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Sherlock Holmes: The Mystery of the Mind Controller

It was not long the Cherlack Warehouse fire I received a letter from my old friend telling me that I can now report about the case of Ms. Adders. After a quick search through my notes I found said case.

It happened five years ago in 1892. It was a very cold February that night. My wife had gone off to visit her ailing mother and she suggested I, Dr. John Watson, visit my dear friend Sherlock Holmes. We reminisced over tea and discussed politics of the day. The sun had just departed and the night and wind came to greet us. It was cold and bitter outside, so Holmes and I were relaxing around the fire in our sitting room. I was working on a most perplexing case that had all of the secondary symptoms of small pox, but none of the primary. Holmes was busy updating his profiles of notable people of the time.

Suddenly there was shriek through the whistling wind. By the time I raised my head Holmes was daunting his overcoat, “The games a foot Watson.”

Soon we were out in weather that no living thing should be out in. In fact that is what we found. Holmes had almost a light guiding his way to where we found the first part of the case. There lying in the street was a woman. Not a stitch of clothing from head to toe. Hair darker than the night itself. Her face held more beauty than any of the painting in the country that just exemplified the small mole on the left side of her chin. The age of the poor soul was perhaps twenty.

I immediately went to work. Her body held no breath, nor heart beat. She was cold to the touch. I looked to my friend who knew that she was dead by looking at her. He draped over the dead woman his over coat and instantly I saw his own flesh go white. The person who screamed was standing in the doorway of a house that bordered the street. Holmes went and talked to the witness as I examined the corps.

“What have you found Watson?” Holmes said after a brief conversation with the witness.

I stood and recited the clues that I found, “She as been dead for three to four hours, by some means I can not determine. She has a small syringe puncture mark on the back of her left shoulder that is two days old. Here wrists and ankles show that she was tied up about two days ago. Also her female area between her legs are raw and red. She has been having intercourse and lots off it lately.”

Holmes nodded and said, “What else do you see Watson?”

“Holmes?” I asked with perplexed. With the years I have known Holmes he as tried to teach me the art of observation and deduction, but I have much to learn.

“First Watson,” Holmes started, “you must have noticed that the feet have some bruising on them. Her hands have callus on them that recently have been going away. Also you missed the most notable clue there is some oil under the cuticle of the last finger of her left hand.”

I was perplexed, “But Holmes what does that mean?”

“Wait Watson I believe the law has arrived,” Holmes said holding up a hand that the finger nails were starting to turn blue.

Running up the street was a constable with a thick over coat on and an even thicker mustache on his face, “Oh, Mr. Holmes I’m glad you are here. I got a report that there was a dead body here about.”

Holmes picked up his over coat, “Of course officer. Your case is right here. The first to see the dead child is in that house over there. Watson, why don’t we venture to a warmer environment.”

We walked off leaving the constable with the cold corps, and we walked back home. I could tell that my friend was thinking hard. His brow was creased, and his eyes narrowed. He was so lost in though he almost walked past our front door. When we entered our sitting room Mrs. Hudson was just setting down a hot pot of tea and a light dinner.

“I’m sure you two will be out later this evening so I will keep a warm pot waiting,” Mrs. Hudson said taking our coats.

“You are too good to us,” Holmes said having a stemming cup of tea. Soon after his last drop he started to write out telegrams at a furious pace. “Mrs. Hudson I have need of your services once more tonight. If you would please send these off and let me know when the responses arrive,” Holmes said handing the small slips of paper to our dear landlady.

We both had a small dinner of soup and sandwiches of when there was no talking. I was trying to play over in my mind what happened with the dead woman. Just when a possible scenario was coming to me responses to Holmes’ telegraphs started to come in. Just past nine a certain response came that started Holmes into action. He started going though his files and newspaper clippings. I was watching his blinding speed as he raced from one book to another.

“Come Watson the night is not done yet,” Holmes cried handing me my overcoat. Soon we were outside in the freezing cold and somehow we waved down a cap with an even colder driver than we were. Holmes gave directions to the Lord Tomes hotel. If the driver had not been driving the horse so fast, and bouncing us around, I would have asked Holmes why we were going there.

To my utter delight the hotel was heated to the point that I saw women’s makeup running. We walked to the front desk and introduced ourselves.

“I have read all about you Mr. Holmes,” said the elderly man behind the counter, “I’ll help anyway possible.”

“Your cooperation is dully noted,” Holmes said, “Do you know of a woman about twenty years old, dark hair, a mole on her chin, works at a petrol factory, and came from the country.”

I was shocked. I didn’t know half of how Holmes knew that the woman worked at a petrol factory let alone she came from the country. The desk attendant though for a moment, “That sounds like Ms. Adders. Yes her mole was on the left side of her chin, is that right. She came from some part of the country about two months ago. I believe she worked at the Rowail Petrol plant four blocks North of here. Yet I have not seen her for two days.”

