The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


by TheHandsThatLead, copyright © 2014

Part 2 — Second times the charm...

Sammi was on the dance floor, her tight dress pushing her large fake breasts together as the bounced to the rhythm of the music. Her ass was rubbing against the guy she was dancing with but she didn’t know his name, she’d never seen him before he came up to her on the stage.

It seemed like she’d been dancing with different partners forever but it had only been six months since she’d met the stranger in the coffee shop. Her mind would often drift back to that day, especially when she was masturbating, which was all the time if she wasn’t sucking or fucking some guy.

It had been a real strain on her job, going in to work the next day, dressed entirely inappropriately for her workplace, she’d been called in to her manager’s office before lunch. By the time she left the office after lunch she had a new position at work, which was usually on her back, or knees or her tummy with her ass in the air. She didn’t mind that it didn’t pay as well since all they guys in the office using her made up for it.

The office was behind her tonight though, it was Friday and she had the whole weekend to find new guys to have fun with. The one with the hard dick against her ass right now seemed like as good as any and so she turned around and pushed in against him to invade his mouth with her tongue. That always got them to take her somewhere they could fuck her.

Just as she was about to push her plump lips against his, she suddenly felt strange, a feeling that felt so familiar but so wrong all at the same time. She paused to look around, the guy in front of her grabbed her ass and pulled her in closer. He continued to making out with her, which she didn’t stop of course, but her head continued to scan around the darkness of the club.

The feeling was stronger when she looked toward the back, where the champagne booths were. She grabbed a hold of his dick through his pants and gave it a couple of pumps. Leaning in she shouted over the music to him.

“Like, I’ve love to have your dick in me sometime, but right now I’ve got to go. I promise next time, K?”

Before he could reply she jiggled off towards the back, leaving him standing in the middle of the dance floor with an obvious erection.

At the back of the club were four booths, with large couches and tables full of alcohol and glasses. The first one contained several young women, one of which was getting married soon, all of which were plastered. The second had several men in business suits in it, some too old to really be here but obviously enjoying the hedonistic view.

She never made it to the fourth, the third stopped her in her tracks. It contained three people, the first was an amazingly beautiful Asian woman with large breasts covered barely by a white jewel encrusted bra and a matching white miniskirt. She could easily have been on the cover of any import car magazine.

The second woman was a stunning redhead, her long legs seemed to go on forever but eventually ended in a one piece black latex dress that hugged her body tightly. Her breasts weren’t as large as Sammi’s but still impressive for the thin frame she sported.

The two women were hanging off each side of a man, but not just any man, the man. Sammi’s pussy did summersaults as soon as he came in to view. After recovering from her awe, she screamed a joyful outburst and threw herself towards his crotch.

Sammi looked up from between his thighs and orgasmed, her eyes rolling back in her head behind the fake glasses she still wore all the time.

“Oh, well hello there little bimbo. You’ll have to forgive me, I have a terrible memory for names, even of those I’ve played with.”

Sammi pulled her lips away from his pants, she had been trying to give him a blowjob even while he was still fully clothed.

“Like, oh my god, my name is totally, like Sammi!”

“Ah yes, Sammi. We spent a day together, what six months ago?”

Sammi orgasmed a little again, he remembered her! She nodded her head and giggled.

“I do remember those glasses, that was fun. Have you been enjoying yourself since then?”

“Totally! I’ve been getting fucked all the time!”

“I’m sure you have. You know I was in a bit of a rush the last time I saw you, I had to be out of the country for a couple of weeks the next day. Perhaps I should have stayed in touch after I got back, but there are just so many distractions around the city.” He nodded at the women on each side of him. They giggled in return and pushed their breasts out and jiggled them side to side. He turned towards the Asian and she moved in and kissed him passionately.

Sammi’s hand had made their way to his zipper and it was half way down when he started talking again.

“You’re in luck too, a position in my entourage recently opened up. A friend really wanted to take my limo driver off my hands, he liked the way her ass looked in the high heels of her uniform. I just couldn’t say no to the offer he made so now I find myself in need of a new one.”

Sammi had fished his dick out of his pants and wrapped her lips around it, it grew harder as she pulled it in to her mouth. As soon as her hand had touched it the amazing feeling of need and pleasure returned as if it had only been a few minutes instead of six months.

She continued to work up and down his shaft in plain view of the bouncers, but they didn’t mind, she’d provided the same service to them many times before. Though she had never felt like this with them. The pleasure moved through her body and her hand made its way to her clit. Her hips started to buck in rhythm with the bobbing of her head.

A few minutes later, she could feel him stiffen even more, ready to deliver his load to her. She didn’t have to be told what to do, she pulled off his member with a loud pop. Grabbing it with her hands she scrunched down closer to the floor and worked him until he spurted over her face and glasses. She orgasmed as he came.

