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She Pissed Off The Wrong Guy

Chapter 2

After sitting with Cindy and hashing out our plan I left. I was going to meet Cindy two days later.

I met her in a coffee shop a couple of days later. She was wearing a short skirt and tank top. I could tell she was not wearing a bra.

“Hi” she said

“Hi to you. I like your outfit”

“I thought you might. I’m not wearing underwear to speed things up.”

“I like your attitude. So tell me how do things go when I left?”

“Jill and I could hear Vicki and her husband fucking and then around 11 she came and got me. George, that’s Vicki’s husband, was shocked at first, but once I wrapped my big tits around his cock he was ok with it. He fucked us both all night. The next day, Jill and I were in her room and I was going down on her when Vicki came in and joined us. She is really getting into this.”

“Great, I guess he owes me big time. Is everything ready for today?”


Let me explain our plan. The girls are all still under the impression that I need a drug to do what I do. It was needed for my little fantasy to play out the other day. So I decided to keep going with it. The plan was this. I left another pill with Vicki. She was to go over the Cindy place today for tea with her mom (Amanda). She is going to slip the drug into her tea. Cindy will come home and be the one in control of her mom. I went to Cindy’s house the day before and met her mom. She was pretty. She had short black hair in a still that suited her round face. She was a little chubby and had big full tits. I programmed her to react as if drugged after drinking the tea and then made her forget me.

Amanda is very prudish. She would never let Cindy have a boyfriend, never mind sex. She was also very intolerant of gay people. Cindy wanted to fuck with her big time.

We drove to her house and got there just as Vicki was walking in. As per my instructions Vicki was wearing a loose blue flower patterned summer dress. I also knew that she would not be wearing underwear. Cindy got out of the car and went in. I was to come in a few minutes later and be introduced as Cindy’s new boyfriend. Being twice her age would surely drive her mother nuts.

I waited the appropriate time and then went to the door. I rang the bell and Amanda answered. She was wearing shorts and a light blouse. There was no sign of cleavage at all (that would surely change soon).

“Can I help you?” she asked in a polite, yet condescending way.

“I’m here to see Cindy”

“I’m her mother, what do you want with my daughter?”

“Not much, we were just going to hang out today.”

“What do you mean “hang out”. Your twice her age” just then Cindy walked over and pulled me in the house

“Joel, I was waiting for you” by the way my name is Joel.

She pulled me in and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“Cindy what is the meaning of this?”

“Joel is my new boyfriend.”

“Oh no he is not. You’re not allowed to have a boyfriend, especially one this old.”

“Mom you’re such a prude. I can’t date, I can’t have sex. You’re such a pain in the ass.”

“Show some respect young lady”

“That’s the problem, you still think of me as a young lady. Well I have news for you, I’m an adult and I have had sex.” With that comment her mother slapped her face.

Cindy was rubbing her check “You’re going to pay for that” she said under her breath. “Just stand there and watch. I’ll show you that I’m grown up” She walked away from her mother and guided me to the sofa. I sat and she knelt in front of me. She looked back at her mom and said “What do you think about this?” with that she took off her top and exposed her naked tits. Then she reached down and freed my soft cock and started blowing me.

Her mother started yelling “Stop that! What are you doing?” she tried to move toward us but could not.

Cindy took her mouth off my cock “It’s called a blow job mom.” And she resumed sucking on my now hard dick.

“Oh my god you little slut. Vicki I am so sorry you had to see this. Would you please excuse us? I have to straighten out my daughter.” Vicki said nothing, she just stared at my cock.

Cindy turned to Vicki and said “I’m sorry Vicki this is rude of me. Would you like some” In reply Vicki got up and sat next to me. She slipped her dress off and then leaned in and sucked my cock.

“Vicki what are you doing” Amanda yelled. Cindy got up and walked behind her mother. She talked right into her ear “She seems to like it too. You wish you could suck his cock don’t you? Watching this is making you very horny isn’t it?”

