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My apologies to the many who wrote wanting me to finish this. Life has a nasty way of getting in the way. Enjoy life because it doesn’t Last forever! I’ll be a lot quicker about part 3!

Thanks, SandalMaster

Kristine was successful in her first task, having hypnotized her best friend and the man who betrayed her. And, it made her think....she now had the possibility to enslave anyone, not just the people who pissed her off. And, they would do whatever she wanted......the possibilities were endless. Power, money, sex, all of these ideas were spinning in her head. She decided to play in the lab some more. Kristine spent the better part of a week manipulating her hypno-chip and finally decided to test it out on her hypnotized buddy, Holly.

“Holly, I want you to come here.” Kristine said. “Yes, master”, Holly replied. Holly had been Kristine’s sandal slave for about 2 weeks now, still wearing her hypnotic sandals and not much else. “I want you to sleep now, and you’ll be unable to awake until I say so.” Kristine commanded. At that point in time, Holly fell asleep and was comatose. Kristine took off Holly’s hypnotic sandals and proceeded to remove the 1st hypno-chip and replaced it with a new one. Then, she commanded Holly to awake. Holly’s eyes turned a blue hue and were overcoming her pupils.

Holly replied, “Yes, master. What is your bidding?” On the surface, nothing appeared materially different, but Holly was different. She now was a hypnotic machine. Under Kristine’s control, Holly was now able to hypnotize anyone with just a gaze of her eyes. But, Kristine had only tested it out for the past week and she was only able to hypnotize someone for a few minutes before they returned to normal. So, she needed a (un) willing subject to test this on. Kristine dressed Holly up to bait some victims. Holly was dressed in a tight black t-shirt and a black skirt, which contrasted her blonde hair but went with her black-rimmed glasses where her eyes were now capable of hypnotizing anyone who looked into them. And, of course, Holly was wearing the hypnotic sandals, which both enslaved Holly and made her able to enslave. “Let’s go shopping, Holly.” Kristine said, “Come with your sandal master and help me shop for more sandal slaves.” “Yes, master, must shop for sandal slaves...” Holly uttered as her eyes glowed through her glasses as she walked with Kristine.

Kristine and Holly walked into town and entered a rather expensive shoe store where Traci, the store manager, greeted them. Traci was a little spinner, 5′2″ 98 pounds soaking wet and a Sarah Michelle Gellar dead ringer. Blond hair, blue eyes, gold rimmed glasses, petite figure, wearing a black blouse and Capri pants, and 4 inch size 6 black stiletto heeled sandals. “We’re not open for another hour, but, how may I help you?” Traci asked the pair. “You can help us more than you know.” Kristine replied with a grin. “Where did you get those beautiful shoes?” Kristine asked. “I got them here and they are so comfortable I wear them all of the time. You’d never think that from heels, would you?” Traci replied. No, Kristine couldn’t imagine comfortable stilettos. That’s why this person would be a terrific test subject, Kristine thought...

“Excuse me, do you sell stilettos like that here?” Kristine asked. “Sure, let me lock the door here. You never know what kind of weirdoes could walk in here before we open.” Traci said. Traci spun the lock on the door and walked Kristine and Holly back to the rear of the shop. “What are you a size 10?” Traci asked Kristine. “Yes, I am, but I never wear these kind of shoes because they hurt my feet.” Kristine replied. “Well, but they’d look terrific in them. They’re all the rage. EVERYONE is wearing them and I have a hard time keeping these in stock, which is a neat trick at $500 a pair.” Traci said. At that point and time, a light bulb went off in Kristine’s head. If she had someone like Traci working for her, not only would she get a fair share of new recruits, they would have money or access to money, always an important thing to have.

Traci grabbed a pair of 3 inch red stiletto heeled sandals and proceeded to show them to Kristine. “Try them on, you’ll love them.” she said. Kristine was suspicious and said, “Ok, first do me a favor. My friend Holly has a question to ask you.” Traci said to Holly, “Ok, what’s your question?” Holly turned toward Traci and looked into Traci’s eyes and said, “I must hypnotize...” and proceeded to shoot a blue hypnotic beam into Traci’s eyes. As the beam bored into Traci’s head, Kristine was cackling with glee. If this worked, the possibilities were endless. Traci’s eyes continued accepting Holly’s hypnotic ray. A look at Traci revealed that her once blue eyes were bright white and shining through her glasses. Holly stopped her hypno-beam and Traci stood there and she said, “Yes, master, I must obey...” The experiment was a success. “Traci, you are now my sandal slave. You must obey my every command. You will lay down until I give you further orders.” Kristine commanded. “Yes, master, must obey.” Traci said as she laid down on the floor of the store.

