The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


“Oh man, these headaches are killing me.”

“Again,” asked Helen. “I thought they were getting better.”

“They were,” Mia said, “but they got worse again. It’s just stress, I know, but—”

“You got to stop doing this to yourself. You keep getting headaches and stuff like this, something bad’s gonna happen to you before you’re thirty.”

“I know. I know,” but how do you do it. “I mean, you’re taking the same classes I am and you’re not stressed out.”

Helen smiled. “I know how to relax. That’s the secret, you know. Get rid of the stress before it gets rid of you.”

“I wish you could teach me how to do that.”

Helen seemed to give that some thought. “Hmmm,” she said finally. “I suppose I could teach you a few tricks I know—”

“Would you,” Mia gushed. “I’d be so grateful if you did.”

“I don’t know. I mean, we’ve got that big test coming up on Friday, and we got to get ready for that.”

“Come on. It can’t take that long can it?”

“All right,” Helen said. “I suppose we can try a few things. I guess, first things first. How tense are you?”

“What do you mean?”

“Stress and tension kinda go hand in hand. You get stressed, you get tense. You get tense, it stresses you out. So, how tense are you?”

“I don’t know. Tense, I guess, but I’m not sure how much.”

“You, um, you mind if I touch you?”

“What do you mean?”

“I just want to rub your shoulders. I want to see how tense you are.”

“Oh. I guess. Sure.”

And that was how it started.

Mia woke up the next morning feeling relaxed. It had been an interesting evening, that was for sure.

At first, Helen had rubbed her shoulders. She’d remarked how tense Mia was and then somehow, she’d gotten Mia to take off her shirt and then to take off her bra. Her hands were strong as they worked over the muscles in Mia’s back and in her neck.

It had felt good. Mia wasn’t sure she had ever had a massage like that ever before. It was hard and yet it was pleasant. It was pleasant to have Helen’s hands go so deep into her muscles and just when it seemed as if Helen was going to go too far, she’d pulled back, and then it would start all over again.

After that, studying had been so much easier and Mia was glad. She really needed to pass this course.

That morning though, Mia was stiff. It wasn’t fair, Mia told herself. As good as she’d felt the night before, she would have hoped that the feeling would have lasted a little bit longer.

She picked up her book bag and she headed off to class. Well, you couldn’t have everything, she thought.

That night, Mia was back in Helen’s dorm room. The two girls had their math books open and they were studying again. “You know,” Mia said, “I really liked what you did for me last night.”

“Oh, that’s sweet. I’m glad you liked it.”

“Yeah, it was really great. I just wished it would last a little longer.”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s just that this morning when I woke up, I was stiff all over again.”

“Oh. Well, that’s to be expected. I mean your muscles, they were so knotted up. I’m not surprised that you might be stiff again. You want me to give you another massage?”

“Would you?”

“Sure. No problem. Why don’t you go ahead and take off your clothes.”

“What? You mean all of them?”

Helen grinned. “Sure. Why not? I’ll give you an all over massage.”

“You’re not going to ... I mean ... you’re not going to do anything ... you know, sexual like.”

Helen laughed. “Come on. It’s just a massage.”

Mia laughed, too. She was being silly. Helen was her friend, so she took off her clothes and she laid down and she let Helen’s hands work her over.

They were well into the massage when Helen began to speak. “Yeah, that’s right. You like this, don’t you,” she purred even as her hands worked the knots out of Mia’s muscles. “You like it when I rub you like this.”

“Oh yeah,” Mia moaned. “It feels so good.”

“I’ll bet it does,” Helen said. “It feels so good when I rub you like this.”

“It feels so good,” Mia said.

“That’s right,” Helen said. “It feels so good to submit, doesn’t it? It feels so good to let someone else do the work.”

“Oh yeah,” Mia moaned. “I want that. I want someone else to do the work.”

“That’s right,” Helen said. “What you want is to obey. What you want is to do what you’re told.”

