back over to the truck. She slowly leaned forward to climb back into the truck.

“Okay, I’m sorry, but you’re going to get us in some very big trouble,” Rachel said. She was trying to stay angry, but there was a warm, silly tickle worming it’s way into the middle of her head.. She felt like smiling. “I’ve gotta get you out of here.” Rachel almost laughed.

Meredith replied with another long moan. Rachel looked at one of the thick, squirting nipples. The stickiness clinging to the woman’s fingers was enthralling. Smooth, silky, beautiful...Rachel slurped up her own drool, and tried to remember what she was trying to do. Her mind sputtered, trying to think about anything but...

Rachel fell on Meredith’s tit. Electric, sweet milk flowed into her mouth and Rachel shivered with electric delight. She heard Karen curse behind her, then felt hands pulling at her back. Karen was strong with a good grip. Rachel lost the tit, milk spilling from her mouth as she hit the ground feet first. She skidded, the gave Karen a dazed, confused glare.

“What?!” Rachel asked, wiping her mouth and blinking. The warmth was bursting out all through her brain. She felt like her head was going to float away. She giggled.

“What are you doing?!” Karen asked, slapping her back to the moment. Rachel cried out and held her hand to the sting. She teared up.

“Whah?” Rachel asked, genuinely confused. “I...I...I was having a drink.”

“From a boob?!” Karen asked, starting to cry. “I’m your girlfriend!”

Rachel realized that, but the milk was really good. It was a struggle to find words to explain that.

“’s not...well, she is cute...but...” Rachel stammered, trying to navigate through the pleasant warmth to find cold reason. There didn’t seem to be any left. She gave up with a giggle and caught herself on Karen. She tried to kiss Karen again, but was shoved away. Rachel barely stayed on her feet. She caught herself on the truck then flopped down onto the floorboard. Her whole body was tingling now, pulsing with warm happiness. She really wanted some more milk though.

Meredith mooed again. Rachel giggled and faked her own mocking moo. She turned then climbed the seat to get to Meredith, who had freed both drooling tits now. Rachel tumbled into the back, wriggled around, and engulfed a nipple.

The whole world went blissfully white.


Tasha woke up to the blare of Rachel’s ringtone. She answered as soon as she was conscious enough to move.

“Hey, what’s going on?” she asked, half-awake. Her head pounded as it had been since she kicked Mark out earlier. Sleep hadn’t done the trick yet. A lot of his visit was a blur too. She was pretty sure she’d given him a blowjob, but she felt like they’d gotten a little frisky...again, a blur. What happened to Justin’s?

“Hey, it’s me Karen,” came an unexpected voice.

“Oh. Hey Karen,” Tasha said, waking up a little and forgetting about all that for right now. “Is everything okay?”

“” Karen said she said with a nervous chuckle. It didn’t sound normal.

Tasha sat up in bed. “What’s happened?!” she asked, louder than she meant to. She cleared her throat and sniffled.

“Well, no one’s dead. It’s not like that,” Karen replied. The girl sighed. “Can we come by your place?”

“Why? What’s wrong?” Tasha asked. “Who’s we? You and Rachel?”

“I don’t know what to do,” Karen said. “I need somewhere. Please, Tasha. I am starting to freak out now.”

This was bringing back memories of high school, when Rachel would get herself too drunk to drive. She’d never been too drunk to call though...annoyingly so. “Okay.” Tasha started to get out of bed. “Just call when you get here.”

“Um...” Karen interjected. “Where do you live?”

“Just get Rachel to give you directions.”

“I don’t think she can,” Karen said. That sounded ominous to Tasha.

“Wow,” Tasha started. “If she can’ she conscious? Has she been drugged?” she asked, trying to piece together the situation. There was a lot of weird stuff going on all of a sudden. That eery feeling from class returned. What the Hell had happened at Justin’s? What was going on? Tasha’s head spun, so she tried to get back to Rachel and Karen. “Can she talk to me?”

“No, I don’t think so,” Karen continued. “She’s conscious, but she’s...I can’t explain without sounding crazy,”

“If she’s anything but conscious, don’t come here. Get to a hospital!” Tasha said, aggressively taking command with a rasp. She cleared her throat. “I’m not a doctor and neither are you.”

“I don’t think she’d want me to do that,” Karen said. Tasha sighed.

“Why? How messed up is she?”

“Just...nevermind...” The call ended. Tasha tried to call back, but it just went to voicemail. She tried a couple of times, and it rang, but each attempt ended with Rachel’s automated greeting. Tasha tried Jo instead. Nothing. She tried again to let her friend know it was an emergency, then sat down on her bed to wait for someone to call her back.

After a few boring moments, she stood, adjusted her oddly tight pajama pants, and plodded off to the kitchen for some milk. Then some cookies. Then some more milk...


After she slammed the door, shutting Rachel in with the...cow, Karen stayed, pacing and worried that someone was going to come out to catch the lesbians. She finally decided to try Tasha via Rachel’s phone. That hadn’t been helpful. Karen then tried Eric, but he didn’t answer. She considered a hospital, and knew there’d be some trouble. She considered staying, and knew there’d be some trouble. So in a blind panic, Karen ran, leaving the passionate madness behind.

She was still wiping tears and mascara from her eyes as she made her way through a dark, unfamiliar neighborhood. Based on the location her phone reported, she figured the closest friend geographically would be Eric. She did know this part of town after all, just not this neighborhood. There was also a distinct lack of light up and down the street. Creepy deepy.

This had turned into a shitty, fucking fuck of a night. Karen really didn’t want to walk all the way to his place. This was not what she told her parents she was going to be doing tonight. Her girlfriend was fucking cheating on her!