Kristine was inquisitive and asked Traci, “Why are you so persistent in trying to get me to try on those stilettos?” Traci admitted to Kristine that she had a stiletto-heeled sandal fetish. So, not wanting to waste a good similar fetish, Kristine commanded Traci to help her try on as many high-heeled sandals as she could get her feet into. After trying on just about every sandal in the store, Kristine modeled a pair of 6-inch black stiletto sandals for Traci. “Does this arouse you, Traci?” Kristine asked. “Yes, master. I am very aroused by the sight of your feet in sandals.” Traci replied. At that point in time, Kristine sat down and told Traci, “You want to worship my feet in sandals. Lick my feet, then my pussy, sandal slave.”

Traci proceeded to work Kristine’s feet in stiletto sandals like a kid licking a Popsicle. Traci wrapped her tongue around Kristine’s toes through her sandals. Then, Traci worked her tongue up Kristine’s calves and thighs; unable to resist the lustful thoughts that Holly had awoken with her hypnotic gaze. Traci removed Kristine’s panties and put her face between Kristine’s legs and started to eat her pussy when suddenly she stopped midway. “What, what is going on? Why do you not have underwear on? Why do I smell like pussy?” Traci shrieked as her eyes were no longer white and hypnotized. “I thought you wanted to sell me a pair of stilettos”, Kristine said to Traci. “I’ve never had a homosexual thought in my life, why, what, how was my face in your pussy?” Traci asked.

“It’s simple, really, I had my friend, Holly, hypnotize you to do my bidding. And, since you already have a sandal fetish, and I was wearing the stiletto sandals you adore so, it wasn’t that hard to get you aroused enough to get between my legs.” Kristine explained. Traci said, “I think you need to leave now before I call the cops...” “OK, I just wanted to try something out, but you sure were hot and are more into what we’re about than you think.” Kristine said as her and Holly started to leave. “What do you mean, what “we’re about”?", Traci said. Kristine thought, this is the opportunity to fix what was wrong before! When Holly hypnotized Traci, the hypnosis only lasted about 10 minutes. But, if she could hypnotize her long enough to put the hypnotic sandals on her feet or the hypno-chip into Traci’s sandals, she’d be able to fix the problem and acquire a willing servant to the cause. “I tell you what, let me have YOU try on a pair of shoes and you’ll see what I’m talking about. And, if you don’t see what we see, we’ll leave and never bother you again. What are you, a size 5?.", Kristine said. “I’m a size 6, and I still don’t understand what you’re all about, but I’ll try your shoes and see if I can figure it out.", Traci said.

“Holly, go get me a pair of sandals from work, size 6.", Kristine ordered. Holly left the store and went to the lab to get another pair of sandals. “So, how did you get into this line of work?", Kristine asked. “Where else could someone get all the shoes they want at wholesale and get to see feet in sandals all day?", Traci said. “I guess you have a point, but can you tell me why you like feet in sandals?", Kristine asked. Traci said, “I’ve had a foot fetish for as long as I can remember. As a kid, I liked to stare at other women’s feet, but I never really took notice to my sandal fetish until I was in college.” Traci added, “My college roommate, Trish, is the one who brought it out of me and made me actually notice it. Trish also has a foot fetish and she also wears sandals whenever she can.” Kristine said, “Have you ever pursued your sandal fetish sexually?". Traci said, “Only with men, if I see a man in sandals, it makes me so hot. I never have been with a woman, well, that is before I woke up with my face buried in your crotch. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve played with myself looking at my feet in my sandals or sneaking peaks at other women’s feet in sandals, but for the most part, the only time I get aroused sexually is when men in sandals or when I look at my feet in sandals.

Holly returned with the sandals from the lab and walked toward Kristine. “OK, this is a test. If it works, you’ll understand what we’re all about. If it doesn’t, we’ll leave and have a nice day, OK?", Kristine said. Traci said, “What the hell, I’ve tried on all kinds of shoes before, why not now? Go right ahead.". Holly took off Traci’s stiletto sandals and then proceeded to put the sandals from the lab on Traci. Traci stood wide-eyed in the shifting light, wearing the sandals that now had her mind locked in Kristine’s control. Her eyes were spinning around and shown bright white through her gold glasses as her arms came up like a robot’s. She walked slowly, directly at Kristine with her arms straight out and a look of blank obedience on her face firmly in a trance and then Traci’s eyes turned bright blue. Her enslavement was now complete.