Holmes was taking this all in. I saw a sparkle in his eyes and a slight smile on his face. If anyone else saw this they would not have picked up on it, but I have been his friend for many years. He kept his composure and said, “I regret to inform you that Ms. Adders has been killed in a most perplexing manner. We would like to see her room in hopes to ascertain what happened to her.”

“By all means Mr. Holmes,” our receptive audience said. He lead us up to the third floor and showed us to a small one room apartment. Holmes went through the burrow and the chest of drawers. He then looked around the floor itself.

Holmes stood and exited the room, “Did Ms. Adders have many gentlemen callers?”

The desk clerk thought for a moment, “Come to think of it she didn’t have a one. She did tell me that she was going to a dinner with a coworker a few days ago, yet the name of that coworker escapes my mind this moment.”

Holmes had a smile on his face, “Thank you all the same. I think that you have just wrapped up this case.”

We left the nice warm hotel and headed for Rowail Petrol plant. “Holmes,” I said, “how did you know that Ms. Adders came from the country and worked at a petrol plant and lived at that hotel?”

“Think Watson,” Holmes said trying to teach me, “first Ms. Adders feet showed that she was unaccustomed to the shoes of the working woman, and the callus on her hands showed that she was a hard worker with her hands. That indicates to me that she came from some place other than the city. Second the oil under her cuticle was a type of crud oil that is only found at a petrol plant. Since she was new to London, and most people live close to where they work I just asked various hotels if they were close to any petrol plants.”

As if by the hand of God there was the plant before us. It was a flat long building that at one time was many different buildings, but had since been constructed into one large building. There was one light burning at the far end of the building. We progressed to warmth that the light promised.

A sharp rap on the door brought the attention of a rather young fellow. He had a bit of thinning in his brown hair rather unusual for someone of his age. He was rather thin with his arms showing almost only bone, “May I help you gentlemen?”

Holmes almost finding this a bit of a nascence, “Allow me to introduce myself I am Sherlock Holmes, and this is my assistant Dr. John Watson. My dear fellow we are on the trail of a particular gruesome creature, and that trail has led us here. May we come in?”

The man took a hesitant step back and opened the door wider for us. As we walked in he stated, “Mr. Holmes I would be honored to help you catch this murderer.”

I’m sure that Holmes realized it before I did that he never mentioned a murderer. Since Holmes was behind me all I heard was a loud smack and then a thud. When I was prepared to turn around and see what made such a sound I felt a blinding pain cross the back of my head. I regret to note that I did lose consciousness at that point. I do remember falling to the ground and being dragged, ruffle, across the floor, but beyond that I do not recall what happened.

When my facility of sight came back to me it seemed reminiscent of my war days. The main focus of my eyes was on my own service revolver pointed at my head. The fear that filled me was not that of death, but that of how I would die. I was tied wrists, ankles, and waist with copper wire to a metal chair that had to have been bolted to the ground. Holmes was in a similar situation to my left, yet it appeared that he was still unconscious. Behind us were two large boilers that filled the room with heat. Yet this room, with small metal parts and work tables surrounding the walls, did in fact connect with a large warehouse by means of a sliding door that was half window pains. As for my revolver, the other end was facing the young man that opened the door.

“Ah,” said the man, “so the great Dr. Watson, salve to Sherlock Holmes, finally awakens.”

“I am slave to no man,” I said straining against my bonds.

“Not yet,” the man said resting my revolver in his coat pocket. “Now then Mr. Holmes do sit up. It would not be proper to show such disrespect to the man that will soon be your master.”

Holmes sat up and I was able to see there was a rather large bump growing on the back of head. “That’s better,” the man said starting to remove his clothing, “permit me to introduce myself. I am Dr. John Johnson. And just to make you feel more sure of yourself Mr. Holmes yes I did kill Ms. Adders. Although I did try to remove any trace of her connection to me I am sure you were able to track her back to me. How did I kill her well let me explain something to you. As I am sure Dr. Watson knows the human body is completely made up of chemicals. Some of those chemicals can even effect human behavior.” Dr. Johnson walked over to one of the work tables and pulled out a vile full of a brackish liquid that was never made by nature, “This is the key. Inject a person with this and their body starts to grow week and helpless. This effects the mind. With this invention here I can hypnotize a person. When they are hypnotized the drug can then enter their brain. That is when the magic happens. Their minds and body are mine to do with as I will. Oh ladies!”

From the other room came five women. All were between late teens and early twenties, and they were all naked. Each had a blank look on their face as if they were still asleep. By this time Dr. Johnson was completely naked and he started to feel up a blond. She started to moan and whimper as she started to become aroused. “Why am I doing this,” Dr. Johnson said as he paused for a moment, “is because you see I love sex. I can’t get enough of it. I know that is not proper here in London, but my needs out way the time period we live in. I can’t function if I don’t have sex atlas once a day. So since I don’t make enough money to fulfill my needs I had to turn to another means. That is when I remembered my researching days in school and I came up with my drug and finding it worked even better when the woman was hypnotized I came upon the means to the end. Now I can have sex as often and how ever I want it. You see these five young ladies are actually from a brothel on the other side of London. Yet when Ms. Adders came I just couldn’t help myself I needed her, and I took her. That is when I learned just how much I can control a person. And that is what I plan for you two. I know that you are good friends, so let us see just how good of friends you are. After I get some much needed sex I plan on taking over both of your minds and watching as you two have sex. Who knows maybe I will like it, but unfortunately you will not remember it. You see even if I were to let the drug ware off you would not remember anything from the time you were under, but I am not going to let that happen. After the two of you have sex I plan on having one of you kill the other, and then kill themselves. It should be very interesting. But first Candy I think you are so very horny.”