Karen wanted to scream. Desperate and frustrated, she tried Eric’s cell again. This time, he did answer. Childhood friends for the win.

“Howdy,” he said roughly. He sounded terribly sick, but the gravel in his voice was kinda sexy. Commanding even. “What’s going on?”

“Thank Jebus!” Karen exclaimed. She wiped up the rest of her tears. Suddenly, she didn’t feel so alone. The neighborhood didn’t seem so creepy. “Hey, I’m sorry to bug you, but I really, really need you to come pick me up.“

“Where are you?” he asked, sounding like he was moving. Karen found a street sign and told him.

“It’s late,” he croaked.

“Please, man,” she said. “There’s like no lights in this neighborhood for some reason.”

Eric laughed, causing him to cough roughly into the phone. “You’re actually freaked out!” Karen rolled her eyes, and sighed.

“I’m alone and upset, don’t fuck around with me right now, man,” she said.

“Okay, I’ll be there shortly.”

“Thank you!”

“Of course,” he rasped.

The call ended. Karen stopped walking, sat down on the corner of the street, and pulled up Youtube on her phone. A few cars passed by as she watched, catching her attention, but as soon as she realized it wasn’t Eric she was back to adorable little bundles of fluffy kittens. They made it easier to ignore the rapidly dropping temperature as well. When Eric pulled up, Karen hurried into the car. He thankfully had the heater on. At least she wasn’t the only one.

“It’s freezing out there!” she said as she buckled up. She sniffled.

Eric was a complete dork. A stereotype even. Pocket protector, button down shirts, glasses, and not an ounce of muscle. Just a bit of extra flab, especially around the cheeks. He had been working out since the last time she saw him. Looked physically good. Slim, trim, fit even. His big red nose gave away just how miserable he felt tonight. Despite it all, he had a cocky grin on his face. He was enjoying her being a girl.

“So what’s going on?” he rasped. Karen took a breath. Whatever...

“Um...well, this is actually sorta awkward,” Karen said. She fidgeted in the seat, getting comfortable. “You already know I’m...well, trying girls...full time...”

“Uh huh...” His smirk faltered. He even sounded gruff. She knew he had a crush on her. She wasn’t much of a looker, but he totally had a thing for Asians. However, she never knew he had a problem with her sexuality. She tried to ignore it.

“So I’m doing that...I guess it’s getting a little serious,” she said. He raised his eyebrows, surprised. “It’s not really a big deal. We just make out and stuff. There’s not really much else to do.” She tried to lighten the mood. “It’s totally sex-y!” she chimed, laughing.

“Uh huh,” he said, still just as gruffly.

Karen stopped talking, and tried to decide if she should feel bad she was throwing this all on him now, or upset that her childhood friend wasn’t accepting something she had decided to do...if he was even really feeling like that. He was as sick as Rachel, and it was the middle of the night. Maybe he was just grumpy...

“So you’re done with men?” he asked, blowing away any ambiguity.

“I didn’t say that, Eric,” she returned, definitely mad now. “I think you’re taking this entirely the wrong way...”

Eric huffed, and bit his lip. He hit the steering wheel, and Karen jumped.

“Let me out of the car, NOW,” she said forcefully. Eric hit the brakes, and she tried to open the door, but found it was locked. He hit the accelerator again, and she looked at him. “What the fuck? Stop. I want out right now. I don’t want any help from you if you’re going to react like this.”

“I’m sorry...” he said, tone still gruff but gentler. “It’s late...and I’m sick...I’ve been really short tempered the last couple days. I’m sorry. What’s going on?”

Karen let go of the door handle, and crossed her arms over her chest. Her nipples reactively pressed against her arms, swelling with a sensitive, pleasurable buzz, and causing her to drop her arms in surprise. Her crotch glowed sympathetically. She immediately thought of Rachel and earlier that night...before everything had gone haywire. It completely disarmed her. She frustratedly rubbed at her itching nose.

“Well...sorry I haven’t gone into this with you until now...” she said finally, getting back into the moment. The lingering tingle in her nipples made it hard to get the frustration back. “ Rachel...that’s her name...there’s something really weird going on with her and this chick we ran into at the store,” she said, not sure how to even continue this conversation. She tried to focus on the facts while she explained, but it still sounded crazy.

“So after Rachel decided she ought to make out with whatever her name was, I just took off. And here we are,” she finished. Eric didn’t answer. His knuckles were white on the steering wheel. He wiggled in his seat.

“So where did you leave them?” he asked, breathing hard. Karen raised an eyebrow.

“Back at the store, in Rachel’s truck. Por que?” she asked, pretty sure she knew why already. “That sound sexy?”

Eric shook his head slowly. “I just think you left them in kind of a lurch there, we should probably go make sure they’re okay,” he said, pulling the car over into an empty parking lot. “It’s cold out.”

“Rachel’s totally gay. Like not into dudes at all gay. Not bi,” Karen said. She would’ve been amused if she didn’t feel so just...out of it. “And she’s my girlfriend...or was...”

Eric stopped the car completely, and looked at her, thinking.

“I don’t know about the other one, I guess,” she continued. “But do you really want to take advantage of drunk chicks? I didn’t know you’d sunk this low, man.”

“Just going to see if they’re okay...” he said, shaking his head. His hands worked at the steering wheel. He was breathing heavy. “This cold is cruddy. Let’s just go see how they’re doing.”

“I really don’t want to,” she said. “Why don’t you take me home first, then a perv or whatever.”

“I’m not going to be a perv,” he growled. He closed his eyes and sighed. “Shut up, Karen. We’re going together.”

Further protest caught in Karen’s throat before evaporating. It was obvious there was no changing his mind. She looked forward and shut up as he changed gears and started back towards the store.