Traci was now a hypno-sandal slave, ready to hypnotize on demand. Kristine proceeded to program her new slave. “Traci, look at your feet in sandals, my hypnotic sandals. You are hypnotized by them and forced to obey my every command. You will wear these sandals all the time. When you sleep, shower, do anything, they will never come off your feet. The sight of feet in sandals sexually arouses you. You will have sex with anyone wearing sandals. You will hypnotize everyone you see in sandals and bring them to me.", Kristine said to her new slave. “Yes, master. I have a sandal fetish. I want to go out and have sex with the first person I see wearing sandals. I am in your power. I don’t want to remove the sandals. I want to be a sandal slave, forced to wear nothing but these sandals all day long while my Sandal Master uses me in any way desired. I will hypnotize anyone wearing sandals and bring them to you.", Traci replied Kristine said, “Excellent. Now I want you to look at my friend, Holly.”

Holly, of course, was wearing the same hypnotic sandals Traci was wearing. “I must have sex with her.....",Traci uttered. Traci removed her clothing and proceeded to remove Holly’s shorts and started to lick her labia like a lollipop. Holly was groaning with pleasure as she removed her top and let Traci lick her breasts. Kristine then ordered both of them to lick her bright red stiletto sandals and had them worship her feet in sandals. The two hypnotized women proceeded to lick Kristine’s feet in sandals. “Yes master, must worship feet in sandals.", they uttered as they French kissed her toes and her soles while in sandals. Then, Traci, who had never “officially” had sex with a woman, proceeded to lick Kristine’s thigh’s and removed her panties and was ready to eat her pussy out. “Yes, my little sandal slave, you want to eat my pussy and make me come. You can’t resist the sight of my feet in sandals. You are so aroused and cannot resist.", Kristine said to Traci. Traci’s eyes glowed with Kristine’s hypnotic programming as she snuggled her face in Kristine’s bush. She worked the labia as though she had been eating pussy her whole life. “Uuuuuuggggh, you’re making me come!", Kristine moaned as Traci made Kristine cut loose with the orgasm of her life.

“It’s not fair that you can’t get yours, so I think Holly should finish the job on you......Holly, I want you to make love to Traci like she just did to me.", Kristine ordered. Holly then worked on Traci’s feet in the hypnotic sandals, French kissing her little toes and licking her soles while in the hypnotic sandals. “Feel how good it is to have someone worship your feet in sandals, Traci. I want you to make anyone you have sex with to worship your feet in sandals.", Kristine said to Traci. “Yes, master, must make people worship my feet in sandals.” Holly went up Traci’s thigh and nuzzled her face in Traci’s pussy and worked it like an experienced pro. “Must eat Traci’s pussy and make her come...", Holly said as her hypnotic sandals turned her into the best pussy eater around. Traci cut loose a massive orgasm and laid with Holly in the smell of great lesbian sex and Kristine plotted her next move.

Meanwhile, not far from the lab, Stephen took his daily stroll to the public restroom just down the beach from his resort home. The sand and warm sun always gave him new hope that today would bring the fantasy man he was looking for. It was still early and the restroom stalls were empty. So Stephen moved into the middle stall. He slipped off his T-shirt and Speedo trunks, leaving only his thonged sandals on. The door of the restroom opened and a college age kid wearing baggy shorts walked in and headed for urinals. He loudly relieved his bladder while Stephen peeked through the stall door at him. The kid looked pretty hot. Nice pecs. Tight rear end. Then Stephen’s eyes moved down the muscled calves. It was someone we forgot about.....our friend Matt. Matt had just finished his shift at the Club 94 and rather than going home, Matt decided to go to the beach. Matt came in quickly and paused by the washbasin. He was rinsing his hands while he looked around the restroom. Stephen anxiously angled for a better view. Matt looked a lot different than before. His skin was deeply tanned. A braided necklace bore a shiny white shark’s tooth. His skintight khaki shorts barely covered his tight ass. Then Stephen’s eyes made their ritualistic journey down to his tanned legs. On his feet was a pair of Teva sandals. Kristine’s hypnotic Teva. Seeing this sexy man in nothing but shorts and Teva sandals gave Stephen an immediate hard-on. He gripped his stiff cock and started stroking it. The sound didn’t escape the Matt’s ears. He glanced in the direction of the stalls as he turned off the water at the basin and wiped his hands dry. Instead of leaving, he slowly walked by Stephen’s stall and into the one next door. When he sat down, Matt saw Stephen squeezing the head of his flaming cock. Matt’s programming required him to lust after semen. He started by licking Stephen’s toes around the thongs Steven was wearing.