“I want to do what I’m told,” Mia said. It was only after she said it that she realized just what it was she had said but she was too relaxed to correct herself.

Mia woke up the next morning feeling even stiffer than she had the day before and she was sluggish, too. She really wasn’t a morning person but this day was worse than most and then Mia stopped. Had she really said what she thought she’d said the night before, she wondered. That was weird.

And yet, the more she thought about it, the more she wasn’t even sure if it had happened. Oh, she remembered getting the massage all right, but she just wasn’t sure what had been said. Could it be she’d imagined it, she wondered.

When she met Helen later that day, it was as if Helen had no memory of the incident. Oh, she remembered giving the back rub but she seemed not to remember what was said. Could she have imagined it, Mia wondered, and if she had, why would she have imagined that.

The two girls got together again that night. The big test was coming up and they needed to study.

Helen finally closed her book with a resounding thud. “That’s it,” she said. “I can’t take anymore of this tonight.”

Mia stretched her back. Her friend was right. They’d been at it a long time. “What time is it,” Mia asked.

Helen looked at her watch. “Oh my God. It’s almost 2:00.”

“No wonder I’m so tight,” Mia said. “Boy, I sure could use one of your massages.”

Helen gave her friend an odd look. “I thought you were feeling a little, you know, a little weird about my massages.”

Mia remembered again what she had remembered about the previous night’s activities but she still wasn’t sure if it had really happened like she remembered it and besides, she really was tight, and she always did feel so good after Helen gave her one of her massages. “I’m fine,” Mia said. “I’d really like to have one of your massages,” she told her friend, “that is, if you’re up to giving me one.”

Helen smiled. “Sure, I’m up for it if you are. Why don’t we go to my bedroom. You can take off your clothes and you can lie down on my bed.”


Mia took off her clothes and she laid down on the bed. She could feel Helen’s hands as soon as she put those hands on her and she moaned softly to herself. Helen sure did have really great hands, she told herself.

Helen’s hands worked Mia’s neck and then they worked her shoulders. Helen’s hands worked the upper back and then Helen’s hands moved to the lower back and all the while, Mia moaned to herself. She loved what those hands were doing to her.

Helen turned Mia over. “Yeah, you’re a little fuck slut,” the girl said. “I’ll bet you want to suck my tits.”

Mia was going to object but something made her stop.

Mia couldn’t help but notice that Helen was naked. When had Helen taken off her clothes, Mia wondered, but more than that, Helen had these firm, young tits that Mia just couldn’t take her eyes off of.

“I knew it,” Helen said. “I knew a little fuck slut like yourself would want to suck my tits.”

Again, Mia wanted to say no and again, she demurred.

“I knew it,” Helen said. Her tits hung just inches from Mia’s face. “Be a good little fuck slut and tell me you want to suck my tits.”

Mia wanted to say no but suddenly she felt compelled her to obey. “I want to suck your tits,” she said.

“Say it again.

“I want to suck your tits.”

Helen’s tits were right there, poised above her body and then her tits were sliding forward. Mia watched breathlessly as those tits got closer and closer. They weren’t big tits but for some reason, Mia couldn’t take her eyes off of them.

And then those tits were sliding in around her face. Mia took a breath. She hadn’t realized she’d been holding her breath until just that moment and then she inhaled the scent of the other woman and she couldn’t help herself. She started licking Helen’s breasts. She loved it. She loved licking Helen’s tits.

Mia woke up stiff again the next morning. This was the stiffest she’d been in the past few days and she was starting to think maybe she should see a doctor when suddenly she remembered the events that had transpired the evening before. She’d actually done it. She’d actually gone and licked a woman’s breasts. It hadn’t gone any further than that but she’d licked a woman’s breasts.

There was something wrong, really wrong. This wasn’t the type of thing she normally did. Maybe, she thought, maybe she and Helen shouldn’t be study partners anymore.