Colleen had never thought of herself as gay. She’d admired other girls, even been jealous of their physiques, but she’d never actually found one sexy.

However, her and Kennedy had wound up rubbing each other during Colleen’s...feeding. That had led to licking...the taste of Kennedy’s slit was almost as addictive as her constantly dripping tits. Colleen’s dress disappeared, so did her underwear. Then there was just slick skin against slick skin, soft tongues wriggling against each other. It was a very pleasant experience for as much as Colleen remembered. It was somewhat blurry.

Now, she just watched blankly while Kennedy got dressed, shoving her abused breasts back into the industrial strength bra that held them under control, and slid back into her disgustingly small clothes like a butterfly reentering its cocoon.

“Hungry?” Kennedy asked as she pulled her hair back into a pony tail. Colleen nodded.

Next thing she knew, she was leaning against the passenger window of Kennedy’s car, drooling and dimly watching other cars as they passed by. She felt terrible. Her eyes itched like crazy, and she could feel her throat closing up, like it always did before she got sick. Not bringing her glasses hadn’t helped. The world was a bit fuzzy. It was kinda dazzling, but it made her feel sick to her stomach.

Colleen wiped the drool from her mouth, and sat up, straightening self-consciously, like none of the other night had happened. She cleared her throat quietly, and leaned back in her chair.

“Where are we going?” she asked. Her voice rolled out raspy, slow, and dull. Ugh. She shouldn’t be out in public at all. Kennedy had her seemingly eternal smile on.

“To eat! I’m hungry. I’m sure you’re getting hungry. We both need to eat!” she said. Colleen didn’t disagree.

“Where?” she asked.

“Justin’s,” Kennedy replied. Colleen hadn’t been there in forever, since the extra greasy food had made her almost throw up. Everybody else swore it was the best food in town, and the steaks better than any in all of Texas...bold claims that didn’t hold water. But tonight...

Colleen’s mouth watered. When they pulled into the lot, she looked through the windows of the ugly, metal building. It was wide open inside, and almost empty. Opening the car door brought the heavenly smell of corn oil, fried foods, and mesquite.

Kennedy was acting the part of a cow now. Her contacts were back in now, but perhaps because Colleen had seen behind them, the girl’s expression seemed a lot blanker than it had been all evening. She shuffled calmly, almost sluggishly towards the building. Colleen had to slow herself down from the excitement in order to keep pace.

The restaurant was closed, but a waitress inside looked like she was waiting for them. The red-haired woman was gorgeous, even prettier than Kennedy, and curvier than Colleen. She was bursting out all over. Her top-half was mostly titty, balanced by the thick base of her wide, child-bearing hips and thick, smoothly toned thighs. Her eyes were as big and brown as Kennedy’s when she had her contacts out, and she had a beautiful smile. The name tag on her strained work shirt read “Donna.”

Colleen lost her focus completely again when the smell of the inside swept out over her. She couldn’t help but drool. She even got a little wet. Oooh...more than a little wet. She pressed her thighs together with a warm thrill.

Inside, there were a lot more hot waitresses than she remembered, along with a beefcake of a man in a stained shirt and jeans behind the counter, scrubbing his burly hands. He looked up at her with a pair of dark, predatory eyes and grinned. He was remarkably handsome and chiseled. Another equally burly, though not so handsome, man strolled behind him, moving a large box of foodstuffs.

Colleen winked and smiled at her grinning admirer, knowing he was enjoying the view of her. A bead of her fluid ran down her leg, making her giggle and turn red. She had been so concerned about fitting into her clothes that she forgot panties. And apparently, she’d confirmed she was bi.

However, their waitress led them away from the kitchen, to a back corner of the place, just outside the kitchen doors. When they sat down, Colleen kept looking at the doors, trying to catch a glimpse of Captain Beefcake or his friend. She sniffled, and wiped at her nose. The restaurant was getting kinda bright, which wasn’t pleasant for her itching eyes and burning throat. She whined to herself, and pouted. It wasn’t fair she had to be sick right now...

What was going on with her? She knew she was sick, but it hit her like a ton of bricks just how loopy she was being. She straightened up in the chair she’d melted in, and wiped some more drool from her mouth. Her stomach growled. She tasted the milk in her mouth from earlier, and felt the compulsion to bury her face in Kennedy’s tit again. But the other girl had packed them away...Colleen’s head spun. She definitely felt uncomfortable.

“I let Annie know you’re back. What can I get youuu girls while youuu...ahem...wait?” Donna asked when she returned from the kitchen. She was staring right at Colleen. “You are cute. Welcome to Justin’s.”

“Thank you?” Colleen replied. Something was really wrong here, but she couldn’t focus past the bouncing, manic thoughts in her head. Beefcake, milk, food. Beefcake, milk, food. It was getting somewhat repetitive where her attention kept going. She was better than this. She unconsciously mouthed her drink order. “Milk...”

Both Kennedy and Donna laughed. Kennedy even mooed. Like a cow...Colleen gave her a queer look, then remembered that was some sort of German thing. Right? There was also the milk, so maybe she was half cow too. Colleen rested her head in her hands, and coughed. It was so hard to think!

“Looks like she’s having a rough night,” Colleen heard Donna say.

“Not really. I do feel for her, but we had a most enjoyable evening,” Kennedy replied.

Colleen felt hot. Her panties squished as she readjusted her legs. “Kennedy has really good milk,” she said drunkenly. She sat back in her chair and her vision rolled across the ceiling into the top of her eye sockets. Her mouth dropped open, and drool fell onto her bosom. She slurped at it. Kennedy and the other girl were definitely amused. Mocking her maybe? She didn’t know. She didn’t have enough cold ice bitch in her right now to tell them off. She just wanted to suck on some Kennedy.