“Wouldn’t you rather put your lips here?” Stephen asked Matt. He didn’t have to ask twice. Matt sprawled on the restroom tiles and extended his tongue to cover the tanned toes and sandals with his saliva. Stephen turned his foot and pushed it all the way under the wall so Matt could lick and suck it to his heart’s content. He slipped his tongue between the big and second toe and ran it up and down the sandal thong. Then he lifted Stephens heel and licked the length of it. The smell of leather and foot perspiration was driving him wild. Suddenly, Stephen turned and the second sandaled foot appeared at the opening. He knelt down and his huge cock slipped beneath the wall. It was stiff and fat. And Matt couldn’t wait to have it. He grabbed the throbbing organ with one hand while he continued to play with sandals and feet with the other.

While stroking Stephen’s cock, he was running his own bulging penis over one of the sandaled feet. Matt turned over his stomach, spread out fully on the floor in his stall and took the penis fully in his mouth. He rammed it all the way down his throat, holding it there for several seconds before sliding it up and out again. This former ladies man now sucked cock better most ladies. And, Matt gave this man all he had. The hypnotic sandals programmed him on his feet, to drink semen and Matt wanted to make certain this man would leave happy. Stroking the guy’s balls while running his tongue around the thick staff, Matt knew it wouldn’t be long before an eruption. He kept up the pace, first fingering beneath the sac and then caressing each ball with his fingers. All the while, he was creating more sucking pressure on the guy’s organ.

Matt glanced down and saw the man’s toes doing a dance of ecstasy amid the sandal straps. He pulled his body back around and curled it so that his own hot cock was just a few inches away from that sexy sandaled foot. As he worked over the cock beneath the wall, he pumped his own penis to near orgasm. Suddenly, he could feel the hot cock in his mouth become harder. It started the vibration that could mean only one thing. And as the first waves of sticky cum poured into his mouth, Matt let a long stream of white liquid flow onto the feet and sandals of Stephen.. Rather than pull his foot away, Stephen raised up his toes and accepted the jism that was spilling onto them. After Matt had drained every drop from the cock in his mouth, he pulled away and started licking up every bit of his own cum from the bare toes and leather sandal straps that were still extended into his stall.

Within a minute or so, he had licked up every drop. His newfound friend stood up, pulled his foot away and reached for his shorts. Stephen said to Matt, “Nice sandals. Where did you get them?". Matt’s programming required him to hypnotize others and this was a great opportunity to do it. Matt said, “I have another pair that should fit you. Let me get them for you.". Matt then grabbed a pair of the sandals Kristine had given him to use to hypnotize others. After he washed Stephen’s feet, he strapped on the matching Tevas on Stephen. Stephen’s eyes spun around like a computer hard drive. His eyes started to turn white and glaze over as he accepted Kristine’s hypnotic sandals as they clouded his mind with her programming. “Yes, master. I must obey.", Stephen said

Kristine, Holly, and Traci had left the shoe store when they saw Matt and Stephen at the beach. Matt said to Kristine, “I have hypnotized another for you, Sandal Master. This is Stephen. He too will do your bidding.". Kristine said, “Excellent, now I have 2 men and 2 women doing my hypnotic bidding. Come slaves, follow me to my apartment. Matt and Stephen need a tune up and I’m in need of some loving.". Holly, Traci, Matt, and Stephen, all in a hypnotic funk, followed Kristine to her apartment.

“Now, Matt and Stephen, sleep.", Kristine ordered. The two men slept while Holly and Traci removed their old hypnotic sandals. Kristine replaced the chips in them with the new hypno-chips and put them back on their feet. “Awake, sandal slaves!", she ordered. Matt and Stephen stood wide-eyed in Kristine’s apartment, wearing the sandals that now had their minds locked in Kristine’s control. They walked slowly, directly at Kristine with her arms straight out and a look of blank obedience on their faces firmly in a trance and then Matt and Stephen’s eyes turned bright blue. They were now ready to act as Kristine’s hypnotic conduits. And, Kristine had a wonderful plan that would make her very happy................