The two women beside him slid off the couch and towards her, each taking a side of her face and licking up his cum. When they had finished each had a small orgasm at a job well done.

He stood up, putting his dick back in his pants and zipping up the fly, “All right ladies, I think it’s time to head out, let’s go.”

The three bimbo’s each giggled as they stood up, he wrapped his right arm around Sammi and grabbed her ass, the other two bimbo’s took up station on his left side and they walked out of the club.

* * *

Walking around the corner the Sammi saw a long stretch limo, as soon as they came in to view an older man came out of the driver’s side door and greeted them.

“A pleasant evening sir? I see you have a new friend.”

“Yes Jefferies it was. See Sammi, he’s a very good driver but just not the kind of image I want to present.”


“Oh don’t worry Jefferies, you’ve done a fantastic job the last couple of weeks, but it was always a temporary job. You’ll be well compensated.”

“Of course sir, I leave it to your discretion.”

He leaned in a bit and almost whispered to Sammie, “He wasn’t always so co-operative. He really had a chip on his shoulder when he first arrived, but a quick handshake fixed that.”

Jefferies opened the passenger door and they entered the limo. The back was well appointed and stylish, two bench seats dominated the space, one behind the driver’s partition and the other at the rear.

“Nikki, Jessi, why don’t you take the front seat and put on a show for Sammi and I.”

“You got it baby!” The two bimbo’s quickly settled in to the seat and started making out, the taller red head leaning back in to the corner of the seat and the limo wall while the Asian laid on top of her.

He sat in the opposite corner of the back seat, pulling Sammi down beside him. His hands roamed over her tits and pushed her dress down. Her own hands hiked the bottom of her dress up, one hand going to her pussy, the other his crotch.

Nikki and Jessi had similarly managed to expose their tits and pussies as they worked themselves in to a sexual frenzy.

As they drove through the city Sammi found herself getting more and more turned on, both at the sight of the other bimbo’s licking and sucking their tits and pussy, and at him playing with her own tits. She moaned and squirmed in need as he moved his hand down towards her pussy. She spread her legs to give him full access which he took advantage of as he plunged his fingers in deep.

“Oh my god, YES!” She shouted out as the orgasm ripped through her. He continue to play with her body, invading her pussy and mouth, squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples, throughout the ride to their destination.

* * *

Sammi was in a daze as the limo came to a halt in front of the large house, it was on the outskirts of the city and surrounded by tall trees. It was in a very high end neighbourhood and she couldn’t even see the homes on either side. The house itself was modern but stylish. It would have been better described as a mansion but hat word hadn’t been in Sammi’s vocabulary for a while now.

Once all of them had exited the limo, it pulled off towards the garage as they walked towards the door. As they approached the door it opened to reveal a raven haired woman wearing an overtly sexualized version of a butler’s uniform. The black jacket was several sizes too small and didn’t extend below her tits, instead clasped together, pushing them upwards. She wore no shirt as to expose the maximum amount of cleavage, which she had in abundance, and a bow tie. Her black hot pants and six inch heals completed the outfit.

“Welcome home sir!”

“Thank you Wanda. Nikki, Jessi, I won’t need you any more tonight.”

They both pouted, their lips quivered at being dismissed but they left after only a moment of hesitation.

“Follow me Sammi, I’ll show you your new room.”

Sammi jumped slightly and squealed in delight. She was going to be close to him so much more now that she was going to be living here.

He led her towards the left end of the house, in the same direction as the limo had pulled off in. They eventually came to several rooms, each with a name plate on it. Nikki and Jessi’s were on the left, Wanda’s was the first one on the right and he opened the open labeled “Anni”.

“This will be your room, Jessi will get you a new name plate tomorrow.”

The room was large enough, it had a twin bed in it and several dressers. There was a door on each side of the bed, one appeared to be a bathroom and the other a walk in closet. A small desk sat in front of the window that looked out on to the back yard.

He went in to the closet and returned with a hanger in one hand and a pair of shoes in the other. It was a uniform of some kind, but clearly made of latex. He set them on the bed.

“You’re close to Anni’s size, this is a spare she left behind. It might be a bit small but we’ll get you fitted tomorrow. For tonight, you’ll have to squeeze in to it. Don’t worry if the shoes don’t fit, the ones you have on are ok if they don’t. You remember how to get back to the front hall?”

“Gosh, I think so!”

“Ok, well get changed and head back there, you’ll find makeup in the bathroom and a photo of Anni in uniform. She had trouble remembering what she should look like each morning so I found it was easiest to keep a photo to remind her. Copy it as close as you can, but keep the glasses. Wanda will be waiting for you and she’ll bring you to me.”

giggle Okey dokey!“

He left the room and Sammi started to undress as quickly as she could. Her body had always been trim but with all the ‘exercise’ she had been getting in the last six months it was now toned beyond what she had ever had before.