“She sure does, sweetheart,” chimed Donna in reply. “I’ll get youuu both a glass.”

That sounded great to Colleen.

“Michael fired up the grill again,” Donna continued, not missing a breath. “Should’ve had him do it when we knew you were coming, but I spaced. Sorry.”

“It is quite alright. I certainly understand,” Kennedy replied. Donna gave Colleen a sympathetic smile and squeeze on the arm, then left them.

Colleen turned her head to Kennedy, and drool dribbled to the floor. No wonder she was so thirsty. Half her fluids were leaking out of her mouth or into her panties. Kennedy studied her, but Colleen couldn’t keep her eyes on the other girl’s flawless face. Her eyes immediately dropped down to the hidden udders. Kennedy adjusted them, and Colleen almost fell out of her seat. Her brain was screaming for a drink, overriding any sense of discomfort she was feeling.

“I need before I can make anymore,” Kennedy said, obviously noticing Colleen’s interest.

“I’m hungry,” Colleen whined with a pout. She touched herself under the table, laying her head back to think of Beefcake. Michael? Or was that the other guy?

Donna returned shortly with a couple overflowing glasses of white, thick milk. As soon as she had set it on the table, Colleen was already bringing it to her lips and downing it. She held the glass above her face, letting the residue run down onto her tongue as she licked at the rim.

“We’ll have a couple grilled cheeses whipped up for each of youuu sooon,” Donna said after a moment. She put her hand to her mouth. “I can barely talk tonight. Excuuuse me.”

The waitress left them again, hurrying back into the kitchen.

“Michael, as sooon as youuu get done with those grilled cheeses...” the waitress said, cut off when she got too far into the kitchen and the doors muffled the sound.

Colleen really didn’t care. The intoxicating milk was working its magic again. She let the glass thud against the table and melted back in her chair, moaning loud enough for the two waitresses closing the blinds around the restaurant to stop what they were doing and look at her. They studied her for a moment with big, dark, blank eyes, then smiled and returned to their task. Colleen’s dress felt like it was already climbing up her legs for her, tightening against her fat...nicely toned and very yummy booty. She moved her fingers in and out as she rolled the milky saliva around in her mouth, enjoying the remnants of the electric flavor. She felt goooooood.

“Oh my,” Kennedy said, watching Colleen. After a moment, the German girl slid downwards, disappearing under the table. A second later, the table skidded back, almost knocking over Kennedy’s half-full glass. Colleen felt Kennedy’s head press against the inside of her thighs. She spread them eagerly, and a warm, wet tongue plunged in to replace her retreating fingers. She brought them to her mouth, and slurped at herself, enjoying the tangy flavor. Colleen giggled, slid forward a little, and stretched, reaching the glass of milk on the table. She drank a sip, then pulled up her dress a little further to pour a dribble over the top of her mound. Kennedy squealed and looked up with wild, wide, blank eyes, slurping up all the fluid she could get.

Colleen enjoyed the rest, and reached up into the top of her dress to knead a tit. She sat up a little again, and unhooked her bra through the dress. She sighed as her hand was able to get even more titty. The bra had been digging in worse than Colleen had realized. Her turgid nipples sent bursts of pleasure straight into her brain every time she touched one. She thrust her crotch against Kennedy.

The women enjoyed themselves for a few hot minutes until Colleen came, rubbing herself up and down Kennedy’s face as she really dug in with her tongue. As Kennedy broke away, and...whatever her name was...tried to collect her smashed brain after the orgasm, the kitchen doors swung open and out strolled a fetish doll.

The doll’s hair was a messy jumble of brown and red. Her eyes were enormous and deep, even half-closed as they were now. Her lips were pouty, soft, and kissable. She was tall, and thicker than Donna, though not by much. Most of her weight was in her tits, which were definitely larger than Donna’s...her frame bowed in at the waist before exploding out into a perfect pair of hips and what Colleen expected was a fantastic rear. She was wearing shorts and a very large t-shirt.

“Kennedy! How are you?” the woman said, voice peaceful and sweet. She smiled affectionately at Kennedy, who climbed to her feet. The girls hugged.

“So this is Colleen?” the fetish doll asked, scanning Colleen with a smile as she took a seat. Colleen kept fingering herself. Her other hand was twisting a very excited nipple. “She’s gorgeous.”

“Yes, she certainly is,” Kennedy said, stroking her chest again. “We have had a very delightful evening.”

“I saw!” the redhead laughed. “She has such pretty eyes. I always wanted blue eyes. Got stuck with big brown ones. Even before I became a cow.”

“Our eyes are beauuutiful,” Kennedy said, sitting back in her chair. She was playing with her naked, swollen tits now, her bra somewhere under their feet.

“Says the girl who had bluuue eyes,” the fetish doll said. She gave Colleen a wave. “I’m Annie by the way. Sorry, sweetie, we’re all a little ditzy. It happens when you have your brain torn apart and put back together. It gets better though.”

“Guh...buh...sibble...duh...” Colleen murmured, not sure what she wanted to say. She had that sick, weak feeling. And just enjoying herself right here in front of her new friends was so peaceful and relaxing. She was still hungry though. She groaned, and jabbered more gibberish. Annie frowned.

“I’m sorry, honey. I know it sucks, but trust us, you’ll feel better after you get through this part. With as efficient as we’re getting, I’d be surprised if you weren’t through the worst by tomorrow afternooon,” Annie said warmly. “We’ve got Michael slaving away on as much foood as possible. We’ll take goood care of youuu until youuu come out of it.”

Colleen didn’t answer. She gurgled and came over her fingers. Her tummy growled. She was hungry! She groaned again.