Amanda looked very uncomfortable now. She was shifted her feet and her nipples were clearly getting hard.

“Tell me you want to suck that cock mother?” Cindy said to her.

“I want to suck that cock” Amanda said quietly

“I knew it. You’re just a big slut. Well you can’t. Just stand there and watch Vicki and I sucking it. You will get hornier and hornier, but you will not cum until I say so.”

Cindy returned to her original position and helped Vicki blow me. Amanda just kept watching. Soon she was rubbing between her legs and licking her lips. Then she gave in and slipped her hand into her shorts and was fingering herself. Her other started massaging her tits over her blouse.

“She really seems to be into it now” I told Cindy. She looked over her shoulder.

“Well mother this does not seem very dignified. Boy she really looks ready to blow.” Cindy got up. “Vicki come help me.” Vicki got up and joined her. Cindy looked at Vicki and they both ripped off all of Amanda’s clothes. Amanda was too far gone to care by now. She had a bit of a gut on her and her boobs did sag some, but she was still fuckable.

Cindy got behind her mother and pushed her hard towards me. Amanda stumbled and landed in my lap. Her tits covered my cock. Cindy came behind her and grabbed her by the hair. “You wanted it, now suck that cock.” She forced her mother’s face into my cock. Amanda opened her mouth and took my cock. She continued to blow me. Vicki then sat next to me and Cindy got on her knees next to her mother. She grabbed her mother’s head and turned it so she would see what was about to happen. Cindy spread Vicki’s legs and dove in. Amanda was so shocked she actually stopped sucking my cock.

“Cindy you can’t do that, that would make you a lesbian.”

Cindy looked up and said “I forgot you have a problem with gay people. Well trust me eating pussy is great. Watching me do this will excite you” and then she resumed eating Vicki. Amanda went back to sucking me, but never stopped watching her daughter pleasuring her friend.

After about 5 minutes Cindy got up and said to her mother “You really want to fuck him don’t you slut?”

“Yes, please let me fuck him.”

“Fine. Joel fuck her from behind.”

I got up and knelt behind her and easily slipped into her wet pussy. I started pumping in and out. Then Vicki moved her legs so that Amanda was between them. Cindy once again grabbed her mother’s head. She forced it into Vicki pussy. I pushed her hard and she was wedge in place. She tried to fight, but with the three of us against her she could not resist.

Cindy looked at me and said “It’s time” with that I withdrew my cock and pressed it against her anus. She tried to protest, but to no avail. I pushed my way in. She screamed into Vicki’s cunt. The sensation pushed Vicki over the edge and she came all over her friends face.

Cindy spoke to her mother again “He’s going to cum soon and you will need to eat as much as you can no matter where it is.” Then she sat on the couch next to Vicki and spread her legs. I pulled out and approached her. I pumped my cock and shot my first 3 strings all over her tits. Then I quickly slammed my cock into her pussy and finished cuming.

“Well mother here it is, come and get it, and no hands.”

Amanda pleaded with her “Please sweetie don’t make me do this”

“Fuck you bitch. I’m not your sweetie anymore. Think about that while you’re cleaning out my cunt.”

Amanda bowed her head and moved towards her daughter. She started licking the sperm off her tits. Then she went down and stuck her tongue into her daughter’s pussy. She was licking like crazy trying to get as much a possible. Cindy came on her mother’s face. Amanda was now furiously jamming her fingers into her pussy trying to cum.

“Poor mother has not cum yet. You can cum while you repeat “I am Cindy’s slave””

Amanda started yelling “I am Cindy’s Slave” over and over while she came with a passion. She just laid on the ground trying to catch her breath.

“Well mother we are leaving now. You can stay right there and wait until father comes home. If you chooses to fuck you, do whatever he asks. Later bitch.”

We left her on the floor naked and sweaty. Vicki got in her car and left. I decided I would play with Cindy for a couple of weeks at least.