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A Russian Policewoman Becomes A Slave

October 2008
Classifications: f/f female dominant, mc, humiliation,


About a Russian policewoman who goes for vacation somewhere in Hawaii. As she rests herself on some isolated beach she gets captured by a female criminal she failed to catch 2 years ago and ends up as that female criminal’s slave once that female criminal implants a mind-control chip inside her brain while she had been rendered unconscious.




Ilyana Lutvachenko was on the roof top of a building. It was night time. She had her gun with her at all times. For the past couple of weeks someone had been stealing some kind of microchips from some Russian military cite. It was believed that a black market operation was being conducted here in Moscow. Someone was stealing these chips and selling them to criminal gangs. And there on the roof she saw the person was after. The person she had been chasing for over an hour in this very large and expensive city. She ran towards the rood edge. “Stop right there or I’ll shoot,” Ilyana warned. “Wait don’t shoot,” the person standing by the edge of the roof top shouted back. Ilyana knew that this person was the middle man b etween the criminal groups that stole from the Russian military and the criminal gangs buying them and profiting from them. Ilyana saw who this person was. It was a ‘she’. Ilyana had short red hair; stood 5 foot 9, slim and fit, eyes as blue as snow, very white and white as snow and wanted to be back home and asleep but was on duty that night. This woman who was the middle-woman between the criminal gangs was much taller at 5 foot 10; had black hair and black eyes (suggesting an origin from the Caucasus), a nose sharper than Ilyana’s, also physically fit, dark and swarthy, and cunning. Ilyana heard a sound coming not far from behind her. She turned around without taking her gun towards this woman. There was no one there. But when she turned around again, the woman she was chasing after was not there. She was gone. “Shit,” Ilyana cursed in Russian.



Ilyana was on the beach. She was on vacation in the United States. Unlike Russia, Hawaii was hot and nice. She stayed in a hotel that faced the beach and she picked a spot that didn’t have many people and tourists loitering around. She wore her bikini and lied on her tummy, right on top of a large red blanket. Her arms were between her face and the blanket. She was alone and given how good looking she was she choosing to be all by herself. If she chose a spot full of men they would be giving her wolf whistles and would continue disturbing her. She was attractive at the age of 21 and only wore a red 2-piece bikini. She only had had small bag with her. She was getting a nice tan although she always had a hard time getting tanned as quickly as her Brunette and Blonde counterparts. Just as Ilyana thought that she could enjoy the whole day, she had no idea that someone had been spying on her the whole day and since yesterday. The person spying on Ilyana slowly walked towards where she was resting. She took out a blowpipe and used it to shoot something on Ilyana’s neck. It was a dart, to make Ilyana unconscious for a while. She quickly ran towards Ilyana and took the dart from her neck. She put it and the blowpipe away. She saw two young muscular guys running towards their direction. She smiled. She ran towards those two guys and lied, “Hi. Listen can you guys help me out. My friend took sleeping pills with her to the beach and now she is unconscious. Can you two be kind enough to help carry her to my car? I would be really really grateful.” She pointed to where Ilyana was. One of the guys smiled, saying, “It’ll be our pleasure ma’am.”

* * *

Water was splashed on Ilyana’s face. She woke up. She blinked her eyes and found herself lying down on a floor. She could see a large swimming pool next to her. She saw beach chairs and marble tables. She quickly got up. She realised that she fell asleep on the beach near her hotel. She saw a woman standing next to her. She recognised that woman, as that woman put the bucket down beside her. “You?” Ilyana shot her a very angry look. “I am glad you remember me darling,” the woman smiled. Ilyana realised that she was in this woman’s house. She lived in Hawaii. It was a large house indeed. The woman obviously profited from the black market. “You were out for an hour. But lucky for me two guys came and were kind enough to help carry your body to my car. They even helped carry your body to the swimming pool. I paid them a lot of money not to tell anyone that I had you brought here. Money is God here in America,” the woman laughed. “I am Elena by the way,” Elena introducing herself. Elena was in her early 30s. “You helped in having those military chips sold to criminal gang,” Ilyana was walking towards her. Elena was walking backwards. “Calm down dear. Don’t be too hasty. I didn’t even kill you. I could have while you were unconscious. And besides would you like to know what those chips were?” Elena smiling. “So tell me,” Ilyana remembered her training as police woman to deal with this woman and get out of this place. “Mind control chips, like the ones used during Josef Stalin’s time except they have been re-modified and improved,” Elena said. Ilyana looked disgusted. “What you did was still a crime and you would have to go to jail for that,” Ilyana screamed at her.