“Did she?” Annie asked Kennedy. Kennedy nodded, and mooed. Annie nodded. “Good. Then everything is okay. You’ve helped us out more than you know, Colleen, so by all means, let us take care of you.”

Colleen gurgled in response again. She straightened and leaned against the table. The restaurant was so bright! She had trouble keeping her eyes open.

“Stay awake, Colleen,” Kennedy said gently, pushing at Colleen’s arm. The blonde sat up. Annie was still there, watching her warmly.

“We’ll get you a place to sleep too,” Annie said, taking one of Colleen’s hands to give it a pat. “We’ve all been here. Food should help a little bit. It’s all going to be okay.”

Colleen started to ask a question about that, but it fizzled away as the kitchen doors swung open. Coming out of the kitchen was beefcake Michael, and he had two steaming plates full of yummy, buttery grilled cheese. Colleen suddenly didn’t know what she wanted a piece of first.


Tasha made a startling discovery while visiting the restroom to splash some water on her face. She was turned on. She was very wet. And she was very not a virgin. The odd thing was she didn’t remember a bit of it.

She now sat on her bed, rubbing her cross and numbly considering that her hard-fought struggle to remain a virgin until she was out of school and married...all the boyfriends that hadn’t been understanding of that...all the ribbing she’d had to endure about it...all of it was for nothing. She couldn’t even pick up the pieces. It was over...

Tasha fled to the restroom again and puked. Her stomach had been in knots since drinking the milk. She knew better than to drink dairy with a fever. But she’d forgotten. Just like she’d forgotten losing her virginity...

After wiping and rinsing out her mouth, she called Nolan. She was still numb, almost blank with exasperation. She didn’t know whether to be livid with him or break down crying. She hadn’t forgotten the disturbing call from Karen either. Jo still wasn’t calling her back. The whole world, including her, was going to Hell right now, and she had no idea what to do.

When Nolan answered, Tasha’s anger welled up, and she drew in a breath to just scream at him. But then a pressure valve decompressed in the very middle of her head. Her resolve crumpled, and she just floated into her seat on the couch. She hadn’t realized just how exhausted she was. Her chest drew sharp little breaths through the phlegm.

“Hello? Are you okay?” he asked in his deep, bellowing voice. She started to cry.

“No,” she said, sobbing. Her runny nose got worse, and she looked around desperately for a tissue. She put the phone on speaker, then grabbed some from a bill-covered table. “I’m not a virgin.”

“Oh,” he said somberly. She sobbed harder.

“I can’t even remember...” she said. She realized that she was crying to the guy who might have done this...had done this. He had taken her virginity. Her resolve came back a little, and she felt her anger well up. “Did you drug me? Or did you just take advantage of me?”

“Whoa! Hey! Calm down!” he boomed. It shook her and she felt that valve let go again. “We were both messed up, remember?”

“No...” she said. She remembered him saying he didn’t have any. She remembered him not drinking. Her head was spinning. She wasn’t feeling well at all. The restaurant was a blur. She didn’t know what had happened. “You didn’t...

“I had a sip, but I was as messed up as you,” he cut her off, flatly. “I promise. I’m...”

He cleared his throat.

“I’m sorry,” he said, a little quietly. Maybe a little gentler too. “I didn’t mean to take advantage of you.”

“Oh God, I feel so terrible,” she said, laying her head back and rubbing her eyes.

“I know it’s probably not the best time, but do you need me to come over?” he asked. Her immediate answer was no, but for some reason that just didn’t sound right. He was her boyfriend...Jo wasn’t answering...she didn’t have Rachel...

“Karen called me. Rachel got drugged too. Or something,” she said, deciding to try ignoring the question. At least until she had an answer. “Karen said she was acting weird. She hung up on me, and won’t answer when I call her back.”

“Oh wow,” he said.

“And Jo’s not answering...” Tasha said.

“Do you want me to come over?” he asked again. Tasha wiped the tears from her eyes. She could call someone else...this was the guy who could have actually...he was her boyfriend. She shook her head, and bit her lip. It was Nolan. Stupid, drugged Nolan and stupid, drugged her had done this together.

“Yes,” she said suddenly despite a lingering feeling that something was terribly wrong with this.

“Are you sure?” he asked, low. He coughed.

“Yes, I’m sure,” she repeated.

“Okay, I’m on my way,” he said. “Bye.”

“Bye...” she said, feeling like she was floating as she pressed the button to end the call.

* * *

Waiting for Nolan was an anxious Hell for Tasha. At first, she just laid back on the couch and tried to rest, but the entire call had just gotten her worked up. Her fever was causing the temperature to drop rapidly. She couldn’t get comfortable. Worst of all, the heat was building between her legs. She felt positively electric there. Just plain horny.

Was this the slut she was inside? Was this something she’d just packed away and when her guard was down, it slipped out?

Tasha felt hot and cold all at once. She pushed her freezing hand into her pajama pants, and let it warm between the soft fabric and her smooth, warm skin. When it had warmed up enough, she reached in further, and twitched at the sensation of her very sensitive slit. She was even wetter than we she’d discovered her transgression. It wasn’t hard to slip into a very warm and distant place. The world was crazy right now, and this felt wonderful.

A dream-like, fuzzy incarnation of Nolan took center stage of her wild fantasizing. He was coming over to wrap her up, give her a place to cry and be sick. To protect her...

Mmmm...she never thought like this. Normally, it was just the sensation of Nolan’s fingers or his mouth...but right now just the thought of his presence...of his strength...of him taking her and powerfully pushing into her. Spreading her open and making her feel just so content! And his was so commanding...

It was weird to be contemplating a second time around the block without ever being there. How did she actually know it would be good?