That thought didn’t appeal to Mia. There was something wrong with it but she couldn’t figure out what it was, but somehow, it just didn’t seem right.

Still, if she was going to go around licking other girl’s breasts, well, that had to stop, didn’t it, or did it?

Mia was still conflicted when she met up with Helen. She’d come to a decision even though she didn’t like it. She was going to tell Helen they couldn’t study together anymore.

“Hey, Mia,” Helen said. “How’s it going?”

“Not so good,” Mia told her friend. “Helen. I think ... I mean, after last night ... you know ... I think, maybe we should study on our own.”

“But the big test is only two days away.”

“I know, but I think maybe it’s for the best.”

“Is that really what you want?”

“No, but—”

“I think you should keep coming over to my dorm room just like you always do. I’ll see you there at seven.”

“But I—”

“No buts. You and I need to study if we’re going to pass this test, and we have a better chance if we do it together and besides, nothing’s going to happen.”


“I’ll see you there at seven.”

Mia felt much better. Things hadn’t turned out the way she’d thought they would but it felt good to let someone else make the decisions for her. She’d be there at seven.

That evening, Mia showed up right on time. For some people, that might not have been all that unusual but for Mia, it was. There was always something, some last minute delay, something forgotten or something that needed to be fixed so that Mia almost never showed up right on time. She was close to being on time, but almost never made it on time.

That evening, though, Mia was on time. She needed to be prompt for Helen. She needed to be on time.

Helen opened the door and let Mia in. Almost from the outset, things seemed to be different. For one thing, Helen had told Mia that she had to come sit next to her on the couch rather than sitting in the easy chair where she normally sat. Mia had been about to object when her objections suddenly dropped away and she came and sat down next to Helen.

Next, whenever Mia tried to pick up her text book, Helen would seem to get upset. She’d tell Mia to put that down which for some reason, Mia did. But eventually, Mia would try to pick up her text again and then it would start all over again.

How was she supposed to study for her test, Mia wondered if she wasn’t able to study the textbook and yet, she never challenged Helen and she never got up and left.

Finally, Helen closed her book. “I think that’s enough studying for tonight,” she said.

“Yeah, for you,” Mia replied with annoyance.

“You seem stressed,” Helen said.

“You think so,” Mia said.

“I think you need another massage.”

“I don’t need a massage,” Mia said.

“Sure you do. Why don’t you get yourself naked right now.”

Mia was about to say something but already, Helen was heading to somewhere in the back of the apartment, leaving Mia standing there. She knew she could just pick up her things and leave, but that didn’t seem right so instead, her hands went to her top and then she was pulling it over her head. Her hands worked at the bra around her tits and then she was opening the button at the top of her jeans.

Why was she doing this, Mia wanted to know, but already, she was pushing her jeans over her hips. She kicked off her shoes and let her jeans fall at feet and then her hands were back again, pushing her panties down her legs.

Mia stepped out of her jeans and her panties just as Helen returned. “What are those for?” Mia asked.

“I’m going to use these on you,” Helen said. “Now lie down on the coffee table.”

Mia recognized the objects that Helen was holding. “I thought you were going to give me a massage,” Mia said in a disgruntled tone but even as she said, she laid herself out on the table just as Helen had asked her to.

“Oh don’t you worry about that,” Helen assured her friend. “I’ll make you feel good.”

Why am I doing this, Mia wondered. Here she was, stripped down naked, and she was laying herself out on the coffee table in her study partner’s living room. What the heck was she doing? What if someone walked in? What if someone saw her there?

Still, that didn’t stop Mia from doing as she was told. She laid there on her back and looked up at Helen. “You know what to do,” Helen told her. “Open your legs.”

Mia did as she told and moments later, she felt the vibrator being slid up inside her pussy. She was surprised at just how wet she was.

“I’m going to teach you something new,” Helen told her.