“Ilyana I have a confession to make,” Elena smirked. “What confession?” Ilyana asked. “I shot you with one of those chips. All I have to say is CODE RED and your programming will resume,” Elena laughed. Ilyana stopped moving. “What…what is happening to me?” Ilyana started to cry. “I had that chip programmed. I actually kept some of the chips for myself when I ran to this country for haven. I installed it inside a blowpipe and used one on you while you were getting tanned in the beach. I must say that you didn’t do a good job. You are still aware of who you are but a part of your brain forces you to be obedient to the first person you see who also utters that word I just said. From now you will do everything what I tell you to do. You will no longer go back to Moscow. You will pay the money you owe the hotel and you will come to live with me. And from now on you shall address me as Mistress. Got that?” Elena becoming cocky. “Yes…mistress,” Ilyana tried to fight the programming but it was forcing her to be this evil woman’s slave. “Good,” Elena smiled. “Drop down on all fours,” Elena commanded. “Yes mistress,” Ilyana slowly dropping down to her knees and then eventually walking on all fours. Like a dog. “Now I want you to bark,” Elena testing her control over the Russian policewoman. Ilyana started barking. Elena stood there and laughed. “I have a lot of question to ask you. And after that the fun begins,” Elena smirked. Ilyana wanted to fight back and say “Go to Hell” but all she could do was bark loyally like a pet dog.

Elena was sat down on her own beach chair. Ilyana was on her knees, giving her mistress a foot manicure. “I am not a lesbian so don’t worry about me raping you,” Elena patting Ilyana on the head. “I think you are going to have a good future here in America. Do you know that many American men marry many online mail-order Russian brides? Do you know that many American would happily many lots of and lots of dollars to have sex with a Russian woman, no matter how ugly she looks,” Elena laughed at Ilyana’s predicament. Ilyana was about to start crying but Elena quickly commanded her, “You shall not cry. Never again. Every time it ell you about your predicament you shall always smile and be happy. You understand?” Elena bossed her. “Yes mistress,” Ilyana started smiling. She now loved being in such situations. “That’s a good Russian girl. We Russians have to stick together you know. It can be a cruel world out there. And I have got plans for you my dear. Big plans, ” Elena said. Ilyana could guess what those plans are and all she could do is be proud of being a part of that plan.


Many people were queuing to get inside a night club. Two bouncers stood on the doorway. On the other side of the street were two women. One richly dressed and the other woman’s Madam. The other dressed up like a high class whore. The whore was none other than Ilyana and the Madam obviously was Elena. The Madam told the whore, “Wait here.” “Yes mistress,” the whore replied. The Whore was dressed in a long red dress. She wore earrings. She had long fishnet stockings on and high heels. She also wore red make up, indicating what a whore she was. The Madam crossed the street. She was targeting certain people as potential customers. “Hello. Could I have a word with you,” the Madam asked. She made sure that her Russian accent was thick and recognisable. “Yeah sure but I really want to get inside this night club if you know what I mean?” the young man said. He was a skinny African-American boy in his early 20s and was actually the son of a local politician. “I know you come here because you want women,” the Madam whispered in his ears, “But you never seem to get one you like or else you would have stopped coming here. I suggest you follow me across the street and I will explain everything. Trust me. I wouldn’t be here if it was not in your interest.” The Madam crossed the street. The young African-American son of a local politician followed her across the street. They walked to where Ilyana was stood. “Hello. May I introduce you to Ilyana,” Elena putting an arm behind her slave’s back. “My God. You really are beautiful,” the young man took Ilyana’s hand and kissed it. To him she was perfect. And his dad didn’t care who he went out with. His dad did warn him that he would kill him if he ever went out with a hooker. But the son didn’t care. A part of him enjoyed doing this behind his father’s back. “Shall we all go to a more secluded place,” the Madam smiled. “I brought my car with me,” the young man said. “Good. Just follow us on our car then,” the Madam said.


Ilyana was lying on the bed. The young African-American son of a politician was fucking her white pussy and groping her white tits, loving it and kissing and sucking it. He knew he had a good future and that nothing was going to get in his way. He knew that when it was his turn to become a politician, he would fuck beautiful Russian girls like Ilyana every single night. He was pumping more of his sperm into Ilyana’s pussy. She was screaming and screaming from his large cock penetrating her small cunt. And he was sucking on her right nipple way too hard, like as if he was sucking on a straw. He got off her, pulling her face closer to his. “Look. Whenever you talk to me please just call me Scott. I don’t want you to keep on calling me sir. I think I wanna see you more often. I want us to be much more intimate and also be good friends. Ok,” Scott kissing her firmly on the lips. “Ok…Scott,” Ilyana replied. “Ilyana I want you to go on all fours,” Scot asked nicely. “Ok…Scott,” Ilyana re-positioned her body so that she could be on all fours on top of the bed. Scott was eyeing her ass. He was patting her ass, smiling and saying, “I have fucked many white asses before but none were as whites as yours,” he smiled. Scott then thrust his cock up her ass, followed by Ilyana’s screaming. Scott had no idea that all this was being taped by a secret camera inside the room. I am so sorry Scott that you are about to get blackmailed for lots and lots of money, Ilyana thought, while she was getting fucked. Ilyana once fought against crime and now she was an agent for crime. She onc foguht criminals like Elena who profitted from such things and now she was assisting Elena in profitting.