Because sex was good. It was an amazingly implicit fact. Nolan loved her blowjobs. And if she was being honest with herself, she did love his hand in her crotch, making her feel so soupy and delicious. That big, hard pole she had to wrap herself around...that big cock had to feel just delicious opening her up. Her mind was so in the slutty gutter. She wondered if this was what sex did to other wonder they all seemed so distracted.

Tasha’s taut muscles squeezed tight as she came. Her pussy and fingers danced upwards as her hips bucked. She wiped her hand on her stomach, then stretched lazily, basking in the glow.

After a few restful moments, Tasha giggled softly to herself and rose to stumble to the kitchen for a snack. She bit into a couple of her cereal bars, then washed them down with some more less-than-stellar milk. She toyed with her tits, playfully considering if she would make tastier milk than this if she got knocked up...

Huh. She’d never wanted kids before. Too much responsibility. Too much cleaning up. Too much irrationality. She knew she’d either lose her mind or crumple like a fan or both. But something about the idea suddenly had a certain luster to it. She could feel her tummy rising with the baby. Feeding it from her body, inside and outside the womb.

Tasha smiled. Her eyes blankly toured the floor in front of her as she lost herself in daydreams of her children. She looked at her hand, scanned her meager body, then came back to her hands. Realizing how dumb it was to be looking at her hands, she realized how dumb it was to be standing in her kitchen daydreaming over a guy who possibly date raped her swinging by for some...she got caught in the gelatin that was thoughts of Nolan taking her virginity. He was her boyfriend, he was a genuinely good guy...with a deep, sexy voice.

Her thoughts were interrupted once again by a knock at her door. It was Nolan.

Tasha pulled him in as she closed the door, the stretched to kiss him on the lips. She grabbed at his crotch with her hand...he was HUGE and already HARD...and pulled him close with the other. She almost climbed him, rubbing her burning crotch against hist body. To her surprise, his strong arms grabbed her firmly by the arms and pushed her back away from him. She looked up into his dark eyes in confusion. His teeth were clenched tightly. She was coming onto him...what’s uh...the deal?

“Tasha, let’s go sit down on the couch for a moment,” he said, deeply and roughly. He jerked her close and kissed her again, then broke away and dragged her with him. He roughly pushed her to the couch, and sat a small bag down nearby. He then sat opposite her, rubbing his hands together. He was watching her intently. She was panting, not sure if it was okay to play with herself in front of him now.

“You can play with yourself, it’s okay,” he said. Tasha did so. His breath quickened.

“I have to tell you something,” he continued, studying her intently. “I’ve changed. Like a lot. More than you can imagine right now. I don’t even know if explaining it is going to sound believable or make any sense, but you have to listen to me...”

Tasha nodded, slid her pants and panties down, then returned to masturbating. He stared at her slit, eyes wide and wild. Drool formed at his mouth.

“I’m trying to keep control of myself so badly...can you try not to be such a slut?” he asked earnestly, looking her in the eyes. Slut made her feel hot...

But it also didn’t feel so good to be called one. She slid her butt back, rising up. She settled her hands in her lap, and swallowed. Her blank, glassy eyes scanned the living room for something to settle her dizziness. She finally settled on looking at Nolan, with his...she tried to think through it.

“What’s happening?” she asked meekly. Already she was starting to drool, and thinking about tackling him. Nolan shook his head.

“There’s a virus...what we’d call a virus...” he said, shaking and moving closer to her. “It’s a little different though.”

“Okay...” she said, letting him pull himself right up next to her. His smell was intoxicating. He pulled up her shirt and she just raised her arms to go with it.

“And it has some interesting effects. That’s why you’re letting me do whatever right now,” he said, calmly. He reached down and picked up the bag he’d brought. From inside he pulled a small, generic bottle with a screw on cap. It’s creamy white contents were visible through its clear plastic. Nolan unscrewed the lid as she watched, and the smell of dairy hit her. Good dairy. She was thirsty all over again.

“Also because of this,” he said. The bottle moved towards Tasha’s eyes and she grabbed it to slurp down the contents. “It’s really addictive. Until you acclimate, it’s got a doozy of a side effect on the hippocampus. You remember that part of the brain, right?”

Tasha nodded politely. She remembered, but she didn’t have the energy to think about it. She just wanted to get some dick and pass out next to him to sleep off this cold. Nolan frowned. He looked disappointed.

“I don’t think you understand. It’s okay. Your wires are getting all jumbled up,” he said. “Lift your right hand.”

Tasha stretched her right arm up. Nolan sighed, and rubbed his eyes.

“So look, I want you to know that I really, really like you. Like we were doing really well before I got sick...” he continued, distracted by her now naked body. That was hot too. This had escalated pretty quickly. Hadn’t she just been crying?

“And you’re just so smart. This is such BS,” he said, eyes taking on a little anger. He studied her, struggling with something. “You shouldn’t be a cow.”

Tasha didn’t know what he was talking about. Her tongue was aglow in absolute bliss, which had poked right into the swirling storm of excitement in the middle of her head. It felt so wonderful. Her brain was exploding. She was everything. She was one with God. She...needed to get some more of that milk.

“And it’s BS I have to be this...” he said, motioning up and down his chiseled body. “I’m about as much of a slut as you are. Just a little more control. I still have reason. You’d have it too, but we...” he paused. “I had an idea...I don’t have to take you to Mr. Bull. We can let the virus run its course, and...I can just take care of you. No sex.” he said, trembling. Tasha pouted at his restriction. “I don’t know if it’s pregnancy or just the...fucking...” he grunted. “But Mr. Bull says that’s the trick to keeping you like this.”