Mia moaned. It was hard to focus. She tried to look at her friend and she nodded.

“I’m going to teach you to cum on demand,” Helen told her.

Mia moaned again.

“You don’t cum unless I tell you to,” Helen told her. “You don’t cum until I tell you you can. If you feel like you will, back it off. You don’t cum until I tell you to. You don’t cum until I let you cum.”

Mia moaned again.

“Back it off,” Helen told her. “You don’t feel anything. Back it off. Back it off. You don’t feel anything unless I tell you to.”

Mia moaned. The feelings in her pussy were beginning to fade. She was getting fucked. She knew it because she could see Helen doing it to her but the sensations were beginning to fade.

“That’s it,” Helen told her. “Back it off. You feel nothing unless I tell you you can. You feel nothing. You got that. You feel nothing unless I let you feel it.”

Mia moaned as the feelings continued to subside. She was getting fucked but she felt nothing.

“That’s a good girl,” Helen told her. “You’re doing what I tell you to and that’s what’s right.” Mia watched Helen pull the dildo from between her legs. “Now turn your ass over,” Helen told her. “I want to do you from behind.”

Mia turned herself over. She could feel Helen shove something between her cheeks. It pushed up against her ass and Mia moaned. She could feel that thing entering her.

“You cum when I tell you to,” Helen reminded her. “You cum when I tell you to.”

Mia let out a little whimpering cry. She hadn’t been told to ignore the feeling of that cock in her ass and it was so big. She’d never been fucked there before but she was being fucked there now.

“That’s right. You’re waiting for me, aren’t you? You’re waiting for me to let you cum.”

Mia could only moan. She wished Helen would do it. She wished Helen would let her cum.

“Cum now,” Helen ordered. “Cum now.”

Mia moaned as her body finally succumbed to the synthetic cock inside her. Her pussy convulsed and she moaned and sobbed as the cum continued to flow. So good. It felt so good. It felt better than it ever had.

Mia woke up the next morning, tired and sore, and then she remembered what Helen had done to her. No wonder she was tired, she thought. How many times had Helen made her cum? Mia had lost count but what was certain was that she had cum and cum and cum.

And Mia asked herself, how could she let it happen, and surprisingly, although she had no good reason for it, she felt good about it. She felt good about letting Helen control her.

The day progressed slowly and Mia was worried. The big test was less than 24 hours away and she still didn’t feel all that well prepared. She was thinking that maybe she shouldn’t go over to Helen’s place. She liked Helen. It was just that she didn’t seem to be getting as much studying done as she thought she should.

Helen came up to Mia. “So, you coming over tonight, again.”

“I don’t know,” Mia said. “I don’t think I should.”

“Why the heck not?”

“I need to study for the test,” Mia sort of whined.

“That’s why you need to come over to my place.”

“But I don’t get any work done when I come over to your place,” Mia wailed.

“Nonsense,” Helen said. “We’re doing fine.”


Helen held up a hand. “You’re coming over tonight, and that’s that. I don’t want to hear anything more about it.”

Mia hung her head. “I’ll be there,” she said.

It was 7:00 and Mia was once more prompt. For some reason, she seemed to think it would be wrong to keep Helen waiting.

Helen apparently didn’t seem to think the same thing because she kept Mia waiting on her doorstep. The girl waited and waited. She didn’t know what she should do. She was told this was where she should be, but the door wasn’t being opened. She didn’t know what to do.

Finally, the door opened. Helen was on the phone and she waved Mia inside and then she left the door standing wide open, leaving Mia to close it behind her.

Mia closed the door and stood around uncertainly. She didn’t know what she should do. She needed someone to tell her what to do.

Helen finally put the phone down. “What are you doing just standing there,” she said. “I thought you wanted to study.”

Mia was flustered. “I was ... I was ... I was waiting for you.”

“Oh, that’s sweet,” Helen said, “but we got a test tomorrow. We got to get some studying done.”