She entered the bathroom and found the framed photo of Anni on the makeup stand. An array of products spread out before her she started with her hair. She had kept her own natural blonde hair in a feathered frock, but Anni’s hair was straight and tied back in a ponytail. The flat iron solved her hair problem and another half hour of work applied the appropriate makeup. It was understated in comparison to what she had been wearing, a clean look with minor highlights. A light pink was the theme in the photo and she matched it to a tee.

She re-entered the bedroom and took the uniform from the bed, it was extremely tight and she strained to pull the pants up over her legs. The black latex encompassed her legs and feet as it included ‘socks’ as part of them. Once she had pulled it up over her hips she looked in the mirror, they left nothing to the imagination, they were so tight you could clearly see the outline of her pussy lips.

The white latex top was sleeveless and backless but no less tight on her. On the front of it was the image of a straight black tie that looked to rest between her large breasts. The shoes were simply too tight no matter how hard she tried to put them on.

The last two pieces of the uniform were a small black leather jacket and a black cap. Much like the butlers jacket, it didn’t do up but instead clasped under her breasts. She placed the cap on her head and tilted it to one side slightly like in the photo of Anni.

She checked the mirror once more to ensure everything was as close as she could get it to the photo and then walked out of her room towards Wanda.

* * *

Wanda led Sammi in to his study, it was well lit and at the center was a large desk. The decor was modern and tasteful, several large TV monitors hung on one wall by the desk, a computer on the top of it. In front of the desk were two large chairs and on the opposite side to the monitors a couch that had no arm rests.

He looked up and turned his gaze directly at Sammi, sending a quiver right to her pussy.

“Yes that will do nicely, very well done Sammi.” The quiver turned in to an explosion and her lips parted slightly as a slight moan escaped them.

He stood up from behind the desk and came around to the front, pulling his phone from his pocket he took several photos having her move and pose in several different positions.

“Take a seat on the end of the couch Sammi. Tell me have you ever been with a woman?”

Sitting on the couch she responded, “Like, no, never!”

He walked over to Wanda and whispered something in her ear, she pulled down her pants and moved towards Sammi with him. He sat down beside Sammi and took her hand, her world was once more complete. Wanda walked to the other side of Sammi and hiked one leg on to the couch between them and lean in towards Sammi’s face.

“Now Sammi, a good bimbo knows how to pleasure men and woman. Now use your tongue.“

Sammi replied to Wanda’s move by extending her tongue and licking her exposed pussy. She had never tasted anything like it and the pleasure was like someone was licking her own pussy. She felt him let go of her hand and then place his hand on her pussy over the latex. The sensations encouraged Sammie to work harder to please Wanda and soon they were both moaning loudly.

When Wanda came a few minutes later, Sammi follow suit with her own that was amazing as anything she had experienced in the last six months other than the times she had been with him.

He stood up removing his pants, Wanda moved around in front of Sammie and crouched down between her legs. He then took Wanda’s place at Sammi’s side and presented his dick for her, she took it in her mouth greedily.

He reached down and grabbed her breast, pinching the nipple. Wanda for her part started licking Sammi’s pussy through the latex while reaching up and grabbing her other breast.

Sammi was lost in pleasure, being assaulted from every part of her body, it was all she could do to keep sucking his cock. After a few minutes he pulled out and she tried to follow him forward, her tongue hanging out, but instead he placed his shaft across her lips and slid back and forth. Then, he lifted it off her lips and bounced it up and down several times. Each time it made contact her whole body spasmed.

Wanda stopped working Sammi’s pussy and moved up her body to be level with her face, pushing their breasts together. She moved her lips in and placed them on the other side of his dick. Sammi and Wanda’s lips touched as he moved back and forth between them.

When he pulled out from between their lips, Wanda moved down a bit and started working Sammi’s breasts again. He repositioned himself to be more in front of Sammi and pushed his dick back in to her mouth. This time though instead of letting her work his shaft he took her uniform cap off and grabbed the back of her head and pushed himself deep in to her throat.

After fucking Sammi’s mouth for a while he once more came, she took his load in to her and orgasmed herself silly. Distantly she felt Wanda spasm in her own orgasm as well.

Sammi came around after Wanda, who was cleaning his dick with her mouth before pulling his pants back up.

“Well Sammi, you’re going to do just fine as the new chauffer.” He paused a moment before continuing.

“I guess I should have asked if you had a driver’s license?”

“Heehee, ya, I can like totally drive!”

“Wooh... that’s good, that could have been awkward!

Wanda, why don’t you spend the night with Sammi, make sure she gets settled in all right. You can take her to get fitted for some new uniforms tomorrow.”

Wanda giggled and smiled seductively at Sammi. Sammi looked forward to getting Wanda’s tongue directly on her clit instead of just through the latex. They walked out of the room hands on each other’s asses, swaying them seductively to ensure he had a good view as the left.

To be continued... ?