Tasha stared blankly at him, and licked her lips.

“God dammit, I don’t think I can do this,” Nolan said as he shook. He pulled at his hair for moment, then grabbed his bag. Another bottle of white emerged. Tasha’s eyes widened. Her mouth dropped open. White, warm drool spilled onto her chest. He fumbled with the lid, then chugged it.

Tasha whimpered. What a jerk. A sexy jerk. If he wasn’t going to give her milk, couldn’t he give her some dick? She stared at his crotch, and rubbed at her chest. She laid back, spread her legs, and presented her crotch as she continued to run her fingers through it. Nolan was starting to zone too.

“I just won’t fuck you too much,” he said, lips trembling. Nolan stood. “You’re so so fuckable.”

Tasha nodded, losing herself in his eyes. It was kinda just whatever at this point. Her brain was going all white. She was beyond herself. Just a slit and a pair of tits. He could have said anything and she’d have gone with it. She just wanted him to get to the fucking. He was going to get to the fucking, right?

His pants dropped, revealing his toned hairy legs. His boxers were strained across the thick mass of his dick. Those slid away to reveal the massive monster itself and the thick, hairy testicles brimming with cum hanging just below. His shirt went up and off and before she knew it, his cock-head was pressing against the lips of her pussy.

His immediate entry was transcendental. A vibrant, rapturous joy welled up from the feeling of him in her, and she squeezed. She pulled him closer and deeper. When started to thrust, he wasn’t gentle.

Tasha moaned and took it. She clawed at his stone-like muscles. He bellowed and they lodged tongues in each other’s mouths. He came and rose up, letting her look down to see the gooey cum as she coated his cock with it. Out it came, and back he pushed it in.

Tasha came, and the world continued its descent into pure white.


Awareness came and went for Jo. She was briefly conscious enough to realize she was being carried, naked, across a concrete floor. She was too tired to lift her head. The next thing she knew, her face was being shoved against a hot, sweaty, fleshy tit. White, warm dairy flowed from the nipple and over her lips. As soon as she tasted the sweet delicious fluid she...

More blank patches. Like a skipping record. She had more brief flashes of nipple, dairy, and hot flesh. She’d have been sick if she’d been aware enough to realize it at the time...

Finally, the warm, wonderful daze faded, and she awoke sore, and swollen, like someone had beat her head to toe. She could barely move. Finally, she pulled together enough strength to roll over, and then eventually to sit up entirely.

Jo was nude, cold, and sore. And thirsty. She spotted a nearby dish, filled with a cloudy fluid. She sniffed the bowl then frowned, reminded of the pungent scent of the supermarket dairy she’d worked at in high school. But strangely, her mouth watered and she thoughtlessly sucked some up. Before she could stop herself, she was lapping up the entire bowl like a dog.

When Jo could slurp no more, she sat back on her ass, catching her breath and wondering what had just happened. She’d never felt so out of control.

Jo shook her head and looked around. Best she could tell, she was in a storage room. Non climate controlled it seemed. The air was stale and unmoving. Jo was strangely comfortable though. The only thing other than her was the water bowl, a few small glo-sticks that dimly lit the room, and a little bit of hay thrown in the corner. Big enough for a bed maybe. Jo’s heart rate slowly increased as her faculties returned. After her drink, she felt a little more energetic. Her head was even buzzing. She stood slowly then tried to pull at the metal door. It didn’t budge. She banged on it, loudly.

“Hey! Open the fuck up!” she screamed, and winced when it echoed back in her ears. Her head pounded, and she thought of drinking some milk. There were voices outside, male voices, and she heard someone else next door. Did they have another girl here? What the fuck was going on?

After a few moments, the door slid open with a loud crash. Two large, muscular men entered, silhouetted by the lights outside. She shivered.

One of the men had a makeshift prod. He jabbed her with it. Jo screamed and fell back onto the concrete as the electricity robbed her of muscle control. As they both closed in, she crawled backwards. The men grabbed her roughly. She steeled herself and fought back. Another poke from the prod, and she was a rag doll. Oddly, she thought about how thirsty she was while she lay there.

“You shouldn’t fight. It’s kinda pointless,” said one of her big friends. His voice was deep, rich, and powerful. She looked up at both of them, and locked onto the source of voice. His eyes were still dark, almost black. His brow was permanently furrowed. He looked angry and amused all at once. He pulled an iPhone from his pocket. “I think this was yours.”

Jo didn’t reply. She rested her head on the ground, exhausted. After a couple jabs, she felt weak as a kitten. And she was so thirsty. What was it with her and milk? She was kidnapped!

“I’ve never actually had one. Always had music on my phone, but never an actual iPhone,” he continued. Jo couldn’t say she cared. He unlocked her device. “Pretty cool. You should put pass codes on things like this. When you don’t, bad people like me get in.”

“What is going on? Where am I? Who are you? I’m not...worth any money...if that’s what you want,” Jo heaved. The man laughed to himself as he flipped through her phone. His companion stepped outside and grabbed some things Jo couldn’t quite see. When he returned, a little closer, she saw that it was a gallon-sized bottle of water. It sparkled and shimmered. Her mouth was so dry. In his other hand she noticed a smaller bottle of white liquid, which she knew had to be milk. She wanted some! The first man must’ve noticed her entrancement.

“Do you want some water, Bessie? You can have in just a sec, associate gets done,” the first man said. The associate poured the sparkling water into the same bowl she’d drank out of before. Jo started to pull herself towards it, slowly. “Don’t get too close. STOP.”

Jo went limp. She couldn’t will herself to move further. She was too exhausted. It felt good to just lay here on the floor and let the outside air cool her down. It was stuffy after all.