The girls settled in on their studying but almost as quickly as they’d started, Helen was back on her feet. “Get up,” she ordered. “Stand up.”

Mia might have wanted to grumble but the truth was what she really wanted to do was to obey so as soon as Helen ordered her to stand up, Mia did as she was told.

“Take your clothes off,” was the next order. Mia had almost expected that and she was ready to comply.

“Now, take my clothes off,” was the next command.

Mia paused for only a moment and then she was moving. Her hands reached out for her mistress’s clothes and then she was pulling at them, pulling and tugging, hurrying to get her mistress just as naked as she was.

Soon, she had Helen down to just her bra and panties and then the bra came off. If she’d thought about it, she would have stopped to admire Helen’s tits, but she had a job to do. She had to get Helen out of all her clothes.

And then off came Helen’s panties and Helen was just as naked as her.

“There now,” said Helen when the deed was done. “That’s much better, don’t you think?”

Mia wasn’t sure what to think. She surely couldn’t see how getting herself naked made things either better or worse. For her, it was all about the same.

But apparently, it seemed to make Helen happier and Mia found herself wanting that. If Helen was happy, then it was better.

Helen once again took a seat on her couch and she once again picked up her textbook and once again, she was deep into her studies. Mia just sat there and looked. She couldn’t figure out why but she was waiting, waiting for something and as long as she was waiting, there was no way she could be studying.

She didn’t have long to wait. In a short amount of time, Helen looked up from where she was studying and she saw Mia looking at her. “You know,” she said, “what I could really use is a good pussy licking while I study. Why don’t you lick my pussy while I study.”

Mia could tell it wasn’t a request or a suggestion. It was an order and she felt compelled to obey. Already, she was sliding out of her chair and she was crawling over to where her friend sat. She easily slipped between her friend’s legs. She’d never licked a pussy before but she felt compelled to do it. Her tongue flicked out of her month and moments later, she was licking her very first pussy.

Helen stayed where she was for just a moment, watching as her friend licked her pussy and then she once again went back to her studies as if having her pussy licked while she studied were the most natural thing in the world for her.

But Helen’s moans told a different story. As much as she tried to act as if this was all just something that was totally and completely normal, she couldn’t help but moan as Mia’s tongue did its work.

For Mia, thoughts of studying quickly dissipated. She had a job to do and that job was more important than anything else. She had to make her mistress cum. She had to make her mistress cum in her mouth.

Helen moaned and then she moaned again. Her hands found her tits and she moaned again even as the muscles in her pussy convulsed. She was cumming and she was cumming hard. She was cumming all over Mia’s tongue.

Mia’s tongue didn’t stop. Mia’s tongue hadn’t been told to stop. She’d been told to lick her mistress’s pussy and she was going to do that until she was told to stop.

“Oh yeah, that’s a good, little girl,” Helen moaned as her hand stroked Mia’s hair. “That’s a good, little girl. I want you to eat my pussy just like that.”

Mia was elated but she didn’t show it. She knew she shouldn’t show it. She was supposed to be stoic. She was stoic, but the fact that she was doing it right, it gave meaning to her life. She wanted to do what Helen told her to do. She wanted to make Helen cum.

Helen moaned again. Her pussy was cumming again and Mia was there to take it. It didn’t get any better than that.

Mia powered up the next morning in her mistress’s bed. For the first time in days, she wasn’t stiff anymore.

Her mistress was gone. Mia remembered. Her mistress had a test. Her mistress would be back soon.

Mia didn’t have a test. Mia was a robot. Robots didn’t take classes. Robots existed to serve. Mia existed to serve. Mia existed to serve her mistress.

Mia would wait like a good, little robot. Her mistress would be home soon and then, maybe, she would let Mia pleasure her. That was what Mia was for. Mia was a robot. Her mission was to obey. Her mission was to give pleasure. Mia would wait. Mia was a robot.