That is when the six of them went into the warehouse to a mattress and proceeded with what was planned. Never before have I seen a man so insatiable for sex. He did in fact have all five women pleasure him, and yet he seemed to still want more. For the sake of the readers I will not say the gruesome sight that befell my eyes for the two hours that it lasted. Since I had no intention to becoming that absent minded, and could not get free I prayed that Holmes was having more luck.

“Incredible Watson,” Holmes said in a fascinated tone of voice, “all he has to do is say to a person that they feel a certain way and they do. Look he is telling that woman that she is climaxing, and there it is she is doing just that. I always thought that such feelings were beyond the human mind to control.”

“Holmes!” I cried out of fear of what would happen if Dr. Johnson did finally achieve his fill of sex, “we must get out of here.”

“And so we shall,” Holmes said pulling up both arms. I seemed that while Dr. Johnson was talking Holmes was unwinding the wire that held his arms. He quickly undid the wires that held him to the chair and did the same with me. We were free and with just enough time.

There was Dr. Johnson just getting dressed when we approached him. He was startled, but determined. He did try to run. We went after the evil in human form as he ran out a door to what could have been his freedom, but was not. For he ran out to where the docks lined the river. He turned to face us at the edge of the docks and he had an advantage, my service revolver. What ever happened just before he pulled the trigger we will never know, but it was the best type of luck any man could have. You see the bullet didn’t strike Holmes or myself, but did hit one of the large metal tanks behind us. Yet the bullet didn’t stop there it ricochet and by another stroke of luck struck Dr. Johnson.

Now I am not as swift as I once was, but I did race to try and save Dr. Johnson from falling into the river. Yet the first thing that I grabbed was the closes thing to me which happened to be my revolver. That is when Dr. Johnson seemed to release his grip and fell into the river. I did try to reach him in the last moments, but to no avail. Holmes and I stood in the freezing weather looking at the freezing water, but Dr. Johnson alive or dead showed itself.

Holmes and myself proceeded back into the warehouse and dealt with the women. We found their cloths and dressed them. I’m sure that whoever found them didn’t know what to do, but when the drug wore off they would be back to normal with no memory of what happened to them. Holmes found the notebook of Dr. Johnson which showed how to make the drug and the device that hypnotized the women. That was about all that we could do there. Holmes told me to go back to Baker’s Street and get the tea ready. I saw him walk off with the notebook and hypnosis machine into the cold night as if the world was not worthy of such a power.

It was not long after my second cup of tea that Holmes came back in. He was clearly cold beyond the point that it was health, and I poured him a hot cup of tea with a bit of whiskey in it. As he took his usual seat he was ready for the questions that I always had after a case.

“Holmes it is good to see you,” I said to my friend, “I feared that the cold got the best of you.”

Holmes took a long drink of his tea and settled back, “Mere temperature can not hold back the fire of solving crime. Now I am sure that you have some unresolved inquiries.”

I smiled at this. All the years that we had known each other it came down to Holmes knowing I had questions, but not which ones gave me comfort, “Two things still trouble me. One how did you know that the murderer would be at the petrol plant at this hour? As for the second how did he kill Ms. Adders? I have not been able to deduce such.”

Holmes took another long drink of his tea, “To your question of how did Ms. Adders die I am surprised that you don’t know. We saw how Dr. Johnson was able to control the body functions of women. Would he not have just as easily have told Ms. Adders that her heart was slowing to the point that it was still. That would have killed her. As for your second question I was able to deduce that since Ms. Adders was tied up, and she was not the first, that the villain would need more room than a usual house or flat. For that reason I was able to deduce that a large working space, such as the place of employment, would be the most likely location. The time was elementary if a coworker found a woman tied up during the day would they not come to her aid, so he would have to perform his subjugation at night. I assume this clears things up.”

And so it did. For a week after this case was solved Holmes took it upon himself to find Ms. Adders family and explain to them, in private, what happened to the dear woman. As for the drug and hypnosis machine I can only assume that Holmes put them in such a secret place that not even the street urchins of London could find them. Dr. Johnson’s body did turn up in the spring when the ice lining the river melted and the blotted corps of the monster was found. No one clamed the body. Holmes and myself knew who it was, but we didn’t wish to answer drilling questions as to how we knew the person. The five ladies that were under Dr. Johnson’s thrall returned to their place of employment never knowing what happened to them. As for myself I am content to have my wife, and I will leave it at that.