“You can have some water when he’s done,” her new friend said harshly. Jo trembled and rolled her head over to look at him. He rubbed his crotch, obviously sporting an erection. “You got Mr. Bull excited! Now you’re going to have to take care of that before I leave. After you get some water in that mouth of yours first, of course. Don’t want you to be too dry.”

Once the bowl was just about full, the man set the remainder of the gallon down and twisted off the cap of the smaller bottle. He poured enough that the fluid clouded the water. He bellowed, sniffing. “Mr. Bull” looked at him, and bellowed back. He shook his head at the man with the bottle.

“NO, Scott,” he said, deep and forceful. “Scott” was pulling it up to his lips. He stopped and looked at Mr. Bull like he’d annoyed him, then reluctantly capped the bottle. His erection had made itself known too. Mr. Bull looked back down at her. “That milk is something else.”

Scott stepped back, taking the water and the milk outside. Jo was shaking. She was so thirsty, but something told her she couldn’t disobey him. The prod...yeah, the prod. He’d jab her with the prod if she even moved...probably. She needed to drink something. And get some food in her.

“I’m gonna need food if you’re going to keep me here,” she said, weakly. Mr. Bull snorted.

“I bet you do. You’ll get some, soon. The milk’s the important thing now. It works better if you’re not at a hundred percent. Makes this whole process much faster. We’ll all derive a lot more pleasure,” he said calmly. He nodded towards the bowl. “You can drink now.”

Jo found the will to move return. She pulled herself to the bowl and started lapping it up. It was sweet, refreshing, and delicious. She felt some more of her strength returning. If he liked face-to-face like this, there would surely be an opportunity to fight and escape soon, if not now. When she was done, she pulled herself up against the wall. She felt much better. Almost bubbly given the circumstances.

“It’s impossible to control the feminists without the stuff,” he said. “Turns out if we just put a squirt of the stuff in your water, you get fat and horny all the same. Then we use your milk in turn. It’s the Circle of Life. Like the Lion King.”

“What?” she asked. The room was spinning now. She’d been stupid to drink drugged water, she told herself. But then she didn’t have much choice, did she?

“You’ll understand. Or you won’t. I don’t think any of our cows have much going on up there, you know?” he asked. Jo didn’t know how to answer. He didn’t wait. “I’ll make the terms simple for you, like I do for my one and only. When you get a little bigger and better behaved, we’ll bring you all the water you want, all the food you want, and we’ll give you all the milk you want. The pure stuff. How’s that sound, Bessie?”

“My name is Jo, dickhead,” she replied. She wanted to punch his nose, but every ounce of anger she built up fizzled out in a exhausted warmth throughout her body. She practically melted. “What did you give me? What are you doing to me?”

“I’m not doing much,” he said, rubbing his chin. “Telling you what to do, yeah. That’s a thing I can do to you. But mostly, I’m just watching while biology plays out.”

Jo forgot what he was talking about. She was so hungry. How long had she been here? She felt ravenous. Her mouth was watering now. She tried not to drool. After a moment, she realized Mr. Bull was still watching her.

“You’ve got really cute face,” he said. He started undoing his pants. His dark, bullish eyes almost twinkled as he started to stroke it. Jo looked at him like he was crazy. “You should bring that mouth over here.”

Jo weakly rose up and crawled to Mr. Bull. As she got closer, he forcefully guided her face towards his thick member. She pictured biting down on the dick, and ruining his day right there. She could shove him over in the excitement, and take her chances getting the prod from Scott...

But the thought faded as quickly as she smelled it. The musk and...manliness...both pairs of lips moistened with excitement. What was she doing?

She tried, with all of the willpower she could muster, not to open her mouth. Or to lick the dick. Or to look at him. Or to slide her lips over the massive head and start moving up and down. Or to make him cum. But she did it all. The cock’s smell sent off charges of bliss in the middle of her head. It was hard to focus, let alone resist.

When he came, she only realized that she had gobbled his load down after she had dropped to the floor to relieve her own aching pussy. In the moment, she’d only been thinking of the delicious taste and texture of the cum. She even licked her lips and sighed at the delicious taste. What was happening to her?!

Before she could answer herself or trudge further through the warm molasses of double-think she seemed to be stuck in, Mr. Bull’s rough hands were grabbing her, pulling her up, guiding her hips, and sliding in. She was pressed against a wall before she knew it. And he was fucking her. She could feel a kidnapper inside her. The thought didn’t disturb her as much as it should. She couldn’t think past the cum again. He was going to put the delicious stuff in her.

Jo moaned at the top of her lungs, hoping it echoed across the complex. She didn’t dare call for help, worried he might stop. She drooled from both holes, uncontrollably. His strong powerful squeezes at her tits were both painful and electric. They felt swollen and sensitive, but they definitely wanted attention. Any attention.

Mr. Bull thrust until he painted her insides white, then shoved her unceremoniously to the floor. She landed painfully on her hands and knees, and yelped. But then she moaned, and held her pussy up. The feeling of fulfillment coursed through her. It was like an orgasm on its own. Still, she finished herself off as he redid his pants. After she came, she was jolted from her mindless finger-fucking by Mr. Bull again. He was grabbing her wrist, pulling her hand away.

“Calm down, Bessie,” he said deeply.

Jo obeyed, and was rewarded with an alien object in her well-lubricated pussy. Her muscles clinched around it. It was thick and veiny like a dick. When she braved examining it, she saw that there was indeed a large dildo splitting her brown lips apart. She zoned out, muscles reflexively squeezing and pulling at the foreign object.

“Anyways...” Mr. Bull said as he walked outside. “Keep it down. And welcome to the herd.”

The door roared shut, leaving Jo in the dimming darkness she’d started in.